American Idol 2012 Results: Top 3 Elimination

American Idol 2012 Top 3 results

The American Idol 2012 results are set to be announced as Ryan Seacrest picks up the envelope and asks for the lights to be dimmed. One finalist will be sent home. Two finalists will move on to the American Idol finale show next week when the winner will be crowned. No matter who is eliminated tonight all three singers have accomplished a lot by making it this far and have established themselves enough to make a go of it either way.

You’ll be able to see all of the American Idol 2012 Top 10 singers again on the summer Idol tour when it heads across the country. Check out the dates and locations for the American Idol 2012 tour.

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American Idol 2012 Top 3 – Elimination Results:

  • Joshua Ledet

Congrats, readers! You were right yet again in your predictions.

The following singers are safe and make up your American Idol 2012 Top 2 finale:

  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Phillip Phillips

What do you think? Did the right singer get voted off American Idol tonight?

Don’t forget that next week’s American Idol 2012 schedule will be different from the rest of the season (I’ll never agree with FOX doing this each year). On Tuesday, May 22nd we’ll get the American Idol finale performance show. Then the next night, Wednesday, May 23rd, the results will be revealed and we’ll find out who won American Idol 2012. Stay close by and we’ll keep you posted on the latest news!




    • Thanks God………..I can have a beautiful sleep now. Bye everyone, see you in the finale. Good Luck Jessica, be the first saved contestant to win American Idol.THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORTS AND VOTES FOR OUR IDOL JESSICA!!!!

    • Oh yes! I was right Joshua is going home tonight. Amen to you Joshua … you still the best…Screamers!

      • Joshua will also have a great future just like the other 2 contestant remaining.  Wish you the best of luck Joshua–would have wanted a Jess/Joshua finale (personal preference) but you can’t win them all.  And Philip will win this thing–he just have too many fans.

      • He only has fans because girls think that he looks good. I have three sisters and they all think he looks good.

    • Jessica and Phillip duet?? Vocal mismatch, with almost zero chemistry.
      It should have been JOSHUA and JESSICA for the finale! Sorry but I hate it! 🙁

  1. ohmy here we go! JessPhil… JessJosh… JoshPhil… whoever it is… please make it a very exciting finale 🙂 

    • Phillip 1st, Josh 2nd, Jessica 3rd. But all of them are in danger of elimination. No green light for P2. Josh and Jess are statistically tied, both at with Joshua slightly higher than Jess.

    • DialIdol is no longer accurate, top 5 elimunation Skylar was top and green.  We all know how that worked out for her.

  2. I just have to say that JESSICA SANCHEZ deserves to be in the F-I-N-A-L-E! Nuff said 🙂 Lets continue to pray for her guys. GOD BLESS us all

      • You will not see her there anymore–cause she will be in the finale (cheer up)–be a good sport.

      •  not because she is in the final she wouldnt end up in Cabaret..or Las Vegas.

      •  Well sorry for you… Fans will be watching all performances, shows, TV appearances, Youtube videos  of Jessica Sanchez. And would buy her music …

  3. Whatever the results i still love jessica sanchez and she is my idol this season… God bless you jess… thank you for your wonderful voice…

  4. whoever wins this, he/she really win it… this is the most close fight ever.. all the top 7 are deserving to win the title.. but praying Jessica is the one to take it all

    • Yessss Sir. Our Jessica will beat the odds next week. So Let’s do it again. VOTE…VOTE…VOTE for Jessica Sanchez..

  5. well the WGWG streak must be maintained at all costs.  Jessica and Joshua don’t really have a change at winning.  Its the teeny-bopper girl vote… 

    • There’s always a first time when someone would break a streak, someone that cosmic powers waited for to send forth… There’s just no stopping what is bound to happen.. This is Jessica Sanchez’s destiny, we can only give way, stand by the sidelines , and cheer while she passes through. But of course, we can also vote and be counted to be a part of the making of a legend. 

      •  I agree…And Jessica didn’t have a FREE “Pass to go”….she has been chastized for her ‘tricks’ in singing, for being saved, for what she wore, not singing to appeal younger ages, for singing so high at the end, for not working the stage….a few more cannot remember.  Joshua and Phillip weren’t given that many criticisms….Jessica has taken everything with a grain of salt and rose up to the occasion….please is an American Idol with every bend, like gumby, she is really worked hard to please the JUDGES, Jimmy and America.  JESSICA SANCHEZ American Idol 2012.

    • I am hoping Phillip wins it all !!  He deserves it all. He is the whole package as a entertainer.
      I am not a teeny-bopper but I voted from 10-12 for him to make it thru.

    •  I would love to see Jessica perform in some Cabaret in Las Vegas…called Scream As Long As You Like

    • Okay, everyone God blessed us with another week for Jessica.  Please stop bashing or being cruel to the others….we can win this all.  Just be humble about this–somebody had to go and it must have crushed his fans.   Let’s wish Joshua the best–I salute him–he is one darn good performer.  Concentrate on helping Jessica win and get the votes she needs to take it all.    Let’s be thankful that Jessica is still here.  The road to the finale is going to be bumpy with Philip as the contender-he has millions of fans.  We have a hard road ahead of us.  Can we beat the odds?  We can if we unite and stop using your energy on senseless things.   Respect everyone–even Philip’s fans.   May the best person win.   

      • if you think that screaming is singing then you ought to vote for Jesscream Sanchez. We have enough noise pollution we dont need another pollutant

      • yes, and the winner is going to be phillip, he did a good job on his last song last week, he deserves to b in the finals.

    • u have SAID THAT UMPTEEN TIMES. But think abt it . Does not P2 remind you of Kris allen, LeeD….where are they now? as successful as Carrie or Kelly?? No. The Ladies outshone in the end. Look at Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks.

  6. For the benefit of those of us on the west coast, has Ryan given any indication whether the result is surprising or shocking, or closest vote ever, and home many votes total came in?  Thanks!

  7. PHILIP- JESS finale will be the most exciting finale cos none of both is the judges favorite, it will a fair battle….And lastly, i am really eager and wanted to see the reaction of the judges (especially randy&jlo) if Joshua voted off. Like if you agree

    • Well I do agree that P2 is not afavorite but Steven Tyler pronounced Jessica the winner last night before the show was over.  But I agree, I would like to see Randy’s face is Joshua is eliminated.

      • why Randy’s face???
        because he’s black and josh is black. Why Randy…….why Randy

  8. I’m on the west coast and I won’t be able to watch the show tonight. Please tell me who got elimated.

      • Josh was called reviewed and sent back to his seat first, Jes was next, Phil is coming up next. It’s all the same order as last night.


  10. Screaming Diva is now on the center stage….got mixed reactions from Jimmy! Thank you Jimmy for denouncing those unnecessary SOs by the judges!!

  11. jessica sanchez was already voted off , judges saved her in fairness I think she should go as others who should have been on American Idol  and were voted off …. Judges used their save too soon

    • top 7 is a too soon?? i don’t think.. that was the best thing that ever happened on the show. It if happened to colton or skylar, save will still be used. So please move on. 🙂

      • yeah! lets move on! that night, they would use the save if it was Joshua or Elise that was voted off.

      • they sent the wrong person home it should have been phillip. not joshua that was not right we know that young man can sing. And yes God has blessed him with a Great voice no one  can performer like this young man.

    • i know the top 3 should be colton, josh, and phillip! im so happy hollie left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    •  SILLY if you look up the meaning of the word in the dictionary, it has your picture in full page!  silly …

    • judges can only used that saved until top 6.. it will be gone after that.. they used that save during the top 7 elimination, whats too soon about that? and besides move on.. were on the top 3 you are silly!!!

    • Look. The save is part of the competition. Nothing to do with fairness. Because everyone knows that AI is more of a popularity contest than a singing one. As I said, if P2 had been eliminated no. 7 and then saved, noone would say anythin…..think about it

    • Only jessica (and p2) deserves the save. All the eliminations after that dont deserve any save.  

    • But honey…she is in the final 2.  Get over the save–it was there for the first person who get voted off that the judges felt was deserving.  Sorry.

    • blah! blah! blah! enuf about the “save” who’s in the Top 2, Jessica and Phillip, you’ll live.

  12. Jessica and Joshua for the finale!  as long as either of them wins, i’m happy. 

  13. p2 and josh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hate that they have a save then it is not 100 precent amercais choice!1

    • Hard to please…if it had been P2 eliminated at No.7 and the judges had saved him, would you have been sour? No…..but because it was Jessica that was saved, you have to keep on harbouring over this.

      • i would not have cared if he went home!! he is the best one out of the 3 so that is who IIIIII wont to when. OK!!

    • that’s why it’s called the Judges’ Save. don’t expect it to be representative of America’s choice.

  14. The band, back up vocals, instrumentalists are great! They are idols in their own way…just saying..sometimes people forget the other talented performers who are not part of the contest..they deserve praise too….

    • Phillip always takes time to thank his back ups. The other 2 never do. They are to into themselves. Phillip is a true southern gentleman and sings great. I think this is important and will help him go far. Jessica is way to young to go far. These qualities in Phillip should be important to all fans as they vote if they are interested in a true American idol and have morals .

  15. if jessica voted out tonight… i just wanna say thank u. you made my viewing worthhile and thanks for ure amazing voice… GOD SPEED and good luck

    • me too SAILOR MOON ill no longer read ure posts coz am gonna say goodbye …. bye bye to all the fans of JESS 

      • Sorry Marissa. You must have been rooting for Josh–i wanted a Jess-Josh finale, too.  But Josh will do really well.  He is set to sign a contract with Jimmy already.

      • oh no im not rooting for josh.. ijust said that to sailor moon if JESSICA will be voted off were no longer visit this site.. but Jess luckily was not voted off so were still here in this site,, posting again hahahahahaha

  16. I am in the office right now….  I’m anxious, excited and nervous….  I hope Jessica makes it to the finale….

  17. Jimmy Iovine: “Joshua had a good night, not his best night. Overall, I give it an 8. Will I give it a standing ovation? No.”

    Jimmy Iovine:  “Should Jessica reach the finale? No. She has enough talent to sing in the Grammys.”

    Jimmy Iovine: “Phillip did a great job. It was entertaining and it was fun. Did he steal the show? No.”

    Phillip is not in the Ford commercial again.

    Rest in Peace Ms. Donna Summers.

    OMG Adam Lambert!!!

    JOSHUA is out!

    Yes Yes Yes JESSICA!

