American Idol 2012 Hollywood Week Concludes Tonight

Tonight American Idol 2012 wraps up its coverage of Hollywood Week, and just like the auditions, we couldn’t be happier. And readers agree.

Hollywood Week this season just hasn’t been what it usually is. And that’s terribly disappointing. Especially at a time when American Idol has so much competition out there. You’d think someone would’ve decided to up the ante already this season, but we haven’t seen much of anything.

I have hope that we’ll see some great stuff once the live shows start airing. I’m quite confident, actually.

So tonight we get to see the rest of the 70 contestants who will move on to the Las Vegas Round Thursday night. I hear we might also get a special tribute to Whitney Houston. That’s not certain at the moment, so it could also happen Thursday night.

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We’ve also got some interviews with the vocal coaches where they give us some insight on how Hollywood Week goes down.