American Idol 2011: Top 7 Recap – One of the Worst Shows This Season

I have to say I was looking forward to watching this episode of American Idol 2011 until they started with the opening act of bringing in the contestants who had been voted off.  There’s a reason none of them are still singing for our votes and it was noticeable last night when practically none of them were on key except for Pia Toscano.  By the way, Mark Ballas was there last night watching the show and said he was pulling for Casey Abrams.  I guess that’s his new fav since Pia was voted off American Idol

The filler was a bunch a crap.  Obviously they need to cut the show time down to an hour instead of giving a bunch of made up scenes with the group making fun of each other.  The judges were more critical this round which they should have been, well except for Steven Tyler who still acted like he swallowed the happy pill.  Yes, Steven, we would like to drink some of your Kool Aid.

Scotty was up first and I have to say WTH was he thinking to pick “Swingin”?  I mean come on!  This is the Top 7.  The judges all felt the same way and he should have sang a much better song choice. 

James Durbin saved the night from being a total waste of time by singing Muse!  I love this band and this is the type of song James needed to sing.  A really awesome song choice for him.  His voice is clean like Rob Halford’s and he commanded the stage and stole the show IMO.  Steven loves that he’s going in a T-Rex direction.  I guess he means he’s killing off the competition lol.

Haley sang Adele who is incredibly hot right now and did an okay job with it.  This isn’t my cup of tea as far as music goes but it suited her for the most part.  I actually agreed with Steven when he said it started out slow but picked up towards the middle and end.

I’m getting tired of Jacob Lusk.  He has an emotional performance with ever song he chooses. If he is going to remain another week I wish he would pick a more upbeat song so we don’t have to see him cry anymore.  Get a grip, dude!

Casey was awful singing Maroon Five.  His voice grates my nerves and the whole getting in JLo’s face and kissing her on the cheek was a definite creeper moment.  JLo turned her head because Casey was so close to her face. 

Stefano was so bad I had to stop listening and Lauren could have done something so much more to show off her powerful voice than “Born to Fly”.  I agreed with Steven when he said she should pick a Shania Twain song.  Hmmmm, I guess I agreed with Steven more than I thought last night so perhaps I did drink a little Kool Aid.  LOL

I don’t know who is going home tonight and personally I don’t care as long as it’s not James.  I would love to see Casey or Jacob leave us tonight though.  Who were your favorites and who is in danger of going home?




      • Stefano is my favourite too! Happy to find sum ppl who agree with me here…he does have a following in the Philippines doesn't he?

        Stefano is my no 1 choice, next is Haley and then James.

      • oh..I'm so done with Casey..There was a time I liked him, not anymore!kissing JLO and all the nonsense. Pls stop "pimping" Casey and send him home!

      • Voted many times for Casey! I live with a family of musicians~we all think he is brilliant. I think he will shine so much more when he is off the A.I. stage and doing his own thing. I see nothing fake about him…and no way find him annoying. JUST BRILLIANCE!

      • Seeing Casey try to kiss JaLo made me want to throw up. I suspect it had the same effect on her as well.

    • Frank, there are two of us on here. Although I think Stefano is ok, he is not the best on the show.

      Top two right now are James and Haley.

  1. What are you talking about Stefano was great… People got issues for putting him on the bottom 3 so often, i voted for him… i like lauren too… James was great too…. the rest can go!

    • Agreed.. Stefano is legit.. Might not be the best but he doesn't suck at all.. Some people are too critical and over the top.. The judges are rich and accomplished, I doubt they care too much to favor certain ones in cheating way, and they praised him 3 weeks in a row!! I'll side with the professionals, lol.. Hope he got the votes though..

    • Jacob has a very good voice for the type songs he sings. Only thing I don't like to watch him perform with all the facial expresions, much like when Celine Dion performs. She too has a lot of bad facial expressions. But, that doesn't make either of them bad singers. We're just not into their type music. And as far as being gay, I don't think so. Having a father die at such a young age, he was raised by his mother and I'm sure his grandmother and aunts were in there too. He's just has some feminine ways because he was raised with a bunch of women. I know several grown married men the same way. But they are not gay. Actually, that should have nothing to do with his singing at all. Look at Elton John…he's great! Even if Jacob is gay, it has nothing to do with his singing. I think people give him too much of a hard time. Next time he sings just turn your back and listen. Then you'll see how good he can sing.

      Not sure who will be going home tonight. Don't know how America voted!…It's all up to us!

      • Please do not speak for everyone. Just say that you are not into his music. Evidently Jacob still has fans, if he didn't he would have been voted off a long time ago.

    • How do you know he is gay and I didn't realize there are different levels of "gayness."

    • Okay folks, Adam admits he spoke too harshly, so he's willing to take a beatdown for that, which shows some character.

      Now, to the pc stuff. Debra, Jacob acts gay so any intelligent person would assume he's gay by how he acts and since he doesn't deny the obvious comments he's getting. Not questioning here the rightness or wrongness of gayness, just saying let's not pretend we don't live in the real world and are aware of things.

      And Paul, I know you also are simply trying to put down Adam for his rudeness, but here's an answer for you. Yes, there are different "levels" of gayness, in the same manner as any Coondog can tell you there's different levels of "horndogness" for heteros, bis, whatever. It's a matter of what persona the person is putting out–whether it's a flaming gay persona, or a more laid back Adam Lambert type, or a slutty chick, or a player-sort of guy. Again, let's not pretend we're not aware of the world here. Just say you don't like someone being put down for their sexuality and leave it at that. I hate pretending we don't know what someone means. False pretensions inhibits communication if you're really trying to make your points.

  2. Casey and James rocked. Agree the cheek kiss was way uncomfortable. You're right about everything but Casey. His and James' songs were the only ones I'd really like to hear again. I really want to see Jacob go!

    • JLO totally knew that kiss was coming. She had her cheek turned long before he got to that point in the song.

    • I thought the two best performances were James and Haley.

      The theme was supposed to be songs from the 21st Century so why was Scotty crooning a song from the 80's?

      I liked Scotty at the start but last night his was, by far, the weakest performance.

      Of course, his faithful followers will make sure he is safe but, really, he has become boring and predictable and just a little cocky.

      • Because LeAnne Rhimes Rerecorded it, last year. I didn't care for the song, but I love me some Scotty…….

      • Linda; Rod Stewart recorded a pile of standard and rock songs between 2000 and 2010 on various albums so does – for example – Your Song from 1972 qualify as a 21st Century song?

        He had an amazing amount of songs to pick from the last 11-years, which has seen an unprecedented rise in popularity of Country Music.

        Chris Young also did a cover of Swingin' in 2010.

