American Idol 2012 Tour: Skylar Laine and Joshua Ledet Interview Each Other

The American Idol 2012 Idols Live! tour launch is getting closer and the Idols are in full rehearsal mode. Ahead of the tour, we’ve got interviews with the Season 11 Top 10 (Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter) where they talk about the tour and give us a little insight on what to expect.

In this video Skylar Laine and Joshua Ledet are asking each other questions about their time during season 11 and what they’re looking forward to on the tour.

“I can’t wait to meet fans on tour,” Skylar said. She also talks about how crazy it is to have so many Twitter and Facebook followers.

Joshua says there is one week from season 11 that he would like to go back and do some tweaking.

“If I could do over any song it would be my Billy Joel song,” Joshua said. “It was the worst week for me.





  1. Weird duo to have interviewing each other…and we didn’t get to hear Joshua’s answer to what he brings from home.

  2. Skylar is such a no talent hillbilly. Jess is so much better than her. No one wants skylar, she doesn’t have a record contract and needs to lose a ton of weight.

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