American Idol 2012 Singer Joshua Ledet Reflects On Idol Experience

Joshua Ledet

Joshua Ledet may have been eliminated from American Idol 2012 but he still ranks his time on Idol as “the most amazing experience of [his] entire life. The greatest experience ever.” Joshua spoke with THR and former Idol contestant Didi Benami to share his thoughts on his supporters and who might win American Idol 2012.

“One of my favorite moments on the show would probably have to be when I sang ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’,” Joshua explained as he reflected on a nearly full run through the Idol season. “I didn’t think I could sing like that. Not at all,” he added.

Joshua went on to thank his fans and supporters for backing him through the whole competition. “It really means a lot and I love all you guys from the bottom of my heart,” Ledet said.

When the big, unavoidable “who is going to win American Idol 2012?” question arrived Joshua dodged right by it. “You can not ask who I think is going to win because I don’t know.” So who gets Joshua votes next week? “I’m going to be voting for both of them. That’s all I know,” said Joshua.

What was your favorite performance this season from Joshua Ledet on American Idol? Would you agree with his pick for his own favorite performance?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter




  1. Joshua had many great performances.  He might be more successful than the winner.  I would imagine as much as Jimmy Lovine and Randy Jackson liked him that they would help jump start his career.   I do believe we will hear great things about the top 5, it has been an amazing season of talent.

    • I liked your comment.  I’d only add 2 more to your top 5 part.  I think any of the top 7 can do pretty well.  Not saying all will do well, but I think each of the top 7 has a pretty good shot at it. 

      •  I agree – I enjoyed the Top 7 for the most part. They should all see some sort of opportunities in the future.

    • I agree that Joshua had many great performances. I am one of those that vote on who performed best on that given week. And for the past 4 weeks, Joshua was usually the one I voted for. But, as good a singer as he is, I do not see huge post Idol career for Joshua. Why? Because the R&B style of music he sings has been dead in the water for close to 30 years now. Maybe I’m wrong … I hope I am, as he is a very down to earth, likable guy.

      • Aah, but maybe it’s time to bring back ‘dead in the water’ stuff. Joshua’s performances have been so good  –  infinitely better than any of the guest singers! – in my opinion anyway  –  maybe it is time to look backwards rather than carry on with such weak, unmemorable material that appears to be doing the rounds now.  I thought Lisa Marie was pretty good though (!) – her daddy would be proud of her.

  2. He was an amazing performer, but I did want the top 2 to be Colton and Skylar. My whole family (apart from me) were 100% sure that Joshua was going to win but I thought Jessica has a pretty good chance and so does Phillip.

    • Country is huge in the US, sure Skylar is already on her way to success.  Colton was a shocker, he is the whole pkg, again, I am sure he is on his way to success…remember Chris Daughtry.

      • This is only my personal viewpoint. But, I think Colton was a mediocore talant that went as far as he did, because he had the look young girls like. But, maybe that is all one needs in music today. If so, Colton could have went far.

      • You will see him at the finale and I am sure in the near future.  I would bet that Chris Daughtry helps him launch his career.  Remember they met and had lunch, they have alot in common.

  3. Josh, I am sorry that you got voted off, but maybe, they did you a favor.  Take it and run with it, because you will be more successful than the winner. 

  4. philp philp is the worst of all american idol performers……… joshua when one door closes another door opens. god knows what best for you babe. god is just say josh josh i have some thing better. i will be all the way in dominica(caribbean) waiting for an album to jam to.. in my opinion if philp philp wins im done watching this show. americans are some bunch of racist **************** judge based on the voice not the face. and joshua is too dam cute!!!  joshua dear you’ve reach far so countinue doing your best even if you dont know who im i. I will be here right beside you supporting you through every thing. x0x0x0x0

    • If you’re judging everyone and making accusations based on the color of skin, then it sounds more like you’re the racist. You might want to keep that to yourself.

    • Philip is good & unique, what he does  is jst not your type of music. I like him & I’ll buy his music but im still for JS to win…

      • Philip Philips stayed true to himself and wouldn’t let them change him, to him it is about the music not the show and tell and all the big moments.  I think he is multi talented and hope he writes his own music because I think he could top the charts with it.  He believes what he sings and not trying to be something he is not.