    • if you really like him…you should pray that he doesn't…because believe me when i say that if he wins and records an album with interscope, he will fail as an artist… he will end up making a pop rock album and fade into obscurity…he will do better if he gets voted in the finals…

      • ITA. That's why I keep posting that I don't want Scotty to win. 19E always rushes the winner into recording a crap bunch of songs.

      • I dont think thats all that true there some AI winners that have made it far in the music bussniss I just think that if they win and dont go far just means america voted wrong IMO

      • Gautham……James does not seem like a person who is going to sing anything he doesn't want to…..but you may be right about him doing better if he comes in 2nd like Adam, Clay Aikens, Daughtry, etc…..1st Place except for Carrie, Kelly and David Cook seemed to fizzle out……

      • Phylis

        If he wins American idol, he will have to listen to the studio..He wont have any choice.. He cant refuse to work with them..Do you honestly think that they will let the winner of A.I to not make an album…The studio wont make a heavy metal album because it isnt a popular genre and wont translate into big album sales.. so they will settle for a pop rock fit which will completely destroy his credibility.. no metal fan will ever buy your album if you dropped a pop album…this isnt an is a fact..If James wants to have a career as a metal singer, he needs to get out at the finals…

      • Maybe vote for the worst is onto something. None of us seem to want our favorites to get stuck with the Idol contract. Most of them will make a CD eventually, so maybe we should stick Interscope with jacob or Casey.

      • that is so untrue that only pop singers make it after ai! Carrie Underwood,Clay Aiken, and Kelly Pickler are country singers and all 3 were on A.I. and have made it big even wining awards, including Entertainer of the year,(which is the best award a country music star can ever receive). so get it right and stop talking nonsense!

      • Lindy

        Carrie is in the country pop genre which is mainstream….metal is not..

        "Gautham, Are you a moron or what????? What is Carrie Underwood????????????????"…you're the moron…i make sense…you don't…let me put it more……moron…

        me make sense…you write nonsense…

        sweetheart..please go back to coloring inside the lines…

    • James will FIZZLE out any way, no matter where he lands. He was my favorite at first but now he is grating on nerves, which he will wind up doing in the long run. I think it started when he disrespected Jimmy Levine,where his favorite words were me or my

      • It's Jimmy Iovine and James isn't going to fizzle out. He has a large following, including people who wouldn't watch Idol cause he has the metal/rock thing going on. He's going to be fine no matter what happens. BTW he wasn't disrespecting Jimmy, he was doing what felt right for him, same as Casey and they were right to do so.

      • His family name is Iovine – not Levine. A number of the contestants have done their own thing against the recommendations of Jimmy, including Casey, Jacob and Scotty.

        Last week, Scotty called him "dude" when he was arguing with him about which song to do and you could see Jimmy was not happy about that.

        James has been around in musical theater and fronting a Heavy Metal band since he was 17, which explains his theatrical feel – just like Adam Lambert.

      • and Carrie is a country pop artist…which is a thriving genre…You honestly think that the studio will let him make a metal album??….

      • Too right Gautham. They'll rush him, give him schlock songwriters and dictate how it's produced.

    • I hope James isn't the winner, I have disliked him and his arrogance from the beginning! but I am sure after all the AI promotion for him he will win. He is all show, not true talent like some of the others.

  3. I thought the show was fun. I didn't like the group sing but hey, if it weren't there we'd have less to b*tch about lol. I think Jacob will be leaving tonight. My guess on the bottom three are Jacob, Casey, & either Haley or Stefano. I like both Haley & Stefano, but don't think they are going to win. I don't care for Jacob's voice at all, nor do I like his song choices & style. Stefano is a bit run of the mill IMO 🙁 sorry guy.

  4. bottom 3




    james and haley tied for top

    with lauren and casey in the middle

    all based on last nights performance

    • Scotty will not be in the bottom 3, too many fans. Jacob needs to go!!! He should have gone before Pia!

      • Trish I could not agree more. That being said I think Pia is rocking out a single and might be released before the finale!! Go PIA!!! Go home Jacob and cry in church. I have nothing against men who cry.. the key word being men.

    • I agree with bottom 3 being Scotty, Jakob and Stefano…Scotty may have alot of fans but it is certainly not for his voice,this guy is boring, every week, he's more and more boring, this is a singing competition, not a karaoke contest…Scotty probably will not be going home tonight unfortunately, I think it could be Jakob, and this will make me smile.

    • Suz, as much as I would like to say Scotty is going home, he wont be in the bottom three.

      In opinion he had no business being in the top 24.

      Anyway, Your bottom three this week will be

      (Jacob Lusk) Originally my faovrite, he has fallen off the map. He needs another "God bless the child" to save him.

      (Haley Reinhart) This girl continues to be beautiful and sing wonderfully. Yet, its too late in the competition. She will be gone in a few weeks.

      (Stephano) Stephano leaves this week. The show must go on.

      • Have to agree with you Steve.

        I was basing it on last night's performance.

        Haley,James and Casey, have been my favorites from the start.

        I fear for Haley. She tries to do what the judges tell her,only to get slammed by them once again. I thought she did amazing last night.

        James rocked the joint once again.

        And Casey, well as much as I like his artistic vision, I think he may have went over the public's head last night.

        Scotty was boring once again, and once again his fan base ( teenies or grannies not sure which, maybe both) will have him back again.

        I had just hoped the american voters were more savvy and informed.

      • no jacob will, ur dumb!!! On Youtube Jacobs video of dance with my father has 33 likes and 88 dislikes, thats wen i checked a couple of hours ago

      • atta boy Tom … way to voice your opinion …

        oh wait a minute, that's right…you didn't voice an opinion…

        a real man of conviction you are ….

    • James & Haley were the best – I agree – but, for some reason, the panel (especially JLo) seems to have it in for Haley. Maybe JLo feels threatened by Haley's looks and figure – who knows?

      Scotty has become boring and predictable and last night he crooned a song from the 80's when the theme was supposed to be 21st Century songs.

      The one who took the biggest chance was Haley. She sang a song that is currently one of the top singles – maybe still #1 – and it is from the #1 album.

      You can't get more current than that and she did a terrific job.

    • Jacob has to go, Stephano and Haley or Casey next. Scotty could have picked a much better song BUT he has one of the best voices and all of his past performaces have been GREAT, the elimination should be based on over all performances on AI not just one night.

      • Only Pia, Paul, Naima & Asthon got solo parts..Paul went all flat and forgot his words and Pia was trying to keep thing together…

        Atleast give the solo part to people who can sing like Thia!

      • Some of the preformers in the idols who left were off key, like paul, ashton, and naima. Plus how did you know Thia was offkey when she 1.never got a solo, and 2.isnt loud enough to be heard. Im not saying it was a good preformance but I am saying dont say they are all off key besides Pia when some of them werent.

