American Idol 2011 Winner Scotty McCreery Ready To Separate From Idol

Scotty McCreery may have won American Idol this season, but he doesn’t want you to always think of him as the guy who won Idol 2011. McCreery spoke with The Boot about life after Idol and what he’s planning next. It’s a long read, but a good one for Scotty fans, so here are a few highlights.

The Boot: What kind of pressure comes with having won ‘American Idol’?

McCreery: Just the title of ‘American Idol’ is something that people can look up to. I’m not Saint Scott, I’m not Mr. Perfect but I want to be that role model.

I want to go down the same road that Carrie Underwood did — kinda separate myself from ‘Idol.’ Because when you think of Carrie Underwood now, you don’t think “‘American Idol’ Season Four winner,” you just think “Carrie Underwood.” I want to cross that bridge.

Makes sense that he wants to strike out on his own and enjoy a little freedom, but don’t shed that Idol support just yet, Scotty! Lots of good comes from that win to help push your developing career.

The Boot: Tell me about your nerves going into that [Grand Ole Opry] performance.

McCreery: I was more nervous than any time I took the ‘Idol’ stage. Country music is what I love, and that’s such an icon in the country music world; all the greats have played there. Midway through my song — I hope there’s a video, because you can see me start just cheesin’, because I’m thinking, “Am I really doing this?” It was a really cool moment.

The Boot: Will you move to Nashville?

McCreery: We’re going to see how everything works out. If the album works out really well and they decide to keep me around, maybe I’ll get an apartment here. But right now, North Carolina is still my home.

It’s great to see Scotty enjoying his new opportunities while keeping his feet on the ground by staying home and finishing out high school. With all his big successes it’s easy to forgot this is someone who just learned to drive!

Source: The Boot via USA Today




    • Dont take comment “Scotty ready to seperate from Idol”.which is worded very wrong…Read the Boot…you will find he is very thankful for AI…on a recent radio interview he was advising those who think they have a talent to go to an audition and try out…he said he could not be where he is today with out AL

  1. I loved Scotty all the way through asim a true country n western fan .I voted for him many times every week …

  2. I have seen the comment about Scotty wanting to separate himself from “Idol” in several articles and feel that many are taking this comment as a negative towards “Idol”. I don’t think that was the intent. Scotty has said on many occasions that he feels blessed by the opportunity that “Idol” has presented him. I feel Scotty just wants to be taken seriously as an artist, good for him. There have been several references by writers that suggest he has achieved fame the “easy” way, meaning he won “Idol” so he hasn’t had to claw his way up. I disagree, while he may not have spent years playing the Honky Tonk circuit I think it must take a great deal of courage to put yourself out there in front of millions to be judged on your craft. After all, he is only 17 years old, and I doubt he would even be allowed to play those venues except for maybe to a lunch crowd. I for one am delighted that I am not having to wait years to enjoy his music. I have no doubt that Scotty is grateful for all “Idol” has done for him and will continue to do for him. This young man has shown us that he is a person of integrity and is also the kind of young man that does not take blessings lightly. I would bet that in the future he will do his best to help others along the way and even promote “Idol” to those who are looking for a platform in which to present themselves. Maybe even present the award to the next “American Idol”. I feel very comfortable in saying he would always be gracious in giving credit to the entity that gave him his start in the music industry. That being said, I also think it is okay for a performer to want to be recognized as himself/herself. The word “separate” seems to be the issue, perhaps we could focus more on his actions and the fact that he is “working his tail off” to prove himself. “Idol” has given him his start, which he seems to truly appreciate, perhaps now he wants to prove that the “Idol” path is not just a means to get a little fame, but a starting place to begin a career as an artist. What a wonderful testament to the whole concept of “American Idol”. How sad it would be if a winner only wanted to be recognized by the title of “American Idol” and never try to move forward with their career. Kudos to Scotty, his fans, the music industry, song writers, radio stations and a big Kudo to “American Idol” for giving Scotty, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino, Jordan Sparks, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard, and David Cook a wonderful place to begin their careers and for giving all of us fans some truly amazing talent to enjoy. Thank you “American Idol”.

    • LOVED your post Charley..Scotty is a special guy..and a survivor of a gross amount of nasty posts…he is a gentleman at 17.

      • I agree. great post Charley. I am a big fan of Scottie’s (and Lauren’s)They are two great young people whom I wish all the success in the world!!

      • Very well said, Charley. I hope you could post this message to other sites, too. Scotty needs all the support and prayers that we can give him. For me, he really epitomizes the title “American Idol”. Not only is he a good singer – for he made other people love country music, which he CHOSE to perform all the time during the season, putting the country music “flavor” in other music genre that he had to perform yet comes out beautifully, and his voice has that quality that listening to his music is such a pleasure, not the irritating kind – BUT, the young lad also has a good heart, obedient to his parents, is humble… you can see Christian values in him….and his priorities in life (finishing school, etc.)seems to be in the right direction. So, speaking as a mom, I’d rather that my son emulate him.

      • I love what Charley said,Scotty is a great talent and will have a big career. I loved his voice from the beginning. Keep up the good work Scotty. Lauren also is wonderful love them both.

