Phillip Phillips Set For First Post-Surgery Performance

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Phillip Phillips. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Usually the person who wins American Idol spends the first several weeks performing on talk shows, events and concerts, but American Idol 2012 champ Phillip Phillips has been recovering from kidney surgery.

Phillip is happy to report that he is ready to perform again and has his first show since the surgery set. He’ll be a part of there performers at the Fourth of July on Washington D.C.’s National Mall.

The Idol winner will perform his hit single “Home” before an expected crowd of more than 300,000 just before the annual fireworks. He’ll be joined by country singer Josh Turner, actress and singer Megan Hilty, actor and Broadway star Matthew Broderick and more.

Two weeks ago, reigning American Idol Phillip Phillips had surgery to remove the kidney stones that had been plaguing him. The recovering Idol is happy to report that he’ll be performing again on the Fourth of July on Washington D.C.’s National Mall.

“It’s probably the biggest thing I’ve ever done besides American Idol,’ Phillip said. “I’m just excited to get out there and do my first real live performance since everything that’s been going on.”




  1. Ole Phillip! He’s a trooper aint he? Why is he not performing “The Star-Spangled Banner” though?

      • to Taymaro
        i was not one of them watching her
        shes good
        but she is young and has a lot to learn

    • he might just actually do well imitating the marvin gaye version (1983, were u already born guys then, lol) of the anthem!

      • Out out damn spot……………ah you don’t know Shakespere.   My point being you’re on the wrong thread.

    • or better yet, idk guys if u ever heard of this song “knife” by rockwell, which was famous in the early 80’s neck and neck with the already # 1 bonnie tyler’s “total eclipse of the heart–” yeah, perhaps philip can learn this song, adjust it down one octave lower…  “knife, cuts like a knife…” and this song will bring any house down! lol

      •  Phillip sings new and modern stuff, suggest the old stuff for Jess, that’s what she’s into.

      • @Taymaro, why does he have to sing the Star Spangled Banner? I know that was a dig.

      • @The Original one and only Pally 45!:  What I read was that Phillip would perform Home…a nice song suited for his style of singing.  This is broadcast for PBS so it’s not going to be a party down sort of thing.   Don’t you just really really wish Carlos would go away.  I won’t go on JS threads avoid all that nonsense.   He should respect us in the same way.  But my guess is NEVER.  He enjoys being a tool too much!   (I have a bit of a burn myself…never learn first time out in summer, especially on the water).

      • I was talking about the Memorial Day concert where she sang in front of the thousands and thousands of people gathered on the National Mall in Washington DC and watching on TV. Way more than 300,000  because I am quite sure that almost 100% of our military was tuned in and watching at the time.

      • @Taymaro, I don’t know about 100 percent of the military watching because I was with a couple of  military guys (one who did 3 tours in Iraq)  and my husband and we were sitting on the deck having a beer on Memorial day. 

      • hey pally, what is vanessa saying about “thread?” that i’m not supposed to be in? is there a new rule about this from branden of which i’m not aware of? i thought that i can comment in phil’s “thread” as u and lordkalvin can comment as well in jessica’s “thread.” 

      • @carlos, I suppose she was just saying that because we have been told to get out of Jessica’s page on articles about her.

      • @Rachel:   Branden, she’s screaming at me in all caps.  Doesn’t she know you said all comments would be removed if typed in this fashion?

    • He can’t, Jess holds all the copyrights to all national anthems. Why would Phillip want to sing a song about waging war and killing? This is why Phillip won AI; he sings cool, exciting, modern, hip, and very likeable songs….Jess on other hand sings boring, screaming ballads or anthems.

      Phillip will be great on the 4th and will make it a laid-back, fun party.  wow 300,000 really impressive. I hope he wears the grey shirt I sent him.

      • If it weren’t for the plight of our founding fathers and all the brave men who have died to preserve our constitution people like you would never possess the right to make the statements that you make on this forum. 

        It is the great experiment that IS the USA that demonstrated to those around the world that they could stand up and be recognized for their own individualism and be allowed to speak with the freedom and liberty that our Star-Spangled Banner (The US Flag) represents. 