    PHILLIP joins her in the Finale!



    •  Me too yeah………. The best ever results in American idol……. To be honest, joshua is a good singer maybe his style of singing does not suit a lot of people…. Good luck Joshua.

  19. whats going on right now? is randy jackson crying LOL [because of joshua’s elimination]

  20. SAILOR MOON  im still here hahahahahaha.. our JESSICA make it.. whoooooooo oo hoooooo

    • thank you for being open minded.  The 3 worked hard to get to the top 3.  It’s just unfortunate that one had to go today.  I would have crowned the 3 of them already  if I had a choice.

  21. that was my prediction a few hours ago,,,,is not the songs you sang,,,,is the fans that voted,,,they have spoken…..POWER VOTING….

    • Actually, it’s because the fans and America knew that there would be some off nights.  Jessica had more amzing nights than “down” nights.


  23. Jess is indeed an amazing singer and America knows it. I’m rooting for Jessica Sanchez to be the next American Idol. God bless Jessica and be the next female American Idol~

  24. JOSHUA WAS ELIMINATED… the screaming diva was out… yeheeeeeeeeeeeey 

  25. The talent this year blows last year away. So many people became disengaged with last year’s show because it was blah. The top 3 this year each deserve a recording contract.  They are amazing….so talented for their young years. I would buy all of their CDs. I had no interest in buying music from any of the contestants last year.

  26. i was never wrong, Jessica Sanchez & PP will be in the Finale…. so now i could smile and tell people who doesn’t believe in Jessica that — Better Luck Next Time…. 🙂 we all proved you wrong!

      • Actually they probably made fans so mad with those standing ovations–sorry for Joshua because they have something to do with him being voted out.  Joshua is a good singer/performer that he will be okay and move on to bigger things.  Wish him luck and so as the other AI11 contestants

  27. Jessica and Philip are safe.  America has voted and Joshua is NOT the next American Idol. Fair and square.  🙂 I don’t really mind if P2 will win over Jess, and vice versa, they both deserve to win and they both have great talent!

  28. This outcome is downright ridiculous as Josh has more talent in his little finger than Phil Phillips ever dreamt of having. Obviously, little girlie groupies are doing most of the voting here!

    • i know right?!?! they should’ve eliminated JOSHUA a long time ago, all he does is scream and not sing.  =)

      • Wow I guess Jimmie just can’t wait to make a record for a screamer then ha. Ignorant !

    • I agree but yes the young girls will  not let anyonelse but P2 be in number 1 spot.  I don’t think Jessica will have a chance against them.

  29. Congratulations Jessica Sanchez, you’re one round more to go to become american idol season 11 grand winner. I love you my family voted you intensely last night.

  30. WHY KEEP JESSICA! Phillip WILL WIN NOW! jessica SUCKS! PHILLIP FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • No use in fighting who SUCKS & who doesnt, they’re both winners now, will both hav a bright future & will get the same car, LOL. They both deserve the spot..

      • If they bash Jessica, let’s not bash them, it doesn’t make the comments any better.  Let’s concentrate on promoting Jessica to our friends and relatives here in the States who haven’t voted yet.  Guys, please…

        JS for the win!

      • Wow, I would feel pretty crappy knowning I had fans like you. Poor Jessica.

      • You can’t even spell his name correctly.   Phillip wins..Jessica finishes high school.

      • No bashing–never mind the haters.   We are blessed so please stop hating–never mind them.

    • WHY KEEP Phillip! Jessica WILL WIN NOW! phillip SUCKS! Jessica FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Damn little girl, GROW UP! you think any comment putting down Phillip or Josh is funny, but you go crazy when it’s about Jessica. Your such an immature litte twit

    • Watch out–you never know what can happen.  i just wish P2  luck.  You can say whatever you want to Jessica–i promise I will not stoop so low and do the same thing to your idol.

  31. Congrats Jessica Sanchez!!! WOW you made it to the finale…..
    Congrats to P2 to

  32. This is the pair I want to belt it out in the finale. With Jessica Sanchez` voice gymnastic, there`s no way that Philip Phillip can steal the crown from her. It`s going to be a battle of the sexes!

    • This is a battle of 2 different singers. I am Jess fan & all I do is jst visit this site bc I cant vote. Cant compare Jess to Philip. Jess has her own style & Philip is an artist & different in his own way. There’s no use in argueing. Whoever gets the crown depends on your votes so every vote counts. I wish I am in America so I can support Jess..Jess fans pls dont mind haters, be happy of where she is right now, you have already proven your strength. So much nasty words has been said in this site. Jess & Philip deserves the spot so wish them luck & pray for them to be healthy till next week…

      • Sorry dear, It is not only the young girls voting. I know a lot of grandmas voting many times. Phillip has lots of fans of all ages.
        Mature adults know when they hear good music !!!

  33. Cheers to Jessica Sanchez & Cheers to her fans who never stopped voting and believing in her….. 🙂

    • Philip shouldn’t even have gone this far! Hollie had a helluva voice over his! I can’t understand how he has gotten this far whatsoever. The dude can’t even follow a melody!

      • Making the song your own is proof of a true artist. Phillip is great. Jess mumbles her words when she is not screaming.I can never understand her words. Is that following a melody to you????

    • Wow, I love the results.  But guys let’s not underestimate Phillips.  He’s got a huge fan base as well.  Let’s just vote and vote to the max and stop underestimating other people, it will hurt his fans.   Thanks.

      JS for the win!

    • Don’t be overconfident Paul.  He has a big fan base–you’ll have to work extra hard to beat the odds.  And no “punk” for Phil–the top 3 deserved to be there.

  34. Jessica for the Title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Philip a brilliant runner up!

  35. I think Josh was a GREAT artist but not commercial in the record industry.  I hope that Jessica wins!!!  Vote Jessica Sanchez.  Go San Diego!!!

    • Not commercial… Hmm, guess Jimmie can’t wait to record a non commercial artist. I guess the only commercial singers these days are the no talent pop dopes.

      • I liked Josh/Jess and wished they both stayed for the finale.  He will have a great career.  I wish him luck!!!

  36. congratulations Phillip and Jessica and goodluck to both of you…..woooohoooooo

  37. Joy to the world!!! Jessica is in the Finale! And ultimately the next American Idol! Thank you everyone for voting!

  38. I’m So Happy with Jessica and Phillip in the finales ! Next Week is Going to be
    FANTASTIC ! Can’t wait for Next Tuesday & Wednesday Night !

  39. thank GOD my prediction didn’t come true… i really thought jessica was going home tonight… PhilJess for the finale… and to think they’re really good friends!!! 😀 hahaha! goodluck to the top 2!!!! 😀

  40. woooo my prediction was right.. philip and jessica for finale..
    and i predict JESSICA gonna be  the AMERICAN IDOL 11.. LIKE IF YOU AGREE=))))

  41. Congratulations Jessica and Phillip for the finale!!! 

    Congratulations to all you Jessica Sanchez fans. You are making it happen for your girl!

    Now she doesn’t even have to try hard next week. She has it in the bag! No way Phillip can out sing her.

    • thank you so much, Taymaro…. 🙂 when we believe… we believe and support all the way. 🙂

    • I’m not sure it will be about out-singing next week. Philip didn’t get where he is by loud over-the-top performances. In fact, many times his “whispers” still seem like shouts because of the way he sings. The styles are so different. It will possibly depend on other variables besides the singing. Both have strong fan bases. It probably will turn out to be a “typing contest” on texting. If that’s the case, the singing will take a back seat to a personality contest. Wish I didn’t have to say that because it takes away from both contestants, but it is what it is. 

    • Thank you, Tamayro.  But the question is, can we outvote his fans?   Hard to say.

  42. I KNEW IT !

    It’s gonna be WGWG vs STBD.

    Supremely Talented Brown Diva !!!!    :-))))

  43. congratulation jessica sanchez u will be the next american idol 2012 for sure ^_^

  44. Congrats Jessica!!! She looked cute tonight with that white dress. I’m so psyched for the finale! Wow Jimmy said she could be singing at the Grammys. That’s one bold prediction that I hope would come true for her.

    • Oh geez. The judges have just been downright brutal to the other contestants, and have never said a good thing about anyone not named Josh! Damn the stupid posts!

      • who cares about the brute remarks that the judges are saying? and the uncalled for standing ovations, America has voted and they booted out your dear Joshua, he is out! You’ll live. =)

  45. the finals should be good the 2 people most thought would be the final 2 are

  46. No more screeching, yelling & screaming and most of all….. NO MORE SCRIPTED STANDING OVATIONS!! JUDGES: IN YOUR FACE!!! 🙂

    • I love to see RANDY JACKSONS reaction about Josh’s elimination! IN YOUR FACE RANDY! bwahahaha! Phil Phillips is way better than your Joshua!

    • Wah wah. Shut the hell up dope. You freaking people are absolutely pathetic. You should only wish you had as much talent and dignity that kid has in just his pinky finger. Ignorance and hate, neither is good for the soul, so the ones that want to continue to bash Joshua, should clense yourselves, or got to hell!!

      • FYI, it’s not bashing…. it’s a fact, are you deaf? or your ears needs to be checked? 

      • Not def, And your Facts, are totally inaccurate and ignorant. Scripted standing O’s and yelling and screaming, really that’s a fact, maybe you should go back to school to learn the difference between fact and opinion. Jimmie Iovine can’t wait to produce a record with nothing but yelling and screaming tho can he. Ya dunce

      • hahahaha, if there is one person who is ignorant here it’s you … look at all the comments here and you can actually make a survey if your bet is singing or screaming… you are just one heck of a jealous guy, stop being bitter… vote for your bet now, end of story!

      • Stop bashing Joshua–we all should just be happy that our idol is still here.  No more hate—sorry Ntledoudx1229-don’t generalize us though.  We are basically like you…we hate the “haters”–there are only a few of them.

      • I’m only replying to the posts that want to unnecessarily criticize Joshua after he’s been eliminated. You haven’t told me what the facts were that I was missing? Screaming, really, guess a lot of people love screaming then, that is what is ignorant, to say he does not sing. Just proves a black guy will never win this show again, because people like you, that don’t know squat about soul music. And I’m white, but I and many others no what was working against Josh. So root for your favorite, and leave Josh the heck alone. I knew he wouldn’t win, because this show is too predictable, he’ll actually be better off, so no I’m not bitter, just tired of all the uncalled for personal attacks and idiotic remarks made about a talented guy that does more for other people than he does for himself.

