American Idol 2012 Singer Joshua Ledet Reflects On Idol Experience

Joshua Ledet

Joshua Ledet may have been eliminated from American Idol 2012 but he still ranks his time on Idol as “the most amazing experience of [his] entire life. The greatest experience ever.” Joshua spoke with THR and former Idol contestant Didi Benami to share his thoughts on his supporters and who might win American Idol 2012.

“One of my favorite moments on the show would probably have to be when I sang ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’,” Joshua explained as he reflected on a nearly full run through the Idol season. “I didn’t think I could sing like that. Not at all,” he added.

Joshua went on to thank his fans and supporters for backing him through the whole competition. “It really means a lot and I love all you guys from the bottom of my heart,” Ledet said.

When the big, unavoidable “who is going to win American Idol 2012?” question arrived Joshua dodged right by it. “You can not ask who I think is going to win because I don’t know.” So who gets Joshua votes next week? “I’m going to be voting for both of them. That’s all I know,” said Joshua.

What was your favorite performance this season from Joshua Ledet on American Idol? Would you agree with his pick for his own favorite performance?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter