American Idol 2012 Top 3 Results Show Recap: The Final Two Are Chosen

Adam Lambert on American Idol 2012

The American Idol 2012 Top 3 became the Top 2 tonight and no one should be surprised of the outcome because it’s been anyone’s game for quite a while now.

At the start of the show the American Idol Top 3, Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez opened the night with their version of “Got To Get You Back In My Life” by The Beatles. ¬†It was an OK performance. Nothing I’d get too excited over.

Up next we get the Ford music video, once again without Phillip Phillips. Must’ve been back at the mansion resting those kidney stones. Right after that, Ryan pretends like it’s time for results and calls up Joshua. It’s actually just Joshua’s recap from the night before.

Jimmy Iovine says that Joshua’s songs last night were hit and miss but adds that he definitely deserves to be in the finale. Ryan sends Joshua back to his seat. Results will come later, he says.

After some Fox movie filler, Lisa Marie Presley takes the stage next and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with her performance. I didn’t hate her or the song. In fact I kind of liked it. Who knew.

Up next we get Jessica’s recap from the night before. Jimmy wasn’t super happy with any of her songs, including the one he picked for her. He didn’t say she was bad or anything, he just wasn’t jumping up and down like the judges.

Season 8 runner up Adam Lambert takes the stage next and after that we can get to the real results.

Before the results, it’s time for Phillip’s recap. We were reminded that of the three, Phillip showed the most emotion during his homecoming. Jimmy says Phillip won the night with his performance of “We’ve Got Tonight.” I agree.

Finally results. Ryan reveals that Jessica has made it into the finale. So that leaves Phillip and Joshua. At this point everyone’s thinking it could be either one of them. Phillip has been steady all season, but Joshua has really grown in popularity the past couple weeks. Ryan tells us it’s Phillip. Joshua will be heading home.

So there you have it. Your American Idol 2012 Top 2 are Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. Are you happy with this outcome? Who is going to take the season 11 crown next week?





    • Jessica and Phillip duet?? Vocal mismatch, with almost zero chemistry.

      It should have been JOSHUA and JESSICA for the finale! Sorry but I hate it! ūüôĀ

      • Well AI’s stature just took a dive. To put Phillip in the finale over either of the other two is just crazy. We might as well just have singoffs of robots with artificial voices. For the life of me I can’t understand how some people considered Phillip’s rendition of that great Bob Seger song good. He missed more notes than he hit. It wasn’t as bad as what he did with the Zombies’ song but it was hardly a memorable vocal. Hollie should have been in the top 3 and Jessica and Joshua in the finale. Heck I don’t care for the type of music that Joshua does, but I was amazed at how good a singer he was. Both JS and JL are in a different category than PP. It’s just silly. Oh well … Note that I am not saying that Phillip is not talented. He just can’t sing very well.


      • Nope. For once america got it right. Jessica and Phillip are the best 2 artists

      • totally disagree… ¬†i love the top 2… i hate d screammmming josh…hahaha … finally he’s out…¬†

      • I know! Jessica and Joshua should have been in the finale!
        I am sorry but I hate Phillip Phillips. He just isn’t good enough. Joshua totally out sings him.
        ūüôĀ ūüôĀ ūüôĀ ūüôĀ
        If Phillip wins, Americas got something wrong with their brain, and they are retarded!

    • i thank josh .jess should be the last two runners up better personality….and more spunk………..makes me sick to see how the voting was done….i really thank josh and skyler sould have one…i say it was a riged vote this year

      • You reallly shows your poor standard my dear. Are you jobless or unproductve citizen, your reaction speaks to yourself, sorry.

      • Hey Seuss Seuss!¬† What joblessness has to do with all this?¬† Jessica’s mother is jobless but that does not mean she’s unproductive.¬† Even if one is unproductive, I just don’t see the point. And the worst part is some people “liked” it.

      • what is wrong with you, Txscowboy2000_us, your name says it all, to embarresed to give your real name with your stupid comment

  1. Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez for sure! I can narrow it down to those two because of my incredible wisdom and insight. Hope I don’t get this one wrong too.

    • ¬†Yeah right.¬† P2 is not even close in the singer prowess demonstrated by Joshua and Jessica.

      • he couldn’t do high notes..he’s just charming that’s why he got a lot of votes. he’s not that great!

      • You are so right.¬† I don’t like Phillip and using his kidney stones for sympathy ain’t right either.¬† He cannot be veritile like Jessica and Joshua.¬† I love those 2 – hope and pray that Phillip loses and Jessica wins.¬† That would be a great thing.

    • I am ALL IN for Jessica Sanchez to WIN…happy P2 is in the finale, he had a great night in the top 3 round and deserves to be in the finale vs Jessica

  2. Idol Favorite is Eliminated
    Joshua Ledet was clearly the best vocalist and performer on the show this season. If anyone ‚Äúdeserved‚ÄĚ to win, it was probably him. But he never fit the profile of past winners ‚ÄĒ teenager or cute guy with guitar. He is going home. The two spots in the Season 11 American Idol finale go to Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips.

    • ¬†I think the judges standing ovations hurt him…played with America’s intelligence…others deserved standing ovations they never got (Colton)

      • ¬†Yeah a great singer and¬† a great SCREEEAAAMER! He shoud’ve cut off the screaming thing, it’s not like he’s in Steven’s genre to so… That’s why he was voted off!¬† He could have been a great crooner though…(sans screaming)¬† JESS and PP!

      • correct…..some of the contestant really deserved the SO but the judges didn’t. they gave it the most to JL¬† even in my opinion it isn’t a WOW performance…………..Americans were intelligent they knew who deserves to be in the finale, it’s the talent that count, the ONE who can really sings….

      • … And in the last night he screamed more than ever. “I magine ” was hardly to watch and hear. Yes, he wanted so bad going to the finale and he gave all, but that was to much for many viewers. He overdid atleast 2 performances with his sreaming.

    • Joshua¬†is by far the best vocalist – but American voters never vote with that in mind!¬† The best singer never wins this competition.¬†

      • Joshua, in my opinion, should be going to the finals. ¬†He has an awesome talent and will go far.

      • yes, as they do not know what is good singer anymore!! They just go for the stupid so call idol thing!! I never like the Philip guy, he sings without any feelings at all!!

      • I agree, but in the real world, the best singer doesn’t necessarily sell the most¬†cd’s either. People become fans and buy music for reasons other than the quality of someone’s voice so the winner has to be by popular vote. This is why I would like to see the judges do less “steering” of the voting public towards the last few episodes.

      • You are so right – the voters only vote on popularity and not what they should vote on – the singers voice.¬† I am so sorry America is so lame in how they voted this one.¬† Jessica and Joshua should be the top two.

      • If you all think Josh belonged in the Finale then hell I guess you should have voted for him!

      • That’s who “Idols” are for….teenagers.¬† Think of all the Idols in music history, Elvis, Beatles, Stones, etc…who made them?¬† tennagers!

      • ¬†No, blame Josh himself for his overdoing of his last 3 performances. He more screamed more than ever.

      • really, I’m a man over 50. He has a unique talent and voice. I am not in church, I am listening to music for enjoyment. I can’t enjoy screaming and growling mixed in with a good voice. ¬†Josuah has a limited range and used a scream to fill in the gaps.

      • yeah,he dont deserve to be in the finale,if philip2 won this American Idol must be close..loll

    • In other words, colour prevails, so wtach out, colorful should stand and deliver.

    • ¬† Yeah a great singer and¬† a great SCREEEAAAMER! He shoud’ve cut off the screaming thing, it’s not like he’s in Steven’s genre to so… That’s why he was voted off!¬† He could have been a great crooner though…(sans screaming)¬† JESS and PP!

  3. So not surprising after watching back the top 3 performances. Phillip Phillips in the final 2 is a given, the biggest suspense to me was who will face him, Jessica or Joshua.

    Joshua being in the bottom 3 several times already, was more vulnerable.

      • i don’t believe she was. It was rigged. She’s never been in the bottom 3 before of after that week. She will win!!

      • I never believed she was eliminated. They just needed an additional week because of the unexpected exit of one of the contestants. It was done for drama. An eliminated contestant would never have gone that far like Casey Abrams.

      • I don’t for one minute believe she received the lowest number of votes.¬† I think that was nothing but a publicity stunt to increase ratings, just like Jermaine’s being brought back and then having to leave because of his police record.¬† Shocker!! Shocker!!¬† Will it make the news?¬†¬†¬† Idol is losing credibility big time.

    • Joshua was ONLY in the bottom three TWICE. I think ur getting him mixed up with Hollie. I’m just sayin’….

      • The whole bloody competition is rigged and the judges are coached as to who they should push. ¬†Notice they never tell you how many votes each person got and there is never anyone outside of AI that verifies the results numbers. ¬†The whole thing is rigged – if not then how the HELL did Heejun even get in? ¬†They needed an Asian American to keep civil liberties people off their backs. ¬†Makes me nuts!!!

      • In reply to “meekaandwinkle”. I loved Heejun’s voice ¬†from the first time¬†I heard it in¬†auditions. His tone was beautiful. I preferred his voice over Joshua’s any day.¬† And even with Heejun’s accent, I could understand his words, i cannot say that about Joshua.AND>>>>I am not Asian. That dribble is your racist opinion.

  4. Can’t beleive it !!!
    Joshua was so much betterave than thé rest!!!
    Few years from now, no one will remember the two finalists, and Joshua will be on its way to STARDOM!!!!

      • ¬†yeah he will be remembered all the way… as he is so different.. like a singing-donuld-duck different… P2 for the win!!!

      • Joshua’s singing talent is undeniably awesome, but can’t appeal to mainstream listener. It’s like Albert Einstein talking to an idiot!!

    • sorry josh not for now… u’v got the talent but u dont deserved to win.. oveeerr confident for oneself kills..

      • correct..he may have expected a lot because of the standing ovations of the judges…but how about the voting public?? remember it was already he’s second time on idol and it was on season 10..if he was really that good, he should have been the AI last year..right??so lets respect the results of this matters and not the standing ovations..

    • Hello!! We won’t waste our vote for Jessica. We all look forward buying her records!!

      • Yeah listening to the same sort of ballads over & over awesome hasn’t the Celine dion thing been done ?!? Go Phillip !!!!!!

      • Ozwatcher: PP does same thing over and over again! Nothing new!…emote! seducing women and very young girl teens! jessica has shown her versatility…not that she wanna’ copy ¬†some pro artist/singers but she really can sing!

    • Idol Veteran:¬†but¬†I thought, Male R&B is dead… I’m 56 now, and i’ve seen Joshua’s singing style maybe 30 years ago… How is he going to sell album these days? but i’m sure he’ll be great gospel singer…

    • Idol Veteran:¬†but¬†I thought, Male R&B is dead… I’m 56 now, and i’ve seen Joshua’s singing style maybe 30 years ago… How is he going to sell album these days? but i’m sure he’ll be great gospel singer…

    • you just referred to Joshua as “it”. That says it all. Finally I can sleep well. Noise pollution is over. He wasn’t healthful at all.

    • joshua is a good performer if he doesn’t scream too much..i like it when he SINGS not SCREAMS..i wont give him SO as much as the judges did..even if the performance was just OK or barely OK..he still gets an SO.

    • If only we can vote here in Canada. ¬†I will spend my dollars for Jessica. ¬†

      • Then go to America and spend it all! LOL

        I really really love the vibes when we talk about Jess! You are MY ALL Jessica and I just DON’T WANT TO MISS A THING on your performances. I’LL BE THERE on your crowning moment!

        Wow! Those 3 performances just sounded like a message! A total talent! Woooohooo!

      • i agree with you, most of the Canadians i talk to were amazed of her talent, they said she deserved to win the AI

  5. Rooting for Phillip for the win!  He has been my favorite all along (though I also loved Hollie and defended her against the unfair comments from the judges, as well as Skylar).  I agree he won the night last night, in my opinion with all 3 songs and agree his homecoming was by far the best.  Good luck Phillip!

    • I agree! People this is a Talent contest not a popularity contest. Joshua and Phillip were consistent with their vocals the whole way, never pitchy! Everything Phillip and Joshua sang was their own rendition. Versitality and they should have been the front runners. I guarantee they will be in the music industry for a long time. Jess will wash out! Sorry just my opinion. Just like Adam Lambert should have won! Talent!

      • ¬†your deaf dude if consistency was the name of the game Jessica was ahead phil phillips was never consistent maybe screamatron joshua is consistent but not p2

      • ¬†and you talk about versatility? clearly your not watching the show the two contestants that you said always was not versatile except Jess
        Go Jess! p2 can be a runner up ūüôā

  6. well i would say those two are my bet. who ever wins I’m happy. when they sing a song you will feel and understand all the lyrics. We’ve got tonight really made Philip Philips to the finale. Good choice of song ¬†from Jimmy!

  7. Who is going to take the¬†season11 crown next week?Of course JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!! ¬†The game is over…..

  8. From the very start WE already believe in JESSICA’S talent. The 16 yrs old really deserved it, she worked all her life to do what she loved,so why can’t we just give her dream to her, anyway like neyo said, she’s got a PIPE!! coggratulations ¬†Jessica! you deserved to be in the finals girl.

  9. I thought Josh and Phil for the finale, with Phil winning, but with Jess and Phil in the finale, I think Jess wins, because they want a girl to win. ¬†And hey, this girl is super talented. ¬†She is only going to get so much better with age; she’s like a mini Beyonce. ¬†Lord knows how much she’s grown since her early Destiny’s Child days. ¬†But…I won’t count Phillip out either, especially after We’ve Got Tonight! ¬†Too close to call!

    • it realy show dat JESSICA SANCHEZ deserves to be in the !FINALE ..NOT JOSH and PHILLIP..ok?

    • American Idol will be making a mistake if they don’t sign Jessica up if she wins. She is getting to be an international singer¬† I read posts from Great Britain, ¬†France , Saudi Arabia, Africa and speically the Philippines are rooting for Jessica. Think of the prestige and money Jessica and the¬† A/I admin will earn if Jessica wins! Phillips is only known in U.S.