      • why don’t you go to hell, then take Joshua with you and you both can scream your way =) have a nice day =)

      • i don’t have nothing against, Josh your bet and i am not bashing him either i am stating a fact and that fact was proven by some of comments here that he is not seeing but screaming, if that is other’s people’s opinion about Josh you should learn how to respect it and we will respect your opinion. I state my opinion coz screaming nor yelling is not music for me, so is that wrong? We have different taste in music, if i am saying the SO’s of the judges are scripted i said so coz i noticed that, is that wrong too? It’s really a matter of respecting opinions, now if you know how to bash then we will only answer to all your bashing. Look at your comments upon reading my post and you told me to go back to school? I am a college graduate already and with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration that’s why i don’t need to go back to school, in elementary i’ve learned that it’s not nice to tell a lie so i am just saying the TRUTH. I do hate haters and bashers too but we are forced to do it sometimes especially when Jessica was being hit below the belt, who won’t get mad when she was being called a slut, a monkey? who are them to judge? well, right now look where is that “slut” is, where is that “monkey” is…. SHE IS FULFILLING HER DREAMS!!

  47. this is what i notice at the past 4 seasons every top 3 elimination the one they call out irst tuns out to be the winner next week it happens in the past 4 seasons david cook, kris allen, lee deweyzee and scotty so if jessica was called out first there is a big chance!! WOAH JESSICA AS AI!!!!!

    • Don’t bank on it–you just need to vote and vote next week..maybe it will happen

  48. Thank you guys….Jessica is for the finale….it is Jessica vs P2.  

      • Please tell me why Jess fans have to beg for votes? I haven’t seen Phillip fans begging. Oh well I guess they don’t have to beg.He already has the votes to win

  49. Im glad that the “OVER PRAISED” screaming Joshua was eliminated! Besides, uglies with talent like Joshua don’t do well in the Music Industry. Look what happened to the singing career of Fantasia, nothing happened. left in dust! Phil Phillips has MILLION TIMES BETTER PACKAGE than Joshua Ledet!

    • I don’t know, look at Barbara Streisand, Lady GaGa, etc., and by the way, Fantasia has been very successful in her music, movies,  and especially on Broadway.  If you think unattractive people will not make it this industry then Jessica does not stand a chance.   And her fans act ugly, I cannot believe how rude you have all been since the beginning of this season.  Jessica would be embarrased  to read your comments and if she isn’t, shame on her. 

      • I’m a Jessica fan and I am ashamed of the rudeness of soem of her fans.  The majority are just fun loving people but not “rude”.   I’m sure Jessica will be embarrassed to see the “rude” stuff.  After all, all the contestants are her friends.  They are all friends. 

    • Good grief. The know it alls are out in full force tonight. Clueless buddy!

    • Another I D I O T!! Buy Phillips one note cd and shut the hell up making stupid comments about Joshua.

  50. now tell me that this poll is flooded by filipino fans?? there is no doubt that america really loves jessica.. My dream finale Jess-Phil !!! i love them both

  51. for all #teamjessica.. let gives our power vote for her!!!=)) let do this..=))

  52. Joshua is the best overall performer. Too bad it looks like a popularity contest ! He will go far in his career.

      • Gag me with a spoon…… He will sell more records than the one note wonder Phillip is another Kris Allen, David Cook and Lee Dewyze…. FLOPS. So you compare the black guy to the one black female winner, hmmm nuff said. Igmo

    • Yes, he will.  And bless his fans too.  I would have wanted a Josh/Jess finale.

  53. congrats Phil.  you will win, despite the foreign organize effort to surplant the american will.  jessica you are a talented young girl who needs to learn to act your age. get rid of stage mom.

      • remeber when HOLLIE got eliminate and you said you’ll vote for P2 just to see JS gets eliminated (& you”ll be grinning)?
        You call them NASTY, but you yourself is nasty…   

    • she has a supportive, loving mother. I’m a mother too and i wish Joshua got in. your comment was inappropriate, mean and disgusting.

    • her mom loves her and shes just supporting her daughter… of course shes only 16 she needs her mom in her side…

  54. well just what i had predicted yesterday hehe…to joshua, i think you did an amazing fight for that coveted top 2 slot and i congratulate you for reaching that far…well to mr. YO, i think the audience have proven their point, from now on, i believe that we must learn to be fair and stop abusing your position as a judge for god is never asleep…my biggest concern now is, since josh has been eliminated, his support is now with P2, just like what he did yesterday… i believe in the finale that jessica will prevail…go for the win jessica…you’re the best jessica…keep it up and godbless you always…thank you…

  55. Jessica is HALF MEXICAN and Half Filipina. Even Thalia and other Music Celebrities of Mexico is rooting for her!

    • jessica is the mexican and filipino token?  is that what you are saying?  she can crap her pants and you would still vote for her?  i get it now.  glad you cleared that up.

    •  Even if Jessica is half Filipino half Mexican still she is American. She was born and raised in the US.

    • I agree with you! Even Mario Lopez and Pia Toscano are campaigning for her:)

  56. Well, it could have gone any way I guess.  I think Joshua was at a disadvantage because there was no way he was going to get the “cute guy” votes since Phillip already had them cornered, and so he got stuck with random votes from all over the place.  He had a dedicated fan base I’m sure, but I don’t think he attracted the type of obsessive fans who speed dial idol over and over again for the entire two hours after the show, which is why he lost.  Anyways, best of luck to ya, Josh!  Can’t wait to buy yours and Phillip’s album when they get released.  AI won’t be the same without a singer who connects to their songs in the way you do.

    As for Jessica, well… I kinda hope she wins actually, because then neither Phil or Josh gets tied down with that sort of contract, and then I also don’t have to listen to her fans ***** and moan about how she’s the greatest singer ever to let air flow over her vocal chords and how Americans are all racists who deliberately robbed her of her “rightful” victory.  So, GO JESSICA!!!  You get that restrictive contract, girl!

    And for the record, I don’t dislike Jessica herself, just her fans.

    • All of her fans?  That’s mean.  I never disliked Josh and Phil’s fans. Would you have said the same thing about winning it if your idol is still standing?  But it’s okay, we’ll take that…with a smile.    

  57. I’m soooo convinced that BB Chez is gonna be hailed as the New AI that she can maintain her somewhat mediocre attitude – but would still end up as the last performer standing! But hey, I’m also convinced that she truly cares for us, her BluJays, that she’ll make sure she gonna’s give us suuuuuper showstopping performances next week! And that truly makes this year’s finale out-of-this-worldly promising!!!!!


  58. Either you like an over the top 16 yr old girl who was once elimimated…or a soulful, true to himself current artist.   Got it half right, Phillip will win if it is a fair competition.  That is the part I question.  Oh does American Idol want a girl to win.   Please let it be a fair fight!  Joshua, you rock and I believe it is you who should complete with P2.

  59. sad josh is out =(… he is truly one of the best singers to have ever hit the idol stage, next to adam lambert of course, he is still my ultimate fave. josh deserves to be on the top two sad that he is gone, whenever he sings u can feel the passion, the love for music, the love for what he does, he just doesn’t sing the song but instead he feels the song, he interprets it very well. other singers just sing the song with amazing vocals but i guess that is not enough, the lyrics, the music should transcends to the way they sing, they need to feel the song, make the audience feel it. that is what joshua did, you can see the song in him and not just hear it. anyways am still happy jessica is in =)

    •  Josh is conceited which is why people get turned off! And he is such a screamer.

      • Please be respectful.  Im a Jessica fan.  But you have no proof that Josh is conceited.  Let’s be respectful people.  Lets just concentrate on voting, ok?  Be nice.   

        Jessica FTW!

      • Wow, you take the cake for the most ignorant, most hateful, most delusional, stupidest, idiotic comment of the year. Joshua is the most respectful, most grounded, and the LEAST conceited person of any of them!! Wanting to sing songs that touch people and deliver powerful messages is considered conceited to you? Your a FOOL!!

  60. So who are the judges going to give a standing O to next week?  They will be plastered to their chairs.  Serves them right.

  61. Jessica may have the voice but Phillip has the total package. His voice is sexy, he has charisma, very appealing to the audience, very handsome like Robert Pattinson with a killer smile. These will make Phillip the winner!

  62. The save was really meant for Jessica Sanchez, now it’s all history…. a beautiful history, it’s giving me goosieeeees!! Really time for a girl to win the  AI title after Jordin Sparks…. 🙂

  63. Yeah! My dream finale: Jessica and PP!

    It’s not over yet. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

    I want a female to win this time in AI.

    DONT stop voting! Let your favorite singer win.

    •  I am happy those 2 are in the finale too, but who the f**k cares whether it is a guy or a girl, filipina, white, black or whatever?  None of that should matter.  What should matter is that we enjoy our favorites for their talents no matter their sex or ethnicity.

      • None of that Should matter, but sadly it has played a big role this year, in more ways than one. A black guy will never win this show again, One in 11 years and zero in the last 9, if Joshua couldn’t get the votes to beat the diva and mr constipation, then it will never happen, cause we see what type gets the votes. It’s no longer based on who has the most vocal talent, and I think most of us know that. If Phillip wins, it would only solidify my point.

  64. How can that be???  was steven deaf? jessica had sung his song terribly false. Philip and Joshua were amazing. Are you deaf America?? I live in south america and I can hardly believe the results

      • In a couple of weeks, no one will really care about any of this. Some of us will go to the tour shows. Some of us will wait for albums to come out. But most of us will move on to the next reality show and get involved with that. I’ve watched Idol for most seasons. Hate to say this, but I usually vote for the one who does NOT WIN. But, life goes on with everyone involved in this show. Some will go on to fame, and others will burn out like a flame. Poor Jessica. I’m voting for her. But, maybe she’ll break my unlucky streak.

    • Let’s not resort to personally insulting others. We are here to air our opinions, yes, but calling another commenter a loser is going too far.

    •  I absolutely love Jessica and do not think she was the best last night, and I agree that IDWMAT wasn’t that great, but overall, she has been the best all season and has the most talent.  The songs choices for her last night were terrible.  Hopefully, she will sing better songs next week.  Like Jimmy said, he can see her on the Grammys and will be in the near future.

    • You can’t live with just one off night alone, sweetie.  Fans are also looking at past performances.

  65. WTF! Joshua eliminated???? What’s going on America? Why did you prefer Phillip over Joshua? It is a much better showdown if we see Jessica & Joshua in the finals. Come on!!! I’m beginning to believe that AI just wants cute guys even without real talent.

