American Idol 2012: What To Expect Finale Week

In three days we will know the winner of American Idol 2012. It seems like it was just yesterday when we first saw Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips stand in front of the American Idol judges for the first time. And now here we are facing finale week.

Things are happening a bit differently this week. The finale performance show will air Tuesday night at 8 pm and the results show, where a new winner will be crowned, will air Wednesday night at 8 pm. Thursday is freed up for the two-hour premiere of So You Think You Can Dance 2012.

During Tuesday night’s one-hour finale performance show, Jessica and Phillip will sing three songs each. One will be their favorite performance from earlier in the season, another will be picked by producer Simon Fuller and the final song will be the single they’ll release if they win.

On Wednesday night, the grand finale will feature performances by Rhianna, Aerosmith, and reigning Idol champ Scotty McCreery. We’ll also see the return of the Top 12 as they take the stage for performances. And as always, we can expect all the surprise guests. I’m crossing my fingers for Stevie Nicks to return and join Elise Testone or Phillip on stage.

Take note that the show is scheduled to run for 2 hours and 7 minutes. Set your DVRs accordingly. In fact, add about five minutes extra. American Idol finales never end on time.

It’s going to be quite a week for American Idol. Don’t forget to keep yourself locked in on American Idol Net and our Facebook & Twitter for all the updates, recaps and results.




      • Phillip has already overtaken Jessica when it comes to the amount of votes. Just like what he did with Joshua…

      •  i beg to disagree “IN” because the latest tally top 3..jessica had 54% votes while phillip had 29%..

      • American Idol doesn’t release who got the most votes in a given week. If you’re going by the poll here, you have to throw out quite a few because they’re people that can’t vote and don’t count.

    •  All the people in the Philippines rooting for Jessica, don’t forget…the name of your country is…

      The PHILIPpines

      Haha…live with THAT!
      Phillip is the American Idol!

    • Jessica’s name sounds like a winner of American Idol season 11. History in the making.

    • Let’s keep in mind that both of the two are extremely talented individuals that have a good future set up for them. Best of luck to the both of them! It’ll be good to see all the contestants from earlier this season. Talent wise, this was definitely one of the best seasons ever on American Idol!!!

      • very true! best season… ever!  both of them deserve to be in the finale… too bad there should only be one winner. good luck to P2 and JS!  P2 fans, vote vote vote!  BluJays, vote vote vote!

    • Yeah! It’s Jessica’s destiny to win. She deserves all the support she’s getting.

    • not philipp  its jessica she will be the winner! america need a new female idol! marked my words!

    • Klaro na kaau sa tumoy sa akong pahak. Kailangan pa bang imemorize yaaan? Daug na kaau si Jessica! Wa na jud makalupig nya, busa paghilom na mo mga Haters mga amawa mo mga liki ug utok!


    • lol I agree!  They maybe exhausted and stressed but with those smile, simply full of JOY…

      • that was taken minutes after the top3 elimination they’r wearing the same clothes during the night when josh gt eliminated… that’s why they looked stressed the tension..

      • Yes, they look happy & excited like us…I am extremely happy for the both of them…whoever wins deserves the title, no more arguement..though i love it to be Jess…hehehe

  2. im confused is it a Thursday or a Wednesday???. can you please edit .. you said on Thursday Rihanna will be performing??!!

    • It’s confirmed…Final performance will be on Tuesday (May 22) & the grand finale will be on Wednesday (May 23)…there was a slight mistake in the article.

      • Repost:
        Things are happening a bit differently this week. The finale performance show will air Tuesday night at 8 pm and the results show, where a new winner will be crowned, will air Wednesday night at 8 pm. 
        There was no slight mistake in the article.

      • 180 degrees across the planet it’l be wednesday morning for the performance night in the US. hope it’s clear now..

      • yes your right! wednesday performance night and thursday  results night (PHILIPPINE TIME)
        But tuesday performance night and wednesday results night (USA TIME)

      • @facebook-100000728717766:disqus not misleading, some of the people are from other countries and the time difference are confusing them (^0^)

  3. i love them both! whoever will be the winner, it’s fine with me…for me, they’re both winners since they’re both in the finale…

  4. Jennifer Holliday tweeted that she’s excited coz she received a good news and she’s flying to LA now…hhmmm makes me think that she’s on the finale results night to do a duet with jessica…! I like P2 and Jessica, its a dream finale for me! whoever wins is ok for me..goodluck P2 and jess, im excited for the finale!

    • I have this feeling that Jessica will sing “And I Am Telling You” again as part of one category…….Hoping this time Jessica will finally sing “Listen”.

      • I think that was her best performance.  She was telling the world she was pissed she got voted off, and she got her point across.  I hope Phillips sings Volcano in the exact same fashion as before, side view, dimmed lights, woman accompanying.  Exciting.

      • yah…i hope she sings it again coz she was amazing on it! i hope simon fuller will pick a song that will showcase her vocal power and range! as for phillips? i like his rendition of volcano and beggin….i wish the both of them well!

      • hoping for her throat to have healed already because 100% she can nail whatever powerful song that Simon Fuller will choose for her.

    • I think this time Philip & Jess is going to do a duet & it will be their first.. How exciting is that..

  5. THIS IS IT!!! Honestly it feels like just yesterday the season started. 5 long months filled with ups and downs!
    And the funny thing is…ANY ONE could win, even though predictions say Jessica, Phillip could take it all! No matter who wins, they will both do very well. We should consider ourselves lucky that we managed to discover so many new and fresh talents this year! Colton, Skylar, Hollie, and of course Phillip and Jessica…all amazing.
    This season was really incredible in terms of talent. Loved it, and ready for the grand finale!!!

    • It has been an amazing season, best ever!  Whomever wins will be great!  I do believe theTop 5 (was Colton in Top when he was eliminated) well anyhow, the Top whatever when Colton was there will all be successful.  I love all of the positive energy on this site today. 

  6. Hope Jimmy does a good job with their individual singles…those are their first steps into the real world and can make or break their careers…*fingers crossed* that the songs are actually good songs and not just regular Idol winner fluff…
    Although I can’t wait to see what Phillip’s song will be like, since he is so unique. Jessica, we can safely say, will have a “big” ballad about the long and difficult journey she just overcame…haha…

    • as Jimmy said, Joshua is big enough to win in the AI stage, But Jessica to be in the Grammy’s

  7. Will Elise Testone get a duet with someone FOR SURE? I’m dying to know. Cuz right only the top 6 (like last year) get a duet with someone famous???

  8. The winner will be Jessica Sanchez!!!
    She is amazing!
    Don’t forget to watch her on May 27th at PBS with famous singers to perform.
    Part of Memorial celebration in Washington !

      • Yeah, as reported as far I remember the only AI contestant that already have a gig even before AI ended. 🙂 Correct me if I’m wrong. 

      • yes, she will sing at the west lawn of the capitol building in washington DC. It is the yearly Memorial Day Celebration and it is big out here, too. She’ll lead the singing of the US National Anthem and The Prayer.

    • She was chosen to sing the National Anthem and The Prayer at the celebration when she was at the top 5 stage of the contest. 

      I guess since the show will be over by then, the rules have been stretched preventing contestants from performing elsewhere while on AI but it does ring bells when she was chosen while still at the top 5 stage. Daughtry will also perform as will Natalie Cole and Trace Adkins.     

  9. The entire Philippines will watch the show live in support to Jessica Sanchez. Finally, a Filipino-blooded American Idol winner is at hand! Long live!

    • Glad to know that Jessica’s both ethnic background supports her with passion and knowing that AI is getting global supports gives a smile on my face  (^o^)

      • Yes, you don’t know how Filipinos back here in Jessica’s mother’s home country are excited about the final thing. The local government in her hometown is setting up a free public viewing of the final performance and results shows. Everybody here in the Philippines is just so pumped up!

      • @lmao!!! where did you see the word “vote”? I think you need some specs «(^_-)»

      • @lmao!!! where did you see the word “vote”? I think you need some specs «(^_-)»

    • You do know that 4 young Filipino’s have finished in the top 10 on American Idol?

      Last season, Thia Megia (16) finished #10 after the judges used their stupid save on Casey Abrams in the #11 spot.

      In Season 7, Ramiele Malubay (20) finished #7

      In Season 3, Camille Velasco (18) finished #9 and Jasmine Trias (17) finished #3.

      Camille was born in Makati City, the Philippines and then her family moved to Hawaii so she is 100% Filipino.

      Jasmine was born in Hawaii and both her parents are from the Philippines, making her 100% Filipino.

      Ramiele was born in Saudi Arabia to parents from the Philippines and when the first Gulf War broke out her folks sent her back to the Philippines and then they moved to Florida. So she is 100% Filipino.

      Thia was born in CA but both her parents were from the Philippines and had changed their name from Mejia to Megia. So she is 100% Filipino, although, like Jasmine, because she was born in the US, she is considered an American-Filipino.

      Of all of them, Jessica Sanchez has less Filipino blood in her than any of the other four, since her father is an American-Mexican who was born in Texas. 



      • So do I need to do the same for all black Americans in the contest?
        Mexican Americans?
        Native Americans?
        White Americans?

        I’ve got all that blood in me, but you don’t see me trying to divide others with race and nationalist crap. That is exactly what Hitler did! I suppose next you do it with religion.

        Why are you obsessed with people’s races and nationalities? You must be a racist nationalist. Almost every comment you make is centered on race and national origins.

        Take your racial nationalism and shove it up your Nazi Swastika

        Matthew, please ban this Nazi from the site.

    • it would be like the MISS UNIVERSE…MISS WORLD…PACQUIAO fights…hahaha.

      • i remember that when MP fights, almost everyone stops with their work (at Philippines)…same goes in Miss World and Miss Universe when Venus Raj or Shamcey in final 5…

        maybe it will be the same when Jessica sings at the finale…wohoo…nice

      • I finally agree with you, James. She is American and stop using the race card. This is a singing competition.

      • Really if you only know how to comprehend you’ll see that nobody said she’s NOT American.
        These people are simply being excited that there’s some “Filipino-blood” in her and IMO there is nothing wrong about it.
        Weather anybody likes it or not, she do have Filipino blood in her just like Mexican and American. GHEEZ

      • Really if you only know how to comprehend you’ll see that nobody said she’s NOT American.
        These people are simply being excited that there’s some “Filipino-blood” in her and IMO there is nothing wrong about it.
        Weather anybody likes it or not, she do have Filipino blood in her just like Mexican and American. GHEEZ

      •  We’re very proud of Jessica because of her Filipino heritage( from her mother) Music is a universal language…it is not confined to anyone’s  nationality. As Filipinos, i don’t see anything wrong to be  proud of her accomplishment….Besides, even she was born in the US….she’s still full blooded Mexican-Filipino….and you James..from the beginning, you’ve been bashing on Jessica because the truth of the matter is…you don’t like her and you’re a true racist…

      •  What is your litmus test that Jessica is 100% American…just because she was born in the US?? For your information, there are millions of Jews born here in the US…but they still call themselves Jews!! Understand? You BOBO!!! 

      •  Besides, the true Americans is not you James…neither Jessica….It’s the Native Indians!!! You were bashing on Jessica all along on this blog because of her looks, and her family that you don’t know personally, including the Filipino people and now you’re claiming she’s your very own!!! How dare you!! Go and take your shower now….You stink to the head!!!!! Bobo!!!

      • STFU Hater!!! @twitter-570711058:disqus ..Jessica has MULTIPLE citizenship. 
        Jus sanguinis (Latin: right of blood) is a social policy by which citizenship is not determined by place of birth but by having one or both parent who are citizens of the nation. It contrasts with jus soli (Latin for “right of soil”).


        Name it…don’t act as dumb*ss…

    • Even better when you say Phillip Phillips vs. the Philippines. With that name, you’d think everyone in the Philippines would be backing the “Phillipno” guy. :):) 

      • So you like Philip Philipps. Just say so! Stop maligning another country. The Philippines had done nothing to you DUDE.

