American Idol 2012: Hollywood Week Final Night Recap

Finally. After weeks of sputtering and choking, American Idol 2012 takes off. We finally got to hear some great singing and feel some emotion from and for these contestants.

But before Hollywood Week concluded, there were still plenty of sick people. But an even bigger outbreak were forgotten lyrics. I was starting to think the Top 24 this year would consist of ONLY people who didn’t pass out on stage or forget the lyrics.

The people finally started singing well. For example:

Groove Sauce. Consisting of standouts Creigton Fraker and Reed Grimm, they nailed their performance. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a strong group performance during Hollywood Week. They were all put through to the next round Easily.

Hollywood Five. This group’s performance of “Mercy” was phenomenal as well. The biggest standout of their group was Jeremy Rosado.The entire group was put through to the next round

The group performances weren’t all good, however. For example:

The Bettys. Possibly the biggest train wreck of the night, their version of “Hit Em Up Stlye” was an embarassment. I can’t even believe a group of girls who were good enough to make it to Hollywood Week could deliver such garbage.

Make You Believes. First of all, the team name is dumb. And the performance was awful. Early standout Amy Brumfield forgot her lyrics, which set into motion a chain reaction.

From then on,¬†contestants were forgetting lyrics left and right. People were mumbling, making up lyrics, throwing in a lot of “oh ohs” and “yeah yeahs” and just sucking in general.

And speaking of sucking, there’s one particular stage mother who is doing nothing to promote her personality. Brielle Von Hugel’s mom, as I’ve said before, should be ashamed of herself. She was shown on camera cringing when Kyle Crews was singing as part of Briellle’s group. Then after he was cut (and her daugther was put through) she was hypocritcal and told Kyle he has a great voice and everyone loves him. And yes, she’s an adult. Shame on her.

During group rounds, the number of contestants went from 185 to 98. Among the fallen (no pun intended) was Symone Black. You might remember her from when her illness was exploited during last week’s episodes.

And then it was the solo rounds with the backing band. The best part of the week. The best of the night: Joshua Ledet, Colton Dixon, Phillip Phillips, Jen Hirsh, Creighton Fraker, Adam Brock, Skylar Laine and Reed Grimm.

Reed is shaping up to be a front runner. He’s clearly a musical genius — a prodigy even. He had 30 minutes to learn a song and he not only learned it, he drummed it. Amazing performance.

It was no surprise that all those I just mentioned were put through to the Las Vegas round during the final Hollywood Week cuts. Like always, the contestants were placed into different rooms, this year four different rooms. Rooms 1, 2 and 4 were all put through, while room 3 were sent home.

That’s 70 contestants onto Las Vegas and before it’s all said and done, we’ll have our American Idol 2012 Top 24. Who are you hoping makes it through? Who were you disappointed to see go?