American Idol 2011 Top 7 Elimination Results Show Tonight

It’s nearly time for the results envelope tonight on American Idol 2011! While last night’s performances surprised us (both good and bad), I don’t think we’re going to see any shockers when it comes to elimination time and am going to stand by my predictions from earlier this week: Stefano, Jacob, and Haley in the Bottom 3 even though Reinhart may have earned a rest over Lauren’s performance.

For tonight’s Idol throwback moment we’ll have David Cook returning to the stage to perform his new single “The Last Goodbye.” You can preview the song below before David delivers the goods himself later tonight on the live show.

Katy Perry will also be on the results show tonight to perform her single, “E.T.”

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While we wait to see who got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions on who is going home and then vote in this week’s poll below.

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    • I agree has been awhile since I have seen David Cook singing. He was great in concert went to see him twice. Better in person than on his album.

    • I haven't been following David Cook, but I vaguely recall he was balding even back when he was a contestant. Hence the hair strands pulled down like bangs? Silly.

  1. I think it is time for Jacob to sing his farewell song. He can't win, and even though last night was no doubt the easiest it has ever been to listen to him (no ear bleeding) he just does not move me in any fashion. Even the judges did not compliment his singing, only his "emotion" well his dad is dead and that song would make anyone whos dad is dead sound emotional. I think it was a well thought out trick, but like most tricks.. it was a very see through trick.

  2. I really don´t think that Haley will be on bottom 3 she was amazing last night. I predicted last night Jacob, Lauren and Casey at the bottom 3 but might probably be Stefano instead of Casey there.

    I read all the comments and by majority the one everybody wants out is Jacob which I predicted too.

    Wont be much of a surprise if he goes home tonight.

    Anyway, good luck to all, the votes are in!

    • Sorry I predicted Jacob Lauren and Scotty not Casey!!

      Scotty was not good and I think he needs a wake up call.

      • You are close:

        Last two-



        Last three-



        Haley or Lauren (I wish Casey-I hope people are fed up with his theatrical show – none of the girls should be in the bottom three yet. Lauren is so good but naive, Haley is so different but careless)

      • @ Gaby. How is Haley careless? What the heck does that mean?? Oh, I think I've got it, you're one of those who take her smile as a personal insult after Pia was eliminated.

    • Stephano was a lot better than Casey last night. Casey is the worst of the group. Only the judges like him.

      • Casey is amazing and a lot of people who enjoy actually music instead of teeny bop love him.

      • Stefano's worst performance by far. He's had two outstanding ones and one of them was last week and he follows up with that? Jacob or Stefano should go home.

      • Casey was great last night. Im a huge James fan but Casey brought his A game in last night and it was a great performance compared to everyone but James. I cant even bring my self to watch Stefano again to even try and be objective.

  3. My botton 3 this week :

    Jacob, Stefano and Lauren. Although I think Scotty deserves it too. Didin't like him last night. He's getting old.

      • Scotty is just adorable, he has an amazing country voice, he is not going anywhere. I do not get the whole Haley thing, and Casey is so blatantly the judges favorite; why is beyond me. James was better then Adam Lambert last night, Lauren is so good and another adorable contestant, Stefano was OK, Jacob was Jacob, he needs to go home.

      • Scotty has great stage presence. He is totally at ease, smiles, and has a voice that is easy to hear. He is only 17, but he could sign a contract to record today. I hope he wins the whole thing, but the judges want nasty looking Casey.

      • Scotty is my favorite, but after last night's performance, I don't think he is ready for a recording contract. His voice is ready, but he is very naive and immature. He needs to finish school and then hit Nashville.

      • See but people should NOT vote for scotty (or anyone else for that matter) because he's cute and or adorable. They should vote because he is GOOD. And I'm not saying he's not, I'm saying he's too young and he needs more experience, but hey, that's me.

      • Here's the thing. I don't mind that Scotty has millions of adoring fans for particularly no reason other than he sings country. That's fine, vote for whoever you want. It was his worst performance by far. Everyone else is stepping up and bringing it and he totally half assed it last night. I don't care if he's the winner already it's rude to everyone else to go up and do pretty much the most karaoke performance of the entire season because you know your going to get votes anyway.

      • @ Templar, wow I never thought I would see those words written by your name. Have you been hacked and someone else writting this?? lol

      • It was awful to those of us who don't know the song and aren't country fans —just so corny I couldn't stand it. That with his mike-holding . . . well, those things factor in, like it or not.

    • If Scotty wins this year, it will be three years in a row that a boring singer wins because they are male and cute…..Please…we need a winner that not only sings but entertains. We need a winner that can go out on tour and fill the seats….In a couple of years we won't even remember these guys…

      We need JAMES for the win…….AI needs an exciting winner for a change…..

      • First off, I'm a Scotty fan, but we can all agree that last night's song was a terrible choice. As far as boring, I don't see him as that…he just sings and tells a story, without all the screaming and grunting that some of the others do. It's really just a preference of styles, and no one in country screams and grunts. They aren't much into marching soldiers and piano fires either. If you can really sing, you don't need all that other crap to cover for your lack of talent. Just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to theirs as well.

      • One thing I have been wondering is that "cute" -thing. In my opinion, Scotty is not THAT cute.

      • First off, I don't think Lee is cute.. so there goes that theory – and 2nd – I hear ya Nancy! I actually really like what Scotty did with his voice last night. He has been pushing out higher notes for a few weeks now and it great to hear the run with the low tone and he did some good things with his voice last night that normally he doesnt do very well with. I am a scotty fan b/c I think the boy can SING!! I think he has the best natural voice in the contest and I think with guidance he can really make something of himself. As for the others, still ready to see Haley walk out the door. Esp now that her fellow contestants called her a "brat" – yep the attitude is not attractive. This was the fist time that I really LIKED James… Casey did good but he is growling agian, Stephano was forgettable… which sucks b/c I am starting to like him. I feel bad for Jacob but don't think he's the winner and last but not least little miss Lauren. If she sang her heart out I think she could win but she is holding back. Her insecurities and age really shows when she performs. So, GO SCOTTY GO!!!

      • James didn't need "all that other crap" to sing Maybe I'm Amazed or Living for the City did he? Nuff Said.

      • Scotty has stage Presence???? Walking back and forth, squatting occasionally is not stage presence, and I'll bet that when he does try to move around, he is going to be real akward. Don't get me wrong, I think he has a very good country voice and will have a career in music. The Judges, especially, jennifer, has been really hard on Haley, which I think did a great job last night. I thought, finally Haley will get some of the credit she deserves. But for some reason Jenniferhas it out for her. Did anyone notice the look on Jennifers face when she was done talking to Haley, well I watched it back several times and its so noticable..Now if Simon was still on the show, he would have told Scotty to pack his bags, and praise Haley.

        I'm sure she wonders whats going on, but she smiles and goes on. I've watched this show since season 1, and this is the first time I've seen this much injustice since Danny Gokey butchered Dream On and beat out Allision, who by the way is outselling Danny Gokey. I hope Haley is in the final, because she defintley

        has fought her way through this with no extra help. So to all the Loyal Haley fans lets make this happen

        I wish all of them the best, I just feel Haley is remarkably Talented.

      • Nancy A. Your right, we are all entitled to our opinion…..Marching soldiers and piano fires are all part of his entertaining his audience…..

        We all have to agree to disagree.

        JAMES for the Win…..thats my opinion!

      • Ok, so maybe Scotty doesn't dance around on stage. Who the hell cares. There are some country singers that have had a huge career and they aren't dancing around the stage. they come out play their music, nothing fancy. Did George Strait or Alan Jackson get to where they are because they were dancing all over the stage. No, they didn't and yet they are a couple of the biggest country music stars ever. So who really cares if Scotty dances or not, as long as he can sing, and the boy can sing.

      • The one who is like torture to listen to is Casey. Can't stand his grunts, his gnarling his teeth, and his "be bop de pop" words he throws in. Plus, he thinks he is Gods gift to women. Gag.

      • Mauna

        When you are here, it would be wiser on comment on the talent rather than appearances.. Also why comment about things that you will obviously not understand..You only make yourself to be seen as a fool..

      • I don't get that Casey thinks he's God's gift to women. I mean, really, how could that be anyway? Just not happening.

      • Mauna JLo is the one who told him he's sexy so you can put that theory to bed right now.

    • That's the problem with Scotty, coming unglued form our seats is what Casey and Durbin do for us.

