American Idol 2012 Auditions: Pittsburgh Recap

American Idol Pittsburgh auditions

American Idol 2012 auditions continue tonight in Pittsburgh and after last night’s love-fest where we saw way more “good” than “bad” I’m wondering if we’ll get more of the same. It’s a tough balance to strike as many viewers expect the cringe-worthy Hopefuls but quickly tire of too-much-too-soon. With just an hour to spare tonight I’m guessing we’ll get more talent than tears. Let’s see what the next round of auditions have in store tonight on American Idol.

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The second stop on the judges’ tour starts with a nice little fakeout. Heejun Han gets things going with a few laughs after telling Randy and Steven that there’s only one model in their gorup. Then sure enough Heejun pulls it off and lands himself a Golden Ticket. The first of the night with many more to come.

American Idol Pittsburgh auditions - The Planker

After a run of Golden Tickets we get our first oddball with Samantha Novacek and her friend, the planker Patricia Bell. Samantha can sing. Patricia can’t. Patricia can only plank and that’s her contribution to the effort. Samantha makes it through but no word on if they’ll send her planking entourage too.

We get our typical “I wrote my own song to impress you judges” guy with Creighton Fraker. He doesn’t do a thing for me but the judges are wow’d. Randy says Creighton has a “weird voice.” I wouldn’t have expected that to be a compliment, but it earns him a Golden Ticket. Cannon fodder for later.

After a Bieber knockoff named Eben we get our sob story for the night. Retread Travis Orlando is back after last season of American Idol. Travis dropped out of high school. His mom walked out on the family. His father is on dialysis. Travis throws in tears and it’s all a recipe for a much needed GED Golden Ticket.

American Idol - Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson

When JLo is late to arrive Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson take the matter in to their hands and perform for the crowd. JLo is surely furious that she missed an opportunity to be the center of attention. Her driver is still looking for a new job.

Our first singer on the second day is Erika Van Pelt. When Erika isn’t auditioning for American Idol she’s busy as a wedding singer and DJ. Her rendition of Steven’s favorite song (how can almost every song be the judges’ favorite?) lands her a Ticket to Hollywood.

The next singer, Shane Bruce, breaks one of Branden’s Top 5 requests for American Idol 2012 with his delivery of “Hallelujah,” which he refers to as “that song in Shrek.” Sheesh. Let’s move on.

Our stint in Pittsburgh ends for American Idol with Hallie Day and sob story #2 of the night. Hallie dropped out of high school (check), tried to make it in the city but hit poverty (check), turned to addiction (check), and finally attempted suicide (check). Now she’s turned her life around and wants to be the next Idol. The judges give her a chance with the final Golden Ticket of the night.

So there we are. What did you think of the talent in the Steel City? Sure enough it was a Tour De Talent rather than Tears with 38 Golden Tickets. Next stop: San Diego auditions this Sunday night after the NFL playoffs.

American Idol JLo shorts

Tonight’s “Moment of Zen” comes courtesy of JLo’s questionable shorts which look like cutoff balloon pants better suited for a clown. Hopefully JLo’s former stylist can get a ride to her next interview from JLo’s former driver.

Confirmed Golden Ticket Holders – Pittsburgh:

  • Heejun Han
  • Reed Grimm
  • Aaron Marcellus
  • Chase Likens
  • Samantha Novacek
  • Creighton Fraker
  • Eben Franckewitz
  • Travis Orlando
  • Erika Van Pelt
  • Hallie Day




  1. here we goooooooooooo hope this night was good at last night!!! I´m excited to watch this season hope everyone is too 🙂

  2. That first guy was a surprise and the guy getting a golden ticket by singing a tv show theme good.

  3. The talent did come from the Steel City u showed 1 person from the burgh!!!!!! Sower 2 fromNY, 2 Ohio ans NJ really disappointed.

  4. Awww man my internet was down. I did see the show though. IDK still nobody has blown me away. Maybe I need to stop watching so many of these talent contests. I am numb to the all the sob stories by now and trying to focus on the talent but it just isn’t getting me excited so far. And about Jennifer’s pants…..she shoulda taken those things off! Now that would have gotten my attention….LOL See you all on Sunday night. 

  5. Oh yeah and the planking stunt was a little bit ridiculous. They both got a ticket too? Is that the way they are gonna perform with her lying there stiff as a board while her sister sings? AI has gotten desperate for acts if they let that get onto the live shows. I would have rather them put through the coal miner fella than that b/s. That’s all I have to say about that. Sigh……..

      • I’m pretty sure they both had a ticket when they came out Matt. I will look back at the recording to be sure.

      • Hi Matt,
        I saw both holding a ticket.  The planker should at least plank between
        two chairs and hold her sister up while she sings, at least that may be
        deserving of a free ride to Hollywood.  Oooops , I’m bad, sorry!

