American Idol 2012 Top 3 Results Show Recap: The Final Two Are Chosen

Adam Lambert on American Idol 2012

The American Idol 2012 Top 3 became the Top 2 tonight and no one should be surprised of the outcome because it’s been anyone’s game for quite a while now.

At the start of the show the American Idol Top 3, Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez opened the night with their version of “Got To Get You Back In My Life” by The Beatles.  It was an OK performance. Nothing I’d get too excited over.

Up next we get the Ford music video, once again without Phillip Phillips. Must’ve been back at the mansion resting those kidney stones. Right after that, Ryan pretends like it’s time for results and calls up Joshua. It’s actually just Joshua’s recap from the night before.

Jimmy Iovine says that Joshua’s songs last night were hit and miss but adds that he definitely deserves to be in the finale. Ryan sends Joshua back to his seat. Results will come later, he says.

After some Fox movie filler, Lisa Marie Presley takes the stage next and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with her performance. I didn’t hate her or the song. In fact I kind of liked it. Who knew.

Up next we get Jessica’s recap from the night before. Jimmy wasn’t super happy with any of her songs, including the one he picked for her. He didn’t say she was bad or anything, he just wasn’t jumping up and down like the judges.

Season 8 runner up Adam Lambert takes the stage next and after that we can get to the real results.

Before the results, it’s time for Phillip’s recap. We were reminded that of the three, Phillip showed the most emotion during his homecoming. Jimmy says Phillip won the night with his performance of “We’ve Got Tonight.” I agree.

Finally results. Ryan reveals that Jessica has made it into the finale. So that leaves Phillip and Joshua. At this point everyone’s thinking it could be either one of them. Phillip has been steady all season, but Joshua has really grown in popularity the past couple weeks. Ryan tells us it’s Phillip. Joshua will be heading home.

So there you have it. Your American Idol 2012 Top 2 are Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. Are you happy with this outcome? Who is going to take the season 11 crown next week?