  10. This is my top 2 ever since!!! It doesn’t matter who’ll take the crown… I just love them both!!! go PhilJess :))

    • ¬†agree…that’s also my prediction for JESS AND PHIL.¬† whoever gets the crown.¬† i will respect that.¬† they both talented singer.

    • ¬†agree…that’s also my prediction for JESS AND PHIL.¬† whoever gets the crown.¬† i will respect that.¬† they both talented singer.

    • Wishing for a Hollie & Colton duet. Two of my early favorites.
      Also hoping for a Deandre and Jessica duet. They were great in the Las Vegas round.

  11. American love handsome guys, not incredible vocalists! So sad but true!
    PP is gonna win it all for 90%. But he is gonna drop like a stone for 90% too. Remember Kris Allen, Lee whatever, David Cook? They are even better than PP in the competition!

    • Not based on any poll. I’m sure most of Joshua’s fans will vote for Jessica, because they recognize talent, not cuteness.

      • Nope. I’m a Joshua fan, and I’m voting for Phillip. Not cause of his “cuteness” either. He’s really talented.

      • Yea, very true. ¬†and because JL & JS critics know very little of soul…they’ve always been criticized about their screaming and growling…. It’s soul man, soul!!! and i’m pretty sure the black community will vote for jessica over PP ¬†¬†

    • Come on!!!! Kris Allen and Lee who were better than Phillip? R u crazy!!!! I am a big Jessica fan, but can appreciate and respect Phillip and his uniqueness. He was and is way better than the other 2.

      • So totally agree! Phil is in a different league compared to K.Allen and L.DeWyze!

        And mind you D. Cook is 100x better than K.Allen and L.DeWyze! 

    • thats right…but this time i belive that JESSICA will get through and win as doubt at all!!

  12. SERIOUSLY!!! My favorite part was Joshua’s exit performance…hahah really?!! that was AMAZING!! & it was a joke to then see the other 2. Whatever, Josh will go WAY farther than the others. Good thing Jimmy already had the contract written up

    • Sure, whatever makes you feel better..I said the same thing when Haley got voted off. So lick your wound however way you want..

      • dont like phillip should not have been there they have got to do something about the voting¬† same as dancing with the stars

    • They may say you’re a dreamer, but your not the only one. Know where that is from? Think ur boy Joshua was singing that. He must be if he thought he’d be in the finale. Jessica sang I’ll be There and she was right. Philip said he’s got tomorrow. He was right too! Who said the song choices were wrong?

    • I totally agree that Joshua will do¬† extremely well.¬† I am a P2 fan but Joshuais amazing and I do believe he will outshine the other two.

  13. After 90 million votes were cast last night, Jessica and Phillip are the final 2, and my top 2 picks since top 12.

    No matter what or how they sing next week, only the power votes will determine and seal the season 11 American Idol winner.

    I predict that the last one standing is Jessica Sanchez.

    • Absolutely LOVE Phillip!! His voice is amazing, his way of perform is unique and he is by far my favorite!! I’ll be voting for you all the way to the end! Go Phillip!!!

      • he looked like he was being electrocuted on stage with that loud growling!! Growling is not bad if you sing soul…However, joshua over did it!

    • yeah!thats right , he gone because america is so stupid!!!they got stuck with a good singer .(jessica ),but she doesnt have any charm at all in there performance ,versatility – zero,only balads … and with another singer????phillip who really cant sing..hes constipated when he try to sing…joshua he was more performer then the other two and must of all i think elise was the best performer ¬†by far in this competion….truly unique and very good musician!!!thats why this isnt ¬†the singing competion it is the popularity contest!!!that why the last 3 winners of american idol was kris allen:)))) instead of adam lambert!!!!!,lee de wise or something like that because i never heard of him:))),and scotty-goood singer:))))),and lauren secont place!!!!!! (another country singer!!!)!and ¬†now maybe philipp::)))!!they are not singers america!!!!!!¬†

  14. I’m just happy that Jezzie girl made it to the finale! She deserves to be there & to win it all! I voted for you JS! ;D

  15. Am so dissapoint! I thought jessica & joshua in the finale. It is more competitor & exciting! So they are not match already Philp2 is to far to jessica’s voice. Kick philp2 ass jessica. Jessica the american idol 2012.

  16. I would say the the 13th standing ovation has an eery curse for him(Joshua)… The voodoo dool of JLo and Randy was not a surprise to leave the idol.. I know he’s a performer but it’s extreme, I can’t stand for one minute listening to his music like screaming and don’t have melody:(… Sorry joshua.. To much listening to Mariah and Aretha…

    • Would have liked Jess and Josh in the finale . . . with Josh out, will he now out himself (to justify his diva-ish singing antics)?

    • NOPE! ur wrong!!! he’s not a singer, its like hes only having his intermission # everytime phillip sings on idol..JS should win in the competion…NO DOUBT!!!!!!

  17. Philip won the performance night Рjust like he will win the Idol crown.  This boy has a tremendous future ahead of him.  He is so unique and always sings with feeling and emotion.  Bravo Philip!

    • He’s a one-trick pony. Not very versatile and limited in range. He struggles to hit the notes. He has hits and lots of misses.

      • Phillip Phillips is great! He is incredibley talented on guitar.¬† A diverse character indeed.¬† When I watch him he’s like this burst of energy while singing and/or playing guitar.¬† He is very passionate in what he does and that’s why he has my vote!

      • I think you should rewind your DVR and listen again as last night the others had some shaky notes, although I do like them all and believe they are all talented.

    • ¬†he’s¬† just cute but not good enough to be the next AI…JS¬† is more deserving to win..NO DOUBT!!!!!!!!!!

      • Phillip is just as deserving, he is so humble and I love his voice and the way he’s get’s into¬†a song. I can sit and listen to him all day long. Who are you to say he’s not good enough.

    • Yes I will hire him to sing in my club with his guitar. It’s not a talent. Joshua shd be there not him.

  18. jessica and joshua hard to PREDICT but p2 and jessica its obvious Jessica WINS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Common sense says you are right. But, never under-estmate the power of the pre-teen girls who vote, based on who the cutest is.

      • I agree with this. I’m rooting for Jessica but I’m still in doubt if she will win because Phillip has a big fan base of teeny girls whose got flash-fast fingers that can dial and cast votes 100-times per minute.

      • ¬†And never under-estmate Phillip himself. Maybe he delivers all his final performances with the quality of¬† “Volcano”.
        I think there is nothing obvious.

  19. jessica rocks! she will have to give her best this time,power vocals and all. she has to choose a really powerful song this time.

      • There is no doubt to me thatJessica only had a good performance this week. Whereas all her past performances have been mostly phonominal the past several weeks. So, I hope that is due to the sore throat¬†that I too¬†read about.

      • it doesn’t matter if she had a sore throat,, coz’ she’s the best.. =P

  20. Adam Lambert just performing, how did he not win Idol, he is oh so  amazing. 

  21. A Idol sucks just like Voice this year! Joshua should have beat out Phillips without hesitation!! If Jessica does not win it now, something is seriously wrong! I won’t be watching either show next season!

  22. yes of course happy with the results,, and how about you BRANDEN? isnt it yesterday you post that JESSICA will be voted off?  and ure wrong hahahahaha

    • Do you really think Branden cares that much? He posted what he thought¬†would happen – that¬†based on¬†the judges using the save for her,¬†the not so great songs she was given to sing + her sore throat¬†last night –¬†that she would probably be voted off. I don’t remember him indicating that he wanted her to be voted off. He just says what he thinks will happen.

      BTW, I think Phillip will win this thing because he’s talented and humble, but I still concede that both Jessica and Joshua have a much bigger range – just prefer his cool style.

      Hope next week Jessica feels better and Phillip too for that matter. Hope Joshua is OK too and has lots of success!

    • Branden clearly stated that it is only his prediction, an opinion based on evidences. the outcome may not be as predicted, so give branden a break. in fairness, he did gave jessica an A+ for her “i’ll be there”, hasn’t he? so for me he is not bias.

      in a lighter view, WTG Jessica! woot!

  23. I’m all about Phillip Phillips for the win! I was really hoping for a Phillip-Josh show down next week.

  24. We are so so so HAPPY….. Rejoicing….
    But wait,..

    How about you, Branden? Are you HAPPY?… You can answer that in your next post….


    • I don’t think Branden is happy with the results because Jessica is one of the winners. Since the beginning¬† he dislikes Jessica the way he talks about her. He wanted Jessica to be booted.
      Now ,his posts is very contrite with his posts. There is no drama  or addition other than what actually happenned in the stage.

  25. “Must’ve been back at the mansion resting those kidney stones” . . . seriously???? resting¬†those kidney STONES!

    you get your “stones” dissolved or removed, you don’t “rest” it, lol!

    Congratulations and good luck to both Phillip and JS!

      • Hi Kelly, not bashing Phillip. I’m commenting on Branden’s write-up. Phillip is such a trooper performing each week with his ailment.

        Like I said, you don’t rest your kidney stones . . . you rest your kidneys …

        Had cancer before, so I’ve had my share of pain.

        Chill and peace . . . AU

      • ¬†You mean if the stones are gone he will sing normal?¬† Oh they should do it fast, I might change my mind rooting for him instead.

  26. Philip Philips is clearly the next American Idol , for me at least , he’s and incredible and talented singer/musician , I like the tone of is voice¬†

  27. Josh has been picked by everyone I know to win the whole thing since this season began ..America , as usual got it SO wrong! SO disappointing!

  28. Along with Joshua and others, these two ENTHRALLED America and, yes, the world. ¬†Jessica or Philip, it doesn’t matter who wins. ¬†I just hope, they give us a really good show next week and then, they’re off to their respective spectacular career as musician. ¬†They’re great for music-lovers and, ultimately, music.

  29. UNBELIEVABLE!!!  How could have Joshua gone home.  They are just making it easy for Jessica Sanchez to win.  Joshua Ledet is by far the best singer from the competition.  No worries, Joshua will for sure go very far in his career!  Love you Joshua!!!:)

    • I said this earlier … Joshua is both a phonominal singer and performer. But, I would be very surprised if his career is ever more than a American Idol footnote. Why? because the R&B style of music he sings has not been popular for over 20 years. I personaly hope i am wrong. But, I doubt¬†I will be.

    • Joshua is a great singer and performer.¬† But, if you look at YouTube, Jessica outperforms Phillip and Joshua combined (and then some).¬† Every online Poll that I saw today had Joshua in 3rd place.¬† I would say that without question, Joshua is far more talented than Phillip, but not Jessica.

  30. Joshua Ledet and Jessica should be the final 2. Phillip Phillips has NEVER impressed me. This girl is forever a Joshus Ledet Fan!!! God Bless

  31. Why america doesn’t hear the voice of joshua.his better than Phillip.that’s for sure.I hate it.bad decision for america.Im not watching american idol anymore. why why why Its because Jessica was eliminated earlier.And the Judges use their power to save her.What is the reason Phillip is in the Final’s.Joshua wish you have a wonderful career in the future.

    • Your logic is a little misguided.¬† What relavence does Jessica’s “save” have to do with anything at this stage of the game?¬† Once they hit 5 contestants, the save option was gone.

      • Obviouly, he doesn”t watch AI really as he doesn’t know the rules of “The Save.” LOL

  32. How stupid can the public be sending JOSHUA home – what on earth do they see in Phillip?

  33. No, I’m NOT happy….I’m sad…. ūüôĀ¬†

    Joshua should definitely be in the top 2….and win it!!!!!!!

  34. After reading the comments here, I can see that most agree with me. Joshua is head and shoulders above Phil. AMERICAN IDOL IS RIGGED!!!  Choosing controversy over talent for ratings. Judges were clearly upset by this choice.  

    • Jessica is the real talent in the finale. So sad Joshua is not there. But you can still vote for Jessica and the best singer will win. P2 shouldn’t win.

      • Jessica couldn’t sing better then Joshua, I wonder now if the judges would¬†have saved him if he had been in the bottom that night instead of her. Jessica’s fans wanted Joshua out so she could get his votes. Sad but true.¬†

    • Here we go, another conspiracy theorist. Are you related to James? He always preached the show is rigged, ever since his personal favorite was voted off. Now, I happen to¬†agree with you, Joshua was a much better singer and performer than Phillip was. Even¬†on Phillip’s best day. But, the voting system is what it is, complete with all it’s flaws. So, just because your favorite was voted off … Do not let yourself be lowered to the level of others by saying the show is rigged. As it’s never becomming of anyone when they stoop to that level. Ask James.

    • That is only your opinion. Doesn’t mean it’s true. I would choose Philip over Joshua and Jessica any day because I don’t like their voices. It’s a matter of taste. You can’t say who’s better, you can only comment on who you prefer.

    • I don’t agree that it’s rigged. JS and P2 have huge fan base. Whether they perform sub-par, at par or above-par every week, their fans are still rooting for them. Liking is a personal thing. What you like may not be what the other person likes. For the record, Judges can’t vote, they can only influence. But AI voters know that these Judges are biased. Randy is pushing too hard on Joshua, so obvious that the voting public are turned-off already. Really, Judges should not be biased on their comments. They are paid to judge and give an unbiased opinion. All of these AI finalists are talented. This is just a competition. Chill. Enjoy the ride.

  35. Hey Branden don’t guess anymore just let the voters decide coz you can’t guess right

  36. No one they should like Joshua Ledet¬† go! He is the best of all!! Never heard such a good performance for ages!! Americans where are your eyes!! Never like Phillip from the start, Jessica, is just a copy cat, she sings Whitney’s song, she sounds like her, she sings Michael Jackson’s song, she songs like him, where is originality?? But Joshua, he is so himself!! That is what we call artist!! Super Artist!! He is the best of the best!!

    • Where are our eyes? Our eyes might like Joshua but our ears can’t take his screams. He is a good singer but he drags it with so much scream and drama.

    • I really loved Joshua’s rendition of “It’s a man’s world” which he sang to close the show – Joshua is a class act and will go far!