    • There is no sense of hating other contestants because they are all fighting for the chances of winning. Its not their fault if your idol is eliminated. Everyone in America have their own principle. So lets just respect thier thoughts. Instead, lets make our votes more possible to keep our idols on track, one good example is campaining for your idol the best that you can in a way that you will not disrespect others.

      • I don’t think it was a racial thing at all, mostly think its kinda rigged cause the top 3 weren’t the best singers and performers! 2 of them but not phillip. Phil is decent in his own way but good enough to be in top 3. I think jimmy chose a terrible song for josh to sing. Mary j blige is a good performer but that particular song was a terrible choice to be given at that stage of competition. He should have gave josh a song that shows his actual singing ability and not some basic dull song. He did the best he could with it but in my opinion kinda over did it with the performance. But with his talent and awesome performances , I think he won’t have much to worry about financially and from a fame stand point. I think he is a little on the “sweet” side but his talent is undeniably awesome no matter what style of music u like. } could careless if he is sweet or not , he sure is/was a great performer and vocalist. Ya he got screwed but better things are to come for him, I”m pretty sure !

    •  This is a singing contest not a skin color contest..  If that is the case why don’t we have all of one race next year then maybe you can pick the best singer……..

    • If Phillip wins you should stop watching the show.You difinitly do not know good Singing when you hear it !!!!!  Shame, Shame. Joshua will crash and burn !!!

  5. props to Joshua for making it as far as he did…

    the judges hurt him (Joshua) by giving him standing ovations at times when he did not deliver the best performance of the night…while the judges failed to give even a single standing ovation to Colton (who deserved atleast one)

    no doubt Joshua has talent…Randy Jaskson is counting on him to revive R & B…that is a heavy load to put on this young man’s shoulders

    • Exactly.  Having Jennifer Blopez and Randy Hackson as your biggest supporters is sort of like having Brielle’s mom on your side.  You’re better off w/out it.

      • I think Jimmie has been a very big supporter of him as well, so is he better off without jimmies support as well?? Guess not, he signed a deal the very next morning.

  6. Guys Phillips doctor advised him to get emergency surgery when he was at Georgia this Saturday because he said he was in dire condition because of his kidney stones.  This would have made him miss the finale so he said no, and so now he is risking his life to win American Idol.

    What is Jessica doing?  Not risking her life.

    Vote Phillip Phillips the man who is risking his life so YOU can hear him sing.  

    Here is the source
    www . tmz . com/2012/05/18/american-idol-phillip-phillips-needs-surgery/

    Take out the spaces, he needs his surgery NOW but is waiting and risking his life to win, respect Phillip Phillip’s life endangering choice by voting for him on the finale this week!

    •  P2, it’s not worth it, AI win is a curse. Get well, make albums, tour small venues, and you will sell a ton of albums. Let Jess have AI win.

    • i am sorry but i will not vote just because he choses to risk his life for the title. and that is not also a good basis to pick an american idol. he could ask the producers to pospone the finale for a couple of days.

      i will only vote basing in their performance….

      sorry no sympathy votes from me

      • they should just bring back Joshua lol..jk that would spark all kinds of controversy. I wonder what AI would do if Phil really couldn’t compete in the finale?? Interesting

    • please dont ask people to vote for phillip just because TMZ said HE is RISKING his life!!! if thats the case then the next contestants for AI should all be SICK!!!

    • people will vote based on their performance and also remember that jessica gave all her best last week while suffering from sore throat and so let’s just pray for P2 and stop the bashing ok peace ^_^

      • @sailor moon- a lot of people didn’t know that Jessica had a sore throat last week while performing but still she performed well and did great. I watched all her performances in You Tube, she is awesome singer no doubt about it. I just feel sorry for Joshua because he is one of the best contestants in AI. I really thought it was going to be Jessica and Josh. I’ve never watch AI but when I heard abt Jessica, I started watching it. OMG, she has a golden voice! Thanks.

    • I’m sorry. But he’s not risking his life. If he’s doing it, he’s showing how irresponsible he is and she’s not a true AMERICAN IDOL. He must think about his life first then about the money, CDs, and popularity. If he choose a show over his health, it doesn’t speak well about him. Sorry.

      • That’s what I have been saying in my post that instead of posting too personal comments & even judging parent of a contestant why not just hope for the best & wish them well til finale because both deserve to be in the finale..

      • Maybe so but I bet American Idol loves this. Reality TV at it’s finest and darkest, and a great sell to the people who watch. This is much better than saving Jermaine then kicking him off only a week or two later. 