        As the plight of our own nation and all that it stands for spread contagiously around the world those rights that are bestowed upon all men by our Creator are now realized by the multitudes who found the courage within the words of our national anthem to break free from oppression and strike out on a mission to accept the equality that we are all entitled to. 

        Say what you want about the anthem but just always remember that the reason you can say it freely is because of all that it and our flag stands for! 

        Our nations founding fathers and soldiers raised standard of living for all nations world wide and I am so proud to see great citizens such as Jessica Sanchez stand up and so gracefully and honorably deliver the bars of our national theme with pride and elegance.

        By the way, how many people were on the lawn of our capital and watching on TV to hear Jessica sing “The Star-Spangled Banner”? I’m sure it was way more than 300,000!

      • Taymaro, I have no idea how many people were on the lawn to watch Jessica sing because I didn’t see it. When was it?

      • Jessica sings beautiful ballads, My Lord of Satireklein. Didn’t you hear her sing “You are Beautiful,” reminiscent of the 17th century Queen of England, my Lord. Now you wished it were rendered to Queen Elizabeth II, but mind you if Queen Lizbeth could not admire Princess Di, how could she ever admire another beautiful girl, Lady Jess, much less her songs?

        And didn’t you hear her rendition of your favorite pretty singer Jennifer Holliday? “And I’m telling you, Volcano, please volcano…build your world around me for I can’t live without you and your volcano.  My Lord, you have to learn to read between the lines of Lady Jess’ songs so you can have a glimpse of what true music is.

        Then, another song of Lady Jess, my Lord, “I have Nothing,” to “Change Nothing.” King Philip of the Philippines, I have nothing to change nothing but you have something to change something, of which Lord Satireklein has attempted to write a poetic song. For I am not a man and you are; and I am not a guitarist and you are; neither am I a lady’s charmer and you are; but I am a singer and you are not, and so, Home Sweet Home, for you, and build your home around volcanoes.

  2. Wow, Phillip is going to sing this song he wrote for his Kidney Disease Awareness Advert.


    sometimes life brings pain and strife
    and all seems wrong
    that is when you find a friend
    and write a song

    give the gift of giving
    give it far and give it wide
    take the leap – reach down deep inside

    and just give a kidney
    to a father or a dad
    just give a kidney
    we hear it doesn’t really hurt that bad

    and we know you’ll want to give it
    to a super human being
    so get it done
    we just need one

    this country has six hundred million kidneys
    and we really only need half
    that leaves about three hundred million kidneys
    do the math

    he needs a kidney
    don’t ask why – he could die
    if you don’t call today

    • LordCalvinReKlein, very good my Lord. Some feedback if you don’t mind: only the 6th stanza rhymes–don’t ask why he could die–with “why” rhyming with “die,” unless there is another poetic meter you’ve employed different from poetic paradigms I know. The last paragraph.. “we pass the cup, they stitch it up,” CUP and UP seem to rhyme but it’s not poetically legal to do that. Same is true with DAD and BAD in the third stanza.  Uni-syllabic words can rhyme only with one-syllable word as you did in WHY and DIE.

      Now, is this a joke or what? It is fine as such, but why do Taymaro, Carlos, and you, Lord Master of British Satire (really, you’re British, are you not? So, can you put milk into my tea, sir?), have to make fun of a sensitive health issue such as Kidney stones?

    • LordCalvinGayWald

      You are so in love with Philip and his balls…I mean his fake kidney stones, what a con

      • watch out jessica fans, that’s lordkalvinreklein stealing or impersonating my name. or maybe that’s vanessa. peinso que los dos no hablan espanol.

    • I absolutely hate that show! Lea Michele thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread!

      •’re being stalked again.  I think Branden or Matt took care of the impersonators during the season, hope they do again.   I have never watched Glee,  nothing about it appeals to me.  Even tho the show’s ratings are slumping bad, maybe she can bring it back and at the same time have a “Hollywood” high school experience.  Contrary to what her fans think, I believe she will get the fame she so desires.

      • how can u separate the 2? philip’s fans are writing left and right in Jessica’s site. 

      • Let everyone be heard or read, anytime, anywhere. We can live or act or write freely in a free democratic country, unless told by a court judge what to say or what to do.