    • To the person who said Haley was a brat, I would probably be pissed off and not in the best of mood either, when every week I was the only one bashed by the judges, yet she's the only one who listens to them. She's a class act and your probably a bully

  4. I think James, Casey and Stefano's "performances" were great. Scotty and Lauren (and I am a country fan) performances left a lot to be desired. Hated Scotty's song choice! I thought Haley's musical performance was awesome, and I haven't been a Haley fan in the past, but as far as growing in this competition, I really believe she has made the most progress. Jacob definitely needs to go home (like 2 weeks ago). As far as a bottom 3 – hard to predict. Definitely Jacob – maybe Lauren…although that makes me sad, and probably Stefano. I think the sing off is going to be between James and Scotty. Very different types of talent. This is the first year, I have not had a favorite. All other years, from audition on, I had a fav – Crystal last year. I have NEVER voted except for Taylor Hicks – and hello – where is he now – Broadway. So, I will leave voting to those who are more committed and have more insight than me!

  5. It is so obvious that the judges want Casey to win the whole thing. He is obnoxious, grunts when he sings, gnarls his teeth, and will never be a good singer. Last night he leaned over and kissed JoLo, and I think that whole thing was planned. It was in poor taste and should not be allowed. Also, the nasty language – with so many young children watching – should not be allowed. Even though they bleep out the worst words, Stephen and Dog still get away with nasty words. This is not an ALL ADULT show. They can make their remarks without all the foul words.

    • I agree. My kids are pretty much banned from all the new sitcoms because of the innuendos. We all watch idol and dancing every week. They know exactly what was bleeped, and are asking questions about the comments made on dancing.

      • I totally agree, I was shocked at with Casey's performance and the fact that Jennifer did not say anything, Randy even commended Casey for the kiss. Wow, is he a favorite or what.

    • J Lo needs to stop with the comments about Casey's being sexy, and now–the kiss. Does anyone else think that was staged? She even turned her head because she knew it was coming. She commented on his "soft lips"! Even though we are supposed to be voting on vocal talent, from almost the beginning J Lo was sowing the seeds on Casey's being sexy to fans who will follow what she says and vote accordingly. Also, she is still cutting in on Randy's comments, and I think that is rude. It's not that I don't like J Lo. I don't like her trying to influence the voters the way she has been. Steven makes comments about the singers' being sexy, but the comments don't seem to be exclusively to one contestant.

      • I think the kiss would be inappropriate for anyone else, but for Casey it just adds to the entire uncomfortable wierdness about this guy. I want to like him because he's an underdog and a rebel, but he's becoming increasingly hard to stomach. And he was taking short little steps around stage like his shorts had too much starch in them, and he didn't "sell" the "I am a rocker" thing at all. He looked very nervous up there truthfully. Durbin OWNED his song AND the stage AND brought amazing theatrics and costume design into his performance – it was the total package.

      • Like I said before, the judges are pimping Casey because they now realize they wasted the save on him, but want it to look like they made the right choice.

      • Giselle, you are exactly right. J Lo did indeed turn her head so Casey could kiss her cheek. Do they think viewers are crazy or stupid? Now that Casey has set the precedent, will the other contestants do the same? They wouldn't be allowed to do it, I am sure. The vulgar language has to stop. If Simon Cowell were there this stuff wouldn't be going on.

      • I guess Casey thinks he can get the votes kissing Jlo , but i didn't find that sexy at all. He is good but i just don't see him as the next Idol.

    • Isn't it obvious? The judges want Casey to stay as long as possible because they know they wasted the "save" with him (which should have been used for Pia). I am not saying he is not good (I like him), but he wasn't good enough for the save.

      • Ed: You are right. The judges wasted the save on Casey. Pia would have been the perfect save, but on the Jay Leno show, she said she was disappointed, but that she is in a better place right now. She has already signed a recording contract. She will appear on Dancing with the Stars next Tuesday.

    • First off your Fine with Scotty singing about his lover, but your not fine with words getting bleep out? Second where were you when Live TV was really Live? There is a delay in live performances so they can do that. Casey Kiss away man, kiss away. If you think a kiss is inappropriate and in bad taste, well I would hate to be your husband/wife. Learn to raise your kids yourself and dont rely on TV personalities to do it for you. People Cuss, bottom line, My kids are in their teens and dont cuss and I have not censored what they watch in that fashion because it is stupid to hide their heads under the covers from life.

  6. I still say, from the first time they auditioned, James and Lauren will be the final two. They will both have recording contracts in their respective genres. We have not heard the last of Naima either.

    • I thought the top 3 would be James, Jacob and Lauren, now I believe it will be James, Scotty and Lauren. They will all do very well, Scotty will have a recording contract before the tour is over.

      • Mary I agree, James, Scotty, Lauren, the final is not based on one performance, it is mainly consistency, everyone has a off night.

      • I agree everyone has an off night. If your consistent for like 2 months and then you have one off night, doesn't mean you suck and deserved to be sent home. If you are up and down then you deserve to be sent home.

        As far as Scotty, I love him and I thought his performance last night wasn't that bad. I am upset with the judges because he has been doing what he always does all along and got praise for being himself week after week for months and now then the hammer. That's why this show pisses me off. Just be consistent and Randy & Co. should of told him long ago, not now all of a sudden. Then they put him at the dreaded first spot again. Looks like producers and judges are trying to manipulate the votes as far as I am concerned. Its close to the end so now the judges will start hammering anyone they don't want to win. And then when they get sent home they acted like they are shocked, they are a joke. We all know that they want Casey as the winner, that has been clearly stated and witnessed.

    • super agree on james. but lauren? i dunno maybe i expect too much from her…my fave females in AI are the likes of kelly clarkson, carrie underwood, jennifer hudson, crystal bowersox; i dont think lauren is nearly as talented as any of the aforementioned.

  7. I know James is popular with the heavy metal group, however, last night he was off key "pitchy" several times. I went back and watched his performance again, and sure enough, he was pitchy. He should be in the bottom three, but he will probably get enough votes to keep him safe for another week. I think Jacob could be the loser, but the judges might keep him on for balance.

    • Agree with Mauna He was very off key. The marching band was there for a reason. What happened to the original AI where they just got up and sang

    • James was far the best of the night!! Again showing how a performer should perform. Gotta love James!!!!!

    • I agree. I'm a huge metal fan, and both this week and last week, James was very pitchy in the normal range and should have been called out for it.

      Best performance this week was Hailey. Her voice is so layered and unique. Demonic Casey needs to go home. He is a talented musician but not a singer. The judges endless pimping of him is bizarre, and I almost vomited a little in my mouth when he kissed J-Lo.

    • James should not be in the bottom 3, he has done an excelent job. Few male singers can go from that low and hold that high note singing so clearly. Picthy ok i'll take that, but holy crap bottom 3 for being pitchy?? I hope you are that harsh to your favorite.

  8. Lauren – Lauren – Lauren – A flower grows beautiful.Great talent – kind sprit – a joy to see.Grow baby grow !!!!!

      • One of her worst performances ever. Scotty and Lauren need to be in the bottom 3 just to get a wake up call. Top 7 people! They need to bring their best not their mediocre. Of course they will stay and perhaps they should but they really gotta step it up.

    • Lauren started out as my second favorite in this thing. But I've come to the conclusion that she is just plain out not ready. I know that she's got a performer in there somewhere and perhaps my judgement was clouded early on by the "potential." But she and Scotty (Mr. LIMITED) think they can just keep on bringing the same 'ol lame 'ol every week. They both deserve a seat on the stools. It's bring it or go home time kids. And you have nobody to blame but yourselves!

      • you are so correct. lauren is just so plain. the judges keep insisting shes great, yeah she's a sweet girl but she is also overrated.

      • I agree that Lauren is not ready and shouldn't be the anointed AI. But I don't agree she is "plain" or "overrated." She has the potential to be a tremendous singer. She's made some bad song choices and last night was one of them. But I have definitely heard the beauty of her rich voice. Remember how she slayed that duet with Scottie? There were other times she was just mind-blowing, too.

        And hey, I'm a Haley fan.

  9. For my picks in the btm. 3 : I chose Scotty,Haley and Lauren with Haley going home. Everyboby in it right now could go all the way but they must choose wisely on their songs.They've got to dress the part and sing their little hearts out ! Since they are being judged by the public everything counts.

    • Barbara, you say Haley should go home. She is the best one on the show. Don't know why you say that. maybe just stupid on your part.

      • She is the most versatile singer, has a tremendous voice, and knows how to deliver a song (she's been singing for some time and has parents who are terrific musical performers themselves, don't forget). And, yeah, it doesn't hurt Haley is so easy on the eyes.

