American Idol 2012 Hollywood Week Concludes Tonight

Tonight American Idol 2012 wraps up its coverage of Hollywood Week, and just like the auditions, we couldn’t be happier. And readers agree.

Hollywood Week this season just hasn’t been what it usually is. And that’s terribly disappointing. Especially at a time when American Idol has so much competition out there. You’d think someone would’ve decided to up the ante already this season, but we haven’t seen much of anything.

I have hope that we’ll see some great stuff once the live shows start airing. I’m quite confident, actually.

So tonight we get to see the rest of the 70 contestants who will move on to the Las Vegas Round Thursday night. I hear we might also get a special tribute to Whitney Houston. That’s not certain at the moment, so it could also happen Thursday night.

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We’ve also got some interviews with the vocal coaches where they give us some insight on how Hollywood Week goes down.




  1. from what i’ve seen of hollywood week, it’s been a total waste of time.  and “survivor” starts tonight, another show we’ll watch but is also getting played out.  maybe randy jackson could trade places with jeff probst….”the tribe has spoken, dawg”

  2. Last week’s Wednesday show was not a waste of time…but Thursday night was a complete waste!  I’m hoping tonight there will actually be singing.  That is why we tune in.  As long as tonight’s show is more like last Wednesday I will be fine. 

  3. I’m with you Branden and every other blogger…..The live shows can’t start too soon for me.  So far this season has been a waste of my valuable time.   I used to count the months until Idol season started and this season so far has been a BIG disappointment.   I still have hope that the Live season will be awesome….

    • Hi Phyllis G. , If I am to guess what’s in store for us in tonight’s show, based on the preview clips they were showing all week long,…. more crying, more passing out, more drama and less singing!!  Unless the producers change their plan of what to show tonight.  What a contrast
      watching ” The Voice” last monday evening , yes there were some drama but there were also lots of singing, and really thats all what we are expecting from a singing competition, someone singing right??

      • Definitely right……On The Voice there is just enough Drama and interaction between the judges and plenty of singing but Idol is borderline ridiculous this season and I have no clue as to why.

  4. I agree with your Voice comment, They have not turned their chairs around for people who if they were on American Idol they would win……drama…stupid……waste of time.

    • I still think that the contestants on The Voice are not as talented as those on American Idol.  There have been many occassions on The Voice when a contestant starts singing a song when I think of a past contestant on Idol that would sing it so much better!  Granted, I think the talent is much better this year.  There are a few contestants that stand out for me, but we shall see what happens.

    • We are supposed to see groups and whatever other round they have this year in Hollywood week.  We find out who is sent to Vegas for the next round.  That round should be on tomorrow night.  I’m not sure when we see The Green Mile episode and find out who is in the top 24.

  5. The producers won’t listen, of course, to anyone but themselves, but lose the group grope for cryin’ outloud.  Its a total cluster hump, and no one is interested in the drama.  We watch the show for the musical performances and nothing else.  If that is not what your gonna give us, a lot of us are gonna be checkin’ out and goin’ elsewhere.  This has really been dismal.  The Judges have got to be feeling they are stuck in the middle of a bad acid trip.

  6. I am a dedicated watcher of American Idol. I think it is unfair to the contestants of the show to have to perform with groups. They are solo singers being judged by a singing group. Not impressed at all. Think I will find something else to wtch.

  7. I was disappointed with Idol last night…they let us see all the drama but they don’t let us see some of the performances I really wanted to see!! Britney Kerr was the whole package and I want to know what her last performance was like and whether it was just J Lo being jealous or what!!!

  8. What happened to Ashley Robles from San Diego. I watched the whole Idol show last night and didn’t see her at all?????  She was slated for Hollywood but I never saw her there. She was way too good to have been cut for anything other than an eligibility issue. Does anyone know if that is what happened. I know she had a few record contracts 10 years ago and maybe they decided that made her ineligible???????????????

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