      • @32b2c3861b7ba2221cb75e85e41c0742:disqus  It was a joke – chill out. We are supporting Jessica for the win because we have enjoyed more of her performances than we have Phillip’s. I was having a bit of fun with Gary about the name.
        As for the Philippines, I have been there many times on business and nothing in what I said maligned the country. That is just ypou projecting and being overly defensive.  

  10. Jessica you are the winner in the finale i bet so, you been working hard and you deserve to win to be amirican idol, my daugther adore you so much:)

  11. I am so proud to both of them! 
     They are both such a good model to anybody, showed to everybody that dreams is not impossible to reach as long as you work hard, show determination against negative critiques and follow through…

    I won’t even wish them any luck because I know they will be very successful on anything they desire to do weather they win or not  ☆彡☆ミ☆  (^_^)   ☆彡☆ミ☆

  12. jessica..haha…mario lopez campaigning for her in extra… jennifer holiday also…..this girl sot the big stars a campaigning fans… 🙂

    •  Jessica did not sot Mario and Jennifer Holiday,they just think that she should win.  Everyone is entitle to choose and that is their right. 

    • Mario Lopez is a career 2nd rated TV show and reality show guy. 

      Jennifer Holliday hasn’t had a hit in 23 years and is best known now for her Gospel singing.  Her claim to fame as far as AI is concerned is that she was in the original Broadway production of Dream Girls and recorded I’m Not Telling You Now” 30 years ago.  

      Not exactly BIG stars in 2o12. 

      •  Dude, why are you so negative and nitpicky? People are excited about the finale and their faves and all you can do is dissect their every word……how bout this one, you’re the biggest A……………………………..hole ever. Good luck to two deserving finalists.

      • Pythagoras475 atleast they made a name or making name..unlike you’re just a no one or probably a hater..:P

      •  Hey you!! Are you constipated??!!!! Don’t vent your anger on jessica!! get yourself an enema or a bitter melon, stick it in there and blow it all out so you’ll feel better you bitter!!!!!!!


  14. No one can really say who’s gonna win at this point. Either Jessica will show what kind of a monster voice she has and still manage to control it and then wow the entire crowd or Phillip’s laid-back type of singing would continue to woo millions of his rabid fans and earned another “coming out of the shell” standing ovation and praises from the judges. Either way none of this is really enough until Tuesday when we can clearly make predictions based upon their performances. Truth is, this is the only season that I can’t really say who’s gonna win because both of them are great singers in their own way unlike the past seasons where in someone of the two has this certain advantage that could outnumber the other one. They are almost equal in every aspect of the competition although at first I thought Phillip really has the majority of the votes but as the contestant’s numbers went down every week, its clear that Jessica earned most of the eliminated contestant’s votes which ties her votes to Phillip’s topnotch because shes been having “just okay” performances compared several weeks ago but still managed to stay away from the bottom tier. In the end, I’m still positive that it really doesn’t matter what they deliver on the table anymore, at this point, their luck is mostly relying on the voters. Now voters should never listen to whatever the judges are saying. They mean nothing. 

    • I think performances are still so important especially now because they’re trying to win the votes of the people who usually don’t watch AI often or don’t have idol to vote for or fans who their idol/s have been voted off. It could still make a big addition to their votes though~ 🙂
      Considering is a very close to call~ 🙂

      • Yeah but again not so much as the votes right? I think there will only be a little percentage of people who will only vote based on the finale. All of the voters, based on my opinion, since maybe at least the top 5 or 4 already has solid favorites whom they will vote no matter what just to show support as a fan. So I’m saying maybe that’s why Jess and Phil became the top 2. I mean, from all of the contestants, they are clearly the ones who has this wide range of fans to vote for them. So I guess it means the bigger fans there is, the higher amount of votes. But still those neutral type voters where in they base their votes on the performances are still a good addition to the votes. 

      • Yeah, Agree! Wouldn’t be a big addition but still would really help. They really got to be grateful with the solid fans getting them there~ 🙂

      • Yes of course. Those’ll the things that could save them in the competition in the first place. And this time, could be the reason they’ll be crowned winner. 🙂

    • are the songs in full length or still cut down when they perform?

      • Good question. Hm… they should at least give the contestants the time to sing every song in its full length. I know they used to do that to budget air time but since there are only two of them left, might as well let them give their best shots to show everyone how they covered the song entirely. It the finale anyway so. Yeah 

      • @30224fefbb1880354ab38a57604d40a9:disqus how many hours would it be on the finale? 1 hr…two contestnts…3 songs…
        let say 4min per song…12 min for one contestant, right? that would make 24mins for the two finalist…what to do with the 30 mins more?

  15. Goodluck to both of them.
    But I like Jessica more because she can really sing different genre.
    Aja! Aja! Hwaiting!

  16. there’s no clear winner here, so P2 and jess fans VOTE VOTE VOTE! im so excited!

  17. So many big celebrities all over the world are campaigning for Jessica Sanchez. She truly deserves  to be this season American IDOL.. Good Luck to you Jessica..

    • yah! thats true but Philips has legions of fans…really a no clear winner which makes it more exciting….! Jennifer Holliday is a big fan of jessica, love all her tweets about JS….

  18. Jessica has ideally the best voice i feel for sure but not getting my hopes up that she will win after all Phillip has the majority of the female vote i think  Please Jessica win for me i will see you and teh rest of the idols in Phila on aug 20th cant wait to meet you all backstage especially my fav Jessica GO JESSICA WIn for me PLEASE!!!

  19. Jessica you have ideally the BEST voice on the show this year and you are oh so talented i am praying you win this ndn cant wait to see you backstage at the concert in phila in august

  20. Although Philip and Jessica both have awesome voices as well as Josh! Jessica still has some growth to go and needs better song choices. Her voice doesn’t stand out like Philips. When Philip sings it is unique and his own sound. Just like when Elvis sings you know it is Elvis singing. When Cher sings you know it is Cher singing. When Philip sings it sounds like second nature just like breathing also like Elvis and Cher. Jessica has really worked hard and has an awesome voice also in her own right. There has been a huge amount of talent on this years season of American Idol. They are all winners. It felt like a live concert every week with up and coming new talent. 

    • you’re right about Phillips…but also in my opinion, Jessica has her own voice mixed of JHud, Beyonce, and a little of MJ…she needs more exposure to hone that stage presence.

      • you’re absolutely right about phillip. re jessica, she’s only 16… she has a loooooong career in front of her…. a lot of experiences and learnings to master her craft. i cant imagine how she’ll grow as an artist in 10 years time. i mean, wow! 

      • @Dehanuja – duh, as if Im asking for your opinion..if she was a monkey in heat, atleast she can sing…can you? in a TV competition like that? maybe you won’t last and can’t get throught the audition…

    •  actually, Jessica is more professional than the 2 good guys. i can go to a lot of bars and revival gatherings and i will see P2 or Joshua. both are lucky to get  exposures through AI. whereas, Jessica young as she is, brings real talent. Maybe that’s what unbelievable to a lot of Americans because of her age.  but if that’s the only reason to not make her the winner, then AI should ban teenagers from joining the show and have contestant with ages 30 to 60 year old, because they experience life’s pain and joy.  
        Better yet tell teenagers they don’t have the right to dream while in their teens because it will never happen at a tender young age (wait until their 30 or 60). You are right, all will have careers and will be successful in their genre.
       The question is will you vote to have a 16 year old realise her dream or just go for the WGWG as in the past.

      • Honestly, my vote is NEVER placed by either of those catogories. And I would be ashamed of myself if that is how I voted. As to vote on someone based on their age, sex or how cute they are seems a bit juvinile to me. Maybe I am just too dang old, as I vote simply on who performed the best that night. Try it people, you might enjoy the show more if you do.

  21. Ladies and Gentlemen your New American Idol 2012 is……..

    Phillip Phillips!!!!!!! Confetti falls….

    See ya next year when we start this all over again!!!!!

  22. Phillip Phillips is the 2012 AI winner!!! yayyyy!!!!
    he’s simple an sings like a pro. unlike the other slut wearing dress no originality one~! hahahaha

  23. Manny Pacquiao is expected to be at the Finale in support of Jessica Sanchez !!!

    Should be a KNOCKOUT!!!

    I’M ALL IN 4 JESSICA 2 WIN ! ! !


    • Is this for real? I heard last week MP was supposed to be on the show but never did show up…
      if that is true then my dad is gonna have a double knock out since he is a big MP fan, he’s gonna have a chance to get a signature since we will be in the finale.
      WOW better than I bargain for if this is true «(^_^)»

    • i’m not sure why pacman should be out there. it is american idol not Philippine idol. it will pissed off a lot of potential voters if they see we are co-opting american idol and making it Philippine idol. malacanang should be concentrating on the problems of corruption and poverty in the country instead of joining the chorus.
       if pacman goes in and watch quietly, it’s okay. to go there with an entourage of media that would be unsat and could cause jessica extra precious votes and it will be a knockout ….for jessica and not P2.

      • I think i better watch them over your ‘out of this world sentiments’ 
        Having MP is still an ordinary guy who wants to enjoy the essence of entertainment value. American idol is not exclusive to limited fans except to those id*ot fans like yours..

      • Dehanuja… please study English… because you post like an under trained monkey…

  24. I have noticed in the Top 3 performance that the Idols who have been previously voted off have been rooting for P2 and Joshua. It seems that they are bitter for Jessica… Just noticed it…

    • Let us not deal with that anymore. It’s already Finale. But if that is true, it’s not Jessica’s problem to face with anymore. I just hope it’ll be one great Finale this Tuesday.

    • I think it had more to do with the Phillip and Joshua doing killer performances in their last song.  Jessica’s was good but not as good as the other two.  And the cameras didn’t show the other contestants much until the final round of songs.

    • And I love it!!  They should by all means and I really do hope they are going for Phil Phillips all the way now!!

  25. they are so cute together…look how she held him in the arms…the smiles (KILIG!!!) LOL

    • Oh please don’t make me regurgitate my lunch.  Phil Phillips is in a class of his own, please don’t bring him down to her level.  Thank you in advance

    • I know right!!!!! I was so happy when skylar got voted off. I loved her so muc and I know she’ll do awesome!! I can’t wait for her album. I just didn’t want anther Lauren or Scotty.

      • Totally. Yeah, I was glad when she got voted off too, although I thought she probably would end up in the finale. I think she’s better than those two from last year and getting booted out from the competition is sometimes a good thing too. You know getting eliminated in AI has its own advantages. Uh, remember Daughtry? Or maybe J Hud? Yeah they both made it big. 

  26. Ryan: And the 2012 season 11 American Idol is………JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I cant wait for the finale! I wish Jessica wins..It’s like a slap in the face to those people who hate racist!

  28.  Who will be the next American Idol? The grand finale airs live in Manila
    at 8 a.m. Thursday, May 24, on ETC, with same day replays at 6 and 9

    We will actually get to see the Finale winner LIVE in the Philippines…


    • FyI. It’s actually Tuesday here in US for the Live Final of AI. So you guys can watch it Wednesday in Manila time.

    • Check your dates correctly as the AI Finale is on March 22, 2012. Thus, airing time in the Philippines is May 23, 2012, not May 24,2012.

    • The final contest here is on Tuesday, May 22 so I suspect it will be aired live in the Philippines on Wednesday morning, May 23. 

      Check your information because all you will see live on Thursday morning is the results show, which is actually the Grand Finale Show.

  29. This year has been an excellent year for talent on American Idol, of that there is no doubt but some of the comments on this blog, that I have visited every year since it started, have been way over the top this year.

    I thought the horrible attacks on Haley Reinhart last year were bad but some of the things I’ve read this year have bordered on the obscene.