    • The ones that aren't singing their little hearts out are Scotty and Lauren. Haley's performance last night was amazing, Lauren's was lackluster and Scotty's was corny beyond belief. Stefano barely even sang anything, Jacob had an unfortunate mishap but he dug his grave a few weeks ago it might be time to fill it. Casey fans will love Casey and haters will hate nothing really more to be said there. James, for the 2nd time this season, I liked his performance a lot. Haley might go home tonight but it's not because she wasn't absolutely amazing. And if she does Lauren and Scotty better step it up because people that are working hard and bringing their best every week are going home.

      • David P. – I don't usually post, but I dissagree on one thing. I think Lauren is actually trying, she's just young and immature, well and scared I think. Scotty on the other hand is the one who seems complaicent. Just my two cents.

      • mariec, I get what you are saying about Lauren. But Lauren wasn't scared or holding back in the beginning. Something happened to Lauren after the P. word lady left the show. What happened?

    • Haley was amazing last night! I'm so glad she hung in there, rolled with the punches, and keeps coming out on top. She's growing on me, I wasn't too sure about her at first, but I hope she stays so we can see more of her beautiful talent. GO HALEY!!!

    • Barbara I totally disagree. I have never liked Haley's singing style before (except for God bless the child) but last night she was actually great. Her voice had a lot of texture and the growl I used to hate came at the right time

  10. I'm sorry, but Scotty does need to go. He gets up there every week, week after week, sings the same crap, holds the microphone with "chicken arms" and sings out of the side of his mouth. He looks like he is trying to bite his ear! Sometimes I wish someone would slap the microphone out of his hand and tell him to "hold it right!" The fact that he's cute and tries to play it all "sweet country boy" doesn't warrant nor deserve votes. Jacob over sings every song, every week…again, another predictable contestant. "Let's take a song and gospel it up!" I see lots of "Casey Haters" on here, which really is sad and unfortunate. James is by far the best to me, and I'm in his corner all the way. But…it seems that people don't care for true artists anymore. Casey is very musically inclined, very talented, and different! You never know what he is going to do next. James is the same way, he rocks out every time he hits the stage, but always in a different way. I would pay good money to see either of them perform. But Durbin, what a talented person with a beautiful story! I love Steven Tyler…and while there may have been a curse word or 2 bleeped out, let's not forget you can turn on Cartoon Network and see plenty of inappropriate things kids should not be watching. Cartoon characters are running around with clevage and daisy dukes on, but I suppose that is more appropriate than a bleeped out curse word?

    • you know stefani you do not know country and i bet james could not sang country neither could james jacob or stefo, haley ???? so get off your high horse and shut up

      • Retta, don't you consider "Blue" country? Haley sang that and did a tremendous job with it. I thought she was quite brave to yodel in that song– a HUGE risk to do so at that point in the competition.

    • Well said Retta and right on the money. Some people would not know a true artist if they met one. What they can do is make an ass out of themselves by bad mouthing other people

      • An ass? I just voiced my opinion like every one else on here. Furthermore, I never said the "good ole country boy" couldn't sing, I just simply said that he is predictable. When he does something unpredictable, maybe my opinion would change. I LOVE it when people can't come back with an intelligent response…all they know how to do is insult others with vulgarity. Thanks TMC…I needed that laugh for today!

      • I agree Stefani. Scotty does need to do something different. It has gotten very boring. It really doesn't have anything to do with how good he sings. It's just that I wouldn't pay to go see him do the same stuff for a 2 hour concert. He just isn't exciting. I like Casey better than James, but both are really good. Jacob does over sing, about mid way throug the song last night it got weird for me. I thought Haley was good last night. I wish Stefano would have sang Mad instead of Closer.

      • Scotty a true artist? Don't make me laugh. He's the least original of the bunch. And I'll say it again until the cows come home Haley could sing country better than Scotty. Scotty is imitation, fake, he's got the voice but he doesn't know how to put himself into his performances or his music.

    • stephani

      I happen to agree with you.

      I guess, by having the freedom, of our opinions, we are un-american.

      go figure.

      I made a statement earlier, that I had hoped that America would show more savvy and musical knowledge in the voting.

      I was wrong.

      • You are right, Suz. I have been a little disappointed by the lack of interest in the musicallity of this group. In my opinion (oops, there goes that word again, lol), we have had some of the best "musically talented" people we've ever had this season. I hope, for the sake of the show, that one of those people win.

      • Suz, I'm sorry you feel that way. I know I'm not savvy and have no musical knowledge. But when I hear something I like that's how I vote. That how I buy my music. My IPOD ranges in music from Nina Simone to Katy Perry and they have NOTHING in common. All the people left are my favorites and I hate to see anyone of them leave. Each sings in a different genre and I appreciate them all. So don't knock us for voting for what we like.

      • Pat

        Please don't feel sorry for me. I can stand behind my convictions.

        I too listen to all genres, yes, from rap to baroque.

        You are correct , the ones left have talent. Scotty has the least , in my opinion. ( and others too)

        There have been people voted off, with far more talent than Scotty.

        My point, and Stefani's , is that the voting SHOULD BE ON TALENT, not cuteness, not likeability, not sexual, not racial, not religious ( yes I did see comments, about someone wearing a cross).

        Almost every year the winner goes into the never never land. But people who have been voted off, make careers for themselves, because they have TALENT.

        Please, before everyone starts yelling, I did say almost every year.

      • Suz, your comments ARE amazing and I agree 100%. When you have a better way of voicing your opinion, some people just can't handle it. So let's throw daggers…"well, where did you say you got your degree in Music?" Give me a break! What that says to me: "I can't really think of an intelligent way to rebuttle that comment, so I'm just going to be a smart ass instead." LOL…Go Suz, Preach on!

  11. You do not know how to type either. I'm not on a high horse, and actually I happen to like country. I love Lauren. So how about you "shut up."

    • well good for you but you all like to run country down but i think they all get a chance i love to here you sing lololo

      • "hear" you sing. I don't see any one bashing country…just the fact he never changes anything up.

      • I'll say it. I HATE COUNTRY. I don't find it complex enough in the musical aspect… But i can still see that Scotty is a pretty damn good country singer. But I will never vote for him cause i think he is boring and I know there are many people out there like me who won't either.

    • Lauren can sing circles around Scotty.

      I hope she brings her a game next week, and knocks him off his high horse.

    • Lauren and Scotty are great albeit young! A little guidance from the industry will benefit both these young performers. Can't wait for their albums to come out. I already know I'll buy them… plus Paul's.

  12. I'm amused by the way James gets himself all outlawed up like he's joining the Hell's Angels on a cross country rampage when he's really such a softie. His vocal chops will never match Adam's but the kid has style.

    • Ugh Templar, please stop with the Adam comaprisons. They sing the Same genre's of music, but even Adam could not have done such a good job with that song. I am a Lambert fan, it comes with the territory, but they are two very different artists with similar styles. Adam is more Glam/Pop rock and James is more on the Metal/Classic/Hair Band side.

    • Your right James is not in Adam’s league YET but given alittle time and the right vocal coach and James could blow Adam away in a live performance.
      Adam started vocal training at 10yrs old and was 26 when he was on Idol, so in 5yrs when James is 26 he could be great.

  13. I am worried that Casey might go…All that pimping yesterday…hmmmmmm???? Was that everyone's way of saying goodbye…Something must have happened…Jimmy was too friendly with Casey, Steven praised Casey in the ending… Also i couldn't help but notice that Jimmy Iovine was a little pissed when Hailey didn't know what the Adele song meant. He actually looked downright pissed…

  14. let just say good luck who ever wins they all will get a contract to sing best of luck to them all

  15. My Last Night Rankings:

    1. James

    2. Haley

    3. Casey

    4. Jacob

    5. Scotty

    6. Lauren

    7. Stefano

    My Overall Rankings to Date:

    1. James

    2. Haley

    3. Scotty

    4. Lauren

    5. Casey

    6. Stefano

    7. Jacob

    I love James every week. People saying it’s a singing competition, but I think it’s more than that. I think performance is important too.

    I love Haley’s voice and her style.

    I really liked Scotty at the begin of the competition, but he’s starting to getting boring.

    Lauren is needs more confidence. She be a good country singer some day, but she’s not an American Idol

    Casey is very talented, but creepy

    Stefano has lasted too long. I can’t believe he’s still in it and Pia is not… ridiculous!

    Jacob has a good voice, but it he always seems like he’s going to cry. I get tired of listening to him.

    • I agree with you. James is great and will always be great no matter what he does. He brings down the house every week. He is by far the best performer i think in all the Idols we have had. He is so talented and amazing!!!!

