American Idol 2012 Results: Top 6 Elimination

American Idol 2012 Top 6

Dim the lights. It’s results time on American Idol 2012. The final six Hopefuls will find out which of them moves on to the Season 11 Top 5 and who is going home. With the full set of guest performers on the show tonight this should be an exciting hour. I’ll keep you updated with live results as they’re announced.

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American Idol 2012 Top 6 – Bottom 3:

  • Elise Testone
  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Skylar LaineRyan reveals she is safe

American Idol 2012 Top 6 – Elimination Results:

  • Elise Testone

The following singers are safe and make up your American Idol 2012 Top 5:

  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Skylair Laine
  • Hollie Cavanagh

What do you think of tonight’s American Idol results? Did America get it right?




      • Swap Phillips for Jessica and I believe it. How many times do you get to make it as a star? 1- thats all you need – your a star or your not. How many labels do you get? 1-either you sing good enough to make a hit or you don’t. Being a good singer isn’t all of it because there are a lot of good singers out there but not all are stars. Jess was off pitch on the group song a couple weeks ago when she sang with Holly and Josh. She started way to low and fell off pitch. Did the judges say anything no…Because they don’t want to look stupid.

    • I think Jessica will win. She has a very soulful and powerful voice beyond imagination. I am voting for her because she deserves to win.

      • me too I vote for Jessica because she is really very good.She amazes me every week and she is the only contestant that i want to watch everytime.Im so sorry for the fans of  other idolettes, but there’s nobody there in top 6 that could beat Jessica’s performances. Like the judges is always telling , FLAWLESS and the best in AMERICA…ever!

      • yes…i agre with you that Jessica will win…she really deserved it…let’s keep voting for her..

      •  I do pray that Jessica will win the competition. She is so good and talented.  She deserves to win.

    • Those who don’t feel like voting her is a mistake. Man….she deserves to make more pleasing records. Those who doesn’t like her has a poor musical taste. 

      • You know, back in the day people used to sing with feeling. I won’t deny Jessica has a nice voice, but that’s it. She barely ever connects with a song and is usually up on the stage with the presence of “look how amazing I can sing” instead of making the song sound believable. “those who don’t like her have poor musical taste” is a very shallow comment.

      • @  Ariel I wont lie. Jessica isn’t my favorite. Though it may be hard for her to connect to music that isn’t her own. I’m guessing when she starts having her own music she will be able to sing with more feeling… Right now though I will agree with you, I just don’t connect with her like I do some of the others on the show.

      • If a singer could sing and reach Whitney Houston’s song…means they r a good singer. And Jessica proved that she can. For her age and voice..she is a great singer!. She always connect with the song! And if u r a real singer u dont have to learn how to dance while singing…remember…real singer need a voice not a dance move! Jessica nailed it!

      • Watch your mouth Yukitoya…. and don’t single out Filipinos as a hooker! If a look a like Jessica looks like a hooker to you, then I can imagine your look! Don’t be a racist!

      • Likoy, yukitotoya did
        Not say ” hooker…” I think u have to read carefully before u post ur comments.

      • Holly03-Jess already has her own music, label, itunes, and has been kicked off america’s got talent because she is no star!!!!!!

      • BLITHE1995- Someone commented that JS is a hooker just like her Mom and so does other Filipinas….It was deleted though…
        I do appreciate that he likes JS, but not his previous comment.

      • yes. coz. shes the only one who can sing  beautifully…… go go jessica.,,,,god will guide you always…

      • Dialidol was just saying who he WANTED or THOUGHT should’ve been in the bottom 3… Not who actually was.

      • yes ,, coz. shes the best singer in AI… if the others dont like her….ok just vote for your idol. if you believe in your idol just vote for jessica hahahahaha…

    • Jessica is the best!! her talent is undeniable….doesn’t matter what haters think..they are either just jealous or ignorant on the subject of vocal perfection!!!

    •  Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   you’re stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jessica is SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Josh can sing anywhere! And if he sings in church that is showing gratitude to God for his amazing talent…

      • I agree! Josh is by far the worst out of all of them left!!! He doesn’t have a genre to fit in! He NEEDS TO GO!

      • Josh is the best singer on Amerian Idol.  He always connects with his songs.  He is always on pitch. He has been flawless and he should win Amerian Idol.

      • Thats wherther most of the star singer start is in the church. Josh is in the right place. Lets get real. He is good and derserve to be in the finals,

      • If in terms of how good they performed it would NOT have been shocking but in terms of how big his  fan base is (mostly love struck woman ot girls?,  yes it would be shocking if he got voted out tonight. 

      • Phillip has a good voice, but he is always grimacing and looks constipated while he is performing!  Until just a few weeks ago, all of the judges were telling him that he needs to change it up a bit, he always sounds the same.  He doesn’t take direction or advice.  I don’t think he’s Idol material, but America, or at least those avid fans, will be the deciding factor.  At first I thought Jessica would be it, but Skylar is really growing on me.  Her rendition of Tattoos on This Town was fantastic!

    • Sorry but not very shocking–somebody had to go and she is one of the 3 weaker ones.

      • I agree, not shocking at all.  I acatually liked Elise’s sound; her raspy rock ‘n roll took me back to Joplin, Ian and Baez.  But that’s not mainstream, and it wasn’t a shock at all that she was eliminated.

  1. I am looking so much more for Elise and I wanted her to stay for another week in AI.I have also downloaded all of their studio recordings to date and based to how I frequently listen to these studio recordings, here is my top 10.1. Hollie Cavanagh – Jesus Takes the Wheel
    2. Elise Testone – You and I
    3. Elise Testone – Bold as Love
    4. Jessica Sanchez – Dance with my Father
    5. Elise Testone – Vienna
    6. Hollie Cavanagh – Perfect
    7. Philip Philips – Movin’ Out
    8. Skylar Laine – Didn’t You Know How Much I Love You
    9. Hollie Cavanagh – All The Man That I Need
    10. Elise Testone – No OneOf all the six, Elise’s voice soothes me to sleep not because of the boredom but because her voice relaxes me so much I feel like sojourning in a very cozy place. Skylar seems so nasal at so many times that I usually lower the volume so as not to damage my eardrums.I agree with JLo. Philip is so artsy in his performances but if you listen to the studio versions of his song choices, YOU WILL FIND IT AMAZING.I hate Joshua PeriodAt some points in time, I like Jessica’s tone but not at all times. Maybe at some mellow recordings I am willing to listen to her.For me, Hollie has the best studio recording voice and for that I think she could sell so many CD’s and I am definitely one who will buy it.

  2. I am looking so much more for Elise and I wanted her to stay for another week in AI.I have also downloaded all of their studio recordings to date and based to how I frequently listen to these studio recordings, here is my top 10.1. Hollie Cavanagh – Jesus Takes the Wheel
    2. Elise Testone – You and I
    3. Elise Testone – Bold as Love
    4. Jessica Sanchez – Dance with my Father
    5. Elise Testone – Vienna
    6. Hollie Cavanagh – Perfect
    7. Philip Philips – Movin’ Out
    8. Skylar Laine – Didn’t You Know How Much I Love You
    8. Colton Dixon – Lately
    9. Hollie Cavanagh – All The Man That I Need
    10. Elise Testone – No OneOf all the six, Elise’s voice soothes me to sleep not because of the boredom but because her voice relaxes me so much I feel like sojourning in a very cozy place. Skylar seems so nasal at so many times that I usually lower the volume so as not to damage my eardrums.I agree with JLo. Philip is so artsy in his performances but if you listen to the studio versions of his song choices, YOU WILL FIND IT AMAZING.I hate Joshua PeriodAt some points in time, I like Jessica’s tone but not at all times. Maybe at some mellow recordings I am willing to listen to her.For me, Hollie has the best studio recording voice and for that I think she could sell so many CD’s and I am definitely one who will buy it.

    • Weird …. you had to print it out twice … for impact .. some of your song choices are on top … but all in all I believe voters made the correct choice … as for Josh … he can sing and deserves to also be in the top5 … Elise was starting to whine about not been strong and she can rock it out … but she is stiff in her presentation … by view !!

  3. I hope it’s Joshua. People are just sick with some of the undeserved Standing O judges had given him.

  4. I am looking so much more for Elise and I wanted her to stay for another week in AI.
    I have also downloaded all of their studio recordings to date and based to how I frequently listen to these studio recordings, here is my top 10.1. Hollie Cavanagh – Jesus Takes the Wheel2. Elise Testone – You and I3. Elise Testone – Bold as Love4. Jessica Sanchez – Dance with my Father5. Elise Testone – Vienna6. Hollie Cavanagh – Perfect7. Philip Philips – Movin’ Out8. Skylar Laine – Didn’t You Know How Much I Love You8. Colton Dixon – Lately9. Hollie Cavanagh – All The Man That I Need10. Elise Testone – No OneOf all the six, Elise’s voice soothes me to sleep not because of the boredom but because her voice relaxes me so much I feel like sojourning in a very cozy place. Skylar seems so nasal at so many times that I usually lower the volume so as not to damage my eardrums.I agree with JLo. Philip is so artsy in his performances but if you listen to the studio versions of his song choices, YOU WILL FIND IT AMAZING.I hate Joshua PeriodAt some points in time, I like Jessica’s tone but not at all times. Maybe at some mellow recordings I am willing to listen to her.For me, Hollie has the best studio recording voice and for that I think she could sell so many CD’s and I am definitely one who will buy it.

  5. Few more minutes the elimination starts,expect the unexpected again this time,remaining contestant are good and qualified but who will be kickout today?
    Jessica Sanchez stays or voted out?
    or Joshua,Phillip,Elise.Hollie,Skylar later?

    • Wow. What I Crusty-ish comment. I am 100% “wishing” the screamer must get the boot tonight.

    • I will vote for Jessica. She can be an icon in the music industry. We should support her.

      • Support whoever you like.  Doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with you.  She can sing.  No question, but she is emotionless.  I think she’ll be better when she has her own material to sing, or perhaps with a little experience.  She may have the best voice technically, but she is not as entertaining because she comes off as a little wooden.

  6. lm from the west coast l have to wait ,,,but east coast time  we will know the result in 45 minutes or sooner,,,,,they will post the results here….so  stay tune….

  7. Elise was to be expected, but I am disappointed about Jessica.  If it is a shocking elimination and not just a shocking result, Elise WON”T be going home…

  8. Bottom 3 last trending of dial idol yesterday are: 

    4. Jesseica Sanchez…………………8.182
    5. Skylar Laine……………………….7.649
    6. Elise testone……………………….5.91
    It’s hard to predict whom of the 3 AI11 Ladies.

  9. Elise and Josh are my bottom two…the third not sure maybe hollie.  I am a phil fan though…i do like skylar and hollie too.

  10. Where are you guys getting that this is supposed to be a shocking week? Reliable source?

  11. All the top ten were great singers. The only thing I don’t like about American Idol this year and I wish they would change that, is the judges giving some of the contestants standing ovations. I don’t think they should be doing that. Their job is to give the contestants advice to make them better, not to try to sway the voters. The only other thing I wasn’t happy about this year was their using the save on Jessica. Don’t get me wrong. She is a great singer but she’s only 16. She’s got lots of years to enter and win AI. It’s not like she was so much better than all the others.

    • If you’re part of Top24, you can no longer audition again for AI. I agree she’s not the greatest as Randy’s been pimping on but definitely she has the qualities of a future star.

    • Jessica is worthy of the save card. Or any contestants that were in the bottom 3 that night which is Elise and Joshua.
      So…move along.

    • What has age got to do with it? Look at Donny and Marie Osmond, the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson…they all started at the right age. And may i Remind you that Simon and Paula also did give standing ovation to Latoya London….if anyone remembers, 3rd season. So why not now then?

  12. I am not so impressed with josh as everyone else.  he has a great voice but yells a lot.

    •  What you say about him would I say about Jessica, for me she always screams a bit too much. I didn´t like her queen-song.

      • i am sorry but who is screaming?…jess doesnt scream she sings…have you been listening to joshua, hollie and skylar….omg they scream at the top of their lungs and then you are pin pointing at jessica with bohemian…she is not screaming if you how to sing the bohemian…i think that is the way how you sing it…but what’s shocking is…the one singing it is only 16…she is definitely NOT terrible…flawless if i must say


  14. Notice phil is not in the ford commerical videos. I heard they filmed them when he was still recovering.  Apparently he is still in some pain from a stent they placed in him to help with the stones.  poor guy.

  15. At this point – the contestants are far better entertainment then ALL your “special guest entertainers”. They have been for the last several weeks.

  16. Jessica truly deserves to be in the Top 5, if not the AI title.  Way to go, Jess!!

  17. If Phil was in the bottom 3 i would be surprised.  But I hate that they have paired Phil and Skylar because I like them both.

    • No they were not. If you listen with yr heart and not yr mind, you would realise that Jessica and Joshua have very very good vocals. The rest have more stage prescence, though.

    • If they are biased for Jessica it’s acceptable but when it comes to Joshua it was clearly biased because of too much praise and standing ovation evreytime.

      • That’s about the most asinine comment I’ve heard from a Jess fan thus far. So it’s ok that your favorite gets praised, but not for another….nuff said. No further comment

  18. Jessica is safe…..
    support Jessica with our 100 percent cooperation for the best

  19. you would think they would update the page. The show is just about over tonight and of course my cable is out again, as it is anytime the wind blows.

  20. the top 3 should be ELise, Philip and Skylar. They actual know music. It’s like high school. The popular kids get voted for everything and the people with actual talent get pushed aside. It’s BULLSH*T

    •  are we watching the same show madam geriatrics?  lol….Elise is always nearly either flat or sharp….Skylar is twang twang twang….you may call that music but i call it noise!!! as for Philip he doesn’t belong in the show…he’s original but his niche is limited!!!! ….you sue DON’T KNOW music!

    • NO its not, Phillip being in the top 3 is a popularity contest.. Joshua being in the top 3 is just plain common sense

  21. I am starting to freak out. I am so upset Hollie’s in B3 and I have to wait until Katy finished performing. 



  23. To be honest, I don’t even care who goes home just as long as original artists such as Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone are safe. Sadly I believe that Elise is not safe but Phillp is so there is hope that a great singer and musician will win:)

  24. if it would update, the show is over for the night, can’t they just update the site?

  25. On elimination night, this site is either too slow to load or crashing. Why is that Matthew?

    • well it didnt happen, maybe next week, or next next week, or maybe on the coronation night.

  26. What in the hell is wrong with America, the people are sending the wrong ones home. OMFG! Elise come on she didn’t deserve to go home I hope the judges are happy that they used their only save on the wrong person.

    • Oh Please. America got it right. Yes, Elise is good, but the rest are much better, vocally…

    • Whoa….  Jessica deserved to be saved a few weeks back.  She is a talented singer.  Had Elise been voted off at the time the judges haven’t yet used the “Save,” they might have used it on her, too.  But don’t blame it on Jess or that the judges did not use their option wisely.

    • Why don’t you castigate the AI Producers for “inventing” the save rule? The American Idol Producers “invented” that save rule or option (whatever you call it) so the judges (Randy, Jennifer, and Steven) have the prerogative to use that save on any contestant who they deem is worthy of that save. Unfortunately, FOR YOU, they chose Jessica. So stop griping and DEAL WITH IT.

    • In case you haven’t noticed it yet, ELISE sings like a bargirl… a lounge singer.

  27. Congrat AI for giving the talented/gifted singers to shine in your show. I think Season 11 has the best batch of good singers. I predict the top 3 would be Jessica,
    Joshua, and Skylar! Surprisingly, the bottom 3 two weeks ago.  Lets hope America votes wisely.

  28. It’s about time!  whew….finally got rid of elise?  should have been months ago!!!

  29. All I care about is jessica she is awesome! Also I think elise killed it this week.

  30. Yessssssss thank you for the voice of reason, mr Jimmie!!! The obe person that tells it like it is. And he sees the talent Josh has, so take that all you Joshua haters!!! You got to listen to him for another week, but probably more, hahahahaha. Team Josh!!

  31. To everyone who said Elise had a bad attitude, go rewatch her being eliminated, and while you’re at it, go ahead and shove that video up your butt.  She handled herself with more integrity, class, and graciousness than anyone this entire season.  Very sad to see her go as she didn’t deserve it.  At least she can come home to Charleston where we love, appreciate, and RECOGNIZE her talent.

    • All of them don’t deserve to go. But someone has to go. I am very disgusted at the result but I am also delighted seeing Hollie and Jessica in the Top 5.

    •  I would have had no problems with her going if there weren’t people there who aren’t as talented as her.

    • Well, I surmise she was expecting it -that was the reason why she handled it with grace. She had been in the bottom 3 for several times now. I think she got used to it.

  32. Elise is gone. She was one of my favorites. Oh well. I still have high hopes for  Jessica.

  33. i think Jessica has plenty voters…. they woke up when she nearly voted off… so if you think she might voted off next few weeks, think again… america have a lot of asians and mexicans…

  34. My favorite is Joshua, but I like all of them and wish them well. I’m disappointed in the hateful and disrespectful comments about Joshua, his looks, style, and whatnot. I believe some of the posters here to be racist. I mean, one actually posts as “kkk.” Sad.

    Well…Joshua is doing very well and will be successful, unlike some of these small-minded people, I am certain of this.

      • Hmmm. I’m pretty sure one of the biggest record producers in the world, and 3 people who have been in the music industry for years, would strongly disagree with you. So I think their opinions merit much more credibility than yours. Just saying. So that means you are WRONG!

    • Lucien you are so right. I’m a Josh fan too. This is the only sight I have seen so many bad comments about him. Everywhere else raves about him: yahoo!, People mag, a couple other news stations, celebrities on twitter. Something is just wrong with the ppl commenting here. so many unnecessary comments

  35. 1. Skylar
    2 Philips
    3 Jessica
    According to votes
    according to talent

    • and who do u want to go? hollie? elise is  good but she’s the least talented of all the remaining contestants.

  36. i hope it comes down between phillip and skyler both wonderful singers and both deserve it,

    • how come? Skyler is the Best Performer of the Season 11 BUT she landed in the bottom 3…AGAIN! Hmmmm…VOTE VOTE VOTE Skylar fans instead of saying BAD comments about Jessica…KARMA indeed! LOL

      • correct! after Hollie, next to go…Skylar! 
        Standing O (Hollie) and over the top praises (Skylar) from  the judges didn’t help AT ALL…. Go Jessica!

  37. So we finally say goodbye to Elise. Great prediction Branden! I should have stayed with her but she has dodged the bullet so many times. I really don’t think it was a shocker though. Maybe for some. 

    My Hollie is top 5 now. Let’s see how much longer she can last. I did my part. That is if the voting really has anything to do with it.

  38. The results today according to who was saved first will be THE exact order for the following weeks:

    1. Jessica Sanchez
    2. Joshua Ledet
    3.Phillip Phillips
    4. Skylar Laine
    5. Hollie Cananagh (booted out next week)

    • I could deal with that haha.. Im a Josh fan all the way but I like Jessica and could deal with her over Joshua for top 2

  39. I can’t believe Hollie is still there.. Come on! Elise?? Really?

    Geez.. Jessica for the WIN… 🙂

  40. I think joshua and jessica need to get the boot… I don’t like them…they r good singers but aren’t grear and jessica is awkward when she sings it irritates me

      • I actually want Joshua to go first, the way the judges treat him annoys the heck out of me.

