American Idol 2012 Top 6 Results: Another One Bites The Dust

American Idol 2012 Elise Testone eliminated

Another American Idol 2012 hopeful said goodbye to the competition tonight, leaving you with your Top 5.

At the top of the show we got a chance to check out the Queen tribute band Queen Extravaganza. And while the band sounded nothing like Queen, the lead singer did look like a puffier version of Freddie Mercury. Which is just odd. But that’s neither here nor there.

After that we got a Ford music video without Phillip Phillips. Seems Phillip is still battling kidney stones and was unable to make the video shoot this week. Then after that, they all go to the TMZ offices in Los Angeles and I’m about to throw something at the TV screen because this is all taking way too long.

Finally, it’s time for some results. Ryan first calls up Jessica and Elise. One is safe and one is in the bottom. Way to give us absolutely NO suspense there, Idol. Ryan sends Jessica to safety, which is no surprise as she’s still riding the wave from the American Idol judges’ save. Elise takes the first stool in the Bottom 3.

After the break, we get a visit from last season’s Casey Abrams for some strange reason. What is he, Stefano Langone’s roadie? Following a pointless talk with Casey, Stefano, who has apparently dropped his last name now, takes the stage and I hit mute.

After that, it’s time for more results. Ryan surprises me by calling Hollie and Joshua up. I thought they, along with Elise, would make up the Bottom 3. Joshua is sent to safety and Hollie joins Elise in the Bottom 3. That means the last person in the bottom is Sklyar or Phillip. And that’s not what anyone expected.

Up next was some prerecorded performance by one of the most untalented over-rated pop stars of modern times and we finally get to the final results.

Ryan pulls Skylar and Phillip to the center of the stage and I’m after the performances the night before, I’m almost thinking Phillip will be in the bottom. But that would mean everyone this season was in the bottom at some point, and I don’t recall that ever happening (Idol trolls, if I’m wrong, please correct me in our comments section). But it’s Skylar in the bottom. Phillip is safe, continuing his streak.

I think it’s almost unfair to call it the Bottom 3 when there are only six of them left, but whatever. Ryan immediately sends Sklyar to safety, which means she probably was in fourth place, which sounds better than the Bottom 3. So it’s between Elise and Hollie.

It really could have been either of them, but Ryan reveals the news and it’s Elise who will have to suffer through clips of her journey set to that awful Scotty McCreery song.

Elise takes the stage one last time and gives us another listen to her best performance of the season – Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.” I would have liked to see Elise outlast at least three of the other five. Which three? That’s my secret.

What did you think of the American Idol results tonight?





    • I and most of America have never liked ELISE! She’s arrogant and can only sound halfway good when it’s a rock song. It’s a “Pop” star competition!

      • Elise has no worries.  She will do well long after Idol.  It is a Pop Tart competition, but Elise never compromised her integrity.  So over-the-top vocally talented, never boring…can’t wait to see you rock it again this summer, Elise!

      • Arrogant? I found her the opposite. Quiet, and confident. It’s something how people can misconstue emotion.

        Speak for yourself.

      • Oh my fag, America has a name, and it’s Bevmiller_01. Keep going, we’re listening. Pft.

      • Hmmmm wonder how she made it this far???  I personally don’t care about the attitude I like her type of music style and will be buying her music when she puts it out.

      • freedom of writing Mr. Fernandez – hatred and craps to you, but not to others – thank you

      •  Surayaabadi, sorry but I said CAPS not craps. Commenting Rules say,
        “Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content”. Peace!

    • Susie, you gotta be kidding! America is more sensible than that. You really think judges can influence our votes??? Jessica had her share of praises and negative remarks (which we view as constructive criticsms) from the judges. And so was elise! She had her moment too (remember the led zep night where elise got a standing o. So how can you now say that they didnt like her from the start? Its not fair. Granting for the sake of argument that judges are really biased, that doesn’t mean that they have that great power to influence everyone! So, enough of your trash talk in ALL CAPS! Just vote for who you like, like there’s no tomorrow, because thats what were doing to support our favorite. Stop whining and blaming anyone because ultimately, it is US, america that decides, who goes home and who stays! 🙂

    • Going backwards? Jessica? She was never backward or forward, her voice is so rich and she sings with so much emotion. My God, how can u make such a remark. As for the judges……Simon also did in the past make a remark abt Carrie Underwood winning the competition and bringing in the most revenue. Why did not anyone accuse Simon of choosing Carrie as his favourite?? i REST MY CASE

    • lol! then why was she in the top 24 for season opening if the judges didn’t see her talent?  I am not fond of the judges since Simon left, but you are entitle to your opinion girl!

    •  hellorrrr everyone else who vote in this competition has its own choice no matter what the judges will say. Ok.

    • Oh please… this thing with the judges influencing votes is sooooo cliche… Don’t you have any other, more original things to say? And please read the commenting rules Susie…. it says comments left inAll-Caps will be deleted regardless of content…

      • The one thing we can say for sure of the judges is that they saved Jessica or she would have been out of there a while back.

    •  Maybe it would be better to take a look at it from this point of view:
      Probably audience does not only vote because of performance or vocal ability but by the overall make as an artist. I know these idol hopefuls are very talented; otherwise, they wouldn’t be here. But then again, a true artist understands more than just singing a song or performing on stage; it’s about attitude, determination, taking risks and best of all the willingness to improve. Not all of them, sad to say, take criticisms properly or constructively; rather they see it as an immediate attack on their talent, which makes them instantly defensive and make excuses instead of just taking in what they say and implementing these for their improvement. If you listen to the producers and the coaches, they are always very specific to the word “listen” as they often repeat it whenever they give their comments about the idols; like “i’m glad she listens and takes it seriously” or “she implements what she learns and listens to advice”…

      I think for some who were voted out, probably there wasn’t enough character to them or they looked and sounded “too defensive” or “too cocky” while they were given criticisms, and that for me I think plays a role, too. A true artist listens and implements; s/he does not merely rely on his own raw talent to survive; otherwise, what do they need judges for?

    • Elise is arrogant, she was crying about being criticised more than the others…they all get their fair share of constructive criticism. She’s the oldest, she should be able to take the comments and turn them into positive energy.

      • I do think Elise got more criticism from the judges than certain other contestants.  That is partly because she has been the oldest competitor this year and because she – unfortunately – made some bad song choices when trying to stay true to herself.  It’s a hard line to walk: be yourself but sing songs that everyone is familiar with. 

      • She was responding to Ryan’s question, asking her if she thought she was being criticised more than the others.  I think she felt like she was “on the spot”  Atleast this is what I remember.  I don’t think she is arrogant at all.  Why attack her?

    •  My best two people are Skyler and philip, and the one that got away is Elise and the judges are regreting it

      • You know, Elise may have the last laugh on these folks. She will do well in the tour and will probably get a contract from someone after the tour is done.  She will be able to record songs that suit her and her listening audience.

    • Susie, I don’t give a flip what the judges think.  Plenty of other folks feel the same.  Actually, the judges should keep totally mum about their personal favorites and just give performance advice.  It was a “blah” night for Phil, but his fanbase votes for him regardless.

    • I like Elise too but come on, Phillip was awesome, I do agree that the judges are bias to Jessica and Joshua. Randy as much said it all when they saved Jessica. Joshua didn’t do a good job on Crazy Little Thing Called Love but he got the standing O. 

    • SUsie…seems like u have Huge problem with the AI, i think better for u not to watch the show anymore.

    • You are so right!!!! I was so shocked when skylar was put in the bottom 3. Phillip is now my least favorite


      • Everyone compares Phillip to Dave Matthews, but I think they are totally wrong.  He is much more comparable to Johnnie Lang, another blues-man, who coincidently recorded “Still Rainin'” that Phillip sang a while ago, about 10 years ago.   
        Those who criticize Phillip for the emotion he shows on his face have apparantly never seen Johnnie Lang perform.   
        I would rather see genuine emotion and soul, than the phoney histrionics displayed by Joshua.   But, that’s just my opinion.
        I think the choice of Elise to go home was right and that the remaining performers are white-knuckled now.

      • I myself love to hear and watch Phillip, he kind of reminds me of Bruce Springsteen. 

      • Shades, how in the hell is Joshua’s emotions phony? So Phillips constipated growl is true emotion and soul, but Joshua’s is phony? You don’t have to like Josh’s sound, but to make that comment is just beyond dumb. Josh has grown up singing in front of his church, but that’s fake and phony when he shows the emotion on the show…..come on bro…. Josh has more emotion and soul in his pinky finger than growling, constipated Phillip has in his entire body. Until Phillip can show versatility and do something different for a change, like sing a BALLAD, I could care less what excuses anybody makes for Phillip being great, cause all he is is a ONE trick pony.

    • What?? Jessica isn’t NEAR AS GOOD? With due respect to you, totally have to disagree. Come on, the girl has a beautiful, beautiful voice…..I am left in awe at yr remark. There are only a handful who can handle Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” so well…and Jessica is one of them.

      • Joshua & Jessica are OVERRATED

        too much hype and pimping from the judges

        but if i choose between them
        that would be Jessica

      • Lest you forget: It’s not Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”  It’s Dolly Parton’s song. She wrote it and she recorded it long before Whitney came along.

      • whitney cokehead houston didn’t write or perform I will always love you,dolly parton did first,all houston did was play parrot.

      •  Anybody with a big voice can sing I Will Always Love You in Whitney’s style.  It takes HUGE amounts of control to sing the song in the original version by Dolly Parton.  And I clearly remember Jimmy telling Jessica to tone it down the first time she sang the chorus and do it more softly, which is how Dolly did it.  And, surprise, surprise, Jessica didn’t.  Why?  Because she couldn’t.  She’s a one trick pony.  Big, yelling notes only.  She has some talent I won’t lie, but not the most talent there, especially since Joshua proved Wednesday that he could do a song without screaming, and sound damn good while doing it.

    •  Here’s long tall Susie again…..riding high on her civil and intelligent ALL-CAPS comment! You can call me Sashimi to match your desire and craving! Stay cool……if you don’t, will give you more wasabe to clean and clear your mouth.

      • Also make her eat plenty of  stinky fermented soy beans (Nato) to make her mouth shut! Bwahahahahahaha!

      • or i’m going to make her swallow 1 lb of Wakame!!! Seaweeds!!! it would be so yak!! for her so she’ll stop.

    • yo Susie don’t watch – like me – when I cannot stomach other contestants singing I switch my remote to other stations – cable surfing – I am good at timing – I only watch Philip after final 7 – really give me headache & stomach cramp listening to the others – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA – thank you

    • Phillip is just a character. He’s fun if you like his kind of singing, and he’s a pain in the tail if you don’t.  No middle ground on him.  Jessica is a great singer but a poor performer.  She hasn’t really learned that part yet.

    •  u know what they say susie…u don’t criticize someone u think is no no competition….actually me thinks you like Philip n Jessica a lot and u think they r the real competition…heh heh…funny way of showing it !

      • Jessica maybe but definitely not Bebe Chez.  She was voted off after mentioning the Bebe Chez name for 2 weeks and hasn’t said it since then. 

      • At this point in the competition, winning isn’t all that important.  They’ve all had a good amount of national exposure and record company scouts have been watching them.  Most will get record contracts even if they don’t win.  Scotty won last year, but Lauren, Haley, Casey, Pia, Stefano all got some sort of record deal.  It’s all good.

      •  Personally, I find her whole alter ego thing immature and annoying.  Her parents gave her the name Jessica Sanchez.  She shouldn’t need to pretend to be someone different to go outside of the box and be a good performer.

    • You sure have ugly comments abt some of the contestants dont you? Let me see. Skylar, Philip and Jessica. We have Joshua and Hollie left. What awful remarks are you going to comment abt. them? Point I am making is, we can furnish our opinon but pls do not use ugly comments. These people are nice people. They are just in a singing competition and each one putting his/her best effort. If we need to comment on them, please please do not make such remarks sound so cruel

  3. Bye Elise!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Good luck to your tour and your up coming album…
    Now I can’t wait to find out the theme for next week? OPERA & RAP????? lol

  4. No surprise. I expected Skylar to go home but alas it was Elise. I wasn’t shocked by anything except that I don’t buy that Hollie was bottom two. Just another way to try and crush her confidence after they built it up last night. 

    Anyway we know Skylar was helped out by her vocal enhancements so this season is shot. No matter who wins it wont be considered a legitimate victory to a lot of people so I will just watch the rest of the shows and enjoy the music. 

    Just sayin………

    • Hi Taymaro,

      Well it finally happen, I know it has to, it was written in stone.  The last artist gone.  None left I am sorry to say.  So my friend true to my promise to you and according to our agreement with Mr. Ali, I am now
      packing it in now that my one and only favourite is gone.

      Just saying…………………………………bye bye friends until next season
      it was fun while it lasted.

      • Stay around and help me out with this crowd. I have adopted the “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” attitude Mr. Ed. I need your help but I understand how you feel. 

        If you can’t hang around I guess I will see you next season. I’m gonna stay around and annoy some more people.  

      • We’re going to enjoy it till the finale, because contrary to what you said, there are other exceptional artists left in top 5. But i respect your decision. Hope you enjoyed while it lasted! 🙂

      • I don’t get it.. The only ‘artists’ this season were Elise, Colton, and Phil.  There’s still 1 left ya know..

    •  I think Skylar has peeked…this contest is for anyone to win at this point…dont think we have seen the best from Hollie yet…if/when we do…look out!!!

      • Peeked where?  Into the guy’s rooms?  Wouldn’t surprise me.  The little minx.  Oh … wait did you mean peAked?  LOL

    • Taymaro,
      Love your posts and honesty.  You have mentioned a few times that Skylar has been helped by voal enhancements.  How do we know this?  I’m trying to understand, as you are the only one I have heard mention this.  Just wondering.

      • I know. I don’t understand why other people aren’t discussing and some sites I have seen deliberately misquote Steven to try and cover it up. Go to Youtube and search “Steven Tyler, The Cat’s Out of the Bag” and you will find the video of his comments after her first performance on Wednesday night. Listen and read the transcript below the video and IMO there is only one way to interpret what he said. 

  5. At this point i don’t really care who goes home because eventually one by one they are all going to leave and only one winner left. 

  6. it’s time for a girl power this season..too tired of all male winners 🙁 wish girls can prove they deserve it! ..

    sad Elise goes home. 

  7. @twitter-331141802:disqus , all caps again??????? dont you read the rules above????? bye bye comments.

  8. Actually Elise has been so lucky being top 6 since she was at the bottom 3 five times and saved once.  I think she’s like a cat with 7 lives. Lol.

    • Hally Rhienhart from last year had the same problem. But, than one day America woke up, realized how great Haley was and just like that, she stopped being in the bottom 3. Sadly, that never happened for Elise. But, Elise was no Haley either. But, I do wish Elise luck all the same.

  9. I think in Season 3 everybody has been in the bottom. Coz’ even fantasia and diana has been in the bottom three. 

    •  And remember season 2 when Reuben was in the bottom every week and he came out of nowhere and beat Clay Aiken?  (Still suspicious about that one…)  Being in the bottom 3 means nothing.  I wish they would do every elimination with a RANDOM three instead of a bottom, only with the one leaving in that random three.   I’d love to see how that changed things.

  10. I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl who wins this season. I care about the best person winning. The only one I’d really be mad to see win was Elie, other than that I don’t think Joshua will be popular with today’s listeners so I don’t really want him to win either…but people seem to like the gospel screaming stuff so we’ll see I guess. P.P is my fav.

    • People like to hear the strainy one-note wonder stuff, too, I guess.  P2 is a nice guy with a great smile, fun to watch, but let’s be real…limited vocal ability.  

      • Nah, I disagree. I think his studio versions are songs that would be really popular today. Just b/c he doesn’t screech and have huge vocal range does not mean he is not an extremely talented artist.

      • Not the greatest voice, our Phil, but definitely an entertainer.  He knows how use the stage and how to perform!  That’s what ultimately sells CDs.

      • IMO a lot of P2s strange faces are due to pain whenever he tries to push his voice.  Kidney stones are a b***h and they were more or less dormant when he signed up for this and then they flared big time.  I hope he gets voted off soon so he can take care of himself before the tour.  He’ll get a record deal regardless.

      •  Limited vocal ability, but way more entertaining than Jessica.  I’d rather vote for someone with a good but not great voice who can perform, than some powerhouse whose performances put me to sleep like Jessica, Hollie, Pia, etc.  If performances weren’t supposed to matter, the whole show would have just been on the radio.

      • Why do people keep saying ‘listen to the studio version?’ the live performance is what is being voted on. If they sucked live but sounded great in a recording booth, they still shouldn’t get a vote. If their so great in the studio, they should be great on their live performance. I don’t get all that ‘listen to the studio version’ stuff…why should I? I’m voting based on the live show as it should be, not on an auto tune, mixer board, studio enhanced version of the same song . We judge them by their performances on wed night, not by listening to them via iTunes or however the hell your supposed to listen to it Anway…go Josh!!!

  11. I think now it’s only Top 5 left on the competition and 4 of them will be gone week by week.  It’s just a matter of time who’s next.  I suggest that you have to root for your favorite especially at this time.  If you don’t have idol left, we can see you next season instead of bashing other idols here.  They are all amateurs right now and most of us expect them to perform great all the time.  It’s all up to them and to voters.  Good luck to all.  I like all of them because they all have different qualities.  And of course, they are not all perfect.

  12. If the judges continually talk you down the public will eventually take you out.  Elise sings a relatively obsecure Jimi Hendrix song and gets absolutely pasted by everyone except Jennifer.  Phillip sings an even more obsecure Dave Matthews song and gets props for being an artist and staying true to himself.  And never mind that Elise’s performance was much better that Phillip’s.  I suppose we should give them a pass, they probably were still too starstruck and were fresh out of kudos to give out after Joshua.  Pulease, try to be a little bit fair.

  13. Elise ended her AI journey tonight. For the people who believed in her talent, its a sad news but eventually one will be booted after the other. Week after week the number will go smaller until the last two remains. I would go for Jessica-Hollie for the finals. Jessica for the win. She is an amazing singer… it does not need to have good ears to recognize it. Even infants would vote for her, i believe.

    • Hi Helno Dexas,

      If you give my 2 month old grand son a smart phone, I will make sure that he text a thousand votes with his own fingers for your beloved Jessica.    Seriously LOL

      Ha ha ha , “infants would vote” ha ha ha  I think you are serious, aren’t
      you?  ha ha ha

      Hey Taymaro, I could not resist this one …….one for the road
      ha ha ha

    • I agree. Her voice and choice of songs …. amazing! She can belt out any high note, any diva song, anytime! I would like her to be the winner this time!

    • Infants don’t know any better so you are probably right. I think most of her fans aren’t too far removed from the infant stage as it is. That is judging from some of the posts on here that I have read. 

      • In spirit or in years? 

        Let’s put it this way. I can’t remember where I put my car keys….oh they’re in my hand…..hmmmmm where did I park? 

        Things I do remember:

        The first color TV’s.
        Transistor Radios.
        The start of MTV.
        The very first HBO Movie.
        Jimmy Carter as President.
        The first Microwave ovens.
        Dimmer switches for headlights on the floor board.
        Atari Game Consoles.
        8 Track tapes.
        Vinyl Records.
        Film Projectors.
        No such thing as “liquid paper or white out”.

        Also I took typing class in school instead of keyboard or computer lab.

        Does any of that give you a clue?

      • Obviously you missed my point. I’m not going to tell you my age but the things below that I have stated should give you a clue. 

        How old are you btw?

      • Let’s see…. There’s my key. …. And yeah, my ride is there. 

        Of course, I know how to read in between the lines. The point is…. If you didn’t want me [or any of the people here] to know your age [Well, aside from the fact that this is just the cyber world], then you could’ve said “I don’t want to tell my age.” 

        Oh simple. I’m in my 20s. 🙂 Anyway, let’s go back to AI… 🙂

      • @Taymaro:disqus I’ve got you beat.  I can remember my mother giving me a pot and two wooden spoons to beat it with because WWII was finally over.  I remember the milkman delivering milk in glass bottles, gas @ 19 cents a gallon and cigs @ 25 cents a pack.  My first crush was Ricky Nelson and my second was Elvis.   My all time fave band is Queen and I actually saw them 3 times when Freddie was performing.   And as far as Jessica’s star power, I’ll say this.  She will probably do very well outside of the U.S.  Within the U.S. and Canada her popularity will fall short because she does not have the charisma to capture a N. American audience in concert.

      • Obviously older than me. And you are right about JSan. I don’t know why age matters. Music is music and I have actually grown to include some limited hip hop in my collection. Kind of embarrassing to play it in public though…LOL You should see the looks I get.

      • Taymaro..I know what you mean. I like a little hip hop but I play that in the safety of my car with the windows up. lol.  For some reason, I love Eminem..even his filthy raunchy stuff. I have always loved that FloRIDa song..Low. I guess when you have a 17 year daughter and you hear the stuff long starts to grow on you. However, her infatuation with the Jonas Brothers at 13 never made it to my Itunes list! lol

  14. here is how the 58 million votes were distributed :

    no 1 jessica 40%

    no 2,3 josh/philip 40%

    nos 4,5,6 skylar/hollie/elise 20%

    i am teling you guys, BBChez will increase her margin of victory as the competition draws to a close. her circle of fans are getting bigger and more organized following that near disaster 2 weeks ago. why do you think the total votes increased fr 54 to 58 millions ?

    •  She went from last (5-10% of the vote) two weeks ago to 50% because the Filipinos and other Asians (in Asia) finally figured out how to vote online and circumvent the not being able to vote by phone challenge!

      • Well you don’t know that … So daring to claim it …
        and besides those votes are not counted and will not be going to be counted … AI is not that stupid, they will be accounted to a federal law.

      • Do you have any proof?  If not, better keep mum.  FYI, Jessica also has Mexican and Latin supporters since her dad is a Mexican-American.  So, to all Fil-Ams, Mex-Ams and Latinos in the US, keep on supporting Jessica Sanchez.

      • When you make this kind of accusation, you have to back it up with proof, otherwise you’re just trying to make noise.

      • Jessica’s elimination was a fluke. The fans relaxed. All throughout the competition except for that single round (Top 7), SHE WAS the frontrunner. Why are you so surprised that she is, again, ahead of everybody?

    • Ernie … can you tell me where you got your numbers? My understanding is that American Idol NEVER releases the results of the votes (the numbers).

  15. Elise was never going to win AI.  Now as to who is left, the only 2 people who will benefit more by wining is Joshua and Skylar. 

    Said it before, Hollie needs to learn and experience more performing and style and connect with the audience more.  For her to do that she needs to go away and learn from someone who can be brutally honest with her. She has the voice, but does not connect with the audience. 

    Jessica, and I know people will disagree has an immense and powerful voice and her stage presence is hit and miss.  She will have a stellar career if she was to just fade away for a few years, mature a bit and be under the guidance of a record company who are in the for the long term as if she plays her cards right, she will be around for along time.  If she wins, she won’t.

    Philip is too unique to win this comp and will have an amazing career being able to write and perform his way.  I love his unusual voice and mannerisms, but if he wins, it will not be a good thing for him.

    On the otherhand both Joshua and Skylar are ready right now to be whatever the record producers feel they should be.  They are ready to record now and will both have long careers. They would benefit the most from winning.  Screeching or not Joshua is a great performer and singer.  Skylar’s performances are energetic, rock’n’roll country…and she stoo will benefit from winning.

    Just my opinion but I would like to see those who should win it not because of their talent but who it will benefit the most.  For Jessica, Philip and Hollie it will not help them..but for Joshua and Skylar it will.

    • sorry debby no offense but i can’t imagine donald duck singing with the chipmunks on the finale

    • Debbie, I agree with you. Joshua is very polished and his tone is beautiful when he emphasizes straight vocals. Jessica needs a couple of years to learn performance technique. Phillip is a great entertainer and I wouldn’t be surprised if the younger vote took him to the top spot. Skylar could be in Nashville ripping it up right now. Hollie needs to find her sweet spot for those pipes of hers. Joshua seems to possess the most brilliance, for what I can see right now, but Jessica, Philip and Skylar are incredibly talented. Any of the four could win it. It’s all going to depend on their choices going forward.

  16. Why all people here don’t follow what Phillip Phillpis write on his pic for idol? Just ‘Vote whoever you like’. Phllips is a true artist despite not the best singer tecnically.  I feel gutted with all Phillips haters. It’s American IDOL not American The Voice LOL

    • am not a P2 fan, he may not have a great voice but i always enjoy his performance, very natural

    • I like Phillip too. The sound that comes out of his mouth just pleases me. It’s rare that he does a song that leaves me flat.  I have to admit that I am also partial to Skylar because she sings country, my favorite genre.

  17. Congratulations to Elise for getting this far… BB Chez keep going baby… for the win !!!!

  18. Branden, I would love to know which three you wanted Elise to outlast – I feel the same way, she has really grown on me!

    I still want Phillip to win, but I was disappointed with the Queen song he chose.

    And I still think that all of them in the top 5 are very talented, each in their own way.

  19. Phillip does screw up his face but so did Joe Cocker , he wasn’t pretty but  I loved to listen to him 

    • Some of the greatest rockers of all time make extreme facial expressions to exemplify their own personal style of singing;  this is what sets extremely talented artists apart from the others and this is what is known as individuality performances and Phil Phillips is one of the best AI has ever had.  Phil Phillips all the way!! 

      • I agree! And this crap about how he can’t hit the high notes. Who cares! lol. Can Tom Petty? Can Bob Dylan? Can Bob Seger?  You do not have to have a 4 octave range to be a success in the music industry for God’s sake.

  20. Branden dear, you are so right in the calling it bottom 3. My feeling exactly. It should have been bottom 2.  Top 3 and bottom 3. Kinda ridiculous. Anyway, not surprised Elise going home. My prediction too. I thought it would have been Jessica instead of Skylar though.

  21. Ok. Again it’s my opinion about the performances and the results.
    1. Elise Testone: I think “I want it all” was OK for her but just OK and the other song made no sense because like Steve said no one would get it. So it’s not surprising that she’s gone home. Besides I don’t think it’s because the judges don’t like her that America sent her home. Let’s turn back to top 13 when Elise and Jeremy were in the bottom, JLo who was nearly crazy about Jer-bear saved Elise. If you still remember about that. Just my opinion but the judges are humans so of course they have emotions and sometimes this fact can kill their comments but in time they are still professional, you know. At least better than many so-called “judges” here.
    2. Hollie Cavanagh: Ok as a fan if not objective enough, I would say both of the songs she performed last night was out of this world. The first one almost made me cry and I was happy for her and “The climb” was just flawless. But as a person who is writing comments here, I think she got lost for both at some points only but she just did. Totally did. But I don’t think she was bad enough to be sent home. Her big voice and sincere emotions (I guess) kept her in the stage maybe not for long but at least till now. Right?
    3. Jessica Sanchez: It’s not shocking at all that she was 100% safe. I think both her performances were great or one good, one great. The first, I agree with the person writing recaps here that it was chopped down, down, I thought her voice could kill everything in either a good or a bad way. So it was like upside down. But it was undeniable that she was good. But now I am starting to think that maybe she can’t win because she’s been slipping down. She is not as good as she was when performing “I’ll always love you”, “Sweet dreams” or “Everybody has a dream” while what we need here is the way up to the best not the way down from the best to the good. So she still can win if she knows how to feel it and push herself forward.
    4. Joshua Ledet: No matter how bad I hate him and the way he screams, I have to admit that he was outstanding the other night. I don’t know what’s the matter between you all and Josh. Maybe you want this to be singing but not screaming so you keep obsessed with his singing style but you know what we need here is judging the performances not the performers because at this point of the competition everyone is good. So let’s get back to Josh, yes the judges did over-compliment him but to some extent I think that he deserved it, just somewhat but he still did. I used to be not sure about him, maybe even now but like Jimmy said last week he can head for the finale if  he keeps doing what’s he doing at a higher level (You have to know that I’m not talking about his screaming).
    5. Phillip Phillips: I agree with JLo that he got 1 good, 1 risky. He’s somewhat like Josh in the way of straining the notes too hard but he’s got the voice, the understanding of the song (and the look even) so it’s hard for him to go home. But as I always want him to do, he has to change it up to be on top otherwise he’ll be in the bottom of the top, which makes big difference in the competition because the show is almost just about the winner. (just almost because there are many other things)
    6. Skylar: Well, I confess that I was shocked to learn that she was in the bottom 3? Seriously? Are you kidding? I know this week was not as good as last week but what she’s got here is the consistency. When everybody was down or upside down, being like her was just too emough. What are you asking for from idols, America? Yes, maybe she let you guys down, but did she deserve it? Whatever! Maybe, like many of you said you no longer care about who’s going home because only one’ll be left but you can’t keep the best in the bottom. can you? I am not saying that Skylar is the best but during the last month she is one of the best (of course compared to the top 7 and 6). Please keep that in mind!

      • I am not a big fan of  Skylar, Hollie is my idol but I think Skylar is going on the way up. That’s all!

      • Besides, looking back I have to say that yes I got too much on Skylar, maybe she wasn’t that good. Sorry you all, I didn’t meant to be subjective I want to comment in the right way. I’ll be more careful in words next time. Once again I am terribly sorry for my overloaded comments about Skylar :D. Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  22. Elise should have stayed for at least 2 weeks more..I’m rooting for Jessica Sanchez vs Phillip Phillips FINALE !

  23. Whatever it is my prediction the final 3 will be Jessica , Jishua and Skylar as they are the most consistent and having the top voices in the competition.

  24. I dont think even Hollie thought she would make the Top 5. 😛
    But Im so happy that my three favorite girls this season ARE the Top 3 girls! 😀 Happy happy happy!

  25. Whatever it is my prediction the final 3 will be Jessica , Joshua and Skylar as they are the most consistent and having the top voices in the competition.

  26. I would buy elise `s album over phillips any day of the week.Judges love phillip and i just can`t stand he sings every song the same and he looks like he is constipated

  27. Sorry to see Elise go and it is even going to get harder as the weeks go by seeing our favorites voted off  but they all must go …….. Wishing the new American idol the best …

  28. Philip is good in singing because he puts all his emotions when he sing…just like jessica..i like them so sad for elise because she has the most unique voice among the other idols..oh well, america already decided..:)

  29. I am so upset about the elimination of Elise. But since in every competition there should only be one winner, then I shall move on.

    The remaining five idols are very talented. This Top 5 is very strong. 

    Jessica was my favorite since Day 1 and I find every performance she did in the show very soothing. I can feel that she always works hard to prove herself. She may be good at performing but not at all times I want to listen to her recordings. Sometimes the vibratos are annoying and are less needed. 

    Based on their recordings and how I frequently listen to every song they recorded, these are my Top 10 Songs (for the Top 5 only).

    1. Hollie Cavanagh’s “Jesus Takes the Wheel”
    2. Jessica Sanchez’ ” Dance with my Father”
    3. Philip Philips’ “Movin’ Out”
    4. Hollie Cavanagh’s “Perfect”
    5. Hollie Cavanagh’s “The Climb”
    6. Jessica Sanchez’ “Bohemian Rhapsody”
    7. Skylar Laine’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”
    8. Philip Philip’s “Superstition”
    9. Jessica Sanchez’ “Fallin'”
    10. Skylar Laine’s “Didn’t You Know How Much I Love You”

    On that ranking, I would say Hollie has the best studio recording voice.

     Jessica is the most versatile performer. 

    Skylar is the fiercest singer of them all but sometimes her nasal tone is annoying. 

    Philip is too artsy in performing but his studio recordings are wonderful.

    Joshua screams too much and I prefer hearing the train coming than to listen to him sing. But he did a good job on his try of “Ready for Love”.

    • That is very acceptable ranking.

      On a hilarious account, for me, the dark horse in the competition is HOLLIE. 

      The black screaming elephant is JOSHUA. 

      The tan chipmunk whose nose sings is SKYLAR.

      The white constipated duck is PHILIP.

      JESSICA and HOLLIE are the only ones who could sing humanely.

      • But you just said Hollie is a horse..and a dark one at that! LOL
        just kidding…Go easy on the contestants friend…chill..   🙂

      • Wow. The American Zoo where Jessica and Hollie are the zookeepers. Twas good. Amazing!

      • JESSICA & HOLLIE sure has the best voices

        i like Jessica to win
        but youre right for Hollie being a Dark Horse on this competition
        and who knows…..Hollie could emerge as the WINNER

      • The black screaming elephant? The tan chipmunk whose nose sings? The white constipated duck? WOW!! Those were GENIUS, Belinda…

      • No offense meant to the contestants and all the people here rooting for their favorites… but Belinda’s comment caught me offguard. Hilarious to say the least. Can’t help laughing! lolz 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Good one Belinda! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        I’m rooting for the human… lolz

        But the top 5 are all very talented. Different sounds for different ears… but still great in their own way.

        Goodluck to them all! 🙂

      • You people that want to call these contestants names really need to FET A LIFE!!!! Freaking IDIOTS!

    • Yes I think Skylar is the best performer. I also noticed Hollie’s recordings are good, maybe best among them all. Jessica FTW!

  30. secret??? Branden, its obvious who are those three you’d rather see gone than Elise, and those are Joshua, Hollie, and Jessica…  

  31. OK, so all my 3 favorites are still in it:  Hollie, Phillip and Skylar.  Disappointed that two of them were in the bottom 3, though.  Looking forward to next week’s performances.  It all could change as the number of Hopefuls dwindles and the fans of those who are voted off will vote for someone new.

  32. I really wanted Jessica and Colton in the finale but since Colton is out i want Jessica and Hollie in the finale. Battle of the young girls.

    If that won’t happen i want Philip and Joshua …. battle of the boys. Two different type of singers that would be interesting.

  33. Great take on the show but I would have expected Elise to outlast holly. I was sure Holly was done.

    Thanks for the show wrap!

  34. Hahaha Branden, I agree with your “one of the most untalented over-rated pop stars of modern times” comment.

    • And you know what?  As she sang, I said to myself, “All the remaining girls in the contest can sing better than this kid!”

    • totally agree, branden. the only problem is, miss blue hair is laughing all the way to the bank.  but not with any of my money

  35. Sorry to see Elise go, she offered something different and I think she irritated the judges which was awesome.
    I really am sick of the judges this year and think all the contestants are good, with the exception of Joshua.

    • think abt it people. Am not saying that I am taking the judges’ side. But, every year, if the judges prefer a contestant, fans of others would complain and complain and complain. We are all human. And, so too are the judges. Simon predicted that Clay would win…yet Reuben won. So every judge is entitled to his or her own opinion.

