American Idol 2012: Final Hollywood Week Promo

American Idol 2012 wraps up Hollywood Week tonight and Fox put out this promo focusing less on soap opera drama and more on what the show is all about: finding the next superstar.

“These contestants know only American Idol produces real superstars,” the voice over says. Then we see the words “314 hit songs, 9 Grammys and an Oscar.” Still taking credit for Jennifer Hudson’s Oscar, I see. Oh well.




  1. An Oscar?????? Are they serious?????  I remember quite well how they bashed her when she was on Idol, especially Simon Cowell…..This was the year that Fantastia won…….She sang Summertime and became the American Idol…….Oh please spare me this BS…..I also want to know the 314 hits too!!

    • Hi Phyllis G,   You are right it was Season 3 and Fantasia did win Idol that year.  But I find it hard to accept Idol taking credit for that Oscar.  It was her talent and determination that brought her that award.  I remember how Simon had written her off early in the rotation.

      That season, she was eliminated from the top 7, and to my surprise the bottom 3 were, Fantasia , La Toya and Jennifer, and of course La Toya was safe so it was down to Jennifer vs Fantasia.  The rest is history.

      The top seven at the time was , Diana De Garmo (the runner up) George Huff , Jasmine Trias, John Stevens , all were safe then of course the 3 ladies that made up the bottom 3. I am sure that the judges at the time that Jennifer won the oscar is scratching their heads how they miss her talents, at the time she was a little plump, perhaps that’s one of the reason???

      • I was shocked that those were the bottom 3….more drama from Idol…
        Speaking of Jasmine Trias.  She sings regularly here  with a group of male Philippino singers and she is the female soloist.  She is very good.

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