        Also don't hate on Haley when she had one of her best preformances, pretty much agreed on by everyone, just because she isnt eye candy to you doesnt mean she is bad.

        Stephano wasnt as horrible as you said. He was one of the worst, but he wasnt im going mute it horrible, especially because he barely sang which is why i didnt like it.

        Casey wasnt great, but he wasnt bad either, plus the kiss kind of made the show.

        Even though im also tired of Jacob, dont yell at him because he had major technical difficulties at the beginning, because of that i dont want him to go home this week maybe next week.

        There were a couple mediocre preformances and a couple amazing ones and the bad group number at the beginning.

        Just please leave the rating the preformances to people who know what they are saying like Branden.

  5. I am no expert judge but the opening performance was a complete disaster. Wow!!! they all try to sing the song individually and tried to outperformed one another.

    Hey judges you do not have to be nice and say that you wished they were still on. They completely failed to the task.

    Sorry but you gave them too much credit for a bad performance.

    Listen to it again and this time tell me that I am wrong. I am no expert but I do not believe I am the only one who thinks so.



    • Agreed. The opening performance made my ears bleed. Nobody was good . . . and it made poor Pia who is normally awesome sound mediocre. How sad.

      And for Paul being the only guy voted off so far . . . the song did not suit his voice and it stuck out like a sore thumb. I am a Paul fan, but I felt bad that he was stuck singing that song that wasn't good for his voice. It sounded awful. Poor Paul. I'm sure he'll be glad when he can sing what he wants to sing and not what the producers of AI want him to sing.

      • Nan Paul cant sing covers all that well but if you actully listen to his original work you would see he is so much better

    • You are right. I'm no expert either, but I have two ears, and I didn't like what I heard.

      • I haven't liked Paul at all during the competition so I gave a listen to his band and I still don't like him. His voice has no special qualities about it, there is no power to it and is just plain annoying. Not sure what everyone sees in him.

  6. Scotty was so corny, it was ridiculous. The whole performance felt like someone performing at a state fair. That was his worst to date.

    • by far the worst.

      and I thought it was supposed to be 21st century.

      swingin' was released in 1983 by john anderson.

      • I agree. He blew it. So corny. He's so much better. He has gotten too confortable. Have known his family since before he was born, and havn't known him to be arrogant. He did come across last night as arrogant though. He needed this wake up call. He needs to step out of his comfort zone. He is so much better. He is good and did a good job with what he did. problem is we have become to expect it and it becomes booooooring.

      • Corny indeed. Terrible song choice… and I remember the 1983 version. I don't care who covered this song, it's not a 21st century song.

      • Scotty was pitiful. He better be careful or James will be the front runner.

        I will say it again. Scotty is a one trick pony, and that pony has died. There are only so many bias country grandmas and teeny boppers out there. You have to get the swing voters, and you didnt get mine this week.

      • I just posted the same thing about Scotty's song choice.

        Just because LeAnn Rimes and Chris Young released cover versions in 2010, does not make it a 21st Century Song.

        I think – if memory serves me – that Seacrest said it was a LeAnn Rimes song.

        John Anderson and Lionel Delmore will respectfully disagree with Seacrest. Released in 1982, it was #1 on the Country Charts and peaked in the Billboard Hot 100 around #40. It was the best selling record in Warner Brothers history.

        So, Seacrest; it is a John Anderson song and is from the early 80's and not the 21st Century!

      • @ Cathy – Chris Young released a version of it in 2010 as well but it doesn't make it a Chris Young song or a 21st Century one either.

        Rod Stewart has released a pile of albums in the past 10 years of old standards and pop hits.

        I have just played his version of the Elton John hit, Your Song, released originally in 1970.

        So if someone sang that last night and called it a Rod Stewart song, would it have passed muster?

    • I didn't like Scotty's performance last night either (although I definitely like him…I'm a country girl), but at this point I don't think it matters if Scotty wins, or gets eliminated tonight. Someone in Nashville will give him a record deal. Having a voice like that at 17 – he can learn so much! I think he'll be extremely successful regardless of the outcome of the show.

  7. wow, this is the first time i like James' performance, he rocked the stage, i hate to admit that though i don't like him, he can be the next AI winner.

  8. James owned the stage. Casey did well, no doubt about it. Haley keeps on growing, I despised her in the early days. Yes, Stefano is run of the mill while being a cross between a Chippendale dancer and Napoleon Dynamite is classic. Jacob is nothing new each week. Lauren should have chosen a song with more vocal power. Scotty's song was horrendous. Regardless, they are all very talented compared to other years.

    Who is going home? Jacob or Stefano

  9. I think it's time for Jacob to go home. I'm not convinced he is ready for the pressure of being on top. He sings ok, but I don't really enjoy watching him. He is way too emotional for my liking. Makes me very uncomfortable. With that said, Casey was better last night. At least didn't fall on the floor with the judges comments. Although, I'm still not a fan of his. Miss Pia still.

  10. How come Ashlie u said this one of the worst shows this season? In fact it was one the best!!


    Please sent Gaycob home!!

      • totally agree… making a mockery of people based on the lifestyle is mean n insensitive!!!! n you don't even know if he is gay!

      • I agree Debra, and what if he is gay what does that have to do with his ability to perform, I am not a fan of Jacob but he has a right to persue the dream of becoming a star…Adam Lambert is gay…AND! My favorites are James and Casey but the way it looks anyone of them could win.

    • Everyone pack it up and go home! James should win this hands down. Dang gotta love James!!!!

      • with you CJ he brings it every week! can sing soft can rock out! I'm sure he won't disappoint me like adam did he isn't putting no rock out! other then (If i had you)!all other songs are only fair at best! James will rock us OUT!

    • "Keep the conversation civil and on topic."

      That is the first sentence of the Commenting Rules and there is nothing civil about calling someone gay and nor is it on topic.

      This is a forum to discuss singers, their choice of songs and how they performed them. It is not about a persons alleged, imagined or actual life style.

      There are many top artistes who are gay or lesbian, including a few past AI contestants, two of whom finished as runners-up in their respective years.

      Jacob's style is unique to him and there is no doubting he has a great voice and vocal range.

      Last night I didn't particularly like his performance but my wife loved it and I think that is the way it is with Jacob.

    • Ray listen to these fools talking! James all the way! Metal heads are rockin with James! love it! all you lil bubble gummers can go home! james is on watch! rock! Judas Priest baby!