      • Haley is so much more ready for this competition than Lauren. Lauren probably can't even comprehend the majority of things Haley does with her voice. Imma have to agree on Big Al and cat on this one.

      • I feel that if Lauren let loose,in any genre,she could be a contender with Haley.

        I would love to hear her sing Bonnie Bramlett.

        Michelle, google it.

      • Lauren lacks training in vocal techniques and experience, while having a great natural voice but lack of focus and being 16 are likely the reasons she has not improved much.

        Haley has improved every week and I think now has passed Lauren, who was better early on.

        Do you honestly think Lauren was better this week? Lauren was very good but Haley was better, a month ago I would not have thought that would happen.

      • No I do not think Lauren was better this week.

        But I do think she CAN BE BETTER!!

        Better than she knows. It's like she lost some confidence.

        i would really like her to sing a Bonnie Bramlett song.

        And ,you are correct, that Haley has improved every week. The judges are rarely kind to her though.

      • Templar, where are you? Names spelled wrong & of all things the total disrespect of starting them with lower case letters? Michelle should be ashamed don't you think?

  16. I have to disagree with everyone I think Jacob is awesome he is so talented it will be a shame if he gets voted off paul needed to go should have never made the cut and dont forget its like pulling teeth to watch haley try to sing you cant even understand the words she is trying to say she destoyed a janis joplin song she just plain sucks she needs to go home

    • Just a hater to hate. She's amazing, her Janis Joplin was amazing her Adele was amazing and she's got flippen hot legs. You probably don't so you are like 'what a hussy she sucks cuz she's a better singer than my favorite so she must suck' Playah please.

  17. I think that Jacob Haley Casey and Stefano need to go home. None of them have a shot at winning and none of them are good singers. Stefano should go tonight though. It sounds like he sings the same song every single week. To me this is the elimination order 7th Stefano 6th Jacob 5th Haley 4th Casey 3rd Lauren 🙁 2nd Scotty 1st James. That is just my prediction but share your predictions for the elimination. If Lauren or Scotty or James go tonight I don't know who will win. I wouldn't care who won if James or Scotty or Lauren went home. Last night I think Haley was the best over all. I usually don't like her, but last night I did. Scotty and James weren't good last night, but they don't deserve to leave this early. Jacob and Stefano are the only two that have a shot at going home to night. Share your predictions in the comment section below.

    • As I've stated before it would be good for Lauren and Scotty to be in the bottom 3 just so they get their head out of their you know where and actually start competing. Haley deserves to stay for a few weeks at least. She's growing as an artist and her vocal ability is way beyond Lauren if only for the fact that Lauren has no self confidence.

      • Lauren and Scotty are still in high school with 2yrs and 1yr to go, their focus and mind set are off and while natural talent is great, it still has to be fine tuned to reach the next level needed for recording.

      • To David P. :

        I’m not going to knock your opinions too much 🙂 I love Haley and love Lauren also if you had been listening to Lauren since the beginning you would see that she could sing all the songs that Haley has and just as good she has a sleeper type voice that most people over look and that is why she is still there, so please listen to her. And Haley could sing country songs also she is that good, I would like to see them exchange songs for a night it would be fun to see.

        James knocked the ball out of the park last night. James is having a ball out there and that’s really cool to see.

        Casey was just as outstanding again listen to it.

        Stepfano has a great voice but not good enough to save him even if he is pretending to be a stud,

        Jacob well, if I close my eyes and listen only I hear a really well tuned voice but sometimes he is so out there I can’t listen.

        Scotty I loved to listen to him in the beginning but now it’s like I’m hearing Pia over and over again same stuff different day, and I love country.

        David P. Don’t get mad it’s just my opinion. And I agree that Haley is so much more ready for the competition, go Haley.

        Peace 🙂

      • No worries Ross, I actually agree with you and Bloodyscot. I might be because they are so young and still in school that they aren't able to focus on the competition as much. Lauren was one of my favorites from the beginning and she does have a lot of natural talent. I don't think she's ready to win this thing. If she had waited until after high school and got a year or so of experience I think she'd rock the whole competition. As it stands she has a lot of growing to do before that happens.

    • You haven't been observing very well. Stefano is one of maybe 3 contestants who has real soul..

  18. Scotty needs to go home. He is just not at the same level as the others. Is just all the rednecks and teenage girls keep voting him in because he is a cutie. The best singer is Jacob but they know he would only appeal to a segment of the public because of his unique style. Haleigh has a beautiful voice and is very pretty but she is a little disconnected from the audience…James is intense, wouldnt buy his records but I think he would draw a large following. Lauren has a lot of potential–beautiful voice but needs to get out of her comfort zone. Stephano probably will go–great voice but song choices are most aimed at little girls and his gestures too–it is too obvious. Casey is interesting but definitely not "idol" material. Great musician though.

  19. At this point in the season, I like to reveal my original top 5 that I pick once the top 60 are chosen, and then what I think it will be now.

    My original top 5 that I chose back when the top 60 were chosen.

    Jacob Lusk <– Obvious Pick

    Lauren Aliana <– Obvious Pick

    Casey Abrams <– Obvious Pick

    Haley Reinhart <– Obvious Pick

    Sophia Shorai <– Will someone please tell me why this girl got voted off so early? Scotty and Paul were taking up spots that SHE and a few other confident, awesome Jazz singers could have had.

    I would have chosen Pia early in the competition but she waited until the TOP 24 to start belting out amazing vocals that I have NEVER heard in my entire life. Its a shame she has left us.


    Here are my top 5 now.

    (James Durbin) James is my pick to win. He is uncanny. He has fixed his only problem, which was occassional pitchyness.

    (Scotty Mccleery) It is a sad state of affairs that this kid keeps getting put through each week. The reasons are quite clear and the voting will change next year. Nevertheless, his base continues to exploit the voting system and push him through. He will survive until the top 2, which is a musical travesty.

    (Lauren Alliana) She is more talented than Scotty by leaps and bounds. Her country swagger and wonderful vocals have brought her through this far. She is a little sweetheart that makes everyone smile when they watch her. THIS is your real country singer on this show. She is versitile, she can sing anything!

    (Casey Abrams) A true showman, musician, and dont-care-what-anyone-else-says type guy. He plays every instrument you can think of, and his voice is fantastic. He makes jazz sound easy to preform. It isn't. As a musician, i can tell you that I cannot touch what Casey does on the stage, and I have been playing guitar/drums/trumpet/singing a heck of a lot longer than this guy.

    (Jacob Lusk) My original pick to win, he will be leaving at 5th because of his past preformances that were off the charts. He really has fallen off the map, but they will keep him around if he can just get one more good preformance in there.

    Haley and Stephano will be leaving next. They are amazing preformers, but its crunch time. Bye bye folks.

    • I like your post Steve. I agree on Lauren – she is so sweet, but she just needs to believe in herself more. I think others are correct: if the does not win (and likely won't) she can come back and kick butt in another season. She just needs more confidence and maybe some more life experience. I also agree on Scotty. His stage presence is spooky (to me) and I listen to his tracks after the show – he's not this "country great" vocally that everyone is making him out to be. I think true country fans should be able to hear this in a second – just listen to the tracks on Itunes and pretend you're listening to the radio. I think he get's the country vote because you could put a cowboy hat on a monkey and the monkey would get the country vote on the show. If people can't see how boring, safe and predictable Scotty has been week after week (except for his really good Elvis tune) then they're blind (or perhaps deaf?) Sorry, but Lauren sings country at least twice as good as Scotty and her twang and style more than make up for Scotty's "low note" appeal. Scotty is a one-trick pony and the safe low-notes are getting very very old.

      • Pretty sure finalists aren't allowed to come back to compete. I hope Haley stays, she's shown everyone she deserves to be there. People that hate her will hate her forever and people that love Scotty will love him no matter how bad he is.

      • That's his point.

        You should not be voting because its country.

        You should be voting because its GOOD.

        Lauren sings country, and she is BETTER than Scotty.

      • No. Saying Scotty is a country great is an insult to country music and REAL country fans.

      • Who keeps voting for Scotty? Is it older women or younger girls? Haley can sing circles around him(I'm a county fan). I just don't get it. Who is it making negative comments about Haley.

      • @MS: There seems to be a sturdy crowd of country fans who want a make country singer to win it no matter what he brings to the stage.

        Scotty is a GOOD singer. He's not the next male country icon. He's just not.

        He's got the stage presence of a zombie – in fact he's downright strange. The mic position, his facial expressions… sorry, but he's a lot of things but COOL is not one of them.

        And any girl who thinks he's HOT, well, I want to introduce you to my cousin. He's 40 and can't get dates, but you might find him cute as well if you think old "Alfred E" up there is a hotty…

        Just sayin.