    Concerning Phillips health; if he has a stent placed in his kidney, that means he does have a serious problem because a stent is an artificial tube inserted into a natural passage in the body to either prevent or counteract a diseased, localized flow constriction. It is also used to hold the natural conduit open to allow access for surgery. 

    Phillip likely has some disease  blocking the release of fluids from his kidney to his bladder so it does require almost round-the-clock monitoring and I am sure he is in a lot of pain as we saw when he was walking at his homecoming.

    I hope he survives to perform well in the finale but one problem he will have with such a condition is dry mouth.

    Concerning Jessica and the obsessive behavior from people in the Philippines, where was that in previous seasons when 100% Filipinos were in the top 12?

    Jessica will be the 5th young Filipino to finish in the top 10 on American Idol and the second who made the top 3? Yes she is in the final but she is not 100% Filipino. Here are the other four with ages at the time in parenthesis.
    Last season, Thia Megia (16) finished #10 after the judges used their stupid save on Casey Abrams in the #11 spot.

    In Season 7, Ramiele Malubay (20) finished #7

    In Season 3, Camille Velasco (18) finished #9 and Jasmine Trias (17) finished #3.

    Camille was born in Makati City, the Philippines and then her family moved to Hawaii so she is 100% Filipino.

    Jasmine was born in Hawaii and both her parents are from the Philippines, making her 100% Filipino.

    Ramiele was born in Saudi Arabia to parents from the Philippines and when the first Gulf War broke out her folks sent her back to the Philippines and then they moved to Florida. So she is 100% Filipino.

    Thia was born in CA but both her parents were from the Philippines and had changed their name from Mejia to Megia. So she is 100% Filipino, although, like Jasmine, because she was born in the US, she is considered an American-Filipino.

    Of all of them, Jessica Sanchez has less Filipino blood in her than any of the other four, since her father is an American-Mexican who was born in Texas. 

    All I hope for is a great final and I am looking forward to seeing the other top finishers perform again plus the rest of the top 12. Based on some of the performances we saw this year, it should be a great night.

    Maybe we can all learn from 17 year old Jasmine Trias who when told she was not making the final two said; “I wanna thank all my fans for believing in me and for embracing my talents and for making my dreams come true. I mean; this top 3, I cannot ask for more.” 

    She brought rapturous applause from the audience and left Fantasia and Diana DeGarmo in tears. That, from a 17-year old was poise and class so maybe, just maybe, we can read similar classy comments from her fellow American-Filipino’s/Filipino’s.

    In the meantime, good luck to both and to all the other great contestants who gave us some very memorable moments this year. 


    • Well then it is pretty obvious you’re a Phillip fan. Correct? Yes, they are a little bit obscene as far as I’ve recalled them myself and these are not actually what you consider a negative thing! Come on, bashing gives flavor to the competition itself. We all know that the least the community or the viewers could do is to vote for their favorites and even that fact is not a guarantee that we actually see the real outcome of the voting since the show has producers who I believe manipulates whatever happens on the show. All those fans from Philippine community could do is to only support their favorite this way. They cannot even vote. Now with fans. So Phillip has fans, an army of fans, now I can guarantee you that his fans is not a 100% composed of only Americans. A lot of Filipinos watch the show as it seems so clearly, its not impossible Phillip has his share of fans in the Philippines too. Jessica is absolutely more likely to receive such amount of fans in the Philippines because she has Filipino blood. Get it? I’m sure in Georgia almost no one’s in favor of Jessica Sanchez. Same way. All you see is the fan community of Jessica and try to explain that its all obscene this year but then how can I believe your a neutral if you keep on giving negative comments below about Jessica? You’re also a part of what you say comments that are way over the top. We all are. 

      Look, you don’t have too stress too much about the history of American Idol or whatever you are trying to do. Its obvious you are putting someone down and then wishing them both luck which is pretty confusing. 

      • Actually, I am not a Phillip fan but am an American Idol and music fan. I did not put anyone down in my post – if you read it fully – but actually am concerned for Phillip Phillips because his condition is a serious one and I think he is risking too much to compete in the final.

        Personally, I have liked a lot of what Jessica has done and she has received a lot of “WOW” moments in our household, many more than has Phillip. We also liked Hollie a lot, thought Elise was very good and probably will do well.

        I was not a Joshua fan, but my wife is and loved his performances. Overall, while I think  think Jessica and Hollie have a lot to learn, they  will both have great futures and I think Jessica will win.

        Many of the comments on this blog this year have been obscene and I did not say that all of them were by Jessica fans. That is just your projection of what I wrote.

        Finally, I don’t stress about anything but thanks for your concern.      

    • watching the performance show, it was jessica’s off night (for whatever reason) maybe she wanted to get voted off or it might be the “sore throat” but she still did good. as for the results show she was genuinely surprised that she made top 2. i know she thinks the same way as Jasmine, making top 3 is already a blessing and miracle.

      • I agree that she was surprised and I did post that the song choices they were given by the “judges” were all lousy and none of them picked a good song themselves. The ones Jimmy chose were brilliant and, overall, I thought the best 2 out of the final 3 made the final.

        Good luck to both of them and I hope to see many of the final 10 make a good career because this year was an excellent one for talent.    

    • Jessica is different.

      Pythagora’s, we filipinos (or the majority of us) are honest folks. We saw Thia, Jasmine, Camille sing … we love them … but we also KNOW that they were not the best.

      Jessica is DIFFERENT.

      SHE IS … HOLY COW, the best SINGER in the SEASON 11 American Idol contest.

      Jessica is different.

      She is BETTER THAN JOSHUA … the only legitimate competitor this year.

      Cheers !

      • easy with the expression now sukiyaki,  its as if you said Jessica’s  a cow…
        jessica FTW!

      • Well, while I agree that Jessica is a great singer and will have a great future, she was not the only legitimate competitor this year.

        If I recall, there were many excellent contestants this year and Jessica was saved after being voted off by the public.

        So, with respect, there were many legitimate contestants and there will be some very good futures for many of them. 

      • PS: Sukiyaki – I have been to the Philippines on business and have always found great and savvy business-people, who enjoy life and are generous socially.  

      • hahahaha!  i’m sorry… i agree with @fb0279bb87a4fa012cf22763f2843b1d:disqus on your statement “SHE IS … HOLY COW, the best SINGER in the SEASON 11 American Idol contest.” hehehe!  maybe its the way you phrased it. but i get what you mean. its just funny.  🙂  

        anyway, i’m filipino too and i have been watching the show for how many seasons already. I too, have supported Thia and Jasmine but i also knew that neither of them will make it to the top 2 nor will win. but there is something different about Jessica…. we all know she has a beautiful and powerful voice. but that’s not all, she’s like a candle (symbolizing HOPE) illuminating a very dark place (symbolizing the “hopelessness” of the philippines).  mind you, especially @twitter-570711058:disqus   , i didn’t say that JS is Filipino….she is an American citizen who just so happens to have a mixture of mexican and filipino blood.  Win or not, jessica will always have a place in the hearts of most (if not all) filipinos.  

        JS and phillip deserve to be in the finale. too bad only one has to win.  P2 fans, vote vote vote! JS fans, vote vote vote!  whoever wins, i’ll be happy… 

    • Very impressive.  It sound’s as though you are a doctor…if not you should consider it.  A plethora of information.  Thanks!

      • Dr. of Mathematics but I have had personal experience with Kidney diseases and know the implication of having a stent placed in his kidney and what could happen at any time between now and Tuesday or Wednesday night.

        The surgery he has to have is invasive and will probably lay him up for at least 6-weeks so if he has it right after the final show on Wednesday, May 23 – say on Thursday, May 24 – he will be lucky to be back on his feet and fully ready to perform on stage before July 6/7.

        As the tour starts on July 6, he will miss rehearsals, so it will be hard to slip into the tour right away. This assumes he has the surgery right after the finale night and there are no complications.


  30. I’ve wanted to ask this so many times but I don’t want to start an ugly discussion, but it’s finale week and I just need to get this out if my chest.

    First of all I love Philip, and all the rest of the top 10, but how come if he is pitchy, or out of tune, he gets away with it with, he’s an artist, or he Phillip Phillips it or he’s ‘changing the melody,’ but when holly or Elise are ‘pitchy’ the judges are so hard on them? just asking

    • Noticed that quite a few times too. I mean, everyone gets hard comments from the judges except him. They are kind of laid-back when it comes to judging Phillip maybe because he’s been a bit overrated in the beginning that they tend to expect more from him than what he can offer and yet the expectations does not waver even though he did not do well in a performance. Just an assessment.

      • Not over rated but the best so no bashy by the judges. Jessica Rabbit is over rated one with her big Bucky teeth

      • @d632dd91587b381541c667c87c066a49:disqus  honestly, I don’t understand the f*** you are sayin. How can a buck teeth be ever related to this singing competition? Is that just typed wrong or you’re just plain stupid? Really? Then I don’t assume you’ve ever heard music in your life at all.

      • @scout…this creature by the name of deha is begging for attention, a creature that has been rejected by the society

    • Just like they have handled Jessica with kid gloves, despite many instances of “pitchiness” (especially obvious on duets, trios and group numbers) and “excess vibrato” (couldn’t believe Jennifer criticized Hollie for resorting to “excess vi-brato” on a song when all Jessica ever does is warble.)  Jennifer also criticized Hollie for not connecting with her song since the theme was too adult…yet JS’s imitations of older singers singing themes that are waaaay too old for a 16-year-old is never criticized by the judges.  

    • Just like they have handled Jessica with kid gloves, despite many instances of “pitchiness” (especially obvious on duets, trios and group numbers) and “excess vibrato” (couldn’t believe Jennifer criticized Hollie for resorting to “excess vi-brato” on a song when all Jessica ever does is warble.)  Jennifer also criticized Hollie for not connecting with her song since the theme was too adult…yet JS’s imitations of older singers singing themes that are waaaay too old for a 16-year-old is never criticized by the judges.  

      • Dude, Hollie is gone already, why bring her up here.  I know your frustration with judges, but I just ignore them as that is their opinion.  They have favorites but the winner is what people wants to be the next AI.  Are you still watching Top 4? LOL

      • Dude, Hollie is gone already, why bring her up here.  I know your frustration with judges, but I just ignore them as that is their opinion.  They have favorites but the winner is what people wants to be the next AI.  Are you still watching Top 4? LOL

      • You forgot Jessica rabbit growling like a rabbies infected rabbit to cover up her bad voice in lower registers

      • whatever jessica does, you’ll never like her and maybe you’ll choose the worst singer of all over jessica

      • I thought Jlo treated Hollie horribly.  And then always the “sorry baby.”  Jimmie got on Jessica for her too mature style of dress and song choices.  That’s why he picked The Jacksons for her.  Jimmie knows the business btr than all 3 judges.   Steven obviously can sing, but looks like an old stoner sitting up there next to the Cougar!!

    • He got a lot of love for his last song, but they pretty much tore him apart when he sang Disease, which I actually liked.  I’m convinced Tyler and Jlo (especially Tyler) for the most part don’t want him to win.   After she said he sang sexy a few wks ago, she’s simmered down.   Aside from Josh, I think their critiques are  spread around pretty much equally.

      • @Just Asking…think I know who u are.  Just wondering if everything’s ok, be good and be happy………………essa……if, in fact, I’m wrong.. sorry.

      • Totally agree with you Vanessa.  I do think Josh had the most praise, very few comment regarding anything bad.  I do think Hollie got more than her share, that being said I never thought she would win.  I did like her though.

        My sister and I read your comments yesterday about being a twin…that is so weird, our mother is a twin.  It is a small world.  Have a great day, we are studying for finals…no more commenting until after AI is chosen.  🙂

      • @Sheri:  This twin thing is getting wild!  Usually we skip I said my little girls are twins…who knows what the future holds for you and your sister!  (Realize u r studying and may not see this, but lots of luck to you and your twinny!)

