American Idol 2012: Hollywood Week Final Night Recap

Finally. After weeks of sputtering and choking, American Idol 2012 takes off. We finally got to hear some great singing and feel some emotion from and for these contestants.

But before Hollywood Week concluded, there were still plenty of sick people. But an even bigger outbreak were forgotten lyrics. I was starting to think the Top 24 this year would consist of ONLY people who didn’t pass out on stage or forget the lyrics.

The people finally started singing well. For example:

Groove Sauce. Consisting of standouts Creigton Fraker and Reed Grimm, they nailed their performance. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a strong group performance during Hollywood Week. They were all put through to the next round Easily.

Hollywood Five. This group’s performance of “Mercy” was phenomenal as well. The biggest standout of their group was Jeremy Rosado.The entire group was put through to the next round

The group performances weren’t all good, however. For example:

The Bettys. Possibly the biggest train wreck of the night, their version of “Hit Em Up Stlye” was an embarassment. I can’t even believe a group of girls who were good enough to make it to Hollywood Week could deliver such garbage.

Make You Believes. First of all, the team name is dumb. And the performance was awful. Early standout Amy Brumfield forgot her lyrics, which set into motion a chain reaction.

From then on, contestants were forgetting lyrics left and right. People were mumbling, making up lyrics, throwing in a lot of “oh ohs” and “yeah yeahs” and just sucking in general.

And speaking of sucking, there’s one particular stage mother who is doing nothing to promote her personality. Brielle Von Hugel’s mom, as I’ve said before, should be ashamed of herself. She was shown on camera cringing when Kyle Crews was singing as part of Briellle’s group. Then after he was cut (and her daugther was put through) she was hypocritcal and told Kyle he has a great voice and everyone loves him. And yes, she’s an adult. Shame on her.

During group rounds, the number of contestants went from 185 to 98. Among the fallen (no pun intended) was Symone Black. You might remember her from when her illness was exploited during last week’s episodes.

And then it was the solo rounds with the backing band. The best part of the week. The best of the night: Joshua Ledet, Colton Dixon, Phillip Phillips, Jen Hirsh, Creighton Fraker, Adam Brock, Skylar Laine and Reed Grimm.

Reed is shaping up to be a front runner. He’s clearly a musical genius — a prodigy even. He had 30 minutes to learn a song and he not only learned it, he drummed it. Amazing performance.

It was no surprise that all those I just mentioned were put through to the Las Vegas round during the final Hollywood Week cuts. Like always, the contestants were placed into different rooms, this year four different rooms. Rooms 1, 2 and 4 were all put through, while room 3 were sent home.

That’s 70 contestants onto Las Vegas and before it’s all said and done, we’ll have our American Idol 2012 Top 24. Who are you hoping makes it through? Who were you disappointed to see go?




  1. Heejun is still my favorite and although he wont win im wanting to help him get as far as possible, he is awesome.

  2. Also am I the only one who finds Adam Brock annoying, no offense but it really sounds like he trying to force me to feel sorry for him and it makes me gag a little, especially since he really doesnt have a sob story at all.  I wouldn’t mind him if he just sang like most of the people.

  3. I am a little confused. If the contestant sing bad but the judges want him/her to stay, they based their verdict from everything they have done; but if they just want to let them go, it is just based on their last performance. Which one is it? What is the real rule of thumb here? The judges better come clean and smarter with their Judging comments. We are much better educated.

  4. Finally saw Ashley Robles.Let’s see what happened in Vegas. I’m curious as to why she is not on the top 24 spoiler list

    • she was cut and dint make it to top 42.. but there is jessica sanchez takented than ashley worry

      • Jessica Sanchez is WAY more skilled technically and vocally than Ashley Robles. the reason why Jessica got airtime is because the producers editing the feed can see somethkng marketable with her. she will bring in the ratings because she has a uniqueness to her….AND unlike Ashley Robles, Jessica does not have to try hard with her personality. Jessica isn’t trying to act “cool” or “street” like how Ashley was when she auditioned saying to Randy, “THAT”S WHAT I’M TALKIM BOUT! WHAT?!” oh paleez, Ashley…Randy was just being nice to you, but deep down inside he was thinking, “who is this girl tryin to come off like she from the hood? shut up!”