  20. Scottie is so country-really love listening to him-Casey is an amazing all around musician and he makes me smile-he is ultra talented-I do like James-just nit fond of the music he sings-Haley was amazing last night-but I am so ready for stephano and Jacob to go home-Lauren has a great voice but she needs to go for it more-so we will all have to watch and find out together who goes home

  21. All 7 are good but who is ready to record now?

    Honestly I would have to say Haley of the 7, Pia was most ready and can put one out soon maybe.

    James is close but need more vocal training yet for pitch issues and to smooth out his voices some.

    Scotty lacks the mental focus yet but his voice is close.

    Lauren in 2yrs where she gets out of high school she maybe ready, she is just not focused enough and her lack of improving shows it.

    Jacob could put out a Gospel album but need more training to cross over.

    • Scotty goes low – and misses notes. Scotty goes high – and misses notes. You can tune a guitar to James. You got it backwards dude. The worst offender for pitch last night (sadly) was Haley – and Randy nailed her on it. I was expecting more from Haley. I was expecting boredom and a safe song choice from Scotty and – no suprise there – got it once again.

    • Her falsetto may have been a little off but no more than any of the other contestants. And besides the point of a falsetto isn't necessarily to be in tune and she didn't stay on the notes long enough to really judge how 'sharp' they were. That comment was just because the judges hate on her and they needed something to bash her with. Her falsetto is amazing, almost whistle tone, and we all know who made that famous.

      • your kidding right? Pia's falsetto was spot on except for ONE preformance. Listen to "Dont let the sun go down" for ONE bad note. That girl made me cry every time she sang. She wasn't cold, she had a wonderful smile, looks to die for, and amazing vocals. She is the best American Idol has ever seen, in my opinion.

      • Pretty sure after rereading my comment I didn't say anything about Pia. Pia attended a performing arts school, she has a very polished tone and is technically a very good singer. While Haley's tone isn't as clear as Pia's (and I think that's on purpose) Haley's singing is much more full of color and personality than Pia. I'm not going to compare the two very much because they are very different singers with very different styles but Haley as a vocalist is just as strong as Pia and as a performer is quite a bit better.

  22. I still believe this is the most talented group of kids ever! They are all good, each has a unique sound. I love them all & hope all 7 get contracts regardless of the results!!

    • That is a fact. What a fantastic top 7. All so different – all so talented, and all so very positive and "sportsman-like". I'm proud of all of them and their parents. Good kids!

      • Wouldn't you think given the history of country singers on Idol in the past, wouldn't you think Scotty would step out the comfort box just a little bit. Scotty more than likely has some kind of a future in Nashville but show us more Scotty.

        I totally agree the talent in this group is amazing!!

      • I agree. Scotty proved he can do more than sleepy country tunes – his Elvis night performance was proof positive. His song choice and performance last night was more forgettable than both Jacob and Stephano – two guys regularly in the bottom three. This is why Scotty has taken such a dramatic drop in popularity on the poll on this site, despite him still being in 2nd place. One more snoozer and I think he's in serious trouble – if James comes to the stage with another amazing "show".

  23. I would be very sad if Jacob to go home tonight, he has a great voice, I think Stefano is a lucky guy

    anyway, good luck to everyone

    • I think you have that backwards! Jacob was terrible, and Stephano has a great voice.

  24. Scotty, did not not do well last night, but Istill like his voice.He is going to win this season Idol.

    • He has talen, but is just too boring. There are millions who can sing just as well as he can, and even better.

    • If Scotty goes all the way to the finals, I think the fans of the other contestants who got voted off before him would vote for the other guy (or girl) in protest. I used to like him but he's just not good enough (compared with the others) for that finals slot

      • In order my predictions who gets voted off. Jacob, Stefano, then Haley, Casey, Lauren. (may be different voters are all over the place)

    • I don't think you people are thinking clearly about the voting. Let's do a little hypothical-ing here. Let's suppose Jacob gets voted off tonight. Do any of you think his suporters will throw their votes to James (for example)?

      Or suppose James gets voted off. Does anyone think his fans would support Stefano? Etc. There really is no way anybody could possibly predict the order in which each one leaves. Think about it.

      Another thing to consider. The show is American IDOL! It's not American BEST MUSICIAN! People vote for what they like to see/hear, not for technical expertise/

  25. OK, I’m past the “they are so young excuse”, these remaining, need to do way more!

    Last night was not all that great to me personally. The judges did a better job on criticism finally! I am not sure what Branden, form his column, was watching. Matt seems more middle of the road on the assessment.

    The ex-idols from this year, did not harmonize and did not sound good together. They did well to arrange around Paul for his style. Beyond that, blah, bleck…

    The only very good borderline to a great performance was James. He went maybe one octave too high on 2 parts otherwise did a relevant Muse song and did it very well.

    Casey was good and close to very good on the vocals, the song choice was pretty good actually, and actually like the rocker side more for him then the jazz side. His performance in total was just ok/good, the guitar playing was not good, dancing and steps, and that Lopez kiss on the check was plain not good. I was waiting for him to apologize to Mark.

    Haley – ok, she was borderline good, and that’s it. You did a perfect karaoke version of that song, vocals were good, and what kind of artist will you be? I still don’t know. Week after week.

    Other than those two at the top, no one was “good”. Scotty’s was boring and not identifiable in my opinion. He better turn it around. Stefano, that was again an example of his lack of range in singing, predictable. Jacob, really? That was your choice? Horrible, but that is all he can do, is that style. Lauren again, boring, safe song, and it better be the last of those or she is going to crumble right in front of our eyes. Hope that isn’t the case because she is a very good singer.

    • Re Haley: Please stop just repeating what you hear the judges say. Haley is so versatile that she can do it all not just well, but fantastically!!!

      • I'm honestly not repeating what the judges say Pup. Listen to Haley, on itunes, she has talent, strong vocal abilities that much I agree with you and some of what the judges say but every song is almost identical to the original and the judges are not pointing that out. I'm still waiting for her to wow me personally, take a song, any song, completely change it and sing it, make it her own. Much like a lot of others in the past idol seasons have done. She obviously has the ability, but still waiting.. however she is top 7 right now, she got this far for a reason.

      • I'm really getting tired of Haley all she does is meow on the stage and fishes for comments from tyler. Just saying it's getting old. lol

    • How can Pia harmonize with Paul? He can't sing. She would have had a better chance harmonizing with a kitchen blender. The only reason why those two were put together is because they were the most recently eliminated of the group. It was a gong show, with Naima trying to get attention for herself with what appeared to be one last grasp at fame. The whole thing gave me shivers. Pia has a good singing voice but has a big obstacle to overcome. There is a large segment of viewers that (despite her angelic voice) thought she came across as 2-dimensional with poor stage presence – and even pretentious or arrogant. These same people likely saw her "hook up" with Mark Ballas from Dancing w/t Stars as an opportunity move. But hey – if a person has a chance at stardom, are they going to let a few haters get in their way? Pia has a natural born talent she has every right to develop and use to her advantage. If people who can't sing can get by with AutoTune and be famous, why can't Pia crawl up the ladder to fame and fortune with REAL talent? I think people are being way too hard on her…

      • Not only bad singing with all of them together , but Pia always looks like she is squatting on a toliet. I'm tired of seeing this . lol

    • Last night watching it live, yes, I said that also thinking through it, Scotty very well could be bottom 3. Along with Jacob and Stefano.

      Don't get me wrong, I think Scotty has talent, solid country singer, however if he follows an approach toward Elvis like, he would have a better future personally and be farther reaching. He has vocal abilities, obviously well liked, however song choice and delivery was not strong last night. I think he showed he will have trouble in song selection.

  26. The results of this poll show why Scotty will most likely be in the final 2 and maybe even win the whole thing. He has a legion of adoring fans. Last night he was pretty terrible and to many his schtick is getting real old; the flute playing-thing with the microphone, the cocked head, the cute leer…all stuff he does in EVERY performance and his fans just seem to love it. Oh well.

    I think Stefano should be the one going home, but it will be Jacob, I bet.

    As for Haley, I don't really care for at all, but I have to admit last night she was probably top three. It pains me to say that.

  27. I still can't believe people talk about Haley and her pitch problems. After Randy said that last night, I went back and watched it over and over. PITCH ? Her vocals are flawless every week. She has more vocal control and pitch control than anybody left. She has an amazing ear to know where to go with the notes. My favorite James does have problems, but what artist doesn't when performing live. In the studio you do it over and over until its right and all the tracts are mixed perfect. I don't care who it is, if they sing they will mess up sometimes. These seven that are left all will have bad notes. Haley in my opinion by a long shot has the least trouble with it. You really have to have a great ear for music to honestly critique Haley and her vocals. Her style is up for debate. Her vocals are not.

