American Idol 2012: Five things that would make Season 11 awesome

American Idol 2012 uditions

American Idol might be confident with where it stands, but there are a couple other shows right on its heels. I don’t think the show can really do too much wrong at this point in the game, but there are definitely some things I think it could improve upon to make the American Idol 2012 experience a great one.

So with tonight’s season premiere in mind, I’ve put together the top five things that I think would make Idol better. Who knows, by chance, we might even see some of these things happen.

1. Stop forcing kids on us. I understand that they’ve lowered the age limit and they’re looking for the next Justin Beiber. But don’t pick finalists JUST because they’re young. Pick them because they’re talented.

2. That leads me to the next idea. Keep the talent pool versatile. Don’t give us a bunch of Beibers and Swifts. Give us some rockers. Some crooners. Some divas. Mix it up more.

3. More songs! New songs! New themes! Ban overdone songs (“Feelin’ Good,” Hallelujah,” “Alone,” etc).

4. Cut the results show down to half an hour! We know this will NEVER happen, but it just has to be said anyway. The results show are so tideous and drawn-out and filled with filler. Three or more hours a week of ONE TV show is just wrong. And we’ve been doing it for years. That’s hundreds and hundreds of hours spent watching TV.

5. Don’t change anything other than the four things I mentioned. Don’t try to be anything like X Factor. Don’t go to judges’ houses. Don’t let the judges’ pick who goes home. Don’t let the judges pick the songs.

What are some things you’d like to see happen this season on American Idol?