  11. James







    In that order last night….but I am pulling for one of the girls and I like them both ….Haley sultry tones really appeal. But if James wins I won't be sad. Jacob ruined that song it is not meant to be song all powerfully like that…gross

  12. bottom three will be all men….stefano , jacob , scotty…scotty was bad last night. first time for him. although 8 million tweeners will vote him to go on…stephano blah..jacob trashed luther vandross too much cracking in his voice. I voted haley , james and casey. not a casey fan but oh well

  13. I totally agree with you. Casey, Jacob and Stephano were very, very bad. I would send Casey home tonight. The show with Jenifer was like a last resort to hang in the competition. I think Casey was awful and he reminded why he was voted off. Haley dress looked more like she was going to the beach than to a show, and the begining of the song sounded a little naive. However, I would not send her home for her voice has a nice, different flavor. James was good, but the song is not my favorite. We have enouth problems in the world, earthqq, flooding, tornadoes. Enouth, with the darkness….Lauren sounded very vulnerable tonight. She was like, "should i sing it? or not? . I should have chosen something else, but is too late!". I am sorry to say, but she should have gone for whatever she has chosen and sing it like it was hers and she loved it. Who is left, Scotty. I think Scotty listen to much to the people on the inernet that finds him strange songs to sing. His voice is very good, no doubt about, but as Jenifer said, he should follow his instincts. To conclude, bottom three tonight:



    Haley (i wish not)


    Stephano (his turn has come)

  14. Scotty sucked; he needs to do something different; James killed it – awesome performance as usual but his voice just isn't that appealing; Haley – she slayed that Adele song – she is so under-rated by the judges; Casey – man stop growling and shouting and show the great contrast in your voice when you sing soft; Stefano – weirdly insincere and yet another forgettable performance – send him home to practice his dancing; Jacob – needs light and dark in his singing and dude stop crying – his performance was grey like his suit; Lauren -let it rip and you could win it – but you gotta step it up and own the stage. James will probably win this season; Lauren or Haley should.

    • I agree

      The judges seem to have it in for Haley.

      I really can't see the love for Scotty…. boring boring boring. for goodness sake's step it up man!!

      James rocks it every night.

      Casey always offers something different.

      Lauren could take the whole thing, if she lets lose.

      Stephano and Jacob, seem to be stuck in a rut.

      I hope for a James Haley and Lauren final.

  15. Hey everyone has a bad night I am a Scotty fan and knew his performance wasn't as good as others but that didn't stop me from voting for him. Over all he is the best counry singer, I love his voice, at this point you have to vote for the whole package not just what happens during a 3 minute song. Someone is giving him bad advice, Scotty stick to your country roots it hasn't failed you yet. Remember he is only a 17 year old boy, both him and Lauren are great and very young. (SCOTTY #1)

    • I agree – Scotty is the best – James has a tiring voice – good but very tiring. The rest are good singers but Scotty has the voice that will go a long way in the music industry. It is time for Jacob to go home – when he starts to sing I can hardly listen. I voted for Scotty and will continue to vote for him.

      • Me encanta Scotty, les dire que puedo escuchar varias veces la cancion y no me cansa pero a a James (odio los gritos) me basta una vez, creo que un artista debe conectarse con su publico y Scotty lo logra, Scotty GANADOR!!!!

      • Well said, I am soooo tired of Jame's arrogance. Scotty did mess up last night but not near enough for him to be sent home. Loved him from the beginning and he should still continue.

    • I agree! I loved Scotty and it wasn't that he performed it badly, it was fun and he moved around, I just think it was the wrong song choice! I think that if he is safe, which he probably will be, hopefully, he'll step it up next week, especially since the judges told him it was boring and that he needs to step out of his comfort zone, I'm sort of afraid that now that there telling him to step out of his comfort zone that it might be Country theme next week, because they haven't done it yet, and if I recall Country theme is usually around this general time of the competition.

      • And Steven asked Lauren to sing Alison Krauss, Faith Hill or Shania Twain next week – all country singers.

      • Lori…..I don't think Scotty knows how to step it up…..He constantly stays in his comfort zone….He is a one note wonder and not very good lately….I wish the people that vote for him really pay attention to his singing and performance…..He is awful with the mic and his voice is not really up to par……He will make it doing country but he is no AI.


    • Cathy. Again, this is exactly why the voting is changing next year. You have showed your bias. You represent the group of voters that vote based on GENRE and PREFERENCE and not TALENT and PREFORMANCE.

      • time for a new idea…

        I think Lauren could kick some butt in ANY GENRE if she let let loose!

        Come on Lauren… let it out…. try something by Bonnie Bramlett

      • If you're going to vote on Genre, vote for the REAL country voice out of the pair: Lauren.

    • Scotty is so boring it's really getting old. I can only look at those eyebrows for so long. Facial expressions are not working for me. James has alot more talent and is more of a crowd pleaser!!!!

    • I wish the judges would quit trying to get the kids to sing, I mean scream or growl!!!!

      Scotty is 17 and think he will go further then any on the others. He is what kids today need to look up to, a good all around country boy with good morals. When they say he is a one trick pony, why don't they make the same comment for James & Casey. All they do is growl and scream and sound the same every week. I don't mind the new judges but think they need hearing aids.

    • And this is the exact reason why a kid with a mediocre country voice who looks like Alfred E Newman and has strange facial expressions can win a singing contest.

      Because he's a boy who sings country.


    • One bad night is allowed for everyone Some have had more than one bad night, Like James

  16. I don't like Haley, haven't from the beginning, she is growing on my husband, but me and my daughter agree. I was listening from the kitchen during her performance (making popcorn hehe) and I wouldn't go to her concert. compared to the other singers she should of went home before Paul and Pia.

    • I think my favorite part of the show last night was when all the contestants had to say what they thought about Haley and the responses were "Haley is a brat" – I think her poor attitute shows before and after her performances as well. Ready to see the end of the road for her!

      • I think they were saying that affectionately, I don't think it was literal. Stefano said it most and later on he was sitting with her with his arm around her. So why do people read into things negatively. I think she is sweet and has a very nice voice and have been voting for her from the beginning

      • That was a joke, as was the whole thing. It was a bunch of young people ragging each other.

        The skit of the way Scotty holds the mic plus his posture and facial twitches.

        The beard when it was Casey's turn and all calling Jacob the Diva and saying Stefano would flirt with a piece of paper.

        Haley is one of the better singers on this show and has sung a much wider genre of songs than any of the others from Blue to singing the #1 selling song of 2011 to-date.

        Each of them, in their own way, have an attitude.

    • I agree that she should have gone home before Pia. (Everyone should have)

      But to say she isnt as good as Paul is questionable.

  17. This top7 is not so impressive this time. Hope next week they pull a better show.I must say the performance by those eliminated was not as expected (constructive critique,nothing personal).Another unimpressive moment was Steven swearing.This may be nothing to Americans but for AI's info, this show is sold overseas and our station had to bleep that swearing part(although it's no big deal)and skipped the 2nd half of Casey singing at the repeat (probably the censureship)as AI should be aware that this is also a family show. What into Steven this round? He is a cool nice-hearted guy.I think he was trying to spice up the show a bit.