      • @Idol Fan..I get where ur coming from.  I’ve been screamed off of Jessica threads before in a very rude manner….but this Phillip/Jessica hate machine from both sides has to end eventually, the finale was a month ago.  I think next season this site will quiet down considerably and actual civil debates and comments will return.  Lets hope!

  3. I am not a fan of yours, Phil/Philip, but I’m happy that you can now perform in public with all the health issues behind you. I was wondering last May 25th why it was Chris Daughtry who sang “Home,” instead of you, but I later found out it was a different “Home” song. I’m excited to listen to you, not as a contestant, but as a possible movie actor with musical talents. I have made known all too publicly my preference and taste in terms of your singing prowess but I always look forward to see you on stage. You are a cool, talented, good-looking singer with a bright future ahead of you. Congratulations!

    • @Christopher Greene:  Congratulations for making a nice comment about Phillip, I am sure it wasn’t easy for you to do.  Have a nice weekend.

    • Mr. Greene what’s up with the suck up. You and I both know Phillip is musically worthless.

      • Apparently he’s worth a lot more than you.  You spend hours belittling him and he doesn’t know you’re alive.  Sucks to be you.

      • what’s up impersonator? jessica fans, este otro carlos5118 no es mio (that’s lordkalvinreklein…)

      • que paso carlos5118? porque cambiaste tu modo? (what’s up carlos5118, why have you changed your style of commening?)

  4. Wow! I haven’t been on this forum for a few weeks and can’t believe it’s still going strong.

    I’ll definitely go down to the mall to see him.

    Please come down here and stay with us. We’ll have a cook out and hop on the metro to the mall. We have plenty of rooms for you and your husband. We are now talking about Olympic trial in Omaha which will happen next week and busy with summer swimming, :-))

  5. You people who like Phillip are bafoons…I can’t wait to see him fail with his Ho mo song.

  6. This is great, Phillip is awesome, so tired about Jess this and Jess that, finally Phillip getting the attention. Hope Jess goes back to the Phillipines and stays there

    • That comment reaaly shows your intelligence. Jessica was born here in america and is american get over yourself

      • Hey Jeffrcr3, the Jessica haters are up to their sleeves. Just be aware that they are up to something to destroy her image. But we’ll not go down to their level. We’ll continue to support Jessica without “demonizing” Phillips.

      • All the Phillip lovers are demons and Ho mos. LordkalvinKlien is Hitler himself and would kill for Phillip

  7. taymaro, christopher greene, and all. lordkalvinreklein has just stolen my name. from now on, please verify if it is truly mine. i don’t use uncouth language at all. y yo puedo escribir en espanol, as in good spanish. u will know if it’s mine or not. 

    lordkalvinreklein has been hunting me long before, calling me names, and making comments detrimental to civility. if it’s not lorkalvinreklein, then it could be vanessa or her friends here on this blog, but i think, from the syntax and his way of writing, i’m pretty sure it’s lordkalvinreklein.

    • Yes it has to be LordKalvin Klien, he’s only one mean enough to do this

      • quizas vanessa la misma. or maybe vanessa. los dos son mis enimigos aqui (those 2 are my known “enemies” here)/

    • Carlos5118,
      Glad you cleared that up. I was wondering what was up when I read the posts under your name. I’ve read quite a few of your posts and you are never crude. Amazing the lengths non JS fans will go to discredit JS fans or maybe it’s their way to increase posts to PP’s threads. Look forward to reading real posts from you.

      • gracias, y hoy voy a escribir en espanol primera como asi, then i will write in english.

  8. I just read on Jango Radio news that Jessica may leave the AI tour over disagreements with AI producers. Apparently she wants to do a solo tour in the Phillipines and AI won’t let her, do her mother is demanding she quit AI completely,

    • no es verdad que jessica ya no vas a venir a filipinas. hay un impersonador escribiendo mal en mi blog. (trans: it’s not true that jessica is no longer going to the philippines. there is an impersonator using my name.)

  9. I saw Phillip on the FBI most wanted list with LordKalvinKlien for being professional fashion killers.

  10. que bueno este commentario amigo que tu haces a mi. how good it is lordkalvinklein to harass me. mas y mas (i need more of these).

  11. I really do not understand why the moderator in this site is not removing the comments of LordCalvinRekline where in fact he is so mean. 

    Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, American Idol Net, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban. Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval. Anything we deem as spam will not be approved. Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content.  

    KEEP YOUR CONVERSATION CIVIL ON THE TOPIC…I do not see any civility on Mr. Klines comments anyways….



    INSULTING THE AUTHOR, AMERICAN IDOL NET or OTHER COMMENTATORS WILL RESULT IN COMMENT REMOVAL AND POSSIBLY BAN….well, Mr. Kline did not insult the authors anyways, so his comments is not removed and is never banned….

    I think the moderator should review the comments here at times…Its not healthy to the fans of both PP and JS as some people are using the handles of other bloggers who are descent like Carlos 5118, Christopher Greene amongst others.

    • tengo 2 enemigos aqui. i have 2 known “enemies” here and both of them are anti-jessica: lordkalvinreklein and vanessa. pally does not like jessica and her songs but pally does not say anything bad about me. mccrell also does not like jessica but i haven’t noticed any thing bad hurled against me.  one of these four people could be impersonating me, but, based on the style of writing, it seems like it’s lordkalvinreklein who might be doing it.

    • Likoy my love, you come to my rescue like a knight, oh thank you my love XXXX OOO

  12. hola amigos y amigos. tengo 2 enimigos en este blog: LordKalvinReklein and Vanessa. ellos hacen de gustar imersonando de mi nombre! (hello friends, i have 2 known enemies in this site: lordkalvinklein and vanessa and one of them is trying to impersonate me.) these 2 are anti-jessica and they are determined to disrupt every effort to lift up our idol, jessica sanchez.

  13. Help I’ve had my identity stolen like I’ve done to others so many times before and I don’t know what to do.

  14. oh, thank heavens i got my name back. now it’s carlos hitler’s problem. paging, carlos hitler. lordkalvinreklein or vanessa needs u, lol

  15. Jango Radio now has a station just for Jessica Sanchez singing the national anthems of all the countries of the world. They say on the station, that her fav anthem is the Cuban Anthem

    • carlos5118, check ur facts first before posting, okay? oh, i thought i got my name back, lordkalvinreklein took it again… but who cares; it doesn’t matter now that u people know already who the culprit is. 

  16. Carlos
    Please stop your annoying drama show. You’ve done this so many times before, not falling for it this time. You need some help buddy.

    • ginger, u “sound” a lot like pally. are u the one impersonating me? i thought it was lordklein. but why are u doing this? i thought that i was respectful and friendly with u. 

  17. hey jessica fans, my “double” is back again. i bet he’ll come again over and over again. just letting u know, i have tracked him down–it’s lordkalvinreklein. so, anyway, it’s good for ur training in grammar and syntax to know who is who that writes here: is it lordcarlosklein or the original carlos5118

    • Yes Carlos5118, it is I LordCalvinKlein who is stalking you. You told me you loved me, you were my first, and then you just used me and threw me away. You walked on my heart with your spike heels.

      • it’s okay. just don’t harm the girl, jessica, my friend, or better yet, be fair and don’t use exactly my very same name because i am unique and the one and only carlos5118. if u want me “banned” from this site, just do so, so i can sue u for trampling my rights of free expression. and, if ur the tptb of this site, in cahoots with vanessa, then u should set up a mechanism in such a way that “fairness” in commenting be upheld. 

        this word, “stalking,” is very familiar. the nasty and the original lordklein had used it before and vanessa too. but, like i said, what does it matter, lordklein, just don’t use exactly the same name to avoid confusion. 

      • Vanessa 1 day ago in reply
to Pally45

Original one and only Pally
        45!:  What I read was that Phillip would
perform Home…a nice song suited
        for his style of singing.  This is
broadcast for PBS so it’s not going to
        be a party down sort of
thing.   Don’t you just really really wish
        Carlos would go
away.  I won’t go on JS threads avoid all that
        He should respect us in the same way.  But my guess
is NEVER.  He
        enjoys being a tool too much!   (I have a bit of a
        myself…never learn first time out in summer, especially on the water).

