American Idol 2012 Top 3 Week Ratings

American Idol 2012 Top 3

The ratings were looking good for American Idol 2012 this week when the Top 3 finalists performed and the elimination results were revealed the next night.

Up from last week’s 16.4 million viewers on performance night there were 17.6 million sets of eyes and hears tuned in to see who could deliver the best songs of the night. After sliding roughly 200,000 viewers each week on Wednesday nights Fox was surely pleased to see a sharp uptick in its audience. Looks like the narrowing competition finally sparked enough interest in viewers to tune in and see who deserved a seat in next week’s finale.

Thursday’s American Idol 2012 results show jumped nearly a million viewers up to 16.4 million from last week’s 15.6. I’m still surprised with those numbers, but considering the fluff Fox uses to fill that hour I can understand why viewers just wait to read who was eliminated next.

Next Tuesday the final two Hopefuls, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez, will take the stage for one last round of singing. Then we’ll find out the results of who wins American Idol 2012 on Wednesday. I’m expecting some big numbers that night as this competition could be close!

Source: TV By The Numbers




    • yes both so different from each other…but both so deserving to win…can we just have a tie???

    • James, honestly ur becoming pathetic. before i admire ur brave comments now it sucks!! all people here are putting on positivr comments except u!! pls move on! ;p

  1. It would be so weird living in the mansion with only two of them left now. Haha

      • Like one moment they had cereal together and then the next thing they now they’ll be competing against each other on stage which is crazy. ROFL

      • Yeah. Somethin might. Like running in to each other when going to the kitchen for some glass of water or something….Haha¬†

      • You think so? But none of them ever mentioned it on twitter. I think not. Because the rules are you stay at the mansion as long as you’re not voted out, so probably they just provided hotel rooms for the rest of the top 12. They should at least give credit to Jessica and Phillip as the final two to be the only ones to use the mansion until the finale.¬†

      • I hope they would make a video on what they are doing in the mansion, especially now that the place is basically empty….

      • @ JAMES AGAIN….NOBODY may not like Jess because they know that they do not have a place in the finals, and possibly the title as the next AMERICAN IDOL 2012.

      • Mr Conclusion strikes again!!!! James, maybe you are right none of the 12 dont like Jess because she is their biggest competitor hahaha ūüôā By the way, before you preach about racism, check your comments first and do practice what you preach ūüôā

      • Oh my God,¬†@twitter-570711058:disqus¬†…. Are you the Mansion to see that the 12 don’t like Jess? You are such an old bitter man who’s making a fool for a living. You can’t even make money for destroying Jessica.¬†

      • James ur so pathetic….. Ur so old enought to act wat ur acting…..ur alegations are all chismiss so stop be man enough. Okey?

      • To James: You’re terrible! Men don’t talk that way, and so are matured people…. How old are you? and what’s your sexual preference?? Your choice of words shows who really you are!!! You chatty! chatty rice queen!!!¬†

      • You think so? But none of them ever mentioned it on twitter. I think not. Because the rules are you stay at the mansion as long as you’re not voted out, so probably they just provided hotel rooms for the rest of the top 12. They should at least give credit to Jessica and Phillip as the final two to be the only ones to use the mansion until the finale.¬†

      • Why would they pay for hotels when the mansion is already home to them. ¬†They have to rehearse etc. ¬†They’re all staying at the mansion this week.

    • She is 16 years old.¬† I am sure her mom is there.¬† There has to be bodyguards as well I’m sure.¬†¬† Can you imagine Casey and Haley together last year?¬† I’m sure there was plenty of alone time!

  2. If the rating next week for the finale doubles, it won’t be surprising! The game, the anticipation, the followers and votes are all getting more intense now!

    Good Luck Jessica Sanchez!!!!!Take Home the WIN!