      • We had it on tape and played it back and he used the f word, which he has done a few times going back to the auditions.

  18. Wow! You are completely negative, and a complete waste of blog space. Everyone has some kind of talent or they wouldn't be there on the stage. You should start showcasing the positive, instead of being completely negative to every single person you don't like.

      • So Ashli, enlighten us. What do you deem to be current and relevant talent today? Because most people (95%) think there is more talent on the Idol stage this season than any other. And many people cranking out "smash hits" are pitchy and have a limited vocal range and could not survive without AutoTune. There is no AutoTune on Idol…

      • So apparently last your eye candy Casey James and Lee Dewyze were amazing. But this year when there is less eye candy (still some) and loads more talent, plus one of the better nights as said by Branden, you hate it?

  19. I think that this is one of the best shows in terms of performers – for the Judges I hope that Randy returns and the other two leave – it is sickening how Jennifer acts saying "you know I love you" & the word baby – the singers need to be critiqued & this judging panel missed the boat. I miss Simon.

    • I have to agree with that.

      The judges have done these kids no favors this year, by not giving good constructive criticism.

    • Have to agree with Peg on this one, Judges are too kind even when they give constructive criticism they apologize with endearing words. Simon ALWAYS told like he saw it even if it hurt, he may have been wrong a few times but he was honest.

      • I agree, I so wish simon was there, at least he was honest and told them like it was, tho at times a bit rough and uncalled for commentary. At least he didn't kiss up or allow the contestants to kiss up to him. He gave constructive criticism and that is what helps the contestants grow as singers/performers. this all over the place with James would have caught quite the commentary from Simon. The only one they give criticism to is Haley and most times it is unwarranted, but if you notice she is the only one that has truly progressed.

  20. I agree that Jacob should be leaving tonight if not Casey or Stephano. I agree with the judges that Scotty picked a too safe song but he is still my favorite and never missed a beat. It is time for him to go with some stronger songs to compete with James. I would also like to see him return to the humble Scotty and maybe last night will bring that back.

    • Rich,

      He DID miss a beat. He is a one trick pony and did not deserve the vote this week. IT was by far the worst preformance of the night.

  21. I dont understand the love for JAMES!! he is too cocky and arrogant! All he does is Scream!! I dont think that is impressive…its annoying! Paul never should of been kicked off. Casey, Stefano and Jacob need to go though! Casey is known as the creeper after that creepy kiss to JLO. Haley is the best of whats left

  22. Scotty was a disappointment for me. He needed to go with a solid country ballad last night. Silly as a seventeen year old performing for his friends in the back of the bus. I am glad the judges shook him up. He was resting on his laurels. Should have covered a song like he was pitching for a team title. He's young, but sure is willing.

  23. Here are my thoughts:

    Scotty is great. He's already a polished performer. The ladies love him. He's not going anywhere. I wish he'd surprise me a little, but that's really all I can say. He always gives a clean, polished performance. He's just good at what he does, and he's a little sexy, too. I think the judges were a little harsh on him last night. They seemed to give him the nastiest review, but his performance wasn't even close to being the worst. Still, I think if he's in it to win it, he does need to consider song choice really, really carefully. Maybe they just came on strong with him because they want to make sure he goes the extra mile to make it to the finals. But Scotty just can't give a bad performance. He's just that good.

    Casey is clearly very musical and artsy (love that), but I don't think the judges should've used their save on him. People have eyes as well as ears, and frankly, I just have trouble looking at him. The way the judges seem to be pushing Casey doesn't sit too well with me, either. As a musician, I honestly prefer his bass playing to his singing. He should've gone home when America sent him home, though. That's only fair. None of this "save" stuff. Come on. America may not get it right all the time, but those are the breaks. Fair is fair. Not fair to the others to save him.

    Haley's the whole package. She's got it, and she knows how to work it. She also knows how to dress. She's very easy on the eyes. Loved that red dress. You can tell that Haley really wants this.

    Lauren is a real sweetie pie. You can't help but like Lauren. I don't think she should be going home this week. At this stage of the game, though, she needs to show me some more confidence. Lack of confidence and modesty is charming sometimes, but now is the time when America wants to see someone who is good and knows she is good. If you want to win the whole thing, you've got to show us that you want it. It's time for the "eye of the tiger."

    James was white hot last night. He's demonstrated that he's not afraid to take chances, and I do think he's in it to win it. I wish he'd lose the scarf tail, though. I think he's sexy, but I think the tail draws attention away from the rest of him. Why would he want to do that? He's the whole package, and I could definitely see him winning this thing. Very entertaining. I never run to the bathroom when he's performing, because I know I'll miss something good.

    As for Jacob, he's got a nice voice, and no one can deny that. His song last night brought a tear to my eye. I think he's a wonderful person, but I'm afraid he's in danger of going home. If he lost a few pounds, he'd be easier on the eyes. Not trying to be rude, but I always look at the whole package.

    Of all the guys, Stefano is the one that makes me drool. He's the guy who looks like he's seen the inside of a gym. I think song choice is going to be very important for Stefano right now. I think he can stay in this thing if he picks the perfect songs that take advantage of the fact that he's just -well- sexy… He should take off his shirt and throw it out into the audience. That would get him some votes. I'm not kidding. All's fair in love and war. Go for it, Stefano!

    • Joanne,

      Scotty is NOT just THAT GOOD. Its a clean, SAFE preformance.

      James is the man. He is my pick to win. If he keeps this up he cannot be stopped.

      Other than that I agree with your comments.

      Lauren's country roots really shine through. She is a little sweetheart. I agree. I wish she would take risks with her voice, but I hope she continues to shine in this competition.

      You are so right. Haley is the complete package. She has the strut, the moves, the range, the growl, the clarity, and the looks. I hope she continues.

      Jacob used to be my favorite…not anymore. He has fallen off the map. I hope he does better next week but I cant vote for him when he preforms like that. He needs to erupt another "God Bless the Child" or a more upbeat, happy song.

      • Rock on Dude! james all the way! brings it every week! can sing soft, can scream to the metal! he rocks! There a lil Robbie Halford in all of us!

    • Joanne,

      Good take on everyone. Scotty's choice was not the best but he sung the song well. I would like to see him go back to some pure country that compliments his voice. Even though I am not a James fan I think the title will to Scotty or James.

      • I think you have a good take on these performers too. However, Casey would have gone home the following week had it been wrong to save him. He is still there, and doing quite well. JMO 🙂

    • I guess some of the past winners are glad the voters at that time did not judge them on whether they were buffed or looked good in a dress.

      The Ruben Studdard of Season 2 makes Jacob Lusk look slender. Fantasia was, to say the least, voluptuous in Season 3 and Jordin Sparks was much heavier than she is now when she won Season 6.