  36. First of all, finally, got the right person out of the picture. Who is this guy commenting, why do you watch this great show if you don’t have anything nice to say! VABLUE an a true Idol fan.

  37. Elise does’nt have the fanbase to support her much longer than the others,this is the real score for her voted out.It’s not her past performances before, her singing ability is much ahead to Phillips.Skylar,Joshua this 3 are still in the contest because of their fanbase and not base how they delivered the song.
    Only Jessica & Hollie are the best vocal,although this briton teengirl is not judge favorite she manage herself to be love by followers.

  38. I have always been correct with my conclusions on who would
    win American Idol. And this year, I can tell you 100% sure that PHILLIP PHILLIPS will win. Apart
    from he has a strong fan base (80% of teenage American girls will vote for him);
    he is absolutely the most REAL artist in this season.  He will win America’s heart with his very
    humble, nice, and honest character. (I am not P2’s fan)


    On the other hand, I am 100% sure also that JESSICA SANCHEZ would be the
    runner-up for this season. For me, it was better that she became at risk of
    being eliminated in Top 7 Round 1 results because this intensify her fans to support
    her more. She will be consistent in her performance but this wouldn’t be enough
    for her to win. Yes she has a GREAT voice; but for some reasons, she just can’t
    win America’s heart. (I am not Jay’s hater)






    • Hey Mr. 100%, why am I having this feeling everything you wrote here will blow up in your face a couple or so weeks from now??

    • I thought that Hollie would go home before josh…just because ‘go figure’ but I sure hope you are right cause at this point I want Phillip to win!!!

  39. Another borrrrrring result show! It’s better record & watch it in fast forward motion!

    • 100%  correct.  i haven’t even seen all of wednesday’s show yet, just the first three performances. which. by the way, were really no great shakes in the brilliant department.  but we do record both shows and then fast forward all the garbage, of which there is a lot of lately.  what i did see of wednesday’s show was a big disappointment.  i expected more from jessica who, i think, unfortunately, has peaked.  joshua i thought was a nightmare.  skylar was okay but did not blow me away.  what gives?

  40. Josua should have gone long ago. At last we are rid of Elise.  I predict next week bottom 3  Josua, Holly and Skyler. Then Josua with his screaming and shouting will go, he is sooo arrogant, and full of himself

  41. i think the judges have made a big mistake with jessica cause she is gonna cave Elise is the one that should’ve stayed DAMN THEM

    • My God !! Cannot believe what you just said. How can u say such a thing. This is a competition…it is not as though the judges murdered some one . In the first place why do we call it the judges save? I mean think abt. it, if they had save Elise, fans of Hollie or Jessica may also say the same think as you … cursing at judges. Pls be more civilized here and think

  42. SHOULD HAVE BEEN jessica, josha, and elise in the bottom 3…. i guess people like all the hollering. the judges should go ahead and make josha and jessica the final two. they seem to be there favorite….

    • come on. pls grow up. judges can have favourites but we all have minds of our own. They cannot force anyone to vote for their favourites. Main thing here is to focus who has best vocals and presentation. Even without the standing ovations, in my opinion best vocals go to jessica and joshua although i do think the other 3 are good in their own way

  43. No surprise here, Branden. Elise was the most likely to leave. Was a little surprised at Skylar being in Bottom 3 (isn’t it time to go to Bottom 2???) if even for only a moment.  Didn’t expect Joshua to rank above her. That’s as close to a surprise as they got tonight. I’m guessing Joshua is #3 this week, with Jessica @ #1 and Phil @ #2. Hollie of course would be #5.

  44. can ANYONE please tell me what Josh whispered/said to Hollie before she went to the stools???

  45. I can’t believe Joshua is still in the competition let along getting more standing ovations for ruining a perfectly good song.
    Skylar she’s not in the same league as Jessica which I said from the start Jessica would win, meaning skylars days are numbered.
    Hollie I would love to see her win after all the judges bad feedback to her nearly every week, she is brilliant.
    Phillip is cool and deserves a place in the final but I would have rather seen Colton.

    • it’s anyone game now because it is no longer a singing competition but sadly a popularity contents. think philip will win cos of the umpteen ladies wooing over him

  46. America got it right this time!

    Hollie, relax and enjoy your remaining days at AI. You’re next to be eliminated.

    Then, Joshua will leave.

    Final 3: Skylar, Jessica and Phillip.

  47. Next Weeks Theme: British Music
    With Coldplay and Carrie Underwood
    Source: Wikipedia

    Now what are your songs suggestions to our Top 5?

    • British Music like British Invasion with the Beatles? or nowadays British music like Adele, Jessie J, Florence Welch?  that’s confusing

  48. I want to see leave in this order
    Meaning Hollie to win
    Come on Hollie!

    • frankly this batch of finalists are talented. but to be honest, i think philip will win cos he has a huge fan base already and has never been in bottom 3

  49. i don’t like jessica…she’s boring…always do the same things…..SORRY…..
    joshua too… always screamin and yelling….nothing great about that….SORRY…JUST SAYING….

    • Out of the blue, you just discredited two singers then you say sorry? I don’t know what to make of you.

      • i’m not discredited…this is just my opinion..if u don’t like don’t read….that’s why i said sorry…u already piss off….

    • If jessica is boring, then, Pphil phillips is more boring and so is Joshu with yelling and screaming..I’m tired of seeing Phil’s facial expression everytime he sings..he’s good looking but when he does that facial thing he’s unattactive.. Did u get my drift,i.e.,  if u are  a keen observer.  Jessica is the best singer that AMerica has.. ever.. as Randy put it.

  50. Which of the 5 left with get the votes from Elise’s fans? I think Colton’s fans voted for Phillip and Joshua and that is why neither hit the bottom 3 this week. I am guessing Phillip might get votes from Elise’s fans. I feel that Jimmy and the judges want Hollie to go as they think Hollie’s fans will vote for their favorite, Jessica.

  51. The American Idol Top 5 will choose songs from a “British Theme”, whatever that means. Carrie Underwood and Coldplay perform!



    Season Four AMERICAN IDOL Winner and Grammy Award Winner Carrie Underwood and World-Renowned Rock Band Coldplayto Perform on Next Results Show Thursday, May 3

    • Thank’s for the info buddy!!  OMG I hope hope hope Phil Phillips does the Beatles Helter Skelter……..he’ll rock the house, he’ll rock our souls big time!!  As for the rest, um um, not looking forward to Sanchez singing anything, she’s a cheap shot and the judges helped put her in that position.  JMO….ta da.  BTW, if you haven’t seen Coldplay in concert, make every effort to check them out.  I did @ the Pepsi Center in Denver and it was totally awesome.  Also check out Spacemen 3 on Youtube when you can; music to take you to another place.  They are now known as Spiritualized, one of the best shows I ever saw in Denver.  tha’s all for now….. 

  52. IF Phillips remains, surely he will go to the finale..well, with Jessica (hopefully) then HE WILL WIN (cuz of  WGWG Syndrome LOL)…but enough with the male winners, with the title or not he will make big.

    IF Hollie goes to the top 3, she will be like Haley Reinhart and hopefully she will goes up to the finale with Jessica…then it will be a great battle of voices…

    TOP 3 (Not in order)

    Skylar is battling with Hollie for the third place.  IF the country vote will not  be enough this year then she may be place as fourth placer.

    Joshua will be the next to go.

  53. You’re not considering that people actually vote according to their taste. They could all be equally talented for all i know and still there’s gonna be one that the most people liked, and i say people but not everybody watches this show it’s truly just the target audience of the show that has to like them. In my case, my fave is phillip and then elise, and colton. I do think Jessica is great but i wouldn’t buy her cd, her style is just not my thing. I would buy elise’s but it seems that most of the people wouldn’t, that’s just how it is

      • Nope, I wouldn’t buy one of her cds either.  And don’t start in with the hater crap. I just don’t like that kind of music.

  54. Maybe they’ll be taking songs from the UK Billboard? Their next week’s theme is a little bit vague…

    • @b2953154239c47791351fc8ccddd7907:disqus  – How does British Music give Hollie the upper hand? If you take that to its’ logical conclusion then every time it is an American Music theme, she has the short stick.

      They’ve just had a Queen theme and guess where they were from? Elise rocked the place with Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love and Robert Plant & Zeppelin were British. Phillip Phillips sang a Genesis song and they are British.

      Also note that Hollie was 8 when her family moved to America so most of her music influence has been while she has lived in Texas. 


      • You think her parents stopped listening to brit music just because they emigrated?  Let me ask you, if you relocated to South Africa or the Bahamas would you stop listening to your favorite, familiar music?