  3. NEWS: Phillip won the toss and chose to go last.
    Last year remember how Scotty won the toss and deferred the choice to Lauren? What a gentleman…

      • @ JAMES AGAIN——NOBODY may not like Jess because they know that they do not have a place in the finals…..and the title as the AMERICAN IDOL 2012!!!!!!!!!

      • @likoy: Please do not get negative, everyone is on this site to talk about their idol favorite….not to make negative comments about the other bloggers.¬† Please play nice!

    • Oh please,¬†give it a break, Phillip has been sick for some time now with kidney stones and he’s been in a lot of pain¬†and He’s as much a gentleman as Scotty.¬†I love Scotty and I love Phillip¬† just as much.¬†

    • ¬†What do you have , MacZ ? He is a gentleman, he lets the lady going first!

  4. American Idol needs a new diva after many seasons of male domination. Jessica with her amazing voice fits the bill to a T. AI can’t afford another Kris Allen in its hands. There are many competing talent shows on TV and American Idol should maintain its lead in harnessing great artists such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Jessica Sanchez would be a formidable addition to the roster of great American Idol champions

    • I personally dig Kris Allen, he is one of the few American Idol winners who visited Cebu, Philippines…had a chance to meet him and he is for real a great humanitarian…

      You want to cheer on a contestant, great…more power to you…dont disrespect people you dont know!!!

      • That year I preferred Adam and was disappointed when he came in second.¬† ¬†, that being said Kris isThat beeing said,¬†I was¬†happy for Kris.¬† I have read great things about him, seems to be very genuine.¬† There are no losers on this show.

      • *Sorry, sure mess that one up.¬† Studying and typing at the same time…UGH.
        MeantThat being said, I am happy for Kris. 

    • Here we go again……someone demanding a woman idol just because it’s time for one, regardless of who deserves it. With the exception of¬† Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, the female AI alumni, including the great Jennifer Hudson, can barely sell 200,000 albums and most if not all, less than 200,000. WGWG sells 70+% of music sales in the US.

      • So they should have two shows Female Idol and Male Idol.

        I have always thought that they shouldn’t worry about having the same number of guys and girls on the show. They should pick the best singers regardless of gender. That’s just my opinion.

      • @holliepop 4ever:¬† Please do not get negative, both contestants deserve better that that.¬† Wish the best for both, positive comments.¬† Negativity breeds negativity.¬† Have a great day!¬†¬†

      • For your information, I wasn’t demanding anything. Jessica and Philip are both very talented and they wouldn’t be in their position now if they weren’t. Statistically comparing ¬†Jessica with other “female AI alumni including the great Jennifer Hudson” is totally unfair. Every contestant is absolutely unique and differebt from each other, whether male or female and each will have his/her own destinywhen the time comes. Going back to your argument, whatever happened to Taylor Hicks, Lee Dewyze, and WGWG Kris Allen?

      • ¬†Whatever…! Jordin Sparks’ debut album sold 1 million copies in the US alone and went Platinum. Her second album Battlefield was certified Gold as well. Jordin is also to star in a new movie “Sparkle” with the late Whitney Houston in August.
        Even Fantasia’s albums have been successes. (almost 3 million sales) Overall, the four female winners have fared better than all six male winners combined! Of the male winners, mostly just David Cook and Scotty McCreery have had some impact. The rest all faded away immediately after winning.
        Therefore, time for Jessica Sanchez to win and become one of the most successful Idols ever!

      • Thanks for your post for me James.¬† I can take the critiques..used to them, trial lawyer under 30…I get it ALL the time!¬† For the most part, posters are nice, in the grand scheme of things, it’s only a reality tv show.¬† Your posts are interesting as well.¬† Have a nice summer……essa.

      • Time out James, just saw where a kid calling themself such a cute name as Holliepop told you to kill yourself, she further called you garbage, which I was called numerous times yesterday.¬† Oh the love..haha

      • @James and Vanessa:¬† I think all three of us felt the love yesterday.¬† Thanks for your kind words James, I too can take the critique.¬† Education does make a difference.¬† Hope everyone on this site has a great day and stays positive.¬†

      • Macz

        Battlefield sold 177,000 copies; look it up. LOL…the album has been heard more on TV as a retarded commercial than bought as music. Why not millions like Kelly or Carrie? How pathetic, William Hung has sold 240,000 albums.

