American Idol 2011 Top 6 Elimination Results Show Tonight

Here comes the American Idol ax. Tonight on Idol’s results show we’ll learn who is eliminated and who is moving on to make up this season’s Top 5. The Carole King themed night delivered surprisingly well with some solid performances earning significant praise from Randy Jackson for Durbin and McCreery.

The attention showered on James and Scotty should keep them nice and safe this week, but three of the other four will end up in the Bottom 3. I’ll go ahead and call Jacob, Casey, and Haley in the bottom bunch with Jacob singing his swan song. Like last week’s prediction, I think it should be Lauren over Haley in the hot seat, but Lauren’s fans seem a little more vote-happy than Haley’s.

To help fill 60 minutes of television for 10 seconds of results American Idol 2011 will welcome the return of runner-up, Crystal Bowersox. Bowersox will be performing her single “Ridin’ with the Radio” while standin’ on the stage. (It’d be way more exciting if she came in literally riding a giant radio, but that probably won’t happen…) If you haven’t heard her song yet and want a preview then give it a listen:

Bruno Mars will be the non-Idol guest performer tonight. I’ve got nothing else to add there.

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While we wait to see who got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions on who is going home and then vote in this week’s poll below.

Image credit: Dan D’Addario

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  1. don't you me Jacob singing his swan song? definitely not james. he's the standout performer every week.

    • Yep, it was a typo. I had "James" on the brain after typing his name on the line above.

      It's already been corrected.

      • @Matt — Thank you for the most excellent update. Really was a great night last night, thoroughly enjoyed all of them, but Jacob didn't really do it for me. Hoping my voting for James, Casey and Haley saved Casey and Haley…if your poll above is any indicator, pretty sure James is going to be just fine 🙂

      • @ T…Hello. where have you been??? I loved the performance James did last night. It was absolutely beautiful…and all you naysayers…the Rocker can sing…and quite well at that.

        Think it is time for Jacob to go home. Big Hello to Phyllis G, Angela, Sherry K, and all of the othe James fans. 🙂

  2. PLEASE let it be jacob going home. I dont think i can bear his disgusting performances one more week.

    • You mean Professor Jacob? What the heck was that outfit last night??

      Not saying I'm "disgusted by Jacob", just seriously, what the heck was he wearing?

      • LOL, Matt, reminded me of the Nutty Professor…the Jerry Lewis version, not the Eddie Murphy version.

      • I thought Paul had the "signature" look with his suits…Jacob is a copycat….wonder if the Ringling Brother's were in town and he borrowed a clown outfit. !!! 🙂

      • Rose A. & Phyllis G. — {{{Hugs to you both}}} Feels like FOREVER since I've seen you two on here! How did you like last night's show? I enjoyed just about every performance with the exception of Jacob's. I think they all stepped it up, but especially James. Of course, James just keeps getting better and better every week. Voted for James, Casey and Haley. Really want Haley to stay, I have liked her from the beginning.

      • My mostly blind grandmother could only say 'at least he's not wearing plaid and stripes' xD

    • Thank you repliers. I have been up and down with every contestant this season. Scotty I will like one week not the next. Everyone but Jacob whom i will always hate.

      • hate is a strong word. wether he is liked visually or not he is a very talented singer. I do not believe he will make it through to the end but he will have a future with his talent.

      • If you are referring to Jacob that is not only an insult to women but to any guy who can dance. I am sure Jacob is a nice guy but he really does look awkward when he tries to dance/move.

        The outfit he wore last night for his solos spot was hideous.

      • Please let him go I can't take it anymore either!!! After last weeks they couldn't do it to him because of techinal difficulties well there is no excuse to stop him this week. I really think last week was suppose to be the other way around but the techinal problem and bam another week of his holier then thou routine.

      • Why don't you people give it a rest about Jacob Lusk! Every week I hear and read that Jacob is going home and guess what,it doesn't happen! Apparently somebody likes him, I guess people that really knows music!!

      • If TPTB have any decency technical difficulties will prevent anyone from being eliminated tonight. The storms knocked out power to huge chunks of the country, skewing the voting. They should just have a double elimination next week.

      • templar that is a very good idea. it seems only fair. but man i would be on pins and needles all week.

      • KERNAN You really dont know GOOD music. Guess you are not mature even be able enough to judge a nursery song

      • @ Templar – The storms were horrific and it made me sick to see the devastation and so sad at the loss of life.

        Your thought is very noble but I doubt if they will because it denies the votes of those who did vote and that would be from the majority of the Country.

        Think of the repercussions of such a decision. People would be demanding refunds from AT&T for the cost of the calls and texts, especially those who are not on an AT&T plan.

        I just think it would be a nightmare they will not be prepared to take on.

      • Paul and Templar and all the rest hit by the storms: I hope all is well with all of you and your loved ones. I watched the horrific devastation on the news this morning and was stunned. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I hope you did not get hit too bad and wish your communities a speedy recovery. <3

      • APRIL, I CANNOT STAND HIM EITHER! Can't wait until he goes home! Have a nice day! Sherry K.

    • KC, A lot of us are disgusted by Jacob.I think? BUT he is STILL there! Duh OMG. Even Casey is better than Jacob. His voice gets on my nerves! But maybe it is just me. My husband who is hard of hearing booms the sound until my ears hurt. LOL. I thought James was just beautiful! The song he sang by him self. I thought Jacob would go for sure. Shows you what I know! Sherry K. 🙂

  3. Dear Author — you said James, James, James. Did you mean Jacob in bottom three? Going home? Thought so!

  4. I hope Lauren is in bottom 3 to wake her up. I hope the other two are haley and Jacob w/ Jacob going home.

    • Is it me, or did AI specifically highlight how bad he sounded in rehearsal? I don't know what his studio version sounded like, but the live version wasn't that much better.

  5. It looks like James is getting all of Stefano's votes since they were such good friends and he was so upset at the results show. I believe Stefanos fans are voting for James because that is what Stefano would want. I do like James and believe he does deserve the votes but him and Scotty totally switched postions in the voting polls since Stefanos exit…just sayon'.:)

    • Barbie….Although I do not want Haley to go (I want her in the finale)if she should go I think her votes will go to James too….

