American Idol 2012 Finalist Joshua Ledet Feels Good Despite Elimination

Joshua Ledet eliminated on American Idol 2012

He may have been sent home last night on American Idol 2012 but Joshua Ledet is keeping his chin up and staying positive about his prospects in a post-Idol world. Well, maybe not as chipper as Hollie Cavanagh or Skylar Laine, but pretty darn okay for having just missed the American Idol finale show. Joshua stopped to talk with Fox’s “All Access” and their “most boring man in the world” interviewer.

“I am great. I feel relieved from this whole competition. I feel pretty good,” Joshua explained when asked how he was doing shortly after receiving the elimination news. He went on to add, “making it to the Top 3 was the most amazing feeling ever. I’ve accomplished a lot.”

Knowing that he wouldn’t be on stage to compete next week Joshua left the American Idol Top 2 with some quick advice. “I told them to leave everything on the stage next week cause there’s only one winner and you guys gotta fight for it.”

Looking forward to one more chance to perform as part of the American Idol 2012 finale show Joshua knows exactly who he wants to sing next to. “It would be Fantasia Barrino because I love her so much.” Idol should be able to make that happen considering she’s a former AI crown winner herself.

Going even further forward Joshua said that he doesn’t know for sure what he’ll be doing next since he hasn’t sat down and talked it through, but you’ll definitely be able to see him this summer on the American Idol tour.

Source: Fox All Access




  1. Im so sad to see Joshua go… I was hoping for a J&J finale. oh well… God has other (much better) plans for him.  Im sure he will have a fantastic career ahead of him. Good luck Joshua!  Thank you for sharing your talent with us… 

    •  It is a shame we cant call it a draw…all 3 of the top 3 are extremely talented…that said, America really did get it right choosing P2 over Joshua in the top 3 performances…P2 won the night with his performance of the Bob Seger song…

      • For me, what I like about Phillip is that AI is not a matter of life or death – he is just doing his thing, we feel relaxed and enjoy his performances. Some of the contestants, remember James last year??, make us feel like we need to vote on them to make sure they have food on their table for their families… too much pressure…

    • That was my pick also and it’s a damn shame!One singer with a limitless voice,soul to boot got eliminated while another one with a one dimensional voice ,zero sense of what a melody it and flat sounding guitar notes makes it to the finale?I swear that if Jessica doesn’t win this hands down I’m done watching Idol! 

    • I think Joshua will do great as a gospel singer – there is a huge market for that and he is amazing

    • I agree with you totally im not an American i watched the show via sat. Im failing to conceive the logical philosophy of the voting patterns of fans on this show (idols). Idont know if the voting is motivated by appreciation of talent or other motives which are abstruse which might pertain to race,looks, etc. If this trend endures it will end up socially polirising people to talk about racism and all the explosive issues.The producers of this talent show have not done enough to educate and inform viewers/fans on the object of this show hence it has been hijacked by undesirable motives and this has fundamentally distorted the noble intentions of this talent show.If this is not adressed X-Factor is going to take precedence over Idols coz the voting patterns in X-Factor are more commensurate with logic and noble common sense

  2. I’ve learnt to love Joshua. He’s a cool guy and very talented. Hope he’ll be great!

  3. jlo looks very sad in that pic…good luck josh..well…at least his not gonna go home yet…rehearsal time for finale…!!!! hello!!!

  4. just wanna share  :Nigel Lythgoe ‏@dizzyfeet
    RT @marcyrkaplan: Shouldn’t it be vote for the best singer?? #idol[OF COURSE. BUT IT’S ONLY THE BEST SINGER IN ‘YOUR’ OPINION?FAVORITE!!!]
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  5.  #JoshuaLedet: You found your voice, your groove, your style on #AmericanIdol. Go forth and find your audience now, YOUR WAY. #TellJimmy, NO.

  6. It’s not the end of the world to think how many AI winner really shines? 2 or 3 of them. Usually the not so winner have bigger career ahead. God Bless you Joshua you are very talented and hardworking guy/// 🙂

  7. I think they results were terrible. I know the American public voted, but there were outages on dish network for the whole show so alot of people didn’t get to vote. The American voters that did made a big mistake.  Joshua is a much better singer that Phillips.

    • 17.29 viewers made a big mistake and you are the sole person who is right? Wow, someone thinks of his/herself very highly.

    • ok and why does this need to be racist? It’s only racist if you make it. We have a black president. Only people like you make an issue out of nothing. If he would have won would that mean the
      public was prejudice against the mexican or white person?

    • I agree with Sherriff.  A lot of the teeny boppers voted for a cute guy, rather than the one who has true talent.  

      • there is no one to blame here but the fans of each contestant. you cannot blame teenage girls if they voted for Philip. you cannot blame Mexican/Filipinos in America because they voted Jessica. maybe the fans of Joshua did not do enough effort to vote for their idol. 

        racism should not be issue here since USA claims they are the seat of democracy. let the female teenagers vote for Philip as much as they want and let the Fil-Ams and Mexi-Ams vote us much as they want for Jessica. if this is a racist thing, why didnt many Black Americans vote for Joshua? maybe some of them voted for Jessica. or maybe some black female teenagers voted for Philip. USA is a free country so let the results be and don’t blame anybody anymore. and don’t sulk and be bitter if your choice contestant was eliminated. for goodness sake, if you love music, just enjoy the show. if you don’t enjoy it, then don’t watch it. everybody is free to do whatever they want and everybody has their own choices and opinions. let us respect the AI voters and the result until whoever actually wins. I am rooting for Jessica but if Philip wins, let us all respect the decision and not blame it on racism. anyway, in my opinion, at least this year’s Top 7 contestants will have a promising singing career. 

    • Joshua has a huge range but that doesnt make a great entertainer… Joshua will do fine and will record.. but he doesnt write music, he is not a musican, and all of the songs he sang were the same…. go back and lison.. I  have.. Ive lissoned to Jessica also.. Ck out Haley Reinhart from last year… now THERE IS A SINGER.. and the judges gave her crap thru the whole season.. SHE IS GOING BE ONE TO WATCH…All of the singers will have a chance to record… I for one this year, LOVE PHILIP,S STYLE… he takes a song and makes it come alive with out screaming and singing high and low just to show he can……
      I guess thats what is so awesome about the whole process.. WE ALL LOVE DIFFERENT THINGS… AND THATS AWESOME

    • I agree wholeheartedly!P2 as they call him is a one dimensional singer!He has no sense of melody and is a one trick pony!He will be as forgetable as he was to me doing his run on idol.And we have a black President and presto racism vanishes?How idiotic and delusional?Have you seen the racism,hate and dirty tricks directed at this President?

      • Did you see the racism, invalid registrations, and total ignorance of the people who elected this president.  Hopefully some have become less ignorant.

  8. I was just thinking…If Jessica and Phillip get cars at the Finale next week, Phillip doesn’t deserve his car because he hasn’t been in a single Ford Music Video till date! They should give it to Joshua, he worked so hard. 🙂

      • Ive got to say, if its Gall Stones.. OMG, i was sooooooooo sick, thought I was dyeing… had to have surgery.. infact if you end up in emg.  and its galbadder, you need surgery… AND, I even got sicker after for a month.. most people make it though with out problems..

    • MacZ that’s plain silly.. poor Phillip couldn’t be in the commercials because he  has serious health issues and would have loved to be in those Videos….btw he’s an amazing talent and the only one of the final 3 that I would pay to see and buy his cd…. we all have different tastes and to say Joshua is better than Phil is just nonsense…. go Philip ……

      •  Phillip is amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better Top 2! I’m just kidding about the thing, I know he’s got health issues and has worked hard as they all have 🙂
        Just a little joke about how he hasn’t been in a single video till date; I like how chilled out he seems about the whole competition! Good for him! And may the best singer win!

    •  Phillip has serious issues with his Kidney’s and has his whole life. While the rest of the idols are having the time of their life filming the commericals Phillip is having kidney dialysis. He is being stuck with needles and also had a stint put in which is incredably painful. Yet he still comes out and performs after going through this everyweek and deals with the pain.  There’s certain things you just don’t talk about. Keep him in your prayers and talk about the positive things in life. Talk about his studio recording of “We’ve Got Tonight” which was AMAMZING. Talk about how he’s the best singer in this  competition because he can take an Usher song and make it his own, that’s AMAZING.- Talk about how he has NEVER EVN BEEN IN THE Bottom 3 or how jessica has already been sent home by America so That means PHILLIP Won last night because AMERICA Voted for him over and over week after week BECAUSE HE IS THAT GOOD.. Jess , well its simple -IS NOT- America voted for PHILLIP – and not for jess – THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL was crowned last night… I dont even know how she can stand there KNOWING We (AMERICA) sent her home..I would be embarrassed and one day when she GROWS UP she will be too…..  I NEVER Have said anything bad up ubtill this point – enough is enough – STOP HATING AMERICAS CHOICE ! HE IS AMAZING !!!!!!! Do you get it NOW?