    • Jessica may be a copycat but she sings the most difficult songs of all time¬†of the most powerful vocal singers of all time. And each time she slays it.¬† Joshua?…well, a good singer he may be, but do you really like so much drama and flair on stage?…his shrilling voice pierces my eardrums…who likes a screaming f-g–t anyway?…when he performs, i picture a worm making its way out of his a–!…just saying!

    • Maybe Joshua can win if there will be an “American Artist” show. Try to support him there so that he won’t get VOTED off.

    • joshua can sing but only a gospel song… all songs that he sang , he delivered it always like a gospel style.. all of us knows that gospel song is ¬†one way of ¬†praising our father in heaven .. so the logic is gospel is limited market, what ¬†i mean is you can hear gospel song inside church or when/where ¬†there is religious gathering and one ¬†other reason gospel song is better to hear when personally delivered by a performer not in cd(recording gadget) and a radio. american idol need a wider market. jessica can sing everything , and very sure that jessica can do the gospel song too. even phillip his vocal range is not that good .

  37. OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!! YEAH!!! OMG!!!

    Beyonce & Jessica!

    Jessica & Beyonce!

    Best duet even on idol. I can’t wait to see it. I have a feeling that my dream will come true and I’m going to see both of them perform together.¬†

    Jessica will show at 16 that she can sing as great as a woman of 32!! 

    What do you think guys? Will Beyonce sing in the finale with Jessica? Wouldn’t you like to see it?

      • It’s been proved that dreams can come true. Jessica is in the finale!!! She’s one of the 2 best singers in America (according to their votes). If she asks, I’m sure, they’ll bring her Beyonce. And Beyonce would love to sing with her.¬†

    • If they sing together, I swear it would sound as if beyonce was just singing solo, but with an echo. :/

    • i think they would do that…contestant with their idols, on their genre

    • ¬†I wouldn’t watch that. I can’t stand listening to either of their voices… wha wha wha…. sorry but it’s too hard on my ears!!!

  38. Joshua, Jessica and Phillip are all special artists; some more developed than others but they will all have a chance at a solid music career because of Idol.  I wish them the best РALL of them!

  39. The 3 of them deserve to be on the finale. Doesnt really matter who will win now.

    • um yes it does!!! lol jessica. but i get what you mean… they are all pretty good!

  40. Jessica, Phillip and Joshua are all equally good. ¬†They are already winners. ¬†Being part of the Top 3 of AI Season 11 is already a big accomplishment. ¬†I’m sure all of them will be successful in their own careers. As much as I’d want them all to win, this is a competition. And only one has to win. I’m sad to see Joshua go. I’ve always pictured him as part of the Top 2. But I’m still happy that we’ll get to see Phillip and Jessica perform next week. ¬†They’re so different in every way. I’m sure the finale will be both entertaining and interesting. ¬†Vote for your favorite America. ¬†Good luck Phillip Phillips! ¬†Good luck Jessica Sanchez! ¬†Give it all you’ve got!

  41. Phillip may the good Lord bless you,i have been watching you since day one,and i love all your songs,you bring back the
    good old oldies,like joe cocker,dillion,all the ones that i grew up with,your great hon keep it going,your going to have a good future with someone in your corner,i love the way you sing.and im sure many others feel the same as i do,your the best as far as my vote.God ya and best of luck always.

  42. Jessica Sanchez must sing “Everybody has a dream” in finale next week..
    It will be her winning moment!!!

    • ¬†Winning Songs for Jessica to sing in the Finale
      1) I will Always Love You
      2) I Am Not Leaving Without You
      3) Dance with my Father

      For Philip
      I cant remember anything
      Forgettable ( as Simon says)

      • ¬†How about¬† “Volcan0” , “Moving out” , “Thriller”?
        And “I will always love you” was the only song I remembered singing Jess

    • I agree she should take sing that…like Jlo said it is like written for her…it is a winning song actually…it is where she raised the bar for herself.

  43. So for many weeks now on this website, we have to hear James saying each and every day that American Idol show is definetly¬†rigged, because of all the standing O’s the judges gave Joshua in the past. And because of that it is already predetermined that Joshua will win. Well James, are you still saying this show is rigged, now that Joshua was voted off? Or are you are just a dweeb who uses this website to try and score dates with people. The world wide web¬†wants to know which one it is. LOL

    • In some ways, AI try to create shocking or surprising feeling on the show. The judges give Joshua SO almost every week to make people believe he is the predetermined winner. So his elimination would be seen by some people as shocking. I predicted this week it’s Joshua who would be going home, and I was right. Last week too actually, but turned out to be Hollie. They need drama even on a show like AI; because no drama means no show (and no tv rating too).

    • no it was when she sang” i will always love you” but i understand what you mean.

  44. I realized that¬†the¬†performances of the top 3 elicited from me the following emotions – Joshua makes me squirm, Jessica makes me cry, and Phillip makes me swoon.¬† In the finale, though I do love Jessica, I’d say America would love to swoon!¬†

  45. Congratulations JS! Your prayers will be answered. Please sing The Prayer (Celine Dion) at the Finale

    • ¬†Jessica can sing again I Am not Leaving Without You or I will Always Love You for CONTESTANT’S FAVORITE SONG FOR THE SEASON CATEGORY

  46. 100 % You will nail all the songs next week FINALE! We love you.

    We support you all the way here in Las Vegas, Nevada USA!

  47. Finally they got it right with Jessica’s styling on the performance night! Maybe they let her decide on her own¬†outfits instead of dressing her in stuff that was way too old for her. She looked fabulous in all three outfits that she wore and looked much more comfortable than she has previously.

    • the gown she wore was created for her by a Filipino designer- Oliver Tolentino. Isn’t she ¬†gorgeous in that one?

      • Yes, I agree that Jessica looked gorgeous in the purple gown but my teenage daughter and I loved the black skinny jeans and Jeffrey Campbell high platform boots with silver spikes best of all. I think the the final 3 are all fabulous in their own way and all equally deserving of the win but I did feel sad about Joshua leaving.

      • The gown wasbeautiful, Jessica not somuch.¬† Sorry fans, but she is hard to look at.

    • I wonder when she will be wearing Rajo Laurel’s dress. I have heard that designers are scrambling to dress her. She was fantabulous!

      • Great dress…superb vocals…amazing performance¬† = Winner LOL

      • That’s nice news, Wynn. Imagine how much fun¬†it¬†would be for a 16 year old girl to have designers scrambling to dress you?

    • Read this morning from tweets that BENCH is getting Jessica Sanchez as their latest¬†endorser. Win or Lose, she will get the offer.

  48. Don’t get why Phillip Phillips is still on show. He IS a good singer but American Idol is a singing contest! They also look for the BEST!! They want the next superstar: Amazing singer, stage presence, entertainer, and the ability to connect with the audience! I have NEVER been “wowed” by any of Phillips performances. He can’t even come close to hitting the notes that Joshua & Jessica can!! Hope Jessica wins! If she doesn’t -then American Idol needs to re-evaluate their voting rules!

    • It is highly evident that Phillips is not a good singer.¬† He is a performer.¬† He has little range, his intonation is awful and he has trouble hearing the melody.¬†¬† He’s like a very attractive jogger entering the Olympics.¬† The crowd loves him, but he sucks compared to the competition.¬† Luckily for him, today’s technology can fix his intonation problems.

  49. Well, actually..good job tonight.. b/c as history on AI has shown over & over, the big stars have not won AI. JOSH will go so FAR! True talent

    • most likely winners (male that is) has lukewarm status…but also not all third or fourth place winners don’t do any good also.

      • Well Scotty went double platinum on his first album.¬† Adam Lambeert’s success speaks for itself.¬† Chris Daughtry, very successful.¬† Oh yes, there’s Jennifer Hudson, shall I go on.

    • Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood made it big. They are both females. Only the males did not make it. So if P2 wins, he will likely follow the same fate as those males.

  50. i find it odd every year in this past 4 seasons that anyone been called out first in the Top 3 elimination wins Cook, Kris, Lee, Scotty every one won and called out first in the top 3 elimination and i expect it to be P2 to be called out first but its jessica so it could be her that go home with the title!!!

    • ¬†I guess she had the highest number of votes. Those who want a girl to win, voted for her. The male votes were divited. Now, it’s 50-50. Anyone can win!!!

      • Due to style similarities, Jessica should¬†inherit most of Joshua’s votes.

      • Based on American Idol Net random survey, JS has 59%, P2 has 26% and JL has 15%. Even other blog surveys show that JS has the most number of fans. Just take a look on the no. of “likes” in this blog alone for JS, so you will see what I meant. At the rate the JS fans are voting, JS will win hands down.

    • I saw an interview with Ryan some time ago and he stated that whoever is called first on Thursday night received the most amount of votes from Wednesday night.

  51. Based on the last performance I’d say Joshua and Jessica (her only because I was fan of her from the start, but Joshua performed better that night I have to be honest). Whereas Phillip, his not that great of a big deal and he annoys me the way he moves sometimes, especially that thing he does with his neck.

  52. I’m sorry that Joshua had to leave. I think he desereves to be in the finale — with Jessica Sanchez. And if American Idol is indeed a singing contest and not jsut another big popularity contest, then I think Jessica deserves to win.

  53. the unique style of philips leads him to finale and the singing experience of jessica since age 7 was the key of her success…

  54. I predict Phillips and Skylar in the finale, however I’m happy with one girl there.

    Congratulations for both of them!

  55. Wow! I’ve just seen the video!! Jessica was so happy when she heard her name. And JLO was really excited. LOVED IT!

  56. Phil x Jess Finals will be epic!
    Joshua will be successful…I will always remember his duet with JSanchez and his epic performance of A Man’s World ūüôā

  57. As long as Jessica is in the finale, that’s pretty cool….¬† Sure hope America votes for her next week….¬† Good luck and God Bless, Jessica.

  58. Right judgement from the “voters”!/……. Joshua has been CONSISTENT!… Consistently one dimentional… All the songs that he performed sounded the SAME!……… and he kept injecting those “overly dramatic” movements…. he’s OVERDONE his performances as compared to the 2 finalists!
    … and those judges……… TOTALLY confusing!…. they made Joshua believe that what he’s doing was appealing to the voting public!

    • all the hollering and screaming done him in. phillip got hollie and skylars votes. it will be close but i think phillip will get it. the standing o’s for josh didn’t work for him and the save for jessica will not work for the judges or jessica. the people around here do not like that.¬†

  59. It’s called american idol fr a reason; you like th fella you vote to keep him safe. This is a competition where majority wins, as much as i prefer Phillip over Jessica, th performer who attracts most crowd will be crowned ūüôā That being said, i do hope america votes fr Phillip ūüôā

  60. what. the. hell. i cant believe joshua was eliminated!!!! unbelievable!!! p2 should have gone..i love him but at this stage….he isnt measured up to jess and josh… ūüôĀ

  61. Better rest your voice, Jessica for the finale next week….¬† Let’s all pray for her to win….¬† Amen….

  62. Joshua deserves to be in finale so dissappointed ,Phillips only looks he does not have talent which makes me wonder what the show is all about is it america s top next model or its about singing

    • Did you notice what Jimmy said about Phillip’s performance. He didn’t say he hit the right notes. He said he hit notes that neither Jimmy nor Phillip knew he could hit. But he did say it was flawless which was not true at all.¬†

  63. Im sure 90% of the people rooting for jessica in this board are filipinos. Trust me.

    • i dont trust you, ¬†im a pure canadian and lots of pure canadians are amazed of this little girl with a big voice. she is awesome.

      • Is there any such thing as a pure Canadian. Isn’t Canada just like the USA? All of our ancestors came from somewhere else except the natives which are the only pure Americans. Just asking. I really don’t know but I’m pretty sure most Canadians originated in Europe and other places.

    • I’m Argentinian. If they all were filipinos, then why is she in the top 2? You’re so immature and ignorant (and RACIST). I hope she wins. But don’t kill yourself if it happens. P2 will be signed too!

    • sad to hear that you can’t accept the fact that a lot of people appreciates jessica’s talent, and that includes me..¬†

    • Why can’t you accept that Jessica is really well-liked regardless of race? You are probably threatened in some way–be careful your insecurities are showing.

    • Not true. I’m American and I like her, so does my husband who is also American. Why can’t you accept that race has nothing to do with it and that you are being a racist?

    • and i am very sure you are also a filipino. you have this “talangka attitude”. and don’t tell me you don’t ¬†know what that means.

    • One thing’s for sure though, all the people here have internet access. Trust me.

    • I know I personally ALWAYS vote on who the best performer is on that given week. I did not vote for her this week, as I thought her perfrmance was just OK (she had a sore throat,¬†I hear). But, in weeks past I voted for her for the simple reason that she was the best performer of the night. And I’m not Filipino … So, excuse me if I call BS on your comment.

    • NOT TRUE ,i’m white and lives here in USA who voted for her since the beggining including tons of my friends, family¬†and people I met during my travels around the world

  64. Wait, if what I hear is true… If Jessica wins, wouldn’t that mean that they will tie her down to a 2-3 year contract? Do you guys seriously want that to happen?

    • It all depends on us. If we buy her records and make them popular, she’ll get signed every year and record a new album! But if she does as the past winners (Lee, Taylor…), she’ll have the same destiny.

  65. The show need to up its rating so they have those controversies. So who you think the winner is going to be now, obvious? The last female winner was from season 6, we’re into season 11. Any of these guys famous now since after they won? No wonder the show’s rating is not good. So the drama continues, but it’s ovious now who’s going to win.

  66. Just a thought . . . and not to take away anything from the tremendous talent that both P2 and JS have shown so far.

    For those who followed the X Factor and saw the journey of Melanie Amaro, from not making it to the final selections, to Simon contemplating and then dramatically heading to the Amaro residence in Florida to bring her the good news . . . then eventually to Melanie being crowned winner. And she rightfully deserved it, btw.

    I’m thinking “the save” is AI’s version and answer to this X Factor gimmickry.¬† Will this mean that Jessica is destined to win? Will Phillip continue to ride high on his amazing popularity and his overall artistic package to get him ‘over the top’ as Steven Tyler always puts it?

    I guess we’ll find out next week!