      James deserves to win…..He has not had a bad week yet!!!! In fact he is getting better and better…VOTE FOR JAMES

      • @ Phyllis G. Phyllis. What did you like from last nights show? Haley's last one wasn't too bad. But I am sorry I have to diagree with the judges. Tyler keeps telling almost everyone " That was great" I heard him tell 1 person that he did not understand the song. That it was wierd!! Personally and I am going out on a limb to get whacked~ I did not like any songs at all EXCEPT FOR JAMES. I mean some of the songs were just OK. But I was so bored I read the paper while some of them sang. I also thought for the first time ever Scotty's song sucked. Whew! JAMES DURBIN for the win! VOTE FOR JAMES. I hope a LOT of people did! I would like to say Hi to me friend Rose A too.

        Hugs to both of you. LOVE ADAM. Sherry K. 🙂

      • I believe Haley should have been gone weeks ago, consistently in the bottom 3. If voting was limited to the number of contestants she would have been.

        My top three prediction is James, Casey, Lauren top 4 includes Scotty

      • Sherry K. Rose & I were just talking about you. We missed seeing you on this site…..Hope all is well.

        Last night was James' night……He was awesome and truly deserves to win…..I would love LOVE to see Haley & James in the finale, of course, with James winning…..Scotty will definitely get a Country Contract.

        Love & Hugs to you…..Phyllis

      • @ Sherry K. Hello…it has been awhile .. I have missed you. Our James keeps on hitting those home runs…he is awesome. Would love for a Haley and James runoff with of course James winning. Hugs to you…and to Pup and David P. (honary members since you both want a Haley – James showdown…lol 🙂

      • @Elise – If voting were limited Haley most likely wouldn't have been in the bottom 3? And by your logic the people that get the most benefit from being able to vote so much (Lauren and Scotty) should be the ones to go.

  6. I think scotty is so great. He sings like my favorite singer.If he doesn't wim James will probably win.Either way he will get a recording contract cause he is so good…I cannot stand to hear Jacob or casey sing.I leave the room when they sing.


  7. I'm praying Jacob goes home…he just doesn't have it…but JAMES does…and I will continue to vote for him every week. I also believe Hailey is a much better singer than Lauren…she just isn't anything outstanding…sweet yes, but not much else.

    • If Lauren actually did something with her voice or song choices, I think people would realize she actually has a better voice than Haley.

      • lauren has got the skills. not that she's holding back…seriously, i think thats all she can give.

    • Lauren I think her fear is holding her back and I guess she thinks her sweetness is going to keep her in which it may for a while. James has enormous talent and I hope he wins it this year…All the way James!!!

      • Yolie, Jimmy Iovine told Lauren she was holding back! And he told her and Halie both they had to go for it! Halie did. Lauren did not. Have a nice day. Sherry K.

      • IMO Lauren realizes that she's bitten off more than she can chew [no chubby jokes please] and she doesn't know how to adjust.

      • LOL Templar, you rock! I think you nailed it. Lauren seems very uneasy to me every time she is up there, very uncomfortable.

    • Lady I don't think the Lord is too interested in answering that prayer. And why do you care that much about what happens to Jacob!!! Lord's got bigger things to do.

      • hopefully Haley I don't think she was better than Lauren. Lauren is genuinely a sweet country 16 year old. Haley is okay, has talent but she needs to stop selling a sexual feeling and focus on her voice.

      • @Elise – at least Haley is a mature young woman and she dresses to perform. So what if she shows off her legs? At least she's not spilling out all over the place like Lauren who's only 16 and her mother should be ashamed of herself for letting her 16 year old daughter go up on national television dressed like a hootchie.

  8. When James began singing last night, I was really impressed by the softer side of his voice. I even thought, "I think this is the next American Idol." Then he continued and went back into the old loud and sometimes screechy way of singing and for me ruined it. He could have ended with the soft voice again because to me that would have really shown diversity and different song interpretation. Then Randy bounced up on stage and went through his theatrics. That annoyed me because that kind of stuff does not help the contestants. We viewers don't need to be told what to think. We know what we like. Stop with the "mind control," judges. And, now, I'm back to not having one clear favorite again. Maybe next week.

    • Well, too bad for you that james is currently set up to win. According to the poll, he has nearly half the votes.

      • Not too bad for me. I don't dislike James. His is one of my favorites, but I'd just like him to not turn up the volume all the time. Too bad for many of us, though, that we let what the judges say influence our thinking so much.

      • Yeah now that Miss Pia is(wrongfully)gone, James is definiatly the most talented and the best and he should win.

      • Pia is doing okay. She was singing on Dancing With the Stars the other night and is dating Mark. Good for her. She will go far. American Idol is a popularity contest unfortunately…the voting system is all wrong…when they announce we had 36 million votes it does not by any means say that 36 million voted….who are they trying to kid

        I would like to know the number of calls based on 1 per phone number….what do you think?

      • giselle…..its not the judges who set us up. According to them,there are all great, wonderful and in it to win it….Its the pure talent of James that has us voters hooked……there's no guarantees but I'm betting on James this season…..

      • Mark could do so much better. Pia is such a user and proved she's no better than a one hit wonder with that snoozefest on DWTS.

      • Phyllis G.–My comment about the judges was not just about James. I mentioned James because I don't remember a judge jumping out of his chair and going up on the stage during the competition. That was because of Ryan, anyway. Also, why has Ryan started calling Scotty–Scotty the body?

    • I totally agree. The judges should not impose their personal choices for wins. Critique the performance, not the glam look, they should be giving constructive critiques to improve there gifts.

  9. i hope jacob will go home, but for some reason, he keeps hanging on. i really can't stand casey's grunting anymore either. i agree, he is super talented but his style is annoying and too full of himself. so, i will be happy if it's either jacob or casey.

    • yeah, i think out of the 6, probably jacob will be leaving. And i hope so too.

      SUPPORT HALEY! 🙂 she took an old, unfamiliar song, and make it relatively catchy. I am starting to like her since rolling in the deep. And i love her SMILE. beautiful girl.

    • I don't … she sings good but she didn't show me anything,,, she just stand there and sing the slow songs… any one can do that…she didn't take any risk.. boring… even on late nite she was boring….sorry… hope she will step her game up on her album…

  10. Many of us in the southeast have yet to see last night's program or even have power. This will surely affect the votes.

    • Yes, I got to see first part only. Definitely effected the voting. This could put Lauren in the bottom three and possibly going home. I hope it does not happen…would be most unfortunate.