        If you add the sales of:
        +Fantasia Barrino
        +Kellie Pickler
        +Jennifer Hudson
        +Jordin Sparks
        their total is still less than Chris Daughtry’s

      • Vanessa
        I can’t help it if Holliepop is a male hater and evil.

        Image the outrage if someone said Hollie “kill yourself” or Jess, just kill yourself. No wonder we have peeps killing peeps in massive shootings.

        I would never say such evil things as her or the things people called you. Thick skin and courage is the solution and let them hate…

      • @Sheri—-> you’re talking about education? wow If you do have one then it definitely don’t show the way how you expressed your thoughts.

        @Vanessa—> You get what you give, you can’t take the heat then you should have analyze first what you gonna post before sending it and stop whinning because you caused this to yourself

        @James —->Now you have 2 followers to boost your EGO, happy now? (probably not, I wonder if the word¬†CONTENTMENT even exist in your own small, lonely & miserable ¬†world?)¬† again, go ahead feed your ego more before you explode

        These¬†3 people are¬†an example why people starts¬†bashing below the belt ¬†and the worst part¬†is¬†they have “THICK SKINNED” (meaning no shame)¬†that no matter how wrong they are (of course they know this too) they don’t give a D*MN because they think they are the SH*T

        PARDON¬†ME People, I just need to shout it out ¬†didn’t mean any disrespect.

      • Yeah right James? You will never said evil words…dont you remember calling Filipinos cheaters…without any evidence at all…you are a pathological liar!!! Practice what you preach!

      • @cr8zyOLgal:¬† Your post just proved my point, education or lack or it certainly makes a difference.¬† I am trying to stay positive, please do the same.¬† I wish both contestants the best of luck.¬† You have a very nice day!

      • @Sheri I honestly do agree with you, people who do have education¬†and ¬†knows how to use it PROPERLY makes a big difference…
        Yeah better keep it positive, not only good for you but also for everybody. 
        Thanks & Have a great day to you too

      • @SHERI:¬† Nothing better than a strong woman…you are so intellectually superior to¬†these¬†guys (and a few woman) who want to fight.¬† They are giving us so much more¬†attention than the girl they want to win.¬† To me, that means it’s not about Jessica or the show, it’s all about them.¬† Enough Said!!¬† Hope P2 gets well and does well in life.¬† Entertaining season…but glad it’s almost over!

      • @cr8zyOLgal:¬† Not sure how you meant your last comment but will take it as a¬† positive.¬†¬†¬† This site is for the Idol contestants.¬†¬†We all have our favorite(s)¬†and they are all amazing.¬†

      • Yea!!¬† You go James, rock on brother!!¬† I believe statistically that Rock and Alternative music¬†make up for 70% of all music sold and it always will. ¬†Amazing some of the things we read on here, but nevermind all that…………………..Phil Phillips for the Win!!¬† Peace V V

      • You’re only talking about US sales…But if Jessica wins, with her massive international supporters, her records are going to sell like pancakes! I’m talking triple platinum’s baby!

      • ¬†@5feace0ace3cd46dd80df65124b7c907:disqus

        These numbers are world wide sales.

        I could care less about international sales….the show is AMERICAN IDOL

        Asian sales never materialize because that area of the world ignores American intellectual property rights and most of the American music in the area is stolen as is everything American.

        The rest of the world always trails behind America in everything, including musical taste.

      • @Vanessa:¬† Thanks for the moral support.¬† My twin sister and I are attending a University in CA., what a difference between people, amazing.¬† When we read ¬†this blog we are amused.¬† That being said, most of the people commenting are pleasant and positive.¬†¬† I hope P2 does well but I know the Top 5 will all have a great future.¬† Have a great day!