  31. I have read lots of articles especially FORBES and the writer(s) always predicted who will win AI since TOP 10.  These writers including Branden predicted way before that jessica will not win.  Sorry Branden this is based on what I read on your articles everyday.  Forbes even said that Jessica will not win AI since Top 7 elimination because she lacks 5 qualities to become an AI.  Now they are predicting that P2 will win.  I respect their opinion.  However I disagree for the negative things that they said Jessica will not win because of that.

    Look, it is already proven that they are wrong before and even now.  I am just a little concern because they say a lot of criticism on her talents which I disagree. 

    My belief is that Jessica will win because of so many things.  She already proven that is she talented and never fails to impress us. She will be the first Latina and Filipina in Idol history. Not only once, not only twice, but three times she make a historyin AI right now. First idol after the saved. First youngest singer in Ai and lastly will be the first Asian winner.

    Even if she doesn’t win, she will be more successful than P2.  Sorry to say that but its tru due to volume of sales, fans from celebrities and other countries.  She is very popular right now that she can win as President of the Philippines due to her popularity.   These are the reasons I know she will be the AI 2012 Winner.


    • The 5 Qualities Jessica Rabbit Lacks:
      1. She’s not beautiful, ugly as all hell with Bucky rabbit teeth.
      2. She has no personality or stage presence, talks like the little kid she is, she has no rythem and dances like a boney plucked chicken
      3. She has a bug voice, but very low quality. Her lower register sounds like she is in child birth screaming
      4. She doesn’t have support of American people. Her support is from foreign sources and her status isn’t legit.
      5. She so ugly, immature, and was rejected by the Disney channel

      • WOW I sincerely pity you and btw I’m American who supports her 100% including my family, tons of my friends and collegues within the 50 states.
        What a shame  & be ready is all I can say

      • Did you know that rabbits are considered LUCKY. by comparing Jessica to a rabbit, you are actually attracting positive energy towards her. thank you! Jessica FTW

      • It gets worse.  Take a look at past Idol contestants as well as eliminated ones.  Who are the ones making money and where are they making it?  With the exception of Adam Lambert who is incomparable, most are making their living in Nashville.   Scotty, Lauren, Melinda, Casey James, Danny Gokey, Kellie Pickler, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, David Cook etc. all turning to Nashville as the place for real singers and songwriters.  Phil can fit in with the Nashville scene.  Jessica, never.

      • Well then I’m so sorry too hear that an insecure Phillip fan could go in a total melt down like this. Dude, you’re obviously falling apart. Total mind blow one could post somethin like this just to put someone down. 

      • @Templar.. NO NO please don’t make Phillip be a Nashville kat…if the guy knows himself so well that he won’t take off his gray shirt, and breaks guitar strings he’s so into playing his instrument, and delays surgery which could ease his pain to honor his commitment, he won’t sell out.

      • @templar lol!!! I really thought you’re one of those people who can keep her composure, but I guess not (what a bummer)
        Never is such a strong word and IMO if she decided to crossover to country, she can do so because everything is possible under the sun.
        you were kinda getting a little bit transparent but now definitely not lol but don’t you worry you were not the only one (if that helps) lol

      • @77847f54875cf281df6f142adaafe94a:disqus You think I was one of the people who could keep “HER” composure?  WTF?  I really don’t get your point or the gender assignment.  My point was that people really aren’t writing Jessica type music in the pop field.
        @4ec3bd33676f446f3aab340ba2012aea:disqus I wasn’t suggesting that Phil sell out and go country.  Merely saying that lots of pop and alt singers are working in Nashville.

      • @templar(mister) LMAO in order to crossover to country/nashville, Jess simply needs to show that she is capable of the transition(she have that talent & age factor) and she’ll be welcome open arms & it would be a great addition to Nashville IMO… 

        Not impressed with Jessica’s talent that’s fine but second guessing that she will NEVER fit in Nashville is a whole different story, don’t you think? lol

    • In a few years … the hispanic VOTE will determine who the PRESIDENT of the United States will be.

      Combine the hispanic VOTES with the smaller but probably more tenacious resolve of the filipinos PLUS the larger American Vote who recognize talent when they see it.


      • Very foolish of  you to display your racial hate of white people, you just turn people against Jess Congrats. 

      • You’re probably right.  U.S. minorities now represent more than half of America’s population under the age of 1.

      • Jessica’s supporters here in the US have proven that they can take her to the top. There is no need to mention race, her talent is more than enough. That talent got her the highest votes last week.

    • @77847f54875cf281df6f142adaafe94a:disqus No, I don’t think Jessica could fit into Nashville in any way.  Not to mention that at her age, she can scarcely move there.  She has no sense of rhythm and can’t successfully pull off an up-tempo song.  She has no life experience so can’t make the storytelling songs of country music believable.  I don’t know whether she plays an instrument or reads music.  Phillip does both and he writes music as well.  So, he will have greater opportunities there.

  32. American Idols 2012 named Phillip Phillip as the very originally born star ever.

  33. American Idols 2012 named Phillip Phillip as the very originally born star ever.

    • Phillip Phillips is EXCELLENT. BUT JESSICA is better than Phillip.


  34. Both are great.  Jessica is too young though.  She still needs to learn how to be an entertainer and should have the rest of her teenage years to be just that, a teenager.   Phillip is more ready.  Once he gets his kidneys worked on and is well he will be ready.  I love his voice and his style.  He is more mature and will handle this much better than Jessica.  However, I think they are both wonderful and it has been an amazing season on A.I. this year.. 

  35. Both are great.  Jessica is too young though.  She still needs to learn how to be an entertainer and should have the rest of her teenage years to be just that, a teenager.   Phillip is more ready.  Once he gets his kidneys worked on and is well he will be ready.  I love his voice and his style.  He is more mature and will handle this much better than Jessica.  However, I think they are both wonderful and it has been an amazing season on A.I. this year.. 

    • AT 16 , Jessica has shown her superiority. She beats everybody else at this age. More so if she has a few more years to mature.

      At 16, she will win the AMERICAN IDOL title.

      Her age was never a weakness. Her age has ever been a testament to her superiority. She is a PRODIGY.

  36. my goodness  this comments  are pretty long,,,like a lazy to read..and besides l pretty much know the contents…….

  37. my goodness  this comments  are pretty long,,,like a lazy to read..and besides l pretty much know the contents…….

  38. I hope that ugly buck teeth Filipino wins so she can get her teeth fixed …lord she is so ugly…the world’s ugliest DIVA. Watched her do an interview, she is so stuck on herself, she thinks she Is the greatest. Ha, they asked her about being filipino and she said she didn’t really know anyone in Phillipines, that all it meant to her was lots and lots of votes

    • I say otherwise.  She is one of the most beautiful girls I have known because I know her personally.  Very respectful and very humble person.  But thank you for hurting me and her other fans if that makes you happy.  God bless you.

      JS FTW!

    • F**K you Dehanuja. 

      Filipino’s do not need to be acknowledged. We give to Jessica what she needs and deserves. The difference between filipinos and other races is we give for FREE ! We do not ask for anything. UNCONDITIONAL !


      We ask for nothing but for you to win ! 

    • i pity your parents for having an offspring like you, that is if they have not disowned you yet.

    • She’s 16. If she uses brackets, she’ll have her teeth fixed in 1 year. She’ll be a very beautiful girl. You’ll see.

      There are some things that can’t change. Your soul is so dirty and ugly. While Jessice will become a beautiful girl, you’ll still being a dark person. Shame of you.

      •  I hope you mean braces. lol..i sorry not laughing mean at you, just the typo to use “brackets” instead of “braces” is funny

    • I am not Filipno, I am not a strictly Jessica fan, nor do I personally know Jessica. But, in my viewpoint she is a very attractive girl, who looks as if she is a fun loving person, without a bit of mean spirit in her. I will take it a step further and say she could very well be the role model for young girls today … A quality that few female stars (such as Lady Ga Ga) in the music industry seem to have these days. And for anyone to say such vile things about a person like Jessica, makes it look as if they have about as much class as the wort on the rear-end, of a moron.

      This is the second rude comment by a Phillip fan I have seen today.I personally seldom see anything like this from Jessica’s fans.

      • But maybe you don’t realize that she and the judges did this “cheap/slutty” thing to her.  Her wardrope selections were highly criticized until 2 weeks ago when AI finally got the message loud and clear, coming from parents of young ones watching the show.  And than her song choices or those picked for her by JHO, that insinuate that being 16 and sleeping with a man is okay, or well you know, she could have said no I won’t, but she didn’t…….  Phil Phillips is the most original of the 2 left and I say again and again, his music is the one that WILL sell!!

  39. Expect a tribute for Donna Summers. She’s a GREAT ONE.

    Last Dance, Love to Love you baby, MacArtur’s Park, Hot Stuff.

    Jessica would be in her element. Elise and Erika would be most welcome in a number where Donna Summers would be the focus.

    Donna Summers is the Whitney Houston of the 70’s.

    • I also expect a tribute from Bee Gees since another member/singer/songwriter Robin Gibb  is gone…

  40. WE cannot VOTE. BUT we can create BUZZ. Jessica Sanchez will WIN. WE HAVE HER BACK. We will bring her to the peak.

    Jessica WILL WIN !

  41. AMERICAN IDOL has worked for a Joshua and Jessica finale. This failed.

    SO … what do we have? A potential massacre. JESSICA SANCHEZ will show superiority to put to shame Phillip Phillips. I feel sorry for Phillip.

    Phillip is OVERMATCHED !

    • P2 Hater, you can’t just stop at promoting Jess, you have to go to that next step and bash P2. I hope and pray P2 loses because I don’t want his career ruined which is what an AI win would do to him.

      Please everyone vote every single way you can for Jess, I will.

    • Im a Jess supporter but you can not underestimate Philip because as an artist he is good & many loves his music..

    • don’t assume to much…it is an even match…both having great fan base, both has their strength to win (voice, stage presence)…

      it would be nice for all the fans to support their fave…nothing more…

      expectation could lead to disappointments you know…

      just vote and hope that everything would turn out okay for the both of them.

  42. I’d be as shocked if Phillip doesn’t win as I was when Josh was dumped.  Phillip is in a different category and those voting for him are voting for his style and showmanship not for his voice. It’s no secret y that by far the best voices came from Josh and Jessica. All three should do well when it’s all said and done. 

    • I’ll be as shocked if Jessica doesn’t win over P2, who doesn’t sing a 25% as good as Jessica. This is a singing competition, and the best singer must win, who is JESSICA! Sorry, for you. But, face the truth.

  43. who’s starting the ugly word war? Definitely not jessica’s fans, I doubt also that they are phillip’s fans. I think just immature, troublemakers. Let’s just ignore them.

  44. Its so nice to read messages here now without anything bad against each other. Goodluck to both phillip and Jessica.

  45. Now in this picture Jessica looks happy and not like she’s about to enter the grand finale!  Phillip looks a bit weary, has his game face on, but has natural good looks.  He doesn’t look five years older than JS.  Just a couple kids reaching for the moon, but just might land on a star!

  46. Phillip Phillips is a great artist … original and everything.

    BUT Jessica is  simply a BETTER singer /  performer than Phillip. Period.

    America has just eliminated the ONLY competitors that can possibly be  a match to Jessica.

    The singers who could possibly match Jessica were … Elise, Erika, Joshua. 

    Phillip’s popularity  is driven by the most primordial and natural instinct there is … the instinct to procreate.

  47. Mga Noypi d2 hwag nang pangadalakan d2 n sya ay taga s inyo kc ang pangit talaga s totoo lang, tandaan nyo n hindi lang kailangan nong bata ang boto nyo kailangan nya ng boto ng lahat ng tao anu man ang lahi….so tumigil knang magkalat d2 ng kong anu anu ska knalang pag tagunpay kna. S ngayon bumuto k nlang s lunes.