  67. Phillips won just one night (because Jessica had a sore throat). 
    Jessica won 10 nights!!!

    If Jessica is better next week and sing songs such as “I will always love you”, “Love you I do”, “Everybody has a dream”, “Sweet dreams”, “Dance with my father”, “And I’m telling you…”, I’m sure she’ll win…

    1) All her fans are going to vote for her like crazy.
    2) Most of Joshua’s fans (who appreciate real talent) will vote for her.
    3) Most of Skylar’s, Hollie’s and Elise’s fans will vote for her.
    4) All of them who like a GIRL to win, will vote for her.
    5) Mothers, fathers, true musicians, and celebrities will vote for her.
    6) All the people who don’t watch the programme but just watch the finale and vote for talent, will vote for her.

    On the other hand, Phillip’s fans, racist people and teenage girls who are IN LOVE WITH PHILLIPS, will vote for him.

    It’s going to be a tough decision. But I think if Jessica sings as she’s used to, she’ll win!!! I hope I’m right.

    (Lots of people said she was going home tonight. But she’s in the finale. So, anything can happen in this season finale.)

  68. somebody got my attention when ¬†iam watching the elimination, its heejun,, he is annoying, lol… its not funny anymore what he is doing ¬†:/

      • well facial expression while ryan is talking , and the movement he is doing is annoying, im sorry, im not perfect, but its not a place to do that humor. he acted not normal actually :/

  69. This should be the best result show of the season…with Adam Lambert performs & best of all….screetching king is OUT!!

  70. Ind lacks the personality and u was surprised Joshua was not in the final but I  am a Phillip fan and will be voting for him.  Jessica has a beautiful voice but a little young and immature

    • She’s 16. Just give her credit for that!! her voice is so much better than Phillip’s, who is 22.

    • Well, like I said. Too each his own. Philip just reminds me of another KAllen, LeeD, Taylor Hicks…..will never shoot to glory like KellyC or CarrieU

    • ¬†Jessica might not have a personality but has a great voice unlike Philip no personality and no voice at all.

  71. shame on america voters!! joshua was the best. the judges shouldn’thave saved jessicca. i am not watching the show anymore. so so so sad and upset. philips is a joke!!! the guy can’t sing and yet he’s i nthe finals. for that reason i hope¬† he wins so people can see how ridiculous this is. SHAME!!!

    • how can u b so childish. To each his own. Just because yr favour was eliminated, u vent yr anger this way. Very grown up

    • i think it is more appropriate to say “shame on you” because you didn’t show enough support to your favorite.

      if you really believe that he’s the best, you should show your support by voting non-stop and campaigning for him.

  72. I think Joshua played too much to the judges ( he got 14 standing O’s), Jessica when she got eliminated realized that what the judges say don’t mean much, singing songs that fit your voice and singing ability (stuttering) but not familiar to people won’t get you votes. She used her twitter and facebook to rally fans to vote and picked songs which were well known , bohemian rhapsody, proud mary, Don’t want to miss a thing, judges saved her but fans gott her to the finals.

  73. All three were great. You have to hand it to the Phillips kid. He was never in it for the spotlight. He always wore simple laid back clothes, while some of the others seemed like they were in a fashion show. Never over vocalized song endings, or even picked songs on popularity.¬† I don’t think he cared about winning thru most of the competition, he was just having a good time. Who knows.¬† Just my opinion.

  74. jessica??? wthell…. really….. i dont like her…. as i said before she was voted off BY AMERICA previous what is she still doing there america/!!! ai jai jai soms verstom julle my totaal en al…..

    • AMERICA realised they did wrong and voted for her every single week til make her through in the finale.

    • How many times must I say that America did NOT vote Jessica off that week.¬†¬† Jessica fans voted for Hollie that week just to spite-the-judges for giving hollie such a poor review (Flashdance song).¬† That was the only week that Hollie was not in the bottom¬†3 and Jessica was not safe.¬†¬† EVERY other week of this competition Jessica has been safe and hollie was in the bottom¬†3.¬† Coincidence?¬† I think not.¬† ¬†

    • to set things straight so that you’ll understand, the reason why jessica is still there is because the judges SAVED her.

      is it wrong? definitely not because it is part of the show.

      how long have you been watching AI? you’re ignorance of the rules is tolerable if this is just your first time.¬†¬†

    • Get over it. If your favorite was saved instead of Jessica, would you be complaining then?

    • If jessica wins, she will be a LEGEND. ¬†In the history of american idol, i don’t think there was a contestant who experienced all of these together in one season: ¬†got the lowest number of votes in one elimination show,¬†was a girl and got the judges save,¬†was never part of the bottom 3 or 2 after the near-elimination,¬†got into the finale¬†and proclaimed the winner of american idol. Wow! ¬†Such an honor….

      • Again, no such thing as “voted-off”. You cannot vote off a contestant. You just vote for your favorites. And it is still a mystery to me if she was really the one to be eliminated that night. That was her first time to land in bottom 3 and should be headed home right away?

  75. For me, the most entertaining part of the whole show was Adam’s performance.¬† He’s still fun to watch.

  76. Well, luckily we don’t have to listen to the Joshua-grandiose-screech-fest anymore-talented but repetetive. Phillip is at least humble, genuine and interesting…not predictable and very talented. Good luck to the final two. C

  77. okayyy….this is the time!!…top 2…..!! ¬†it is like …team jacob vs team edward, i choose jacob…team one direction vs team justin bieber…i choose 1D…and team jessica vs PHILLIPS…OF COURE…PHILLIPS FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Was waiting for Branden to say Jessica is still riding the wave of the judges’ save. ¬†Peace branden. I am a fan of your blog. ūüôā¬†

  79. I told you…when Adam sings, Joshua out…i may miss David and Phillips thing but atleast I got Joshua LOL…wahahahaa

    • I must admit, you’re quite right. But, does that really count? It may just be a coincidence and do you really think Joshua is what he is?

  80. An observation…
    When Jessica’s name was called for the Finale

    Happy people- Skylar, Erika, Deandre, Colton, Jeremy
    Not So Happy People- Hollie, Elise, Shannon

    • How about Hee¬† Jun?

      Good to notice that Skylar and Erika did not join the “bitter” group.

      • That’s maybe because they feel a¬†little¬†intimidated by JS’s talent…

      • I do not think Jessica is close to any of them, she does not relate well to people.¬† Some of the other girls were very close.¬† Elise and Phillip are very close as are Hollie and Skylar.

    • Hollie, Shannon was on Joshua’s camp…look at them, cheering on, while Joshua removes his jacket when he perform NO MORE DRAMA…a re-enactment of HeeJun LOL

    • It was very obvious that Hollie and Joshua are friends and I think when Jessica’s name was called she suddenly was concerned about him.¬† She is probably the nicest contestant they had just not the most talented.¬† I am a fan of Hollie’s, she will also do well.

      • Joshua will probably be more successful than the other two.¬† I am not a fan but JimmyLovine is and that is all he needs.

  81. Good to all Jessica Fans we will do it again the power voting next week. Spread the word

  82. i want jessica to win.. if the battle will be based on the great performance and great voice.. no doubt jess will win. but if the little girls and teeny boppy girls plus the old cougars will all vote together.. phillip will win definitely.. remember crystal bowersox and lee dewyze?? season 9? lee won.. why? because hes goodlooking and cougars and majority of the females in the us loves him. even though crystal was far more better than lee.. so lets not be comfortable with what jess achieved! we still needs to vote and vote and vote for jess to win!!

    • I don’t know, I am 20, love P2’s music and him being easy on the eyes does not hurt.¬† So, many women in other categories are there also.¬† I have many male frieds at school that also like his music,not sure they vote though, they think it is kind of lame.

  83. Based on it supposedly being a singing competition, Jessica should win hands down.

    • It’s not just a singing competition. It’s American Idol..not American singer. It’s the whole package.

  84. i remember season 4 top 3 when vonzell solomon (black) was eliminted leaving carrie underwood and bo bice in the finale… joshua (black) leaves us tonight leaving jessica sanchez and phillip phillips.. if my thouhts will be followed.. and the votes will be based on the greatness of the performance as carrie won over bo because she was a great singer.. jessica will win.. and phillip will be bo bice who’s greatness is just plain.

  85. Since top 24¬†contestants were¬†selected, I forcasted that the top 3 will be Jessica, Joshua and Phillip and Skylar is the dark horse. But in my point of view it should be Joshua and Jessica in the finale. I like PP but¬†with regards to¬†the quality of voice, Joshua is far better than him. Let’s admit tha PP could’t sing the song in the right melody, but he has¬†this charisma that makes the viewers liked him. No offense meant, it’s just my opinion. Maybe it’s the attitude also that PP collected more votes, there are a lot of times that Joshua was given good review by the judges but never even say thank you.

  86. Jessica, Phillips & Joshua, they are all deserves to win with their own unique way. But Jessica should win because she has all the uniqueness of all the unique talents in American idol.

  87. I think it’s a good thing that it’s Jessica and Phillip because now we know that the winner will definitely be Jessica. She is so much better than Phillip. I do feel bad for Josh but he’s good so we all know that he will catch on somewhere for sure.

  88. no doubt PP is a good singer but hes not at par with Jessicas Vocal ability.. let just wait what happen next week at the finals :))

  89. Jessica have more vocal technique compared to the guys that’s why she deserves to win.High notes or low notes she never get flat and vocal registration is soo clear…Voice check, Personality check, Beauty check…you’re on your way to stardom Jess!

  90. good show talented kids hard to pick. Adam Lambert was flawless to night as always so proof you don’t have to win to be a success. good luck to the finals.

  91. Tweet from Nigel Lythgoe, American Idol Producer

    Nigel Lythgoe¬†‚ÄŹ@dizzyfeet
    I promised I would reveal my favorite when they were voted off the show so….. it was Joshua. However, I am thrilled for Jessica & Phillip.
    Expand Reply  Retweet  Favorite

    • hahaha that’s why he got that 13 standing ovation…Nigel have paid the judges to that LOL that’s they’re function:to be a puppet LOL

      • JESSICA is the judges pupet they try to make her out as the next BIG thing but she will be a flop

  92. So in summary:

    Jessica – has a great voice and will have a brilliant career (along with Hollie abd Skylar)

    Phillip – the best all round artist – he can sing, play instruments and write songs and music – a real talent

    Joshua Рand OK good voice but screams too much. All his screaming and hollering and the non-stop standing ovations from the 3 so called judges finally caught up with him. I am sure the 3 judges are devestated that they have lost their love child. Glad he got sent home.

    Dont care who wins out of Jessica and Phillip. They are both very good talents

  93. Given that Josh is out (as the only real threat), Jessica will likely win it. Philip must depend on his Americano white handsome charm which positively appeals to a large proportion of voters. Jess 51-49.

  94. I have loved Phillip from day 1…and Skylar! I picked Skylar over Holley!! I agree with Phillip but I don’t agree with Jessica!!! Joshua is talented way more than Jessica!! I figured Josua would ne in the top two. I don’t like him but Jessica is a joke!

    • ¬†You’re the biggest joke. Talk to your egoistic self and handful Josh’¬† fans. It’s obvious, majority voted for Jessica and P2 and you can’t argue it. You’re entitled to your rotten opinion……sour graper!

    • Hey Empresselly, keep going…. so far all your picks were wrong, LOL… next week you will have a “perfect” record of choosing all the Wrong picks! lmao – rofl ¬† ;P

  95. So thankful Jessica made it because since top 24 days I already believed she could reach this far. She may not be white nor she may not have the pretty/sexy looks but her voice makes her more beautiful week after week. 
    I was just surprised because I think Josh/Jess’ battle in the finale will be the “moment of all moments” in the history of AI.¬†

    • Branden just underestimated jessica’s fan base..jessica will be the next american idol!

  96. I think Jessica should win this, since her major competitor Joshua has been eliminated.¬† But then again, as what JLo mentioned, 20 million screaming girls all for Philip….

    • 20 million?? really? they Have to do better than that to beat Jessica’s 50 million! LOL

  97. Man, it shouldn’t of been Joshua. He kept me entertained on this show. Well, I hope this finale isn’t boring. ^^ Can’t wait for next week!

  98. Totally hate it omg America sux first Adam lambert missed out and now josh omg!!!! America reAlly sux!!!

  99. not happy!!!! i think jessica shud be headed home…her voice is common…there’s nothing special bout her voice and her singings too…i must say…she is just like any other past contestants who just ‘diva wannabe’…u get wat i mean…hmmm…

    • to each is own. all three finalists are talented…that’s precisely why they are in the Top 3 out of thousands who auditioned. ¬†you may not find her voice and singing style to your liking but there are other people, including myself who love it. ¬†I also wished joshua was not eliminated but it’s a contest… with only one rightful winner. ¬†Besides, what matters is how they will start their careers after AI anyway. I wish both Jessica and Phillip well.

      • go ahead.. bash a 16 year old who’s very talented….more than you and all your clans combined..

      • Okay let me tell you something about we singers. Who ever our idol is ¬†who we are inspired by when we perfrom, we channel them on stage. like for example joshua picked fantasia as his idol, and fantasia is DEFINETLY a talented vocalist that hits notes that not every singer can hit. just like joshua does. Same thing with skylar and her idol Mirandia lambert. They are both fire crackers on stage! so don’t say beyonce wannabe cause thats her idol and we singers channel our idols.

    • woah??? not special??? are you deaf???? her voice is amazing!!!! i’d llike to see you get up on that stage and do what she does?????¬†

  100. Arrrrrr America you did get it wrong Joshua should have been in the final and even won it. But he will go a long way anyway, omg I hope someone there gives him a contract. Not to take anything away from the others they are all good. LOve the show and am watching it all from my loungeroom in Christchurch (the shaking earthquake city) in beautiful New Zealand.  Shaza

  101. Back to myself again. I was so relieved that Jessica made it through the Finale. To tell you honestly, I wasn’t happy with any of Jessica’s performances last night. I was so angry at the judges and Jimmy for choosing those least powerful performances. They should have known better! Most certainly, I wasn’t happy with Jessica’s song choice. That was her moment! She should be current with her song choices but I don’t blame her. She still delivered it with so much passion, just that I didn’t like her week than the previous ones.¬†

    Jessica, I’m wishing you all the best next week. You and Phil are deserving to be crowned the next American Idol. However, I would jump and rejoice if it will be you! .^_^

    • Personnaly, I listened to the studio versions of JS’ 3 songs.. My All, I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing and I’ll Be There yesterday, I really liked them. No histrionics, just plain and simple singing. Easy listening. So cool. I really liked her I’ll Be There….