      • @Sheri:¬† So¬†ironic!¬† I, too, am a twin! And, I have 4 yr old twin girls.¬† Small world we live in.¬† My sister gets more angry and I just laugh it off.¬† I get angry when other people like you, who are just enjoying themselves and giving their opinions, get attacked unncessarily.¬† This was my smile of the day, gotta go call my sister!

      • Do i sense that “VANESSA” and “ESSA” are one and the same person. They both have the smae flow of (bitter) thoughts and they speak the same (sourgraping) language! lol…… ūüôā

    • I like Jess to win but if P2 takes the crown I will be ok w/ that because he deserves it too. Philip is much better than Kris Allen. He has style & unique..

      • ¬†I see alot of similarities between Kris Allen and P2…but the big difference is song choices…Kris Allen had the best some choices and eventually, I think that played a huge part in why he won…if P2 does another Seger song (like Ole time rock and roll)…or a Bryan Adams (like, everything i do i do it for you)…he would increase his chances to win…but it might be too late at this point to correct his bad song choices…in reality, it isnt even up to P2 at this point…Simon Fuller is gonna have to pick the RIGHT song for him, and honestly, it might be the best thing for him

  5. I always watch both nights , but I Dont Vote once my FAVS are voted off , I still enjoy the show until the end ! And I enjoy reading other people’s opinions , that why I read your posts ! Thanks for your posts !

  6. I am not surprised by the increase in viewership…I have personally recommended this show to many friends because of the increase in talent level…my female family members dig P2…my family members that are fathers and friends with military and Philippine connects dig Jessica…

    As for me, I am ALL IN 4 JESSICA 2 WIN


    • jHi Daniel, just wanted to say that I enjoy reading ¬†your very positive posts.¬† I am a P2 fan but wish both of the very talented contestants the best in their future endeavors.¬†¬† I know they will be successful.¬† Thanks for staying positive.¬†

      • thank you Sandi…I really enjoy this show…it is like reliving my childhood through the contestants…specifically Colton, reminded me of myself…went All IN on JESSICA when she sang that song dedicated to her father…I like P2 origionality,¬†would liketo seehim sing¬†another Seger song (ole time rock and role) or Bryan Adams (Everything I do, I do it for you)…think that would help him in the finale with the increased viewership and could winover more fan base…

    • I have been a fan of Elise, Joshua, P2 & Jess & I am glad my 2 faves are in the finale. But its Jess for me. I was so sad that Lauren Gray wasnt chosen because they only need 12 females & I think they need to change that rule next season. No more 12 female & 12 male. I also miss Reed Grimm & Jen Hirsh.¬†

      • ¬†I was surprised Reed Grimm was cut…and there was another guy that didnt get into the top 25 (forget his name) but he was like a top 3 guy to be an added guy when they took Jermaine

  7. I just don’t see how it’s done. That’s like watching a whole football game and then turning it off in the final quarter when the score is tied and going to bed. That’s sort of anticlimactic don’t you think? ¬†

    How do people watch the performances and then not watch the results?¬†It’s weird.

    • I don’t usually watch the results show because I live on the west coast and just read the results in this blog.¬†¬† If I read something interesting, I might tune in but as a rule I am studying for finals…UGH!!!

      • Oh yeah, I didn’t think about the time difference and West Coast viewers. That makes sense.¬†

        I guess because the actual filming is on the West Coast you kinda forget that everything has the potential to be kind of spoiled for you all because it airs 3 hours behind us.

        Just move over here. That way your life will be full of surprises…LOL

      • Thanks Taymaro, I think I will ace them.¬†

        Have lived back east but going to school in CA.  Love the weather here, the people, laid back  kind of life.  Can snow ski during the day and go to a beach party that evening, does not get any better than that.

  8. Jessica and PHILIP ¬†should perform together ! a duet for the last time ! ūüôā

    • Yeah! I think they are good in “Lucky” of Colbie and Mraz while P2 on his guitar…. Jess seems pretty on that.