      • Ikaw ang puta sukiyaki japayuki k… hwag n hwag mo akong tawaging bobs kc d mo ako kilala. Ikaw ang boba kc kong matalino k d k susulat ng mga cnusulat mo d2…im just protecting jessica. Hope u undertstand my point y i dont want u to write here about race bcoz jessica cant leave just by our votes she needs everybody’s votes. Kong d mo naiintindihan we can talk privately so that i can explain it to fully what im trying to say.

  48. Jessica Sanchez is the American Idol this season. she has a good heart n intentions. she used her amazing voice to capture the hearts of everyone. hope that people vote because of pure talent and NOT just LOOKS (it can be decieving) all joshua, hollie and the other contestants FANS please vote jessica!

    • Kailangan ko mga tagubilin sa kung paano bumoto para sa Jessica. Ko bang gamitin ang VPN aking kumpanya sa loob ng US at walang isa ay alam kung saan ako bumoto mula. Ano ang gagawin ko at kung kailan?

      • you can vote through the american idol website and it will redirect you to Facebook. i think you can vote from there. if you have access to any US phone number, that will work too.

      • sounds like translation failed….i am a filipino but cant understand you post….try using better translator

    • All other AI contestants, please do the right thing and vote for Phil Phillips.  You know he’s the most genuine and most deserving!!

  49. People, 

    This Dehanuja is not a P2 fan. It’s a JSan fan trying to turn people against Phillips. Don’t fall for it. This little trick has been played by them before. Just ignore him and he will go away!

    • I dont’ think so.
      His/her posts only show hatred for Jessica.  No idea if he/she is a P2 fan.  who knows if this person is just another “weirdo” who finds making nasty comments fun.  

      Definitely he/she needs attention.  Jessica has so many supporters, so he/she considers this a good opportunity to be famous.  Responding nasty comments to this garbage doesn’t make us any better than him/her.  So keep your cool and stay positive.  Wish this person the best.

      AI should entertain us, and not stress us out.  Winning or losing… it’s how we play the game.

      Jessica is a very respectful and a humble person.  She is very family-loving and sweet.  I admire her parents for raising her that way.  She’s a good example of beauty, talent and character.  A good role model to the youth.  She deserves to be the next American Idol.

      Jessica Sanchez for the win!

      • Oh yea, singing songs about sleeping in bed next to some man, oh that’s a really good role model for our young ones and teenagers.  they should just let JS do an ad about birth control; “just use it so you can do it”, hahahahaha!!  Sorry but she has zero personality and what she has is so fake it stinks big time, no emotion whatsoever from this young un!!  Go Phill, bring it on home, we love you!!! 

    • How do you know that this is a “Jess Fans” as you say??? Will you PLEASE give us some proof or better show us how he/did it before.
      Do you think you can provide us those proofs? lol

    • He may not be a P2 fan but don’t assume that he/she is a JS fan. When you assume you make an a.. of yourself but not me. After reading a lot of these blogs, I notice that the P2 fans are on the offensive most of the time while the JS fans are on the defensive. It is almost like watching football with the P2 fans always possessing the ball.

      • Well, if building hate for P2 and his fans is his goal, he is doing a good job.

      • just as u are James!! a P2 fan who’s doing d same for JEssica in a subtle way!! the way u comment on all JEssica fans here.. bah bah bah..  cant u just tell people to keep their mouth shut?? to tell ALL try not to bash and just support & vote for their idols?? u wont vote for Jessica no matter how people tell u we know that!!………………….  dont know how people in this site thinks.. bashing for their fave is mad.. and when someone bash so hard for Jessica.. they wont claim it’s one of them (fans of P2)….   PEOPLE just STOP the HATING & BASHING! STOP FOUL WORDS and just SUPPORT FOR YOUR FAVORITES!! GROW UP!!!

      •  @3db900e1319bc0c5cf96c91fc9e1c748:disqus
        bah bah bah…
        is a nice way to sat SHUT THE HELL UP! so
        bah bah bah…

    • But why would a negative comment about a contestant influence your vote one way or the other.  Do we not all vote because of talent and not fan comments?  At least I hope so.  They are both amazing, are both in the finals because they worked very hard. 

      Hi Taymaro, still studying for finals.  🙂

  50. Yes, Jessica can out sing Phillip, hands down…..but that is not the type of contestant that wins Am Idol…..look at the last 3 years….all male….just ok voices… but really unique in their own way.  That is who wins Am Idol.  Just saying…..if history repeats itself. 

    • History changes all the time. And this is the right time for a change. Vote for JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!

    • Definition of insanity–doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. The previous WGWGs didn’t make it to stardom and yet you want history to repeat itself? Think about it.

      • I don’t really care if history repeats itself or not.  I’m merely stating facts of past seasons.  The show is staged.  Votes do not even matter.  Producers have already chosen their winner.

    • Yea, yea!!  Go Phillip all the way buddy and show AI that the trophy belongs in your hands.  You are the most authentic and original and that’s what matters to me, besides the great and really well loved style of music you sing.  I so love it when you have your own dress code, just like the big name rockers do, don’t ever change that aspect of your life, just be yourself always, I love it!!  good luck buddy in all that’s coming your way………………..Peace V V

      • But most definitely she doesnt need anyone like you in america, rather replace anyone like you with people outside america to support her. She needs not a tiny brain Bopper that keeps her pulling down.

  51. JESSICA is the main star of this season. Everyone has been talking about her  since day 1. In blogs, internet, facebook, twitter. She’s the most popular without any doubt. 

    We may love her or hate her (jealously or envy), but we can’t stop talking about her. 

    For example, I love her so much I can’t avoid writing about her in every comment I make in this blog. On the other hand, Branden, James, Essa hate her so much they can’t avoid talking sh*t about her neither. They don’t talk well about ther favourites, they just want to hurt Jessica.

    I mean, say what you say, everybody will remember Jessica and she’ll still be the one of this season. When someone asks which contestants participated in this season, the first answer you’ll give is:

    – “JESSICA SANCHEZ, she was the best contestant in A.I. history. She’s a star.” (LOVERS)

    – “Jessica Sanchez, the filipina who didn’t deserve to make it to the finale. She was immature and didn’t perform well.” (HATERS)

    But she’ll be remembered much more than any other contestant and she’ll sell more than they all combined. Go, JESSICA!! You are the winner, for me.

    I’m Argentinian, BTW. I can’t vote for her. So, please, do it for me. I’d love to buy her album when it comes out. 

      • You’re telling me i’m right. You just write bad comments about Jessica and her fans. Can’t you talk about your favourite?

      • bah bah bah black sheep…james is…enuf already james, why are you so nega

    • I will agree that Jessica has a great, sometimes phonominal voice … So did Joshua. But, I suspect neither of them will have much of a post-Idol career. Why? I just think the pop diva musical category is overcrowded and getting smaller ever year. And the R&B genre that Joshua sings, has been dead in the water for over 20 years. I hope I’m wrong, but doubt I am.

    • She is a Big Star! Thats why everybody talk about her either good or bad comments. And it seems unstoppable after she may win.

  52. And another  thing… does not matter who we vote for.  Am Idol is staged.  The producers already know the outcome.  They have already produced the show and chosen their winner, which will be revealed on Wednesday night.   But voting is exactly what they want you to do…keeps the ratings up….just like these posts on here….Just saying. 

  53. Hey Dehanuja ,if you have nothing good to say i think you just better shut your big, ugly,dirty and maybe foul smelling MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Joshua Ledet has more talent in his middle finger than Phillip Phillips in his entire body including his guitar. But hey, real people who appreciates real talent are outnumbered by teeny boppers of America.

    Anyhow, the finale is going to be a massacre. Jessica’s going to smash it!

  55. just look at the judges… they eat their own words to the hilt! hypocrites!
    two contestants who fainted and was sent to the hospital during the elimination rounds… the judges told them, “HEALTH FIRST!”
    Yet, here is PP2 who has been suffering from kidney stones and they keep giving him the benefit of the doubt. he is exempt to do the ford videos…while Joshua and the rest did their parts!
    Judges and AI owner obviously want PP2 in the finals even when he is sick and who knows?
    oh, the drama and stupidity of the AI judges from the start to finish… hello Karrem jones? Hello picking that so-called gentkle giant over Reed Grimm, Hollie Day or Eben?
    Those judges need to be replaced by someone like JIMMY! who actually criticizes the contestants and not LIKE their dresses or like their jackets! UGH! FOOLS!
    Whoever wins this… good luck and hopefully YOU won’t turn into somebody like fantasia and some winners of the past that is now nowhere to be found. HA~!

    •  bah bah bah….enough already. If P2 is sick, it’s his choice to go forward or not and I’m sure he would hate anyone feeling sorry for him.
      I trust P2 to make the right decisions for himself….now drop it.

  56. Jessica Sanchez is addicting! I just found myself listening to her, watching her Youtube videos and even her interviews everyday until Tuesday and Wednesday comes. I just can’t wait until the day she will finally have all her dreams come true. Haters gonna hate. She can’t please everybody and that’s a part of being successful. People may not like how she looks but that is just superficial. She has inner beauty and naive/innocence that comes across to people as immaturity. She’s shy, down-to-earth,religious and very humble teenager despite the fact that she’s famous and I don’t think many teenage celebrities around is brought up that way. Not anybody knows her mantra is “work hard, stay humble”. She is soft spoken in real life but when onstage is a budding diva  the way she projects herself with the big songs she sings that’s why people misunderstood her persona. She is just a kid enjoying every moment for crying out loud. I respect people who have constructive criticism about her but shame on others who give vile, below the belt, rude comments about her and her family without  even knowing her at all. She loves her fans all over and even interacts with them via Tweeter, Facebook and fanmails she get. Now I didn’t post this to create a stir to her detractors, I’m just stating how she has inspired me that when you really work hard for what you want, for what you strive for,working what she loves to do in all her young life…that dreams do come true.

      • yes…i supeer like it to0;;;between the BDSCHK and JAMES comments…i can tell BDSCHK is more mature and intelligent…chill James…other people have their opinions about the contest  too….you don’t always have to shoot it down…

    •  bah bah bah….enough already. The same things can be said for Phillip, as well as the rest of the 12. However, all you got to do is watch the going home videos to see…P2 is the most “real” one of the bunch.

      • James, I know you’re a PP fan and I respect that because I like PP too as a person. I am just expressing how I feel for Jessica and how she made an impact on me more. You don’t have to say “bah bah bah enough already” on every comment you make here because if you’re a TRUE American, you should know that our First Amendment include Freedom of Speech so you don’t have to put down people just to make yourself superior on every comment you make. Jessica doesn’t have to cry just to make people think that she is being real. I don’t have to defend Jessica to you because no matter what I say, like I said… haters like you will gonna hate no matter what she does.

      •   BDSCHK

        I never said you didn’t have the right to say what you want, you do. Just as I have the right to respond to what you say. It’s called banter, don’t take it so seriously or personal, we don’t even know each other.

        If you look, usually I only respond to those who are taking a superior position…that Jessica is the best thing since Oxygen…another words, I respond in the same way and tone as the original poster.

        If you write an essay on how great Jess is…I’m going to say bah bah bah…
        because it is way over the top, too much and is begging for someone to bah on.

      • James, we don’t have to know each other  because I see right through you…everybody here knows you care most about PP and whoever here says ANYTHING about Jessica, you always have negative things to say, if only you could comment on each and everyone of those posts, I know you would. NO I don’t take your banters personal, it’s YOU who take everyone’s comments here personal because if you don’t especially on mine, you wouldn’t be saying “bah bah bah…enough already” as if you’re asking everyone who stating their opinion that they’re wrong. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion ok. If you think my post about Jessica is over the top for you, and too much for you to swallow, then you do take my post seriously and personally. I didn’t even say anything about PP or anything about you to make you feel insulted but  of course you James is affected by it. I feel sorry for you. Have a good day and I hope you let go of your hated, Life is too short,  that’s all.