      • ronronron: You should watch the 4th Sequel of Alvin and the Chipmunks with Skylar there.

  41. not against Hollie but she seems to be the Haley Reinhart and Jasmine Trias of this season.. always at the bottom but could not be eliminated so easily, both the latter landed 3rd, we will see where Hollie lands =)

  42. America definitely got it right (this week). Elise should’ve been packing her bags last week, in my opinion. Either way, she’s got a great voice and I’m proud of her!  

  43. I hope Elise followers swift their votes for Jessica Sanchez next week,I want her included up to final 3.Many in this site hates her for being the most qualified AI11,her pure vocal ability and performances that makes them nervous for their bets not to win the contest.
    Anyway I’m not happy that Elise was gone already,it must be Phillips or Skylar voted out today.But Phillips has many teenie boppers followers and supporters it’s quite hard for him to be ousted.Just accept the fact he can g sing but not for his vocal ability,without his fanbase he must suppose to leave last month already.Singing one style performance on the stage since the beginning.

    • Why is the jolly WTFdo, would Elise fans vote for Jess, they are nothing alike at all, I’d say they would switch to Phillip or Skylar. And if like most, they probably already voting for Phillip or Skylar and refuse to vote for the Divas: Jess, Hollie, & Joshua.

  44. I think the results tonight were predicitable.    Next week will be hard to call.   Hmmmmm   Maybe not.  

  45. Hollie made the Top 5! I’m so proud! My three favorite girls are the last three girls standing! So happy! :*)

  46. I think that Ledet is the tough person to beat for he got a good voice and he can sing different range of songs…..

  47. Elise was probably the most versatile and multi talented singer on the show.  She could sing anything.  I really hope sing gets a recording contract because I will buy her album for sure!  I will miss her performances.  She is the reason I was watching this season!

  48. I cant believe how much ” Lucky Charm” hollie has! she should be thankful for that.  i feel sorry for ellise. i would love to see her in top 5 with hollie going home.

  49. JUDGES are being unfair to the contestants…. they always give joshua a standing ovation even if the performance of joshua is so simple… they would give him a standing ovation…. JOSHUA ALWAYS CRY SO THE JUDGES WILL GIVE A STANDING OVATION (PITY  EFFECT)  ….. AND I’M A BIT CONFUSED LAST NIGHT… IN ROUND 1: THEY GAVE JOSHUA STANDING OVATION BUT WHEN RYAN SEACREST ASKED THEM WHO IS THE WINNER OF ROUND 1: JENNIFER SAID HAT IT WAS SKYLAR… HOLY CRAP…. I DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND THAT SITUATION!! LOL. if they gave joshua a standing it means that joshua won in that round!!!!!!! lol… but america got it tonight.. elise needs to go home :)))))))))

    • He’s black, and so is Randy. Jennifer will never go back. Steve like’s em black too

    • How is that unfair? Its their opinion and they aren’t the ones voting so GET OVER IT.

  50. Jessica’s vocals confuse me.  When I watch and listen,it sounds perfect.  But when I close my eyes and listen; I don’t hear a distinctive sound to her vocals that I would know it is her if she were on the radio.  It is like the perfect voice with no distinction.

  51. I missed Idol tonight but ya,I cansee elis going home she is good but to old school not for American Idol. But Skylar in the bottom 3, no way some thing went wrong.

  52. Who can imagine that Hollie Cavanagh still fighting up to now,her favorite place is the stool since the beginning.I think she was lucky when someone voted out their followers swifted those votes for her to stay.I like this girl to be in the finals either very pretty & charming although does’nt have the pure voice quality still she can manage to be included until now.

  53. Elise was unique and beautiful and should not of gone home. Jessica is boring & too into herself, holly is SO boring and un-memorable, josh is WAY favored by the judges, and phillip kinda screams the songs now. Skylar is the other good one in my opinion. But i definitely dont think elise should be going home. She was SO good!:/

  54. If in two weeks time both Philip and Joshua will be eliminated…
    Then it will be a All-Female Top 3 with Skylar, Hollie and Jessica.
    It’ll be so damn exciting! Well, that is if Josh and Phil will be voted off. Wishful thingking, but who knows.

  55.  Sorry to say, JSanFans, but I just don’t like Jessicas sound or songs she chooses. The only ones I have liked are the ones in Las Vegas round and I will always love you, last one being  a bit boring.  I can see in a way why others like her, but I haven’t enjoyed her.
    In contrast I love, love, love Hollies voice despite the song choises she makes (boring). And I know she might not be the best vocalist, but I love her. Strange how things like that work, for she isn’t really a performer.
    Skylar, now, is the performer. She has a gift. At first I was against her, but she has something special.
    I think Elise should have stayed, she’s really tallented. But I have to agree, her personality wasn’t winning me over.  Not that she has a bad attitude, but she isn’t as outgoing or endearing.
    Joshua, same as Jessica. I can understand why people like him, but for me he just isn’t doing” it”. 
    Phillip Phillps is boring and should be going home.  I guess he has talent, but for me he is the worst of the bunch. He  is eye candy, though, so I guess tweens and maybe older ladies as well vote for him. Or gues who prefer male singer.  Or anyone. After jessicas near elimination I think P2 has best chance of winning. But what do I know?

      • I don’t think that any of the contestants deserve to be hated. I like Hollie and Jessica both. Why people like to put contestants down stating that “he/she is not a good singer” or much worse? We are all different and like different styles of singing.  All contestants worked hard to get where they are now. Good luck to all of them.

      • Seriously, hate is too strong a word to describe someone you don’t even know. I mean come on, it’s a SINGING competiion, it’s not like anyone is Hitler Use a better word than to say you ‘hate’ someone, that’s ridiculous.

  56. 3 females in bottom 3 proves teeny bopper girls vote only for cute boys. and thats too bad.

  57. Jessica will get the pimp spot next week!
    Trivia:  Carrie Underwood wasn’t placed on the last spot until top 5.

  58. Laughing and getting tired about >>> “Oh no my fave should not have gone home!!! Really why her? Why him? Oh god THE SAVE should not have been wasted!!! The judges are full of @#$#%@ Blah Blah … ”


  59. i think we got it right with elise — all throughout the competition, she never takes criticism, no matter how constructive they are, well. she’s always very defensive and that will hurt her as an artist and in this business.