    • hope not d’last time but start singing 2gether, they can blend their music 2gether & also look good ūüôā

    • Oh gosh I hope not!!¬† Phil Phillips has all that likeable personality thing going on.¬† Not one thing¬†I can say good about JS’s personality, there’s never been any!!¬† Phil Phillips for the WIN!!

      • Regarding personality, yes, Phillip sure does have a likeable personality, but I certainly can not say the same about you. ¬†I pity him for having a fan like you

  9. If you check my post again, I’m pretty sure there was no sign even of an iota of disrespect to Kris Allen. To my mind, 3 years is a long time for any Idol winner to put up his own album. Nowhere in my comment was there any insinuation that Allen is not as talented as the rest. Everything is in your mind. You’re right, we shouldn’t insult people we hardly know. That’s why I’m holding back my feeling of indignation.

  10. Looking forward to a great show this week.   There will be alot of positive energy on the stage.  They are all winners,   I wish them all great success in their careers and in life.

  11. Jessica – She’s got the magnificient voice, its Wow!, but regards to her personality,…She is kind of a rose bud yet beginning to bloom. Someday soon she will be a gorgeous sweet lady.
    Phillip – has a lot of singing skills, no matter what he does on the show, he is a valentino with a guitar. He is a nice guy.

    Goodluck for Both of them. But its a big possibility that a girl will win.

    • What’s with JS’s personality?¬†
      I just think they’re both nice~ ūüôā

    • I agree with you On The Mirror, Jessica seems a bit shy but she is young.¬† P2 has such charisma, he does make the ladies swoon, all ages.

      I too wish both of them the best, and I know they will both have amazing careers and lives ahead of them.

      I also think Jessica will win the top Idol crown, she has a huge fan base.  I know P2 does also and I am a fan of his (yes, I am one of those young swooners but not a tween).  They are both extremely talented but I think Jess might have a bit of a lead.

      Whomever wins, what a year for Idol, amazing talent!!! 

      • Agree, JS has a bigger fanbase but there’s a big chance of P2 winning because I think some or most of JS fans are from other countries~

        Yeah~ I’m happy whoever wins~ ūüôā¬†

      • Its about time for a girl to win, no doubt she have it all to win it. Talent, humility, and passion is really what i saw on her.

      • I am happy that Phillip has fans like you, who while rooting for him recognize the talent in the other contestants.

    • I don’t agree that jess¬† has a larger fan base, she may, she may not but one thing i do think is that she has many fans from the philippines.¬† Also¬†the fans that she does have are very fanatical and i’m searching madly for the word but i think its obsessive.¬† This is, I believe, because she was¬†voted out and saved earlier on …. they feel they have to defend her because she could have easily been gone.¬† Its interesting but i believe and we will never know for sure now, that she wouldn’t be in the finals now if not for that near elimination.¬† It got her fans that she does have in america obsessively voting for her.¬†¬† I myself am not from America but¬†I can assure you that phillip has many fans from other countries too …. maybe not from the Philippines though.¬†

      • I don’t think Jessica has a monopoly of obsessive fans. P2 has them too. The difference may be that Phillip’s fans may be predominantly female.

      • Hmm. I heard a lot from other countries showing support for JS so I guess it’s not just from Philippines. P2 has also a lot of fans in Philippines I think.¬†

        ‘the save’ really help JS to be there for sure. JS fans may have been complacent that she is safe every week. Still, I believe JS has a bigger fan base, NUMBERS don’t lie. ūüôā Twitter/FB followers. Views in youtube-Landslide. Polls.