      • You got that right brother!!!  And I’ll go even further and say that Phil Phillips music is the only one that will be selling big time and I will gladly buy his CD’s.  Another wanna be “Diva”, please  please don’t bring that to my town.  

    • James in your previous blog you mentioned you are black American, Mexican American, Native American and white American. Are you also Sheep American?

      • @534893b29a6d4e9e0114b3a3a5695624:disqus ! hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! @twitter-570711058:disqus , you really bring out the BEST and the WORST of people commenting on this website!!!!!!!!! 

  57. Kinda glad Josh went out 3rd, b/c then he doesn’t get stuck with one of those singles.. if those are bad songs and your stuck with it as your 1st single, you’re screwed

    • Not always, Scotty’s wasn’t that great but his first album went double Platinum.  Just think positive, they are both so good, they will do well as will Joshua.


  59. mexico, philipines are rooting?  what?  this is american idol.  who cares what foreigners want.   jessica has the worst fans.  you embarrass her.

    • She is for american, but we cant deny that. She is not only for america but throughout the world because she got a lot of fans other than people in america. Soon, maybe she is gonna be a big history of success outside america.

    • yeah who cares what foreigners in whatever country is rooting for …may not matter for some people in America but support out of the country can bring more income to US.. watching AI alone from outside the US is money from some of the business.. what more when albums are released and those outside the US will be buying them?? … u may just not know how others can be proud of who they are rooting for no matter what their skin color is.. just because they have the talent!!!

      • have you read an article in Yahoo…most of the HOLLYWOOD movies are released first outside the US since they’re more profitable there than in their own.

        I agree, if AI is not distributed outside their territory…it would only be like POP IDOL and be a history…American Idol should be glad that they have their following around the globe.

    • The Beatles would not have reached their height of success worldwide if they had followed the same attitude you have. If other countries are hyped about American Idol, let them. There is really nothing to lose but a lot more to gain.

    • I am neither a Jessica fan or a Phillip fan. But, in my viewpoint Phillip’s fans are the worst. Of course I do not mean to say all are rude, or even close to it. But, today there were two vile posts written by Phillip fan’s saying “jessica is ugly, with buck teeth” or something to that effect. Really? That don’t make a bit of sense to me, as I think she is very pretty for a 16 year old girl … Witha even better personality. On the other hand, the only things I read from Jessica’s fans is to remind everyone to “keep voting for Jessica”. Nothing vile about that. So, Samantha, please explain to me “who has the worst fans”.

    • @daef233641830875b164e0ce1d41548d:disqus , and your point is??? America needs the support of other countries you know…. economy-wise, you (granting that you are an american) need us. also, please don’t single out JS fans… its like fanning a burning flame. please don’t start WWWIII. All AI (contestants’) fans are the same. some are bashers/haters, some are lovers, some are neutral. just like you and me.  I’m for both P2 and JS… they are both equally good. just vote for your favorite and hope (and pray) that he/she wins.

  60.  Pacman will be at results show…it should not effect anyone’s voting…he is there to show he is a fan of hers…not to hurt her chances to win

  61. Wow, I started reading the blog oldest first and it was so positive then I read a comment by Dehanuja, what a nasty comment.  I am a P2 fan but do believe Jessica will win.  If she wins it will be because America thought she was the best!!
    Whomever wins, they both deserve to be there because America voted.  Sit back, bit your nails and enjoy the ride.  Be happy for the winner!!!  Please be positive, these contestants have  all worked  very hard to get to the finale.

  62. I really like Phillp but I think we all know it gonna be Jessica she Ben in the lead from the start

    • Oh really!!  Gee I thought she got voted off once, only to be saved by the ignorant judges.  Sorry, but America’s vote does not count, only what the judges want the judges get.  Phil Phillips all the way buddy……you are the most sincere and the best singing star of AI this season.  Your music will far out sell all the other contestants and especially this little “Diva” wanna be.  America do the right thing and vote til your fingers get numb for #1….Phil Phillips!! 

  63. I feel that same way Vanessa, got so caught up in the negativity that I stooped down instead of rising up.   P2 is one year older then my sister and I and we are 4 years older then Jessica.  We both said shame on us.  She is a child and has worked hard to get where she is.  I apologize to anyone that I might have offended, nothing but positive from now on.

    I wish the best to both, they will be very successful!

  64. I just love Season 11’s contestants… All of them were great.

    Good luck to Jessica and Phillip!

  65. I think they could also be a great couple in the near future…. They’re compatible with each other……….Hope they would end up together….

    • Phillip already has a girl friend, her name is Hannah Blackwell. They have benn together for 2 years now. She is beautiful and religious.

      • And about as opposite of Jess as you can get. Are Jess fans so desperate to make Jess look popular by trying to romantically link her to the popular P2. lol..that’s sad.

      • @twitter-570711058:disqus are you jealous because Jess is always with P2? wow James now i know why you hate Jess so much because you’re so in love with P2 uhm no wonder you also hate Joshua because he’s always with Phillip too

      • James FYI… Who has the most followers in twitter? Jessica. Who has the most facebook fans? Jessica. Who has the most youtube views? Jessica. Who’s most popular worldwide? Jessica… So i kinda disagree that Jessica link to the Popular P2 because its the other way round.

  66. Jessica and PP look good together, like brothers and sisters. They have different styles and are both good in what they’re doing. My heart tells me Jessica is going to win and make history! Jessica is the newest American Diva. 

  67. I applaud all of the contestants that have performed on AI over the years but we all know that not always does the most talented person wins. Part of it is a popularity contest and if you happen to live in a large city, you will get more votes based on location.  For this years finalists, I think that Phillip has much more versatility and talent vs Jessica. yes she can sing but she also screams and screeches.  Phillip has a broader genre and I will be cheering him on to win!   When he releases his cd, I will be there to buy it as well!  Go Phillip, you deserve to win!!

  68. @Sheri:   Well the moon is now in Gemini and you and I are both twins, so maybe there is some sort of astrological connection to our new attitudes!

  69. @Sandi : i hope all P2 fans are like you, instead of bashing just cheer for our idol because both of them are deserving and both of them really worked hard to make their dreams come true

    • Sailor Moon:  My sister and I  were both caught up in the negativity and we decided it had to stop.  We were both embarrassed regarding our  behavior.  We are younger than P2 (1 year) and older than Jessica.  She is a young girl that has worked so hard to get where she is.  They all deserve our respect as do the other folks that are posting comments.  Thank you for your kind words.  🙂  Have a great evening!!

  70. I hope Jessica wins. I want her album to be like more of a Beyonce or Mariah type. or even younger types. Let”s vote for her until the very end. Both of them deserves it but I prefer Jess to be on top. I love Phillip as well, I can see him doing concerts as well but please have some variety. I must say that he should be dressed well not just like a typical air-conditioner-repair-man. Go Jessicca!

  71. Wow! We keep losing all of the musicians that had such an impact on our youth.

    R.I.P. Robin Gibb

    May God keep and comfort your loved ones in their hour of need. 

  72. I really hope they put on a great show!!! I enjoyed last finale even though the twosome who survived to finale wasn’t my pick at all. And these I really like. Now, I’m cheering for both of them! 
    What do you think their pick for their favorite performances will be?

  73. james u freak of nature! don’t have a life? almost every comments here, u have a say… freak-o. get a life.

    •  hahaha

      I don’t hide behind 20 different names when I post like you do. I post in my name what I want to say and nothing you say will stop that you coward

    •  @OnTheMirror:disqus

      Dude you are the one with the fantasy of kissing yourself in the mirror
      really creeper like, whats up with that…are you in love with your own lips or something…ewwww

      • U need optometrist too, you are visually impaired. Envy? coz u can barely see youself infront of the mirror.

  74. yes, not as big…but they are still STARS you know… twinkling in the distance. 🙂  jessica’s still lucky to have their support.  just vote for P2 and JS supporters vote for her.  whoever wins deserves it. period.

  75. I believe it is very admirable that there are legions of fans in the Philippines, who are supporting their adoptive daughter, Jessica Sanchez.  She is a beautiful young girl, with an amazing voice and stage presence.  However, she sounds too much like many of the other female artists in the American music industry today: Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Alicia Keys, Jazmine Sullivan, and most recently, Melanie Amaro, the winner of “The X Factor USA 2011.” just to name a few.

    Jessica Sanchez should definitely not sing “Listen” by Beyonce in the finale, as some have suggested.  This is exactly what Melanie Amaro sang and sang beautifully in the “X Factor USA 2011” finale.  We absolutely do not need another cookie cutter American singer.

    I also believe it is equally admirable that there are legions of fans in the great state of Georgia, across the South, and throughout the United States of America, who are supporting our native son, Phillip Phillips, who is clearly not a Dave Matthews “clone.”  He is a handsome young man, with an infectious smile and a humble pesonality, combined with a rare artistic ability to use his outstanding vocal skills and precise rhythm, along with his awesome talents in playing several different musical instruments and in interpreting any song he performs, in an way that simply captivates an audience.

    It should not matter what race, ethnicity, or nationality any contestant on American Idol or any competition is, as long as they meet the requirements of being a contestant in that competition.  What should matter is that we all focus on voting for the better contestant.  Am I saying that Phillip Phillips is a better singer and musician; and therefore, contestant than Jessica Sanchez?  Yes, I am; simply becuase he is.

    Phillip Phillips will be the next American Idol, but only if all of his countless fans will come together and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!  Phillip Phillips truly deserves to win!!    

    •  john weaver…you have your opinion…we have ours…jsut say whatever you want with your idol and stop the blahblahblah…JESSICA SANCHEZ will be the next American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!

      •  I sure hope so…fire up the voting machine, every single vote for Jess must come in from everywhere….if you don’t vote she will lose.

      • As I said, Jessica Sanchez has an amazing voice and might I add, huge potential.  I’m not saying that she is not a very good singer.  She most certainly is and with time and the right mentors, she most certainly can become as good as, if not better than, Phillip Phillips, and very possibly, may become the best singer of her generation.  There is no “blahblahblah” in my comments:  Simply put, Phillip Phillips is a better singer and musician than Jessica Sanchez; and therefore, deserves to win.  Neither you nor I nor anybody else can predict with 100 % certainty who will win.  Right now, I’m just looking forward to a great finale and summer tour.  I wish all the American Idol 2012 contestants nothing but the best in sharing their God-given musical and other talents with the world.  May GOD bless and keep each one of them is my prayer.     

    • Those female artists you mention reigns during their years. And some had passed away that only on radios we hear now. We need someone like them of this times and the years to come. Please dont kill it!

      Likewise phillip. We need him too, a younger kind among Sting, dave matthews, crocker, clapton and many other.

      • None of the female artists I named have passed away.  All of them are still relevant and most of them have had long and successful careers.  To their credit, none of them achieved this, simply by copying someone else.  Whether or not Jessica Sanchez wins American Idol 2012, she can have a long and sucessful music career, as long as she adapts and maintains a fresh, unique, and popular musical style.  With all due respect to her and her truly amazing vocal and musical talents, I have not seen any signs of this so far.  You never know, I may become a fan of hers one day, too.  In the meantime, I wish her and all her fans nothing but the best.              

      • You are, of course, correct.  I never said Jessica Sanchez was not a native American.  If fact, I specifically said that race, ethnicity, and nationality should not matter.  What are you really trying to say?  This is a mute point.

    • Excuse me John Weaver. Have to disagree. Philip is good but honestly Jessica is a better vocalist and this is a singing competition. Philip is another Kris Allen, LeeD, Taylor Hicks. ARent we bored with this group and style of singing. Come On, people, Jessica is another Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks and Jennifer Hudson in the making. You play with words John and, at the end of it luring ppl to vote for Philip. What I mean to say is, you like Philip better than Jessica, we know it but we do not wish to here it. Just vote for yr favourites and do not make sweeping statements that P2 is better than Jessica. Stop this right now

    • Honestly people, 

      There has been a lot of talk and a lot of back and forth on this site but i really and truly feel that Americans will vote fairly this week.