      • Thanks Joyelsberry, Ive been trying to say this but just didnt do as good  a job as you… Will the operation help the kidney problem? do you know? Ive been a PHILIP FAN  SINCE DAY ONE…. I see the Artist in him… love the way he makes songs come alive… GOD BLESS HIM…..PLEASE

      • yes america has made there choice but is it the right choice.

        I don’t think so  joshua is the right choice.

      • I agree w/ the first part of your comment but the last part is just plain stupid. Why will Jessica be ashamed of being saved??? The save option is part of AI rules and the reason for that is to give a second chance for the most talented singers who will be voted too early. Jessica is definitely the best this year thats why she was SAVED. Btw, in case u havent noticed, Jessica has only been in the bottom once and that never happened again. P2 on the other hand, has been in the bottom the past 2 weeks. Its his time to go home next wk…

      • Ryan NEVER said who was in the bottom the last couple of weeks. They did the same thing last year with Scotty and then it was revealed that he had never been in the bottom.  Phillip will win.

    • Phillip wasn’t in any of the Ford Videos because he is very sick with a serious kidney problem.  He needs surgery asap & has put it off & is toughing it out until the end of American Idol.  Jimmy even said a week ago that if he were Phillip that he would have quit.  The show was trying not to put more on him by having him do these videos.  That’s the only reason that he wasn’t in them.

    • I so agree. If one character trait has come across for Phillip, it is that he is stubborn and does exactly what he wants to do and only under duress will sing a song like it is meant to be in order to get into the finale.  I think the “good ole boys” back home don’t like Ford products.

  9. I keep wondering “Is American Idol rigged?????????” They picked Jessica from the start, even saved her??????? Joshua is great and you don’t want him to stop singing when he starts. Phillip makes to many faces and is just okay. Jessica is a picture girl for eatting disorders, not very attractive(UGLY) and sorry to say can sing. I think Skylar will do the best of all contestants this year country music helps it’s own.

      • So true, ridiculous isn’t it.  Kind of makes you think you are back on the playground in elementary school.  My father can beat up your father…  LOL

    • wondering…with what you’ve said, I really really fill SORRY for you…May someone enlighten your attitude.

      • He has had very enlightened opinions for the entire duration of this contest.  He is entitled to his opinion and I second it.

    • Just because the winners are not your favorites, then they are rigged? Just admit it, the winners have more followers. Just because someone is slender does not mean she has an eating disorder. You are just used to seeing obese people. You need an attitude adjustment and stop being biased.

    •  If you think JS is ugly, there are other famous singer in music world that are uglier  than her. This is singing competition, remember.

      • yeah.. this is a SINGING competition and not a beauty contest??? Who are you to say that JS is ugly?? And have you accomplished something in your life to be proud of yourself? Oh my.. another bitter here…

      • UGLY? ca you post your pic if your a beautiful creation in this world? Im pretty sure, your more UGLY than Jessica…at least, she’s talented and one of the best singer in America…EVER!  and how about you?

    • to wondering look urself to the mirror maybe ur comment boomeerang to u UGLY PIG!….xxx

    • Its all about preference, then focus what is urs. Dont distact others. Stop messing around ok? Because it all happens for a reason. Move on dear.

      • bad comment…dont make people that have an obesity problem mad by called them ugly( i know what u mean)

    • Wondering: if you think Jessica is not attractive and you also don’t like Philip, and your Joshua is eliminated would not necessarily mean the show is rigged. You may need to visit a specialist doctor. (EENT) to check on your ears as well as your judgmental eyes.

      Jessica is beautiful and a fashionable dresser in her own right. And she has the talented voice, as evidenced by those who admire her, which includes famous singers and people in the music business including the music mogul ex-husband of Mariah Carey, Tommy M.

      are you a better judge of a talent than these people? much as i try to respect the opinion of everybody, i just find yours stupidly crazy. i think you need to see not an EENT only but a Psychiatrist as well.

    • dont be stupid. America is tired of this country singers every year. Jessica is the best female vocalist on AI EVER!!!

      • Country singers every year? There have been 2 country winners. Carrie and Scotty..and they are both doing very well. I hate to break it to you but more people listen to country than to hip/hop and pop.

      • I happen to think Hollie has a voice that is at the top. She just didn’t get to relax and sing from her heart.

      • Not true. I live in the twin cities in Minnesota. We have one pop/hip/hop station and 2 country stations.  There are 2 stations where I could imagine Phillip’s music. One is like an alternative and the other is pop without hip hop. We have a classic rock..and a metal channel. But, country does very well here.  Can’t get much more North than Minnesota.

    • you are right    every thing tht you said is right    i dont like jessica at all i was very un happy with the show she should have been sent home from the beging .

    • Sounds like you have issues. Close your eyes and listen to the music that is coming out of the singers. You may change you opinion. Race and looks are not what the competition is about, it’s not America’s top models! By the way, there are a lot of top singing stars that make faces when they sing, but, they sell lots of music!!!

    • @Wondering…WTH you’ve changed your tune since a few wks ago!  I was happy to see you posting, long time no hear, hope ur doing well.

    • My oh my!!! do you ever own a mirror? i suggest go buy one and look yourself in the mirror before judging one person ugly i am sure  and i’m absolutely sure you will get the biggest shock of your life looking at your reflection  and for the first time getting a grasp of the real picture and meaning of ugly.

    • You find Jessica ugly bcoz shes not white you fu**in racist, dont you? 
      Jessica should be the one to win bcoz shes the best this season. Philip is cute, but the way he sings is the same ole, same ole, in every song he sings! I personaly probably wouldn”t buy his cd”s, but I would buy Jessicas. Its about time the best singer wins in AI again since in the last 4 seasons only cute white guys w/ guitars have won. If Philip wins this season again, they should seriously changed the title to Cute White American Boy Idol. 

      • See how sentimental you are. You are a bad racists. This AI season is not won by the best. The bests are Josh, Colton Jessica –is descending order.

  10. If you’re in the Philippines and you want to vote for jessica in the finale. vote through skype, Voting is allowed May 23 around 1-3pm… (finale will be one day early as it used to be)

    •  Joshua has a fantastic voice and a wonderful career ahead of him.  His style is not my preference, but he can certainly hit the big notes and look completely relaxed doing it.  Philip on the other hand  deems it important to contort his face to manage some range.  He’s often flat on his singing.  He’ll be good, but doing his own style of songs and music.  In my opinion it should have been J & J going head to head next week.  Now, I hope that Jennifer takes it all the way home.  She has a phenomenal voice…and only 16 yrs old.   Way to go.

      • I agree with you Francesmacias. Jessica is both Mexican and Filipino. In boxing, Mexicans and Filipinos are ultimate enemies in the ring. This is one rare moment when both countries will be on same side. I hope both Mexicans and Filipinos support her all the way to win in the AI Grand Finals. 

        And when she wins, I hope both countries won’t fight for the heritage and glory of her triumph. She is 50-50 Mexican/Filipina. So please we should not tug-of-war whether she is a Mexican or Filipina. Let us all mutually share the glory of her success, in case she wins. By the way, I am a Filipino. 

        Let us all be united, all Filipinos, Mexicans and other Asians in the USA. Let us make Jessica Sanchez the first Filipina/Mexican/Asian and youngest ever American Idol. 

      • Zander_indefenzo. She is American.  If she were traveling abroad and someone asked her what she was..she wouldn’t say I’m hispanic/filipino and I live in the United States. She would say she is American. Stop turning this into a country against country.

      • Hey you guys, Jessica is an American with Mexican and Filipino
        parents.   Get that in your tiny brains.  if she is not she won’t be eligible
        to compete here at AI.

        Do you want us to do a complete citicenship revue to see if she is indeed American or not??????  or are you just going to shut up now ?
        your choice.

    • Is it legal for people in the Phillipines to vote?  Actually whatI mean is are those votes counted?  I thought this was American Idol.

    • If that’s true they should bring Joshua back and send Jessica home, this is American Idol not World Idol.

      How can this be legal or fair to Phillip, Joshua, Hollie, Skylar, Elise Colton, DeAndre, Heejun, Erika, Shannon or Jeremy?