    • because Ashley Robles sounds very “ordinary” compared to the other singers. Yes, she has a high range, but there is more to it than just singing high notes. She is not unique enough vocally to stand out. As offensive as it may sound to her supporters…they are blind to the fact that it’s true. She received hardly any airtime because she wasn’t interesting as a vocalist and as a person. Her “single mother/multiple jobs” story has been told for years. She isn’t the first. One more note, Ashley tried too hard which resulted in her sounding OUT OF TUNE!

  5. What was the song they were playing when they sent room #3 home.. sounded like REM but I don’t think its them

  6. When I saw Skylar Laine — my first thought was “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

    actually that was my second thought too — being country is one thing…. Being KAWNTRY is something completely different….

  7. Who is the big guy who was sweating so much and talking to his mom on the phone during his tryout.  He was very good and they never showed him again…..until last night that he made it through.  I’d love to know more about how he did….

    I like Grimm but he’s a bit quirky, but excellent performer.  I also like the Ledet kid….he’s got some serious pipes.  He will be Top 12 — hope he does well.

    I was glad to just finally get some singing  — and enjoyed most of it!  Did get tired of hearing “Georgia” though — aren’t there other songs they can sing?  Like “Mercy” ?  lol  (j/k)

  8. I’ve been following these comments from each article, and I’m honestly sick of how negative everyone is about the show. The show really is not that different from Yeats before, and in fact, the show has crazy talent this year. Last night’s show proved that. The the singers they showed last night out sang anyone we have seen on the voice so far this year.

    I’m still a little pissed though, that they haven’t shown Hollie Cavanagh sing at all yet, but you keep seeing her make it through each round.

    I’m really starting to gain new favorites, including Jen Hirsh and Creighton. I’m really excited about tonight’s show.

    • Kris,

      WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!! Finally someone I agree with wholeheartedly and completely.  My goodness, everyone was complaining last week about not having music for ONE SINGLE EPISODE and how they felt rebuked and betrayed for their loyalty.  PAAALEAASE!  Anyway, I too, whole heartedly agree about Hollie Cavanagh, who is my favorite going into this year.  Such a strong voice and her audition made me cry over and over and over again.

      I enjoy Hajun and Phillip Phillips, but my absolute favorite so far is Baylee Brown.  She has grown and so is her voice.  I am not a fan of country, but she is amazing.

  9. Can anyone tell me the song playing in the background as the idol judges told the first group that they were eliminated?

  10. I actually wasn’t annoyed by Reed Grim last night and quite enjoyed him, before he just annoyed me.  Hopefully he keeps it up and doesn’t revert to singing sitcom jingles, or songs from musicals.

  11. Others I enjoyed where Phillip Phillips, Joshua LeDay, and Jen Hirsh. Hopefully this show will continue to focus more on the talent of the contestants and not pointless drama like last week.

  12. Am I the only one here that is not conviced that this year’s Idol does not come close to previous Idols??   I really only saw a few that did stood out among the hundreds that was in the group and I was thinking maybe because the rest of the singers did so bad.  Most were singing flat , sharp
    off pitch , forgetting the lyrics , poor stage presence on top of passing out
    and other dramatics that usually comes on group night.
    I am doing my best to like the show but I am having a real hard time doing it
    and so far I have not chosen a favourite that I normally at this point would already be hooting for, but no none so far.  Yes , I know about the top 24
    and I’ve had the oportunity to see some of them sing , but sorry no one as of yet had made any impact to me to choose a favourite.
    No , I am not tone deaf , I am not blind , I am a musician and I am crazy for music.  And most of all I know when I hear a good singer , a bad singer and I singer that stands out .  Perhaps I have been spoiled by some of the new talent shows  last year, XFactor’s Melanie , The Voice’s Javier Colon, Xfactor Australia’s Reece and Andrew.  Strictly my opinion LOL

    • I have to disagree with you. Those guys are good singers, but I don’t think they even come close to some of the talent on idol this year and years past.