    • He needs urgent Kidney Surgery and if he has any sense, he would have it now because Kidney issues are not to be messed with at anytime.

      If  he is “risking his life” then he is a very foolish young man, his doctor is irresponsible for allowing it as are his parents.

      He could have dropped out, had the surgery, let Josh and Jess battle it out, come back fit for the tour and still be guaranteed a future.

      Winning AI does not guarantee a successful future as at least 50% of former winners have discovered.  

    • Being on american idol is a long journey even more after the finals. He must not risk his life and decide health vs winning AI. What is the essence of winning if he suffers sickness and cant pursue his career. If really his health issue is in big risk.

    • rinse wash….you poor guy…please don’t beg for sympathy votes for philip…look…he is very talented and can very much compete with jessica squarely and fairly…you are making him look desperate…not good…

      • Last week, didn’t I hear that the reason Jess’s performances weren’t very good is because Jess had a sore throat. I did feel sorry for her, cut her some slack, and hoped for her speedy recovery.

        Can’t you feel the same for P2. You have no compassion!

      • baby james…poor baby…you are falsely accusing these ethnic pipol…that’s not only bad….its desperate…relax…let philip and jessica compete with their talents…no personal feelings please…..bad for blood pressure and the heart…just enjoy the music…ok?

      •  @fb61b9a843e5b8d4df4970b68ba6e88a:disqus

        It seems your favorite thing is to describe people as poor, either you must think you are superior to everyone or you must be dirt poor and jealous of those who have earned lots of money.

      • I don’t see it as sympathy votes. It is asking for votes for the most deserving !!! Was it okay when Jess was on stage going on and on about her Dad being sent overseas and how she would miss him? Poor lil girl,huh.He is not even full time Navy.He is in the reserves.Sore throat, BooHoo, Excuses for her to beg for votes.

      • Winning isn’t everything, but none of these kids came to lose.   Even Adam, who I talk about too much, admitted it would have been nice to win, but he’s not loosing sleep over it.  I don’t know if Daughtry cared, but he’s a hard rocker, unlike P2.  BUT at least the runnerup won’t have to promote the horrible American Idol song!  I Love You This Big, poor Scotty.

    • Doesn’t speak well for his intelligence,
       Or yours….  if you think this a couragious decision
       I think they shoud shelf  him and invite Joshua back!!   Fat chance!!

      • Phillip wants to win, and I’m gonna vote for him. He doesn’t talk about his health everybody else does, he’s humble. I will say I had a blockage and put off the surgery myself for a while because of reasons that meant much too me. This is Phillips chance and I pray the Lord heals him in Jesus name. 

      • @Gail…you and I have talked about this before bc of your own experience.  You can see by looking at him, he’s not feeling well.  Some have made fun of him for chewing gum, but I’m sure his mouth is dry from meds.  So ridiculous to say its a strategy to get votes.  Like you said, he doesn’t speak of his health unless asked, and then he still squirms.  Situations such as this build character in a man.

    • I think it’s a strategy so that more people will vote for P2. It’s a singing competition and we should vote for the best. Not because he’s sick and risking his life. 

    •  That would be a good reason for Philip to leave the competition, and his place should be given to Josh, who deserved it from the start. Pull out Philip now, so you don’t make a total fool of the whole american idol competition, and Philip himself, because people can’t help comparing – that is, if they even bother to watch the show.

    • I don’t think Phillip will be happy to have the title just because of sympathy. I believe Phillip has a big loyal fan base and is talented enough to win the title. The 2 finalists are both my favorites though I’m kinda wanting JS to win to make a new history for AI. But I will also be happy if Phillip wins because of his performances and not because the voters know he risked his life.

      • Even though he is of legal age, I can’t believe he would be permitted to perform if his life was in jeopardy.  He’s a trooper, probably going on adrenaline at this point.

    • This is a singing contest Mr. Rinse Wash and not a Medical Exams. If you can’t sing get out!

    • sorry this is a contest that should have been taken care of when he had the chance to dont ask america to vote for him because of his condition if you want to vote for him then do dont ask a stupid question like this its not americas fault.  and his singing is not even that great so may the best win and maybe he will get his surgery after the contest so everything will work out fine

  7. Joshua I love you so very much and was very upset when you got eliminated this week, because we all know that you’re indeed the next American Idol. The two that are left there can not sing anywhere near you. And i’m certain that the Judges and the entire world knows that you’re the next American Idol. Bout remember this is just the beginning, I an see good things happening for you, just continue to trrust in God, love you. god bless. Anf trust me you will be going places and might just end up being more successful than the winner.