  66. It’s about damn time for a GIRL American Idol winner and Jessica is the perfect fit. She had an off night last night but that didn’t faze the voting public. Let’s make this happen for Jessica next week!!!

    • Yes, wish Hollie were in the finale, then we would have a worthy GIRL AI winner.  Go Phillip!

  67. Hats off to a worthy opponent Joshua Ledet! Good Luck ! This is not the last we will be seeing of you for I’m sure  great things will happen to you! And to Jessica and Philip. Good luck to both of you. You truly deserved to be in the finals. Who ever wins is an  American Idol. Although right now, my personal choice is Jessica…

  68. Oh Yayyy. Jessica’s Top 2. :DD
    But I feel bad for Joshua. He’s such a good Singer tho :L
    Well, Jessica ALL THE WAAAY!!!

  69. Phillip FTW!  Looking forward to Tuesday’s performances and seeing him crowned on Wednesday!

  70. joshua so deserves to go home.. all he does is to scream scream and scream

  71. White people all over the world are voting for Phil…ok i am just making that up so i can show the filipinos how stupid you sound.

      • the only reason the filipinos are even watching and posting is because jessica is half fili.  you don’t fool me, fool.

      • exactly my point.  thanks for helping me point out how foreigners are invading american idol.  its american idol not asian idol.  you can have your own if you want and we will leave you alone.  believe me. 

      • @346612988f9b60e5df1c23005ecef33d:disqus All people currently in the US can vote in American Idol. Even if there are 3 billion asians in the world, only a small fraction of it living in the US can vote. not our problem if cannot accept that fact.

    • you’re such a racist! Hey, your white guy Phillip cannot even hit the correct tone. This is suppose to be a talent show. Jessica is a immigrant – a real talented one. Are you 100% sure you’re pure breed american? Read your history. All real americans are the red indians. 

    • If you are so concerned about the voting part of the contest, then why don’t you suggest that to whoever is in-charge, if you think you are so smart.

  72. the result was just right.. jessica and phillip are current artists though with phillip, he just have one sound each week and jess is just versatile. 

    • jessica is a mimic not an artist.  lets dress her up like whitney and then see if she can sound like her…duh.  she is a 16 yo playing dressup.  and you like her because of her skin

      • @Rachel: If you do not like Jessica’s music her fans will call you a racist,hater, etc.  Now if they do not like P2 or Joshua it is ok to call them names and put them down.  It is really quite embarassing for the filipino-american and mexican-american communities, they sound so ignorant and extremely uneducated.   

      •  No 3rd grader should be allowed here! You act like one….I am sorry to say this but you sound so noypi even your sentence construction. Let’s just be happy for Jessica.

      • Sailor your an immature little twit. Once again. Haha everything’s funny to me….haha …. Duh

    • I dont see Jessica as being versatile at all, great singer absolutely.  Give her a something along the lines of Pearl Jam or Coldplay.  Can she do it?  Not with out some one rearranging it to put it into a Whitney type song.  But, on the other hand, give Phillip anything, and he will rearrange it himself and perform it himself. It may not be for you but it will all Phillip.  ALOT to be said for that.

      • JS sung “bohemian rhapsody”, “dance with my father” , “you are so beautiful”, and “i don’t wanna miss a thing” and hey jess is a female right? can p2 sing “i will always love you” or “my all” well i don’t think so

      •  philip’s songs were arranged to fit his very limited vocal range. That’s it. accept it.

      • @Sailor Moon…backfired on her sucking up to Steven by singing his song, backfired, he wasn’t happy.  Will she sing JLo next week?

    • its no coincidence that the president of the philipines is for jessica.  did he just wake up and decide he would be a talent scout.  its all about race with jessica.  if she were white she would have been home weeks ago.

      •  Oh she really is hatin’.. Hope you will not dream about that later when you sleep… you might get choke while sleeping and hating … Haha!

      • Remember Thia Megia??? If its all about race she would have won AI last year but filipinos in America did not give her the support they gave to Jess because we admit that she needs more polish so she was sent home so early in the competition. Move on…

      • Get over yourself! Just support who you like. Why do you have to bring this up?

  73. I have guess. Adad Lambert was AI guess and he was the top contender but he was just runner up. The same what happened tonight with Joshua Ledet. Anyhow, I am for Jessica Sanchez for the homerun…

  74. Jessica sanchez over joshua, wow America got it wrong this time, she is awful yuck!!!!

      • Sailor, like you have any right to call someone a racist, when your pushing for someone soley BECAUSE of their race! If a white that only votes for whites are racist, then what are you? Just curious

      • If that is your picture, you resemble Jessica..are you her sister?  Figure you might be since you are so snarky and mean.

    • Joshua is better than Phillips! And Phillips won over him!!

      And Jessica is the best. She just got one bad night VS. 12 excellent nights. America could realise it.

  75. Phillip has no business beeing in the finals. As long as looks win out over talent, this show remains a joke

  76. Way to go Jessica!!  You have proven that hard work and true talent is rewarded.  God Bless and hope you become the first Latin-Asian-American AI winner.

  77. Josh definitely should have been in the finale.  They all were great but Jessica and Josh should have been in the finale. It took Phillip this week to get it together the way the judges wanted it. I know that he has  talent and style. It is not about looking sexy. I think that the count was unfair. I have seen this happen before with a singer friend of mine. It isn’t always about the talent. My friend now sings in L.A. and is living the life. Josh will do well with his great talent. I think that it was meant for jessica to win and so the votes were counted that way because she will win over Phillip. Who really knows how the votes came out?

    • So glad Joshua is not in the Final…he is an OK singer but screams too much…overrated by the judges

      Jessica and Phillip are both better talents

  78. I know that Jessica might have gotten the most amount of votes. To tell you, American Idol would really want her in the Finale. They can’t afford her to be out. She has been the most talked about AI Contestant in this season. If ever Jessica Sanchez was eliminated, it will greatly affect the ratings of American Idol in the West Coast. They are all getting the hype from Jessica Sanchez’ lovers and haters.

    Will this season be a repeat of Season 6?

    Jordin Sparks – Jessica Sanchez (Noting the J.S. initials just for the fun of it!)

    Blake Lewis – Phillip Phillips (White Guy!; In their season, I wanted Blake to win although I was only able to watch the finale.)

    Melinda Doolittle – Joshua Ledet (Great vocalist; Melinda loves Joshua based on Idology)


  79. i hope jessica chooses ‘i will always love you’ for the ‘favorite performance round’ next week.

  80. GO,,,GO…GO…Miss Jessica Sanchez, Ikaw ang SUPERSTAR not only for Pinoys but to EVERYBODY…

    • so its ok for filipinos and mexicans to call for voting for jessica because of her skin?  hypocrite.

    • @Rachel..we support our race if we find her deserving & Jessica deserves where she is right now. If you feel she doesnt then thats ur opinion. If you think your idol doesnt deserve to go home still ur own opinion. But just admit that Jess is in the finale because she has lots of supporters that love her voice. Its a matter of taste & votes speak for itself…Stop being bitter, accept the fact that your idol  has less supporter. MOVE ON already..

  81. I tire of the excuses that Josh was voted off because he’s “black”… grow up!  He simply didn’t do as well Phillip or Jessica!  Personally, I felt all Josh’s music ended up sounding like he was singing straight from the choir.  There’s no doubt Jessica has a beautiful voice but truthfully, I would not buy her music.  Phillip’s voice is unique and I would purchase his music on a regular basis.  All three, particularly Phillip and Jessica, have an amazing future!

  82. this is awesome, my 2 favorites made it in top 2 ….i don’t care if jess or phill will be the next idol.

    glad thing that screaming josh singer is gone, sayonara joshua ledit! =P

    • Hope they don’t give him a Ford car since he’s been absent in most of the shoots!

  83. Thank god the screamer Joshua is gone. I bet the 3 so called judges are upset. Can wait to see the judges reaction on the delayed coverage here in Asia

    Dont care who wins out of Jessica and Phillip…now can relax and enjoy the final

  84. Jessica Sanchez is already the winner, win or lose! She’s now an international star! Way to go Jessica! See, I am really positive you’ll be in the Finale

  85. this season is kind of stupid because Jessica should not still be here i was upset when colton left 

  86. JOSHUA fans, please vote for JESSICA. She deserves to win. Along with Joshua, they are both the best singers in the show. Enough of WGWG winners! JESSICA SANCHEZ FTW!!

  87. Finally, a guest performance that was worth watching. Adam was really good  IMO.  Lisa Marie Presley sounded like she hadn’t finished warming up yet. I was disappointed. Too bad anyone had to leave the competition tonight. Some of this may have been fan reaction to all the SO’s the judges gave to Josh. I agree that Idol should not change the days for the Big Night. We have been “programmed” all season to watch Wed. & Thurs. Now they switch it to Tues. & Wed. I don’t get the logic in that decision. Good luck with your career, J0sh.

  88. well i am going to vote for Phillip.  he deserves the win.  i do hope the phones work better next week.  so long josh.  the crazies are out now.  going to go.  see you next week. 

  89. Just give it up. If you’re so sick of it, why don’t you just go somewhere else?

    And I can see that you’re not bothering them AT ALL. You’re just showing them how bothered YOU are. LOL.

    • its fun to stir up the crazy obsessed jessica fans.  its not about talent with them.  they are sick, sick sick.  lol.  watch them squirm.

    • Actually all 3 deserves to be in the finale, you just have to support & vote for who you think is most deserving. This is what is all about & it jst so happens that your idol did not get enough votes so pls accept that..If we think that Jess is not deserving she would have went home earlier like Thia Megia..

  90. BARF!.. and here we go with the most boring, dumbest finale EVER! Jessica was horrible let night & phil is BORING all the time. whatever

  91. Fellow Jessica fans, please be careful with your words.  Don’t bash Phillip or Joshua or others.  Let’s be respectful ok?  The others are also talented.  If they bash Jessica, don’t mind them.  Let’s just concentrate on voting for Jessica, Ok?  If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything.   If you do this, it means you respect Jessica.

    JS for the win!

  92. Why do we need judges, lets give Jimmy a job and fire the rest.

    Agree with Jimmy 100% all the time

    Randy, Jennifer, and Steven… 10%

    • I love Jimmy but I don’t think he’ll make a good on-the spot judge~ He must reviewed the tapes many times or have listen or read articles to come with such good comments~:)
      He’s doing great, keep it up Jimmy~!