  55. This is how it will go for the next weeks…

    1. Phillip Phillips – Season 11 Winner
    2. Jessica Sanchez – Season 11 Runner-up
    3. Skyler Laine
    4. Hollie Cavanagh
    5. Joshua Ledet

    • honestly i want this kind of order

      1. jessica (she’s been consistent…and versatile)
      2. hollie (i’m not a holliepop, i just think that it would be great seeing her in the finale with jess)
      3. skylar (i think she’s the dark horse so far in this competition…you can really see the progress in her)
      4. phil (this guy has a huge fan base mostly teenage girls…but really..he needs to go home… with his sickly condition plus a stagnant performances, though he is an orginal and great performer, i still think he need to go)
      5. josh (tired with screaming, yelling and the undeserved standing O)

      after all, i think you’re order is more believable than mine 

      • OMG..stop with the teenage girl thing with Phillip!!! Its bordering on ridiculous. The average viewer that watches American Idol is in their 40s. I love Phillip…I’m 45…my husband loves Phillip..he’s 47.  My coworkers lover Phillip..all in their 40s. Stop using the teenage girl excuse. It’s lame.

      •  @Pally45:disqus , How many co-workers do you have? Plus your husband  and supposing we add your neighbors also in their 40s. The average people who watch AI are not only in that age bracket. My neighbors watch AI and they’re in their teenage and young adult years. However, they were into Colton than him. It’s not a lame excuse. That’s reality. 

      • Well..I work in a building with 7000 people. The people I talk to about Idol are all over and most seem to like Phillip or Skylar. Most of them are bored silly with Jessica. I have a daughter, 17..and she has absolutely no interest in American Idol.

      • See? My point is if your just gonna count those people in the’r 40s who like Philip, then it’s just a small portion of those 50+ Million people who are voting. And along with those votes might be those teenie girls who are voting for Philip. Anything is really possible.

      • My point is that the American Idol viewing age has steadily gone up since season 1.  My daughter and her friends don’t watch it. She says no one she knows watches it. They’re too busy watching the stupid Kardashians.

      • It hasn’t steadily gone up. Your daughter said “No one she knows watches it”. It’s her reasoning and thus, doesn’t prove the average viewers are not teens. My neighbors watch American Idol and ANTP. They’re in their teens and early 20s. Even my colleagues watch AI and guess what? They’re in their 20s, too!

      • Ha ha ha ha !!  Hey dude, Im in my 50’s and the only contestant’s CD’s I would buy just happens to be Phil Phillips.  His is the only genre of music that satifies my soul on AI this season and he’s gonna win!!  There’s nothing artificial about Phil, unlike the 16 year old Sanchez who thinks the world is in love with her and the way she dresses like a hooker at 16, c’mon man this is not cool.  Anyway Phil Phillips all the way, we love you bro!!

      • you don’t know phillip’s fan base.  teenage girls are probably voting for jessica.  i’m 52 and i would listen and buy phillip’s music which is what i plan to do after he wins!

      • Excuse me?? I’m not lying. Even my 70 year old parents like Phillip. Dad kind of likes Hollie better but Phillip is his second choice.

      • @yahoo-3EVFHKEKYBC7BJLUFNUW6TRFJA:disqus  Just for the record, 50 million people did not vote. They received 56 million votes but many power vote on all three ways of voting and do so for 2 hours non-stop. Some claim to vote up to 1,000 times and many are able to get in more than 500 votes.

        This has been the issue with AI since its inception. The other shows limit you to 10-50 votes per person per voting method and that is much more reasonable. 

        With American Idol’s ratings down well below the 20 million mark and many people recording it for later viewing, I doubt if the actual number of people voting topped 280,000. That is based on an average per person vote of 200 votes which, based on various reports and claims is conservative.

        I doubt if more than 200,000 actually vote because most people either watch and cast a vote or two but many tape it and watch later either so they don’t have to endure the stupid commercials or they have young children and watch it after they have gone to bed.

        Where we live there are a lot of young families with toddlers and babes in arms and it is not on here until 8:00pm MST so they tape and watch an hour or so later when they can relax after the kids are asleep.



  56. OMG how can u send elise home??? She’s one of them who really has something special…. Jessica sound like many many singers in America.. I don’t think Holly and Phillips deserve to be at this stage of the competition really…

  57. RANDY is right.. The only wrong thing about jessica sanchez is nothing at all. shes phenomenal.. and shes the best.. im just looking forward for a big bang another big performance like sweet dreams and everybody has a dream..

  58. Someone said that AI should replace the judges by next season..who do you think the best to replace them???

    I think they should place instead a known producer (not Randy), known talent manager (maybe Simon), a known singer (who actually knows how to sing) who is a complete performer (of course not JLo o Paula)…should all be credible in their field.

    Why can’t they make the judges like in the VOICE?

    Any suggestion? if ever they would go again for next year…since THE VOICE has started already their auditions for the their third season according to the WIKI.

    • yhey have favorites from the start!
      JLo = Jeremy
      Huge Mouth = De Andre
      atRandy = Erika

      • My choices for new AI judges would be :
        Jon Bon Jovi- musician/ singer / songwriter to replace Steven TylerKenny “Babyface” Edmonds to replace Randy JacksonCher to replace JLo

      • @Pally45:disqus She’s 65, but she’s had a top 10 song in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.  She doesn’t mince words and doesn’t kiss the producer’s a$$. No BS with her and if anyone knows how to charm an audience it’s Cher.

    • simon, unfortunately, will never be back, not with the x factor under his belt.  i’d love to see jimmy iovine, stevie nicks, and nile rodgers as judges.  they would tell it like it is with no gushing or goosies or crap.  steven tyler is such a huge disappointment. jennifer lopez is as genuine as cubic zirconia. and randy has broken my heart

      • Have to agree. I’m tired already of JLo and her “goosies”. Steven is too nice and Ranyd she have been gone when Simon left. And I’m so tired of them giving Joshua the standing O. Give it up. I agree with Jimmy as a judge, but how about Harry Connick or similar to him.

      • to frank…connick is also not a bad choice. he does know his stuff. and he would be very real with the contestants

      • to pally45…being in your mid 60’s doesn’t mean you’re DEAD!!!!  cher still has it.  so does mick jagger.  and so does chuck berry.  now there would be three awesome judges!!

      • Uh. I never said it meant you were dead. My parents are in thier 70s and still lead full and productive lifves. I was just saying…if they’re trying to bring the younger viewers back..Cher isn’t the way to go.

    • My Picks – Yes 4 of them, and put them into more of a mentoring role than the judges do today.

      1)Todd Rundgren – Great song writer/performer, and great producer
      lol replaces Stephen again (it was thought for a long time that Todd was the father of Liv Tyler)

      2)Dolly – Great personality+great artist/performer+genius in the music industry

      3)Dave Grohl-Great personality+great artist/performer+genius in the music industry

      4)Revolving AI Alumni Judge – New each season, AI alumni (top 5 each season, excluding prior season)

  59. did you just referred to KATY PERRY as untalented!!! Screw you man! I know this is your blog and fine, it’s your opinion, but heck how can you be soooo stupid in using such words to describe a performer that gained much awards/recognition and what not. Keep your comments to Idol! other than that, everything else is crap.

  60. Braden,
    The title of “the most untalented and over-rated pop star” would go to the original artist who covered The Climb.  JMO .  😉

      • LOL..oops. that reply was supposed to go guest0427702 and rant about Katy Perry being awesome. I would say her 15 minutes are almost up.

  61. O.K all of you Elsie  haters  you got what you want, the best singer in the competition is gone. Now you can have your screamer and teen in the finales. I for one am over Idol. It is not a singing competition it is about who is the most popular. The judges should be ashamed of their selves for their pimping of certain contestents.

  62. AI11 made those standing ovation last few weeks for Jessica ,because she delivered good performances before.But Joshua Ledet many S.O. is ridiculous already too much shouting been appreciated mostly by the 3 judges everytime.Hollie was the best last night but no S.O. why?Are they favoring Joshua to be included in the finals?Sometimes I’m thinking some followers are thinking to junk this guy before the finals.

  63. I really would like to see the “numbers” of who got what votes. I still believe, because this is a “reality” show of sorts  that some of this is truly rigged. The producers are the ones putting up who they believe should make it. How can it be that you scream every week the same way (Joshua) and are still here. Reminds me of Jacob Lusk last year. Get rid of him already people. The second problem with the show is that someone well over 21, as Elise is, does not stand a chance. She would have been better off on the Voice where CeeLo or Adam could have mentored her.

    I feel if Jessica does not win this competition then the show is truly rigged.

    • i believe u….since colton voted off…and i think jessica saved rigged….


    • i’m not too sure about the age thing.  crazy taylor hicks won and he was 29?  that was a joke!  chris daughtry should have won.

  64. No….Elise!!!…you should still be there!!!!. I’m sorry Holly  but….why are you still there? Ridiculous! Good luck Elise…I thought you were brilliant!!
    And please stop walking the judges through the audience at the beginning…no glamour…they bump into each other…we can’t see their outfits and it makes the show look small…back to the stage please and let us look and admire them!!!!