    BE THERE in the finals, I always give MY ALL, I DON’T WANNA MISS A THING, even with a sore throat

  103. Jessica will take the Crown for sure,,,..Philips voice is all the same..his far away to jessicas vocal power.

    • to you, but me Phillip Phillips will win, God’s will with the votes Americans will cast and thank you:)

      • wow Surayaabadi, where did you learn to speak¬†English?? you sound like a cross between a hog & a cow trying desperately to sound like a human… rofl…Lol…. ¬† what a loser.. ¬† [:P

  104. I like Phillip a lot. I love his vioce so much. I think he should be the one who wins the American Idol 2012. Jesseca is also good but I couldn’t catch what she sing a song last night. Her voice is not clear enough. ¬†I’m sorry to say that.

    • i know…. maybe it was because of her sore throat. she tweeted a day before her performance that her throat was sore. anyway, they’re both good and deserving to win. lets just see who gets the highest votes. vote for your idol!¬†

      • huhu Joe in your nightmares may be:) all the best Phillip and America please vote for Phillip Phillips and crush the dream of this Joe:)

  105. I am so glad about the results. Hopefulley Jessica will take it. America next week it the time to vote, do it please

  106. Glad that Jessica survived. She had a sore throat that made her performances a bit laid back but still at par. This only shows the fan base she has. Her fans will consistently consider her whole performance at AI since day 1. Leave the weekly comments from the judges and critics but the bottomline here is……Jessica Sanchez had proven her worth as a sensational singer more than the others. More critics, celebrities, blogs, social networks, media, etc. can attest to this. ¬†

    • She hasn’t only proven her worth Critique-at-large, but she will be the next American Idol! So keep on bashing all you Jessica haters… come next week, she’ll give you some…and then some more… and at the end of the day…Jessica will be the last idol standing! FTW Jessica!!! ¬†ūüėÄ

  107. Idol Veteran:¬†but¬†I thought, Male R&B is dead… I’m 56 now, and i’ve seen Joshua’s singing style maybe 30 years ago… How is he going to sell album these days? but i’m sure he’ll be great gospel singer…¬†

  108. Idol Veteran:¬†but¬†I thought, Male R&B is dead… I’m 56 now, and i’ve seen Joshua’s singing style maybe 30 years ago… How is he going to sell album these days? but i’m sure he’ll be great gospel singer…

  109. Joshua is eliminated, get over it people! His fans are out numbered of teeny boppers rooting for their WGWG.

  110. Yes…..I want Phillip to win so badly…Ok, yes, both Jessica and Joshua can sing, no doubt about that, but so can Phillip. We shouldn’t compare who can sing the best between the three of them, but rather look at them individually. I personally think Joshua nd Phillip had to be the final two, remem, initially Jess got voted off already…That save don’t mean anything to me..

    • I really hope you get over it because Jessica Sanchez is the next American Idol!

      • huhu anything can happen, but I will stick to my day one prediction Phillip Phillips – Jessica is okay to me

  111. I believe that the 3 songs that Jessica Sanchez performed were not that great but if we will judge her base from her past performances and with what she can do, i think she should win. Having Philip Philipps in the finale would be okay but Joshua should join Jessica…I agree, Philip is really an artist but Joshua is a performer, vocally and ¬†in action wise…If the voting system with be fair enough, I strongly believe that Jessica would be hailed as the First Filipino-American who will win the American Idol search.. : )

    • Her performances were just fine if compared to the other two performers.. But they don’t appear great because she set the bar so high to herself. I agree with Jimmy that she can do better. During this point of competition, I don’t know if I already changed my mind – coz I hope she will not win to have greater opportunities on her upcoming music career.. But it will be a milestone if she will win. Her win will create history…


  113. its so good to hear that Joshua Ledet was eliminated, though I like the way he perform on the stage but nevertheless I don’t think he deserves to win, coz for me the way he sing was very annoying seems like he’s always mad and I think if Simon Cowell was still there he would rather say some bad comments rather than always having standing ovations. Still, for me Jessica really deserves to be in the finale, the way she sing and her voice control makes you gooosiees, that’s why she was saved from the elimination..¬†

  114. Jessica did not wake up one morning and decided to join or to sing. She was gifted
    with a golden voice and yet She worked hard, she trained, trained, trained her butt off. I believe it is really her destiny to win, her save, her ethnic origin, her age.

    She’s an American, and America should be proud of her. If other countries want to claim her, then the more that Americans should be flattered and proud because fans are admiring an American idol.

    • People, if other country claim her, you say “SHE’S AMERICAN, SHE’S OUR”. And not as you’re doing, by telling she better go away to another country. You are so bad patriots. And false people (some of you, not all).

      Jessica is American. Defend your girl.

      • Stop trying to guilt us into voting for her. Not a single person has said for her to leave the country. We have said..she is American!! Most people in this country don’t go around chanting their heritage like the filipinos on here have been doing. It¬†is racist and we don’t like it. ¬† And seriously…you’re going to call us unpatriotic? SERIOUSLY???

  115. Okay now, people..not that I’m interested but I seem to remember Team CD (NOW P2) saying that he’s gonna reveal his/her nationality to us here when the Final 2 has already been declared. So tell us now, who are you? Are you really Hee-jun Han (you know a lot of Korean Dramas anyway). Why so hopelessly devoted to Phillip? ūüôā

    Come on, tell us! ūüôā

    • hahahahahahahah..u make me laughing….hahahahahaha..seriously…..okay…okay…hmmmmmmmm……hmmmmmmm…hmmmmmmmm……hmmmm…but, come one…no one wanna know…it’s not important right….may be just u……right……come on…come on….hihihihi…

      • You’re spoiling the fun and the wait, come on! ūüôā

        You goin to tell us or what? Come on Hee-Jun Han! ūüôā

      • To be sure he s not from the U.S. That’s for sure You can detect it from the way he writes. “hahahahahahahah..u make me laughing….hahahahahaha..seriously…..okay…okay…hmmmmmmmm……hmmmmmmm…hmmmmmmmm……hmmmm…but, come one…no one wanna know…it’s not important right….may be just u……right……come on…come on….hihihihi…”

      • He said he’s gonna reveal his/her nationality. That’s what exactly he said.

    • hopelessly devoted to Phillip Phillip because he is ¬†unique and talented and true to himself and have his own style – for the girls as usual he is good looking and I love his style, the way he sing:)

      • surayaabadi knew where i came from……btolkn suraya…shhhhh…secret….

    • I remembered when he boasted that he’s Asian. Oh, yeah.¬†@16eaac23a2364122fbd2e6457ab93f0c:disqus¬†, what nation are you from, by the way? Please attach ¬†some proofs of identity to tell that you are from that country. XD—Trolling.¬†

  116. finally josh is out… ¬†no more screammming and OA standing ovation from the judges..

  117. very happy with the results.. i dont like the style of josh, too much shouting… hope jessica wins ūüôā

  118. Joshua will be happy with all money he will make from his recordings.  He   will make more than both Phillips and Jessica combined.  Have to root for Jessica now!

    • so what! its supposed to be p2 or jessica….cmon…hollie, joshua, jess, and p2 is the best top 4…..everybody can win!!!!!…..

  119. Based on the last 3 performances, it should have been an all guys finale.

    Time will tell with record sales,,,but I think Phillip is the true artist.

    • Based in the performance whole season? 2 Js.

      I think top3 will be huge in the industry~ ūüôā

  120. Congrats to Phillip and Jessica and Joshua did very well, though I did not enjoy the “screaming” aspects to his singing.¬† It will be the singer Jessica versus the artist Phillip and may the artist take it please!

  121. Best Top 2 for me from season 1 to this season was Reuben and Clay for Two male Finalist while the best top two combination is now. Top 2 Jessica and Phillip. Best Season Ever for me

  122. i an très annoyed, it shud have been jessica and joshua. joshua has a vocal ability like no other. he can reach the stairway to heaven by just singing. and Jessica won philipino idol n she was on americas got talent. philip is just weird. i was rooting for joshua to reach the top but now im rooting for jessica

  123. It’s a great showdown between Jessica and Phillip, two of the best finale ever.¬† I hope the WINNER would be JESSICA.¬†

    Click if you agree.

  124. JUST CURIOUS…if you’re Mexican, Filipino, North Californian, South Californian, from the Navy, and you like JESSICA TO WIN, kindly CLICK LIKE!¬†

  125. OMG…I cannot wait for this season to be over. If I never hear the term filipino or Pinoy again, I will be happy. What is with you people? I have never encountered such a racist bunch in my life!¬† It’s about the performer…not what ethnic background they have. Wow. Wednesday of next week cannot come fast enough.

    • Me too. After AI, I am tuning in to Masterchef US Season 3 (or Hell’s Kitchen… whichever comes first).

    • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus¬†, who says we love Jessica Sanchez ONLY because she has a Filipino heritage?! ¬†We know and believe in her talent. Come on! Admit it, SHE IS GOOD! Im sorry if we come off too strong. Filipinos love to sing. We know talent when we see one. ¬†We are very passionate in everything we believe in. ¬†We are NOT racists. ¬†In fact, we hate racism because most of the time WE are its VICTIMS. ¬†Being¬†the underdog in everything, from our country’s economy, to sports, to the arts, etc, we Filipinos are just very proud and happy that at least a person with our background is excelling and that is Jessica Sanchez. That’s the so-called “Pinoy Pride” we talk about often. ¬†You wouldn’t understand because you were never subjected to discrimination the same way most Filipinos (especially abroad) were. ¬†It’s true, you know. ¬†To answer your question, what’s wrong with us? ¬†Well, NOTHING. ¬†We’re just really a happy bunch. Hope you understand. Take care.

      • Happy bunch? That’s why when someone has a different favorite from you, they’re called a hater..stupid..deaf,¬† AND racist?¬† Jessica is AMERICAN.¬†¬† IF she wins..this is not a filipino victory. It’s a victory for her. She wouldn’t give up her right to be an American to become a citizen of the Phillipines. No way. No how.¬† I’m sorry if you were discriminated against. My ancestors are Irish and they kind of had a tough go of it here when they first came over. Get over it. Move on.

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus¬†, i said she has a Filipino heritage NOT citizenship.¬†there’s a difference.¬†Jessica was born in America and that makes her an American citizen. No, she might not give it up to become a true Filipino but who cares?! You cannot deny that her mother is a Filipino hence Jessica has a Filipino background. Nothing is wrong with that. ¬†Re “hater”, “stupid” and “racist”, are you sure those people saying those remarks are ONLY Filipinos??? ¬†Look at this website, most of the people writing comments here are “guests” (ehem, ehem…) hence anonymous…unknown nationality. Do you have any proof that they are ONLY Filipinos??? Then again, who cares?!?! tsk, tsk, tsk….. i knew you wouldn’t understand. Never mind. Moving on…. Vote for Phillip! ¬†He’s cute… i mean, good too. ūüôā

      • I am out of the topic but I am prroud being a filipino. One that stands out as a filipino is Manny Pacquiao who is being loved by so many around the world .

      • I’m proud of my Irish heritage but it does not come into play at all when I’m voting on American Idol.

    • To prove to you that it’s not a race thing, by the way, I also voted for Colton and Joshua before. Not just Jessica Sanchez.

    • Then get used to it, because you will be meeting a lot Filipinos in your whole life…. And by the way, i guess you dont like Bruno Mars, Enrique Iglesias, Nicole, and APL….. But im sorry dear,…. We will be ruling the music scene, and its getting started…… But i guess you wouldnt witness the filipino envasion because you are not living in earth anymore.

      • Number 1, Bruno Mars bio says he’s an AMERICAN singer/songwriter. Enrique Iglesias? call that music? I get a cavity listening to that bubblegum crap. Not sure who Nicole is or APL. Still..laughing’re going to rule the music scene, huh? lol. Oh..and I’m the one living in reality..not you. The United States of America is a melting pot. We really don’t care what someone’s ethnic background is.

  126. Final facts
    1. As I stated a couple weeks ago, there was ZERO chance Sanchez wouldn’t be in the finale. Jimmy has her and sees $$$$$, whether it happens we’ll wait and see. I wouldn’t bet against it, she has unlimited potential and she’d still maturing as an artist.
    2. P2 has grown over the few weeks. Based on the history of this show it would almost take a miracle, for him to lose.
    3.I believe AI needs a complete overhaul, new judges, new voting system, new themes. The major problem standing in the way is Nigel and he has to be in control, so I expect a few tweaks, but nothing major.
    4. It should be a great finale. Both are deserving.

  127. I’m glad America has got this right,this time around! And if there is no screw ups Ms Jessica Sanchez should be crowned the Queen of American idol!
    She will become the youngest diva!
    P.S this is great for A.I / Fox and viewers around the world
    Go go go Girl!

  128. ¬† meekaandwinkle – it is people like you that have no clue.¬† Today there are so many multi-cultural individuals…ASIAN, please get your racist self off this page.¬† If she were black or white, would you have said that?¬† JESSICA once saved has had to pay her dues…the judges and Jimmy did nothing but challenge her because they didn’t like her clothing, she didn’t work the stage, she looked too young or too old, they even gave Jessica the worse songs to sing on May 16 – they were horrible, whatever they gave her she has tried to really take everyone’s criticism and STEP UP!!¬† What does race have to do with it…you didn’t mention that her father is Mexican.¬† And what about the gay men who have won, Adam Lambert and Clay Aikens…Such prejudice.

    • ” they even gave Jessica the worse songs to sing on May 16 – they were horrible, whatever they gave her she has tried to really take everyone’s criticism and STEP UP!!¬† ”
      This was what I was thinking

  129. Why not ask Branden which one will win AI 2012. I know he likes PP and he will pick was eliminated coz of those judges to much hype from him..Nigel paid those 3 annoying judge to praise to much for Joshua there love child. 
    I still believe the 2 finalist should be Jessica and Joshua. And it will be bomb if those 2 went to final of AI 2012.