      • Other contestants are also supported by people in other countries. I actually like phillip more than jess and i’m from the philippines, just saying =D

    • I’m a Jessica fan but you are dreaming, whatever you’re doing there is not counted.  You may receive confirmation voice but AI is not dumb to count your votes.  We are in season 11 now, and for the past seasons AI is already aware about other countries voting.  Do you think they don’t filter the votes?  Don’t waste your time on it.  If you want Jessica to win, go to Facebook and make Jessica known to your friends and family in the US.  Ask them to support and vote for Jessica.  That’s what I do, instead of bashing other contestants or responding nasty comments to bashers.  Tuesday is not far from now, let’s use our time wisely to promote Jessica.

      I’m sorry folks but votes from the US are the only ones accepted.  Don’t rely on false hopes that votes from other country will go through.  Promote Jessica as early as now, let’s make her the next American Idol.

      JS FTW!

      • i’m sure you’ll be the next American Idol producer…very well said! I believe, AI doesn’t care of any issue anymore…for as long AI is drawing more people to watch it!

    • I like Jessica, but this is the primary reason that Idol needs to create a new voting system.  The most talented should be selected by the voters on a restricted and primarily one vote system and figure out some way to avoid the skype mentioned.

  11. im so disappointed that joshua was eliminated, i cant believe he’s out that is so cruel, joshua will always be my Idol……..He ROCKS 

    • Josh is Idol 2012 winner, bt rascism still palys a part, hOW CAN PEOPLE NT SEE THAT HES BETTER?. oK. u must have a little hatred for a kind of first sight experience, bt it does nt deny the fact on your conscience the impression good and reality makes on sincere hearts. The truth we all know, JOSH is better than the vote he got! thats all the truth.

    • Everyone has his own idea of each AI contestants but somehow we must  be professional in making comments because they don’t know us actually,joshua was better but unfortunately less followers than phillip and jessica. They all deserve to be a winner but there’ll always be one winner..

      • There is some truth in what you said. Come to look at it again, why is Josh always in the bottom three, cos he has less followers. But he is better and should have won this year. America attach themselves to their own and not the best. Thats why AI does not allow the best to win. Nigeria just concluded her own NI, and the best was voted for and at the end everyone was happy that the best won. America still practice racism. It is in there blood. I stopped watching it from Nigeria. I will hear the news I don’t want to be disappointed. Joshua Colton Dixon, Phillip Jessica.

    • Everyone has his own idea of each AI contestants but somehow we must  be professional in making comments because they don’t know us actually,joshua was better but unfortunately less followers than phillip and jessica. They all deserve to be a winner but there’ll always be one winner..

    • He must not be missed, He must be there in the Finale still~ 🙂
      His album is already on the way~ 🙂

  12. I Wish Jennifer would have fallen when she went to grab Joshua ! That would have been so funny ! Lmao ! Jennifer is a DRAMA QUEEN ! Jessica and Phillip for next Week ! I’m SO EXCITED ! Both of them are very Talented !

    • Finally a comment I can agree with.  JLo is so full of herself.  Her comments are too long and always the same for all of them.  I wish someone would bann the word AMAZING.

      Joshua will be offer a record deal.  I think Jessica needs to loose and return later when her body and personality matching the songs she sings.  She’s 16 yrs old singing Adult songs and all she does is laugh when Ryan and the Judges interview her after the song is over.

      Joshua does have a great voice . . . if you love Gospal Music.  I’m into Pop and Rock music.  If I want to hear Gospal Music than I’d fine a Black Church to go to.  That’s why I’m more of a fan of Rhianna’s music than Aretha Franklin; it’s because of the type of music they sing.  That is why Joshua lost; I doubt there were that many Gospal Music Lovers voting for Joshua.  Ditto with Skylar when she lost.  Not that many fans are into COUNTRY.  She reminded me of a younger Dolly Parton.

      Last, Joshua needs to drop his adulation for that Season 3 Idol Singer (forgot her name).  She’s a has been, washed up musically and has had many problems with her personal life.

  13. Oh gosh! 🙂
    We felt the same way, Matthew!  with “Fox’s All Access’ most boring man in the world interviewer.”
    Even the interview with P2 and JS~ AHHHHHHH— so boring interview, so lame~ 🙁 
    Josh! you’re a great artist and a person! People knows it~ 🙂
    Bright future  L(O.O)K

    • I really don’t know why they let him do the interviews. Each one sounds like he just downed a bottle of Nyquil and then grabbed the mic and started talking w/ the singers. Even Joshua got bored in this one and started looking around during it.

  14. AI is rigged, there is no way Jessica got voted off and they saved her. It was set up, did you see the judges, they knew it was going to happen. It was just to make the show interesting so people will still watch the show. How will anyone ever know if these people really get all these votes we don’t. Phillip sings every song in the same tone and same sound. At least J & J sing with different tones. He is only still in the competition because he has a base of young girls that think he is so cute so they vote for him. Like someone said. This is a singing contest, not who is the cutest. I hope Jessica takes it all. Joshua has no problem with a career in front of him. He was so much better than Phillip. 

    • sometimes i think like that…..i think jessica’s saved was rigged…so, colton get voted off….colton better than jessica and he can sold many records than jessica,…i think……#colton’s bad performance helps the producer to voted off colton by blocking his voting line

      •  i also like colton dixon. my prediction when they were still top 13 was jessica vs colton. but your comment here about the save was rigged and that the producers helped or connived for the bad performance of CD, and even blocking his voting line is quite outrageous.

      • that is to you….but just like what Sandi said….all a matter of taste….I thought, i’ve done away with all the bitter melons on here… Hello! move on!

  15. i think allison iraheta and lauren alaina sing i dont wanna miss a thing more  better than jessica…..

      • i am not sure if you knew that JS wasnt feeling well on top 3 performance night. she had a sore throat. she wasnt 100% she was controlling her voice so she wouln’t cough. if she was 100%, she could have sang it much, much better. Jimmy Iovine even noticed it that was why his comment on JS performance that he was expecting more. because he knew how JS sings during rehearsals. i actually noticed it too that i was expecting much more from her performance of the Aerosmith song.

      • Yeah, I knew about it, I’ve been following her in twitter~ 🙁 I also noticed that she was quite holding up to her diaphragm in all 3 songs~
        It, sickness, was kinda evident with her performances, like Jimmy said, I know she can do more from that. Just sad reading bad reviews (online articles) and I find myself agreeing. 

        Glad she made it to top2 because I wouldn’t want her idol journey to end with that performances~ 🙂

      • i dont say allison iraheta and lauren have more better records than jessica…..blahhhhhh……BTW…lauren and alison alredy have records……check google….then reply me….i know its not BAMMM…but u just ask me 
         Where can you find their records , right….not where can find their biggest records….so…

    •  Try to search in youtube Regine Velasquez’ (another filipino) version of I don’t wanna miss a thing. Your allison and alaina are no match to this lady.

      •  i posted a youtube link to the version of regine but it was not posted. maybe the admin did not approve for it to be posted. ayaw siguro nila makumpara si regine kina allison at alaina.

    • Are you in grade school? All your posts have grammatical errors.

      From TEAM CD (NOW P2)’s comments:
      “more better” – redundant
      “sing” – wrong verb tense
      “colton better than jessica” – missing a verb – IS
      “he can sold many records than jessica” – again wrong tense a nd superlative adjective – SELL MORE
      ” to voted off colton” – too much errors
      “then reply me”
      “but u just ask me Where can you find their records , right….not where can find their biggest records….so…”
      “i dont say allison iraheta and lauren have more better records than jessica” – more better – you may use only one of them not both at the same time.
      “there are MORE jessica’s fans rude than p2’s fans” – WHAT?

      There are more, but it’s going to be a  very long post.

      I think you need to rethink before posting these comments, they are embarrassing.

      • Team CD (NOW P2): This person maybe a kid, starting to compose him/herself in English…Pls don’t judge. Hoy team! Ayusin mo ang English mo!!!!!! Embarrassing raw!

    •  Regine Velasquez sang I Dont Wanna Miss a Thing better than allison, lauren and jessica. search it on youtube.

      • Honestly, i don’t like Regine’s screaming out the song!!! Masakit sa tenga! Although, i admit..i was once upon time a fan of  her…hindi uso kasi ang boses na tumitili dito sa US esh….

  16. the overkill standing ovations for joshua led by randy jackson who also happens to be from Louisiana like Joshua may have upset a lot of voters. most of those ovations were undeserved.  voters sensed an abvious bias for joshua by randy. instead of helping his boy, randy may have hurt him.