  6. I’m not sure about the planking either. I just don’t don’t know how it  can
    ever improve the quality of her sister’s singing.  But then again I am really
    getting tired of hearing the cry my eyes out stories, as if this will improve
    their singing but it never does.  Oh one more item, I hope that the next
    person/persons  that sings Hallelujah gets tonsilitis for the rest of the season. Sounds like I am complaining too much, you bet.
    Although one guy did a real con to the Judges but it worked, Heejun Han
    got my attention alright, no he will not win, not like Laundau Eugene Murphy who blew me away with his version of Fly me to the moon, that
    got me in stiches just looking at the judges faces while he was singing.

    • Gotta say I too am sick of the hard luck stories, especially in lieu of talent. (The girl in the tent? Planking? Quit high school? Please.) Just show us the talent! 

    • I agree the planking was embarrassing and BS. 

      I don’t care that the sincere coal miner sang a very deep song that is all of a sudden ‘trite’– this site reported that “Shane Bruce, breaks one of Branden’s Top 5 requests for American Idol 2012″ with is delivery of “Hallelujah.”  I’m sorry– please identify the horrible idiot that is “Branden” but when you complain about people singing a very subtle, sensitive and lesser known song, instead of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and tons of other re-hashed junk, get some music background, Branden, or post what you know about music.

      American Idol is full of musical atrocities and repeated pop crap.  In perspective, our world is the better for Jeff Buckley (rest in peace) giving a beautiful rendition of Hallelujah that some top ten American Idol contestants (Jason Castro, Lee DeWyze did it very well) also did and they were highlights of the night.

      Then a few minutes later a tall blonde girl gets a golden ticket for singer Gloria Gaynor’s disco hit, “I Will Survive”. which is trash– nice job Branden.  I don’t recall a top performance in any season of “I Will Survive.” 

      So Branden– post your musical background and who should have gone to Hollywood, Shane Bruce the coal miner who can sing, but sang a really good song that some other folks have also done, or suicide blonde for singing a disco trash era song “I Will Survive?”

      2 questions Branden– 1) what is your musical background, if any/how did you get your job and what does it pay to know zero about this topic?

      and 2) what song is more trite, the soulful “Hallelujah” or disco queen –maybe you, Branden– “I Will Survive.”?

      Please answer, or whomever owns this wretched website, I will gladly take Branden’s place.

      • @ “C”   Most of us in this blog obviously loves music, and has been a  long time fan of American Idol. We also like using a bit of  humour to make our posts interesting and fun to read.  Lighten up will ya , the coal
        miner is great guy, he did not make it  because he did not sing as good according to the judges.  We all loved Hallelujah as a song, although
        I’m getting tired of listening to it too many times.  There are many more
        songs that is available but that song is used primarily to gather emotions, which what it was intended for. If anyone wants to win with this song , then they better sing it twice better than the last one who
        did well with it or it will sound flat.  Just enjoy the show and respect
        people’s opnion.  It is all about a singing competetion.

      • Did you even read Branden’s article? I suspect not.  “Hallelujah” is one of the most overused songs on American Idol. Hence Branden’s plea for it to have a pass this season around and then BAM! it shows up in the first week.

        Who ever said “I Will Survive” was superior to “Hallelujah” or whatever is is your trying to make a comparison against? You’re being hypersensitive and overreacting.

        While you were busy ranting about what a terrible person Branden is for having a preference/opinion, I missed the part that made you qualified to do what you say he’s not allowed to.

        Take the stick out of your butt and try to lighten up, “C.”

  7. Very disappointed that no Pittsburgh contestants were on the show.  I wasn’t impressed with any of the auditions….some nice voices, but no one I see getting through the Hollywood round.

  8. I have to agree with some of the above comments…..This season so far has not moved me at all.  I guess they are hidding the real good talent for Hollywood week.  I cannot believe that they let 1/2 those people thru last night…..What is going on this year…….???????  I think I’m starting to miss the crazy ones…….I’m starting to think that they hear something we don’t.  JMHO…….!!!!!!!!!!! The bright side….it was only a one hour show…..

  9. The most outstanding thing for me was HeeJun’s smile looking so much like Elvis.  He doesn’t  look like Elvis or sound like him, but the smile is strikingly like Elvis.

    • I have to look at a video of him again, hopefully someone has it on
      the tube, I was concentrating on him pretending he has a thick korean
      accent while talking in english.  then doing a good karaoke of Michael Bolton’s song.  He may have practiced that smile too,  you never know these days how much people will do to get the golden ticket.  Oh to set the record straight, I have” korean friends” who can” teach” how to talk proper english and “phonics” in school, so I think it is a con job. 🙂

  10. The only ones that I liked were Reed and Creighton. I hope they both make it far! Hajun was funny though and pretty good as well

  11. I really wish the judges would have impressed upon Travis that he should take the time to get his GED – doubtful he will be an American Idol, and this young man REALLY needs to get an education. I actually teach GED in a prison and achieving that goal can really give a person lots of confidence, not to mention a chance to pursue other endeavors in life.

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