        hey guys this is an “evidence”
        that vanessa and pally45 would want me to go away. vanessa also wrote once that
        i did not exist anymore in the same way that jessica did not. she is a hard
        core phillips’ fan and she cannot stand jessica’s fans especially those who can
        put up against them.  vanessa wanted me “fixed,” is that it; i
        mean, really, is this a threat that someone might eventually
        “obliterate” me? 

        she thinks i’m talking non-sense. i guess
        what she means is she wants me to side with her all the way and appreciate her
        idol phillip phillips. well vanessa, if u can’t stand living in a democracy,
        then why won’t u b the one to go away and stop wishing that some people would
        go away? and now, ur trying to disparage me before JS fans by
        “impersonating” me outrightly by using my exact blog name? who do u
        think u are? a queen? take it easy, ur not the only smart one in this world,
        much less in omaha. 

        just focus on the issues and argue as a
        fair lawyer would, just to the points without having to dig into the personal
        ones unless they are consequential to the case. last but not least, i do not
        appreciate ur wishing me and jessica sanchez dead. 


  18. My Jess friends, I have good news about Jessica. She did a short interview with TMZ today and expressed the direction she is desiring her career will take. She said she loves J-Pop and intends her first album to be totally dedicated to J-Pop. She said people have made such a fuss over Phillip turning any song into his style, but that AI would not allow her to do the same until now. Jessica said she is sure fans will be thrilled when they hear her version of the National Anthem performed in her new J-Pop style.

    • correction to ur grammar, tocallo: She did an interview…
      and expressed the direction she WAS desiring her career WOULD take. She said
      she LOVED J-Pop and INTENDED her first album…. She said people… etc.

      last sentence: Jessica said she WAS sure fans WOULD be
      thrilled when they WOULD HEAR her version…

      be consistent with ur tenses: “she said…”
      requires a another independent clause with a verb in the past tense. the past
      tense of “will” is “would.”

    • lo que alguna vez su version del himno nacional, estoy seguro que seria mejor que cualquier cancion cantada por philip. (whatever her version of the anthem, i’m sure it would be better than any song sung by philip.)

      definitely, as a song, ssb is a much better musical piece than holden’s “home.” ssb’s notes go from low to high reminiscent of shakespeare’s iambic poetry which highlights accented syllables from low to high so as to emphasize a message. same is true with ssb. 

      say, for example in the first line… oh, say can you see, where “say” is contrasted to “see” in low and high notes respectively, and in the last line: “free” and “brave” are likewise emphasized using this low-high note accentuation. 

      such a beautiful song with matching iambic poetry, but some people would rather make it trite and shallow simply because of their “hatred” against the singer. too bad some americans have lost their class of dignified and noble citizens.

  19. Glad to hear Phillip is feeling better and getting back to work.  Looking forward to hearing a lot from him.

  20. Jess fans, more good news

    Ryan Murphy, producer of Glee has confirmed Jessica Sanchez will appear on multiple episodes of Glee’s Season 4. He said “We are so excited to get Jessica as a guest cast member”. He explains that Jessica’s character, Bebe Sez, will be introduced as a young 16 year old mixed race (“Flip”) illegal alien from Mexico. Her parents have abandoned her in the tomato fields of Ohio, leaving her to live all alone in a large fruit crate.

    Another new character, Carlos (played by William Hung), will be introduced as a mean and self-serving singing Filipino pimp. His life is plagued with one failure after another. Carlos meets Jessica at a soup kitchen where the cast of Glee is singing “Hits for the Homeless”. While at the soup kitchen, Will Schuester hears Bebe singing with the group sing along and uses his extensive Spanish language skills to befriend Bebe.  He invites her to attend school and to join the glee club. Will hears Carlos’s singing and emphatically tells Carlos to stop singing and that he isn’t welcome at the glee club. This inflames Carlos with jealousy and he immediately becomes obsessed with Bebe and in controlling her for his own needs and purposes. Bebe moves in with Carlos into his mother’s basement and Carlos convinces Bebe to become a singing prostitution in order to obtain the luxurious lifestyle she had been obsessed with since age 5.

    For months, Bebe does the singing Prostitute at night and singing student during the day thing. She soon grows tired of the exploitation by Carlos and his mamma. Slowly, through her involvement with the glee club, she discovers her life’s dream and purpose. Bebe loves to dance and sing the national anthems of the world. Naturally, the glee club supports her efforts and puts together a fabulous show of the world’s national anthems, starring Bebe Sez.