  17. I think the results are right…Joshua is a great singer but his style of songs don’t suit everyone and he screams too much…Jessica has a wonderful voice but doesn’t have a good stage presence and she lacks charisma but Phillip has a great voice, a very nice stage presence and lot of charisma. Being an American Idol is not only about singing well or having the best voice, the whole performance and also backstage behaviour should be considered and till now Phillip is the best! Very humble, simple and sings really in his particular way touching our hearts. PP2 you are the new American Idol. 

    • I Agree !!!!!! Jessica has already been voted off BY AMERICA So Phillip Has WON !!!! The Phillipines needs to put together their own Singing Compition and STOP Sticking their noses in ours— If they do figure out a way to Illeagully Vote for OUR AMERICAN IDOL –  I hope The AI Crew DISQUALIFIES Jessica and sends her Packing for the 2nd time…… Phillip Phillips does NOT Deserve the Hate the forign countries are putting on him just because he is better than little phillipine already lost jessica…. Leave AMERICAS CHOICE  To America ….. We would not try to cheat one of your phillipinos out of phillipines idol by hacking in and voting for an American ! I liked Jess untill all the Haters from other countries started butting in and downing our compition and the choices we are making when we vote…… If she wasn’t phillipino/mexican mixed would you be hacking in and voting illeagully? I think not- … Has it ever bothered you this BAD Before Now? We Americans LOVE The fact that our TV Comp. are SO Interesting to you but we don’t  deserve all the hate you are sending our way… Can;t you all just WATCH AND ENJOY  and let us ENJOY Idol the way we used to before all this DRAMA ? If it keeps going on like this then What was Great will be nomore…. PLEASE Stop hating and just let us do us and your country do you…. In other words — Can’t we all just get along?….. 

      • Phillipines – PHILIPPINES
        Compition – COMPETITION
        Illeagully – ILLEGALLY
        forign – FOREIGN
        phillipinos – FILIPINOS
        untill – UNTIL

        “PLEASE Stop hating and just let us do us and your country
        do you” – No sense at all.

        I am not Filipino, but I can still spell PHILIPPINES and know that their citizens are called FILIPINOS.

        Have you not studied United States History in upper school (or high school)? Even though I studied in CH (Switzerland), we still covered that much in U.S. History. The Philippines is prominently interwoven in our own history. In fact, the country is an American territory until 1940s (1946, if I remember correctly).

        You may also be forgetting that there are a significant number of Filipino-Americans and Mexican-Americans in AMERICA voting for Jessica too; and, they have every right to vote as much as you and I do. 

        Another thing, you are calling them cheaters and hateful, do you not think that that is unfair? We have, after all, no proof that the Filipinos in the Philippines are voting illegally. I have been to the Philippines during my aunt’s assignment to the US Embassy in Manila, and I found the people to be gracious and generous.

      • Sir….it’s Filipinos, not phillipinos
        You even mis-spelled the country,  it’s Philippines… and only one ‘l’ and 2 Ps, just like your hero Philip(Philippe)… For your info, The Philippines was named after King Philip(Philippe) of Spain.
        and the next time you write or type a name of a country, since it is a proper noun, the first letter should always be capitalized… I know we’re being casual on here as we write or type names of people beginning in small letters, that’s okay  

        I understand your prostration sir… but you have no proof of who so ever writing all these negative remarks against Philip because we can’t see them…They maybe from Joshua’s fans…and i’m not saying that some Filipinos are not being bias with other contestants…but in my observations…these might be just young teens from the Philippines bashing on other contestants…If you’re smart…don’t get prostrated, this is just like a game, enjoy it! ….and you don’t level your IQ  with these teens rooting  for Jessica….  

  18. Sorry that Joshua isn’t in the finale.  My vote was with him to win.  His is the album that I will get when it’s out.  There’s lots of performers with voices like Jessica’s.  He’s unique.  Best wishes for his future ~ he’ll be a huge star!

  19. Nigel tweets, next weeks 3 songs would be, favorite past performance songs, song choice from Simon fuller, song they would be recording.

  20. wow..too much fighting in this blog…team jessica vs team p2……

  21. Sad to see the best singer not be in the finale.  We love his voice and he is truly talented.  He must have turned off a lot of votes when he made the statement that “They’re really acting like I’m “Obama” during his home visit. That’s all I can think of because he’s the better singer.  Don’t mix politics with your business, it’s polarizing!! 
    Best of luck in your future…I’ll buy your records!!

    • I think the comment was, “They’re really acting like I’m…..Obama!?”. I don’t think he said he felt like Obama.

      But he and Jessica did indeed have an awkward kind of reaction to their reception back home. Neither of them were moved to tears or at least the editing didn’t capture that part of their reaction.

      It was a whole different feeling toward the supporters that you got from watching the three different home comings. 

      Also it always bothers me when you watch the exit interviews and the attitude of the contestant is more of a selfish one than one of gratitude.

      Examples of comments directed towards fans I am talking about in Curtain Call interviews:

      Joshua Ladet:  “I pray that you continue to support me in everything I do.”(not one “thank you” to his supporters in the whole interview)

      Hollie Cavanagh: “To all my Holliepops, thank you so much! I definitely wouldn’t be here without you and I’m so be blessed and thankful to have you all and you were all the reason that I got up every day and went on this crazy journey and you all inspired me to keep pushing forward so thank you.

      Skylar Laine: “Skoutlaws, Thank y’all so much for supporting me through this whole experience…..I love y’all so much and I will talk to y’all later.

      Elise Testone: “To the Elites, thank you for inspiring me and I hope I have inspired you back.”

      Colton Dixon: “To all my fans, I could not have done this without you…I just want to thank you so much.”

      DeAndre Brackensick: “Thank you to all my DreDreamers, I love you so much for getting me this far……I love you, I love you, I love you, and I appreciate all the love, thank you so much.”

      Heejun Han: “Stay who you are and let’s do this together again.” (Again no “thank you”.)

      Read into these comments what you will but I think it’s very telling of one’s attitude when they don’t find it in themselves to at least thank people for supporting them. Couple that with their reactions back home and you can get a good sense of the character of these contestants. My support for an individual is always based on the talent but more importantly how I view their character. In Josh’s case I believe that the judges are partly responsible for this. All the praise just went to his head I think. That’s my opinion anyway. The same thing is happening to Jessica but she might be a little more grounded by the fact that she was in the bottom and had to be saved.

      • He has thanked his fans in numerous other interviews and he does so as well on twitter, almost daily

      • Read his twitter today. His suggestion for you to listen to Beyonce’s “I Was Here” to get a picture of how I feel.

        Most contestants say they just want to share their gift or they want to inspire people or just do it for the love of music. It’s clear after listening and reading the lyrics that he wanted fame for himself and nothing more. He wanted for people to know his name and he wanted to be admired. IMO those are selfish reasons for doing this.

        That does indeed come with the territory but I think that most just want the ability to make a living at doing what they love to do and to be in a position to reach out and touch other people’s lives and have a positive impact on other people. They want to be in a position to help people and make a difference.

        His remarks in the interview reflect an attitude of wanting other people to help him do what he wants to do. It should be wanting to get into a position to help and inspire others.

    • Joshua did common saying “They’re really acting like I’m Obama” .. he never said he felt like Obama. I think it showed his funny side

  22. I had picked that Joshua would be the one to go.  Reason being that Joshua is more of a Gospal Singer.  The American Idol fans are basically 90% white and I doubted that they would be as fascinated with his singing because of it being Gospal. I, myself didn’t care too much for his music because of that and I am of Asian heritage.

    I want Philip Philip to win because I find not only his music is so original, I also love the way he performs with his own little “shuffle” dancing.  Philip is unique and has his own sound and style of singing.

    Jessica is BORING.  She does not know how to show passion when she sings.  I think it’s because of her age of 16.  Her voice may be ready to sing all of the Adult songs from your top R&B singers but she LACKS THE PASSION.  When she belts out her songs . . . I FEEL NOTHING because she lacks the passion in the songs.  She also doesn’t feel any passion in her own singing for if she did, she wouldn’t stand in one position the whole time she’s singing without so much as moving her legs, hips, etc.  She feels nothing with the songs that she wants us too feel.

    I hope Philip Philip wings in the finale.

    • the stage presence,the emotion,feelings,connection to audience can be learned after,but having a beautiful voice is God’s gift to anyone….