      • Scotty was best last night. JLo as we know doesn't like him or to be fair the judges don't want the fame to go to his head. Scotty is a true winner.

      • I am so sorry for all of the viewers that were effected by those mass storms. I am keeping all of you in my prayers. The devastation is unbareable. I was in OKC when the F5 hit. Many homes, property etc. devastated and some lives. I believe these people have experienced worst than OKC….contestants will miss the votes but will understand the circumstance. It will deffinitely effect the outcome tonight.

  11. Seriously, is james really that great to have 43% of votes? He performs well, sang well yesterday night, but nothing spectacular or heart-stopping. I seriously don't get what's the HUGE deal with james? Im not a hater, but im just shocked at how america is already paving a clear path for james to win. I think many of the remaining contestants deserve, or are as good/talented and have as much potential as james… He's a rocker… and we have had so many rockers on AI in the past seasons, and some even better. Still not getting what's the HUGE deal with james.

    I feel that other contestants like haley and scotty are serious contenders…

    • I agree. For me, James was my least favorite in the beginning. His screams were not even hitting a note, he was just plain screaming and I hated it. Then he started to actually sing a little bit… at first I questioned if he could even sing. Then he started to grow on me a little bit, I like the "softer side" (which is really him ACTUALLY SINGING and not screaming). I still don't think he has the best voice. I do enjoy the theatrics he brings to the performance. I think someone that is really annoying is all the people knocking on other contestants for "doing the same thing" every week and then they praise James, when in fact based on singing alone, he has not really done anything different… always a rock song, always a lot of screaming, every once in awhile he hits a note or two. I am sensing the man is going to win and good for him if he does, but like some of the others, I just don't understand the hype. I doubt i'll be going to his concerts or buying his CDs. I still am overly ready to say goodbye to Haley! (said if a deep growl in my voice).

    • i agree too. don't really get the huge hype about james.

      And i dont think i ll be excited to get his albums or attend his concerts. i find him sailing through week after week with the same glam theatrics and rock songs. There's enough great and unique rockers in the industry, my chemical romance, muse, chris daughtry… rockers of all flavours in the industry.

      i seriously think by throwing in another JAMES will seriously not make any difference… … come on america!

      • Thats what AI needs after the last two sleepers……someone that can perform and entertain their audience…No one else can rock a stage like James..Obviously thats not your preference in music. You came always go to Lee Dewyse's or Kris Allen's concerts!!!!!

      • James has charisma and the need to feed off the audience.

        I would paid to see him preform because I know it would be fun and entertaining but it would depend on his songs and arrangement if I would buy his albums.

        Scotty and Lauren will have an easier time starting out since country is about the singer while rock is more about the band and doing their own songs.

        New rock songwriter could try sending their songs to James to get a foot in the door. It worked well for Bernie Taupin with Elton John.

        Country music has far more structure for songwriters to use.

      • scoot up — Wow, I don't think you are watching the same AI I am, since James has taken it to a new level every single time he has stepped up to the mic. He has shown his softer side with Maybe I'm Amazed and While My Guitar Gently Weeps, has shown current relevance with Muse's Uprising and last night, brought us a beautiful A Capella performance at the beginning of Will You Love Me Tomorrow? Not to mention his many hard rocking covers (Judas Priest, Bon Jovi, would really like to hear him do some Ronnie James Dio). How many of the bands/singers you listed can claim the same? I love Daughtry, but Chris does not even come close to the range James has displayed. Muse pretty much stay in the high tenor range vocally.

    • Seriously, is james really that great to have 43% of votes?

      yes!!!!! he is even better.

      • Unfortunately the poll this week could be not accurate, as thousands of votes were lost due to the storms in the south….so I wouldn't count on James getting 43% if the people of the south could have voted.

    • I am just now listening to the studio versions of the songs from last night and there are a few shocks:

      Casey does a great jazz version and without all the theatrics, growling and grunting, is very good.

      Haley has a great studio voice and is also a great artiste on stage.

      Jacob sounds ok but nothing special.

      James – surprisingly – does not sound that good on the studio version and seems to be straining for some of the high notes.

      Lauren sounds great and hits all the high notes that she failed to reach last night. This supports the opinion that she "freezes" a bit on stage and just needs to believe in herself and trust her voice.

      Scotty sounds awful on the studio version, which is faster and totally different than the version he sang last night, which I enjoyed.

      The duets are interesting:

      Haley/Casey – this is the only true duet with great back and forth and harmonies.

      Jacob/James – stinks

      Lauren/Scotty – dominated by Lauren

      The girls win hands down in the studio and both have distinctive voices and styles, which augurs well for their futures.

      While I did not like Casey's performance last night, he does have a very distinctive voice and will likely have a future singing Jazz and Blues.

  12. Jacob needs to go… he is boring the same everytime like Pia no wow facter…….jacob should have went home and Stefanos should still be there….he did improve… well lets see what happens…

  13. I rooting now for James, Scotty and Haley in that order, all 3 are great singers but it coming down to better training to sing other styles well.

    Scotty may have the best voice but has only trained in the older country style it seems and that is hard to over come in 3 or 4 weeks.

    I don't think Scotty is ready to cut an album yet maybe after the summer AI tour, while James is closer to being ready, it maybe harder to find good rock songs to record than country now days and rock is more band based while country is more about the singer.

    • Scotty is the one ready to cut a CD, well maybe Casey, nothing special about James, he is getting boring same ole same ole, we heard him do soft before or you guys don't renmember.

    • @Piper

      Seriously ur remark about James doing the same?? So is Scotty!!! god what r u deaf???

      • @ CJ…I agree with your reply back to piper. James has displayed incredible versatility and creativity…He has not been the same old same olf every week..He is entertaining, connects with the audience and "owns" everything he has sung to date. 🙂

  14. I thought last night was going to be boring but it wasnt it was really good for the secound week in a row i loved Laurens peformance the best when I found out what song she was doing i was soooo excited she was singing the theme to gilmore girls

    its really hard to pick who will be in the bottom 3 since theres only 6 left but my guss is Jacob Hailey and Casey I hope its Jacob going home but i also have a feeling that it will be hailey witch would be a shame cause i think jacob really needs to go

    I remmember reading on here a couple weeks ago someone said that the producer nigel apparently said the top 5 would end up being scotty james casey lauren and jacob but i really hope he was wrong i really want Jacob to go

  15. lauren is a very sweet not of her though but i think she needs to do something about her performance..nothings change from the very beginning.. nothing at all..hope she will be in the bottom 3 this week to wake her up..or better still..she will go after jacob..