  8. i don’t care if jessica’s fans keep bashing p2, what i want is p2 for the win! yeah! I DON’T CARE JESSICA’S FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Agree with Joshua.  His best performance, and one of my favorite AI performances of all time, was When a Man Loves a Woman.  And I wasn’t a Joshua fan…

  10. Didi’s looking pretty good asking those Q’s.  I thought she should have been 3rd in her year.  That was a lackluster season.  Josh will be fine.  For that matter I think most of the top 7 will do pretty well. 

  11. I feel for phillip but like others I can’t vote for sympathy. He knows he is sick. He knows if he gets in AI it’s a long process till the end. Each and everyone (contestant) gave their all each week. Sick or not sick. It’s a singing competition so I’m voting for who deliver best vocal, performance.

  12. My favorite performances from the Top 13:

    Jessica Sanchez – Love You I Do, I Will Always Love You, Sweet Dreams, And I am Telling You, Everybody Has A Dream, Stuttering.

    Phillip Phillips – U Got It Bad, In The Midnight Hour, Volcano, We’ve Got Tonight.

    Joshua Ledet – It’s A Man’s World, Runaway Baby, Ready For Love, To Love Somebody, Without You

    Elise Testone – Whole Lotta Love, her version of It’s A Man’s World, Vienna, You and I.

    Hollie Cavanagh – River Deep, Mountain High, Rolling in the Deep, Save Me, The Climb, Bleeding Love.

    Skylar Laine – Gunpowder and Lead, Born This Way, Wind Beneath My Wings.

    Colton Dixon – Piano Man, Everything.

    Hee Jun Han – A Song For You, This is My Life, How Am I Supposed To Live Without You.

    Deandre Brackensick – Master Blaster, Georgia on My Mind, Endless Love.

    Shannon Magrane – One Sweet Day

    Erika Van Pelt – Heaven, New York State of Mind.

    Jeremy Rosado – I Know You Won’t, Ribbons in the Sky.

    Jermaine Jones – Dance with My Father

  13. If it is true that P2 needs surgery badly… am crossing fingers for Joshua to come back and battle Jessica. They are the most worthy pair for the finale >c^

  14. I posted this on another blog, but dont know how much response it will get cause it was posted a lil later. But what is being claimed by many is south La., is that when calling in a vote for Joshua, the recording said ‘thanks for voting for phillip’? I can’t personally verify that that happened, because I text the votes, but that claim, and other complaints when trying to call in a vote, have been made by large numbers of people throughout south La. A few people I work with told me it happened to them when they called, that it said ‘thanks for voting for Phillip’. The local news station has been reporting that they are getting bombarded by people making this claim. They are reporting that they have been making several attempts to reach the AI producers for questioning, but have been unsuccessful thus far.

    Personally I feel he’s better off not having the ‘AI winner’ attached to his name, but if there’s any truth to this claim, it should be responded to with an explanation from AI. So has anything similar to this happened to anyone here? FYI… I’m in no way proclaiming that AI is cheating, rigging votes, or fixing the outcome of this show in anyway, I’m only passing along information that is being reported in the news in our reigion. Just curious to see what y’all think….

    • First of all it always said for me, “Thanks for voting for contestant number__.” It never said a name. Maybe that changed for the final 3 but I didn’t vote this week so IDK.

      Glad to see Joshua thanked his fans. 

      Favorite performances — “Ready For Love”, “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”

    • It happened to me in California.  Voted for contestant #3 (Phillip) but the recording thanked me for voting for contestant #2 (Jessica).  It happened even when I used redial after a successful vote (recording thanked me for voting for #3) and the recording now thanked me for voting for #2.  I stopped voting by phone for fear of adding unintended votes for the wrong contestant.  So it wasn’t just in south La. and it wasn’t just a problem when voting for Joshua. 