  23. Nigel’s secretly installed cow prod on each of the judge’s seats proved to be an epic fail. Nigel turned on the juice towards the end of every song Joshua sang, and the judge’s had to stand up. 16 standing O’s, in which only 3 or 4 were truly deserved greatly diminished the true value of a standing ovation. America responded to the judge’s over the top praise for Joshua by eliminating him. Nigel should super glue the judges to their seats next season. Since Simon’s departure, AI seemingly wanted the judges to tone down the criticism and amp up the praise, because they had read so many comments about how mean Simon was. Well, AI, you went wayyyyyy too far the other direction, and it has ruined the judge’s credibility. When you ruin the meaning of a standing O, then add insult to injury by making a ridiculous statement like “you are the best singer in the last 50 years” you render anything and everything the judges say to just meaningless sensationalism.

        Joshua is a very good singer, especially in the gospelesque type songs. He did have several standing O worthy performances. As for his marketability, the gospelesque type singers have a very small niche. He should be able to make a decent living through singing, but there are relatively very few bonafide superstar (Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift) success stories. Compare the success of Fantasia to Kelly, Carrie or even last years winner Scotty, and you will get an idea of what Joshua’s potential is. You must factor in the fact that Fantasia won, and Joshua didn’t. Even with the full power of the AI machine, Fantasia ( along with most of the other AI winners), have been only moderately successful. Runners up, and also rans occasionally have moderate success also, but their success has been the exception rather than the rule.

        AI is a fun program to watch, and has served to be a rather nice platform for wannabe superstars to get exposure to a large audience. It is not the end of a contestants career in singing should they get voted off. There can be only one winner each year, and that is simply the nature of the beast known as American Idol. America votes, but the producers can and most likely do manipulate the votes. AI needs to have winners who are marketable, or the show will end. As a fan of AI, I don’t want the show to end. If the show ends, we may miss out on the next Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert or my personal all time favorite Haley Reinhart (whose first album will be released on the 22nd of this month).

        As for the finale, P2 has the “it” factor. There is a certain charisma that seems to emanate from him. His vocals are good, but not outstanding, as is his artistry. Nonetheless, he possesses an “it” factor that none of the other contestants this year possess. Jessica has the voice that is capable of mesmerizing performances. To watch and listen to Jessica when she starts belting out a power vocal performance can leave the viewer awestruck. How does that voice come from that little girl.

        From the point of view of AI, what sells more records? “it” or amazing vocals? Does America want another cool dude, or another budding diva? We will find out next week. I’m pulling for Jessica, because as far as from a singing standpoint, I enjoy her singing far more than I enjoy Philips singing. 

    •  very well said JD. very sensible and analytical. i agree and share your observation that the value of the standing ovation was greatly diminished this season. they did it over the top for joshua that american voters thought enough is enough.

      moreover, their comments saying “greatest singer in 50 years’??? wow! would you compare joshua to the likes of Stevie Wonder, James Ingram, George Benson, and most especially Michael Jackson? joshua is way, way out of the league from these singing heavyweights and legends. such outrageous comments from these judges have made them obviously biased. they lost objectivity and surely practiced favoritism.

      and by the way, i also agree that Haley Reinhart is a great singer. her voice is soothing to the ears and she is hot.

    •  I agree with your entire statement…that said, I am a man of few words…I simply say…

      I am ALL IN 4 JESSICA 2 WIN !!!


  24. The american idol competition is set to find raw talents all over the States. This is a singing competition and not a beauty contest or personality contest or stage presence contest. It is sad to note that American Idol becomes a popularity contest rather than a real singing competition. I saw so many talented singers voted off because they lack the votes. People will vote for their contestant no matter whether the contestant did well or not. Parents, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives and people who live where the contestant from will surely vote for that contestant. The population in the area where the contestant live may surely generate many votes. I am not against this people. I understand that it is a human nature to support someone close to your heart and/or like the person. For example, a mother will surely vote for her son/daughter no matter what the outcome of the performance of her son/daughter.
    For me, THE REAL COMPETITON BEGINS AFTER THE AMERICAN IDOL CONTEST. We will see who among the winner and the finalists sustain and will become big in the music industry. American Idol has been showing in the tv for more than ten years. So far, the american idol winners Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood make big in the music industry by selling so many records. These winners were rightfully chosen by the American Idol voters.
    Sadly, the other american idol winners are bygones, forgotten or not even able to sell  sustainable albums that make music producers to have contract with them. Some AI winners were even dropped off by some music producers.
    But some finalists make big in the musice industry even without the American Idol crowns like Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daugherty, Kelly Pickler, Mandissa ( Christian music genre) and others who mostly are country music singers. I hope Skylar will make good in the country music genre.
    I am not taking side of any contestant here. I am saying Skylar because she is good in country music. I hope she can make it because that is her dream. Everybody has a dream and we should respect it.
    Let us give a chance to all of the top ten finalists because it is not easy to be in American Idol show. The stress, the busyness, the pressure and other factors that really drainthe energy of  these finalists but they have to show their best because all of them have a dream. The motivational factor for them to continue is that they have a dream  and they want it to become true.
    I am just curious about Jessica Sanchez. She has  worldwide followers. She has a multicultural heredity that comes from Asia, South America and United States. That would be a big appeal for a music producer. She has the talent. The voice is so phenomenal and incredible. Even the judges are crazy about her vocal prowess. Some say that she has no stage presence or personality. But this does not matter because these can be trained and developed. The important thing is the voice and not the looks. Do you think Jennifer Hudson or Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood will win Miss Universe contest? Of course they will not because they will be competing with supermodels and plastic surgeon operated women. But this is a singing competition. Jessica Sanchez has already the talent of singing. She is a raw diamond. She only needs some polishing like training and personality development seminars and then she will become a brilliant jewel. Look at Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and other female singers, they have all the talent of singing and  they do not have the beauty queen looks but they are big in the music industry. I believe Jessica Sanchez will make big in the music industry.
    Philips Phillips is a good looking guy and can sing. I know there are so many femailes out there who are mesmerized by his looks and singing. I am just worried that he wiill be like Lee Dewyze, David Cook and Kris Allen. i am not saying that they are not good singers because they are. But their popularity just went down the drain. This is  because American Idol contest is every year and there will be new faces, new handsome guys and beautiful girls competing. The tendency is we will forget who were the winners and finalists last year and many years ago. We will vote again and girls especially teenagers will be swooned again to new handsome guys out there in the competition. They will forget about Krsi Allen who is married, David Cook and Lee Dewyze who have probably have girlfriends. And even Philips Philiips who has a girlfriend too.
    Adam Lambert is the best runner up during Kris Allen time. He has the amazing voice and the talent. And now he has new songs and very marketable. I do not care if he is gay. What matters is the music he makes. He is phenomenal.
    Chris Daugherty is so amazing, too. He was the best during Taylor Hicks time. Katherine McPhee is even doing well in tv shows. She was the runner up that time.
    I can write more but the essence of this American Idol contest is  that who will be the most sustainable star with singing prowess among  this year 2012 American idol winner and finalists. The true American Idol winner is the one who has the most record sales and still known in so many years like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood and the rest of the famous finalists. Please check the 2012 AI winner and finalists next year 2013 and the years to come.

    • Havent u noticed? This “Guest” likes to mess w/ u guys I think he/she loves it when you react to her/his %$^%#@* comment. So better to not mind him. 

  25. So what was Ryan doing to Josha on the show? Please do tell. Is is dirty? Is it taboo? Is it a  capital offense hence your posting in capitals? Ooooh I do love a bit of gossip. Please tell pleeese.

  26. Yikes..and people said I was angry. She calls American Idol racist and then proceeds to complain about every white person. Hello, kettle.

  27. I can’t wait for the album to come out! Been following the show over here in the uk. It’s a shame we couldn’t download the songs from the show on iTunes in the uk!!! SORT IT OUT AI!!!

  28. i didnt like last night show  they sent home the wrong person  it should have been jessica  not josh  the judge had it all wrong the judges favor jessica that why they keep her .

    •  How can you say they favor Jessica?  How many standing Os did Joshua get, and many not well deserved?  Jennifer has actually come out and said her favorite parts of the show is when Joshua performs. 

    • @Mary_herringshaw:disqus , if Joshua’s  16 standing O’s from the judges (a record of sorts in AI) is NOT favoring, then I am at a loss what objectivity and impartiality means..
      After 10th SO, it lost its value for me so I stopped listening & watching the after performance (gushing and aaaah-ing) comments from the judges  and just waited for the results.Whoever wins between the two, I will be happy because I love Jess’ voice and Phillip’s singing style..    

      Good luck Jess and Phillip!  

  29. My favorite Dancing with the stars couple were voted off. Now Joshua is gone. He has been my favorite from day One.I also will buy his first CD.

  30. chillax… i don’t think so american idol is racist…but i think it was rigged….