  16. I found it really interesting to hear Lauren sang next to Scotty. When Scotty is on his own, he sounds slightly pitchy almost all of the time but nobody seems to mind (he's so cute, after all). When he sang next to Lauren (and completely botched an attempt to harmonize) you could hear how Laurens pitch was BANG ON and Scotty's was all over the place. Of the two, she is easily the better vocalist. I agree with those who say this is a popularity contest.

    I am rooting for James, Haley and Lauren. I'd buy an album from any of the three before even considering buying a Scotty album. He's not the prodigee people are making him out to be. Listen to the Itunes tracks and tell me these tracks are going to rival the country greats like George Strait. Not. Even. Close. I'd rather listen to Hal Ketchum than Scotty any day of the week.


    Northern Guy

      • Only a deaf person could not hear how bad Scotty sounded singing harmony with someone who could nail down notes pitch wise. It was not a style conflict – it was plain old pitch issues.

    • the country singers like him i heard great comments and laura to some folks things james scream to loud and the other night sombody said he worke their baby up screaming

    • Scotty has a great natural voice but no real vocal training, except self training by copying the styles from the songs he likes it seems.

      Scotty has no vibrato in his singing and has trouble in some keys, there are some other very minor issues that can be easily fix with training.

      With 6months to a year with a good vocal coach Scotty could likely be truly great.

      • I think he's (overall) great now and you're right – with his charisma, talent, confidence (and gawsh gee shucky darn cuteness) he could go places. But TODAY, vocally, even Lauren showed us the limits of his (to date) largely over-rated vocal ability.

  17. My bottom 3 this week:

    1. Scooby-Doo

    2. Papa Smurf

    3. Barney the Purple Dino

    With Barney sent back to school.

    Best of luck to all top 6.

      • Hmm, here would be my guess at it

        1. Scooby-Doo = Haley or Scotty not sure

        2. Papa Smurf = Casey

        3. Barney the Purple Dino = Jacob

  18. Haley is so underrated, people doesn't appriciate her vocal talents, i think she has the best vocals out of all the bunch…haley should win this one …I think her choice of songs doesnt showcase her voice as much but her vocals are always flawless..Haley to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she sings effortlessly…james can sing but his overrated….. Haley to win haley to win haley to win

    • I agree! Haley is my favorite and I can't believe she is thrown in the bottom 3 so much.

    • Haley has an issue with her vocal style that's called RELEVANCE. I think both her and Casey are really cool and retro throw-backs to music of days gone by. So is James. People under 25 call his singing "screaming" because they've likely never heard much metal or hard rock. Some people file James Blunt under rock where for me, that genre is about AC/DC and Whitesnake and Def Leppard.

      Haley has a very interesting and "different" vocal sound and style and I happen to love not just her voice but her over-all package. She's not just talented but likeable, cute, sexy and downright pretty. (I especially like the way her hazel-brown eyes sparkle when she sings and the fact she has amazing lips and perfect teeth). She's very attractive without being off-putting like Pia was for so many.

      I want her to put out an album so other fans like me can buy it. I already listen to her Itunes tracks along with James and Lauren. Scotty, IMHO, does not record well TODAY. Stefano had a better radio voice than Scotty does right now. I agree with those who say that Scotty needs some professional vocal tranining and then he'll be away to the races.

      I'm not anti-Scotty by any means, I just think that people have already put him on a "country star" pedestal when he has as much (if not more) work to do than the rest of the contestants. And yes, he IS pitchy and moreso than James. James can sing both soft and full out but I agree he should cut back on the power screams and only use them in songs that screaming belongs in. Judas Priest, for example, calls for such powerful high notes ala Rob Halford. The fact James can even TOUCH such amazing vocals (and pull it off) is a testament to his ability. There are few voices in heavy metal that rival Rob Halford talent wise like Ronnie James Dio (RIP) and Bruce Dickinson but nobody can wail like Halford.

  19. okay i still dont have a favorite. casey is probably my best pick though!! he has talent. and you cant take that away from him. james is alright but he acts too much like adam lambert and hes like copying him and i really dont like that. haley needs to go home. jacob has a really good voice but obviously hes going home according to you people!!!1 lauren is the best girl of the season. stefano was just good looking. he had a crappy voice. pia was good. scotty will probably win. maybe hes my favorite. the rest just stink.

    • I agree with most of what you are saying. Do like James — I tried listening to him in another room like new program and he does not have a good voice and screams too much. We do not need another Adam Lambert, even though I like Lambert. As for Scotty, great voice and will go far in his career. And Jacob has a really good voice, but I don't think people are voting for him either. Haley needs to go.

  20. I did not like anyone last night — no favorite at all. I think Haley, Casey and Jacob will be bottom three. And either Jacob or Haley will go home.

  21. Jacob should be the one that goes home tonight. Haley did a very good job Wednesday night. She is not only a great singer but she is the prettiest girl that has ever been on Idol. Hope she goes far in live, bet of luck to a very nice person.

  22. alot of the south didnt get to vote last nite ,not good for scotty and luarin,storms should not effect the outcome of votes ,just not right….

    • The good folks in North Carlina and Virginia could vote last night. I hope we had enough votes to pull Scotty into the top 5, plus he has to have fans in other states. He is so good.

    • Why do you assume that only people from the South like Scotty and Lauren?

      We are in the Rocky Mountain region and Country music is alive and kicking here.

      We really like Lauren but feel, for her sake, that she needs another year or two to develop her inner confidence. She has the pipes as she showed during the auditions but seems to be afraid to let it go when she is on stage – at least on her own. Then you listen to her studio recordings and they are flawless.

      Scotty was a favorite of ours from his audition to a few weeks ago when he seemed to get a bit cocksure and complacent.

      Last night we really enjoyed his performance and the fact that he listened – this time – to the advice given during the rehearsals.

      He may not register as #1 this week but I am sure he will be safe.

      As we see it, each of the duet partnerships will be split – one each in the top 3 and one each in the bottom 3.

      So I will not be surprised to see Ryan call them in that order.