    • I agree with Jimmy 99% of the time.  But, if he judged he probably couldn’t mentor also.  If he could than yeah, all for it. The other judges maybe 1% of the time.  I love Steven for his entertainment value…never know what he’s going to say, but he’s not always right where the contestants are concerned.  For the record,  can’t stand J. Lo at this point she plays hard core favorites and insults the other contestants by blowing sunshine up the @#$ of whoever she likes without giving an ounce to the people she feels are not good enough.  It is ridiculous that one judges opinions can be SO blatant that at times it was uncomfortable to watch.  In some ways I think she even hurt Joshua with the voters because her undying praise got kind of annoying. 
      Randy, we know you played with Journey at some point.  And we know you like to name drop.  But for the love of all that is good, get a stylist you look like you ripped off Willy Wonka’s wardrobe half the time.  I can’t even begin to take you seriously.  Tim Burton called and he’d like you to return their costumes DAWG!

  93. The only racist here is called RACHEL. JESSICA is a true AMERICAN. She was born there just like you. You are a bad person for saying such bad things about an American born. You suck, girl. Sorry! But that’s the truth.

    • i am not talking about jessica. i am talking about her crazy foreign fans that only like her because she is one of them.  its insane.  you are the racist.  jessica could care less about you nor your president whatever his name is.  bet she couldn’t find manila on a map.

    • I’m from Argentina. And I love her. You´re so ignorant. I hope she wins and you’ll be crying on your bed like a baby. 

  94. I am an American living in the Philippines and very happy Jessica is in the Finale…this country has always been huge fans of AI…and with Jessica mother being pinoy, there is a connection to Jessica that has the Phillippines over joyed with her success…it is just a situation that is so great to see…so many people are so very happy…the hope that she brings this country is something few people in America can understand but for me living here in the Philippines, it is so great to see and experience…makes me proud to be an American!!! A place where dreams really do come true…

    • I think that is great Daniel and they should be proud.  However many of her fans are very rude.  In the years I have seen different blogs regarding Idol, I have never read such horrible comments towards the other folks blogging or comment about the other contestants. 

      • All of the contestants’ fans are rude. Not just Jessica’s but all! I have also seen so many horrible comments about Jessica. So if what you’re saying is true, then this said people are no greater than Jessica’s fans who, according to you, are very rude.

      • Totally agree Sandi.  I’ve never been told how to think or vote by one persons fans so many times.  And been insulted so much for having a different opinion.  I enjoy all three.  They are all talented.  However, I am not a huge fan of the genres that Joshua and Jessica sing.  It has absolutely nothing to do with race, sex, age or talent.  Simply not my taste in music.  And yet here you get crucified for having that opinion.  Personally I hope they all find success.  But short of Jessica changing who she is as an artist (Which she shouldn’t do) I’m not going to vote for someone whose record I wouldn’t buy.  I think she deserved to go forward just as much as either of the other two.  Any one of the three have the chops to win.  They should all be really proud of their time on AI.  But, for me I will always vote for the person whose record I would most likely buy.  This year it has been Phillip for me.  But at this point no matter who wins we will have albums from all three within a few months I am sure.  Good luck to both of them!

      • all of the fans here has their share of rudeness so don’t pinpoint to one person… if Jessica fans bashes it’s because some are bashing her too, so if you are being bashed or insulted you are just getting the dose of your own medicine….

      • sUpEr_bAsEThat is exactly what I mean, and I did not pinpoint one person.   You are rude so get over it. If any one gives an opinion about her then they are racists or haters.  Music is amatter of taste.  Jessica is very talented, just not my taste in music.  Does  that make me a racist. ?  I think not!

      • sUpEr_bAsE …. that’s what i am saying too, you are calling me rude? well, it’s just because you are too. i am not gonna stoop down to your level coz you are just jealous of her and could get away with your reason that it’s not your taste if you have voiced out your opinion then you are heard but don’t put side comments… we can see you Sandi, and we know where you are going….

    • So you are making it about race not talent.  Because she’s Philippino she should win??? 

  95. It was widely thought that Joshua had the smallest fan base, and even though he had a strong night if not amazing, the door he was shown. I think getting to the finals was very important for Jessica and Joshua so feel bad for him. Still think he shreaks too much but still a much better singer and performer than many give him credit for. Thought he handled his elimination very well, and was nice of him to bring his mother up on stage for the final bit.

    I’m sure Phillip wants to win, but getting to the final I don’t believe was that important for him career wise. In fact if he wins he will will likely have less control on his career in the short term which is probably not a good thing.

    Jessica has a great voice but needs more life experience. I noticed in the home videos that while both Phillips and Joshua were overwhelmed by their hometown support, they embraced and appreciated the welcome. Jessica while overwhelmed seemed a bit stunned and unsure how to deal with it. Would have to say the home schooling and having a stage mom has probably led to this. Also worries me how prepared she is to deal with fame combined with more independance which has been the downfall of so many. Her protected life has probably cost her many potential fans who have a hard time relating to her and many of her songs. Her voice in unchallenged. She has a GREAT voice, and put yesterdays Mariah disaster down to having a sore throat. I will probably never be a fan simply because of her tastes in music, but then I will probably never be a big Joshua fan. As far as Phillips goes, if he can’t write music he will disappear. If he can write music as well as he can arrange songs then he will have a huge career, and I might even become a fan. Best of luck to both next week, and best of luck to Joshua and his career.

      • She is only 16 but has so much exposure.  She has been out there since she was 6, she has been on America’s Got Talent, recorded on a private label, opened 2 SD Chargers games andmuch more.  I would venture to say none of the other contestants have had that much exposure.  Many artists out there started at a young age and very sure of themselves and are excellent entertainers.  I think with some maturity she will be very successful, but for now has no stage presence.  This is my opinion and no, I am not a racist or a hater.

  96. spoken like a true racist jessica fan.  btw caps are not allowed.  seems lots of third world people use all caps.  wonder why?

  97. seems to me ur d one being racist.. Filipino all over d world may have posted in here and tried to vote… others may have successfully done voting outside of  America… but what percentage will that be compared to the US voting powers????? of the 100% votes.. do u think 5-10% of those would come from out of the US??? i doubt it!!!  so still US voters has the say on who wins the title.. and whoever wins the title was chosen by majority of the US AI idol viewers!!!!

  98. PHILLIP PHILLIPS FTW.. I know from the first time he will win this competition, it’s like sixth sense..

  99. yeayy! my prediction was right! Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez will be in the final! It’s so obvious from the response that they got from their fan yesterday when they came home.

  100. Congrats Jess and Phil.  Both of you deserve it.  Josh is also my favorite.  I love his blues style.  American idol actually is more on pop, and pop rock category of music.  So, there’s nothing surprising, if Jess and Phil are in finale.  Well, since Jess and Phil has their own forte, let’s just wait and see in the end whose the next AI 2012.

  101. any two of the three would be a great final. I was surprised that Jessica made it over Joshua only because Randy and JLO were favoring him. Perhaps Steven’s comments final person standing pushed her ahead. Philip has built up support all year so no surprise he is in the final. Over the years the show has destroyed one of the finalists by writing a very poor single for them to record as Idol winner. This is their way of controlling the outcome. In any event all three have big careers ahead of them. CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA PHILIP AND JOSHUA
    I predict the show wants a female winner so the song they write for Philip will stink

  102. I couldn’t watch the show. Could you please tell me what happened when JOSHUA got eliminated? Who was saved first? What did the judges say? Did they cry? (Randy?) PLEASE, TELL ME!!! I wanna know!

  103. They are all great. Let’s just wait and watch the performance next week. There can be only one. Like ryan said, vote for your favorite. Let’s listen to their voices and look at their talent and how they interpret the songs.

    • yeah right.  i am the racist.  so if i said i am for rachel because the filipino people are so proud of you and tired of the whiteboywithguitar i would be cool with you.  what an idiot.  racist is what racist does.  these people and most likely you, a fake white are here soley because jessica is half filipino.  if she were black, white or 100 percent mexican american they would care less. 

  104. i bet the judges would worry about their credibility of giving standing O’s!! standing Os are not counted in the votes.

  105. I hope Phillip wins. Josh should’ve been in the final 2. Ever since Jessica was saved (which I think was staged), the judges have been praising her like she is God. She is good, but her voice isn’t anything special. I have heard it before… Phillip is different and deserves to win…GO PHILLIP!

    • So if you think it was staged, you mean that she didn’t receive the lowest number of votes. I  think it too. She had the highest but the producers wanted people to vote and the judges to use their save. Jessica and Joshua in the bottom 3 when they were the best that night. I didn’t but it.

    • Praising her like she is God? U must be referring to Joshua, the divine diva who they stand up for every single PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!! we will all go deaf if music is always like that.

    • I think it was staged also, I also think it’s the race card. That’s why they let Josh go, if you think about it, they kept him on for so long cause he was great, as where Jessica sucks and she’s the only color left in the show. I honestly think she’s just in for the fix and in it for the sob stories and about how she lost in idol. As far as Phillip, he is in it to WIN IT!

      • If it’s fixed, you could agree that her ELIMINATION was fixed too!!! 

        Funny how she’s only been in danger THAT WEEK, never before and never after.

        In my opinion JESSICA is so much better than PHILLIPS and she deserves to win. I hope she does.

  106. It’s funny how people say “Jessica needs to mature, she needs more life experience. What? Did you know that she’s just a teenager? I know she sings like a 40 year-old diva, but she’s still a girl. She’s AMAZING right now and will be even much greaters when the years go by. I know she’ll be huge!!

    No matter she wins or not, we’ll have her CD in a few months. Can’t wait for buying it!!! We made it, guys!! (VOTE IN THE FINALE. SHE MUST WIN OVER PHILLIPS).

    • please tell us how you really feel and while your at it, tell us how to feel too.  Awesome.  You are entitled to your own opinion, you are not however entitled to tell others how to think, act, vote or live.  get over yourself. 

      • You get over yourself rachel. don’t change your name because we know you “guest”  . You’re  just bitter and cannot take defeat . Be magnanimous and just shut up –  you have said more than enough!

    •  Couldn’t agree with you more about her being young and will only get better (if that is possible).  Congrats Ms. Sanchez. We will be seeing you perennially on CBS in February, AT THE GRAMMYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • She was on America’s Got Talent and has recorded on a private label, why have we not heard about her before now?  And guest is right, you do have a right to YOUR opinion, but you do NOT have aright to tell me how to think, vote and who I should like.  Thank god that most of the fans for all of the other idols were/are pleasant and constructive, not destructive.