  60. These bashings got to stop. GET A LIFE! Why are you letting a two hour show run your life? Don’t get affected if your ” IDOL” gets voted off… Just watch the show and be entertained. It is not anybody’s fault that your candidate got voted off. They failed to get the numbers… PLAIN AND SIMPLE. It is just a show in the BOOB TUBE. I am also rooting for one but if he loses… Then it is the end of the road for him. Bitter? Probably… but not for the whole damn day…. because I have a life! DO YOU? 

    •  It the damn Asians who are makinf people nuts about the show. They have regular Jess Meetings for her at work, they have forgotten, it’s just a tv show. I hate working with them because they are all nothing but arrogant, rude, stubborn know-it-alls. And the food they eat…..I wouldn’t feed to my kitty cat, terrible stuff, of course they always got their rice and then something gross…it’s like everyday is gross+rice they should call it “grice”.

      Anyway get rid of the Asian and the Asians will go away, just like cockroaches…

      • Larrry, your comment is so racist and totally irrelevant to the topic. If you think Asians are nuts, then you are stupid. We are talking about the idol here, and here you are, complaining about the cultural differences and you want to get rid of Asians? I hope you heard yourself!

      • Asians have a variety of food so if you can’t stand it – nobody’s forcing you to eat it, anyway. At least, Asians take a bath everyday, especially Filipinos – they don’t have body odors and they can’t stand repulsive smell from other people because of poor hygiene. And yes, Asians can sometimes be arrogant and know-it-all because most of them are really really smart – to the point of being innately perspicacious. BUT NOT RUDE… And, hey, as long as they’re still performing well in their respective jobs and not derailing or curtailing their respective companies’ progress and profit, I think it’s okay to have a regular “Jess Meetings”. It’s their life. Why don’t you get one too???


      • I’m so sure larry is a fag who was dumped by an asian guy… hey larry i hope you still have parents to go run to then ask them to teach you some manners…. or perhaps you got that attitude from them…

      •  All of you, I isn’t no racists. Asians is the ones who are racists pushing themselves all over and infected America

      • Poor Larry, so insecure and so incoherent, where do you get all your nonsense words ? Poor, poor… 


      • Maybe he was dumped  by an Asian Lady. hahaha Seriously, dude, you need to have your mind checked. Why do you instill infesting ideas into your brains? It’s not healthy, you know. And oh, by the way, visit your grammar books. They can help you write flawlessly. 🙂

  61. I’m really sorry for Hollie’s fans but in my opinion she really don’t deserve to be safe! Deandre, Colton, Hee Jun and Elise are better than Hollie!

  62. So racist, offensive and condescending. You don’t understand at all why Filipinos leave their home and make sacrifices to find a better life for their families. To the moderator, please delete her comment.

    •  Why not stay at home and make it better instead of infecting America, we don’t want you here.

      • unless you are a native indian then i’d believe you deserve to be here more than anyone… and what right do you have to decide who stay here or not…

      • Larry 

        The American natives do not want the Whites to be in America and back here – me too do not want all the aliens coming from all over Asia to my country and stay here, I learn to tolerate the situation – the Palestinians hope the Israelis do not take their land, but did the Israelis listen? Isn’t it American helping them taking lands of others and where will this end us? okay we go to war, yes! In reality better for me – the more people die and vanish from this earth – may be earth can survive longer without human parasites – us all left this earth – it will be more peaceful – I do not mind just a few human who are like me left on earth – back to basic. 

        Human in general within a heartbeat can become hunter-killers – we are so good at hating each other huh! To love one another is a very difficult task to perform. This is who we are. I am a Muslim because I choose to be and being a mix – Dutch, Mongolian and Malay – I understand the situation better – I learn not to hate.I am not Jessica’s fan, she is a fan of others, I am not a fan of Joshua or any others – I like Phillip – I am his fan and I wish he will win, but I do not hate the others. Joshua is not my cup of tea nor Jessica and it has nothing to do with they are good or not – Joshua is shouting not singing – that is my opinion. Well of coz’ I wish the others to go – no matter who and let Phillip be the one – Anyone out there understand what I am saying here? I hope so….

      • I usually just read the posts here but your (LARRY) post about “infecting” America is so offensive. America is a melting pot of different cultures and who can really say that they were the “natives” except for, as Hhgg said, the Native Indians. Just support your “idol” and shut up if you have nothing good to say about others.

  63. all of them are just shouting…no voice quality except Jessica…she`s the one America is looking for.Specially Joshua,Skylar and Holli…ear irritating…shouting and shouting…

    • She’s more boring than….she’s the most boring thing I know. She’s just trying to be the next Imelda Marcos cause she loves shoes.

      • Wow… Did I just see James in your name? Gheez… What’s the problem with shoe obsession bro? Are you trying to be a fashion critic? hahaha Billy is not a suitable name. You should try Bella—Bellatrix LOL
        That would sound terrifying, right? haha

      • I’m gone for one day…and you all missed me so much you started to hope others were me…lol. Trust me, I like to say what I say using my name.

        As of yet, I have never met a women that didn’t love shoes….and apparently other guys have had the same experience. Yes, I called one of my exes “Imeda” because the woman had over 500 pairs of shoes. The moving company said it was the most they had ever seen.

        Now SailorMoon, my sweet…did you miss me? I voted for Jess..just for you.

  64. why people here say bad things regarding the contestants they don’t like? why not just support whoever you want to support with and try not to pull other people down?

    a piece of advice: there’s a part of you below there just to put other people down, and that hinders you to soar. it isn’t hard to be happy for others.

  65. Jessica and Joshua for Final 2.  The would be perfect to go head-to-head!  All the rest don’t have it! 

  66. I’m so sick of the show trying to cover up Joshua’s not being str8. It’s obvious the boy is a boi who likes bois. Why do they keep acting like he has interest in girls. Well, he might be interested in their shoes or something.

    I expect Joshua will become the best singing Drag Queen in America some day.

  67. With only 5 equally talented contestants left, here’s the likely outcome of the last four weeks of the AI competition based on public voting:

    5. Hollie
    4. Skylar
    3. Joshua
    2. Phillip
    1. Jessica (winner)

    • I hope it goes more like this:

      5. Joshua
      4. Hollie
      3. Phillip
      2. Skylar
      1. Jessica (winner)

      Actually Skylar is the most talented all round artist followed by Phillip. They both write and sing their own music and can play instruments.