    Unfortunately, Bebe becomes pregnant and infected with multiple STDs preventing her from doing the show. Bebe now hates Carlos for the mess she thinks he put her in. Carlos commits suicide by chewing on an electrical cord and getting electrocuted. Bebe is relieved and overjoyed with her new freedom from Carlos. She gets an abortion, finds a good STD clinic, and finally gets to star in an encore presentation of the “National Anthems of the World” show. Bebe gets lucky, a Russian movie produce, Putin Robthemall is in the audience and immediately signs Bebe to a contract to make the “National Anthems of the World” into a movie. Bebe makes millions, marries Will, and sends her parents a bag of rice. As Will’s new wife, she is open to additional appearances on Glee.

    • u forgot to mention the name of the “killer” doctor, who will abort the baby: i guess it will be dr. carlos, right?

    • hey carlos, tocallo, ur first sentence is a dangling sentence. it should read:….  has confirmed THAT jessica sanchez…  

      2nd sentence, 1st paragraph: isn’t it that the period (.) should pe placed within the quotation marks?

      ok, no more corrections, after all i’m not really writing conventionally but ala cummins. do u know him, tocallo? oh, oh, that’s not his name. oh, my, please tell me his full name or the right spelling of his name, lol.

      hey, hermano carlos de los siglos de los siglos, how come u didn’t color ur name in red as well. might be interesting so the reader can have a chance to exercise their brain power to “guess” which “carlos” is writing what.  

      oh, wait it is in red, wow, really exciting. 

    • carlos: tocallo, what do “glee” and
      “kidney” have in common?

      Carlos: the letter E?

      carlos: no

      Carlos: What, u crazy dawg.

      carlos: both require only One. u only
      need 1 kidney; the producer only needs 1 in glee

      Carlos: Only 1 needed in Glee? Well, I’m
      sure it’s the Idol Philip, right?

      carlos: yeah, of course.

      Carlos: Oh yeah, O Philip, my paramour.
      Are you serious buddy?

      carlos: oh yeah, he’s been picked to be a
      good model of the “how not to sing” episode.

  21. indeed, the philfans are anxious to see jessica on glee. but it seems like they’re losing and they content themselves with morbid fictions about jessica to hopefully “kill” her, if only literarily. well, i guess this is part of america’s “free press.”  

  22. aha, carlos, u have a new name

    so what?

    vanessa doesn’t like that, u know.

    everybody takes aliases for fun, why not?

    well, only if ur pro-phillips like
    pally45 or vanessa.

    oh well, i can’t beat that my friend.

    ur impersonating, carlos!

    what? i don’t even know who is real here
    on the web; how can i impersonate someone whom i don’t even know?

    ur stealing names, carlos.

    u have stolen mine and now u say i’m the

    but how can one steal something that is
    of no value, anyway?

    so ridiculous, lol.

    and now, what, ur gonna punish me?

    oh yeah!
for what?

    for not liking philip’s voice.

    alright, alright, guilty as charged!


  23. El pobre Carlos se ha vuelto loco y parece tener un trastorno de personalidad múltiple.

    • hey doctor phillips, u could have used the “subjunctive” based verbs in describing what has happened to ur tocallo loco dude. and hey, u can use “carlos” for ur alias, man; it is fun. 

      too bad, me extrano mi tocallo; donde esta tocallo? ya me siento mal, really mal, oh, oh, oh…  i wanna go “home,” oh oh oh. bring me “home,” oh oh oh….

  24. branden, “philip” is spelt only with one “l,” not 2. yeah, “phillips” has 2 l’s. if you happen to know taymaro and lordkalvinreklein, please correct them, too. coincidentally, the three of u spell “philip” the wrong way. 

    •  carlos, the ignorant.The correct spelling for Phillip Phillips is Phillip. More broadly, Philip is spelled both ways: Phillip or Philip.

  25.  Nice update on Phillip with video song…he is sooooooooooo goooooood!!!



    • Thanks for the update! He looks good and sounded even better. He seems like such a nice kid.

  26. I thought Phillip was super good but I loved skylar and Colton the most they would make a good couple.

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