      • fans of other idols are as destructive as fans of Jessica’s. Just read the other comments please before formulating your conclusion. I’m so tired of people like you who are saying that Jessica’s supporters are the only ones who are destructive and rude.

      •  Eat your own words. Are you sure that whenever you make a comment about Jessica and her fans, that it is constructive? (Plastic!)

      • JustBeingReal: Do not agree!  I believe I said some, not all of her fans and I also said most of the other idol fans are pleasant and constructive.  I have read most comment, that is why I came to the conclusion that I posted.  Again, my opinion.

      • I haven’t heard about her because I’m Argentinian. And AGT is not a popular show in my country. I’ve always watched AMERICAN IDOl and since the very beginning, I’ve wanted Jessica to win I just love her and her singing. 

      • It’s something i wish. You don’t have to vote for her. Almost everyone understood what I meant. I’m not destructive. I didn’t say anything bad about the other contestants. I just said JESSICA is the best and must win. It’s not rude.

    • Hey, guys. Take it easy. Remember I’m Argentinian so I speak Spanish as a first language. English is a second language for me. I don’t speak or write it perfectly. I wanted to say that in my opinion, Jessica is the best singer and deserves to win, that’s why you should vote for her. Mybe you missunderstood me. I’m not telling you how to feel or act. 

  107. thank god, america got it right for the first time!!!!    jessica might not have the stage presence but that can be overcome…. voice, it’s a gift!

  108. oh sweets, no i am not a fan of any, i just like to waste my time on people like you, makes my day complete 🙂

  109. Hey Rachel … You are not even American … just a poser pretending to be an American… duh! Get a life!

    The top 2 are well deserving … so whoever wins … I will support them all the way…

  110. Ive told you, Jessica will be in the Finale.

    The whole country of the Philippines is celebrating right now., We are not allowed to vote, but look… Our sacrifices and support just paid off..

    More to come in the Finale,.. We’ll double that effort.

    Go Jessica:-)

    •  Typical Flips. Good thing you can’t vote or we would only have Pinoy Bubble gum pop that  was copied from Japan in the 90’s

      • I’ll ask Manny Pacquiao to give you an uppercut. Lol. Move on. Don’t feel bitter.

        By the way, Thank you Manny Pacman Pacquiao for supporting our very own Jessica Sanchez.

      • oh yeah they can’t vote, uhmmm, who’s landed on the Top 2 spot again, Jessica and Phillip, nuff said.

    • Sacrifices not to sleep just to urge Filipinos in America to vote for Jessica.

      Thats how eager we are,to support our very own Jessica Sanchez.

      Filipinos are bunch of good singers:-)

      Need i say more???

  111. Why can’t It be Phillip and Josh? I hate hate hate Jessica. Shes good but she’s just like any other female singer. Phillip is original. Josh is wayyyyyyy better then Jessica. Phillip needs to W I N !

    •  what.. josh is good  hahahha poor guy,  like cat keep on screaming i dont like the way he sing…

    • I agree with you, Phillip does need to win and he is original, that’s why I keep voting for him.

    • another desperate comments from Phillips fans…. keep hating, we welcome you with open arms!

  112. Your emotional quotient gets the best of you…

    The United States of America is a nation of immigrants.  It’s a melting pot of different cultures and colors – that’s why it is great now.

    Stop believing that you are a REAL American. You’re NOT.

    Let go of your superiority complex…

    The AI is just a show.

    Suck it up.

    Move on.

  113. I hope Jessica chokes, she’s not fit for the music industry and She Sucks. I hope Phillip wins and puts Jessica where she belongs, in the trash.

    • Are you saying Jessica has to choke for Phillip to win. Think you screwed up with your trash talking there.

    • she had to choke for Philip to win? You are saying JESSICA is better than phil then. LOL

    • That’s mean. I like phil too, but jessica deserves to be there. Joshua deserves to be there too, but he was just short on votes…

      • its ok…P2 fans are saying depressing comments because Jessica is a REAL threat! She beat the heavily favorite Joshua…She actually had a bad night because of her sore throat and some judges dont like her…but sad to say to all of u guys, GOOD KARMA PREVAILS!!!!!

    • love your post! that’s the reason why Jessica is still around because GOOD KARMA is always with her! LOL

  114. Jessica’s worst night still sounded great and her song resonates in peoples hearts. Others may envy her, even her fellow female ousted AI contestants, but one thing for sure, she always have vast admirers and supporters due to her smooth and powerful voice. She is real good!  How can you question the majority..Kudos Jessica! Go for it!

  115. As Randy says: Let’s keep it real. Jessica is and has been all season, a very good karoke singer. She has practiced in front of mirror since she was 2 and it shows as She has many bad habits. She is NOT better than the divas we already have singing so who needs her. Joshua Ledet is insufferable with his constant ACK, ACK, ACK the-devil-made-me-do-it performances. He is TOTALLY irrelevant to today’s singles market. Phillip is fresh and new and exciting and can actually have a career making chart hits! The judges have NOT been in Phillip’s corner, though Iovine has. NOW, we know that Joshua is OUT!!! ACK, ACK, ACK. Phillip should destroy Jessica in the Final!!!

  116. Phillip is a big mistake!!!! Hope this won’t be another Scottie win… Let’s hope not…

    • You mean the guy whose debut album went PLATINUM??? Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean that the voters got it wrong!!!

  117. I am sad to see Josh leave he is a very gifted singer but God has something better instore for him…Good luck Josh. Now my other choice to win is Jessica, the very best to you girl you really know how to bring down the house.

  118.  Unbelievable, last night Sanchez couldn’t carry the lower register in her first song and had no breath control.  She also badly missed the high note at the end of the Steven Tyler song after which the judges obviously ignored as if it didn’t happen. Phillips is still there for one reason and one reason only “The Teeny Bopper Vote”,and who is a Dave Matthews wanna be. Joshua is by far the most consistent and most talented of all the contestants and will no doubt continue to be successful. The show jumped the shark last year with a one note, one trick pony country bumpkin Alfred E. Newman look alike winning. The show has again succeeded in allowing a flawed system to ruin what was once a good show.  Judges scores should be factored into the equation along with fans votes, and they also need to eliminate the ability for a voter to vote up to 50 times through the computer. I speak from experience being that I have been singing professionally for the last 20 years. Something needs to change or the show will continue to lose a demographic of anybody over 25 yrs old.

    • You claim to know something about the Industry but I presume not!! That “country bumpkin” as you call Scotty, went PLATINUM in his DEBUT album!!!! That would indicate to me that the fans got it EXACTLY right. Joshua has NO CHANCE of having a successful charting career, NONE!!! As for the Judges, CRAP all year!!! They refused to judge and wanted to be popular and, although paid millions, were content to let Jimmy Iovine be the true judge! They favoured Joshua and Jessica all season and just got handed  some comeuppance by the voters!!!

      •  Platinum really, O.K. and when all those buyers turn 16 he’ll be just another flash you won’t hear from again. Kind of like how smart the voters were when they picked Kris Allen and David Cook, guess they were exactly right then too. But I do agree with you in Re: to the judges, who seem to just want to get a big paycheck and advance their own career .(J how  low can you go)

      • Mayorboob, apparently you know nothing about, nor care to know anything about, Country music. You don’t like it—fine! But do not assail that which you do not understand. Scotty will have a very long and successful career in Country Music and has broad-based appeal. I also believe Skylar Laine will have a big Country career!!!

      • Just for the record Taylor Hicks debut album went Platinum also, the fans definitely got that right too. Platinum by today’s standards does not mean the same as it once did, because of population size, mass media outlets, internet, and the overall watering down of the music business. You obviously no nothing about the Industry either.

      • Well, I do happen to know something about vocals…..I have been a vocal coach for 23 yrs. Joshua will have a HUGE career.There is a void in the Soul genre that needs to be filled.He can also do Gospel if that’s what he decides he wants to do.His sound is authentic for both and he knows how to connect.Jessica is a very talented vocalist,however it’s nothing new and her delivery is unbelievable.She has shown time and time again that she is the one trick pony.Granted that one trick is awesome,but it’s still one trick.She can’t even handle her lower register.The female artists that sing R&B right now will eat her alive,simply because she has no personality.(i.e. Monica,Brandy,Beyonce,Jennifer Hudson,Chrisette Michelle,Ledisi and Jill Scott to name a few.) This pony better learn some more tricks!!!! I know the Jessica fans will get upset,but so be it.Most people on this site have really never said she was not talented,however that’s what her fans chose to dwell on. Face it everyone does not like Jessica as their favorite to win. That’s why we get to vote.But damn should people be condemned if they don’t like her or find her very boring and lackluster in performance? Can you imagine her making a video?We may as well close our eyes.Yes,it will be a sweet sound to our ears,however that’s it. I am not mad that Joshua was eliminated,that’s the way the chips fell.However I am pissed that Jessica is in the finale considering no one else recieved the benefit of a judge save.She should have went home just as the other contestants with the lowest number of votes.Then it would be fair.The judges save should be eliminated.Pia was an awesome vocalist but no save was available and she went home,the same should be for all.Hell the judges already voted them in,everything from that point on should be by their on merit and talent. All this being said,please know Phillip Phillips will win.All of Joshua’s and Holly’s fan will vote for Phillip.Whenever Jessica has a CD I will purchase it,because she can sing,however I wouldn’t pay a dime to see her live.Good Luck to both,you have great things just around the corner!!!!

      • And Phillip Phillips doesn’t scream and growl when he sings. At least Josh can carry a melody, but you probably don’t know what that term means.

    • I am over 25 and voted for Phillip.  To me I like his style of music better. Just my opinion.  I don’t need perfect vocals, I want to be entertained and Gospel is not something I find entertaining.  That’s all.  Nothing against his skills whatsoever.  I agree Joshua is a talent, I don’t think his style of music has as much broad appeal to those who do not have 20 years in the business. And unfortunately, most of the voters DO NOT have 20 years in the business. 
      I will say I agree the show is flawed.   and the judges are worse this year than any other.  I think in some respects their inability to do anything other than tell Joshua he was wonderful may have turned some fans who felt it was at times not 100% warranted.  Of course that is not Joshua’s fault, but I do think J. Lo got a little over the top with some of her praise and it got a little annoying at times.  I don’t know if it hurt, but it may not have helped. Plus, I think when the judges favor a competitor it can lull their voters into feeling their fav is safe.

