American Idol 2012 Top 9 Mansion Move-In Pics

American Idol 2012 Top 9 Mansion

The American Idol 2012 Top 9 moved in to the fabled Idol Mansion this weekend and now we’ve got our first look at the finalists in their new digs thanks to Entertainment Weekly. Now I see why Erika Van Pelt was feeling so bitter.

Finalists tweeted teasing details about the move over the weekend but were seemingly barred from showing any actual photos. Now we can see just how nice is the place they’ll be staying for the remaining weeks of American Idol Season 11. Hint: it’s ridiculously nice. One of the photos shows a giant flat panel TV in the bathroom behind Skylar. A TV in the bathroom?! What’s next? A phone in the bathroom?? Wait, what? People already do that? Nevermind then.

Check out a few of the images below and then see the rest at EW.

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