  31. Joshua was better then Jessica,  Phillip is awesome and so is Joshua, they need to change the age limit on this show, and get rid of the save. I too wonder if American Idol wants Jessica to win, getting Joshua out of the way thinking she’ll get his votes. It’s not right if it’s true, Just saying.

    •  Joshua, better than Jessica?  NO WAY!!!!!!!! I didn’t hear Jimmy say he sees Joshua performing on The Grammys.  Jessica has an amazing voice.

      • In the real world, who is better depends on your taste, and not what the judges or Jimmy says.  Arguments closed.

        JS FTW!

    • I say Joshua has improved a lot since he was not given the golden ticket in his first audition. Say we think Joshua is really better than Jessica, but let us also credit her for still being young and has so many potential in her. It is enough to say that she is equally as good as the others and also equally as deserving to win the title.

      I think those Joshua fans rooting for a Joshua vs Phillip finale will all support Phillip, as well as those rooting for a Joshua vs Jessica finale will all support Jessica. I think both finalist are having respectable amount of share from Joshua’s votes.

  32. Fellow Bluejays, unfortunately if you’re from other country you CANNOT Vote.  AI is not dumb not to filter the votes.  Whatever you’re doing there is not valid. This is season 11 and dont tell me that AI is not aware of people from other countries trying to vote.  It already happened many times in the past. You may get confirmation messages after voting but they won’t count.  If you want Jessica to win, keep in touch with friends and relatives in the US, and ask for their support.   I’m in the US and I know Jessica’s family personally.  Aside from promoting her to my colleagues, I also keep in touch with friends in Canada and Europe who have friends and family here. 

    If you want JS to win, don’t rely on false hopes that your votes are counted.  Let’s be realistic and do the right strategy.  Tuesday is pretty close  so instead of spending most of your time bashing other talented people or arguing other fans, spread JS to the world!

    JS FTW!

    • I am also from Philippines & my way of supporting Jessica is reminding my sister in LA,  nieces in Seattle & Chicago & cousins in Utah &New Jersey that it’s AI night & they need to vote for Jessica. Just a post in Facebook & they will all reply that they have voted for her hundred times. 

  33.  Complaining about being racist. So typical.  She probably feels like the world owes it to them.

  34. Phillips is such a pussy. He chosed to sing second, leaving Jessica first. 

    Last year, Scotty let Lauren decide if she liked to sing first or second. That’s what a call a true gentleman! Phillips doesn’t deserve to win AI.

    •  Why did he get to choose?  Anyway after he hears her sing, the pressure will be even more on him

      • Its just a simple coin toss.  Whoever wins gets to pick whether they sing first or second.

      • He won the coin and she chose to sing second. It’s ok! But c’mon, JESSICA is a 16 years-old girl. Is he afraid of her? LOL!

    • So, Phillip doesn’t deserve to win just based on that premise, huh?  Are you OK?  Phillip is also very talented.  Do not underestimate him.

      I’m a Jessica fan but I like Phillip as well.  If you’re a JS fan, there’s no need to say negative things against the others.  It will not help Jessica win.

      Promote JS to your friends, that’s the right strategy and that’s what I do to yield more votes for her.  Refer to my other posts for more information.

      JS FTW!

      • I can’t. I’m from Argentina. There’s nothing I can do from here. Just keep wishing her the best and following every step she gives.

      • I believe that in this stage of the competition if one is sent home it doesnt mean that he is less of a singer than the 2 remaining. One is sent home because he has less supporters & thats a fact..Clton, Skylar, Joshua especially Elise along w/ Jess & Philip deserves to be in the finale.  

      •  Ferjp88.  Are there any Central Americans or South Americans that you know cheering for anyone OTHER THAN Jessica?  Her biggest fans seem to be Hispanic.  There have been some outstanding contestants on Idol this year who deserve support as well.  Are you discriminating against the non-Hispanic singers?

    • So, he’s not allowed to have a dream?  He shouldn’t do anything in his power to try and win?

    •  Oh please!  WTH are you talking about?  Anyway, there is no such word as “chosed”.  It should be spelled “chose”.

  35.  Black people should boycott AI? so what will happen to Randy Jackson? your comment is in ALL CAPS so i guess you were screaming. cool it down. AI is not racist. just accept there will always be winners and losers in this competition. maybe not all black Americans voted for Joshua as much as all white Americans voted for Philip or Mexican/Filipinos/Asians voted for Jessica.

    didn’t you even consider that some black Americans voted for jessica instead of joshua? or that some black teenage girls voted for philip? just accept the results. anyway, i am sure joshua will have a great singing career ahead of him.

  36. Will Jessica and Phillips have winner’s singles?

    I’ve just read in wikipedia that next week they’ll sing:

    1) Contestant’s choice.
    2) Simon Fuller’s choice.
    3) Jimmy Iovine’s choice.

    What about the songs for the winners? 

  37. Favourite PAST performance’s shows???

    JESSICA, please, sing “I will always love you”. That was your best song. And I’m sure you’ll get much more support if you sing that song.

      •  Neither are correct.  Past PERFORMANCES’ songs is better, but
        “Songs from past performances” would be much, much better.  Option 2 eliminates any potential confusion regarding singular possessive or plural possessive.

    • ‘I will always love you’ for reprise will be good for me but I hoping for the full version of the song. 

      ‘And I’m telling you’  is good for reprise too for me, but I think its too soon, she just sung it lastlast week. 🙂

      Okay, Whatever she sings, Would be good for me. HAHA. :)))) They probably know what adjustment they’ll do to make it great. 🙂

  38. Joshua deserved to win the competition. Unfortunately alot of the vote is based more on popularity than talent. I think Philip lacks melody  and Jessica shows promise but needs a little more grooming.

    PS. This is not a biased vote. I am a 62 year white guy and I think Josh has a good set of pipes.

  39. Josh has a great talent and the ability to touch those in need of a liftup from day to day junk.  You will go far . Thanks for all of your effort.

  40. Josh has been the BEST American Idol has EVER Had.  Shame on you Judges & Jimi for steering the votes.  Josh can’t loose with that killer voice and cool & calm control on stage. He is a WINNER and born with that wonderful talent.

    • Are you serious?  The judges tried to steer the votes to Joshua EVERY week. Giving him a standing ovation everytime he opened his mouth and Randy saying that it was a done deal for Joshua.

    • I think if this site wasn’t so slanted in one direction, Josh would have received a lot more love.  I am so positive he will succeed.  I don’t care about the judges, but Jimmie’s been around for decades and can make or break you, and he is so Team Josh…sure we will be hearing from him soon.  The actual winner is nailed to AI and will have that ridiculous finale song they have to promote.  Josh just may have won by not winning!

  41. If Jessica wins AI, there will be a lot of FIRSTs. She will be:

    -The youngest contestant to win AI. Jordin Sparks was the youngest at 17 when she won but Jessica will be  at 16.

    -The first Saved contestant to go to the finale and win.

    -The first AI winner with Fil-Mex ethnic background and/or from Southern California (I’m from L.A. and Fil-American)

    -The first female post WGWG trend.

     Let’s make it all happen for Jessica!!!

  42. I’m a Joshua fan myself and I am a white guy. I don’t know wher e you get off calling American Idol Racist. And stop using caps. You are being extremely rude.

  43. Finally………an Idol season when America gets the final two right!  The judge’s have themselves to blame for Joshua not moving on.  Their unlimited standing ovations for him turned a lot of people off.  Great job Jessica and Philip.

  44. Talk about God haveing a plan… When Philip was born, he almost died, had to have surgery and have 4 inch of his intestance removed.. he was just a tiny baby.. God has helpped him thru this contest even though he has been in pain and has to have surgery when all of this is over before the tour.. Think about the plan that God has for Philip…….not to mention he is very humble… And Artist like him dont come along very often… Singers are in the thousands.. awesome singers.. ck the voice… not many that are different.. There is no doubt, all of these singers will make recording,s.. But to be an Artist, musican, write music and to be able to sing the songs and make them come alive.. thats a real  talent….

  45. Joshua fans, put away your racial hate. You anger is misplaced. If it was a racial issue, Jess would go home before Joshua, long before. We have a black president and we will never have an Asian president.

    What happened was not racism, but instead vote cheating. The people you should be angry with are the vote cheaters outside of the US, primarily in the Philippines. They have manipulated the vote results by massive illegal power voting.

    Currently the FCC is investigating and who knows if Jess is disqualified by AI to save face, they could bring Joshua back. Anyway the people who you need to be mad at are the cheaters, AI for allowing it to go on, and websites that do nothing to curb the vote cheating by stopping the sharing of vote cheating instructions.