        Nothing against P2, I love them both. ūüôā

        PS. don’t you think P2 fans are not obsessively voting for him??? ūüôā

  12. I know someone has to go each week, and they r all incredibly talented. But for talent, showmanship, stage presence, and marketability I think Joshua was much better than either of the other two, especially Phillip. Jessica is amazing, the best voice maybe, but she is young, needs more confidence on stage. She will be amazing someday, but now? I think not. It has become nothing more than a popularity contest not the singing, just about which kid is the prettiest or something…..I hope they all do well in their careers, and the professionals know who they will make the most of. The show should take away the audience vote stuff and let the professionals decide.

    • You don’t have to worry about Joshua, he is going to be huge.¬† I am a P2 fan and hoping.¬†¬†However, at the beginning to the season when the top 12 or 13 were picked, I told my sister that the little hispanic girl and the young black man would be the final two.¬† I did not know there¬† names at the time and I did not know that Jess was part filipino.¬†¬† They will all do well.¬† I would bet that a year from¬† now Joshua’s name will be all over the¬† place.

  13. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Beyonce and Dave Matthews shows up and have a duet with JS & PP respectively in the finale? That would be amazing just thinking about it…I hope someone from AI read this and make it happen ūüėČ

  14. AI season 11 is about to crown the winner in a couple of days – PP or JS.
    My favorite, Skylar, did not make it to the finale and maybe your favorites too.  Can we just enjoy the remaining days and stop all the unnecessary comments, nonsence..etc, etc. Good luck to PP, JS, and all the constestants of this season. May all of them have a successful career.

  15. These are our TOP 2 American Idol and both have same qualities:
    –¬† Both have great attitude personally and publicly.
    – Both are hard working to pursue their dreams to be a great and successful artist.
    – Both of them are so humble
    – Both have a lots of fans all over the country and other continents

    But one of them will be the winner.,-  And I know it will be JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!

    Jessica still not giving up to make sure she wins this one.¬† We will still be voting for her even more and her fans are starting to build up more to help her win.¬† We all kow that both are talented.¬† Now is the matter of who has the most VOtes to win and crown the next American IDOL 2012……………..

  16. JESSICA,    This is the moment we are waiting for.  The moment you need to show the world that you can beat P2 in the Finals.

    This is the time to show Jessica is Jessica.  The song that as written for her will be sung at the Finals and that is her first single that will make it to the Grammy.

    We are so proud of you Jessica….You deserve to be The WINNER!!!!!!!!

    • You’re a little too much! You’re making ¬†jessica’s haters upset again….Mayabang kang masiyado!! ¬†

      • Que sera sera…Okay…Stop bragging!! I’m jessica’s fan too….Silence is eloquent! ¬†Enough of arrogances!!!¬†

      • hahaha bwal b mangarap..db sbi ni Iovine e ang boses nia png’Grammy…malay mo back-upan nila si Jessica with good songs di ba.

  17. IMO ratings will increase more next week(tues&wed) and that being said even though there’s only 2 contestant left, I also expect an increase in voting for the finale…Both of them have their own share of strong and weak points but nevertheless they are both wonderful performers. I like P2 for his originality but I like Jessica’s versatility and her age is another advantage to me.At the end there’s only one standing, which one will win?¬†I don’t know¬†.¬† To me¬†both of them deserves to win but my votes goes to Jess coz in my opinion she deserves it. (She showed me, she can handle the pressure & move on, and to me that speaks alot especially with the age she is in right now).
    Goodluck to both of¬†them and have fun with the fame¬†they¬†are having right now…

    • i wish more fans are like you… positive, polite and supportive. ¬†¬†¬†
      you are a good example to everyone. ¬†fans of AI should try to be like you…. especially ¬†@d0e386d500f954fe188284a7fd180097:disqus¬†!

  18. As I am catching up on old shows as I just started seeing it (work schedule problems…), I noticed that Jessica was NOT in the Hollywood weeks – I kind of was looking for her to see her progress and the groups with whom she was performing. Interestingly, her first appearance was in Las Vegas – granted that the cameras might not catch everyone all the time, but hey – It was possible to see everybody, especially in those 4 rooms when they were split for the major cut. Hummm… I have always thought the show is rigged, not in the voting system, but in the hunting and placement of the contestants for the show. I think they “inserted” Jessica in the Las Vegas episodes and faked the audition. Maybe it is just a conspiracy theory? If anyone saw her in those Hollywood weeks, please let me know and I will change my prescription glasses..

