American Idol Eliminee Elise Testone Discusses Next Steps

Elise Testone on American Idol

Last night on American Idol 2012 we saw Elise Testone eliminated from the Season 11 competition and exit in the 6th spot. She might be gone from the next few Wednesday performance shows, but Elise has good news for her fans.

When Elise Testone spoke with FOX last night following her elimination she discussed how she’s preparing for those upcoming steps. “All I’m focusing on right now is ‘Okay, how do I need to prepare for what’s next?’ Because I know it’s going to just be so fast,” Elise told FOX All Access.

Making it to the American Idol Top 6 spot clearly shows that Elise Testone has a lot of fan support which means she’ll definitely have some great opportunities out there. “At this point [Top 6], anyone is successful. It’s just what I’m going to do with that tomorrow,” Elise added in a very positive note.

Also good news for fans who have enjoyed Elise’s transition in to the rock genre. She gets it now and wants to pursue that angle. Elise explained that it was difficult to target one type of music because she loves so many different types, but now she believes she’s found her wheelhouse.

As a parting note to her fans, Elise encouraged them by saying, “I’m sure [my fans] are upset and they don’t need to be upset because this isn’t the end of anything.” So get ready, Testonites, there’s more Elise coming your way soon.

You can watch Elise Testone discuss her elimination reactions in FOX’s “All Access” interview which could be described as a battle of the monotones as interviewer Jeff Axelrod sounds like he’s about to fall fast asleep at any moment:




    •  some, more like lots, particularly if you include hippity hop/rap artists who…just should not be called artists.

  1. elise needs to front a rock band, the harder the better.  she would be brilliant.  hopefully this show has given her the exposure she needs.

    • my thoughts exactly, she’s a great rock singer and nailed Led Zep … and it was so good to hear some rock on the show instead of boring ballads.  Good luck to her with her career

  2. As I see it I think it wont matter what Hollie will do next week she will go home (Skylar fans will vote like crazy because of her beeing bottom 3 this week, Joshua might be with her in the bottom 2 but I dont think he will go home and not her, and lets face…neither Jessica or Phillip will finish 5th!)

    out of the top 4 I think the finale will be:

    60%    Jessica VS Phillip
    15%    Jessica VS Skylar
    10%     Phillip VS Skylar
    10%    Jessica VS Joshua
    5%       Phillip VS Joshua
    0%      Skylar VS Joshua

    which means this will be the order of eliminations from now on:

    5th Hollie
    4th Joshua
    3rd Skylar
    2nd Phillip
    1st Jessica

  3. She is way better performer than Jessica…Jessica sucks and she is so pathetic!!!
    Her fans are some kind a sect or what?!  That girl gets votes by pattern: oh I’m so small, so powerless…vote for me because I’m a little mouse…Jessica doesn’t have blood in her performances…

    • Remember the name Jessica Sanchez! She will be a DIVA in the future…Don’t be jealous coz your not! and your ugly in and out!

    • Hollie sucks!! JESSICA is great!!

      Your nickname remains me of a Spanish word “CARACULICA”. Lol!

    • hahaha…ur so funny! its like telling d 3 judges, jimmy, jennifer holliday, jennifer hudson, beyonce, latoya jackson, adam lambert, richard marx, pia toscano, haley, stefano, jessey mccartney and a lot more artist that they’re so DUMB for admiring JESSICA SANCHEZ TALENT! hahahahaha!

      • and oh…i forgot, this are just some of d artist that praised JESSICA…..just to name a few you know, hahahaha!

      • You know it has more to it then just voice, You put out some big names but I admit but Rod Stewart has them beat when it comes to buying music. He has a voice most everybody likes and he makes people feel good when they hear him.

    • I can taste your hatred of Jessica. Get over it. You’re in denial if you think she is not the best singer in the competition.

    • thats what ure opinion well said….. HA HA HA HA …ENDURE ENDURE ENDURE because JESSICA will be on the top

    • Your comment like this is the reason why Jessica is getting the highest votes, and why Elise lost. Elise is as talented as Jessica and the rest of the Top 5.
      You should have voted 20 million times if you really wanted Elise to stay in the competition.