    I suggest if you want to get even….vote for P2 and against the cheaters.

    • james do you have any proof of what you are talking about? iwill hold you responsible if your accusation is not true ,we are checking now those outside us voters.if is it true ,i myself will fly(meaningwill step in us territory) to report this matter to fcc,you heard me james.peace be with you.

      •  Lets wait and see what the FCC finds out as they are now monitoring the cheating methods and will find out who and how. The finals will be too much of a temptation and the cheaters will cheat and get caught!

    • American Idol has ways and means to determine an illegal vote cast. Considering US only, they try to filter the votes that are cast using programs that can send mass of votes in less time. Applying that outside the US won’t be that hard. They have hired a company to do that for them.

      Let’s say Philippines have been trying to vote Jessica Sanchez, but AI was able to filter/block the votes. There might be confirmations to the vote, but it can still be traced and nullify through the existing voting rules of AI.

      All throughout the season, I was thinking if the votes of the Philippines somehow gets through, but I really think it doesn’t. Therefore, I am proud to say that Jessica Sanchez has really earned the support of solid  voters.

      There have been analysis through Social Media Index limited to US alone since top 6 that really shows that there are more Jessica Sanchez voters than any other contestant and actually is leading by a large margin.

      Jessica Sanchez will not be disqualified since she is very innocent from these issues. People pushing the possibility of cheating to start with are not even a fan of hers. In every star, there are always people that will not like you, but it is part of the industry and you need to live with it.

      ALSO A NOTE I WANT TO POINT OUT. Dial Idol is not that accurate since much from the west coast are not covered which is evident in the  GeoPredictions. Jessica Sanchez was able to earn respectable votes from the east coast add to that solid votes from maybe Filipino and Mexican families. West coast however gives large amount of votes which can also be explained by the dramatic increase of Jessica’s Dial Idol score while the other two either is decreasing or just maintaining the score. Again, only a few from the west coast were considered in the calculations. Other states seems not to reflect their votes in Dial Idol which we may assume majority goes to Jessica Sanchez.

      With all that taken into consideration, Phillip Phillips taking the number one spot in Dial Idol does not really assure a victory. If he loses, it doesn’t mean he was cheated. If he did really have a big margin in Dial Idol and still lost, that is the only time that we might assume that there could have been a possibility of cheating. If there are really votes coming in the Philippines, I think it wouldn’t be enough not unless it was a close fight in the US alone and the few votes really helped secure the number 1 spot.

      After all of these, the real judge would be the buyers of the contestant’s products. The competition does not end at AI, but is only the beggining. The real winner would be the one that tops the charts. Whoever it will be, I will be happy for him/her.

      Between Jessica an Phillip alone, I think they have different markets and will be successful in their respective ones. I hope for the best for both. They have been phenomenal all throughout the season.

      • It is very easy to get around IP filters using various methods. Ask the Chinese, the have been doing it for the last 15 years.
        Using Social media site activity would greatly under recognized P2 votes and fans as most of his fan base are the middle age to older age groups that do not belong to or use social media sites.

    • Here you go again James (hungry for a date old man!) Aren’t you tired of bombarding Filipinos with your sooo negative and sooo discriminating comments? Did a Filipino lady rejected you or someone you like chose a Filipino than to be with you…where is that hate towards Filipinos comes from…before you judge us being cheaters better take a look in your own backyard…so sad that because the person you want to be the American Idol was not able to reach it, you lowered yourself by degrading us….you are a very sad man…I pity you…

      • @Guest…Once again if a person has an opinion and it’s not all ladida, they’re either angry, negative or bitter.   Maybe not in your case, but I’ve been inundated with negative comments from Filipinos and a lot of JS fans.  We are Americans and have this little thing called free speech.  Maybe you don’t like it, but you have no trouble voicing your strong opinions.  As long as it isn’t threatening or bullying everyone has a right to say what they feel.

      • @essa, freedom of speech doesn’t include maligning a country as a whole…such derogatory comment from James is uncalled for. Before he conclude on us being cheaters; let the FCC prove it first…it’s a shame that bec his so called favorite was eliminated, he would go as far as calling us Filipinos cheaters…such a pathetic excuse for a FAN!!!

      • Much easier for you to make personal attacks on me rather than demanding transparent and fair disclosure from AI.

      • Transparency in AI should be done but you concluding Filipinos as a whole as cheaters are very degrading. You attacking a whole nation as cheaters is so damn uncalled for just because your fave was eliminated…Let FCC do their job and prove your conclusion…it saddens me to know that a Fan like you will go as far as creating animosity and discrimination just to voice out your bitterness towards a singing contest….tsk tsk…

    • Are you saying AI has a voting system that is flawed? If Canada and all other countries can NOT vote, you think Philippines can? Wow, they must have some smart computer techies in that country. Give it up, James. Don’t be a sore loser–very unbecoming.

      • Sore Loser?? Not, my two favs are in the finals. I’m just very much against cheating and not going to stop until AI corrects the problem. They are misrepresenting to the US pubic how AI winners are chosen and that is illegal according to the FCC rules.  It’s not fair to anyone, winners, losers, 0r viewers.

        Why are so many of you upset at a FCC investigation? Are you afraid what they might find out? If not then it should make you happy to have the issue cleared. The only reason to be against it, is if the allegations are true.

        What is AI hiding? There would be no questions if AI would be transparent.

    • People tend to give teenagers, especially girls, and on Fox, whose father is in the military…a break.  The demographics of this show is middle class, middle America regular folk.  A lot of moms and grandmas probably see this little 16 year old and feel for her since she looks so sad and angry all the time.  Definitely agree on the manipulation of votes…win at any cost.

    • if other countries cant vote, how on earth the Filipinos can??? they’re that techie genius?? is their technology more advance than the Western world now??? almost every season, a contestant of Filipino lineage/race would be up on the stage of AI but it’s the first time the world had been crazy for someone like JSanchez! if it’s true that votes outside the US got in, you think the percentage would be much compared to the US voting power? do u think 5% at least of the votes counted are from outside the US??? as you said let FCC do their job… come to think of it.. if thats how the world or the Filipinos all over the world go crazy for Jessica, wont it be to US advantage??? Jessica’s would be recordings/ CDs/ concerts .. esp TAXES will go to the US govt!!! lolz

    • You seem to be an expert on cheating so much so that you think other people are doing it.

    • It’s already season 11.  Do you think AI is dumb not to filter votes?  People from other countries had tried to vote in the last few seasons as well and don’t tell me AI is still not aware of this.  Whatever people in other countries do to vote, their votes won’t count.  I trust AI in handling this.  If you don’t, why watch American Idol?

      I think you’re just trying to emphasize this cheating thing to earn more votes for P2 and make people believe you.  I read some of your posts and there are lots negative vibes there.  Be positive man, keep the game to entertain you, not to give you disappointment or stress.  I deal with people everyday and I know that very well.  

      Let’s just all be happy and continue supporting our faves.  Establishing or responding to arguments here would definitely won’t make them win.  People are just different and weird at times but you have to handle them in a positive way to get rid of the negative vibes.  That’s what professionalism and maturity is all about.

      JS FTW!

  46. The best year of talent for me. Josh you may of been eliminated, but you will have a great career, I am sure of that. I couldn’t pick who could win, because I loved all 3 of you.

  47.  Fashionable for a 25+ year old, hell no for a 16 year old. I’d be ashamed if my 16 year old daughter ever dressed like her.

    • gheez your taking this too personally it’s only a show and the worst part is your ATTITUDE (ego maniac).
      lol,you could have save yourself some trouble by simply going to American Idol site and ask their live chat support about their international votes since this is not the only season it was brought up, but of course you have to mention FCC so you’ll sound like a big shot don’t you?  OPSI DO DI DA  lmao

      To me you are simply a JOKE
      go ahead feed your ego before you burst into pieces

    • Id be more ashamed if you are a father!! Your kids will learn and adopt such pathetic attitude that you have…before you judge others James better check the dirt in your face…remember the golden rule…dont do unto others what you dont want others do unto you…

  48. I’m really really sad that josh it out because he  wasand is so amazing in is performance, josh this just a taste for Bigger things to happen for you God bless yoy. your the reason why i watched american idol from the moment i heard you song Jars of heart i knew you were something special.

    it’s not over until God say’s it’s over love yah josh (jamaican girl giving you shout out) lol

  49. Joshu you are a win in my book. i strongly you that have been in the final you deserve to be in the finals.

  50. If Joshua was to team up with Fantasia, I can hear all the whinning now comming in … From those that think hitting and holding crystal clear high notes as being nothing more than screaming. LOL

  51. ok, I was not a big fan of Joshua, or of Phillip, I loved Skyler and Hollie, but I have to say all 5 of them have talent, all three deserve to be where they are in the competition. I thought it should be Joshua and Phillip, I think Jessica is great, but way to young and not ready…I like all their singing some good some bad, Jessicas ballads are great, but if she does an up tempo she can not dance or entertain for nothing. Phillips songs I like when he sings them like they way they are suppose to be sung. Joshua had many good songs. Good luck all of you

  52. I have to say Joshua did a Class Act exit preformance.  what a professional he is.  the song great, the way he thanked all and brought his mom up. way to go joshua

  53. now for Lisa Marie, she is very cute and her voice is very sultry. I liked it, but Adam on the other hand was way to GREAT….One of the best 3 IDOL has ever had no one compares to him…loved the entertainment, loved the song.  loved the way he looked.  what a success, keep it up Adam

    • It was so great to see and hear Adam!!!  I couldn’t wait for Idol when he was on the show.  There was nobody before or since remotely close to how good he is.  I think that may have been the last of the glory days for Idol.