      •  We agree to disagree to disagree. You make some good points and I have no problem with you liking his style over Joshua. But I just worry the shows voting system is being skewed due to the set up and fairness of the overall viewer ship not having an equal share in the voting process. And you are dead on when it comes to the judging. I don’t think I can take another season of J-Low and her annoying voice.

    • sorry to say but she has throat problem before the performance night …. listen to studio version then just her ..

  119. Idol Favorite is Eliminated
    Joshua Ledet was clearly the best vocalist and performer on the show this season. If anyone “deserved” to win, it was probably him. But he never fit the profile of past winners — teenager or cute guy with guitar. He is going home. The two spots in the Season 11 American Idol finale go to Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips.

    • Just to set the record straight, Phillip Phillips has been my favorite since the Top 13 was announced. Last week I thought he would be next elimination. Then he went back home to tremendous love and support.He came back to Idol with enthusiasm and resolve. That and Jimmie Iovine’s choice of “We’ve Got Tonight” saved Phillip’s season. The combination enabled Phillip to pull emotion from depths no one knew he had (not even Phillip). It tipped the balance from Joshua to Phillip.

      • I like Phillip since his first audition.  It was something totally different.  And I am partial to the all around performance.  His music is definitely something I enjoy.  Jessica and Joshua are amazing talents, but the I am not going to run out to but their albums or the albums of their inspirations.  It is just not something that I listen to.  So, it is nothing personal simply my music preference.  So if Jess and Joshua fans would like to rant and call me tone deaf, etc. go for it.  I won’t say the same of you, because while they may not be my style I would never say they don’t have talent.  If you are competing, you want to compete against the best.  If you are a Jess fan and think Phillip is so terrible I guess you can say she is winning by default.  That to me wouldn’t be winning so be careful with those insults.  All three are extremely talented.  Wish them all the best in their careers.  I will still be voting for Phillip.

    • Last night’s elimination clearly proves he was NOT the “favorite”. 

  120. joshua yur the best no matter what we in jamaica luvs yu the gospel will spread in yur career as a musician luv yu lisa

  121. I LOVE Joshua because he is hot and can sing good now my choice is phillip Phillips because he is smoking hot !!!!!! Jesica Sanchez YOU STINK !!!!!!

    PHILLIP PHILLIPS I love you !!!!!!

    Stupid leaf:!?/!/!::!!!

      • How can my post get censor flagged but yours here calling Josh an obscene name doesn’t!?!?!
        Wow…..can we talk about fairness???

    •  Hey could you do us a favor? Could you at least take a bath first, or take a shower maybe (DONT FORGET TO USE A DEODORANT as well) before you tell us that Jessica stinks?

    • I don’t think JS should have been brought back from the dead after she was voted off once, but I think you’re a complete idiot if you think she stinks.  She is young and hasn’t really established her own style as much as P2 or Joshua, but she definitely has some chops.   To say otherwise is just being mean.

  122. I am so happy again with the result. I love Philip Philips and Jessica Sanchez!
    Joshua is a great singer but i think the younger generation doesn’t really enjoy his style of singing and i think one of the reason also why he was voted off was his performance on the last round yesterday. It was just TOO much. Really … he was screaming the whole performance. I don’t think a lot of people likes that.

  123. A lot of busted people are saying that Jessica is a Screamer…Jessicas style is not screaming but growling …and sometimes the song needs that…unlike Josh…oh..well did you hear Jessica growling in one of her performances last night?…all she show cased is the tenderness and angelic voice…

  124. i just don’t get it why all of a sudden it has to be the color, the race and the creed of the AI contestants.  IF that was the case, then AI should change their rules to: ONLY WHITE PEOPLE WHO CAN SING CAN JOIN THIS CONTEST. NO BLACK or ASIANS ARE ALLOWED.  
    it is a contest, and it is only natural that they have their own favorites, they have fans, local and international.  If you think that JESSICA FANS are rude, then maybe because you are too, if you think that PHILLIP doesn’t have the talent, then how come he is still on the running, and if you think that JOSHUA was voted off just because he is black, that is not fair because a lot of good artists that I know have color. 

    • It is not “all of a sudden”.  Since the inception of the show, people cry racism everytime their favorite is voted off.  If that person happens to be anything other than caucasion, than it must be because voters are racist.  It’s a ridiculous notion, but people can’t accept that their favorite is gone so they make ludicrous claims…it apparently makes them feel better. 

  125. Yes!we did it!we got Jessica to the finale!time to make her win!I’m sorry Branden!

  126. Jessica will be a huge contribution to America’s ECONOMY, she has an enormous international appeal. she will sell hit records for her AMERICAN RECORD LABEL. Asia’s market alone is over
    4 billion. so before you bash her, think twice.

  127. All caps is a bit excessive.  You can text or use Facebook.  If you can post here there is no reason you can’t vote on facebook. Seriously I doubt it was a conspiracy, besides the people who leave in 3rd and 4th have traditionally done better than some of the winners.  So be happy that he will likely get a chance to do that.  It is only a tv show and not everyone is required to agree with you.  sorry you are bummed, but we’ve all seen someone we liked go home too early over the years.  It is what it is.  All three are talented and let’s just try not to be so hateful and be happy that each of them will likely get a record from this experience.  Just because he got voted off doesn’t mean it’s the last you’ll hear of Joshua.

  128. I’m sure Branden is upset right now that Jessica made it to the finale. 🙂 JESSICA FOR THE WIN! Bring home the bacon baby! 😀

  129. I am just hoping for a great finale next week. Each contestant has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. And I’d be happier to watch people showing support for his/her bet instead of putting the other contestant down. 

    • I think there’s a huge difference between offering some constructive criticisms and making juvenile comments (i.e. “so and so stinks”).  I also think folks have to realize the constraints of this kind of competition.  So much is subjective.   You can’t tell someone else what kind of music to listen to.  The good thing here is that it takes all kinds to make a world, and I think many of the top 10 are very talented and will appeal to some people.  I think it’s unfortunate that Joshua got eliminated, but I can’t say I’m shocked.  I think he must have a quieter, less aggressive  fan base.  You don’t see too many of his fans getting into heating debates here… lol.

  130. tonight i was very very disepoted of the result i will not watch the final i think it s all fist and will not watch the next american idol if Jhaush the not win this it s fixe good luck but this suck big time i and a lot of my family and friends will not watch  this program again not fair not fair and who ever is in charge wake up this is not fair i would go and see him in concert anytime put the rest nooooo it s just not fair

    •  can somebody please translate and help me understand this post…. is it me being dyslexic or something’s wrong with the post… or the one who posted it?

    • what???!!! whaaaatttt????!!!! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaT????!!!!!!! the h*#@ are you saying????!? And yes do us all a favor and not watch AI ever again! Good riddance!

  131. I hope Phillip wins now. 5th year in a row for a WGWG, will just show how much of a predictable joke this show has turned into. Neither will get my votes tho, could care less actually. The most gifted singer just left the competition, but he’s already a winner, as he will have major success in the music industry. Most important he’s a wonderful person, and doesn’t deserve the nasty personal attacks that have been abundant on this site…..James, you horses butt. So Josh haters can gloat all you want, cause he will get the last laugh when he’s making millions and outselling Mr. One Note!

    •  oh yeah so you are the one who ill decide for his future… wow good for you sour grapping josh fanatic…

  132. Ok. Jessica will win and we will hear from her later on. I mean, you hear all about the girls winning, not the guys. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks. You never hear about the guys when they win. Sure, Scotty’s album went platinum, but did you really hear about it before it went platinum? Think about it, we all know female singers are much more successful than guys.

  133. You know what? Now that I have congratulated the top 2 I can say what I was thinking during the show. 

    I am so glad that Phillip finally landed in the bottom 3 and got to sit on one of the stools of sorrow! That made me happier than Ruben Studard at an all you can eat buffet.

    • Why are you guys saying he was in the bottom??? When or where was that said???

      • Swooooosh!!!! He was in the bottom 3 tonight. How many contestants were left? Didn’t you notice they were sitting on the same stools that the bottom 3 always sat in? I just found that amusing. 

        Don’t get excited. It was a joke. He’s okay!

    • Good one, Taymaro. I do think a few people didn’t get it, but you did explain below. Actually, it was 2 good ones. Both jokes were funny.

  134. Very much pleased with judges reaction after P2 get into the finale~
    All of the 3 are all deserving. 🙂

    • Yes and soon! She can sing her portfolio of Whitney and Mariah and Beyonce’ and Michael songs—only just not as well!!  Groundbreaking!!!

  135. I think I hear Joshua singing right now: Pleeeeeeeease ACK. ACK. ACK, Huh, B-B-B-B-B-B-B- BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA Re-Re-Re-Re member MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  136. Joshua was the best on the show and one of the best singers I have seen in years . It was great to see someone sing and not be a diva or a rapper.I think America got it wrong . Joshua will have a great career and he will be around for a long time!!!!!!!!!! I wish you all the best Joshua and I will be the first in line to buy your records!!

  137. I like this site. Despite the negative comments very few are using foul language unlike the other sites. Good censorship in here. Just the pros and cons come thru in here. Nice. Very sportive visitors. Congrats.

  138. Branden – i just hone you are now convinced that bloggers and voters in your blog site anre not only filipinos but a big chunk of it are americans! Do you need more prrofs? 🙂

  139. Tonight, for the first time ever, Phillip Phillips is in the bottom 3. SHOCKING !!!

  140. Not only has Phillip been the singularly unique talent of this year’s competition, but he has done so while being seriously ill—a stent in his kidney and will have to have major surgery ASAP! And he hasn’t used his condition as a crutch or to gain sympathy. He is a class act!!!

  141. Joshua was the best on the show and one of the best singers I have seen in years. It was wonderful to hear someone sing and not be a diva or a rapper.He will have a great career and will be around a long time !!!!!!!!! I wish you all the best Joshua and I will be the first in line to buy your records.

  142. Jimmy Iovine: “Joshua had a good night, not his best night. Overall, I give it an 8. Will I give it a standing ovation? No.”

    Jimmy Iovine:  “Should Jessica reach the finale? No. She has enough talent to sing in the Grammys.”

    Jimmy Iovine: “Phillip did a great job. It was entertaining and it was fun. Did he steal the show? No.”

    Phillip is not in the Ford commercial again.