      • I didn't want the show when Ruben and Fantasia were on, but they would've lost my vote on looks. I need the whole package. This is television, not radio. There are plenty of people who DO have the whole package that I can listen to.

    • I agree with some of your comments. Singers with true talent will never be on AI because it is more about age, popularity and image rather than talent. While these young people can sing, they are not the best that America has to offer. I am so looking forward to "The Voice", hopefully the talent will be more seasoned.

  24. Bottom 3:




    Going home: Jacob

    But I'd send both Jacob and Stefano home.

  25. Bad move to bring the people who have been voted off back for an encore; seriously WTH are they doing this year?

    Keep Randy; fire J Lo and Tyler – I like them but really they're playing a popularity game and not saying what they really think.

      • I'd rather pick random judges from the studio audience each week. Then you'd get a better idea of what "America" thinks. I think the panel did the best job ever of narrowing down the contestants this year, however.

    • Lythgoe produces a CMT Talent Show that we watch on Friday nights and they have one permanent judge who is also a big time record and concert producer – a bit like Simon but not quite as blunt.

      The first week, the final 10 sang at the Wild Horse in Nashville and the audience each had one vote. The bottom two had to sing off in front of the perm judge and two guest judges, one of whom was a country legend and they decided which one went home.

      Last week, their was just one guest judge – again a top Country singer – and the bottom two had to go through the same process.

      Idol has to change its' voting system because with The Voice (we will see how that pans out) and the X-Factor due in June, it is facing some tough challenges from shows that have a much fairer system of voting.

  26. time for a new idea…

    I think Lauren could kick some butt in ANY GENRE if she let let loose!

    Come on Lauren… let it out…. try something by Bonnie Bramlett

  27. At this point in the season, I like to reveal my original top 5 that I pick once the top 60 are chosen, and then what I think it will be now.

    My original top 5 that I chose back when the top 60 were chosen.

    Jacob Lusk <– Obvious Pick

    Lauren Aliana <– Obvious Pick

    Casey Abrams <– Obvious Pick

    Haley Reinhart <– Obvious Pick

    Sophia Shorai <– Will someone please tell me why this girl got voted off so early? Scotty and Paul were taking up spots that SHE and a few other confident, awesome Jazz singers could have had.

    I would have chosen Pia early in the competition but she waited until the TOP 24 to start belting out amazing vocals that I have NEVER heard in my entire life. Its a shame she has left us.


    Here are my top 5 now.

    (James Durbin) James is my pick to win. He is uncanny. He has fixed his only problem, which was occassional pitchyness.

    (Scotty Mccleery) It is a sad state of affairs that this kid keeps getting put through each week. The reasons are quite clear and the voting will change next year. Nevertheless, his base continues to exploit the voting system and push him through. He will survive until the top 2, which is a musical travesty.

    (Lauren Alliana) She is more talented than Scotty by leaps and bounds. Her country swagger and wonderful vocals have brought her through this far. She is a little sweetheart that makes everyone smile when they watch her. THIS is your real country singer on this show. She is versitile, she can sing anything!

    (Casey Abrams) A true showman, musician, and dont-care-what-anyone-else-says type guy. He plays every instrument you can think of, and his voice is fantastic. He makes jazz sound easy to preform. It isn't. As a musician, i can tell you that I cannot touch what Casey does on the stage, and I have been playing guitar/drums/trumpet/singing a heck of a lot longer than this guy.

    (Jacob Lusk) My original pick to win, he will be leaving at 5th because of his past preformances that were off the charts. He really has fallen off the map, but they will keep him around if he can just get one more good preformance in there.

    Haley and Stephano will be leaving next. They are amazing preformers, but its crunch time. Bye bye folks.

    • I agree with everything you say, except in my opinion you could reverse the Jacob and haley and Stefano paragraph. Good comments, however!

  28. I don't like Scotty because he is all county.

    I though James performance last night was a little confusing. But his range is amazing.

    I loved Haley's performance because she is so amazing. Her songs are contagious to me. Every time she sings, I listen to that song, and listen.

    I don't like James, so I put him on mute.:3 I am sorry but he needs to go.

    I thought Casey's was too screamo, and find him scary.

    Stefano, man, he sounds like he is about to have a heart attack.

    And Lauren. I think she could be another Lee DeWyze and sneak up in the competition and possibly win!

  29. I can't stand James or the so called music he performs. I am a Scotty fan, but last night was really bad for him. I expect Jacob or Stephano to go but would not be surprised to see Casey go.Doesn't his face contorsions bother any one else?

  30. My top 3 this week:

    – Haley

    – Casey

    – James

    They were equally good for me. The rest were somewhat in between.

    Weakest performer of the night was Stefano. I love Stefano, I'm a fan since his audition but he's not proving himself as an artist with his inconsistency and poor song choices. Vocally, he slays every song but he needs to make those songs "his own" and not make it sound like he's doing just another cover. I really want him to stay for another week. And I hope he does. But he's been given so many chances to prove himself, I can't blame America for their choice he does get sent home.

      • He is 22, just one month younger than James and he, James and Jacob (23) are the only ones left over 21.

        The average age of the previous 9 winners is 22.

  31. Ashli – I'm not completely sure of your age, so I may be able to let the T-Rex comment go by without too much grief. T-Rex "Bang a Gong" fame — early 70's — Todd Rundgrenesque musician..

    All singing aside — James, Haley and Casey make for GREAT TELEVISION. That's why I miss Paul too…. they made it fun to watch. Scotty – boring, Lauren – boring, Jacob – boring (and he totally took a very Tender song — and diva'd it up to where it was disappointing), Stefano – boring…..

    Maybe Casey doesn't have the best voice — but I'd be happy to pay to see him in concert. Durbin too, in fact, if they are smart, Durbin takes Casey and Haley — and they tour together (heck bring Paul along) — it would be a fun few hours, no doubt.

    I want to be entertained — music is supposed to make you smile — and those 4 always did. I enjoyed the show very much. The filler was fun — and it gave some insight into how they care about each other.

    Sometimes you don't have to write "drama" into a blog. It is okay to enjoy life.

    • I usually fast forward through Casey and Jacob because they are very boring. I listen to James most of the way through unless he starts his screaming.

      • well i guess yous aren't metal fans or Judas Preist fans at that! you must be getting old! %! here and still loves to rock!

  32. Just download Haley Reinharts version of Rolling in the Deep from iTunes, its the full song and it is absolutely incredible, wow. If you're a fan you have to check it. Beautiful, amazing, fantastic, wow.

    It's worth the $1.29 and than some, I'm lovin it.

  33. Ashli, did you get up on the wrong side of the bed? Seemed grouchy in your blog. Fwiw, I think you were wrong about both Haley and Casey this round. (And I had dropped off the Casey band wagon a long time ago.) Man, Haley is listening to every single critique and is doing marvelously. (Notice, no growls this time?) I loved her rendition of the song. What is marvelous about her is that she can do it all!