      Jessica is the best singer closely followed by Hollie

      Joshua…well he just screams most of the time. He is a good singer when he sings a ballad or something soft. But I cannot stand the screaming or the mandatory  standing ovations from the 3 clowns who call themselves judges….their credibility has certainly come under questioning in season 11.

      Bottom line is I hope Joshua goes hope next week…Reason is I am tired of the screaming and mandatory satnding ovations

      • Bottom line is I hope Joshua goes hope next week…Reason is I am tired of the screaming and mandatory standing ovations

  68. Holy mother, so much hate on this thread! It’s almost as if the world is split into two, Jessica-lovers and Jessica-haters. Like seriously, is she even worth it? I’m willing to bet anything anyone who isn’t a Filipino will forget about her after 6 months even if she wins. Most Idol contestants are quickly forgotten anyway once the next season starts and people find their new favorite.

    To be honest this show is getting boring, I don’t know why. This season the talent is better than last year (overall top 13) but there’s just nothing exciting about them. At least last season I was pretty much entertained until the end by James Durbin and Haley Reinhart. 
    This season everyone is just so… safe. You pretty much know what to expect from which contestant. Even the normally unpredictable Elise has become rather stagnant in the last few weeks. Oh well, till next season I suppose. I’ll just be a casual observer from now on. I’d probably can still expect something different from Joshua or Skylar but I won’t cross my finger.

  69. First of all look at all of our comments. Each one of the remaining five has loyal fans. We can go back and forth all night about who is best, but the fact is they are all different and all talented. It seems a shame for bloggers to belittle the remaining contestants just to promote their favorite, and it’s ruining the show. I’d also like to gag the judges and tie them to their chairs so they can’t give out meaningless standing ovations and biased comments. Let the remaining contestants go the rest of the way on their own. They have been given conflicting messages all these weeks. It’s time for them to show what they have learned without more confusing comments from people who are trying to manipulate the final results. Question: Did anyone help the contestants with song choice this week? From Jimmy’s comments it seem not. There was no footage showing any rehearsals with Jimmy. Some of his comments were valid and could have made a difference in this week’s outcome. He also mentioned Philip’s health and energy level. Is Philip putting himself in danger by continuing? Goodbye, Elise, and good luck. This is not the end. It’s just the beginning.

  70. we all know we is the best is the best of the best in AI… its no other than who have hit  5 million views in youtube in just 3days..
    IF this a real singing competition  ..  NO ONE CAN BEAT THE BIG 3.. HOLLIE, ELISE and Jess? 
    do you think phil have beautiful voice? 
    answer is no…  he only winning  because of the teen’s who dont know about real voice.

    • If it’s only about the quality of the voice why don’t they just get opera singers to compete? I guess it’s because it isn’t just about the voice. It’s about the whole package which includes image, stage presence, singing ability, interpretation of music, looks, ability to select the right songs etc etc. So it doesn’t really matter if you if you have a beautiful voice, it’s how you interpret the songs and relate to the viewers. My favourite female singers of all time include Janis Joplin, Etta James, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and Edith Piaf. I doubt any of them would qualify as having a beautiful voice in your definition but the world would have been a much poorer place to not be blessed with their music and sound.

      • You are so right. Sometimes the voice of pain is what touches my soul. All the blues singers you mentioned were great at that. I used to drive my mom freaking crazy when I would crank up Janis when I was young. While I can appreciate a voice like Jessica or Joshua, they seldom touch my soul. And that goes for all the pretty, diva like singers of today as well.


  71. Why do the stupid foreigners on this site type in all caps?
    Don’t they have small letters in the MexiBeano, Philipineapple languages

    •  they do larry… they just know how to use the caps lock… you should try it as well… dumbass!!!

    • All of you, I isn’t no racists. Asians is the ones who are racists pushing themselves all over and infected America – LARRY
      @Larry: Watch your grammar, please…  May I correct it? “Asians ARE the ones who are racists pushing themselves all over and INFECTING America.”  Did you finish school, Larry? =)
      Larry, Larry, you’re so funny. =) You want Balut??? It will make your knees stronger and your mind SHARPER. Hahaha! =)

      • Trust me Larry, you will want to pass on the balut. I watch someone eat it and I almost threw up.

    • Watch your’re grammar boy. You sure sound like you’re either from those two countries which you are discriminating. What a shame. 

      You should eat some brains. Oh, wait wait… Maybe you can help the zombies fight the plants and win some brains! XD Or.. should I buy one for you instead? 

  72. I’m so sure larry is a fag who was dumped by an asian guy… hey larry i
    hope you still have parents to go run to then ask them to teach you
    some manners…. or perhaps you got that attitude from them….

  73. just read the news on the elimination of elise.. 🙁 too bad…somebody should have gone home instead. America isn’t voting right!

  74. one growler down. i would like to see Joshua go next. His style is becoming more annoying and his growls are no longer pleasant to the ears. It’s like being pushed all the time from start to finish of the song. Hollie is just boring. good voice but boring. Phillip is becoming more predictable every performances. And just like Joshua he seems to overdo his grunts trying to pudh it too hard until the very last note of the song. He gotta have to come up with a different variation or else people will start to become annoyed. Now Skylar and Jessica I guess would be the only two people I can see fighting till the end that would give us a damn good match of a show.

  75. American Idol and voters are getting on the right track, that is selecting the right contestant with best vocal and sense of presence on stage, to be chosen as the next 2012 AMERICAN IDOL.   


  77. I love Hollie and Skylar. I hope that both will be present in top2 and one in two will win the competition

  78. Jessica Sanchez if you can sing “Shine” by Regine Velasquez  and make your own version of it, that would bring everyone to their feet!!! Is this possible?

  79. Jessica has better chances of winning if the voting public would vote wisely..anyhow, tons of fans of Jessica for a win! Go girl!

    • Why not appeal to people to vote for Jess if they like her instead of challenging people to vote against her…..this is why people don’t like JessPushers, your aggressive and stupid.

  80. 58 million votes were cast last night, 10 million more votes this same time last year:

    The public vote-getters from highest to lowest last night:

    1. Jessica Sanchez 40%
    2. Phillip Phillips 25%
    3. Joshua Ledet 15%
    4. Skylar Laine 9%
    5. Hollie Cavanagh 6%
    6. Elise Testone 5%

  81. I guest the top 5 left are really good singers… but, guys sorry, for me still it’s jessica coz whenever she sings, she’s in full emotion and very soulful.  So, I’m voting for JESSICA SANCHEZ. GO GO GO JESSICA…You’ll Make it, no doubt!

