American Idol 2012: Top 9 Performs Tonight

American Idol 2012 Top 9

The American Idol 2012 Top 9 takes the stage tonight to sing for your votes.

This week they’re singing songs from their idols. We’ve learned that some of the idols they’re taking on include Led Zeppelin, Lifehouse, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Miranda Lambert. Also, check out some advice I’d give the contestants, you know, if they’d ask for it.

We’ll also be seeing the legendary Stevie Nicks sitting next to Jimmy Iovine in the mentor’s chair. I must say, that’s the most exciting thing to happen this season on American Idol. At least as far as I’m concerned.

Be sure to check back later for Matt’s live coverage of the performances and for my recap shortly after the East Coast airing.

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  1. Cool! I wonder how they are going to praise our Jessica. With Jimmy sitting beside Nicks, It will be as awesome as Simon’s breath of fresh air! LOL

  2. Since everyone’s singing their idols song…I think everybody will going to have their moment.

      • That’s not questionable. She is the best in the competition. Though she gives me a little excitement because she is a constant performer. I am rooting for Hollie because she has her ups and downs that keeps me checking out for her performances and decide if she has improved or not.

      • Yeah, but I don’t feel like rooting for Hollie because my pick this year are Jessica, Phil and Elise. 
        Elise has more ups and downs than Hollie in my opinion.  Anyway, that’s how I see it: *Jessica being the top contender so I’m keeping an eye on her maintained status. *Phil as my second choice ’cause he’s been battling every week with consistency, and*Elise with her voice battling with the impressions from the crowd.

    • Singing seems to come very naturally to Jessica, she’s very good but, in my opinion, boring, she’s not very captivating. I like the passion that Hollie brings, she’s more engaging and exciting, as well as adorable! She may not win but she continues to get my votes.

      • Each of us is entitled to our own opinion, and to like who we like- and that is to be respected.  But there are people who think they can boost their own favorites by trying to bring down others – and that is not good.

      • Sometimes people need a little push to accept your viewpoint, kind of like: “hey I never looked at it like that before your right Hollie is more engaging and exciting than Jessica, I think I’ll vote for her tonight”. That’s why people boost their favorite contestant.

  3. Apparently singing second to last is the best spot to be in this year. So far there have been five performance shows and the judges have given a standing ovation on the second to last performance every time. The pimp spot has paled by comparison. The weird thing about it is that only two contestants have performed in that spot; Joshua twice and Jessica three times.

    Joshua had it for top 13 boys while Jessica had it for top 12 girls. Jessica had it again the following week when she sang ‘I Will Always Love You’. Then Joshua again for top 12 (11) week when he sang ‘When  A Man Loves A Woman. Jessica was there again last week. If this tradition holds, Joshua should sing second to last tonight, have another moment, and of course get the apparently required standing O from the judges.

    I would say that its not fair for only two contestants to share the best spot to perform in week after week but apparently these two need it more than the others because, when they haven’t sung in this years true ‘pimp’ spot, they’ve been horrible. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this blatant favoritism? I may be but, either way, I would recommend to anyone who’s favorites are not Jessica or Joshua to hope their favorite gets a chance to sing second to last so they can share in the riches as well. I know I will.

    • These two NEED the favored spot more than the others? Logic dictates that those who are constantly  hugging the bottom are the ones who NEED the spot, if indeed it is a favored spot.  I think the order in which they perform is based on how well they did in the rehearsals. Surely you don’t want a dud performance to close the show, do you? And the opening act should be good enough  to stir people’s interest

    • I’m curiously myself to how they pick the order the contestants will sing.  Branden…do you or Matt know the answer to this question????

    • Colton Dixon had the pimp spot last week with Piano Man. It brought him up to second place behind Phillip yet no SO for Colton. That is messed up!

      • Well, you don’t automatically get a standing O because you’re in the pimp spot! You have to deserve it.

  4. There is a linkage .. Hollie’s going to perform first and she’ll be singing Taking Chances…

  5. Branden :
    ” check out some advice I’d give the contestants ”  !!!

    If they listen to u each week ,They will be doomed ….

      • Well, this comment right here shows why good singers go home. Seriously..because he shares your son’s name..he’s the one you like? The fact that he is close to being the worst singer in the bunch means nothing?

  6. It’s gonna be an interesting  night because it’s essentially no theme for tonight. They can sing whatever they want to. I just hope it’ll be some of twist for some choice, nor all readable/expected kinda way.

    My bottom 3 prediction: Heejun, Deandre, Elise; with Deandre going home.
    Or it might be Joshua going home, then the judges save him, then two weeks later Jessica sending home and the judges can only scratch their eyes out coz they have no more save. Pia style? LOL

    • You predict that Heejun, Deandre and Elise will be in the bottom3 and yet  JOSHUA might go home?   Can they send home someone who is NOT in the bottom 3?    Please put some sense on your predictions.    

