American Idol 2012: Jessica Sanchez and Erika Van Pelt Interview Each Other

The American Idol 2012 Idols Live! tour launch is just around the corner and the Idols are in full rehearsal mode. Ahead of the tour, we’ve got interviews with the Season 11 Top 10 (Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter) where they talk about the tour and give us a little insight on what to expect.

Oh, and they’re interviewing each other. In this video, its runner-up Jessica Sanchez and Erika Van Pelt passing the microphone back and forth. What did the two girls have to say to each other?

Jessica will not miss the judges’ critiques during the tour, she says. Erika still feels like a normal person, despite her season 11 fame. Both girls agree that it’s cool to have fans, but they don’t exactly feel famous. Find out what else the two girls had to say to each other.

Who out there is going to the Idols Live! concert this summer? Are you excited?




  1. JESSICA SANCHEZ SOOOO PRECIOUS !!!! LITTLE GIRL GONNA BE A SUPERSTAR !!! SIT BACK AND WATCH !!!! I pray we all get to watch her on GLEE !!!! After the the tour !

  2. the hollywood reporter carried a news item about jessica’s role in Glee three days ago. would have been more exciting to hear more on this, but okay, i hear yah.

    am i excited? about what?

  3. Just as when she sings, Jess tends to mumble rather than enunciate her words.  I’m not ripping on her, just stating a fact.  Don’t agree?  Watch it again.

    • unlike the british, americans tend to mumble their words. the australians even mumble more. now, don’t ask me how asian indians do their own mumbling, much less the chinese. lol

      • Well, Erika’s diction is spot on, so it’s not an American thing.  Yes, some kids do mumble, but you’d think the voice coaches would be teaching her to be conscious of that.  

    • She does and she is not a real out going personality at all
      and you really need that to make it anywhere in the music business and tours and interview and stuff

      • she’s already in business! she has done interviews and stuff already and she has been praised a lot doing these. where have u been these past few weeks? seems like u don’t have a clue what’s been in store for js?

  4. Jess fans, more good news

    Ryan Murphy, producer of Glee has confirmed Jessica Sanchez will appear on multiple episodes of Glee’s Season 4. He said “We are so excited to get Jessica as a guest cast member”. He explains that Jessica’s character, Bebe Sez, will be introduced as a young 16 year old mixed race (“Flip”) illegal alien from Mexico. Her parents have abandoned her in the tomato fields of Ohio, leaving her to live all alone in a large fruit crate.

    Another new character, Carlos (played by William Hung), will be introduced as a mean and self-serving singing Filipino pimp. His life is plagued with one failure after another. Carlos meets Jessica at a soup kitchen where the cast of Glee is singing “Hits for the Homeless”. While at the soup kitchen, Will Schuester hears Bebe singing with the group sing along and uses his extensive Spanish language skills to befriend Bebe.  He invites her to attend school and to join the glee club. Will hears Carlos’s singing and emphatically tells Carlos to stop singing and that he isn’t welcome at the glee club. This inflames Carlos with jealousy and he immediately becomes obsessed with Bebe and in controlling her for his own needs and purposes. Bebe moves in with Carlos into his mother’s basement and Carlos convinces Bebe to become a singing prostitution in order to obtain the luxurious lifestyle she had been obsessed with since age 5.

    For months, Bebe does the singing Prostitute at night and singing student during the day thing. She soon grows tired of the exploitation by Carlos and his mamma. Slowly, through her involvement with the glee club, she discovers her life’s dream and purpose. Bebe loves to dance and sing the national anthems of the world. Naturally, the glee club supports her efforts and puts together a fabulous show of the world’s national anthems, starring Bebe Sez.

    Unfortunately, Bebe becomes pregnant and infected with multiple STDs preventing her from doing the show. Bebe now hates Carlos for the mess she thinks he put her in. Carlos commits suicide by chewing on an electrical cord and getting electrocuted. Bebe is relieved and overjoyed with her new freedom from Carlos. She gets an abortion, finds a good STD clinic, and finally gets to star in an encore presentation of the “National Anthems of the World” show. Bebe gets lucky, a Russian movie produce, Putin Robthemall is in the audience and immediately signs Bebe to a contract to make the “National Anthems of the World” into a movie. Bebe makes millions, marries Will, and sends her parents a bag of rice. As Will’s new wife, she is open to additional appearances on Glee.