      They will vote based on who they think should win. 

      I have seen it time and time and time again. Both of these two young people are going to come out on that stage Tuesday night and they are going to pour their heart and soul into the performances they give. 

      All the taking of sides will vanish at that point, when people see how much it means to each one of them. Tears will be shed and people will vote their heart. There wont be any hate in anyones heart and they will think long and hard about who to vote for. Some people wont be able to decide and just vote for both because they can see through to their very soul.

      I wont vote at all this week. I don’t want to think I am the fault of either of them not realizing their dream. I will just stay out of it because my favorite left at #8 position and I have no dog in the fight. I wish them both the best. Even after I don’t vote I will wish I had voted for the one who loses. 

      They are both young and working very hard to try and realize their dream. Let’s just all be civil and watch the performances and vote for who ever touches your heart on Tuesday night.

    • Noone is insulting yr intelligence. And obviously, anyone as intelligent as you should know that the word Phillip was a typo error. Yes,  noone made me the spokeswoman of the jessica fan club, nor am I yr “mother” as you so aptly put across. But, we, meaning, that all of us out here…. my circle of friends. We was used with a collective meaning… not wish to read about the way you lure ppl to vote for P2. And, further more, I am a fan of not only Jessica but Hollie and Joshua. I am not fond of Skylar, but I do not go round making statements that she is worse off than the rest and to vote for the rest. Point I am making again, is you like P2 we get it but do not make statements like “P2 truly deserves to win”. Again, we do not wish to here this. I ask you not to open Pandora’s box again and give everyone else a headache. I rest my case.

    •   I disagree, both Jessica and Phillip deserve to win.   I am clinging to Jessica because of her consistency which is more that Phillip.  Phillip has had not too many moments in the whole competition.   This is just my thought and also I think it is about time that we have a girl winner and see whether an American idol of international mix ethnicity will bring more revenues in American Idol.   Some of the American Idols that have won this competition did nothing and was dropped by the label company. 

  76. Jessica Sanchez has got more twitter followers than Lauren Alaina!!! Could she have more followers than Scotty? I’m sure she’ll soon!!



  78. Jessica Sanchez has a great future ahead of her not only in the American music industry but in the entire world.  She sets no bounds with her singing.  America should be proud of her and truly deserves to WIN the AI title.

    Also, I would like her to sing “Dance With My Father” again but this time, she is singing to her dad, who is with her onstage, to add impact on her performance.  Otherwise, she could sing either “I Will Always Love You” or “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” 

    Click if you agree.

  79. Hey, guys. Did you know Hollie isn’t AMERICAN? She’s BRITISH (she was born in Liverpool but she moved to the USA when she was 9 years old).

    It means JESSICA is “MORE AMERICAN” than Hollie’s. In fact, Jessica is American with foreign parents. Hollie isn’t American. 

    Why did you hate so much about Jessica’s ancestries, but you didn’t say anything about Hollie’s?

    They are all good and both deserved the tittle. But Hollie was never questioned about her origins, while Jessica’s appearence’s make you judge her because of their parents nationalities. 

    The truth is: 

    JESSICA is American (was born in San Diego, LA, USA).

    HOLLIE isn’t American. She’s British (was born in Liverpool, England).

    You didn’t say anything bad about Hollie because she’s pretty, white, blond and cute! But you hated on Jessica all the time.

    Are you the TRUE AMERICAN you say you are? You’re a bunch of hypocrites!!!

    • Because the British people aren’t on this site trying to shove Hollie down everyone’s throat and they aren’t organizing a whole foreign nation to power vote or giving out instructions on how to cheat vote. Her fans were/are civilized and not rude.

      • Not to worry, James after next week you can have this site all to yourself. You can blog yourself all you want and nobody will bother you. I bet you will be thrilled!

      • You can’t call someone rude, ’cause you’re one of the rudest people in this blog!!

      • how can you say such a thing??? What are you trying to create. I am a Jessica Fan but by nature I am not a rude person. Which is what you are implying. Cannot believe you have the gall to call Jessica’s fans cheats?? You mean fans of others besides Hollie, Skylar….do not cheat?? My God. How can you hit out at Jessica like this? She is a great vocalist,….period. ACCEPT IT

      • and what are you insinuating Mr. James…that other people who are not Hollie fans are rude and not civilized who shove down everyone’s throat and organizes nation to power vote or even cheat?

      • James, the moment ive started reading this blog, your comnent strikes me the most…from criticizing Jessica’s talent, to how she dresses, (for saying that you’d be ashamed if your daughters will dress like her) for asking sailor moon for a date and lastly for badmouthing Filipinos using derogatory word such as cheaters…you only prove that you are a very disturb person…you are the one bringing animosity, racism and discrimination in this blog…and oh by the way, before you claim that you are always morally correct, did not say any evil words (a pathological liar), not a racist (????) and conclude that we Filipinos are cheaters, prove it first!!! For all we know you are the one who cheats 🙂 you are a pathetic excuse for a Fan…tsk tsk a person without a soul…

      • Look who’s talking about being uncivilized and rude…James remember when you point a finger to others, the other 4 fingers points towards you…i guess a Filipino rejected you (unrequitted love) that’s why you are singling out Filipinos in this blog…remember this is about American Idol and not a Filipino blog…so stop being a racist and please practice what you preach…you are a disgrace to America!!!

      • Criticizing Jessica would always be inevitable as she cant please everybody but using derogatory words about Filipinos (Jess ancestry) are very uncalled for. Why can’t you just accept in your thick head that maybe just maybe an American girl of Filipino descent will be the next American Idol! And James i hope your daughters (as u claimed you have) will not absorb such negative attitude from you.

      • @pally45 just read all the post of James esp the previous article about Joshua Ledet or better yet adk him yourself, that is if he will NOT deny it…:-) Let FCC prove it James before you conclude…

      • @pally45 cant you read what he just commented a “whole foreign nation” blah blah blah…such a disgusting racist person..

    • @5b391f4c300dce19005d505db1684c8e:disqus , this topic has been discussed over and over in other blogs.  just when this thread is starting to get some peace and quiet, you bring up the race thing again.  please dont start WWIII. Hollie is already eliminated.  Jessica is in the finale. i’m with you on this but please lets just move on, ok? just vote for jess and let others vote for P2. serenity at last… (or until performance night). 🙂

    • I don’t know about everyone else but I have already brought up the issue. 

      I changed my mind when I heard how much better Hollie sings than Jessica and I started pulling for Hollie after DeAndre was voted off and I saw what a great personality she had. 

      I said that Hollie was a Brit and I didn’t want a Brit to win because we had plenty of home grown talent that deserved to win American Idol. 

      I also said I didn’t care what race the person was, as long as they were born in the USA. I include Jessica in that. The USA is made up of all different races of people. Not just white people. Somehow people think of the USA as only Caucasian. Even other countries and races of people view the USA as a country of white people.

      I try not to use the word American because I think it is misused. America is all of Western Culture. North America (Canada and USA), Central America (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama), and all the countries of South America. Anyone born in any of those countries I consider to be American.

      US citizens might be considered to be fat, lazy and stupid by some Asians but the USA isn’t all bad. We just allowed a blind Chinese dissident who was trying to stand up for the human rights of Asian people in China, Chen Guangcheng, to take refuge in our country after escaping house arrest and fleeing to our embassy. We welcome all races to our country with open arms. That is our nature. So let’s try to keep that in mind when voting this week and when posting on this site for the rest of the week.

      Just sayin………….

      • I read until “how much better Hollie sings than Jessica”. Then, I stopped reading. I knew there was nothing true in your comment. Sorry, but everyone with a bit of sense, good taste, intelligence and knowledge can recognize that “HOLLIE doesn’t sing MUCH BETTER than JESSICA”. That’s all…

      • @5b391f4c300dce19005d505db1684c8e:disqus Actually , yes, Hollie is a far better entertainer than Jessica which will be evident when Idol is over and they are all on tour.  Technically better vocally [Jess] won’t translate into entertainment value [Hollie].

  80. Congrats to both …however we do have to stand behind our hometown guy..go Phillip

  81. Ferjp_88, I don’t think people have any problem with Jessica. I can only speak for myself, my problem is with her fans (obnoxious and annoying). Of course there are some people who dislike Jessica, just the same issue with people who dislike Hollie (read the articles here in the past few weeks). Plus, if you look you will find many posters dislike Phillip too. So what? Hello?

    • we all have different personalities and attitude.. so you cant compare one fan to another fan..

    • I’m not talking about me. I’m a Jessica fan, but I like Hollie too. I don’t care about nationalities. I’m Argentinian, so, for me it’s exactly the same who wins. We are not racist (as many people in this blog). I love talent, no matter if it comes from an American, Philipino, British, Chinese or Argentinian. JESSICA SANCHEZ has a gift I’ve never seen in such a teenager girl. Most of the new singers nowadays are just people you don’t have talent, but beauty, money, contacts, and make everything for selling more. Jessica is a true artist, and has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. I wish she could be here so I could meet her. 

      But she’s American. This girl is yours. You must be proud of her. I can’t understand how people from other countries love Jessica more than people from her own country, the place she was born in and where she’s become the great singer/person she is now.

      I hope America can recognize Jessica as one of them and give her the tittle she deserves so much: AMERICAN IDOL.

      I’v never been so exciting about any contestant in any competition since I was born 23 years ago. I just love this girl with all my heart and soul. She’s magical. I spend hours watching her videos, posting about her and talking to her fans all over the world. I’m just in love with her. But not in the way some people love each other (such as some girls love Phillips). I’m in love with her personality, her humility, her passion, her voice. She’s the kind of artist I’ve always admired. And I thought i would never meet someone that I could watch him/her growing and getting better and better. 

      Now I see how a star has born. How the world is moving by her. And people from all over the world know her. we are the makers of this star. With our support and our loyalty.

      I don’t know if she’ll win American idol. I just know that whenever she’s got an album, I’m going to buy it, whenever she comes to my country or i travel abroad and could meet her, I will. I’ll follow her and support her career as I’ve never done with anyone else before. And I’M SURE I’m not the only one. There are thousands of people in the world (maybe millions) who will do the same. A new star is born. Believe it or not, like it or not, we are witnesses of one of the best talent the world will meet. i’m so glad to introduce you to my inspiration, my idol: Miss JESSICA SANCHEZ! 

      (Thank you so much for reading. Hit like if you liked this comment.)



  84. I’ve never been so exciting about any contestant in any competition since I was born 23 years ago. I just love this girl with all my heart and soul. She’s magical. I spend hours watching her videos, posting about her and talking to her fans all over the world. I’m just in love with her. But not in the way some people love each other (such as some girls love Phillips). I’m in love with her personality, her humility, her passion, her voice. She’s the kind of artist I’ve always admired. And I thought i would never meet someone that I could watch him/her growing and getting better and better. 
    Now I see how a star has born. How the world is moving by her. And people from all over the world know her. we are the makers of this star. With our support and our loyalty.
    I don’t know if she’ll win American idol. I just know that whenever she’s got an album, I’m going to buy it, whenever she comes to my country or i travel abroad and could meet her, I will. I’ll follow her and support her career as I’ve never done with anyone else before. And I’M SURE I’m not the only one. There are thousands of people in the world (maybe millions) who will do the same. A new star is born. Believe it or not, like it or not, we are witnesses of one of the best talent the world will meet. i’m so glad to introduce you to my inspiration, my idol: Miss JESSICA SANCHEZ! 
    (Thank you so much for reading. Hit like if you liked this comment.)