  130. P.S.¬† Yes final two should have been Joshua & Jessica….more of a competition. ¬† meekaandwinkle – Phillip didn’t get to be final two because of his vocals, he has a lot of¬† votes cause of his charm…not saying that he didn’t deserve to be in the final 5.¬† I think Hollie should have been with top 3.¬† My vote is still JESSICA….

  131. I love the fact that Phillip is the finale. Don’t like Jessica’s personality though! Colton or Skylar should be there with him!¬†

    • JESSICA is 16. She’s forming her as an adult and a person. You can’t say that. Sorry for you. She’s there. And if she wins, you have got to accept it! Don’t worry, P2 will have a recording contract, too.

    • What is your personality when your at your 16?, i think u still do thumbsuck, pee on your bed asleep, and a spoiled brat!…… Low IQ….

      • @ MirrorMirror..and you wonder why people don’t like¬† Jessica fans. What is wrong with you?¬† Because someone doesn’t like Jessica..they wet the bed and suck their thumb? Really? GROW the eff up.

      • I would say you are the one who is a little angry. Resorting to calling someone bitter and ugly? LOL..grow up. You don’t even know me. I’m actually quite attractive. ūüôā Carry on with your rampage.

      • Your comments are very ignorant throughout this forum. Your English definately needs brushing up on. Anybody who ‘likes’ your comments is obviusly as childish and ignorant as you. As for jessica, ¬†I noticed last night when they were getting ready to anounce the results this kid stood they with a smug little smile on her face. The guys were nervous but not she. Another reason to dislike her, regardless of race. I would never buy or even listen to her cd.

      • ????? SHUT UP please. they was pointless, you made no sense, jess ica is not 5 years, and for this comment, you need to grow up!

  132. WHITE GUY WITH GUITAR RULES!!!!!! Philip is much better than Joshua, Hollie and Skylar! Wahahaha!

    • So he’s not better than JESSICA. That’s why she needs to win and P2 is ok with a 2nd place.

  133. What’s with all these racy comments! Guys, relax !!! I am so tired and sick of people boasting about Filipino and Mexican stuff! Is Jessica some kind of a dish? My Crowning Geeezz…. Leave the ethnicity out! I can’t wait for this season to be over so I won’t get to read stuff like these. Way too amature!

  134. Phillip is going to win this, once again the American teenage girls rule the show. It’s a pity cause a true Idoll has ben let go all because of some teenage puppy love

    • Boo freaking hoo. Phillip should win.¬† I can’t imagine how silent it will be out here next Thursday when he does. Half of the people on here will probably be hanging from ropes.

      • @ Ferjp..not true. My life will carry on and I’ll buy his CD when it comes out. I won’t take it as a total slap in the face against myself and all my ancestors. It’s like this whole thing has become US against the Phillipines. Ridiculous.

      • dont talk as if i started it all pally45..because your the first one over reacting there…ME ? grow up ? or YOU ? tell that to your self

    • Mark my words….. This season is paved for a girl to win. She will be the last one standing. The highlights of this show made some great moments and drama about this Girl, the saving moment is just a trick to double or triple her massive votes. And to get the attention to the viewers and followers around the world.

  135. I’ve just watched all homecoming videos and it was just more than obvious that the whole production behind Idol has been clearing the way for Sanchez to win. And I think that’s a shame. Yes, she has amazing voice, but she’s a little wannabediva and I don’t like it at all. And Joshua is just humble and kind, even though his voice might be bigger and better than Jessica’s (not to mention that she’s a little Beyonce copycat). And if we’re talking about Phillip, well he’s just a different kind of singer, but he is worth of finale! I just had to get it of my chest. ūüôā

    • Your Joshua is a fantashia copycat! The master screamer!!!! I think he is more productive in horror films, chasing the werewolves with his scream songs.

    • What? She or the production can’t move people. She’s had thousands of people visiting her at the homecoming. She’s very popular (you can see it every single week in every poll online, facebook, twitter, youtube videos).

      You’re jealous. Go away, bitter!!!

    • Hmmmmm. Makes me think, AI production won’t ¬†be clearing the way for her to win if they didn’t see something really, really ¬†special about Jessica.¬†¬†Beyonce copycat? Not bad for a 16 year old who’s still struggling for an identity..¬†There’s just no stopping what is bound to happen.. This is Jessica Sanchez’s destiny, we can only give way, stand by the sidelines , and cheer while she passes through. But of course, we can also vote and be counted to be a part of the making of a legend.¬†

      • Replying to Ashley


        Your eloquence makes up some for a small subset of
        not-so-eloquent but passionate and well-meaning JSan fans. I doubt Jessica was
        on the receiving end of any favourable Simon Fuller sleight-of-hand. On the
        contrary, AI’s judges seemed to have been more on their feet than on their
        asses every time Joshua had the microphone. 
        Enough people commenting on this and similar sites knock her for being
        young.  Truer probably is that her youth
        underscores  the stratospheric heights
        her singing talent have brought her. The phenomenon is not lost on enough
        Americans (of all colors and ethnicities ‚Äď the rainbow JSan coalition) are in
        awe of this, tacitly or otherwise. Obviously enough of these have been
        compelled to vote the past 11 Wednesdays (except for that one anomalous and
        highly improbable Wednesday day when fans were caught off guard in their


        Beyonce copycat, Songbirdsd? What a careless / mindless
        thing to say about a harmless young girl in pursuit of her dreams, having  just embarked on a journey to discover
        herself. You yourself by any chance achieved anything remotely as significant
        when you were 16? Ashley is right, there’s just no stopping the inexorable. We
        can stand on the sidelines in awe, be thankful for the gift of music she freely
        gives everytime she takes the stage, and cheer her on. She has absolutely no
        hidden agenda and little does she know . . . 
        that for every barrier she manages to triumph over, she makes millions
        feel those triumphs are their very own.


        At 10:00 P.M. EST next Tuesday, May 22  let’s all remember the Cinderella story. Both
        Philip’s and Jessica’s Idol journeys are akin to that story, both coming from
        humble pedigrees. I’ve
        always been a sucker for Cinderella stories. In this present case, I am rooting for the Cinderella who: 1)
        fits the fairy tale character
        the closest because she too is a girl; 2.) must now break through the subtle
        racial barrier to music industry success 3.) must now also break the sexual
        barrier and arrest the 5-year run of male AI champions. Can you guess who has
        my multiple votes?

    • Hmmmmm. Makes me think, AI production won’t ¬†be clearing the way for her to win if they didn’t see something really, really ¬†special about Jessica.¬†¬†Beyonce copycat? Not bad for a 16 year old who’s still struggling for an identity..¬†There’s just no stopping what is bound to happen.. This is Jessica Sanchez’s destiny, we can only give way, stand by the sidelines , and cheer while she passes through. But of course, we can also vote and be counted to be a part of the making of a legend.¬†

    • Epiphany Delayed2
      Well, if she’s to young to know herself she should not be thrown in that kind of mess. The whole point is to find herself and know who she is and then compete or make a record…etc… I don’t know. It seems to me that if she wins now, everyone else will push her to do sth that they think she is supposed to and it would be a shame… I never said that I don’t think that she has huge! voice. But now, I can’t see her as an artist. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t like karaoke.. I’m sorry.¬†

      • Epiphany Delayed2¬†
        And just one more thing… I haven’t done anything that big when I was 16.. Also, I’m not from USA, I’m following this from abroad because in my small country, we don’t have chances like AI. And if she wins, I would be glad for her. Hell, I’ll probably cry from happiness, just imagining how she must feel now. I supposse my copycat comment was harsh, but I was really said for Joshua and seeing the difference between her and Josh’s world made me think that it would be bigger change for him than for her.

  136. Phillip deserves to be in the finale more than anyone. He has been clear confident and respectful of positive and negative comments. He remained himself throughout dressing well and in order with his own personality. He is shy and does have a habit of pulling his sleeve up and circling his shoulder and hands whilst singing but his innocent clean cut honest look steers me away from his habit. His original and he not once stood aside in fear from the big voices that surrounded him. Josh Jess are great yes but not original. I like Phillip cause he is original and not church jumping or/and screaming songs. We have Beyonce Mariah Celine etc etc which same line as Jess Josh but Phillip brings something fresh. I loved his emotion and non arragont approach to his home coming and that alone won my heart even though his voice won me from auditions. He deserves to win because his someone who will be like 2011 winner sexy fun hot young mad voice and a role model. GO PHILLIP!!!

  137. The show is called American Idol.¬† Not, The Best Singer… Or¬† Judges Idol.¬† Did the “Best” singer win??? NO, but remember that you have people voting all across America.. They all have talent,¬† and they all¬† proved that they deserve to be fighting for the title. I think that Phillip is the most main stream of the three and although I respect Jess and Josh, I could honestly say that there is no way I could sit through and entire album of their music. Are they better singers than Phil??, yea,¬† but he has the best shot to be a force in the recording industry over time and I do think that his looks, style and demographics helped him.

    If they want the show to be “Fair” change the name to “Idol” and let America vote and keep only the top vote getter safe each week.¬† The others should be judged by the¬† panel of the judges on the show, record producers, talent agents and singers/songwriters.¬† That group determines who goes home and America determines who stays or who is safe for the week with the votes…

  138. I think it should of been Josh and Philip. But don’t be upset that Josh is gone, he actually has it better than the other two. He will pick up a recording contract and be making money before you know it, probably signing one now!

  139. I think Josh should have been made it to the final. Why ??? He can’t win the competition but his talent is always recognised !!!!!!!!!!!! Josh, Hollie, Skylar, good luck !!!!! You are always my idols

  140. Before the top 13 sang their first live show I predicted the order and I had Phillip going out 3rd and Jessica beating Hollie in the final.¬† I was pretty close overall.¬† Here is how I think things went overall….

    Joshua has been the most consistent performer all season long.¬† I think in the end that hurt him some because his performances were so consistent you didn’t see any big highs and if he did slip a bit it was a disappointment.¬† He was a bit polarizing as well, not everyone is into his style of soul and R&B so he isn’t a great surprise.

    P2 has had a strong base from day 1.¬† He is different, quirky and has a certain boyish charm about him.¬† Every season has someone like him but I think what he brought different was his music style.¬† Then his last performances, especially “We’ve Got Tonight” showed what he could be and captured some available votes.¬† He had never been bottom 3 until this week (when only 3 were left) so this isn’t a great surprise.

    Jessica has shown the most vocal talent but hasn’t mastered the emotion part as yet.¬† But there is certain an appeal about her for people to vote.¬† When she is on there is no one better.¬† Songs like “I Will Always Love You” secured her place in AI lore.¬† But she has had forgettable moments as well (“Turn the Beat Around” anybody?).¬† That said, she has a solid fan base, appeals strongly to the majority voting block, and probably will be the most marketable down the road.

    I think this is Jessica’s to lose.

    • We don’t know that Phillip has EVER been in the bottom 2.¬† This week and last week, they didn’t say.¬† They did the same thing with Scotty last year only to annouce later that he had never been in the bottom 2. I’m saying this is actually Phillip’s contest to lose.

    • ¬†Agreed that Jess has some unforgettable moments but in my opinion only that Phillip had a lot more.¬†¬† Do not get me wrong because I like both singers.¬†¬† If you can remember that Phillip has had a lot more negative comments¬† from the judges and the best one he received was his last song.¬†

  141. If voting is free, then it should be allowed ONE VOTE PER PERSON!!! It’s unfair! But anyway, JESSICA SANCHEZ FTW!

  142. The fate of next week’s American Idol winner has been sealed.

    No matter what and how Jessica and Phillip (my top 2 picks from the start) sing and perform next week, and no matter what the judges say about their performance, it does not matter anymore.

    The contestant with the biggest fanbase and the most supporters that will generate the most power votes next week will win AI.

    Both Jessica and Phillip are worthy of winning AI, but I am predicting the winner based on power votes. Jess has an edge over P2 on this one. I still think that 16-year-old Jessica will be the last one standing and making history when she is declared Amercan Idol’s season 11 winner next week.

      • 1. First saved contestant to win AI
        2. First AI winner of Asian and Hispanic descent.

      • OMG..who cares what ethnic background she is! Jesus H Christ! I’ll give you that she would be the first saved and would she be the youngest?

      • yes she would be the youngest cos shes only 16….jordin sparks was 17 when she won and so is scotty!

      • ¬†She is only sixteen and of different ethnic background,¬† Filipino, Mexican and American.¬†¬† Also, voting numbers are already making history.¬†¬† Hoping that we can have a girl winner this year and if Justin Bieber from Canada made it and became famous why not our own here in USA who is only 16.¬†¬† It is about time that we have a product of our own.¬†

  143. Jessica is not good because she’s filipina. She’s good because she was born with a special gift, in America. She deserves it so much. Please, vote for her.¬†

    Show for once in your life that America is not a racist country (people abroad think so about you, let’s prove it’s not like that). And don’t tell me “PHILLIPS is better”, ’cause he isn’t a better singer than her. He’s just more “good-looking”, but nothing special about his voice or talent. Sorry!

      • Mirror…well, you just hit the nail on the head. What do I expect from a 16 year old? Exactly. She is too young.¬† I’m not even commenting on your other drivel.

    • He is a different type of singer and he signed the best on that trio song last night. Jessica doesn’t make anything her own. She is a mimic.

      • Sang the best. Not sure how it ended up signed? Maybe I meant he sounded the best. Regardless…he sang the best and sounded the best.

      • Mimic is a form of talent, now she can mimic beyonce, mariah, whitney, etc., now what? She is 16, what do you expect from a 16yr old to establish some originality? Then what about you when ur that age huh? I guess in that age ur confuse if what you are really if you are a girl or a boy, coz you seem like none!

      • ¬†I disagree with you Pally.¬†¬† Jessica is not a mimic.¬† Have you watched or listened how she sang her songs?¬†¬†¬† She is sixteen years old and has good singing ability which is God given.¬†¬† Producer of the show or their mentor has given her high praises and these people have experienced.¬†

    • 3 Winners have been African American, 2 second place contestants have been African American and 3 x 3rd place have been African-American plus one¬†Filipino.