      Haley/Casey: Casey in bottom 3

      Lauren/Scotty: Lauren in bottom 3

      James/Jacob: Jacob in bottom 3

      The bottom 2 I expect to be Casey and Jacob and would not be surprised to see Casey eliminated but think it will likely be Jacob.

  23. Here is my run-down on last night's performances:

    James: too pitchy (nasal), too over-rated

    Lauren: good voice, weak persona

    Jacob: fantastic voice, unbalanced presentation

    Scotty: great vocal, weak performance

    Haley: strong performance but didn't change-it-up

    Casey: Knew his potential – used it, and more.

    • Casey can do now wrong….terrible performance last night….who wants to listen to someone grunt and growl every song (and as an added plus make constipated faces too), can the kid even carry a (real) tune…..Casey should stick to instruments…

      • I agree singer…what the heck was that last night. casey should be let go tonight…wont happen . James is the best so count on him taking second. the best doesn't win on AI

      • He's also got the stage presence of a zombie monster, goose-stepping about like he's got a stick… When he walks around the stage it's bordering on comical, for me anyways. I like the guy. He's quirky, natural, unique, talented and really "himself" at all times. But the guy is not a rocker and even though this contest calls for showmanship, he may be better off to stick to what he knows rather than grunt and growl his way through mainstream material.

    • Scotty has some technical issues with his singing but his voice is good enough that most people don't notice them.

      The biggest is no vibrato in his singing and trouble with couple of keys which only shows up when singing with others if they are singing in key he has trouble with.

      Scotty needs more training but a great natural voice.

  24. I have watched all 10 Seasons of American Idol and cannot recall a judge bounding up on stage to give a singer a hug and an "attaboy" – or girl. This season it has happened twice.

    I've seen them give standing ovations – even Cowell did it for Adam Lambert when he did "Mad World."

    I've seen them console someone who has been voted off but never recall any of them going on stage after a performance.

    Can anyone else recall such a thing happening?

    • That was Ryan Seacrest's doing –telling Randy to give James a hug –a real instigator–thought he was kinda strange last night with a few of his remarks.

      • @ Diana…that is true..Ryan did instigate the entire thing. Steven T. went up and hugged Jacob after his performance a few weeks back…how quickly one forgets… 🙂

      • I didn't pick up on that as I had gone into the kitchen to grab a drink and just saw Randy go up there.

        Ryan knows that AI is under a lot of pressure this year because the last three years have not produced finalists who have enjoyed success with the exceptions of David Cook and Adam Lambert.

        The last two winners have failed to sell enough to get even Gold, David Archuleta has already been dropped by his record label and last years finalists did not top 200,000 in sales with Crystal Bowersox outselling Lee DeWyze who took over from Kris Allen as the worst selling winner from AI.

        They need someone who will sell big and I think it accounts for the pimping we are suddenly seeing.

      • @ Rose A – that was the other incident of it to which I referred when I said is has happened twice this season.

      • I think Paul is right about all the hype and pressure AI is under. The contract drop from Archuleta may not be about his sales, though. He has a somewhat big decision to make concerning his religion and I think that could be part of it.

      • @ David P – I know Kris Allen wants to do Christian Music and has started on that path.

        David was dropped by Jive and then cut his ties with the Management Company.

        He is on record wanting to do his own thing and write songs that suit him.

        Given his background and the influence his father had on him, I think David now feels he is in control of his own life and I hope he succeeds.

  25. I hadn't really thought about it …but one of you hit it right on the head….Stefano left ( 2 ) weeks ago and now the votes for James have really went up. Guess he is getting Stefanos votes. Because he hasn't improved that much in 2 weeks. I guess it just depends on her goes home and who gets those votes.

    • i think james doing muse was the best performance this year. heck, one of the best performances ever. james rules.

    • Hate to say it (and I'm not anti-country) but perhaps Stefano fans (who still wish to vote) are picking James over Scotty simply because they won't vote country no matter what. We've already seen people who will vote COUNTRY no matter what – so people voting for the "not country" guy is definately a possibility.

      Myself, I say people should vote for the one they like the best and quit this "voting strategy" thing. If people are even doing that at all…. this is largely speculation.

  26. so who r then going to vote off tonightand who is saying on there. and i think james should sing on of steven's songs and one of acdc too. next time

    • or guns and roses. but i would love to hear him do steven tyler. the old aerosmith!!

  27. I do notknow why you think it should be Lauren instead of Haley in the bottom 3. Lauren out performs Haley each week. As has been stated before, Haley smiles even when she is singing a ballad.

    Personally, I do not believe that American Idol should be a popularity contest by letting everyone vote as many times as they can in a two hour span. It should be voting limited to the number of contestants for those of us that are having a hard time to pick just one.

    • Two reasons

      1)Haley has gotten better every week, while Lauren is letting the pressure get to her.

      2)power outage in Southeast last night, so I see Haley and Lauren at dead even in voting, it could go either way.

    • There should be a limit of one vote per voting method. They let people (kids) vote as many times as they can sit there and vote so they can announce how many million votes they had each week. Well, who cares? It only matters that the voting is fair.

    • If people weren't allowed to vote as much as they wanted Lauren would most likely be in the bottom 3 as much as Haley has. Also you say Lauren outperforms Haley every week? Which weeks? Certainly not the last 4 or 5 weeks. Haley is growing very fast as an artist and performer while Lauren is treading water. Lauren is great, she's not ready for this competition.

  28. James was most excellent, now if he would just take a shower, brush his teeth and shampoo his hair I could fall for the guy…..I agree, Jacob, Casey and Haley are going home, it will be James and Lauren in the end with James the winner, Scotty is such talented boy he should do well after AI. Casey, Haley and Jacob should keep their day jobs.

    • Most likely Jacob, Haley and Lauren in bottom three. Casey has the VFTW vote now and power outage in southeast last night will hurt Lauren some.

  29. I am sorry but Lauren is 20 times better then Hailey… Hailey is only safe cause they need to get rid of Jacob and Casey first… I like Durbin but i think that Lauren and Scottie are better then Durbin… we have enough rock n roll wanna-be's we need more country and pop….. David cook shouldn't have won… Chris Daughtry got screwed…

    • I think Lauren is NOT 20 times BETTER than Haley at all – but she is twice or three times as RELEVANT. And that's a MAJOR factor in a contest like this. Simon used the word RELEVANCE all of the time, yet no judge now has used it once. Simon also imagined the vocal as it would sound over the radio instead of "what the performer would be like in concert". You need to be a radio sensation before you become a concert performer. Do you not?