    • I never been so hooked up in AI until this season. JS is one of the main reason of it~

  85. Im very shocked that phillip is in the final two he cant sing im very upset I really think josh should have won the show ugh

    • He looks untidy but thats an excemption coz he is sick. He wears like a taxi driver. Otherwise he is goodlookin and yummy.

      • P2 is sexy, cutest smile, his style is casual and he stays true to himself and oh sooooooo talented.  Jessica is petite, cute and oh sooooooo talented.  They both have such amazing careers ahead  of them, the finale will be so entertaining.

  86. i wish jessica is already 18 and phillip is single, coz they really look good together.. i hope they could do a duet like Broken strings by james morrisson and Nelly furtado.

  87. Hey, guys. You don’t have to argue about Jessica nationality. She can be from everyone’s and we are all happy!!

    Wow. I wish she was Argentinian. I really love to meet her. Maybe one day.

  88. I can’t believe it’ll be over in three days. I will miss you, guys. It’s been an intense journey in this blog. I’ve liked sharing my thoughts with you and knowing what you think about my opinions. I found great people in this blog, and I’ve argued a lot, too. But that’s the point of discussing about something. We all have our own opinion, and we must respect that.

    No matter what happens on Wednesday, this has been the best season of American Idol. i will miss it so much. Good luck to all of you! Thank you for all the love (and hate too, lol).

    Enjoy the finale and vote for your favourite. (I wish I could vote for mine, but you know I can’t).

    Best wishes. 

    FERNANDO, 23, from Mendoza, Argentina.

      • To tell you the truth, I made my twitter account just for following Jessica. I opened it a week ago. 

      • @5b391f4c300dce19005d505db1684c8e:disqus i know and you’re also following randy right? haha i read some of your tweets anyway since we can’t vote let’s just tweet jessica to wish her all the luck ^_^

  89. Phillip wins the toss up, he decided to be the 2nd performer. Either ways, Jessica will crush the finale. 

    “We are telling you, you’re not going” because our votes will show that “we always love you”. You also inspired us that “Everybody Has A Dream” which will be granted and we’re truly “Proud Fans”. We also believe that you can “Turn the beat around” to break the WGWG curse on AI. This is also a “Sweet Dream” for all of us to see you bagging the title and we will not let anyone “Steal away” the crown from you. We’re sure that “You’ll be there” on top ’cause “You are so beautiful” in every single way and truly a “Natural Woman”. The haters should “Try A Little Tenderness” on their hatred because all we can see is them “Stuttering” watching you sing your winning song after being crowned, anyway “They doesn’t matter anymore” d. I will give “My All” effort to let you win this thing. “How Will we know” that you’re gonna win? Simply seeing your fans “fallin'” in love with your songs. Always remember that “What Doesn’t Kill you makes you stronger” because we’ve seen your journey like “Bohemian Rhapsody” with ups and downs.  So “The Prayer” we have for you is to keep that “Eternal Flame” in your heart. Of course “We Don’t want to miss a thing” in the finale while you’re being heralded as the American Idol 2012 winner.

    Our love “Will Lift you higher and higher”  and we know that you also “Were Waiting for this” moment. So just “Express yourself” and go beyond your “Borderline”. American idol is “Waiting for a girl like you”.

    Love you Jess!!! Goodluck and more power!!!

  90. The question is, who will win the American votes this coming Tuesday night. I’m deadlock for both since I appreciate both genre of their music. I will decide and give my final vote to the one who can captivate me with the final song—the one composed for them to sing for the finale.

  91. @James – u really like phillip huh, a die hard fan! Ahhhh, Bayot ka bayot ka bayot ka! Panuhak kang amawa ka tiguwang na ka wa kay bo-ot. Oplok jud!

  92. i agree with everybody who says this is AI’s best season ever. Except for Steven Tyler, i cannot say the same about the other two judges namely Jlo and most especially Mr. Randy Jackson. i think Jlo was made to judge not bcoz she is competent as a judge but more so bcoz of her crowd-drawing power: she can draw the tv viewers in. Apparently Mr Jackson became the “main” judge being the more senior of the three and only bcoz Mr. Simon Cowell (the best judge ever) was no longer around. 

    Joshua’s elimination can only be blamed to Mr. Randy Jackson himself. the american pipol got an overdose of the praises and superlatives he heaped on him. clearly he was a biased judge and was rooting for JL to win. the american people cannot be bamboozled, brain-washed, decieved and led by such obvious tactics. we see the dawg nudging Jlo to standing up to give JL a standing ovation. Sadly Mr Jackson succeeded in cheapening the value of the SO in his over-eager desire to make JL win.

    worst, anybody’s outstanding performance would be downplayed by Mr Jackson or he would try to find fault in it just to make JL’s performance shine a little brighter. he obviously forgot that on his own JL is an extremely good performer and singer that can win the AI title on his own merits.

    sadly, the elimination of JL was to me more like the american people’s sanction of Mr.  Randy Jackson as a judge. if i had it my way, i would bring Mr. Simon Cowell back and give Mr. Jackson his well deserved walking papers.

    and that folks is just my humble opinion. 

    • all three judges were a horror show and clearly biased when they critiqued the contestants.  said it before, the show is becoming stale and clearly needs something to enliven it before it goes the way of “my mother the car”.

  93. What would you think Simon would
    say regarding the performances of Jessica and Phillip?

    If you would bet $100, who would
    you bet it for?

    I think we all know the answer, whether you admit it or not. 🙂

    • Oh..I think Simon would have liked both of them. They are completely different. I like that.

    • If I had $100 to bet, I would put my money on PP.  The combination of the following are to much for Jessica to overcome:
      #1 – PP cuteness with the girls
      #2 –  the VoteForTheWorst army
      #3 – the simplicity of the songs chosen for Phillip to sing (being careful not to expose PP glaring weaknesses)

      I’m not sure what Simon would say about Jessica, but I’m pretty sure we would hear more than a few “What the hell was that?” with Phillip.  (“Time of the Season” comes to mind)

  94. I know this is off topic but does anyone know if Hollie got a record deal?

  95. I believe, when we dwell on our impulse alone(the lower power)  and do not use God given principles (the higher power), we make bad decision and we says things that offend others… Don’t trust self and own feelings…because self is our #1 enemy….our feelings deceive us and can not be trusted without the leading of the higher power!!   Believe it or not….life would be so miserable without God’s leading in your life.

    Since we have only few days left before the AI grand finals…. I would like to apologize to all i have offended with my unpleasant replies to all those who had vent their anger to a 16 year old jessica …. I believe, she’s didn’t deserve all their negative remarks and accusations!  God bless….

  96. Whoever wins, i am happy they vote made to the finale. I hope they’ll be big stars. Kudos to jessica for making our country proud. It’s gonna be an exciting finale.

  97. Gosh!!!! Tuesday and Wednesday nights are soooooooooo long!!!! i cant wait anymore to hear both Jessica and Phillip perform! and I can’t wait to find out who will win…. Best season of American Idol…. EVER!!!!

  98.   I
    believe, when we dwell on our impulse alone(the lower power)  and do
    not use God given principles (the higher power), we make bad decision
    and we says things that offend others… Don’t trust self and own
    feelings…because self is our #1 enemy….our feelings deceive us and
    can not be trusted without the leading of the higher power!!   Believe
    it or not….life would be so miserable without God’s leading in your

    Since we have only few days left before the AI grand finals…. I
    would like to apologize to all i have offended with my unpleasant
    replies to all those who had vent their anger on a 16 year old jessica
    …. I believe, she’s didn’t deserve all their negative remarks and
    accusations!  God bless….

  99.  I wish Philip and Jessica all the best, and may they have a healthy and happy life ahead of them!! 

  100. I guess they will going to do some tribute on one of their songs:

    Jess = Donna Summer
    Phil = Robin Gibb

    • Seriously? lol…I can’t imagine Phillip doing the Bee Gees any more than I can imagine Jessica doing Donna Summer. Are they going to have a 16 year old go out and sing Bad Girls…or Love to love you baby?

  101. Congratulations to both Jessica and Phillip! I’m rooting more for Jessica. It’s time to show them how you will rock the Finale Jay!

  102. Jessicas journey begone in Sandiego…and the journey ends as a winner …woooooFTW!!!!!!!!!

  103. JESSICA SANCHEZ almost eliminated in hollywood week …almost elimanted in top 7…..WINS AMERICAN IDOL 2012 ! WOW !

  104. What the F is this site, a F’ing cult of Jessica stalkers? I’ve never read such vomit in my life, you people must not have any lives.

  105. One more day…Countdown to the Performance show, 2 more days to the Finale. My only main issue with American Idol is I live here in Los Angeles  where they tape it live right up in my alley but East Coast gets to see it live whereas West Coast will be able to view it 3 hrs delayed. That’s why I just resort to UStream, Tweeter and live blogs which is awful. I’d rather know the performances and the result right away. Anyone here going to the live AI finale?

  106. ‘I Will Always Love You’ Who sang it best. Jordin Spark or Jessica Sanchez.

    • I just listened to both for an A B comparison.  Jordin’s version was longer than the 2 minute restriction from AI, so she was able to sing more of the song.  Jordin’s version is very pretty, with a light and sentimental tone to her voice.  There were a few pitch problems, but overall, it was outstanding. 

      Jessica’s version, on the other hand, is more powerful with slightly better intonation.  Her shortened 2 minute version was more of a performance than a tribute, but overall it was better.  It had more of that “wow” factor and more vocal fireworks.

      Jordin is a non-WGWG AI winner with 5 years experience under her belt so obviously she is a cut above the rest.  Katherine McPhee is another outstanding AI vocalist that would do this song justice.  They’re not Whitney Houston, but they are all very good.  In 5 years, Jessica will be jaw-droppingly amazing.  Something to look forward to.

  107. I’m only rooting for Jessica because of Deandre. He is her best friend on idol. So i hope she win. A suitable song for her, which I never heard someone mentioned is I Wanna Love You Forever by Jessica Simpson. It’s a very powerful song. I just wish her all the best!!!!

  108. I can’t wait…only one more day.  I wonder what song Phillip will pick from past performances. I am assuming Jessica will pick I will Always Love You.

  109. Let the better singer win! Before Wednesday, I won’t know  how the two perform/deliver their songs. As of now, though, Jessica is heading her way to the top. FLY NORTHWARD, JESSICA!

  110. I’m totally ready for the finale…..This season did go fast.  There was lots of talent this season and I’m sure they all will do well.
    The two finalists are so different that you really can’t compare them.  They are both great in their own genre…….Good Luck Phillip & Jessica!

      • Well, everyone always says that California is completely out of touch with the rest of the country. Minnesota and Wisconsin are pulling for Phillip!

    • if she does, the whole world (except alabama) will catch her. stop wishing ill thoughts on jessica. just vote for your favorite. 🙂 peace on earth….

  111. Whoever wins this competition truly deserves  it. And i can say that Phillip and Jessica are very talented. Congratulations in advance to the winner.

  112. I do not know who will win only God knows…but having said that the best singer on the show has always been Jessica and she has out sang Phillip so many times he is good but she is beter anyway it does not make a lot of differenc they will both have amazing careers, I do not think that Phillp is one who will have nillion sellers, he is the perverbial wgwg that have won idol a few times even though they were not the best but this year they were all so good  how can I or anyone else fault them.


  113. over and over again the judges said it . . . that Jessica is the best singer in America! there you go

  114. FerJP – I think you have Argentinian Idol too, correct? In any case, see you here on this website next year. We then can argue again to our heart’s content 🙂 Greetings from New York.

  115. I’m looking forward to Phillip P. song he wrote….cant wait to purchase his music.  It’s amazing how talented he is so original. How exciting!!!..Happy for you Phillip ;)…I will be voting tonight for you!….I think the America really knows how talented you are WAY beyond your time.  Keep smiling and singing cause its evident you are enjoying it!.. Keep digging deep inside and sharing your love with us.

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