    • Hey I agree also, her vocals are spot on, and given, don't you want to see more/different/challenging changed up songs from her?

    • She was sharp on a very important note. Randy heard it, I heard it – listen again. It was not terrible, but it was there. I like Haley, but I am not sure her last song choice did her any favors. It was a risk – a good risk – but I think with such a broad list of song choices, she may have been better served by something else.

    • I agree. I have never liked Haley until last night and it has never been about her voice, which I think is great. I just didn't care for her style. Last night I had to acknowledge that she gave a really good performance.

  28. I think its Jacob's turn to say goodbye. You have to love what Steven Tyler brings to the show and Jennifer is huge upgrade on ladies side of the judging. Can't wait to see PIA on Dancing With the Stars next Tuesday.

  29. Hayley, Stefano and James were INCREDIBLE last nite, so hypnotizing and very Extra-Terrestrial…..Just ask Katy Perry about it.

    The WORST performances are from Casey, Lauren and Scotty….They need to be in Bottom 3…..

    But ET just came to my senses and whisper….Jacob Lusk is running out of Luck….cos he is out tonite and really will get booted-out… Finally 🙂

  30. This was the poorest show of the season. Who came up with the ridiculous theme? Scotty, James and Casey were by the far the best, with Stephano doing extremely well. Hopefully he is not in the Bottom Three – it should be the two girls and Jacob (please!) Too much silly filler – not enough quality music. That JLo kiss was terrific!!

    • It wasn't a welcome kiss, so it was off-base. It felt like he was going for the wow-factor in kissing her, which was not a smart thing to do. I actually loved his performance last night except for the kiss.

      • I wasn't really as clear as I could have been. What I meant is that that kiss didn't seem to fit–didn't seem sincere, but merely a ploy.

      • It lacked class. She wasn't turning her cheek away for a kiss, she was turning her face away from a wierd guy singing way too close to her face.

        C'mon people. J-Lo is a #1 top celeb (most beautiful woman in the world, #1 pop hit) and Casey is a kid on a talent show. I think showing respect for boundaries when around celebrities is important. Singing to J-Lo is smart. Getting in her face and kissing her is… wierd? Awkward? Lame? Inappropriate? Bad judgement?

        Whatever. I think it took away from his performance and my opinion of him in general. I

      • @Northern Guy

        You do know that it was rehearsed for the show right? Casey asked her permission during the stage rehearsal and she said yes..SO quit whining and go on with your life…

  31. Time for everyone to disagree with me again…

    What is wrong with American and the judges???? James Durbin's performance last night was horrible? Again, I don't get the special treatment for him at all. So if the contestants really choose there set up and props, then where were Scotty's swings? Maybe the issue is that James has to rely on all these special tricks and back up people to distract from his not so great voice.

    …I really like that song by Muse, and James ruined it!!! There were parts that were ok, but his lower register sucked. …and then when he went into the higher register and screamed the last bit of the song, it sounded horrible. I am sick of him. It sounded horrible!!! This week, I'm not even going to talk about his arrogance…because his vocals were horrible.

    Overall, the show was not that great. Haley I thought did the best job of the night, and it was not perfect. There were parts of the song that were a little rough, but it was the perfect song choice for her. I love Adele and I love that song. I like when she really got into it with the growls at the end.

    Lauren is still my favorite in this competition, but what happened last night. That was not a great song choice, and the judges were right with her. Why does she not understand how great she is??? She can sing anything, and she can hit those amazing notes. She just needs to have confidence and just do it.

    Since I know James will not go home…I hope that either Stefano or Jacob will go tonight. I want my girls to make it to the end.

    • What special treatment? The performance was brilliant. James is brilliant. I hope he wins, because he is what American Idol is about. People who wouldn't have a chance otherwise. I think more people disagree with you than people who would agree…I don't know where I would get that impression. Maybe from the poll on this page judging his performance as the top of the night?

      • wth? James is the best! You are right, James won't go home, because he is that GOOD!!! hahaha

      • IMHO James totally ripped off that performance from Adam Lambert's "A Time For Miracles" video. Watch it on youtube. Of course he couldn't have explosions on stage so he brings in the drum corps. Not that it wasn't enjoyable, just not very original. Just sayin'.

    • James is not my number one pick, but he is 2 or 3 with me. And I really like him as a person, too.

      It may have been that the band came from James' hometown and volunteered to be of use–you just don't know. I think it's terrific to hear he's had such positive feedback and help from others in his genre, too. Says something about their estimation of him!

    • I agree. Don't understand the hype about James. He screams, the props and jumping around takes the focus off his singing performance. There was nothing nearing an enjoyable performance except the marching drummers, props, etc.

      • I think he uses too many props to help him get votes to add to his singing…think about it….what would he sound like if he didn't have so many props to help him? He would have gone home already and Pia would still be there!

    • out of curiosity what kind of music do you like? James has a style all his own, the problem is that there are to many comparisons of him and Lambert. Lambert is a SLipknot wannabe who could not make it into Metal. James came out with 4 drummers while Scotty had a full band with back up singers?? AND STILL SUCKED. The problem is that your comparing him so someone who has performed in the past and lost. So when Durbin wins this would that make him better than Adam? No, it means he was better than everyone this YEAR. No one has a taylored style so yes we are going to see similarites. Either that or Lambert is ripping of Alice Coopers look. Just like Scotty ripped of every Cowboy cliche there is minus the hat. And if he wore one everyone would complain that they couldnt see his eyes.

    • James had the best performance and the best vocal of the night with or without the props period.


    • I hope he doesn't!!!! There were much worse performances than his! I won't be watching or voting if that happens tonight!

  33. I don't get the Casey and Haley thing. Haley's growls are what I cannot stand about her however she is certainly less arrogant than she was at the beginning. I cannot believe what happened last night, Casey kissing Jennifer, Randy commending him for it and Steven being so foul mouthed with a live audience. I thought the show was one of the most disappointing in Idol history.

    Scotty and Lauren did not give it their all last night but they are not in any danger. They come across as very nice young people and the Idol fan like that. No arrogance!!!

    • The fact that Scotty thinks it's ok to pull off such a ridiculous performance when he can do better is arrogant in of itself. Very disrespectful to people that are going home. He'll stay, he'll probably even win, but winning on the back of BS performances like last night when people that are actually doing what they need to stay in are going home so he can stay is ridiculous to say the least. (/breath)

  34. I agree James will stay until their is 2. The fight for the title will be between Scotty and James. Jacob needs to go his repertoire has not changed since the biginning needs to challenge himself to try somthing new spread his wings. The sung last nite didn't do him justice. Stefano is trying to hard he has a boring voice and needs dance lessons. Haley could be the underdog she's good. Scotty has a beautiful voice and needs to have more stage presence a few quick steps would help. Lauren needs to choose the right song to keep her in the running. Casey got to go I change channel when he come on.

      • I thought he was an eclectic/jazzman trying to be a rocker and fell short. To his credit, brave and risky song choice and not a bad job, but Durbins performance dwarfed Casey.

  35. I think that Jacob sang from his heart last night. With all the malfunctions he even kept it together! As for James….that hard rock/ego style he has….has got to go! Let's face it….it doesn't take much to perform when you are already a performer so if James is already a performer then vote him off and let him move on with his career…I personally don't care for the type/style that he sings but for a young man to actually sing from his heart a song that speaks of his own father…takes great character and courage…so Randy…get a grip man!

    • oh yea…there's nothing better than a good 'ole country boy too! If only America realized our country was based on country music from the late Johnny Cash, Porter Wagoner! I don't care what Scotty sings…he's TRUE country!

      • Our country is definitely not based on Country music. Is Johnny Cash the end all be all of music? I think not, open your mind and expand your horizons a bit. Rock and Roll, Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop are all American music styles and very few of them have any country influence. If anything Country is influenced by other genres.

  36. My favorites based on lst night's how are as follows: James,Stefano,Casey and Lauren I LOVED!! Jacob and Hailey have to GO HOME. I like Scotty but did not like last night's performance. Anyone agree??

  37. If you like a high pitch voice then you can listen to Haley and James and Jacob and if you like a jazz singer then you can listen toe Casey(don`t like him at all)and stefano his voice is just not strong enough for an Idol and if you are a country lover you can listen to Scotty and Lauren.Please Big Al do not call anyone a Bi#$% it is rude and David P do not insult Scotty because you do not like him.All the remaining people`s are good except for Casey and I agree with the other people saying the judges waste the safe on Casey.