      • I agree with the relevance point. Last night Lauren missed a couple of the high notes but when I listen to her studio recording, she sounds fantastic and very current.

  30. this is really what I think in huderds and more of votes!!!

    James Durbin Infinaty present 7>!!!!!!!!!! thats the highest number!!!

    Scotty McCreery bilion present!!!!!!

    Casey Abrams 1.2 millon present!!!!!

    Luaren Alaina One thousend present!!!!

    Haley Rainheart 500 hunderd present!!!

    Jacob Lusk Zero present.

  31. I enjoy hearing Jacob sing. My top 3 are Jacob, Scotty, & James. I think Haley may be leaving next. She sings well, and is a beautiful girl, but I dislike the growling. Of course, my over-all favorite this season was Pia Toscano. Her talent is right up there with Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, David Archuletta, and Carrie Underwood.

    • I thought Pia would be a favorite but she was like a statue and sang every song the same way with the big finish. I don't watch DWTS but did check the on-line video and she sang "I'll Stand By You" – again.

      Of the other four you mention, Kelly & Carrie can sing any genre and do upbeat and ballads equally as well.

      In the past week or so, I have seen Carrie Underwood rocking it up with Steven Tyler and singing How Great Thou Art so powerfully, she got a long-standing ovation from some of the top Country Artistes out there.

      Adam Lambert is so far away from Pia Toscano vocally and in his performance ability, there is no comparison – either way.

      David Archuleta has been dropped by his record company and parted ways with his management team, despite his 1st album selling close to a million copies. Since then – nothing!

  32. Haley Rainheart will not be elemanated, But she needs to work on her songs because if she does work harder instead they will put Lauren Alaina in the bottom three, if she dosen't she might GET elemanated!!

  33. the 1st thought in my head after watching last night was "These are the songs they picked, are you kidding me!" No Jazzman, No Its Too Late Baby! bummer. Here's my take on last night…

    James: Very nice start.. didn't like to the rock at the end.

    Lauren: not a big fan of that song but she sang it ok. I think she is trying to hard and not having fun anymore which is showing up as nevers and stiffness.

    Jacob: I think he would sing and dance a whole lot better and in general be more entertaining if they would let him perform in drag.

    Scotty: Hard to fault anybody who wears a wolfpack tie shirt, GO PACK! Nice song choice, cool preformance.

    Haley: strong performance but please pick a hit next time. Carole King has some many better song to choose from.

    Casey: I'm a fan but I wasn't very impressed. I'm wondering if he is really in it to win or if He's trying just to see how far he can push the envolpe before he crushes thru and fall off the show. aka the way Andy Kophman would try to bomb sometimes. I've always believed it would hurt a heavy metal rocker's reputation to be name the american idol, maybe it would be worse for a somebody who want ot be takening seriously by other jazz musicians.

    • I really would have liked to have heard James sing the song as tenderly as he did in the beginning, at the end. It was really beautiful and heart warming.

      I am a huge Casey fan. I believe he is an old soul. As Randy said, Casey does music that used to ooze out of the doors in bars such as the Famous Door in New Orleans. His jazzy/blues are a welcome change. I do not think the goofey faces are a real necessity but it goes with his quirkey personality.

      They only person I do not enjoy watching is Haley. I listen to her from another room or with eyes closed. I am glad she has toned down that Extremely Red lipstick and Gloss. It was really distracting and not complimentary.

      Haley also needs to focus less on selling sex, and try selling her voice and stage performance. Just saying.

      • Elise,

        You obviously don't know, or appreciate raw talent. Haley is amazing. Part of performing is showing off your assets. She is sexy, and has never been anything but classy and gracefull. Every post you've made on this blog has been about Haley's sex appeal… You apparently have none-and it probably kills you to see someone that does. lol. She's unbelievabley talented, raw, real, sexy, and brave. I love her for her undeniable TALENT most importantly. Get over it, Elise 🙂

  34. For the AI Finals, I want to see a real competition between the two remaining girls – Haley and Lauren. That would be cool!

  35. i thought james did the best last night! he should win the whole thing but haley is my favorite i think shes the most unique and she seems like she would go very far. she has a great personality. id say the same for lauren but i think that shes a little too sensetive, not sure how she would handle the negative parts of fame if she were to win.

  36. when American Idol started the top 13 I had imagined a top 5: James, Scotty, Lauren, Casey(he was my favorite at the time) and Pia or Paul (wasn't sure, tink they're same good, now just look at this top 5: James, Scotty, Lauren, Hailey,Casey

    My top 3 imaginary: James, Scotty and Lauren… Who am I picking wrong this time? My win guess is James, because of his constantly good performances… but really who I wanted to win was Casey (yet my fav but just don't belive him anymore.)Who makes your imaginary top 3? Just curious.

    • i think Scottie Lauren and James will be top 3.. but its going to come down to Scottie and Lauren

      • probably, I think that even if James get to top 2 he will not win, it's Idol's history, Like D.Archuleta, A.Lambert…

  37. the storms in the south are going to make the votes for lauren and scotty to be lower, might even see no one be sent home because of the weather.

    • First of all the South doesn't own Country music. There are plenty of Country fans in the Western United States. Heck, you can't live where I do and not at least appreciate it. The show must go on. It's a terrible thing that has happened, and I pray everything is going well in the recovery. I don't think it's going to effect the results at all.

  38. As soon as they get rid of Jacob it will be a tough call – they all are good singers. Haley is pretty stuck on herself but they all are good singers.

    • You are pretty stuck on yourself. I don't see it in Haley or any of her comments at all. Just because she doesn't have fake crocodile tears like Lauren and Jacob doesn't mean she's stuck on herself.

  39. I do not think that Haley gets enough credit. Artists thrive off of variety and their differences. I do believe that James performance was great, but Randy was way out of line with his comment. I see all this talk of a popularity contest but really? The judges have turned it into one. Their obsession with Lauren and attempts to knock Scotty "down a few pegs". They have pushed for Lauren who is a "want to be" pop idol who will wash out in a few years. Yes, please do not get me wrong she is talented and much more than most I hear but she adds nothing to the stage but blonde hair and cowboy boots. Haley does play on sex appeal but come on everyone sex sells; although sad but true as proven time and time again. This Pia talk is getting repetitive as well, its over she is out and I am positive doing just fine. I do not think that I have seen such talent but someone has to go home and I really hope it is not Haley. Lauren needs a little reality check. I think Casey and Jacob are not winner condensers but are very talented as well.