    •  She might be full of something, but its not emotion. I’ll be nice and say, she’s full of big runs…musical of course.

  82. Jessica Sanchez if you can sing “Shine” by Regine Velasquez  and make your own version of it, that would bring everyone to their feet!!! Is this possible?

    • Jennifer Lopez commented at Elise and Philip last night to choose songs that many could have known. Now you are suggesting Jessica to sing “Shine” that is only known in the Philippines. Use your mind. Jessica, don’t let these Filipinos jeopardize your performances.

      • Yeah you are correct. Singing a song that is unknown to Americans is a gamble. But look at previous seasons, there were unknown songs sung and got positive results. Even an unknown song can be a hit if it really sounds good and if the singer delivered it well. Go ahead and search youtube for this song and I bet you would like it upon hearing it the first time. “Shine” is a “moment” song and can be even a “finale” song.

  83. I am very dissapointed to see Elise go.  I have lost interest in the show as it won’t be the same without her amazing bluesy rock/soul vocals.  But after all, the voters probably don’t have the musical training etc to dicern that… they want mainstream  manufactured pretty- sounding idols more than a true original.
    The voters are for the most part quite predicable, as are most of the vocalists
    who remain.      


    • Would love to hear Jess sing
      Natasha Bedingfield – “Unwritten”
      A very well known song world wide and she would sing it so great!

  84. I think jessica has an amzing voice sure, but she is too simple. Idol isn’t only about the good voice. Its about the performance, connecting with songs and making the audience rock out!

    On that note, it sux elise went home. She is unique and has something no one else on the show has. Sure all her songs arrent amazing, but she is one of the few that doesn’t just go up there and karaoke!

    Phillip is by fav my fav in all aspects. I think if america could vote for something new and fresh, the top 2 would have been phillip and elise! Maybe phillip will still get there 🙂

    • How can you say Jessica is too simple and boring and then turn around and say that Philip have all aspect and is fresh and new?  Are we watching the same show?  Philip have not shown any growth and there is NOTHING original about him.

  85. I can’t  resist Philip, his looks are boring and the way he performed seems like he is always in pain. I am sick of his body movements, weird. 

  86. What the hell does race have to do with who is your damn favorite idol? All of them happen to be great,just not on the same night.Hell….we all know that someone is going home every week.I have my favorite,if they happen to go home I just refuse to act like an idiot.People are talking about race,cultures,genders and looks…….WHY????? We as humans can not be that simple all the damn time!!!! I love AI,however not enough to argue and degrade people about it.Why do we seem to hate each other so much??? We all differ in looks and opinions. Does that mean hate someone because we don’t agree??? Come on people wise up!!! We have a lot of things to stress about and it damn sure is not AI. Just vote for your favorite and hope they stay until the next show.

  87. Top 3: 
    Jessica – Winner
    Joshua – 1st Runner up
    Philip or Skylar – 2nd runner up- I forgot. Sorry for spoiling the show 🙂 

    • Is she like going on a bad date with a perv or something?

      Dude, elimination night is Thursday night and it already happened.

  88. i hope jessica will not joined to the bottom three this night. we will pray to jessica sanchez..and also we will vote them. pls…………….

  89. …hello everyone….i am pleading to you all guys to please VOTE for JESSICA…..she deserves to be a winner in this season….she’s very young but has a very powerful voice….thank you

  90. I Love Joshua he is the best he has the best voice and way stronger than Jessica I love Jess too but not as much as Joshua go josh!!!!

  91. omg american idol i wanna do this i am a great singer i am 11 yr old hope to see great judges their from abbey tarnia parker

  92. I believed Jessica got the talent, the voice, she is the World’s Idol, she is American Idol. *****

  93. It’s obvious that the Judges want Joshua to win. The first song he sang or should I say shouted thru most of it sucked and yet they give him a standing  O, come on now man. The secound song was better, he is over rated by the judges.

    • I cannot believe the hatred on this site myself….I like all genre of music and I think I have a good ear when it comes to music…

      Jessica- I think is pure talent, she is young and she has amazing vocal range and control,  many say she just stand there and is boring but many of the great vocalist did the same in the begining of their careers…ie…Mariah, Whitney, Christina, etc..

      Hollie- Did a superb job last night with the climb, she kind of redeemed her self and deserve another week

      Skylar- Is starting to show a little adversity in her performances, more than I can say about last year’s winner…

      Philip- Oh boy, here I go!  When the judges were praising Philip, always giving him the “Yeah-U R the 1  2 beat” speech, there wasnt any complaint.  When Jimmy was pushing him, there wasnt any complaint….now that we are almost at the finale and he have not shown any change at all, have predictable performances (singing w/guitar)and not getting the praises as B 4 everyone is hating on the others who have shown growth…smh

      Joshua- Bias, bias people…..the only thing I can say, is nobody was hating on Clay Aikman, James (cannot remember his lastname), and there was another guy…they all did almost the same things when they sing, but the only difference between them and Joshua is ….well it goes without saying.

      • I can’t believe people are still pulling the racist card, 3 words:

        1. Reuben Studdard
        2. Fantasia Berrino
        3. Jordan Sparks

        You don’t win American Idol by accident, and Joshua is in the top 5 I wouldn’t exactly say people are hating on him

      • @5507f09fd3ab3248bb5d0c5e97b22ed0:disqus Skylar “adversity”?  Did you mean diversity?  Clay Aikman?  Do you mean Clay Aiken?  What are you 12?

  94. I’m sad to see Elise go, but not really surprised. I feel strangely deflated now that she’s gone, and from here forward will have trouble caring as much about the outcome of the show.  Elise gave the show texture and dimension, and each week I looked forward to seeing what she would do.

    The judges often accused her of not knowing how to choose the right song, but I saw this as versatility and willingness to try new things.  I don’t listen to just one genre of music, and also know if I was a musician I would want to experiment with different styles. Maybe American Idol is not the right place for an artist of this kind.

    I hope Elise goes on to do great things. She has such a unique voice and persona, but unfortunately uniqueness does not always spell popularity. I think she was misunderstood by many, which is too bad, but it may work out better for her not to have won anyway. She will now have the freedom to be the artist she is, play the music she wants to play, and be loved by those who are passionate about great music.

    Love you, Elise!

    • Very well said. I believe the Elise’s appeal is a direct result of the fatigue the public has with Diva and Hippity Hop/Rap music. Elise was fresh and different. Don’t give upon AI yet, there is still one that offers this also, Phillip. Give him a chance. Read my post above about Alternative Music.