      • I have watched Idol from season 1 to now, and I agree if we count previous seasons, but I am only talking about this season in particular. Surely you can not ignore most of the comments here unless you work for American Idol , just kidding!!  I know you love Idol and so do I.
        Please be realistic, and enjoy the show.  I am hoping that by the time
        we get into the live show and the real competition begins that the level
        and the quality of their performances will go up.

    • I am in the same boat as you Pepe. I am not seeing the caliber of talent that I have seen in the past and on like shows in other countries. The X Factor Australia had massive talent this year and it was proven when the winner’s single and his debut album were both certified platinum upon release and also knocked his mentor out of the number one spot he had held for several weeks. Also it is the first time that I know of that the winner was allowed to release full studio recordings of the songs that he sang throughout the show as a debut album along with his winner’s single. I may be wrong about that but I don’t think it’s been done before. I don’t even remember nor have I found evidence of an X Factor contestant releasing studio versions of their on stage performances. I have seen the studio performances from idol but not from X Factor.  Someone spent a lot of money and pulled a lot of strings to make that happen and that had to be coupled with a lot of confidence if you ask me. 

      I have seen a snippet of someone who I think I can throw my support behind in this idol group who really surprised me but I am not willing to say who it is at this point. I don’t even know if this particular contestant is in the top 24. I looked at the top 24 spoilers a couple of weeks ago and it was a mistake because I lost interest in the show for a week or so but I have successfully blocked it out of my memory and I wont look at it again. So I really can’t remember a single name on that list at this point. 

      But it is getting better and these contestants are stepping it up a little. If that trend continues we will get there I think. So I am hoping for the best but at the same time lowering my expectations and hoping I get pleasantly surprised.

      • I am looking forward in seeing your selection, you never know it may match with mine LOL.  At last I found someone who shares my observations , I do hope that eventually Idol will kick it to 2nd and 3rd gear and finish with a great show and a great new found talent !!

  13. FINALLY……..a singing competition…….I heard people sing last night that I had never heard before last night and if I did they hadn’t impressed me at that time.  To me Jen Hirsch was definitely a standout.  Infact in the last hour I got to hear some really good singers but I haven’t heard all the Top 24 sing yet (I guess,  maybe they are saving the best for last?)

    I still don’t know what happen to Ashley Robles.  Someone said in the above comments that they saw her.  

    Well I’m expecting tonight to be really good…….Maybe, just maybe American Idol is back on track!!!!!!!!!

  14. Heehjun Han
    The reason is I do not know, but when I hear the voice
    For some reason, tears are coming out .
     I want to buy his album.

  15. I like Heehjun too — but his inability to pronounce “Ls” will hurt him down the line……it’s hard to sing a song without finding the words “Like”, “Love”, “Live”, etc. 

    I think he’s hilarious — and if nothing else, maybe he will get his own tv show!  I know I’d watch….

    • I agree, he is very funny, what is so good about him is you don’t expect for him to sing as good as he does especially when he jokes around!!
      I hope he does well, he might not go all the way but a lot of people are really liking him a lot.

  16. Blair Mozingo was seen so much last night in Hollywood but we never heard her sing….she made it all the way until last night…what a waste of air time still showing all that drama….the viewing audience has really missed out on a great voice and the judges have sent home one of the best singers.  What a true loss for this show… will not be watching anymore.

  17. Am I the only one wonderding about Emily Vasquez?  She was on Glee Project last summer as one of the twelve (or was it 10?) vying for a guest arc on Glee.  To have made it on Glee Project….she must have been great…..she was very talented…..but my question is….other than cursory camera pans we never see her on Idol.  I am not sure whether she made it or not, and I am curious if the Glee Project spot was the reason for her “hidden” status?

    • i agree she’s very talented but why wouldn’t they at least show a little snipit of her singing or something  it makes me a lil mad they didn’t show her cu i loved her on the glee project

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