    • in my opinion i hate haley, not because of her looks or anything, but her voice just makes me wanna punch the wall. I cant stand her growling. Casey is the type of guy for that, but not haley. And really? sex cells? Haley has a nice butt ive noticed that since her audition

      • Sex cells? Is that some attempt at a joke?! Are you familiar with our society? Maybe you should be a judge on idol? I think its ridiculous to say anyone of these final contestants suck. Ps. Haley will probably sing tonight a warning so you can turn off your tv instead of preaching about her "artist style".

      • Listen to Janis Jopplin sing 'Me and Bobby McGee" and you'll suddenly understand how truly talented Haley is. She may not seem relevant to the Ipod generations (Y and Z), but for those of us Gen Xers or those with a little more years under their belts, some just might find Haley to be a modern day throw-back to a style of music that we all thought was long since gone.

        Put me down for 2 copies of her first album. Thank you.

      • Me too Northern guy, I'll take two! Not fond of Joplin, but LOVE Haleys voice. Love the jazz/blues element she and Casey bring to the table, idle or not, they are A Okay to me!

      • To say that you hate someone you've never met is pretty crazy and just shows you are most likely just jealous of her. I bet you don't even know when she's actually growling. And when she does growl it's a legit jazz technique a lot of people refer to as 'dirty' and you may not appreciate it but it separates her from the rest. As a vocalist Haley is light years ahead of most of the remaining contestants in technique and especially interpretation.

      • Haley didn't growl even once last night. Are you deaf, blind, and stupid or just stupid? Sex cells, as in reproduction organs?

    • I can’t believe James was voted off. He along with Scotty are the best. As for Haley, we can’t stand her and it sounds like she is screaming rather than singing. The winners should have been James, Scotty, and Lauren.

  40. For some reason I'm loving Idol this season. I've been a religious viewer since day one, and have never loved a cast as much as this one. They are all such unique individuals, and bring something different to the show. The judges this season have also been such fun! I love the encouragement and the constructive critisism they give…(unlike Simon, breaking their spirits the first week!) I think they've all thrived and really come into their own. I personally LOVE Haley. I think she's so real and raw. Her voice is so interesting and cool. And, James rocks my world… sooo fearless. He has so much energy and power to his voice-and can be just as tender. Scotty is just so likeable. He's a true country boy, and there's never too many of those 😉 Lauren needs to know how great she is. She's so young, and hasn't lived enough to back up the emotion in a song…but, boy can she sing. Casey just dosen't belong on that stage. He belongs in a jazz club in New Orleans… It's just not for me. I get it, but it's too one dimentional. And then there's Jacob… It's time to go home Mr.J 🙁 Can't handle your diva-alter ego any longer. Please vote Haley!!! Why? because we need a new vibe in the music world…and she's a personal friend of mine 🙂 he,he! Go Idol!

    • I'm loving this season too! You have to admit whether contestants are good,mediochre or awful, we diehard viwers/fans are all passionate and vocal about our choices!! And those of you who slam doors and storm off vowing never to watch again will sneak back when no one is looking. Even with all the flaws, I still keep watching because it's a fun guilty pleasure, better than many other choices on TV. This is one season I have had a hard time trimming down who I want to win to just 4 now. I'd like to see the final 4 be James, Scotty, Casey and Haley, and hope they will let C/H continue to do duets together! Those have been the best of their performances and we couldn't even give them votes for those!

  41. James! Wow! I am now a fan.

    ….I never realized just how good he was until he dropped the screaming rocker act and just sang from the heart. I think he just might endure,after this contest is over..

  42. Haley does not get enough credit. The judges are playing favorites with Durbin and Lauren. I was thankful that Jennifer Lopez's favorite Stefano was eliminated. Based on the performances last night, Jacob is in danger of going home. Lauren has only one style of singing and she can't push it and sing better or higher notes. She's just using here teary-eyed-poor-little girl act to keep the votes. The judges are obviously playing favorites. That was the worst arrangement and rendition of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by anyone! The screaming and screeching has to stop. Who sang beautifully? America, c'mon… listen with your ears, not your eyes. Haley keeps getting better. Growling? If you keep complaining about growling, then you better learn a thing or two about listening to jazz. If a singer can play around with her voice and make it sound so beautiful, that is talent! Screeching high notes is not. Scotty sing like he's always talking to you or telling his story. He's very good. When a singer screams his story at me I don't listen. Ugh!

    Haley is the best contestant out there now.

    • I agree with some good comments on Haley. I love her voice, very refreshing. to me she should win as she is a good American Idol overall package. Love her old fashion hairstyle in a morden dressing. She moves well, n love her rightly growl. Scotty you are such a romantic guy, you make my hair stands, as always I love your style too.To me Lauren is not ready maybe later shee may be able to sing but not now. Others are too boring for me n you are right casey doesnt belong here for all his talent. Yes Randy, you are so out of line where James is concern. He did well but should not warrent you to go in full support on stage.

      • lauren is the best .. well let see who will be going home early between lauren and haley..some of you always say about haley that " i love her voice ".." she deserved to win " "over all package"?? duh ?? if she is better than lauren why does she always included in the bottom 3..

        compare to lauren she doesnt belong to bottom 3 yet ryt !because she's good.the possible winner in that competion will be probably james , scotty and lauren !

  43. If there is any justice in this world, Jacob will be sent home tonight. It's several weeks too late, but I'll enjoy waving buh bye to him!

    • There is no justice. Casey I will pay good money to see you perform. Get yourself out there and keep the faith brother.

  44. I know I wrote about wanting Jacob to go home, but Lauren should also go home. I'm tired of her pigeon-toed little girl crap and she cries every time the camera is on her. Go away and grow up, away from the camera.

      • She smiles into the camera. I think they have all cried at some point, they are human.(what are you)? and those eyes of hers are beautiful.

    • I'm a Haley lover, but I have to tell you, I love Lauren! Her voice is so incredibly rich! That girl (as Randy said early on, has NO idea how good she is). She is going to be a superstar some day. Mark my words!

      And she DOES have gorgeous eyes!!