    • There was a mini-vid clip of jessca during hollywood week, but it was when jlo was making comment that was captured. Jlo was saying something like “feisty little firecracker”. I think it was jessica that she was referring to. But yiure right, the video of jessica performing during hollywood week is nowhere.

    • check the last video bout hollywood week.. with the Idol coaches/ producers being interviewed.. at 00.35 a girl sitting beside a standing girl in blue…

    • i saw her once during her the audition in san diego…. not the singing part but when she was jumping up and down holding a golden ticket with her entire family there with her. ¬†she had braided her and looked really young.

    • ¬†Yep. They showed it on tv. She was wearing a black dress with braided hair during the group round and she sung The Prayer on the last round that landed her on the top 24. Search youtube for The Prayer Jessica Sanchez

    • I think they’re just reallly chose some clips of what is unforgettably great, funny, dramatic or interesting part of the show during those times.. ūüôā Not until the Cut-off of Top 40.¬†

    • they had her in the hollywood week…she sang something great…she was in the preview

  19. You know why viewers don’t watch results night?
    Because they’re just too damn nervous watching it. Lol!

    • I don’t usually watch because I am on the WC and check this site for the results.¬† The site crashes sometimes because so many folks tune in at that time, its crazy.

  20. PP2 will win this. America doesn’t want a filipino-mexican hooker-like idol! she cab sing but she doesn’t make those songs her own like PP2 does! she’s a puppet! a product of a filipina ho and mex father.

    • Chelseay23, you do no speak for America, most of us would not say those terrible things.¬† No negativity please, just support your guy.¬†

    • ¬†you’re so rude!!!! watch your tongue girl!!!!!i guess p2 wouldnt like a fan like your character…you have no manners young girl…

    • good grace!! seems u didnt even finish gradeschool d way u bash Jessica.. u may not like d girl but to bad mouth her ¬†like that! ur acting lower than a hooker themselves… most hooker end up such to survive and bring food on d table.. who would want such job if they can get a decent one to feed their family???? truly.. easy to be human but humanity is too hard to be practiced!!!

    • You’re so mean.¬† I believe in bad karma.¬† I hope Jessica will win!!!

    • I hope you’re not a Filipino. Because if you were… I mean, hope your babies doesn’t turn out to look like those little crabs with big claws. Lol!

    • what the heck!!?!?!? what’s wrong with you? did you mother raise you well???? i guess not… you dont have to say mean things just to bring a point you know. i like both phillip and jessica. ¬†they are both good artists in their own type of music. i was actually going to vote for both of them 50-50. but because of you, ill give my votes to jessica 100%. ¬†people like you put her down to much. ¬†she’s only 16! and with that talent, she’ll go a long way with her career! ¬†what’s with the race thing anyway? ¬†i’m a white too. ¬†the only true american are the indians remember? you dont have to be so harsh with your comments.

      • i agree….¬†@d0e386d500f954fe188284a7fd180097:disqus¬† must have had a terrible childhood and an unloving family. ¬†poor child… nobody must have taught her correct manner and right conduct. ill pray for her soul….

    • This girl is mentally disturb or in a state of exorcism,… Just understand her. She needs help so badly. May God bless her

    • I’m not a jess fan at all when it comes to the singing but¬†you are downright rude and judgemental.¬† Its actually so ridiculous what you said that it probably doesn’t even warrant a reply, which is what most people decided to do.¬†¬†I also agree with the person who said p2 doesn’t want a fanbase that consists of people like you.¬† ¬†¬†

    • Dog barks when you don’t know the person…. and for that you are a DOGGIE. LOLZ :-)))

    • Very immature and inappropriate comment. I don’t believe you are a P2 fan, you have no other comments and you are playing baiting games

    • You should be ashamed of your self! This is just a young girl who want to win the contest. And you think she is a 16 year old ho?? I hope every one else thinks the same thing I do about you. Best thought to just let someone like you rant an rave. This blog is getting to be VERY MEAN Matt!!
        Like I said before I have been on this blog for 11 years now. and I only see 1 of my friends from the old days posting on this blog. I wonder why most of us that have been on here this long have left. If you have nothing nice to say you should just kepp it shut! 

