American Idol 2012: Jessica Sanchez and Erika Van Pelt Interview Each Other

The American Idol 2012 Idols Live! tour launch is just around the corner and the Idols are in full rehearsal mode. Ahead of the tour, we’ve got interviews with the Season 11 Top 10 (Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter) where they talk about the tour and give us a little insight on what to expect.

Oh, and they’re interviewing each other. In this video, its runner-up Jessica Sanchez and Erika Van Pelt passing the microphone back and forth. What did the two girls have to say to each other?

Jessica will not miss the judges’ critiques during the tour, she says. Erika still feels like a normal person, despite her season 11 fame. Both girls agree that it’s cool to have fans, but they don’t exactly feel famous. Find out what else the two girls had to say to each other.

Who out there is going to the Idols Live! concert this summer? Are you excited?