  45. personally, don't care who leaves or stays tonight. am looking forward to hearing crystal bowersox sing. she really should have won last year's contest.but even if she didn't, she's been doing pretty well at her career. wonder what happened to the AI winner? not being mean but he seemed to have faded to oblivion.

    • I love Crystal, but her song was a letdown. Wasn't crazy about it. And the lyrics were rather corny. What did you think? I also expected a bit of a change in her appearance. The only thing new I noticed was a bit of lip gloss.

  46. I would certainly pay to see Casey perform. He has great stage presents and brings personality and exuberance to his performances for me it was between Haley and him to win. Sorry about your luck Casey. I think carma is on your side

  47. I think James is a great performer BUT every time he performs, I find myself not surprised with his high notes and right on pitch and over-all impact. I get the been there done that feeling. SO I'm rooting for Lauren and Haley. GO GIRL POWER!

    • Yes,you're right .I'm dead bored of his music .One of the girls will be the AI winner this season.Go girls!

  48. I think the top 3 will be



    Lauren in that order.

    But then there are so many weeks Jacob has slipped through the cracks! And has been safe. He just might make the top 3.

    Because Lauren has not been liked as much anymore.

    And so many people have gotten sick of her silly giggles,flirting /coming on to the males all to stay on!

    But sooo many are even saying they are sick of Scotty boring them so much, and that Haley is doing so much better,that is what makes it so difficult.

    But at least Casey was gone this week, hopefully Jacob who is annoying people will go home next.

  49. I am so thrilled that Haley was the first to be announced as SAFE! I voted over and over for her both on the phone and online last night. (I also gave everyone but Jacob and Scotty a few votes each, because I felt they were that good! Loved James and Lauren and I thoroughly enjoyed Casey–er, even with the growls, which I could have done without. So when Haley, James and Lauren were identified as being safe, I felt FINALLY we're making some sense here with the voting!

    I was very surprised Scotty was in the bottom 3, even though I didn't care for his unmistakable twang last night. I would have thought all his fans would be voting in droves, as usual. Maybe it was those storms that prevented many of his supporters to vote, as someone suggested. (Or maybe people are changing their choices as the field narrows. I have to admit, he has a good voice; I am just not into that particular sound (which I identify as twang). Is there another way to talk about that THING in country vocals that sounds like that?

    No surprise that Casey and Jacob were in the bottom 3. But, like virtually everyone else, I was totally shocked Jacob was safe. Totally. He must have a lot of voting supporters out there! I wish Casey the best. And hey, it DOES appear that Casey and Haley have something going on!

    • er, 2 corrections: I should have said

      1. "that prevented people FROM VOTING" (not "to vote")

      2. But, like virtually everyone else "I am guessing," I was . . . (should have added "I am guessing")

    • Pup, all those Casey-Haley rumors is why earlier today on other blog, I again placed the Coondog Curse on Casey to Keep the Caveman's Claws off my Haley. Next-Jacob!

  50. this is wrong why did Casey go and Jacob stay this percent scale is wrong .

    Casey Abrams


    Haley Reinhart


    Jacob Lusk


    James Durbin


    Lauren Alaina


    Scotty McCreery


    • Because that poll is just those who complete it here. That means the opinions of anyone who didn't complete it are not included.

    • This is not the official American Idol poll. Look at the total votes. The real competition has millions of votes.

    • besides, i am from philippines i did vote in that poll, that means everyone around the globe like me can vote there.

  51. Jacob Lusk should have gone, but that's ok. Casey should have been gone weeks ago. So hopefully next week, it will be Hailey or James..

  52. Let me be the first to say I am very sad that Casey is gone. I am shocked that it wasn't Jacob, not that I wish him any ill, I am just surprised that he has a fan base to keep him aloft. I must have over estimated the jazz lovers out there, HELLO…hello…hello? Maybe it's just me. That's okay, I'm pretty sure Casey's gonna be alright. A pretty girl looked downright crestfallen at the news, hang in there Haley, I'm still your biggest fan! I wouldn't have a horse in this race if not for you two.

    • sorry sweetie to have your hrt broken(sniffs).he DOES has a fan-bASE.WAKE UP!..GO jacob!!!.

    • So, xtine, wake up on the wrong side of the bed??? Back off, already, You don't know me well enough for terms of endearment. As for me, wide awake and feeling fine! Thanks.

  53. man i was rooting for casey and haley to be in the finale. LOOOVEEEE them both, and im SOO devastated caseys gone ): i think lauren should go because she's getting boring and bringing nothing new. now it's going to be talented, yet boring. first paul was gone, then stefano, and now casey. BORE FEST! it's all up to you, HALEY! <3

  54. James is still the best so far! Those that said he only depend on all those props to show his ability to sing? He showed everyone he can sing without any help too last night! Thumbs up James! Scotty will never make it big in entertainment world. He’s cute n all, but too limited in his style n singing voice. Try getting him to sing Bon Jovi or Freddie Mercury > i think he might just collapse! Sorry Scotty, you just not cut out to be a superstar or idol. I kept wanting to fall asleep each time he sang! Even when he sang duets with Lauren! He should make a good Lullaby singer n coax everyone to sleep! Hated Haley from beginning, don’t see how JLo thinks she has one of the best voices this season? JLo should have her ears cleaned out before judging each time. Like i said before, Casey should get a makeover if he intends to stay longer. He’ll never get votes from the younger generation with his looks now! Lauren is always so unsure of herself. She needs to have more confidence. Another not so idol contestant. And no matter how i look at it, Jacob can never win it as well.

    • you do now know country james makes me want to scream at him my friends that he put on a show to cover up

  55. jacob is definetely not idol material, im surprised he lasted so long, it just shows how america votes, not with their heads, but with their hearts!the james "thing" is so overdone, haley on the other hand has all the right things to be the next idol, the whole pacakage!

  56. Casey was eliminated but at least the other contestants will be better than ever before good luck to all:). From:aira in the philippines

  57. I hope that Steven Tyler performs with JAMES before the season is over, as was promised earlier in the season!!!

  58. I also am bummed about Casey, but right now the competition is so great, where do you choose? I wish all including Casey and Steffano could just stay and call it a wash. It hurts to see anyone go because their all so great. I just come to the conclusion whoever wins so be it because as far as I am concerned the last 7 were and are the best! HOW CAN ONE EVEN CHOOSE???

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