  34. I was never been a Pia fan but for those that are she will be performing next week on Dancing with the Stars and her friend Mark Ballas will be dancing to her tune

    • Oh, THAT'S who that guy is that Ashli mentioned. I knew I had heard the name but couldn't place him. Thanks for that!

    • Maybe he is the reason she was moving a bit better last night. I am sure he will loosen her up – so to speak.

  35. Oh, must add that a reception malfunction caused me to miss everything up until James sang. Sounds like that was not a bad thing!!! 🙂

  36. Well if you ask me…and, strangely, nobody has so far hmmmmm..LOL…anywho I think Haley did an amazing job with the Adele song. She has such a powerful voice and she can jump all over the place with it. Her runs are always perfect and the only time her voice cracks is when she makes it crack. Personally I think it should be her and James in the final. But that would be in a perfect world when all the stars align just right. Scotty has a huge voter base in the part of NC that he is from. I know because I am from NC. So Scotty will be around for a while yet. I wish that all of America would vote, honestly, for the best performance each week instead of with their personal bias toward one or the other. That is what is wrong with the voting system. It's not the show or the judges. But anyway I still voted for Casey (once) because I really liked his performance compared to the rest of his performances but he wasnt the best last night.

    • I think Haley was amazing she was my fav last night.Scotty wrong song choice what was he thinking(but i still like him).Lauren was good too but wrong song choice.Casey he's different and I always look forward to see what he does.James well he's a rocker,I would like to see something different from him so he alright.Jacob not a fan nor a fan of Stefano both of them can go this week.

    • A Haley/James final would be one hell of an entertainment night. They are the best "show people" and both can sing anything they set their mind to.

  37. Loved the girls singing together! I think Pauls voice ruined it though! he really sounded horse last night! actually only good singing rod stewart songs!

    • sry the only one that sounded good was Pia,everyone else was out of key.They should of only had Pia on last night.

  38. James as always! Was good! showed he can sing softly, and put the screams in there just right! being a big Robbie Halford fan to me James rocks! He always takes control of the stage1 puts on a great performance! He is the TOTAL package!

  39. It appears James has never been introduced to a shower or bath. As far as his talent, screamers like him are a dime a dozen. This just goes to show everyone that America is messed up. Stefano is no Ladies Man, he is too much a Karaoke singer. Casey is Casey and will always be Casey "a wannabe" Barbara Streisand or Liza Minneli in disguise. Jacob is Liza in disguise…Scotty is great for a young kid, he would make a great back up singer or an even better backup for the Mad Magazine character. Haley is boring and so it my opinion that Lauren will take it all, for one simple reason "fat" America" loves "fat"…..

  40. IMHO, If James makes a career for himself it will be due to his showmanship. He's a rocker and oftentimes the lead singer in a rock band isn't the best vocalist. Vince Neil, Paul Stanley, Roger Daltrey are not gifted vocalists. For every Freddie Mercury or Jon Bon Jovi there are a handful of great front men who are mediocre singers. I think James will do OK.

  41. What's up with trashing James. First of all, from one singer to him, he has mad pipes. He can sing circles around eveyrone on there. And, what the performers do is up to each of them. Just because none of them have the vision to bring in Zac Wilde, burn the piano, etc. is their fault. Each year we have contestants who blow the others away when it comes to stage presence and show. David Cook, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert and James. I would pay to see him long before the others!

    • No one is trashing James but just stating the facts. I don't like his kind of music but no doubt he is talented and will go far but he will fall short of taking the title.

      • Ya, no doubt about it, he can performed, just like any monkey on the trees, no ofence, but that's how I see it. We have our own liking or opinion.

    • Quisiera ver a James cantar sin todo los aparatos y show extra que le dan les aseguro que no pasa de ser un simple imitador de Adam.

      Scotty es natural, vamos Scotty!!!!

    • I like James and I hope he wins because Scotty needs a few years to mature and should go with a producer in Nashville, but come on! He ripped off Adam Lambert's "A Time For Miracles" video for that performance. And he ought to be able to stand on his vocals without needing Cirque du Soliel to support him.

    • Dylan, Beatriz is a female name. She's not a Dude.

      Cindy, thanks for being a perfect example of an Ugly American. Stretch yourself–learn a little Spanish. Surely wouldn't hurt you.

      • Ugly American? Maybe when I travel to other countries and "expect" everyone to speak my language I would accept a comment like that. However when I am in my country where English is the oficial language – YES I do expect others to speak it. I know Spanish, French and some Italian and would never presume to use English if unable to speak in the native language w/out excusing my ignorance first.

  42. In my opinion, James tries way too hard to be a rocker. His choice to sing the octave in the chorus was not executed well at all.

  43. I am amazed!! that Scotty gets the kudos he gets! He has limited range and vocal quality–I think 'high school talent show' watching him. Sure he "performs", but who really wants to watch him carry on like that for an entire concert. He creeps me out when he sings. No wonder that the better singers don't have a chance, too many listeners have no clue about good performance and talent.

  44. Jame's you are amazing incredible.i put you on the winner one can out do you.your will win. bravo

    • Totally agree. He is awesome. Maybe he is not the best vocal one, but the way he performs on the stage and connect to people already makes him a star. He is the only one worth watching his whole live show. Others: boring to watch.

  45. YOU ARE AMAZED THAT SCOTTY GETS GOOD REVIEWS/ It is you that doesnt have a clue about a good performance and talent. Make that a natural talent

  46. Anyone who is trashing James needs to get their hearing checked. They are allowed to pick what they want as far as props and backup so that's James fault that everyone else is boring!!!! James has an awesome voice, yeah he sings high and rock but when he sings something slow like My piano weeps he is awesome as well. He won't win because there are little teany boppers who will keep voting for scotty,lauren and whoever wins we will never hear anything from them after because there are a million others out there just like them!!! rock on james

  47. Everyone has their opinions, but I will say that James appears a little um, "big headed" it is obvious and becoming a little "over the top". Let's face it all of the contestants are talented, quite possibly the most talented group I have viewed on this show. Scotty is incredible, time to mature I do not agree with. He is not the first 17 year old to "be a star". I think he deserves the credit he receives and although last night was not impressive as previous performances he is talented. James is talented but he needs to remember there are several weeks left and Idol is not a one man show.

    • james works well in a group and has several times on AI. Walk a mile in his shoes and how you'd be after years and years of people making fun of you of something you have zero control over. What appears arrogance is sheer 'happiness' to be living his dream and FINALLY there are people who praise instead of make fun of him. Did you see that big 'rocker dude' cry when Stefano was eliminated? He is a big tender bundle of love and caring for others. I like them all but James does have bag pipes and is capable of different styles of music with great stage performance.

