American Idol 2011 Winner Scotty McCreery Ready To Separate From Idol

Scotty McCreery may have won American Idol this season, but he doesn’t want you to always think of him as the guy who won Idol 2011. McCreery spoke with The Boot about life after Idol and what he’s planning next. It’s a long read, but a good one for Scotty fans, so here are a few highlights.

The Boot: What kind of pressure comes with having won ‘American Idol’?

McCreery: Just the title of ‘American Idol’ is something that people can look up to. I’m not Saint Scott, I’m not Mr. Perfect but I want to be that role model.

I want to go down the same road that Carrie Underwood did — kinda separate myself from ‘Idol.’ Because when you think of Carrie Underwood now, you don’t think “‘American Idol’ Season Four winner,” you just think “Carrie Underwood.” I want to cross that bridge.

Makes sense that he wants to strike out on his own and enjoy a little freedom, but don’t shed that Idol support just yet, Scotty! Lots of good comes from that win to help push your developing career.

The Boot: Tell me about your nerves going into that [Grand Ole Opry] performance.

McCreery: I was more nervous than any time I took the ‘Idol’ stage. Country music is what I love, and that’s such an icon in the country music world; all the greats have played there. Midway through my song — I hope there’s a video, because you can see me start just cheesin’, because I’m thinking, “Am I really doing this?” It was a really cool moment.

The Boot: Will you move to Nashville?

McCreery: We’re going to see how everything works out. If the album works out really well and they decide to keep me around, maybe I’ll get an apartment here. But right now, North Carolina is still my home.

It’s great to see Scotty enjoying his new opportunities while keeping his feet on the ground by staying home and finishing out high school. With all his big successes it’s easy to forgot this is someone who just learned to drive!

Source: The Boot via USA Today