    • Listen everybody: The only song which has been sung to date over the past couple of months which was a real stirring moment was I Need You Now which Stefano sang. The guy's got real soul. He's a singer, composer and musician. He's just not using all he's got. He should start. Wake up everybody!

      • I would never classify Haley as "high-pitched." I personally do not like soprano voices (one reason I didn't like Pia). And I LOVE Haley's voice. She is NOT high-pitched.

  38. I have to say Lauren was my favorite and i think it was a great song choice for her when i heard she was doing that song i was so excited i have loved that song since i was a kid and she did an awsome job with it and i also loved scottys peformance sur mabey it wasnt one of hes best but i still think he did a great job.

    I really hope jacob goes home tonight and if he dose i will be so happy i just cant take another peformance from him he puts to much drama into them it just ruins them

  39. Wow, still hearing some of the same bashes against the artists. First as I have said before, James can sing, he could sing Country and do it better than Scotty. After last night I want a Counrty week. I would LOVE to see James go out there and sing Standing Outside The Fire or The Thunder Rolls by Garth. Just to shut up the nay sayers.

    Scotty is running out of gas folks and quick. Last night was his "Look in the mirror" statement. Do you really want an Idol like that? The little annoyances aside, him he is talented, but THANK THE LORD he chose to have back up singers. He has now Earned the Title of "King of Boring". I cant take credit for that I found it in an article.

    Lauren has so much talent that she is not putting out there. I can feel it in her voice and in my personal opinion she is her own worst critic. you could feel where she wanted to hit those notes hard but held back. She cant hold back for much longer.

    Casey is very talented, more talented than Scotty at this point in the show and has been proving it. I was not happy with the save, only because I wish they hadnt used it so early in the show, the top 5 would have been a good time i think. But he has come out on stage and brought something new every week. Maroon 5 last night was brilliant. With the little growls towards the end it was still better, very Joe Cocker like. Beautifull!!

  40. I wonder what most of the people judge these guys against. I think that I have been very bleesed to have the exposure to such a wide variety of music to appriciate it. I am not trained in music, I use a CD player as an insrument and believe me you dont want me to sing. But I have grown up in the greatest music generation I can think of. From the greats of early music to todays top 40. I have heard music transform from Country and Rock on one radio station to Cirrus Radio where you can listen to only one type of music. I listen to everything I can, I'll try anything once. I hear new music on the show I try to listen to it and appriciate what the performer brings to the table with it.

    I think that is what makes some of the comments so frustrating.

  41. To repeat once again: The only song which has been sung to date over the past couple of months which was a real stirring moment was I Need You Now which Stefano sang. The guy’s got real soul. He’s a singer, composer and musician. He’s just not using all he’s got. He should start. Wake up everybody!

    • I agree with you. That performance was amazing. Few of the top 13 have such a powerful performance. He deserved his wildcard spot. However, we haven't seen that Stefano since that song. Last week we got a glimpse of it this week may have been his last chance.

    • I liked Stefano singing that song. But I would never say he was the only one to deliver a stirring moment! My goodness, Haley has done so over and over and over in every single performance. I keep playing "Fallin'" over and over because I liked it so much.

    • Great Radio Voices: James. Stefano. Haley.

      "Okay" radio voices: Lauren and Scotty.

      Not good for radio voices: Casey and Jacob.

      Listen to the Itunes tracks and just LISTEN. Forget the performances and their faces and just LISTEN to the voices. This is what will determine if these artists will sell albums or not after AI Season 10 is done. Simon always said: "I can hear that on the radio….". It's the radio that matters.

      Country fans can vote for Scotty 1000 times each and not change the fact he's predictable, quite boring and really not that "radio ready". He may win this contest, but my eyes are on Haley, Lauren, James and Stefano for people who will sell records.

      8 songs of Scotty swaggering through dreary old country tunes? Wow. Watching paint dry suddenly has appeal for me.

  42. My bottom 3



    Scotty(I'm a fan of his, but he needs a wake up call)

    Going home

    Either Jacob or Stefano. Sorry but these two just really bore me to tears.

    • Scotty(I’m a fan of his, but he needs a wake up call)

      Scotty's fan base is faltering and James is stealing them as fast as you can say IDOL.

      Scotty needs to think long and hard about his "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach. It may not be broke, but if it's boring your fans, you can go from top pick for AI10 to "bye bye". Just ask Pia – a favorite of many fans and the judges, especially in the first weeks.

      Then GONE. Just like a country song: Wake up one morning and the job, the house, the girl, the truck, and even the dog… ALL GONE!

    • I agree with you on Jacob and Stefano but Scotty should stay a little longer and Casey leave.

    • Not quite right. Should be Scotty (never happen, I know, but should be), Stefano (sad to say) and Jacob (with Jacob going home). Haley has never deserved that spot and definitely does not deserve it tonight.

    • Haley has been consistently one of the best and last night she was in the top 2 so if she is in the bottom 3 again, it will be diabolical!

    • Yeah agree about Haley. Keep saying it every week – she can't sing in tune. Sorry but I wouldn't listen to her on the radio..

  43. if you watch the video stefano only sings part of the song most of it is the backup singers.

    • I noticed that without having to watch it again. That's really my only complaint about it.

  44. If Stefano goes home tonight the two hottest guys to make it to the finals will both be sent home #7, 🙁

    • Don't worry. Not gonna happen. It has to be Jacob. There will be another floodgate of posting on the AI blogs if he does not go.

  45. I am totally a James Durbin Fan and he blew the roof off of american idol last night. The judges had it right when they said he was the best performance of the night.

    • Some note the message from Jennifer, when she told James he was the best of the night was only the second perfomance, so she was saying that James was better than Scotty

      • Last night I saw a poster in the audience that said King James, I think it's nice.

        For now on I'm goimg to call him King James

      • She actually said that she bet it was going to be the best performance as far as the theatricals were concerned.

  46. James is alot better than Adam, and he's the real thing no surprises James has never been in the bottom every one else has James deserves to be the next Idol hands down

    • Scotty and Lauren have never been in the bottom. Pia wasn't in the bottom before she left. Not being in the bottom isn't the criteria for winning.

      • I believe Lauren was in the bottom three either during top 13 or top 12 week, it was early on. The only two never to have been there is Scotty and James.

      • @ Pup –

        Of the 18 that have made the final two, 9 of them appeared in the bottom 3 at one point or the other.

        In only two years have the final 2 not appeared in the bottom 3 (or 2 in the semis) and they were the two David's in Season 7 and Lee and Crystal last year.

        Both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert were in the bottom 3 once in Season 8.

        In Season 6 only Jordin Sparks escaped the bottom 3 as did Taylor Hicks (5) and Carrie Underwood (4).

        None of Season 3's finalists escaped the bottom 3 and Fantasia was in it twice but won.

        Ruben Studdard was actually in the bottom 2 once but Clay Aiken was never in the bottom 3.

        Kelly Clarkson also did not appear in the bottom 3.

        So Ruben, Fantasia and Kris Allen all won after being in the bottom 3 at least once.

        No-one who has been given the save since it started 3 seasons ago has got to the final three.

    • It would be interesting to read an analysis of previous winners and their "bottom 3" stats.

    • There are three who have not been in the bottom 3 since the top 13 started.

      They are James, Lauren & Scotty.

      • Well, Bobcat, I think I should have posted to you earlier–for help with my taxes! That was just unbelievable that you did all that!

  47. Everyone is very talented and makes someone happy. That is a good thing, it does seem that this contest brings out the snarky in the viewers. My teenagers are rather amused by the exchanges they have read here. So, having said that, I am STILL voting for Haley and Casey, with no disrespect to any of the other contenders. I've never changed my mind from the auditions!

  48. James really showed what he had last night. OMG!!! It doesn't get any better than this. He is the complete package and more. I have been watching Idol for a long time and i have never seen anyone come close to James. Yea they all had talent, but not to this extreme. I'm not sure if i would be even watching Idol if James wasn't on here. It's more fun when you have alot of entertainment, and he has that . Some of the others are really good too with others putting me asleep. Gotta love James!!!

    • i feel good every time i have watched James' performance… he's the best to me, he performs to the best that he could be, so great, awesome, he sings to win and not just to stay…gogogo james…gogogo and win…

      • I know James is good and sings very well, but by nature am not a fan of rock music i like ballads and country. sorry james you`ll never have my vote.

      • Sorry but look what happened to Pia with all the ballads , it's just not cutting it!! America wants more, and it will take more than standing in one place to make it to the top.