  54. I want to say one thing about Joshua. When this season started and even past the top 10 point … I was not a big fan of Joshua. As I did not like the over singing the whole song, on every song. It got very old to me. But, a few weeks back, I for one noticed he stopped that gospel style of over-singing, all the time. He would use his crystal clear voice on a high note and pull it back to a whisper, at the perfect point in the song. That is how one brings the emotion out in a song. Yet, many on this website continued to use that worn out and repetitive claim “that all Joshua can do is scream”. Are you kidding me? For those who could not see the difference between the way Joshua sang in the past and the way he sang the past 4 weeks … I can only assume you deaf. That, or you have a taste in music that borders on being passionless. Either way, I feel sorry for you. Now my 75 year old mom had a taste for passionless music (such as Frank Sinatra and Perry Como) as well and hated the music I liked, Such as Janis Joplin and Joe Cocker. She actually called it “screaming” and would run out the room with her hands covering her ears. But, I always still always respected her taste to enjoy passionless music, if that is what she liked. As that is what she was raised on. Just as I do for you.

  55. Ryan Seacrest gave Joshua so many opportunities to give God credit for his God given voice…and this preacher son Joshua never once gave God credit, when given the opportunity to…God has other plans for Joshua to use that God given talent…he will get that eventually

  56. Joshua, you are an amazing talent and more importantly you seem to be an incredible man. It has been an honor and priviledge to watch you every week and witness your journey to becoming a STAR. I only wish you would have shown us the ‘fun’ side of you that we saw on your exit video shown last night after the results were announced. Your smile and sense of humor with the other contestants was fun to see. Enjoy your success and remain humble and the world will be yours with the incredible talent you possess. Good luck Joshua and THANK YOU for giving us five months of amazing entertainment. Jimmy was correct when he proclaimed last night thay you DESERVED to be in everyones finale. In my opinion the wrong person was sent home last..your talent and your gift of performance made you a definite choice for the finale. GOOD LUCK and we look forward to witnesses your incredible talent in the future.

  57. Joshua is such a sweetheart.  Why can’t America accept the black singers on Idol.  Ruben and Fantasia were a decade ago.   I absolutely knew how good he was, he would never win.  Sucks.   Looking the picture, the infamously phony Jlo actually looks sad and loving was she holds Joshua.  I hope he spites the world and becomes famous as hell!!

  58. Joshua should have been in the final American Idol. Bought tears to my eyes however just think Adam Lambert did not win either did Jennifer Hudson and I am sure they are laughing all the way these days. So Joshua you will out win them all in years to come. A true champion in American Idol history. All your fans from Australia 

  59. I really don’t appreciate his “SCREAMING and SHOUTING” style! Besides, he has no STAR QUALITY FACTOR like ADAM LAMBERT and JENNIFER HUDSON. Sorry, I wont waste my money for his CD.

  60. American idol is a farce, for joshua ledet to be voted off is so wrong easy a most amazing singer that’s ever been on that show in its entire history!! It’s obvious this is no longer a singing competition but a popularity conteston looks, and has been for many many years

  61. Ok, the Jessonians keep saying all the teen and tween girls are voting for Phillip and is what makes up his fan base.

    So for all you teen and tween girls currently voting for Jess, they don’t value you, don’t recognize you, don’t respect you, and they are making fun of you and saying you are doing something that you aren’t.

    I suggest you do what they claim you are doing and are making fun of you for doing, vote for Phillip because he respects and values you, unlike the Jess crowd.

    Why else would they keep trying to bash Phillip for having a teen or tween fan base? Phillip thinks you teen and tween girls are great and as a contestant he respects you and highly values your votes. As a Phillip fan, I think tween and teen girls are important and he is very lucky to have you as fans. You saw in his trip home videos, he is a very caring and emotionally connected person, something that Jess seems to have problems with.

    So Jessonians, you bash young tween and teen girls, might not be so smart. All fans should be treasured and that’s something Jessonians don’t understand.

    • Wow! You are not just an expert on cheating, you are also an expert on fabricating things. Hmmm

      • “fabricating things?”  I just counted 52 comments in this thread alone that said Phillip’s fan base was only teenie bopper girls, that’s not fabrication, that’s truth.

      • Hahaha, you are funny James, you counted the comments but you forgot to check who’s fans gave such comments… are from Joshua who thinks he is better than Philip and that Philip’s votes came from teens…stop degrading the Filipinos and Jessica…you are really a Thetis excuse for a Fan!!!

  62. James, please stop it.  I’m from New Zealand and yes we’ve tried voting via Skype or MagicJack but it doesn’t work.  If some can get through, I don’t think the management of American Idol will count them. They’re not stupid you know.  Also, stop pointing fingers and blaming other people, particularly Filipinos.  Why are you so against them anyway? They’re not the only ethnic group supporting Jessica you know.  In this website, how can you tell one’s country of origin? *shrug*  If you don’t want to be bashed, stop bashing other people too. i think you’re older than most people commenting on this website including myself. I’m 29 by the way. Please practice what you preach. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll find you a good example and follow you.  Just vote for your idol and let others do the same.  Peace be with you.

  63. They got it wrong. Phillip Phillips should have been eliminated not Joshua ledet. Rosa of Tallahassee Fla.

  64. I just started following the show – a “bit” late this year because of work stuff. Now I am getting all shows on the internet and catching up. This year, I think the voting system is almost getting it right. I think Jessica is the best singer and that dude is just cool – girls like that. If he wins, it will be just like that year that Adam lost and the other cute and nice guy with a great family but without a good voice won – Adam is a success and the other guy is just like so many other winners – only occasional appearances on the show itself. I went back to Jessica´s performances, especially that Mariah´s song, unbelievable… I do not remember seeing anyone singing like that live – extremely difficult sone and the pulled it off! The studio version is better than Mariah´s!  Anyways, now I am in sync with the show and will come back to this site for the final. cheers all… marta

  65. Adam Lambert and Joshua Ledet…they are great singers but both got less vote from America.

  66. Haha James ! 

    On wednesday … you’ll be blowing your top because this 16 year old girl will win the American Idol title and shove it up your special place where the sun don’t shine.

    Holy cow … I’m really looking forward to that day ! 

  67. I totally dissagreed with Joshua Ledet eliminatio from this year competition. I really thought that he would have been the best selection for Idol of 2012, except that he is too good an artist for the poor taste of the millions of teenage girls that vote un this type of reality. I wouldn`t be surprised if Phil Phillips gets the prize…

  68. whatever happens, joshua is famous and huge now.. one of the best talented singer america has… SO let’s just be happy for him and for the rest of IDOLS..

  69. I was so extremely excited to watch Philip Phillips and Jashua in the finale. Well… as the wiseman says: “Allow things to be the way there are, let the world unfold without trying hard to figure it all out!” who knows, maybe Jashua is better off not being there.

  70. That’s life. The life has full of unprecedented surprises, let’s have all own courage to accept that ! Because that’s part of life ! Why do we show our disappointing when the things do not turn as we want ? This behavior is typically from the weakness of character.

    Jean-Marie Quoc-Vinh Ta from VN.   

  71. I’m glad to see Joshua go as I was tired of his “Church”type of singing he did to every song.  It was noting but screaming and jumping around, not what Iwant to hear on the radio.  AND I HOPE Jennifer doesn’t  back as she doesn’t know how to separate her emoations from being a JUDGE.  Being a JUDGE doesn’t mean you pick your favorite and promote t person forgetting about the other contstants and the fact that you are a JUDGE. 

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