FOX Releases American Idol 2012 Audition Location Details

Finally! With just ten days until the first of the American Idol 2012 auditions FOX has decided to release the location details and registration information for each of the previously listed cities plus a date for the Denver auditions.

Check out the full list of American Idol 2012 audition dates and locations.

We now know each of the events’ locations plus when you’ll be able to start registering for the auditions themselves. You’ll have to show up 1-2 days ahead of the audition day to fill out the forms and then come back in a day or two for the audition itself. Still no word on the particular forms you’ll need to fill out for registration so maybe you’ll just want to bring a pen and something to write on.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next American Idol? Let us know if you’re attending any of the auditions and send us pictures from the events. We just might share them here on the site!




  1. I am taking my niece to audition in st. Louis and I should be arriving in st. Louis from Chicago on the 27 th… is that enough time to register to be able to audition on the 28th? We r to arrive in st Louis on the 27th around 3pm.

    • There’s no way for me to answer that with any certainty. Depends on how many people are in line when you arrive.

      I’d guess you’d be okay, but that’s just my guess.

  2. Are the audition date listed auditions with the real judges or are these preliminaries to the real judges? How many days should someone traveling from out of town allot for an audition (not counting registration days)

      • I want to take my daughter to audition in CO. We plan to arrive to register first thing on the 27th. But I have two daughter catching a flight at 6am out of Omaha, NE on the morning of the 30th. Do you think her audition would be complete early enough on the 29th for them to catch their flight or would you recommend my making other arrangements for them?

  3. How many rounds are there to go through before meeting the actual judges for the show?

  4. I have 3 daughters that will audition in Denver. Should they plan something together or strictly stay solo?

    • Heh. I only get frustrated that most folks seem to skip the details they need to come down here and ask questions that were already answered above!

  5. Just wanted to say its bogus to have an age limit. Think people 29-35 should be added. WHY they wont change they age limit?

  6. Iam auditioning in pittsburgh pa,iam from massachusetts therfore iam driving the 11 hours to get there leaving july 12, what time do they allow you to line up at hienze field? What enternce are you designated to use? And how much does the parking cost,are we better off parking outside the city and taken a bus in?

  7. My wife is bringing our daughter to audition but our 12 and 14 year children also want to go. The person auditioning can only have one person with them, correct? Is there a place were the whole family (total of 4)can wait?

  8. I have a question about the audition date on July 22nd in Charleston, NC. It says that auditions close on Friday,July 22nd at 8 a.m. and that all audition candidates will be given their arm band and will be asked to return Sat., July 23rd at 5:00 a.m. I am confused by this since the audition date is Friday, July 22nd. Can you give me some insite on this statement and tell me how long auditions usually last. We are trying to decide if we can leave on Sat. to return home after audtions. Thank you.

    • I noticed you guys fixed the info. for the Charleston auditions. I am so glad. Thank you.

  9. i cant wait to audition in 2012, i spent this whole time missing these opportunities of a lifetime and not going for my number one dream! good luck everyone and hope to see you in the southern carolina!:)

  10. Hello, I have a quick question about locations. Will any of the auditions be near California. I have a 3 month old child and I dont believe its smart to travel to far away from him at this moment. Please get back to me I understand there’s hundreds of messages you’ll be going trough. Thanks you for your time and have a wounderful day.

  11. hey I am desperate for a new life and trying to let my bio family now that I can accomplish anything, and I wanted to audition for American Idol, I have been told by many people when I sing out I have a beautiful vioce, will their be any try outs near Saint Paul MN anytime soon??

  12. I have been trying to audition for a long time, I keep being a step behind. Im from indianapolis,indiana I hope one day american idol comes to indy we have a lot of great singers….

  13. I have a question im interested in knowing the dates for new jersey I know my niece went to audition yesterday.for.todays pitsburg audition.

  14. My name is deangelo and I wont audition for American idol I’m from Chicago just wont to when will they come here and were

  15. My name is deangelo and I wont to know when an were the audition will be wont to sign up also can sing my number. 773-664-7024

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