  49. Haha, my Sis was commenting on my comp, >_< I hope she didn't say anything embarrassing.

  50. I thought Haleys performance was beatiful. If "Rollin in the deep" wouldn't be so current hit, she would have made a bigger impact, I think. Also James' performance was great, so it was a hard place to be. But I don't understand why the judges are picking on Haley all the time. I know last week she wasn't on her best, but she was the only one they critisized? That week I hated everyone… And now pitch… come on. Best after James, if not equal.

    I hope Jacob is voted off next, I dont like his attitude and I'm tired of his style of singing. He makes me wanna shoot myself.

    • Tyler just leers when Haley sings – dirty old man – and JLo doesn't want a good looking gal taking the attention away from her.

      • Maybe he likes the way she meows? lol And what's with all the i love you baby from Jlow? lol

  51. James was awesome – he should take the crown

    Casey 1/2 half was really good

    Haley I dont usually like her, but that was her best performance

    Scotty – don't like country, usually love him, but this was his worst performance

    Stefano – much better but heavy on the cheese


    Lauren – ditto

    Bottom 3: Jacob, Lauren and either Stefano or Casey

    Going Buh-Bye – Jacob

  52. I dont know why, people are still voting for Casey, he has a strong voice, but not the strenght and ability that James and Haley have, every song James sings, he makes it into an awesome song. Haley has an awesome voice I lovveeee her voice…You should Love it too!!

    Vote for

    James Durbin and Haley Reinhart!!!

    • I agree, James and Haley and Casey should be the last three standing. My vote is Haley to win it all. I vote for Scotty to go home tonight.

  53. Just because Jacob missed a note last night, DO NOT mean he is going home tonight. He just picked up where he left off and continued to sing his song, which was very GOOD! Lauren Alaina is going home tonight*****I know***** HA HA HA-Don't hate.

    • That's not why everyone wants him to go home, you must know that. I thought he sang that song in such a plain, boring way. None of the richness I've heard in his voice in the past came out at all. I guess he was trying to control his usually out-of-control vibrato (what bugs me the most about him), but instead, he just fell flat. I liked him at the very beginning, and never since.

      • The handlers keep trying to change his style of singing….He should stay true to himself and sing like he did in the beginning. I think he has a good voice for spirituals and there is where he would really shine.

  54. I love Scotty. I'd like to know when the judges last sang a song which wasn't in their ZONE! They keep telling Scotty to sing different songs and get out of his comfort zone… when did they sing country or gospel? When did they move on? Never I would think.

    • I like Scotty too! He is in his "lane" as the judges have repeatedly stated. JLo was in her "lane" with her new music…don't understand the pushing the contestants to do other things – well at least some of them they are…:)

      I like James too for the most part.

      I think Hailey is AMAZING!

      The rest, well not so much.

      The 2 of my least favs are Casey and Jacob.

  55. Although Scotty's song wasn't what I expected…could have chosen a better song, he sang it well. He is doing a great job for a 17 year old…has a great career ahead of him. Look at Carrie Underwood…she wasn't so polished on American Idol when she won (fresh young voice like Scotty has – voted for her every time) and look at her now. I wonder who is picking his songs. I mean…James came out as though he had a group preparing him…Scotty came out…well, like Scotty…Where is the equality here???

    • -Where is the equality here??? There is none! James goes after each and every performance with his whole heart and preparation! Scotty chooses to play it safe!

      Btw, didn't Scotty have a full band on stage with him, ohh sorry he does not even acknowledges them as part of his performance!

      Ahh, and you should read more from producers of the show. James bought the outfit himself online for the show, and it was his idea to feature the drummers.

      Bottom line is, James wants it more than anyone else on this show! He interacts with audience and people on stage with him more than the judges. That's showmanship! For him this is real, not just a silly popularity contest.

    • I went too see Carrie Underwood in a local concert (large county fair) and she was not that great but I love her. Went again the next year and she was amazing…it is called experienced.

  56. Casey may have been saved but he needs to go. I'm tired of his pit bull impressions. Scotty & Lauren to the final 2.

  57. i think there was some thing wrong on sabotage with jacob.

    this time for stefano ,heley ,and hope james was the best

  58. scotty is a very good country singer. if he goes home tonight it will because of the judges. they tell him every week ''if it ain't broke don't fix it''. then they slam him last night for singing the way he always does. also the phones didn't work right, when i tried to vote for scotty i got a busy signal. seems like they may be trying to make him get less votes.

    • yeah they are doing it for their golden boy, Casey Abrams 🙁 but the boy has talent I dont mind

  59. Hola somos de caracas Venezuela y el favorito de mi familia sobre todo de mi hija Nicole (Asperger) es James Durbin es el mejor queremos darles saludos ! es una inspiracion para mi hija Love

  60. James has been my favorite since the audition

    he is so much like Adam. James should make it to the finale and win what Adam shoulda won two years ago

    GO JAMES!!!!!

  61. Oh, poo. Though, politically, I think AI couldn't let Jacob go without raising controversy about the tape mixup and fairness. So Stefano was the one to go. I wish him the best, and I hope he gets the last laugh and does beautifully in his career. He is a sweet, young cutie pie with a lovely accessible style and voice.

    • Yea he has heart and soul. James puts his heart into everything he does. James should win this hands down!!

  62. Did you notice how Lauren made a point to interact well with Jacob during the performance the two did with Stefano and Haley? I was taken aback there wasn't that interaction between Haley and Stefano. Don't tell me either didn't realize they needed to look at each other when the other was singing? (Can't believe that.) So wth?

  63. I believe the bottem three will be Jacob, Lauren and Scotty. Scotty is too much into himself… a one trick pony, Lauren… a real suck-up to Steven… not ready to be the American Idol at this time… And Jacob… he really needs to go.

    My favorivtes are Casey, James and Haley. Casey be that creative Teddy Bear you are with the bass and the JAZZ. James… you are so talented! And Hailey you are the Blues JAZZ. Very sweet! Anyone of the three of you have a real chance to win it all! Don't let all this go to your heads like Scotty has done. Just be yourselves and you will go far!

  64. James deserves to be staying on if you ask me! And based on last night's performance, he should be winning already! Scotty really is getting very boring to me! I just hated the way he holds his mike everytime he's on stage! and he thinks it's cool?! Haley? i've never liked her from beginning, she can't sing at all! Don't know why people still voting for her to stay on? But based on last night's performance? i thought she did well, much better than Lauren who seemed to have taken two steps back. Casey was awesome! Bottom three should be Scotty, Stefano and Haley!

  65. james is loved by many because when he sings, he gives all his heart and soul, and he has his family for an inspiration, that's what i love him most because his family comes first, and they are the reason he went to AI. GOD help him every time he performs to the very last day of AI season 10…

    • We all know that my friend but not only James who is doing this AI thingy for his family. The rest of the contestants are doing it for their family too. They all have family. Your comment is a little bit subjective. Sorry.

  66. Quite frankly the best performance of the night was 5 girls and Paul.

    I thought that scotty was poor and could have found himself in the bottom

    Casey was different, Harley well sort of okay, ow really the whole group were okay, James was his normal self and steven was just speach less.

    I cannot understand your country you are outraged when someone swear on live tv, but you all prostitutes to walk around the streets looking for work perfectly normally.

    It's a good job Billy Connolly doesn't tour anymore because if he did then the program would all be beeps!!

    It would not be surprising to see scotty go, because he is also like Pia destined to sign a record contract and would not have any problem making records, just wish they would dress him up more.

  67. Hi,

    I have just read the piece about the ones who had been voted off, my god you lot can be so "BITCHY"

  68. I Love Jacob Lusk…. I don't want him go home….

    vote for him…….

    From Indonesia

  69. this time I am voting for Haley 5x as much because obviously 50 isnt enough to beat disney lauren and inbred scotty

  70. Come on America. I live in NZ and can't vote so have to leave it to you. Isn't it time you got rid of Jacob and his racial comments? i.e the colour of my skin will vote me off not my voice!!

    Gotta go

  71. Scotty should be the next American Idol winner. He is super talented. He is just a normal country boy from North Carolina. He can't move like James or act and growl like Casey or move around like Paul or dramatise the moment like Jacob.

    He is just what he is. He sings country songs with his guitar and his signature voice. Isn't that what a musician is all about? 🙂

    • if he seems a bit boring for some fans out there, well an apology from all his fans out there. but scotty will live in our hearts forever 🙂

  72. Jennifer thinks Casey is sexy—-???

    and you wonder about her taste in men???

    Have you looked at Marc Anthony lately???

    That should answer your query…

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