  4. Elise is one of the best singers, musicians and performers…..she should not have been eliminated…..but as we all know the ones that are crowned “American Idol” are not always the best.  Elise will do great with her career.  American will miss your appearance on Idol, but we will see and listen to you at future events.  Have a great career.  You are truly remarkable and a great talent and an inspiration to all youth.  You are a true class act.  Always be true to yourself, have fun and keep making us proud of our votes for you! Way to go Elise! 

  5. bye girl for now,,,, but for sure you have a bright future ahead of you…. keep on FIGHTING …. GO GO GO GO

  6. Do you think she’ll have a duet partner during the Finale? or she’ll just be one of the background singers with the rest of the other contestants who didn’t make it far…. Please reply,  I’m a diehard Elise Fan, and i’m anticipating her next performance on Idol though she’s eliminated. 🙂

  7. I think the show will have Jessica win cause she was saved by the judges…makes for good TV drama and keeps people watching. I am a Skylar fan myself but believe she can’t win since we had a country singer win last year but hope I am wrong! 

    • Whatever the reasons the judges and the producers may have had for saving her, she was deserving of the save. 

      • Because Jessica’s voice has quality and it is not irritating to the ear.She has a God given voice .

  8. Personally I feel that Elise has one of the most unique voices in the competition.     All of the contestants sing well.  Thats why they made it this far, but in order to make it in this industry they need someone with a distinct voice that stands out above the rest.   I believe Elise has something that sets her apart.   You’ll do fine!!!

    • Elise has style I loved her hats. She reminds me of the 70’s. She’ll do great. I kinda wish she’d go into Jazz though. She like Haley from last year can sing about any type of music.

  9. she’s gonna do fine…elise is good, amazing talent, this is just the start of her carreer…cant wait for her album!

    •  When Ryan said that, I wanted to slap him. Stevie said did NOT need a singer but IF she did, she would hire Elise. Elise is under contract with Idol until the tour is over. Anything she does, Idol has to ok during that period. I hope Ellen and Jay Leno have Elise as a guest as they are in LA,

  10. Her elimination just made my finale be all but a fantasy! 🙁

    I really want to see  a Phillip VS Elise finale since it will surely be a real ARTISTIC SHOWDOWN!
    So, maybe a Phillip VS Skylar isn’t that bad. 🙂
    If not, Jessica or Hollie but please no Joshua! 🙁 The guy was overrated. 😐

    • i agree its time for Joshua to go home, he is over rated as a singer and performer.  he is good enough.  but come on so many standing ovations. the judges are crazy.  or pushing for something !!!!

  11. I hope she does well in her career but I got to be honest. I never was a fan of the way she always sounded like she needed a drink of water. She did have a better voice than Phillip as evident during their duet but I liked her personality and she was a natural on stage so she will do well.

      • I know…it’s so unique voice right……she’s great…we will always love u elise…

      • Is she a smoker? Maybe performing in clubs with her band and second hand smoke did it. 

        On the other hand some people just have a natural raspy voice. 

        I think Axl Rose called the clubs and bars “the city gas chamber”. Pretty good comparison if you ask me.


  13. What a classy lady and class act she is (Elise, in case you were wondering).  She may not be  Southern by birth but she is definitely a Southern Lady and has represented her now home town Charleston, SC wonderfully.  I will always be a fan Elise.

  14. would love to hear Skylar sing Martina McBride do it anyway,not sure if that is right title

    •  Lauren Alaina did a good job with that song. I think Skylar looks and sounds like Reba McIntire. I wish she would do one of Reba’s songs.

  15. Good luck to Elise! it’s difficult to get  recognition outside Idol, I sincerely hope Colton and Elise and all others do well!
    As for the Top 5, wow, it’s anybody’s shot to get to the finale!!! But only Jess, Phil or Josh will win!

    • Jessica was on America’s got talent, I saw a you-tube video of her, she was about 8 ???  I wonder if anyone knows how she did on that show????