      • That is really funny…LOL 
        Ryan: America, these are you bottom 3. However, all three of you are safe. Congratulations! You may take your seat. The person going home tonight………dim the lights, please………. is Joshua. ROFL

      • I meant it as two different scenarios:
        1.Deandre, Elise, Heejun in bottom three, then Deandre eliminated


        2.Joshua, and any two contestants in bottom 3. then Johua eliminated, then the save, then Jessica happen.


    •  Hi Lou,
      Yeah, explain that to us will ya?  Is there a bottom after the bottom 3 ?

      I can hear Ryan saying to the the bottom 3 , dim the light please,
      here you go……….the person safe for the next round is Heejun , Deandre and Elise, oooops wait a minute who is going home then?

      You will find out after the next commercial, heh heh ……………..
      Lou you are too funny LOL

      • I meant it as two different scenarios:
        1.Deandre, Elise, Heejun in bottom three, then Deandre eliminated


        2.Joshua, and any two contestants in bottom 3. then Johua eliminated, then the save, then Jessica happen.

  7. I know that DeAndre will have his moment today……coz he’s not only a good singer but a true perfomer.  He interact with the audience you can see him communicating with the people…..he just needs a great song which he can shine through and 2morrow you’ll gaurantee have another opinion!! Mark my words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I feel tonight is going to be really good.  The performers have a chance to shine or fizzle tonight.  They can pick their own songs so it should be very interesting.  If they don’t perform well, then they can only blame themselves………Enjoy the show everyone!!!!!!

  9. Yap, let’s see how the Top 9 perform tonight…………then we predict who would be the bottom 3…….

  10. since deandre has (apparently) now become the underdog, i’m SUPER rooting for him:)  i’m sorry but despite some (admittedly) lackluster performances the past cpl weeks, what he did Hollywood week won me over. he and jessica should do a duet, similar to what their group did in hollywood! That would TOTALLY boost his fanbase a few notches! Other than my underdog lol.. i’m a big fan of jessica, joshua and colton. elise is great too, its unfortunate that she’s been in the bottom. whats up with this voting?? *cough* teen girls *cough*

  11. Phillp is getting too much hype. Hes good but not superstar quality. He also sings with a tortured voice. He overdoes it.

    • If he is not of superstar quality then the rest are not even little star quality.  he is getting hype because americans are connecting. 

      • YAY, agree.  He sings with all of his heart and soul, not trying to impersonate another’s voice, singing his heart out.

    •  you are absolutely right!! i agree that hes voice is not powerful enough ,hes like a cow howling

  12. The performers were awesome tonight. Exceptional performances from, Jessica Sanchez and also Joshua Ledet and Heejun Han.  

  13. Why is jungle boy still there.   Jennifer really!!!!!!!  What you have something for the young boy’s now!!!  He sucks, I don’t even watch him.  I leave the room, oh sorry PVR, I FWD it.  Sorry but he really does not desire to be there.

  14. Deandre! Please sing Prince ” Adore” or If I was your girlfriend. You would be awesome!!

  15. Beyonce already slowed down sweet dreams. She performed it at her I am world tour. So its not like sanchez really did something that B hasn’t. Let’s get that clear. But overall good job.

  16. I think the judges are just too polite sometimes. They say the performance is flawless but actually, it’s not.  This gives false hopes to the contestants who think they only have to stick to their most recent performance because the judges said they did good. It’s a disservice! I miss Simon for this. As for the mentors, I like P. Diddy and Mary J. Blige.  They really helped bring out the best in the contestants. 

  17. This year’s set of contestants are the best so far in Idol history. Each one has the right to be a contender, unlike in the previous years when some contestants stay in competition only because of fan votes.  

  18. Now I totally get Elise’s little “tude” earlier this season. The girl is ROCK N ROLL_ which is NUTTIN BUT TUDE n TALENT!!!!!! I knew the girl could wail but,LED Z.,Omg!!!!!!!!  Killer nite 4 AI!!!! Phillip P. Sang the what- what out of Johnny L.’s song 2nite!!!! Keep on ROCKING AI!!!!!!

  19. Phillip and Elise killed it.  They mostly all improved.  My guess to go home would be Hollie or Deandre.  Mr. Joshua kicked some butt too!

  20. I really am disappointed with the latest show…really? Colton? Holly should have been gone weeks ago. I have lost my faith in AI. Looks I’m goin over to the Voice, sad but true!

  21. Phil, Im so Happy for you and my mom love’s you and your teeth(: Great Job!!!

  22. Why are the contestants all starting to look like past contestants?  Is there an American Idol look?  It seems like if you’ve seen one year you’ve seen them all.  This is the first year I haven’t had a TV in my house and by the looks of the contestants, I’ve already seen this episode.  

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