  95. I have always been correct with my conclusions on who would
    win American Idol. And this year, I can tell you 100% sure that PHILLIP PHILLIPS will win. Apart
    from he has a strong fan base (80% of teenage American girls will vote for him);
    he is absolutely the most REAL artist in this season.  He will win America’s heart with his very
    humble, nice, and honest character. (I am not P2’s fan)


    On the other hand, I am 100% sure also that JESSICA SANCHEZ would be the
    runner-up for this season. For me, it was better that she became at risk of
    being eliminated in Top 7 Round 1 results because this intensify her fans to support
    her more. She will be consistent in her performance but this wouldn’t be enough
    for her to win. Yes she has a GREAT voice; but for some reasons, she just can’t
    win America’s heart. (I am not Jay’s hater)






  96. For almost the last eight years or so, the music industry has been pushing Diva and Hippity Hop/Rap music and
    the market is saturated to death with it. Let’s call it “Junk” just to
    nick name it. Consequently, sales have continued to plummet and the
    industry is in decline because “Junk” just isn’t attracting sales.

    Phillip is getting praised and is liked by many because he isn’t “Junk”. “Junk” music lovers don’t understand it because they think “Junk” music is it and they love it. Which is fine, but lots of other people are bored to death with women or men (DIVAS) singing slow ballads with big runs or with people spit shouting about hoes, bros, drugs and murder.

    That is why when one hears someone like Phillip, there is excitement, because it isn’t “Junk”.  When Dave Matthews and other Alternative Music hit the music scene in the late 1990’s, the industry sales soared and it was the best it had ever been.

    Remember all that great music and how diverse sounding it was. The thing about alternative music is the broad appeal it has and what is included in it as sub-genres. Alternative music can include elements and styles that appeal to all….from jazz, country, metal, hardcore. to pop.

    It is complex music that some find hard to understand, so they label it “Artsy”.  Because of the complexity, if offers interesting DIVERSITY. It isn’t the same thing over and over again. Bands have their different styles, but even within bands look at the diversity of their songs, ie Dave Matthews.

    My point is…we got all the Beyoncés  we need and they all sound the same anyway. Please stop killing the music industry by boring it to death. We need all the new potential Dave Mathews we can find….and Phillip is a new potential DM at a higher level.

    Alternative music lovers unite….fight the industry and break the “Junk” hold they have on us right now…fight for real music with broad appeal.

    • I totally agree with you that diva and hip-hop music is getting tired. IMHO, popular music is at an all-time low. I don’t listen to the radio anymore because the majority of what’s on it has no appeal for me. And it certainly isn’t because good music isn’t being made. 
      I listen to almost every genre outside of gangsta rap and hard-core death metal, and there is a time and mood for it all. Right in my own city there is a flourishing underground hip-hop scene, with young artists who are fresh and unafraid to examine some of life’s toughest issues in their lyrics. So what bothers me most about today’s music is not the genre but how shallow it is: all about sex and booty and money and selfishness, encouraging people to be fake and plastic. 

      Elise and Phillip do seem to represent a move back to something more real and accessible and organic. There is one difference though. 

      Elise wasn’t my favourite just because of what she stands for or the type of  music she sings. I like everything about her: her look, voice, passion, stage presence, diversity as an artist, and the quality she has that most people mistake for attitude. 

      Unfortunately I don’t feel the same about Phillip. I don’t know why I don’t care for him, I just don’t. So although I admire him for his independent spirit, I wouldn’t vote for him just for that reason. After all, this is a talent competition.

      I think Elise was the most talented contestant, and now that she is gone, the dynamic on the show will be totally different.

      It will be interesting to see what happens from here.

  97. Hollie should have been gone 4 weeks ago. I really can’t understand why she’s still around. Everyone since the final ten could sing her under the carpet. Sweet girl but she doesn’t belong in the top five….America has got it wrong.

  98. I think Skylar with those country sound no one into that these day and i think Phillip should hve been gone never wants to wear what they tel him and the thing he he about not shakeing people hand NO NO! he need to go Elise is good and so is Joshu,Jessica Hollie should have been gone don’t know what’s keeping her on there!

  99. i think josh should have gone home hes a gospel singer while good i don’t think he’s  an idol i think he’ll fade like Ruben did it would be a shame, Jesse should be the next americian idol what i don’t understand is why the judges keep giving Joshawa standing ovations they must hear different live then at home while good he’s not great like i said a gospel singer

  100. I am so excited for who will be next American Idol for me I vote JS..She’s great Performer for me.Win or not you are my American Idol.

  101. they have been sending all the wrong ppl home they should never have sent colten home my votes to go home and who should go home jessica joshua and hollie

  102. Skylar and Jessica we love u and hope to see one of u make it all the way go girls u can do it I have faith in u

  103. i’ve been looking at the online polls and every single one of them shows Jessica as the no. 1 favorite/vote getter followed by Phillip. I do hope they get in to the Top 2.  she may be no. 1 in all polls but it still depends on your vote.

  104. Don’t like Jessica – she belts out everything at the same volume. Holly is clearly teflon coated to have made it this far. I was supporting Colton – not really sure who to root for now since no one really stands out.

  105. Skylar Laine, will definitely win this whole thing! She has the best voice, best energy, and gives it her  ALL! :)))

  106. Elise eliminated?! To Hollie???!!! Utter and complete bullshit!!! She was the only reason I tuned back into this season of A.I. after years of being turned off. I mean who else on the show–including prior seasons–has performed Led Zeplin, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Nicks, Marvin Gaye, Queen, AND slayed each song with such fierce heart and SOUL?! Elise has chosen some of the most challenging material–even tough for the most seasoned, professional musicians in the business–and always delivers with the highest caliber of musicianship! What’s so sad, is that yet another great, SOULFUL, original AMERICAN talent bites the dust to Hollie–a BLAND, soulless, unoriginal, mediocre, karaoke singer from Liverpool, England! In this season’s A.I., Elise gave me hope and inspired me to stay tuned into the show. Leaving this show is probably the best thing for a giant talent like hers. I look forward to her star rising–the cd’s and especially her live concerts! As far as tuning into A.I. from now on… well, guess I’ll just have to change my t.v. back to real quality programming on the public channel.

  107. Jessica has a beautiful voice but I am distracted by the hooker like mannerism and dress. Last night on the second song she looked 16 and lovely……Finally! But too late……no idol…. Just gifted. Skylar and Josh born idols!

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