    • carlos: tocallo, what do “glee” and “kidney”
      have in common?

      Carlos: the letter E?

      carlos: no

      Carlos: What, u crazy dawg.

      carlos: both require only One. u only
      need 1 kidney; the producer only needs 1 in glee

      Carlos: Only 1 needed in Glee? Well, I’m
      sure it’s the Idol Philip, right?

      carlos: yeah, of course.

      Carlos: Oh yeah, O Philip, my paramour.
      Are you serious buddy?

      carlos: oh yeah, he’s been picked to be a
      good model of the “how not to sing” episode.

  5. sorry, paigeburton. but i thought i wrote… americans TEND to mumble… no, it is not an american thing; it’s a “tendency.” i dunno why. but british people don’t speak “dunno” or “gonna” or “tryna” etc. etc. 

    but i hear yah, older people, e.g., voice coaches or mentors, must teach teenagers how to enunciate when needed; and mentors could have, likewise, advised philip how to sing effortlessly, i.e., without distorting his face.

    • No, Brits don’t say “dunno”, however they say “init?” rather than “isn’t it?”.  They also say “wif” instead of “with” [particularly cockneys].  But the voice coaches [IMO] are shortchanging Jess by not improving her elocution, as that was a common complaint from posters during the competition.

  6. I ran out of my medications last week and starting to be really confused.

    • dude, tocallo, it’s correct to say: I HAVE RUN out of medication last week and so now I am starting….  but ur sentence above can stand; just put a comma after “week.” 

      the simple past tense (ran) requires another simple past tense in the 2nd clause. i’m not sure, but does “medication” have a plural form? i think the proper term is “doses of medication,” similar to “information,” which does not have a plural form, but u say “pieces” or “bits” of information to make it plural.

  7. I going to go to Jessica’s house this weekend for a barbecue. They having my favorite dishes; rat on a stick and roasted dog with rice.

    I can’t wait to brush Jessica’s hair and paint her toenails.

      • to my black-colored name tocallo: wow, tocallo, it rhymes… better dead than red. very good tocallo. dude u really “sound” like lordklein or branden or taymaro or vanessa or pally… i haven’t read matt’s article much so it’s hard to say if he’s one of u. hhhmmm, any rate, very nice. i feel honored to have sibilings like u guys, lol.

    • philip and jessica looking at a full moon
      while waiting for the result of glee audition:

      jessica: philip which do u think is
      closer, the moon or london?

      philip: hello….  we can’t even see london from here, and u asked?

    • single men on a weekend act very much like sper m–all disorganized, bumping into their friends, swimming in the wrong direction… lol

  8. aha, carlos, u have a new name

    so what?

    vanessa doesn’t like that, u know.

    everybody takes aliases for fun, why

    well, only if ur pro-phillips like
    pally45 or vanessa.

    oh well, i can’t beat that my friend.

    ur impersonating, carlos!

    what? i don’t even know who is real here
    on the web; how can i impersonate someone whom i don’t even know?

    ur stealing names, carlos.

    u have stolen mine and now u say i’m the

    but how can one steal something that is
    of no value, anyway?

    so ridiculous, lol.

    and now, what, ur gonna punish me?

    oh yeah!
for what?

    for not liking philip’s voice.

  9. HAHA. I already watched this, I think all of them did the interview with each other thing but haven’t seen it yet. :)) I hope to know and hear more from EVP~ 🙂

  10. to jessica fan club and vanessa and allies (branden? matt? pally? lordklein? who else?) congratulations, u have succeeded in “obliterating” me on this blog site (temporarily only, sorry). i will be on “vacation” for a while to take care of phillips’ family. i will be back though. meanwhile, my tocallo, carlos, will be here to entertain u. 

    it’s so cool to have a twin brother. bear with the both of us, one in black, one in red. but oh, my twin, tocallo, might change his color, too. oh my, oh my, that’s really very depressing, oh oh oh, doctor, oh oh oh.. gimme that medication and bring me HOME. oh oh oh… lol

    • Wow….the Carlos brothers are just annoying at this point…not funny….just annoying.  Glad you are entertaining yourselves….because I am sure that is about the only ones you are entertaining…you guys need to find something else to do….idiots!