      This year the 3rd placed is African American and there will be a Latin American/Filipino in the top 2. 

      So 11 of the 33 top 3 placed contestants will have been non Caucasian, which is one third and represents a higher percentage than the population of the USA, of which more than 50% are still Caucasian.

      Therefore, your claims that the USA is racist doesn’t hold up when it comes to American Idol.

  144. Emotion? Phillips just makes weird faces when he sings! Stop talking about “feeling”, “emotion”, ’cause it’s an excuse. You better say you like WGWG with no talent and it’d be more believable.¬†

    • He HAS talent. Just because you apparently don’t like his style of music, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have talent. I have said repeatedly that Jessica has talent.¬†¬†

      • AGREED..
        jessica has no talent..she doesn’t play any instrument,…doesn’t have connection w audience,…beyonce wannabe aka copying the other artist performance style….i still remember when she sing ‘sweet dreams’, that arrangement of song,..I’VE HEARD BEYONCE DID THAT in 2009… being cocky…..not a singer-songwriter…..boring performances……

      • ream CD…wow,nice bashing of jessica! have u ever heard of the dave mathews band?! yah….try looking at youtube or whatever, thats what P2 copies! Jessica doesnt have talent?! wow! let me talk to jeenifer holliday, jennifer hudson, beyone, richard marx, adam lambert, kris allen, colbie calliat, akon, jessey mccartney, latoya jackson, pia toscano, haley reinhart, melinda doolittle and alot more artist first…ask them why they love jessica so much and why they root for her when jessica doesnt even have the talent!!! ūüėÄ just keeping it real! we all have our own favorites but we dont need to put down other contestants coz thats so cheap and pathetic!

  145. Joshua should be the one standing there! he he;s the one that out performed them all!

  146. People, Jessica had a sore throat. If this week, she’s better, competition over!

  147. Jessica will be huge in the USA and in other countries. She’ll be another Kelly Clarkson. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t win, she’s already won millions of fans around the world.

    P2 is only popular in America, but not in other countries.

      • here we go again Pally45? are you not tired.? can you just please shut up every time you read about jessica if you dont have any good thing to say..

      • Pally, you can evaporate anytime from here…. Dont waste your time here coz ur idols are all eliminated….. Dont mess around ok?

      • I’ve reading this blog over and over and I’ve come to a conclusion. Pally45, a lot of your comment are very rude. ¬†Have you tried getting anger management classes? Just asking.

      • This is just a competition. Don’t be so obsessed with P2, or you’ll have a heart attack.

      • @ Mich, Angel, Mirrormirror..whoever. I have said Jessica has talent. Mirror, seriously? Who are you to talk? You have called people spoiled brats, said they suck their thumbs and wet their beds and you’re going to call me out? Bring it on sister. Angel..take your own anger management class.

      • @eb95e3d7631d8fe3e9cd88c329991b5a:disqus¬†, PALLY 45 NOT RUDE….there are MORE jessica’s fans rude than p2’s fans….read ALL of the comment in this blog…than REPLY ME…some of them always cursed me…luckly…all the comments that curse me and talk bad things about p2 has been.REMOVED … not count how many…but its about ¬† 10+ coments has been deleted…muahaha..wannna try

      • A 45 yrs old girl (pally45) who can’t stand it when JESS being praised by her fans. Instead of being glad for the 16 yrs old trying to reach her dream, she bashed her (what kind of maturity is that)
        I’m WHITE & BLONDE who travel not just inside America but around the world and seen already how much people waiting for her album.
        Just so sad there are people like you who can’t contain yourself and a few more people in this blog.

      • what pally45 mean about..’
        Oh..and you know this..HOW?’ ¬†is becoz¬†¬†FERJ_88 said that ‘
        P2 is only popular in America, but not in other countries.'( thats soooo not true) not becoz¬†¬†¬†‘Jessica will be huge in the USA and in other countries.¬†‘….

      • what pally45 mean about..’
        Oh..and you know this..HOW?’ ¬†is becoz¬†¬†FERJ_88 said that ‘
        P2 is only popular in America, but not in other countries.'( thats soooo not true) not becoz¬†¬†¬†‘Jessica will be huge in the USA and in other countries.¬†‘….

    • she will never be like kelly clarkson…Hollie will end up being bigger than her.

      • A 16 yr old girl can dream. And she is just a breath away to win it……… What good things you did when your 16? I guess ur always had a failing grades. Coz ur just complaining instead of working on it. Lazy Spoiled Brat!

      • My haunch is¬† Jessica will be bigger. We’ll see. She’s got¬† a lot more years ahead of her as a headstart than Kelly Clarkson.
        Hollie? She’s already reached her limit.
        Jessica has not started yet.
        I am willing to bet that those 90 million votes has more than 50 % for Jessica as the past trends show in the last 3 votings. And growing.
        The conversation in the offices, cell phones, restaurants are if they have voted for Jessica.
        And here’s what the normal say : I am voting for Jessica with my 2 cell phones, and 2 computer(s), together with my husband and kids.
        And my guess is that this all happening all over the U.S.

      • As I have said time and again, people who make fearless predictions like this usually fall flat on their faces.

    • im not american, but p2 is popular in my country……now phillip phillips is trending on twitter in my country…..FYI!! ¬†ALL of my friend here support p2…

      • really? last time i check he never trends in twitter, from what country are u?

      • Really? A boy from Georgia? Trending internationally? Not very likely.
         I never saw a post from any country who is trending  for p2.

      • If I Die Tomorrow#ireallywant#InCaseYouDidntKnow#BeStrongSungminListening to Up All NightOh My EnglishGreyson Is Not Like The RestJumperMen In BlackPhillip Phillips

  148. I’m so happy PHILLIP PHILLIPS made the finale…..he so deserves to be there. I’m praying that he wins the whole thing. Finally AMERICA got it right. Joshua is a wonderful singer but I don’t like the way he screams….good luck to the final 2. I’m so TEAM PHILLIP on this one……

  149. you have to vote illegally for Jessica to win? Pfft. If she does win, it’s tainted and everyone will know it. Not sure how you can be proud of something like that.

    • And young teens power texting so that a cute WGWG can win, even if he has probably the worst voice of the top 24¬†, makes any sense¬†

    • lol you are so naive… If you are that worried go to the main American idol site then ask the question with their live chat representatives and they tell you that even the votes from other countries goes through, it will not gonna be counted…

    • lol you are so naive… If you are that worried go to the main American idol site then ask the question with their live chat representatives and they tell you that even the votes from other countries goes through, it will not gonna be counted…

    • thats okay pally45,…if jessica doing concert tour out of america, maybe only in phillipines the concert tickets will be sold out…lol…..the other ..hmm maybe….50%…

    • thats okay pally45,…if jessica doing concert tour out of america, maybe only in phillipines the concert tickets will be sold out…lol…..the other ..hmm maybe….50%…

    • ¬†Dude, you are a joke. The only thing tainted here is your brain. You’ve had nothing but negative crap to say about someone you don’t even know. Grow up and learn to talk about people in a positive way or if you can’t do that, then silence is golden. Have a nice day.

    • ¬†Pally sorry to say buy it is ignorant to insist that the voting was tainted.¬†¬† Do you think AI will allow that?¬†¬† I do not think so.¬†

  150. I like the outcome, Phillip Phillips has talent and he is original. I’m sick of these cookie cutter singers winning and doing nothing with it. Jessica is one of these “cookie cutter” singers, yes she is good, but she is still a baby when it comes to singing, her voice is still changing. Let her mature and then maybe she can ride on the coattails of her success in American Idol. I think Phillip will win, at least I hope so.

    • ¬†I kind of disagree with you with “cookie cutter” singers.¬†¬†¬† She is only 16 years old and she has shown versatility and different styles of singing.¬†¬† It is not easy to have done what she did since 11 years old.¬† This young girl has a god given talent and praise her for recognizing what was given her.¬†¬†¬†¬† Peace.

  151. wow… jessica said to team p2, that we r (team p2),…obessed with p2..but they doesnt know jessica’s fans are the most OBSESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS people that i ever seen…can u believe some of the( team jessica) said that she is a LEGEND…and THE BEST singer inj the world… about beyonce, lady gaga MICHAEL JACKSON, THE BEATLES, WHITNEY HOUSTON…………………..WADEHEL..*sorry , my grammar sucks….

    • ¬†I can see that. Telling Jessica she is a Legend ( AKON said it also) and The Best Singer in the world doesnt mean we are obesessed, we are just amazed and appreciate her gifted talent.

    • ¬†Yep second chances are great.¬† P2 the winner. He is the only person that america hasn’t voted off.¬†

  152. How time flies. It feels like it was only yesterday that I’m watching Vegas performance of Jessica, Deandre & Candice of Doesn’t Matter Anymore.

  153. How time flies. It feels like it was only yesterday that I’m watching Vegas performance of Jessica, Deandre & Candice of Doesn’t Matter Anymore.

  154. @cr8zyOLgal I am NOT bashing Jessica. I said she is too young for this. Big deal. I didn’t say anything about anyone wetting the bed, sucking their thumb and I certainly didn’t call anyone a bitch….

    • ¬†In the very first place why would AI accept 16 y/o to join if she is young. We cant blame Jessica for being/ having very good voice at a very young age.

    • definitely you can answer that yourself, don’t you think???
      International votes has been talked about even before this season but you are making it such a big deal and blaming these people when you should blaming it to the American Idol production itself.
      You don’t like JS type of music that’s fine but at least be respectful on how her fans feel weather you like it or not because they are not you and vice versa.¬†

    • Its none of your business ,…. Just mind your own. Or else report us to the police station… Go now!

  155. #1 – If people in the Philippines are voting using Skype and other methods, then the results are tainted.

    #2 – Based on some of the comments below, people should take a chill pill. It’s a reality show for God’s sake abd the nastiness has become worse each week.

    • and you need to chill too coz even people from Philippines votes goes through still it won’t be counted…
      You are advicing people to chill but at the same time you can’t stop yourself bashing the voting system coz in your opinion it’s in JS favor.

      • I am asking people to chill with the horrible and personal comments.

        My comment about voting from the Philippines is based on claims from people from there that they have been voting via Skype and other means so, if that is the case and the votes are counted then the results are tainted.

        If that is not the case, then why post advice to people how they can vote from the Philippines and how is it that suddenly, after having low ratings and Ryan never mentioning the number of votes that, since Jessica was “eliminated” and then “saved” he started telling us about the number of votes?

        First week after she was saved – 60 million votes
        Next week top 5 week – 65 million votes
        Top 4 week – 70 million votes
        Top 3 week – 90 million votes????

        As for the voting system on AI, it is and has been a farce since Season 1 and has been surrounded by controversy every year.

        But, as I said, it is a reality show and very few actually go on to achieve anything worthwhile when you consider the number of real successes vs the number that get to the top 24 or even 10.

        My main chill message was to those who are posting personal and insulting comments and there are lots of them. I was not “advising” but asking.



    • and you need to chill too coz even people from Philippines votes goes through still it won’t be counted…
      You are advicing people to chill but at the same time you can’t stop yourself bashing the voting system coz in your opinion it’s in JS favor.

    • First of all, it’s never true that anyone can vote outside America through skype or facebook. It was never announced on AI so the results could never be tainted. And why are we talking about Philippines, again????

    • ¬†How can it be tainted are people outside of USA not allowed to vote?¬†¬† AI is an international phenomena reality show.¬† This is good for our country and will have more sales more revenues and more taxes flow in good USA.¬†

  156. Oh my…are you all still on each others neck? Team Jay-Team Philip? Lol
    It’s not us who will be competing come Tuesday night. Give all yourselves a break.

  157. Oh my…are you all still on each others neck? Team Jay-Team Philip? Lol
    It’s not us who will be competing come Tuesday night. Give all yourselves a break.

      • ¬†All three are good including Joshua.¬†¬† Just support your favorites and be done with it.¬†¬† No bashing or giving personal, nasty and rude comments please.¬† Peace.

  158. if jessica doesn’t make it in america after AI,,,no worry ¬†ASIA will watch her concert and buy her album,,,2 billion people in asia,,,,how can you even top that…..think about it,,,,,

    • Most of the huge Asian population is in China and India, which have a combined total of over 2.5 billion. I am not sure how many people in China or India watch American Idol.

      The population of the Philippines is 95 million.

      The population of Europe is 740 million so maybe Hollie has as much, if not more potential since a lot of UK stars are very popular in India.

      Just using your logic, which points to a great future for Hollie.  

  159. I predict it was anyone’s game, the 3 finalist are good singer the all deserve to be there, I will just say goodluck to you 2 anyone can win!!!!!

  160. Let’s be real the judges were in shock to see Josh go home. Now do you really think America really voted to see a mismatch finals like this now if Jessica doesn’t win there is a problem

  161. I’m more than happy with the results!!! Finally that broken record was sent home!

  162. Well, that’s it ! Of the three Josh was the last I thought would be eliminated¬†
    Why ? Because he is the best singer and entertainer combined, although Jessica gives him a run for sure. It sort of figures that with mostly his age group voting, our Southern boy would still be there. He’s good and different but just NOT in the category of the other two. At this point, it doesn’t really matter who wins because they’re all going to have successful careers. So I may not watch the final.¬†
    It’s just not the same anymore with too many sappy comments by the judges, and as I get older I feel less and less like the young voters, who are obviously the majority, are good critical judges of talent. ¬†Jim

  163. Ok, I have to ask why you people watch the show if you all seem to think its rigged? If your contestant didn’t win the votes then they didn’t win. I wonder if most of you even bother to vote or vote more than once. My favorite went home a few weeks ago. I started voting for Jessica because quite frankly she is the most marketable. Joshua is good, but he’s never going to be Top 40. Quite frankly you could go to my baptist church and see 3 people that sound just like him (and I love them). Quit whining and vote.

    • We watch it because we get to see great and new talent. We know the voting is a joke with all the power voting they allow but that does not distract from seeing great talent.