      • She was 11 and it was the first season. In the wildcard round, she sand “I Surrender” a Celine Dion song but did not make the semis.

        The year before she sang at the Apollo and was brought back on stage by Whoopie Goldberg because she got a standing ovation.  

        She has sung the National Anthem at Chargers games twice, once when she was 12 and then 13 and released two singles when she was 13.

        She was awarded a full scholarship training at the Theater of  Arts in Hollywood. The girl started singing at age 2 and has been groomed ofr stardom since she was about 6.  

  16. I Love all these people left they are all so gifted. The one thing I want to comment on is the judges. I am so SICK AND TIRED OF THEM PUSHING JESSICA SANCHEZ AS THE BEST. i DON’T THINK SO. VERY GIFTED BUT NOT BEST.Them pushing like that gives a unfair push in her direction and thats just not fair. REALLY

    • I thought it was Joshua’s the one they were praising in high heavens…back to back stand o’s. And it wasn’t only Jessica…there’s Skylar and Philip which for the judges can do no wrong.
      Why single out Jessica? Hmm…

    • the judges were pushing more on Joshua, he got more of their SO, they also have some criticisms to Jessica…….yes…they save Jessica  because she had the talent……the girl is gifted, no question about it……….i guess if Joshua is the one eliminated i’m sure they will save him too……….just vote for your favorite if you want them to win…….it’s not Jessica’s fault anyway if the judges as you say pushing jess as the best…….it’s what they believe in… the end America will choose the BEST………

    • While they have been a bit soft on Jessica at times I don’t think they have been over the top at all. Joshua they have definately been over the top in support, similar to DeAndre before he was given the push. I must agree that the judges have not exactly been impressive this season. Some contestants they seem to nit pick at while other contestants showing the same flaws seem they can do no wrong. Not sure how much of an effect it has had though. Deandre is gone. They seemed to have sealed Hollie’s fate yet here she still is. Jessica had to be saved, Colton is gone. Wonder if the Judges are bright enough to realize the reactionary impact they are getting from the public.

      • oh my gosh I agree, he has had so many standing ovations, crazy,
        he can sing an ok ballad, but his face is wierd when he sings, and he screams, my gosh the judges are just crazy.  he is not the best to me.
        but neither is Phillip, he is good, but he is getting boring, just standing there, and his face is wierd.   he can sing but he is not the best.  Skyler is the whole package, singer, performer, entertainer,  the young girls will vote for philip and maybe joshua, thats where it gets sad, the young girl vote. my likes are Skyler, Hollie, (she can sing she really can) and then Jessica, I know it wont go like that though.

    • You’re not the chief justice, are you?   Sweetie, don’t dwell so much on your own feelings(impulse)….it’s poison! so deceiving! liar! selfish! envious! boastful! domineering!   I hope, you don’t have either one of these qualities….If Jessica is not your type, it’s okay. get rid of your delusion!! move on! Get a grip!!!! 

      • A good reasoning carries with it principles…never rely on what you feel…it’s evil! Some are just sensually or even sexually attracted to the contestants and some are full of pride, hatred, superiority and envy…. to others just because they are not of the same racial background.  Please don’t judge the book by its cover you fools!!

  17. Elise is the absolute winner in my book.  She is versatile, soulful, and drop-dead beautiful!  I can’t wait for the release of her upcoming CD.  I know that she will be a smash.  Philip should have been voted off.  I just don’t get it.

  18. Elise is 28 yrs old and so many teens vote for the teenaged contestants. She will have an amazing career. I loved the song she performed at the end of the show.

  19. I think Elise’s fans will not give their votes to Phillip. The judges want Joshua and Jessica but Phillip may win this thing.

    • They should, he is the only one left who is an anti-DIVA which is what Elise was too. But then again Skylar is too.

  20. Our entire family in Honolulu will continue to support Jessica Sanchez no matter what the outcome would be…and we are confident she will shine and become successful not only for her talent but because of her devotion to family and excellent upbringing…aloha from hawaii…ariel and robbie..