  3. Congratulations Scotty, I have never liked country music, but I love Scooty’s voice, I am a fan.

  4. Scottie you will be your own man .a fantastic country singer and will be famous like no other whom has been in the highlights of country are as great as yourself and you will make it to the top like you have started to good luck from a singer to a famous singer now you Scotti

  5. If Scotty wants to be taken seriously, he should just sing. Better than he have been successful and I always think of them as they were on American Idol. It’s good to see how much they’ve achieved.
    American Idol is a platform, and he should just be gtateful that he won and is on his way. No, I never voted for him, as I don’t think he was that good. Lauren has the better voice.

  6. I agree with the above comments. Anytime I have seen Carrie U. win an award she always mentions AI and I think Scotty will too. He is the type of kid that will respect his start on his road to stardom….

  7. When will Scotty’s album be for sale? And where? I’m ready to hear some Scotty.

  8. I am an ardent Scotty fan and have always been from the start and I dont think there is anything negative in what Scotty said. He has and is always thanking his fans for their support and even at the recent Grand Ole Opry, he mentioned that he wouldnt be here today without his fans support. I believe he is very sppreciative of his fans and idol. I hope his fans will respect him for his move and continue to support him in his career. After all, he did mention a few times that he is trying to put together a good album for his fans because he owes it to them for their support towards him. I thought that was a great commitment. I guess we as fans have to keep reminding ourselves that Scotty is not God or a Saint and we should not dissect and alalyse everything he says. It is difficult for him as well, especially when he has such a great personality and has been such a great ‘role model’ all these months on Idol, hence people subconciously expect him to be perfect or near perfect. We forget that he is only 17, and the sanity and composure he has displayed before and after winning Idol is unbelievably amazing and impressive. Which 17 year old would have been able to take that pressure and handle all the interviews so confidently. I’m sure it’s very tough on him, so let’s try to understand and support him as his fans and allow him the errors which he may make (if any) along the way and continue to encourage him. After all, we want to continue to listen to his music which is why we are here. Kudos Scotty.

  9. Very well stated Charley !! American Idol has opened the gates for his walk with his fans and his Lord . Scotty has humbled himself before us with a thankful and a greatful heart .His thankfullness is he is willing to put his vision in high places for others wanting to bring faith, hope and love in his songs and music willingness to be true to his music and stride to cross bridges others has all ready crossed . he strides to be more than worthy for you . What a great vision he has for you fans BLESS you SCOTTY. THANKS FOR LETTING AMERICA GET TO KNOW YOU AND WALK THE LIFE OF MUSIC AND SONG WITH YOU!!!!

  10. I feel we should not let articles like this influence us negatively because it can always be interpreted wrongly and wont be fair to the person being interviewed. My heart goes out to Scotty. Much as there is glamour and glory in being a winner, it comes with a price as well. People tend to have certain expectations from you as a winner, and they build their own picture of what and how a winner should behave and react. I cant imagine how terrifying it must be for Scotty, with eyes and ears watching and listening and waiting for the next move he makes or the next word that comes out of his mouth. What’s worse with some haters just waiting to pounce on him or take advantage of little comments he makes to criticse him. I would not judge him, I have seen enough of him over the last weeks and months to believe that he is far from ungrateful.He has shown humulity, sanity and a love for God and with that foundation that he has put in my mind, I will definitely not be swayed by a statement he made, which is not even negative. I respect him and will always support him in his career and will definitely buy his CDs.

  11. I’m a fan of Scotty I really like singing him while he is very mature for her age I hope the Scotty hits from Peru with love.

  12. All…you have made very positive and insightful comments about Scotty’s comment…and I totally agree. He has so often thanked Idol, everyone on Idol, his fans, his parents, and God…that I don’t think there is anyone left to thank. He is very much aware of how he got where he is and he is most grateful. I also think he wants to prove that he is indeed worthy of the title and we all know that he most definitely is. I am proud to say that I have supported him from day one and will continue to do so.

  13. You know the worst thing for me is when the show stop,It mean we stop seeing the ones we get attached during the
    season of AI.
    Me I really enjoyed the show each week,Scotty was my favorite for the beginning,he has strong values inside him,and if sucess doesn’t come along,I am sure that he will
    follow his small voice inside him saying to him;
    « I’m the first,believe in me»

  14. Scotty is a good guy. I never had a doubt about it. Headlines can be misleading. I always read further. So no surprise on that story.

    Now, I read the entire article at The Boot and found myself liking Lauren SO much! I love it when people know how to make jokes at their own expense. And that is what Lauren did in describing how she met Justin Bieber. (I am not a fan of Bieber but I get that many young ones are.) Anyway, it was so adorable and self-deprecating. I had picked up comments from the other contestants that she has a great sense of humor. And that was a good example. Loved reading that!!

  15. i knew he will be the winner since he first audition in American Idol. To be winner not only beautiful voice that you need but a good manner too.

  16. I think I know what Scotty meant. Carrie Underwood didn’t intend to separate herself from Idol. She just has so much star power that you forget she was once a contestant. She’s up there with the best of them. I think that’s what Scotty meant, and I believe he can do it.

  17. Scotty in spired me to take charge of my life and i am now trying out for season 11 american idol 🙂 im very talented and i want to my gift with th eworld

  18. Has we say in Canada theres no words we cant say, Scotty is the best of the best and ever will be the King of Country Singer for a long time to come!!!

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