      • What does bag pipes have to do with the big tender bundle of love and caring for others phony?

  48. you guys are being unfair to scotty. the song he sang had to be approved or he could not have sung it. also it seems to me james has an advantage over everyone else with all the extra help he gets like the burning piano, the famous guitarist, the drummers. its like he knows his voice isn’t that good so he has to distract people with the gadgetry.

    • You are correct they are being unfair to scotty and they are pushing for james to win and he can not sing.

      • I have been saying this about James as well. It seems all the other performers do not use guitar solos, burning guitars or was that a freaking paino and so on. I like James, as I am a ex rocker myself. But, try to picture him without all the gizzmos and fireworks and he does not shine as brightly, if you ask me.

      • I think Scotty needs some time before he really can be big. He has a good start but is not ready yet..But James he doesn't need all that he is already on top..of his game.

      • I disagree James has to have a lot of back up. If he has been doing this since 2006, how many contracts has he signed? Does the screaming done to make the song or make a diversion?

    • I totally agree that AI has gave James extra tools/props to succeed. I think they can help push him to the finals but I think it will be Scotty bringing home the title.

      • I totally agree, James is just screaming, I don't call that singing. without all those backup guitars and what not, anyone would really see him as what he is, a screamer. For Scotty, Yes yes yes, his voice is purely on his own. I just hope American see that Scotty is the Champ.

      • I totally agree with you Carol, James only screams. There is no singing coming out of his mouth! Scotty is a country boy with a good voice. It would be good to hear him sing more Elvis songs!

    • Any one of the contestants can ask for props or specific musician help.

      Remember Adam Lambert and his use of props and there have been other contestants in the past who have used props and/or musicians.

      We had one – I think it was Paul – who had a hot saxophonist accompanying him.

      James has appeared in lead roles in musical theater and fronted a heavy metal band so he has that theatrical flair that Adam Lambert had.

      Most people seem to think he is new to this but he has been appearing in various roles since 2006 when he was 17 – the age Scotty is now.

    • I disagree james is a wonderful singer and he proves it all the time .I think he deserves to win and has come along way in choices of songs . Can't wait I hope he takes it and steven sings with him

  49. James Durbin?? Seriously?? As a lifelong musician (decades, performing a multitude of styles) I haven't enjoyed a single performance of his — screechy, overblown. The only reason I listen to him is to see if there is a change, if he finally learned how to sing. Here's to hoping that he goes home tonight.

  50. no stefano not to go!!!..thiano yahoo.!!!!THIA MEGIA AND STEFANO LANGONE…MY FAVORITED..IM CONTINUE FOR VOTING STEFANO…bcoz of thia…

  51. thia megia is tha most victim among the finalist..they never give a final song to her….whe she eliminated…unlike ashton,karen,and pia..shes on top 10..not give us her final song… soooo unfair!!!!!! so i realized when tthia there…they hbrougth thia on bottom three…they want thia to go home even high votes.. did they count a voting system…no doesnt….the judged and the producer are yocrited…and favoritism….unfair…!!!

  52. Ashli Rae you are rockin this AI blog! You make this horrible season worth watching….cuz IMO? Anyone who's real? Agrees with you….James Durbin was so far ahead of the rest, I mean it was clear wasn't it?

    BTW, why don't the other people put more of a show together like he does? They're so lame with their setups….his is so far ahead of the other's stuff, creatively with the stage show! GREAT comparison to Rob Halford! I love Halford and Priest….BTW again….T-Rex sucks anyways!

    And right on about Jacob! The guy messed up he was so "into his performance"…this guy is so awed by his own greatness, and so "into it" he missed some words….yeah right Jacob, the track was messed up? Uh-huh…I hear ya..

    Keep the awesome blogs coming girlie girl…


    • I believe that American Idol messed up the track, just as Jacob said. Uh-huh. Which was pretty obvious to anyone paying attention.

  53. Was this the James show? I thought they were going to leave the camera on James while Stephano was singing? This is getting to be pretty obvious!!!

  54. I think that James & Lauren are by far the best on the show! They have amazing talent & they can sing basically anything.




    • Don't ever dare to say the word "Artist" and "making a lot of money" in the same sentence.

      If that's what you think an artist is then you don't know anything.

  56. Everyone has their opinion. I think Scotty is the best out of them all. He is a natural. He doesn't need props, he could probably sing without the music. He is a star and we will be seeing alot more of him. I love his country boy look and he's so darn polite! I sure hope he wins!

  57. so agree. plus, casey are safe for the SEXY singing from steven. James's voice become worst when he sing Muse's. Scotty are so country and that is not what idol sing for now generation.Pia or Paul I should say very talented and now, it seems only no one.

  58. stefano was great. Why are people trashing him all the time? What did he ever do to you?

    • youre correct on that it just so boring that scotty sings country music all the time i wish he would sing something different for a change

      • Agree. I love him and James. He has great country voice but he is getting boring cause he sings country all the time. He surely is a Country Idol but not AI. I hope James shall win!

  59. It's NOT necessary to criticize Scotty… he is a great singer in his own way ! He has a deep voice so that you can recognize him quickly unlike today. Today, every singers try to get the highest note in the world, they all try to sing high… but do you you recognize them on radio?? i don't know so many singers who have a deep voice, and it's better for us to listen something else. For sure, not everyone like something which don't fit the mold and i understand them. It is psychological. then i admit scotty should sing something else than country, 'cause it's american idol and you have to show you want to win !

  60. I absolutely love Scotty's deep voice. Randy says for them to find their niche and go for it. Scotty has already found his and now he is criticized? No one asks Clint Black to sings a non country song. I would hope that Scotty gets encouraged just like the others and criticized not for singing country, but for maybe his delivery or stage presence. It is plane to me that the judges put in little kudos to Casey whenever they get the chance. I personally cannot stand to listen to him snear out the side of his mouth. Just me, you have a right to enjoy that. That said, figure out what song would be a good song for Scotty and maybe he will show American he can do it.

  61. I think Scotty and Lauren will make it to the end.

    And I hope Scotty will bring home the title!

    I love country music, Elvis music is good as Steve did tell Scotty one time. John Denver was a very good country singer, with great country songs.

    He should try them!

  62. you know for a second there i thought Ashton Jones was

    RIHANNA and then when i heard the voice BOOM i was wrong it was just ASHTON

  63. I love James…and Lauren……Come on , we need a girl in the end…James will can tell if you pay any attention to anything to do with I dol at all.The judges are great, but if they stay as a trio they will deffinately be a little more judgmental as they have been.

  64. We got “pre approved” back in May for the ham program. We made two of the trial payments and then they said we should have never been approved due to our income.

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