  65. Elise made some bad song choices.  I am sad, I really liked her, but a lot of it has to rest with her.  I think had she gone Grace Slick instead of Jimi Hendrix (Somebody to Love would have been great) she might still be with us, but after an okay Queen performance the Hendrix tune was just too out there.

  66. Standing ovation is done once in while but for Joshua Ledet is normal only why?Is this fair to other contestant that perform more better than this guy?
    I’ve been observing this for the past weeks already,he got many S.O. well if my opinion might hurt other followers sorry it’s only my personal observation that makes me sad for others who deserve the same.Overall the fanbase dictates the winner so be it.Only I want a good fight for everybody who battle for the crown this year.I might be wrong but many follower are thinking what I thought already,perhaps too much shouting is the judges cup of tea everyweek performances in AI11.

  67. Hollie needs to be in the top 3. She has consistenly been dominating these past 3 weeks.

    To me she is definitely the Seabiscuit (not a dark horse)in this competition.

    I really hope Elise fans rally behind her and prove to Randy that he can’t predict a top 3 and leave out Hollie and Elise.

    Elise fans come to Hollieworld 😀

      • Phillips doesn’t deserve to win ’cause he isn’t the best singer in the competition. JESSICA or JOSHUA are better than him. 

        Elise fans don’t come to P2. Maybe you do, but not all of them.

      • I don’t think so.  I’m betting Elise’s votes will go to Hollie.  Both blondes and lots of folks want a girl to win this time.

    • I love the whole hollieworld. It cracked me up 🙂 I am already in hollieworld… And plan to vote like crazy next week:) go hollie!!!!!!

    • Phillip gets a lot of credit for changing the arrangement of every song he performs. And I admit, it usually sounds pretty good. But, I think it is much more a case of Phillip changing the arrangement to the ONLY style he is capable of performing. And that is why his songs do seem to be a bit repetitious, to say the least. I will not say Phillip is the worst performer … As he is a good performance if you like his one style (which I do). Now based on last weeks performance, he should have been the one to go. As it was horrible. But, his fan base is so huge (not just pre-teen girls) he could simply fart out the names in the phone book every week, and he would STILL be around a lot longer.

  68. My personal poll rating AI11 winner

    1. Jessica Sanchez………………………………………Winner
    2. Hollie Cavanagh……………………………………..1st runner up
    3. Phillip Phillips………………………………………..2nd runner up
    4.Skylar Laine…………………………………………..voted out next week
    5 Joshua Ledet…………………………………………..voted out week later

    This prediction is base only to all sites poll rating I had visited only.

  69. I don’t think last night was too suprising, I like Elise and think she is incredibly talented but she has been in the bottom 3 several times so she need to hit a home run with every single song if she was going to make it further. 

    Also, this bit about Phillip only attracting teenage girls, crazy!  His base is is huge and very broad.  We love this guy.  Think about it for a second, he and Skylar have stayed true to themselves as artists every week.  They don’t need Jimmy changing anything for them so when they go out on stage their comfort level is through the roof where as some of the other contestants have to have songs rearranged so they are able to show off their strengths.  And then they look like its outside of their comfort zone, prime example, Jessica singing Bohemian Rhapsody.  It was awful  but once she is back in her zone(the 2nd song) she is great.  But that has contestants going up and down and it appears that we we prefer consistency.  Just my thoughts.

    Btw, check out the studio version of  “The Stone” on iTunes by Phillip.  OMG, that dude is great, and I am a 39 year old guy and my wife is 36, we are his fan base!

    • You are so right. I thought at first Philip was pretty good , but now he’s getting boring. Those young girls like him.

    • i’m a 52 year old female and have voted for phillip from the start because i would buy his music.  the itunes recordings are SO MUCH BETTER than the little bit they are allowed to do on idol which is a disservice.  they could cut out all the crap and let the contestants sing a full version.  you really know what you’re getting when that happens.

  70. Elise is one of the best singers, musicians and performers…..she should not have been eliminated…..but as we all know the ones that are crowned “American Idol” are not always the best.  Elise will do great with her career.  American will miss your appearance on Idol, but we will see and listen to you at future events.  Have a great career.  You are truly remarkable and a great talent and an inspiration to all youth.  You are a true class act.  Always be true to yourself, have fun and keep making us proud of our votes for you!

  71. as I see it the next one to go home is 90% Hollie (10% for a shocker…either Skylar or Joshua)…probably next week there will be no bottom 3  but a bottom 2…100% one of those seats will be Hollie and the other will be taken by a shocker (possibly Joshua…because Skylar fans will vote like crazy as a result of Skylar beeing in the bottom this week)
    than Hollie will go home and we will be left with our TOP 4…
    I think that the one who will be leaving us in top 4 week will be Joshua

    Than it’s TOP 3 week…I really cant predict who will go home and wont be in the finale so I will just rank them…

    Phillip in the finale…30%
    Jessica in the finale..40%
    Skylar in the finale…25%

    (another 5% to Joshua in the finale…he might have a chance to go home after Skylar but I cant see how he can beat Phil or Jess)

  72. Would like to know if anyone besides me noted that Elise snubbed Randy in her final song when she acknowledged JLo and Stephen.

    • I noticed it, too. Thanks for mentioning it because I thought I might have interpreted it wrong. To me it was more of a statement than any verbal comment she could have made. At least we have the tour coming up–songs from our favorites without the comments from the judges! Now that’s worth looking forward to. 

    • She certainly did and so did Stefano when he held JLo’s hand, Randy was trying to grasp his and Stefano ignored him. 

      They need some new and younger judges. JLo is the youngest ans she will be 43 in July. Tyler has just turned 64 and Jackson will be 56 in June so the average age is 54.

      By contrast the 4 judges/mentors on The Voice are all in their 30’s with Cee Lo being the oldest at 38. The average age is 34 and their combined ages (4 of them) is less than the 3 AI “judges.”

      I doubt it will happen but I do hope they get rid of this useless and biased trio (especially JLo and Jackson) and bring in some folk who know music and can judge objectively.

      In the 2-seasons JLo has been on the show, she has wanted a girl to win but all she does is pimp the guys and lecture the girls, as does Jackson. Last year it was Pia and Haley who got the brunt of it and this year it has been Elise and Hollie.

      Stop Press for Jlo: Both Elise and Hollie are much better singers than you as were Pia and Haley last year.

      Note to AI: Stop the Standing Ovations because they mean absolutely nothing, especially when they are given for mediocre performances and mostly prompted this year by Jackson for his fellow Louisianian.     

  73. So, Phillip is sick, huh?

    Perhaps he can use his sickness to get more votes (pity me, I’m sick).

    • I don’t think he asked for your pity–didn’t hear him mention it–Jimmy brought it up.  And, obviously you have never had kidney stones–I’m sure you wouldn’t be popping off if you had–they are painful and not easy to work around.

  74. How come J-Lo said that Skyler won Round 1 if she gave the SO to Joshua? There’s so much inconsistencies with the judges now.. Please bring back Simon..

  75. Jessica Sanchez please sing this song on your next performance and BLOW US AWAY!!!

    On youtube:


  76. Elsie going home was totally the right choice – surprised she has managed to stay so long. Hollie for sure should go next week – I’m British – her singing is good but no personality in the performance. Out of the final 4 I am torn who will be in the top 3 – I hope Philip is out next – its the same old performance each week – makes me want to switch chanels when he is on –  however I expect he has the female vote. Not sure he will amount to much after idol finishes. Jessica and Joshua off course are favourites for the final – they are by far the best singers but have been a tad boring the past couple of weeks – bad song choices in my option. Skylar is hotting up to be my favourite – I’m not into country but she puts on a good, energetic show and makes you want to find out more about the songs she sings. She’s a wee fire ball. However  think Philip will be in the top 3 with Joshua and one of the girls. Let the games continue.
    Thanks for a great webset – I live in Bangkok now and Idol is one of the only things I watch on TV – our broadcast is 12 hours delayed from the US so sometimes (well most of the times) I’m too impatient and need to see who is going home. Here’s to next week. 😉

    • I am originally from Liverpool, was in the music business for years and download a lot songs from AI. This season, I have downloaded all the music from all of them since the round of 13.

      By far, the best studio voice is Hollie’s and I think once she gets some professional coaching on stage presence and audience connection, she will have a great future.

      She is 18 and her experience is limited as she has no background except that she tried out for Season 10 and didn’t survive the initial elimination rounds so was allowed to try out again this year.

      By comparison, Jessica has been groomed since she was a toddler. She was granted a full scholarship to the Hollywood School of Performing Arts.  At 10 she sang at the Apollo, received a standing ovation and was brought back on by Whoopie Goldberg.  