      • oh i thought u were one of those anti-jessica fans who tried to “steal” my name? 

        and so what if had nothing else to do? none of ur business at all!

      • mmcrell: are u two brothers?
        Carlos: yeah
        carlos: no

        mmcrell: how come u speak spanish differently
        Carlos: yeah i speak formally
        carlos: i speak fluently

        mmcrell: both of u don’t have jobs to do?
        Carlos: No
        carlos: what are u talking about, this is my job…to defend jessica from the anti-jessica pro-phillips’ fan base….  lol

      • Ha ha ha. ha ha. They’re barking up the wrong tree! Sorry Sir Carlos but you’re a hell cool of a guy! You breezed through it like a real intellectual with the humor and all and they tried to outwit you but to no avail.  Congratulations, Sir.

  11. pally: you’re VERY annoying, carlos
    which one: the original one or the fake one?

    both of u
    well, one of them likes philip; the other does not

    whatever, the other one who does not like philip is VERY annoying.

  12. Branden,

        I am excited to announce that I will be attending the American Idols Live tour in North Charleston, SC on August 6, 2012 and I will be taking my two young nieces with me courtesy of AmericanIdolNet(dot)com and AEG!!! A HUGE Thank You to Matthew, Branden and AEG for this chance to (hopefully) inspire each of them to do something positive with their life through this experience!!!  

    The very first time I have EVER won anything in my life and I am just so proud to be able to pay it forward and treat each of them to a great experience that I am sure they will enjoy and remember for a long time! 

    Thanks Again Matt, Branden and AEG!!!!

    • Wow….good for you…have a great time.  Your dedication to Idol has finally paid off!!  Haven’t always agreed with you….but you are entertaining most of the time….except when you get going on the conspiracy theories! lol!
      Will you come clean if you go and your favorite is Phillip?? lol!  I know it probably won’t be….but for me that would be poetic justice!! Ha!
      Again, have a great time….I’m sure you are the best ‘Uncle’ ever tonight!

      • in case u don’t know:
        taymaro, you might wanna tell branden that “Philip” is spelt with one “l” only, not 2, but yes “Phillips” has 2 l’s. lordkalvinreklein also spells it the same way as you and branden do. you might also wanna correct lordklein.

      • in case u don’t know:

        taymaro, you might wanna tell branden that “Philip” is spelt with one “l” only, not 2, but yes “Phillips” has 2 l’s. lordkalvinreklein also spells it the same way as you and branden do. you might also wanna correct lordklein.

    • taymaro, you might wanna tell branden that “Philip” is spelt with one “l” only, not 2, but yes “Phillips” has 2 l’s. lordkalvinreklein also spells it the same way as you and branden do. you might also wanna correct lordklein.

      • I think it actually has two “l’s”. Every where I look that is how it’s spelled. I guess it depends on how his parents spelled it on his birth certificate. 

  13. Yehey I am very excited to watch the tour especially Jessica she’s the best of all.  Jessica is sooooo cooool. God bless her!

    • another one: jessica and erika

      jessica is it true that ur a fan of philip?
      oh yeah, that’s true
      how come?
      well, remember i’m a teen, and teens all like handsome philip.

      but ur fans don’t like him at all
      never mind, they’re all kill joy though they’re sensible and mature

      har har har, corny voz… bien corny voz que ver!

  14. philip and jessica:

    why do u mumble ur words?
    why do u distort ur face?

    why do u mumble ur words?
    why do u skip ur notes?

    why do u mumble your words?
    why not if i can rumble.

    why do u mumble ur words?
    so ur fans will have somethin to grumble

    • Lopez…she doesn’t acknowledge her Mexican heritage, she ‘s all about being Filipino.

  15. If you watch the other interviews, Skylar/Josh and Colton/Heejun, they are passed the mike when they are speaking. Erica did not aim the hand mike toward JS. Could be why she appears to be mumbling and hard to hear. BTW Skylar, Heejun and Jessica had clipped on mikes and if the hand mike wasn’t directed at them it was difficult to hear them. Just my observation.

    • You know nothing. Jess had hidden mic, but AI producers reprocessed her voice to make her look stupid.

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