      • I think there are some questions that need to be answered by AI. I’ve never voted before this year, so don’t know how it went in the past, but some of things I’ve heard about call in voting this season is very curious. I started out calling in the votes, but encountered several unsuccessful attempts, so turned to texting after that. So does anyone think it’s just a little curious that people have encountered various problems calling in for a vote? Is it possible some contestants numbers were crosses up with others?? Just seems like there could be something to this. Hopefully the news station will reach the producers and bring it to their attention, so we can see if any mistakes were made. I’m sure with having so many votes cast, some problems are bound to arise, but if contestants votes were actually cast for a different contestant than the one intended, then AI needs to answer.

      • What number did you dial?  I only do it through text so I know mine’s ok.

    • Every single person should go to the FCC website and file a formal complaint. It is very easy to do. The key to filing the complaint is your allegations that AI is misleading the general public with the voting results. AI keeps pretending the actual votes are what determines the contestant that goes home, however, they are not providing this evidence as well as claiming on their website that votes can be adjusted. This would violated FCC regs as the AI show is misleading the general public.

    • Agree to Taymaro, 
      The name of the contestant is not being mentioned when you vote, just the number~ 
      I hope it’s not true though~ Someone should make a explanation for this, or is this from a reliable source? We should know both sides. Hmm…curious. XI

      • Lizlie, Yes this was reported by local news. They could have been referring to texts, it does say their name, or it could of also been referring to saying the wrong number, could of said contestant number 2, which was Phillip, instead of number one. They just said many people called them with complaints about having difficulties when voting for Joshua, and that some people expressed concern that their votes were being counted for Phillip instead of Josh. They reported that they were trying to reach AI producers for questioning. Nothing has been said about it since Fridays news, so who knows. I can garantee you that this story was reported, now to the validity of the allegations is anyone’s guess.

        I will say that I received one confirmation for my many texts, but it did say Joshua. But many people I work with, said they encountered strange things when calling, such as; the message would start to play, ‘thank you for voting for contest…’ and then go silent or to dial tone, then they were answered with a loud constant tone, like being hung up on, and of course a buisy signal, and then the noise a phone off the hook makes, that was said. But I just explain that away by saying 90 million votes, everybody and their momma is trying to call, so I can see why some of that could happen. One person did tell me they confirmed the wrong number tho. I personally don’t want to believe anything fishy is going on with Idol, but with the number of complaints that were made to the local news, has me just a tiny bit curious, but I still don’t want to believe it. It’s possible it could be just a huge trumped up, widely spread load if crap, but it was definately reported by the news.

        I was just wondering if any of this kind of stuff was experienced by anyone here, or if anyone has heard stories about problems encountered while voting. I personally have not, so I’m leaning on the side of just a trumped up complaint that just spread like a virus, but it is still something that could quite possibly be true. To be honest I don’t even care, because several of the contestants will get their shot at the music industry, and to make their dreams come true, and that’s all that matters.

      • I don’t experience it too~ I would have wanted it to be the 2 Js in the finale but still fine with P2 and JS there. I hope it’s not true, It is really unfair for Josh~ hmm. I’m just thinking if it’s possible that someone could really interrupt the line (someone outside AI).

    • Yeah for me it has always said “Thanks for voting for contestant # ___ ” and when I voted tuesday it said Josh’s correct number. However, I saw some ppl writing on here that they had trouble voting for Phil and Jess, and that when they called they’re numbers were mixed up and it would say 3 for Jess and 2 for Phil ..but idk

  15. Undeniably Jessica has a beautiful voice – BUT HATED most of her song choices. She’s still a little girl singing big girl songs and for me it doesn’t work.  I would not buy her CD’s.  I don’t think she has a stage presence either.  Needs a few more years to mature to pull off the style of music she wants to sing.

    • since she’s still young and has that beautiful voice, one has to admit that jessica will indeed have a long career in front of her. i wish her well.  

    • Considering she has been groomed by her stage mum since she was 3 to be a star, has appeared on 2 other talent shows when she was 10 and 11, sang the National Anthem at Chargers games when she was 12 and 13 and released two singles when she was 13, I think she has had a lot more experience packed into her 16, going on 17 years than most of the other contestants.

      On top of all of the above, she was awarded a full scholarship to the School for Performing Arts in Hollywood.

      I don’t consider her a young novice by any stretch if the imagination. She is on a par with the likes of some of the members of the Mickey Mouse Club as far as experience, training  and coaching are concerned. 

    •  PLS. STOP hating and just give full support to our idols….GO jessica, the next American Idol……hahahaha….