      At 11, she appeared on the first season of America’s Got Talent, has sung the National Anthem twice at San Diego Chargers games, once when she was 12 and again at 13 and released 2 singles when she was 13 plus sang on a fund raising record for Haiti when she was 14.

      I find her singing and on-stage performance to be very mechanical and contrived and she does not sound consistently good on the studio recordings and neither does Joshua.

      The other one who is consistently good on the studio records is Elise and I think she will do well once she gets a good band behind her.

      I agree that Skylar has improved a lot, especially when she sings the ballad-style songs that show off her power voice.

      Phillip Phillips sounds the same on every recording and the only reason he is still there is he gets the cute vote from the young girls but, of the 5 left, he is the least talented vocally and his stage performances are awkward, to say the least. He is like Joe Cocker on steroids.

      I have been to Thailand many times on business and my Thai nickname is Yài. I am over 6′ and an ex-Rugby player with a very broad shouldered build. One of my favorite pictures is with a tiny Thai female Restaurant Manager whose nickname is Lék so the picture is captioned “Little & Large” which may bring back a memory from the UK for you of a comedy duo.

      • Uh, you could have stopped after the 9th paragraph.  This isn’t find a friend, e-harmony or lonelyhearts.  Get a life, just not here.

      • Yes. I listened to all of their studio recordings and I am effin amazed at how beautiful Hollie sounded like. Angelic!

  77. I’m done watching. The judges decided who they wanted to win weeks ago and they will do everything they can to make that happen. In my opinion, they did all they could to get rid of Elise because she could be real competition for Jessica. I hope Skylar and Hollie give them some indigestion before it’s all over, but I don’t need to watch anymore.

    • As if the judges have the power to make someone wins the competition and get rid of someone as well. Elise has been in the bottom three for so much time. You should be thankful she reached top6. Come on, baby! 

  78. I was all set to vote Wednesday night BUT they were all so good that I didn’t want to choose who to vote for! The only one I had any issue with was Phillip’s choice of his second song. It sounded like a funeral dirge to me.

    • Dance with my Father is WAYYYY more likely to be played at a funeral than The Stone.  The only difference is, you know one, but not the other. Phils 2nd performance was my fav of the season by ANYONE.

      • Phils secomd perfomace was my absolute worst by him ever. Like Jimmie (the only intelligent judge of talnat on that show) said: That performance should have at the very least, knocked Phillip out of the top 3. I will take it a step further and say it should knocked him off the show. It was that bad.

      • @96eee719adfc8164fce6b15a272c7609:disqus  You just don’t understand that type of music… I GUARANTEE that that is the type of music Phillip will be singing post AI. Phillip said that The Stone is his favourite DMB song (aka his favourite band). And Jimmie didn’t say it was bad necessarily, it was just different and he wasn’t sure if people would understand it. Check out the youtube videos.. very mixed reviews. People either loved it or hated it. I hope the people that hated it stop listening to him, because they don’t understand what PP is really about.

      • You just don’t appreciate it because you have your own favorite.  It was an excellent rendition.

  79. The ‘JUDGES SAVE’ needs to get voted off next season. This is AMERICAN Idol NOT JUDGES Idol. If there was no save, Jessica would be gone due to a really bad week of performing. Period. Yes she can sing and her voice is beautiful but the week she was voted off wasn’t because America thought she was safe that week, it was because she didn’t do well. I do think the judges persuade votes. Just like with any voting there are people out there that are easily swayed and this year I personally feel like the judges are being unfair to some of the contestants on Idol. Like everyone except Jessica and Joshua. Especially Hollie and Elise. If I were either of those girls my feelings would have been hurt many times!!!

    • Except for the fact that Jessica’s save was completely staged.  I had NEVER said that about a TV show until that episode.  There is a 0% chance that she got the lowest number of votes that week. The producers just did that because they want more people to vote for her so she wins.

    • You can rant all you want about the save on Jessica but it won’t serve any purpose.  If it were your favorite who was in her position and he/she benefitted from the save, would you be protesting against it just as much as you are doing now? I don’t think so.  

    • judges’ “one save” power started a few seasons back and only now you’re complaining?

    • I have never participated in a forum like this before, I have watched Idol every season except last year and after this year I am done with it. Honestly. I do believe the save no matter what the save should be gone. The judges decide who America should vote for then let America decide, PERIOD. Even if they didn’t use it on Jessica and used it on Colton. I think the judges save needs to go. And the way they used the save on Jessica by telling her to stop singing and running up on the stage, c’mon…not in the history of the show has that EVER came close to happening. And it was, in my opinion, an act of rudeness to ALL the other contestants safe or not because they wouldn’t have don’t that for anyone else. Just like they told Elise she was amazing on Wednesday and she killed it, so why didn’t they stand up but they ALWAYS stand up for Joshua. I am not gonna watch and support and give ratings to a show that I don’t agree with. It used to be good and about something and somewhere along the line, they list their focus.

      • Oh common, Michelle.  They would have used that Save to the first person that they thought was deserving at that point–be it Jessica, Colton, Philip, Joshua and Skylark.  And to boost raiting–they would have stood up and took the microphone away from anyone of them (listed above).  It just so happened that Jessica was it that week.  But you know what–I think it was all planned because Jessica was riding high and A1 wanted to score big in the rating.

      • I totally agree that was a travesty the way the three judges ran up to Jessica. and JLO grabbed the microphone and was sayin ~ No, No! It was an insult to the other contestants. and to their familys. Plus it made the judges look ignorant. That night was just a mess period.

    • The judges were being constructive and if Hollie and Elise took them to heart they would still be standing by now.  By the way, Hollie was my favorite earlier on but with so many consecutive poor showings, I finally had to let go.   

    • better the judges stand from the beginning until the end of the show….FAIR…

  80. All I got to say is Elise will be fine and probably get a contract.  It seems the ones voted out do better than the winners, with exception to a small few.  Just sayin…..

  81. Jessica should have been sent home, she has a great voice but is not entertaining at all, no personality either. Could fall asleep watching her sing. Elise has a good voice and is a lot more entertaining to watch.

  82. Philip Philips is terrible. When he sings he slides up to notes & down from notes. He doesn’t sing, he yells & strains. What the hell are people seeing in him ?!?!?!

  83. I’ve been tired watching her. Finally, I can’t breathe now! LOL… It’s just her personality that turns me off a lot of times. I focused on her reactions while watching her journey in the VTR and she didn’t displayed any remorse or sadness or joy. Her face was so plain and likes saying that she don’t like being voted out. She should be thankful she reached top 6. In my opinion, she should be replaced by Erika on her place. 

  84. I think they should have sent Hollie home. The poor girl has a good voice. But does not have the IT FACTOR. I thought Elise was comimg on strong. I really like her as a rocker chic. But like Jimmy Iovine said  :”A little to late.” She should have been singing the rocker chic all the time she was there. Who is left now that is talented enough to make a hit record that every one will want to listen to?????? Hollie is just like a statue standing there singing. No personality what so ever. Skyler is peppy and sings good. But she sings country.  Lets not have another country winner this year. If we do AI needs to start calling the show Country Idol. I really think Joshua has a beautiful voice. But I like him singing ballads. Not so sure he could pull off rock and roll so good. He screams too much when singing rock. I am afraid this is going to be a dud year for AI. JMHO.

  85. Oh Branden, your still hating on Joshua to huh. So let me get this straight…since YOU thought it would be Elise, Hollie and Joshua in the BOTTOM 3, it was a surprise when they called Hollie and Josh up together, leaving Phillip or Skylar in danger. So Josh is safe, but no one was expecting that???come on bro. So just cause YOU didn’t expect Josh to be one of the safe ones doesn’t mean that ‘oh my gosh no one saw Josh being safe, and he is, what a travesty’. That’s what you make it sound like. There’s obviously way more people supporting and voting for him than what y’all want to believe. You can give him C’s all you want, and continue to talk negatively about him, but it’s obvious a lot of people disagree with you, so you can continue to be shocked about him being safe all you want.

    And another thing I find funny….. you mentioned ‘bottom 3, or bottom’ three times in that one paragraph where you talked about how surprised you were that Josh wasn’t in it, but when you talk about Skylar being in the bottom 3, it’s unfair to label her as being in the bottom 3, that sounds bad since there’s only 6 people, So let’s just say she came in 4th. So it’s alright to say that YOU thought Josh was gonna be in bottom 3, but it’s unfair to say ‘bottom 3’ for Skylar? You would not have said that if it had been Josh where Skylar was, you just would of said bottom 3 and nothing about it not being fair to be labeled that. So from your own writings it’s clear you have a distain for Joshua, and you find it suprising that people are supporting him. So how bout giving him some credit for once, he’s obviously getting it from the judges, Jimmie and his supporters.

  86. idol is fake just give it to the black kid and get the hell off the air

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