    • ¬†Speak for yourself and do not misrepresent America. Decent Americans do¬† not call people ugly names. Shame on you.

    • OMG!!! you are so rude¬†@d0e386d500f954fe188284a7fd180097:disqus¬†! ¬†such bad remarks coming from you… tsk, tsk, tsk…. american or not, you have no right to say those things to ANYONE! ¬†OMG! ¬†I’ll pray for your soul… ¬†

    • If you really are a P2 fan … you sure showed¬†p2’s fans¬†in a bad light just now with that comment. It kind of reminds me of last year when a lot¬†female country music fans resorted to calling Haley Rhienhart vile name on a regular basis … Which.¬†forever tainted the image I have of country music fans, to this day.

    • Wow! Super racist! I thought, i’ve done away with bitter melons!!!¬†
      Another bitter melon(rotted)

  21. just support your idol and stop being bitter…GO JESSICA!!!!!!! the next american idol……..hahahaha

  22. l followed season 11 very intensely this year since day one….specially when l saw jessica sanchez audition at the USS midway in san diego,,,that was the last time l saw her.. along the way l thought they eliminated her…because l never saw her on TV…no exposure at all….they were just showing the pretty faces of the guys and gals,,,,until the final 24…look at her now FINALE 2….and most likely win it all….

  23. Yes,  I agree that Jessica was under the radar in the early audition, no air time at all.    They first showed her face was when she was singing the group song with DeAndre.   They did not even show her first audition until later on, while they kept showing others auditions.    I guess they did not pay attention to her until later on in the competition.    She first got my attention was when she sang a beautiful song and she stood in the platform surrounded by water.   It was the night before they decided the final 24.   That was the first time I heard of her name.    Wow , what a journey  !!!! 


    • and they gave her long screen time while singing the prayer without cut. this is where i began to know her and start rooting for her…

  24. I will declare my next Tuesday to be a Jessica Sanchez & Phillip Phillips Day, goodluck to the both of them, they are already winners no matter what happens. Whoever wins AI title i will be happy and i will support both of them. But ofcourse i would like my bet to win and that is Jessica Sanchez, still goodluck to both of them! ūüôā

  25. I really really really enjoyed the jackson5 song last week from Jessica.  Wow !!!  It fitted her like a glove.   Her voice was so tender and perfect for that song.  Jimmy should get the credit by choosing that song for her.   

    Jessica had done enough to win the votes for the title !!

    Phillip, hope that you will feel much better and overcome the health issue.

    Wish BOTH of you good luck in this journey !!  You two have done amazing !!!!!!!     

    • when i heard the studio version…she sounded like MJ on certain parts, usually the high parts of the song…wow

    • I’ve noticed again she doesn’t have a good lower voice, I ntoiced it when she sang with Hollie the other week¬†the song¬†Eternal Flame, I still have Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall Album, he was great. ¬†Even Randy didn’t like her singiong that song.

  26. you are all fools if u think slut-dressing-JS will win. it’s Phillip who is going to win!

  27. no matter what jessica wears..AI is not a fashion competition,,,she can wear what they tell her to wear,,,,she’s there to sing,,,,,thats it……

  28. I love you Jessica Sanchez. We already know who will really be the last one standing as what Steve Tyler said. Surely you will be the one. Cause you have billions of followers form your Asian fans. You will bring million of dollars for Hollywood, so you deserve to win! Bring it on girl!

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