American Idol 2012 Top 6 Results: Another One Bites The Dust

American Idol 2012 Elise Testone eliminated

Another American Idol 2012 hopeful said goodbye to the competition tonight, leaving you with your Top 5.

At the top of the show we got a chance to check out the Queen tribute band Queen Extravaganza. And while the band sounded nothing like Queen, the lead singer did look like a puffier version of Freddie Mercury. Which is just odd. But that’s neither here nor there.

After that we got a Ford music video without Phillip Phillips. Seems Phillip is still battling kidney stones and was unable to make the video shoot this week. Then after that, they all go to the TMZ offices in Los Angeles and I’m about to throw something at the TV screen because this is all taking way too long.

Finally, it’s time for some results. Ryan first calls up Jessica and Elise. One is safe and one is in the bottom. Way to give us absolutely NO suspense there, Idol. Ryan sends Jessica to safety, which is no surprise as she’s still riding the wave from the American Idol judges’ save. Elise takes the first stool in the Bottom 3.

After the break, we get a visit from last season’s Casey Abrams for some strange reason. What is he, Stefano Langone’s roadie? Following a pointless talk with Casey, Stefano, who has apparently dropped his last name now, takes the stage and I hit mute.

After that, it’s time for more results. Ryan surprises me by calling Hollie and Joshua up. I thought they, along with Elise, would make up the Bottom 3. Joshua is sent to safety and Hollie joins Elise in the Bottom 3. That means the last person in the bottom is Sklyar or Phillip. And that’s not what anyone expected.

Up next was some prerecorded performance by one of the most untalented over-rated pop stars of modern times and we finally get to the final results.

Ryan pulls Skylar and Phillip to the center of the stage and I’m after the performances the night before, I’m almost thinking Phillip will be in the bottom. But that would mean everyone this season was in the bottom at some point, and I don’t recall that ever happening (Idol trolls, if I’m wrong, please correct me in our comments section). But it’s Skylar in the bottom. Phillip is safe, continuing his streak.

I think it’s almost unfair to call it the Bottom 3 when there are only six of them left, but whatever. Ryan immediately sends Sklyar to safety, which means she probably was in fourth place, which sounds better than the Bottom 3. So it’s between Elise and Hollie.

It really could have been either of them, but Ryan reveals the news and it’s Elise who will have to suffer through clips of her journey set to that awful Scotty McCreery song.

Elise takes the stage one last time and gives us another listen to her best performance of the season – Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.” I would have liked to see Elise outlast at least three of the other five. Which three? That’s my secret.

What did you think of the American Idol results tonight?