      • How is not liking her song choices Hating?  Kit is giving her opinion that she doesn’t like Jess, she didn’t bash her and she didn’t say anything derogatory about her that was out of line. I’m surprised you didn’t call her a racists too. In America we have something called freedom that allows us to freely express our opinions. You sir, apparently hate freedom.

    • Well … she’ll be phenomenal in a few years BUT she’s already going to win the american idol contest on tuesday. As Akon said, she’s overqualified for the American Idol contest. 

      •  Do you really want a guy whose biggest achievement is “Sexy B*tch”  associated with Jess. I don’t, keep her away from the gutter music.

      • Damn James, I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, bit I actually agree with you! It’s funny how on every blog, a Jess fan brings up Akon to support their opinion that she is just leagues better than all the other contestants. I even said I didn’t even know who the hell Akon was, and ‘so what’, and was called a racist hater for it. If we went by the positive words spoken by guest judges, then we could say that about ALL the contestants, as most of them received similar reviews from other guest mentors. And actually, I think Stevie Nicks, Steven VanZandt, Mary J Blige, Will I Am and even Diddy, have more respect in the music than Akon, and most of them had higher praise for one of the OTHER contestants, but the Jess fans that continually bring up Akon, must of forgotten about the other mentors.

        Jess fans; yes Jessica is talented, she’s in the final two of AI, but you don’t have to keep using every angle possible to sway votes. Only Jessica fans care that Akon had such high praise for her, it doesn’t make her any better than any of the other contestants. If people think she’s the best, they’ll vote for her, simple, but enough with the Akon comments, no one cares what he had to say other than the die hard Jess fans.

    • well, jessica developed her vocal abilities very early on, so even though she’s still a “little girl” you can not ask her to sing little girl songs or bubble gum pop.  its like asking a highly gifted child to stay in her regular school that doesnt have a program that can offer them what she can be capable of.  its like pulling her back , not letting her grow to her fullest capabilities. in AI, you have to sing existing songs, not new songs with lyrics that can be tailored to your age.   that can easily be done when she makes her own CD. 

  16. Joshua,u really can sing!though eliminated,u still a diva.with loads and loads of love from África-Ghana.

  17. Music has no boundary as a universal language. Like peice of  fine art, good music generates emotional appeal with endless aesthetic flavours  to feel and hear.This is what made Joshua’s performance different in American Idol 2012. His exist in my opinion, is like AMERICAN IDOL WITHOUT AN IDOL

  18. i’m a Jessica Sanchez fan. But I WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE joshua for reaching top 3 in AI..God bless you Joshua more power to you !!!!!!!

    • Joshua touched my heart.   I know he’s in for the time of his life.  Of all of the contestants this season, I think 10 yrs from now, everyone will still know who Joshua Ledet is and enjoy his gift.

  19. Joshua really knows how to perform a song as well as sing it!! I’ve never heard someone sing that could provoke such emotion. I wish you all the luck in the world but somehow.. I don’t think you will need it. Such a god given talent. I’d buy your cd in a heartbeat

  20. wow,..there was no bashing here,….i was surprised…..congratz to u all….!!

  21. Very strange season.  By all accounts, neither of them should be there!  Phillip had a very bad week when Skylar went home..Jessica was eliminated and saved.  But here they are.  Of the 12, I always liked P2’s voice, style and humor.  I liked JS the first week and was sure she had it just with that song.  Now for the finale, I think Jessica will take it.  A lot of first timers will watch and I believe she would win over America’s heart more than P2.  Plus I am a jinx, Kelly Clarkson, 1st season was the only one I reallly wanted 2 win and she did.  The only other one I went crazy for was Adam, but he’s fine.  Hope everyone has a happy summer and whomever they’re rooting for excels!

    • Indeed, God bless you. I may not approve of some of your posts here, but all the same, I respect your opinion. Have a nice summer, too!

  22. Joshua u made me love the song this is a mans world now! ur great and ull do good in the future! for Jessica and p2 goodluck on the finale! I heard P2 is sick so i wish him well….both are great artist, whoever wins is ok for me!

  23. When A Man Loves A Woman was… Just stellar… I loved that so very much. Joshua has so much feeling every time he sings, and when that jacket came off… He became tied for my favorite, along with Hollie and Phillip… I’m going to miss him sooooo much this week!! I’, so glad I’m going to the tour!! 🙂

  24. Joshua’s version of “when a man loves a woman” was a great performance. But, my favorite was the James Brown song he performed, “It’s a man’s world”. But, if you ask me … Once he learned to tone down the over-singing he used to do, just about every performance of his was great, if not phonominal.

