American Idol 2011: Top 7 Recap – One of the Worst Shows This Season

I have to say I was looking forward to watching this episode of American Idol 2011 until they started with the opening act of bringing in the contestants who had been voted off.  There’s a reason none of them are still singing for our votes and it was noticeable last night when practically none of them were on key except for Pia Toscano.  By the way, Mark Ballas was there last night watching the show and said he was pulling for Casey Abrams.  I guess that’s his new fav since Pia was voted off American Idol

The filler was a bunch a crap.  Obviously they need to cut the show time down to an hour instead of giving a bunch of made up scenes with the group making fun of each other.  The judges were more critical this round which they should have been, well except for Steven Tyler who still acted like he swallowed the happy pill.  Yes, Steven, we would like to drink some of your Kool Aid.

Scotty was up first and I have to say WTH was he thinking to pick “Swingin”?  I mean come on!  This is the Top 7.  The judges all felt the same way and he should have sang a much better song choice. 

James Durbin saved the night from being a total waste of time by singing Muse!  I love this band and this is the type of song James needed to sing.  A really awesome song choice for him.  His voice is clean like Rob Halford’s and he commanded the stage and stole the show IMO.  Steven loves that he’s going in a T-Rex direction.  I guess he means he’s killing off the competition lol.

Haley sang Adele who is incredibly hot right now and did an okay job with it.  This isn’t my cup of tea as far as music goes but it suited her for the most part.  I actually agreed with Steven when he said it started out slow but picked up towards the middle and end.

I’m getting tired of Jacob Lusk.  He has an emotional performance with ever song he chooses. If he is going to remain another week I wish he would pick a more upbeat song so we don’t have to see him cry anymore.  Get a grip, dude!

Casey was awful singing Maroon Five.  His voice grates my nerves and the whole getting in JLo’s face and kissing her on the cheek was a definite creeper moment.  JLo turned her head because Casey was so close to her face. 

Stefano was so bad I had to stop listening and Lauren could have done something so much more to show off her powerful voice than “Born to Fly”.  I agreed with Steven when he said she should pick a Shania Twain song.  Hmmmm, I guess I agreed with Steven more than I thought last night so perhaps I did drink a little Kool Aid.  LOL

I don’t know who is going home tonight and personally I don’t care as long as it’s not James.  I would love to see Casey or Jacob leave us tonight though.  Who were your favorites and who is in danger of going home?