      • Another bitter melon!!!…. “excellent upbringing. Do you really think that’s a reason to be voted AI?”  

        Not the reason to be voted BUT certainly, the contestants need to have good moral values and clean records.  Absolutely, YES! i believe so 100%…. Didn’t you know that,one of this season’s semi finalist was eliminated because AI found out the contestant had several crime records…. Move on! and get over your bitterness!

    • Released a single in March, sang it on Idol a few weeks ago and her album is out next month on May 22.

      Apart from the winner and runner up, it usually takes about 12-months before albums are released from the previous seasons contestants.

      Lauren Alaina’s album did not sell well and James Durbin, who wanted to go his own way, flopped with his album. Haley is signed by Production 19 as is Pia Toscano.  

    •  James, I did vote for Elise as you asked last night, not 5 minutes as I promised but close.  I texted 100 times. Sorry, it did not help.

      • Thanks, I liked her and was just trying to help her because for some reason her local community wasn’t supporting her at all and I think that was really sad.

        I think all of them are good (well except Joshua, I don’t care for, maybe it’s just me idk) and it’s hard to see any of them go. As long as Joshua doesn’t win, I’ll be happy.

  21. I am sorry to see Elise gone also.  She was also the package.  Good voice and good showmanship but the judges are so hung up on Joshua and Jessica that they can’t see further than those two.  I also think Skylar is very good.  I hope that Skylar wins it all.  Standing ovations for Joshua is getting too be a bit boring.

  22. Heres How I see it maybe
    The young girl vote will take over now, so Phillip will get many votes and joshua some. The country people could start which would hold Skyler.  Not sure where Elsie votes may go.  probably to Phillip… If Hollie goes, her votes will go to Joshua, because they are so close and some to Skyler because they are besties. from there I dont know.   good luck to the ones I like 🙂

  23. A Poll************************
    Who has actually gone and seen the AI tour?
    Thumbs up if you have been to one and comments on what you though about it.

    I have been to the last 3 and they were all great!

    Who/What I like best: Haley Reinhart, James Durbin, Crystal Bowersox, Kris Allen, & Adam Lambert.

    So out of the last 3 years, I only liked one AI when I saw them in person. Scotty was good, just not my kind of music.

  24. her unique voice will take her FAR. She is a great singer with that rock blues jazzy feeling. she’s just unique and better than most singers out there. she’ll do JUST fine. 

  25. American Idol was good when first aired however with the judges they have now and with Jimmy and there comments really suck as well as standing up clapping for Joshua 12 times . Someone tell Joshua to wear a coat or suit that fits instead of things that are to small for him . Bring Simon Cowell back and let him chose two other judges to bring with him get rid of Jimmy and the other 3 so called judges especially Steven Tyler who looks like he is drunk or spaced out on drugs .

  26. Phil Phillips should win for the rest are not really that good . I picked Phillip when season 11 started to win .  Screaming and hollering is not singing . I noticed a post several weeks ago where it said Joshua should win if he does the show is rigged for he can not sing and his dress with clothes to small especially the coats to short .

    • Many singers lost their soul and feeling. It’s about hitting the high notes. Look at the DIVA comparisons on youtube. They compare singers singing the same song and argued incessantly which singer is better.

    • Are you sure Phillip is the best. I mean that his recent performances have not been good. I think he should’ve gone home instead of Elise. But of course he gets the female vote. America picks cute guys (Scotty mccreery) to win and they don’t recognize true talent (pia toscano, Jessica Sanchez almost being eliminated.) Phillip hasn’t even been in the bottom three this season. I hope he goes out next week.

  27. Elise was great…but i think her fans were not.
    They did not vote much to keep her in the contest…just my opinion.

  28. Elise was a favorite of mine. she is very talented and will go far. the best to Elise!

  29. I was sad to see her go as my 2nd favorite…. The next one to go is Hollie. I’m also sad on that one because she’s my favorite

  30. Un comentario para Elise; te quiero mucho; espero que sigas triunfando y confiando en Dios para todo lo que hagas

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