  25. I wonder what experiences Josh had about his lovelife because Man, he just nailed every song about love especially about man needing a woman~ 🙂
    You’re great Josh, don’t stop singing~

  26. I did not like any of his songs.Just as you thought you might like one of his songs he would start that screaming. Downer for me !!!!

  27. I wonder how many people that leave comments in here really get to vote. I’ll never forget last year they were saying James had it for sure, then Haley, on to Lauren and then there were us few Scotty fans who just knew he would take it. This year it will be Phillip,  he’ll sell cd’s like Scotty he’s that good. I myself like all kinds of music and can tell you I’d never buy Jessica’s music we have to many power singers as is. Phillips is awesome I can listen to him all day. btw I’m glad Scotty will be on the show I love his music too.  

    • Your patience is really remarkable! He sings OK but I could not stand listening to what seems to be the same song again and again. The way he interprets songs is monotonous. 

  28. i think Joshua Ledet is an excellent performer and singer. however, maybe the viewers of AI got turned off by Randy Jackson’s litany of praises and superlatives for him… clearly it was an overkill and did him a diservice instead. we see d dawg nudging Jlo into standing up to give Joshua Ledet a standing ovation. it cheapened the value of the SO. even if Jessica Sanchez’s performance was outstanding, he would find fault in it or downplay it to make Joshua shine better. the american people cannot be fooled nor deceived or led by such antics. look what happened instead. Joshua Ledet’s elimination was more like a sanction by the american people to Randy Jackson. in this regard, i am not a bit sorry to say Simon Cowell was a better judge than him. if i can have my way, il bring Simon Cowell back and give Mr. Jackson his well deserved walking papers.


  30. I’m voting for the best and it’s Jessica Sanchez. I thought she was competing with Joshua at the finale. I am one of Jessica’s fans but I think also Joshua should be the one battling with Jessica. I was always thinking it is gonna be Jessica and Joshua for the finale. Both are great singers. Thanks.

  31. Jalo and Randy have no idea about the talent of singers- if you don’t keep them entertained with fire3, stripping and dancing – they don’t get it- I think Stevie Nix would make an excellent judge and she won’t be as expensive as Jalo.- I think throughout the years we have lost some good singers because of their badmouthing them- if those two get down on a singer- there isn’t much they can do.  It’s obvious they want Jessica – I don’t think P2 has a chance. I still love Hollie

  32. Joshua Ledet is very talented, humble and comes across as being very sweet too.  Who God bless, no man curse and if God is for you, who can be against you Josh? No one.  You have it all….


  33. Thank You for a wonderful session of entertainment, I looked
    forward to Wed. nights and seeing what you were going to perform next. I look ahead
    to seeing the AI show, with you tearing down the house when you come to Phila.
    Pa. I await with enthusiasm for your first album and single to be released.    You are not only an entertainer but also a
    young man with morels, dignity, compassion and respect, for yourself and others
    what a terrific role model for young people with dreams.

  34. why did Joshua get the lowest votes ????????   maybe he incorporated religion into his singing a little to much which made people very uncomfortable with it plus the judges gave him too many standing ovations for nothing almost every week he had a standing ovation which drove his ego to the sky and then he got eliminated which was not good and mostly disappointing i was hoping for Josh and Jessica to be in the finale but it went a different direction i still believe josh has a career but he needs to stop yelling throughout his songs it does get a little over the top and its hard to enjoy his singing just sing the song without the yelling and he will be the best of the best anyway good luck josh good things will come your way

  35. Joshua should have won..he brought both the vocals & the performance. To me the other 2 lack either the vocals or performance. But josh will go far and has already signed a record deal woohoo!

  36. Joshua, you are such an anointed and talented singer, and don’t let nobody tell you any different.  You have such a humble spirit and awesome personality.  The devil don’t like it cause you’re blessed like that, there are haters out there that are just jealous of you.  But, the devil is a lie, what God has for you is for you, everything is predestined and God has a destiny for you.  The secular world didn’t appreciate you so sing to the Glory of the Lord.  God gave you your fantastic gifted voice, so bless the Lord Joshua with all your soul and all that is within you.  It just wasn’t your time, your season, God has better things in store for you, spiritual things.  Love you.

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