American Idol 2012 Las Vegas Round Tonight

The 70 remaining American Idol 2012 hopefuls head to Las Vegas tonight for the Performance Challenge on stage in Cirque du Soleil’s Viva Elvis Theatre at Aria Resort & Casino.

After last night’s grueling cuts and great performances, I hope we’re all energized and ready to see another good episode tonight. Only 48 of the 70 will make it past Las Vegas before heading to that final walk as the Top 24 is built.

The theme for the Las Vegas round is the 1950s (and maybe the 1960s). I guess it makes sense since it is the Elvis stage and all. But when is Idol going to make the production as young as its cast?

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  1. Branden…..Question?  Will we have the top 48 tonight and next week the Top 24?

  2. Hi Phyllis G. I have a question for Branden too……When are they cutting down to the top ten?

    • Hello Sherry, We have a long ways to go to the Top 10….LOL…..Once it hits the Top 24 it goes live TV……

  3. Well Phyllis, My head must be in a cloud then! I thought they were cutting them down to 30 last night???  But my husband said they kept way more than 30???   Have you noticed how different Steven Tyler and JLO are this year. Steven is taking notes and  interacting with the contestants this year. I mean he is doing his job this year!!! JLO too. I think someone gave them a talking to!  I just love Steven Tyler though! He is just so funny. He makes me laugh a lot. I wouldn’t watch if he wasn’t there. And I am still waiting on ADAMS new cd. Well, they will be bumping off a lot more tonight. I really like AI better than Simons show.
     I don’t want to be mean!  But his show gave me a head ache. Too much bickering among the judges. And too much pomp and other over  blown things that were not needed!!! How did you like it when Steven and Randy went on stage and played and sang with the kids?  I have fun with things like that!   Bye for now.

  4. Las Vegas gets 64, at least thats how many showed last year.  I believe its down to 12 guys and 12 girls after Vegas

  5. Wait, now I remember, there is a Private solo session right before the Top 24 show, so maybe more make it.

  6. Its all coming back to me, they have a 2 hour show on who makes it to the top 24, showing the private solo sessions.  Yes…Yes…

  7. Well ….East Tennessee ain’t too happy with American Idol right now…2 years in a row and Janelle still didn’t make it and some of the singers that were REALLY worse than her did… it right judges or not at all!

    • What’s the name of the song or artist the 4 guys sang that was ” Are the Stars out tonight, I don’t know if it’s cloudy or bright. Sorry I only know the words bu not the nmae of song or artist. Do You? ST

  8. I can’t believe they let Johnny Keyser go, I think they need new judges, they had a real talent there. I like the jazz guy also but don’t know if the voters will give him the votes. I won’t be watching this year.  Boring now!

      • I totally agree, he was amazing! What were they thinking? Although do you remember, they always seem to invite someone back, maybe it will be Johnny:)

    • I agree-I’ve seen every season thus far and will NOT be watching form tonight on as they cut Britnee and Johnny.  No male or female they put through is better than either of them.  Johnny Keyser deserved to win this season!  Not sure what the judges were thinking….

    • Mui, Fox cut Johnny to prepare him for next year.  Too many rising stars, they are forcasting for the future seasons.  You dont believe American Idol simply thinks this year…do you?

  9. The sister in the last group cut was strong and awesome. Boo judges. That’s why I stop watching after eliminations. You always cut all the black women first.

  10. i can;t believe you put them people through, and let them go in the same day thats terrible

  11. How can I download the songs performed by the two guys. It was great. What was the title of the song

    •  Mui,

      Fox cut Johnny to prepare him for next year.  Too many rising stars, they are forcasting for the future seasons.  You dont believe American Idol simply thinks this year…do you?

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