      I still buy CD’s of artists who were on AI but never won or made the top 3 and that goes back to Season 1.

      That is the primary reason I am hooked to AI – the talent.

    • @32b9575059ed2ecb9da6f403c70c0e79:disqus¬†sorry to come in here again Phyllis. But I want to answer your post! I was more than a little surprised that Ryan didn’t say much at all about¬†ADAM. And Branden barely mentioned him!!! I noticde that¬†too??? He was great as usual. ADAM is one of the most talented person the have EVER had on American Idol. I heard ADAM singing “More than I know myself.” A cappella on a radio station. and his pure voice is fantastic! don’t worry about him Phyllis. He is making tons of money!!¬†
       Poor Lisa Marie. I feel sorry for her.She is a bit mixed up in the head. She cannot sing. Period!!!   And eventually she will have to accept it. She looks a lot like her dad.  But she still cannot sing!! You have a great week end too my friend!!

      • And it s so late I can’t even spell. It is 12:12 AM here. See you later Phyllis.¬†

      • ¬†Sherry I kind of agree wit you and the music industry knows that and put the poor girl in this position.¬†¬†¬† They need to tell her the truth.¬†¬† Sorry Lisa.

  164. I’m happy with the results.¬†¬† It was Joshua’s turn to go…….Now it doesn’t matter who wins…..I love Phillip and I will definitely buy his CD.¬† Jessica has the vocals, best in the top 10 but¬† I probably won’t buy her CD.¬†¬† They are two different kinds of artists and both will do well.

    Namesake……How did you like our boy tonight?¬† He was AWESOME!!!!!!

    • Phyllis GI am not namesake……But I just had to say, I LOVED our boy tonight!! I will always love him. He is just so darn good looking. and his voice is fabulous. Have a fun week end Phyllis. did you get your copy of ADAM’S cd ? Is it good? I like the one ” Better than I know my self.” And I liked the one he sang last night. I am going to try and pick throug the songs I like the best and download them on to my ipod. I don’t hardly play any cd’s anymore! LOL. I like to cherry pick the good¬†sones from all genre’s and just listen to them. I especially like the music videos where I can watch them perform. Well I would like to see Phillip win. But Jessica is good too. I just got through listening to her on youtube. It is so much clearer than the show. I can’t hardly hear them sing for all of the back ground noise!

      • Hello My Friend Sherry,
        I was a little surprised last night that Ryan didn’t talk to Adam either.
        Branden barely mentioned him and I thought he was great last night.  I like that song.  I had pre-ordered Trespass and they said it was coming on Wed. but either way I will love his CD because I love his voice.
        I thought Lisa Marie P. was awful last night.¬† Where did that voice come from?¬† She is nothing like her Dad……..
        Have a wonderful weekend my friend. 

    • They were crazy not to promote the fact that Adam’s album had been released this week and went to #1 on iTunes the first day, knocking Carrie Underwood off top spot.

      He is signed to 19 Productions, so they lost a great promotional opportunity and that did not make any sense at all.

      I  wonder if they will have Haley Reinhart on next week since her debut album comes out on May 22. You can listen to 90 second snippets of it on iTunes.

  165. Clearly, the show has lost any integrity and is not about talent but popularity.

  166. What? You give a short review of Presley’s performance but say NOTHING about Adams performance? It must be Adam did such an amazing job it left you speechless right?

    • Lynne , glad you said something about Presleys performance. And then the master ADAM¬† who can sing th telephone book, they don’t say much at all about him. Booo! Yes ADAMs performance was a delight as usual. I guess it did leave them speechless. ADAM always rocks!!! Poor Lisa Marie. someday she is going to have to admit she is not a good singer. I mean she is over 40 years old. She sure as heck isn’t her dad! She put out another album around the time she was with Michael Jackson and it went no where too!!!

    • I thought it was crazy and ridiculous for American Idol and 19 Productions not to promote the fact that Adam’s album had been released this week and went to #1 on iTunes the first day, knocking Carrie Underwood off top spot.

      Since he is still signed to 19 Productions, they lost a great promotional opportunity and that did not make any sense at all.

      I  wonder if they will have Haley Reinhart on next week since her debut album comes out on May 22. You can listen to 90 second snippets of it on iTunes. 

    • I thought they were both great. Some don’t like Lisa Marie, she is true to herself and her style isn’t anywhere near her dad’s. You gotta respect her for that, but I like her because she is so different. She’s is like a dark Alternative/Country Rock + a little blues fusion. Thank God she quit being a Scientologist. I will buy her and Laaaambert’s albums I have their other ones , so why not.

      • ¬†I like LIsa Marie as she has been so quite with her life and raising her children however I really did not like her song.¬†¬† For me like it is so boring and can’t¬† even hardly her voice.¬†¬† This is just my opinion and I could be wrong but I think her song will not even pass AI audition, sorry.¬†

  167. ALL- CAPS will be deleted regardless of content! Are you there Branden?  BRANDEN

    • @ab4f75a5875324636e43c87efb2ba878:disqus¬†: Flag the comment which sends it to a moderation queue for our review. Don’t just leave a comment complaining in response to it and hope we find it out of the thousands of daily comments.

    • OK ,Matt. I am¬† sorry! I didn’t know what the flag was for. LOL I know you will forgive me once Matt! I will do as you ask. Have nice day! Sherry K

  168. We have a Constitution that allows freedom of speech, which usually means that people have very different opinions so you are asking for some kind of test to assess whether someone is qualified to vote on a reality show like AI РReally????  We call that censorship.

    By the way, the average IQ in the USA is below 100 and ranks #20 in the world so don’t be too upset if others don’t quite match your obvious high level of judgement and intelligence.

    Mind you when you have to shout it from the rooftops, one wonders??? 

  169. It’s so funny how many people think this contest is rigged – every dang year.If it’s rigged, it’s only¬†in that¬†people are allowed to vote as much as they want and anyone with a life has better things to do then vote a hundred times. Besides, if it was rigged by the judges, Joshua would have won.¬† They’ve always loved him best.

  170. if you have a dream to become a singer,,or join a singing contest…Rule#1..create a fan base,,,the more fans you have ¬†the better you off,,,plus your singing prowess,,,jessica has enormous fan base ¬†even before she join AI,,so it doesn’t matter if she messed up or not,,,,her loyal fans still gonna be behind her,,,regardless….

    • ¬†Before you can get a huge fanbase like Jessica #1) You should be a very good singer.

      • ¬†I agree with you.¬†¬† Both Jessica and Phillip deserves to be where they are and also Joshua if he had made it.¬†¬† For they are all good singers but let us give credits to Jessica from those bashing her personally and giving nasty remarks.¬†¬† The girl is only sixteen years and she has achieved this opportunity through hard work.¬†¬† She really can sing and¬† beautifully and with serenity.¬†¬† This is just my opinion.¬†

    • R u sure it a base base, or the Hollie votes going the the second best girl, giving Jessica the well desired lead over the guys. P2 is very good, but not great, and I so happy the screamer is gone.

      • If Hollie was really the best girl, she would have won more fans over to her side and vote for her. ¬†No doubt she has a very beautiful voice and she has shown a lot of grit amidst the criticisms she received from this show, but she just didn’t have all the tools she needed to make it all the way to the finals. ¬†Jessica may have received votes from some of Hollie’s fans who want a girl to win this time, but I don’t believe all of Hollie’s fans transferred their votes to Jessica after Hollie was eliminated. ¬†Considering the bitter rivalry between the two girls’ fans during the course of the competition, it would not be a surprise for some of Hollie’s fans to have voted for Jessica’s competition just to try and take her out. ¬†Everyone is entitled to his/her own choices and opinions of course, but I don’t believe Jessica is only the second best girl.

  171. I am sooooooooooo disappointed I am South African & I don’t understand the dynamics in the US but I know this, Joshua’s career has just begun & from here he is going all the way up. I don’t see how America could pass on a head to head between Joshua and Jessica! I’ll pass on the rest of the show & look forward to JL’s first album!!!! All the best Joshua…..lots of love from the coolest country in the world. Ncum

  172. I believe Phillip will win. He is without a doubt the best of the best. He’s a super star already.¬†He’ll do great and he’s a great guy too. He not only has a great voice, he has a great style–a super style. He’s a good musician all the way around.

  173. I hope Jessica Sanchez sings Barbra Streisand’s somewhere and Philip Phillips sings “the scientist” of Coldplay

  174. joshua should have left and joshua should’ve have stayed… but oh well! jessica for the win!!! JESSICA SUPPORTERS, VOTE!!!! please, as much as you can!!!! LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!

    • Hmmm, why should I follow your choice….I have a mind of my own, and will vote my choice, not yours. However you are in luck. Since Hollie has left, Jessica is now the best.

      • i know you have a mind of your own but… clearly ¬†i was talking to ¬†jessica supporters, i wasn’t trying to convince anybody.

    • ¬†Yes Im with you for Jessica. Start preading the word to vote for her.¬† She is almost there.

      • yeah… i even told my friends to vote. those that watch the show and especially those that don’t… lol

  175. After reading all the posts here and countinf the LIKES ,you can see right away who will be the next American Idol Winner. She is Jessica.

  176. i like josua and jessica to be in the Finale,philip is just boring for me…:((

    • it should gave been that way, nothing is special about Philip P., he sang so ordinarily, my friends can even sing better than him, he should have been eliminated long ago.

  177. Only America could vote a pretty boy, but nothing singer over someone as fantastic as joshua. It is not supposed to just be reality television it is supposed to be about talet and Joshua has phenomenal talent, how could you vote him off??? A other reason America goes to the bottom of the intellectual catalogue.

    • ¬†So if they vote Jess AI winner, what is America then? Still ” the bottom of the intellectual catalogue”
      LOL…this is why Asia steals all the American intellectual property that they do from America…cause we are the bottom…lol
      We put man on the moon almost 45 years ago…..still waiting on the rest of the world to catch up to us, but seems all they can do is steal ideas and knowledge from US.

    • Wow..if you think America is at the bottom of the intellectual catalogue..stop watching our TV shows. We didn’t invite you anyway. Racist pig.

  178. Something you might want to pass along to all Phillip Phillips fans, and hopefully they can pass along to all of their friends…

    For all of you who keep saying that it‚Äôs just a rumor that Filipino‚Äôs, etc. are ‚Äústuffing‚ÄĚ the votes for Jessica, I suggest you take a look at the following YouTube video and then decide for yourself why someone who was already voted off from the show one time has managed to now make it to the finale over so many other talented singers.¬†

    If this video, alone, isn‚Äôt enough for some of you to want to at least decide to consider trying to offset some of these votes and return the contest to what it is intended to be known as; ‚ÄúAmerican Idol,‚ÄĚ I don‚Äôt know what is.¬†

    Also take special notice on the video that it also shows the different time zones so east coast voters can also vote for her during west coast voting times…when those times are normally blocked out. Now tell me, does THAT sound like they aren’t organized and trying to cheat the system?

    This is part of a well organized group that is all over the Internet that is inundating blog sites. They are trying to intimidate everyone who supports other singers by insulting their fans and other singers. They are trying to claim anyone who didn‚Äôt/doesn‚Äôt support Jessica is a racist, basically, and keep harping on the fact that Phillip is another ‚Äúwhite boy with a guitar,‚ÄĚ which is, in and of itself, a racist comment.¬†

    They are rallying their own troops, so to speak, and this is the ONLY reason Joshua isn’t in the finale against Phillip.

    How to Vote for Jessica Sanchez From Different Countries

    Phillip needs to get his fans voting this TUESDAY, after American Idol’s finale, NOT Wednesday. There will be a 4 hour window to vote, and based on this huge issue created by Jessica’s fans attempting to cheat the system, Phillip’s fans need to come out in force, and vote as many times as they can for as long as they can. They also need to encourage other singers previous supporters to now support Phillip because their favorite was probably booted off of the contest because of Jessica’s fans cheating.

    Sent from my iPad

    • Some fans are desperate. AI is people power. At the top 4 stage a Joshua vs. Jessica was projected. However Phillip’s fans brought Joshua down to the bottom after the top 3 voting stage. And who is to blame? ¬†If you are a Jessica fan, would you let Phillip’s fans bring your idol down? Now who is more likely to cheat?¬†

    • Yes P2 fans must vote to max, because right now no one knows for sure what is going on. This is why the FCC investigation is needed and is now under way. The FCC is prepared to closely monitor the voting this week and they will discover who and where the vote cheaters are. The important part of collecting that evidence is they can then demand AI to do something about it. Who knows, maybe they disqualify someone who wins with a bunch of cheat votes. The FCC is not going to back down now that US House and Senate members are demanding investigation into AI.

    • Nobody can not cheat the internet. All data coming in from around the world can be filtered here in US. AI has hired an accounting firm to manages those possibilities. If they can vote in the Philippines, a third world country, why can they not vote in England, France, Italy?

    • Your comments are very well organized it shows one side of your intelligence but on the other side it shows you ignorance of the internet. Or you must be a member of what is know as “conspiracy theorists”?

    • Only one in 1000000 million homes owns a computer in the Philippines. One minute of international call is equivalent to one solid meal in the Philippines. The minimum wage there is 4.50 dollars/day and cost of 1 whole fried chicken is 4.5 dollars also. Unemployment rate there is 55%. ¬†So what are you talking about?

  179. I wanted Phillip and skylar from the 24. Did not like the screaming over singing of joshua and Jessica. I liks the genuine music ability and original interpretation that Phillip brings to the table. And like last year I like his humility.

  180. Im so shocked that josh went home he was my favorite it should of been phillip and josh dont get me wrong jessica sounds great but there are more girls that can sing like that but not that many men that can sing and not just rap. I still love josh he should of won!

  181. don’t see how that is surprising…since Scotty’s win last year, i won’t be surprised if Phillip wins although I prefer him over Scotty! lol we have watched great singers who deserved to win perform on Idol and end up going home – why? because they were just too good! at the end of the day it’s the people’s choice…

  182. Neither Jessica nor Philip will win.  Only AT&T and AI sponsors are the winners and they are all laughing on their way to the bank.

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