    Rest in Peace Ms. Donna Summers.

    OMG Adam Lambert!!!

    Yes Yes Yes JESSICA!

    PHILLIP joins her in the Finale!

    JOSHUA is out!


  143. Sad that Joshua is gone, but i would love to see him singing with Jessica again in the Final Show. Love their duet:)

  144. Listening to Phil’s We’ve Got Tonight…his best performance ever. Grateful he is in the finals….along with Jessica!

      • Last year they were almost 95 million votes. But less people watch the programme this year. So it’s a good number. I think Joshua got 28 million votes, and JESSICA and PHILLIPS 30-30! 

        It’ll be an exciting finale. Who are Joshua fans going to vote, Phillips or Jessica?

        Anyone can win. 

        If Jessica wins, it’ll make history:

        1st saved contestant to win.
        1st filatinamerican to win.
        1st girl to win in more than 5 years.

        If Phillips wins, he’ll be the 5th WGWG winner of the show.

        I’m sure that JESSICA will sell much more than Phillips. I’m sure of it. You can see it in:

        1) Every poll online.
        2) Twitter followers.
        3) Facebook followers.
        4) Youtube views.
        5) Trending topics.
        6) International media.

        I hope Jessica Sanchez wins. But i really don’t care for the tittle. I just want her to get signed and have a record deal. 

        Does anyone know of the second place will have a car as Lauren’s last year?

      • Ryan announced it before he announced Jessica’s name to be the first to go to finale..

    • Like Stalin said, it’s not the number of votes that count, it’s who’s counting the votes… lol.

  145. There’s always a first time when someone would break a streak, someone that cosmic powers waited for to send forth… There’s just no stopping what is bound to happen.. This is Jessica Sanchez’s destiny, we can only give way, stand by the sidelines , and cheer while she passes through. But of course, we can also vote and be counted to be a part of the making of a legend. 

  146. Last year they were almost 95 million votes. But less people watch the programme this year. So it’s a good number. I think Joshua got 28 million votes, and JESSICA and PHILLIPS 30-30! 
    It’ll be an exciting finale. Who are Joshua fans going to vote, Phillips or Jessica?
    Anyone can win. 
    If Jessica wins, it’ll make history:
    1st saved contestant to win.1st filatinamerican to win.1st girl to win in more than 5 years.
    If Phillips wins, he’ll be the 5th WGWG winner of the show.
    I’m sure that JESSICA will sell much more than Phillips. I’m sure of it. You can see it in:
    1) Every poll online.2) Twitter followers.3) Facebook followers.4) Youtube views.5) Trending topics.6) International media.
    I hope Jessica Sanchez wins. But i really don’t care for the tittle. I just want her to get signed and have a record deal. 
    Does anyone know of the second place will have a car as Lauren’s last year?

  147. I Am so happy Phillip made it through. He has a unique voice not like any other person on the show. I think he will win… Go Phillip…..

  148. Watching the homecoming, it’s pretty obvious that Jessica has the most following. Stadium audiences were more with Jessica compared to Phillip and Josh. Popularity and fans support is a big factor to win the finals and Jessica has it. Josh is a great singer as well…was hoping that Josh and Jessica will be the final two in this year’s season. Regardless, I am sure that all three of them will be very successful in their singing career. Big congrats to all three of them…they are already winners!

  149. Jessica Sanchez shall win as she has a great vocal that beats all other singers and she will do justice to the music world.  Jessica keep your awesome and angelic voice and the future is there for you.  Stay cool and enjoy yourself.  All the very best to you and there is no limit to what you want to achieve and do it right.

  150. I think Josh and Jessica will be in the finale.. Too bad that Josh got voted off… 🙁

  151. Jessica is an amazing singer but Phillip is entertaining as well as an amazing singer…. That’s and Idol! I just hope next week he picks some more songs that blow us away. Phillip use your sexiness to your advantage… Sing something sexy to the women cheering you on. Jessica will have a good future with all of this recognition either way. Phillip deserves to win.

  152. american idol, puts alot of effort into the show, as well as the contestants.  But I believe the american people voting distroys everything because it is not just one vote per person but many votes by the same person.  Which I believe is unfair to the contestants.

  153. So what is the theme for the finale, or how does it work my first season of AI…

  154. oh… and did i mentioned that i dreamt about jessica last night??? crazy dream.. seeing her that close and actually i hugged her and told her go for the goal! man that was freakin awesome.. i didnt expect to dream about her.. well before i went to sleep all i think of is her.. so maybe my consciouness brought her to my dream.. hehehe..

      • Can’t you post anything but negativity? Grow up! This is about American Idol. How can you “slam” someone that you don’t even know. Shame on you!

      • Go fawn over you beloved Jessica, and stop hating on that talented young man. It’s the fans like you that make me not vote for Jessica.

  155. repost:

    Last year they were almost 95 million votes. But less people watch the programme this year. So it’s a good number. I think Joshua got 28 million votes, and JESSICA and PHILLIPS 30-30! It’ll be an exciting finale. Who are Joshua fans going to vote, Phillips or Jessica?Anyone can win. If Jessica wins, it’ll make history:1st saved contestant to win.
    1st filatinamerican to win.
    1st girl to win in more than 5 years.If Phillips wins, he’ll be the 5th WGWG winner of the show.I’m sure that JESSICA will sell much more than Phillips. I’m sure of it. You can see it in:1) Every poll online.
    2) Twitter followers.
    3) Facebook followers.
    4) Youtube views.
    5) Trending topics.
    6) International media.I hope Jessica Sanchez wins. But i really don’t care for the tittle. I just want her to get signed and have a record deal. 

  156. where are the jessica haters now? did i mentioned yesterday that jessica will be in the top two? see i hoped you marked my word.. philip really amazing in his first top two in the FINALE

  157. Oh my God!!!!!! JESSICA is in the Finale!!!!! Wooohooo!!!!! I was not me last night while working because I am so anxious about the results. Now I’m so relieved. I can sleep well tonight. You are such an angel sent from heaven Jessica. San Diego is so lucky to have you. America is so happy to have you. The world so much happy to have you! 🙂 

  158. Jessica vs Joshua would actually be an elegant finale since both of them dress well. I like Philip but I do not like his drab image. I hope he dresses well in the finale to be an even match for Jessica.

  159. Whoooah…..everyone’s gone crazy here in PH. Jessica is the talk of the town in Manila for weeks now. Even the President can’t help showing his support for her. I’m sure even w/o the crown, Jessica will receive accolades, recognition, awards and warmest welcome befitting a VIP when she visits PH. History in the making!

  160. Oh my goooooosh! I soooo love Jessica. I told y’all, she’s sooo winning.

  161. Oh my gosh! Am I the only one thinking that Jessica will sing any hit song of Beyonce in the finale?  Listen? Stand up for love?  Oh my gosh!!!

  162. I knew Joshua Ledet was going to be voted off as American Idol is fixed.  He has the whole package and not standing there like a statue when he sings because in this industry you need to entertain or else you will be boring.  I just knew that in order for Jessica to win Joshua has to be voted off.  I didn’t like the songs they have chosen for him but he was great singing them the one I liked is the one he has chosen himself.  Jessica is going to win it because Phillip Phillips isn’t that great vocally, in a way he is not standing a chance.

  163. American Idol is not exciting any more as I would have loved to see the best of the best.  Jessica must really sing to her best as she is great any ways and hope for the best because for the past 5 years we were always watching the same kind of contestants that are singing the same type of music win.  I am so sick of watching this show.  

  164. Top three, yes, it is a run for talent vs talent.  Great singers…least favorite is Phillip.  Joshua should have stayed America.  Although I agreed with another FB friend:  Joshua and Phillip were praised for expanding on their own area of expertise and when they were not in their genre; still encouraged as the best.  These two did their best on some songs but vocally did not hit the mark but were praised.  Jessica had to fight every challenge that the Judges and Jimmy through to her.  And the night before, the judges and Jimmy choose crappy songs for her to sing, but she delivered.  Whether she was nursing a sore throat or not!!  Jessica is American Idol because she did attack every challenge since her SAVE.  IT wasn’t a free ride for her…and viewers numbers for American Idol has increased since Jessica’s save.

  165. It’s so funny. Each time a contestant is voted off, their supporters will “sing” that the whole thing is rigged.


  166. Best of luck to both Jessica and Phillip.  It will be a great showdown!  I have started reading the posts this morning and can’t believe how so many of you are “trashing” Joshua.  For heavens sake people, he was in the top 3!  Do you feel like that is not an accomplishment?  When someone posts something positive about Joshua or wishing him good luck, there are several of you ready to pounce and have to post something sarcastic.  I would hope that Jessica would not be reading americanidolnet and see this stuff. I really don’t think that she would be real proud of her fans.  At 16 years old, I think she is much more mature then those voting for her.  Give credit where credit is due!!

  167.  If you’re in the Philippines and you want to vote for jessica in the
    finale. vote through skype, Voting is allowed May 23 around 1-3pm…
    (finale will be one day early as it used to be)

  168. So you claim American Idol is racist based upon a flawed rationalization and your resolution is to start your own idol show which is clearly racist. I might have given your accusation a bit more thought but then tuned out after reading the bit about rap and talent. So you are dictating that I must like rap because it is based on talent but you don’t have to appreciate any other style of music as it is racist. Hmm. By the way I liked Joshua. Not a huge fan of his music, but liked how he interpreted the music he sang and was sad that he was eliminated.

  169. i was hoping for a joshua and phillip final, i think jessica thinks she has it in the basket, i don’t think she was all that good tues. night. the judges should tell her her mistakes instead of telling her how good she is. she does have talent but , but i don’t think its enough. i am hoping phillip wins it all.

  170. Love phillip he will win jessica seen it all before joshua same.phillip phillips to win American idol

  171. I keep hearing that the folks at Idol want Jessica to win. So what better way than to eleimate Joshua who could out sing her by a mile. I think she is good, but there is something about her still singing like she was 5 years old.
    Also Iwish that only one vote per phone. Then it wouldnt be all the millions of tweens voting.

  172. I really want to see Phillip Phillips win. I love his voice, and I feel Jessica Sanchez has a problem with picking the wrong songs and over singing a lot of what she does pick. I guess time will tell…

  173. jessica in the finale means staying up for the whole four hours and voting!!! its always 4 hours for the finale. VOTE VOTE VOTE JESSICA

  174. I told u I told u people that Phillip would win and he did god bless you Phillip I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

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