American Idol 2012 Winner Phillip Phillip Reflects On Experience

American Idol 2012 Winner Phillip Phillips

Last night on American Idol 2012 the season 11 winner was crowned and now Phillip Phillips is ready to look back on the season that lead to his big win. In a post-finale interview with Fox, and may I happily note their usual monotone interviewer is gone, Phillip discusses what it took to get there, what he was thinking as the confetti fell, and what he looks forward to doing next.

When asked what made him so emotional during his coronation performance of “Home” Phillips explained, “I wasn’t even thinking about the song, honestly.” He went on to add “I was just looking out and thinking about how long the journey was, you know, and just to win. Just crazy. Still can’t believe it.”

Touching on his ongoing health issues this season Phillip admitted there were times when he thought about giving up. “Yeah, there were a couple of moments of that and it gets tough. I’ve been sick. I don’t like complaining or anything. That’s why I’d get in trouble cause I wouldn’t complain,” Phillip explained. Rumor has it that Phillips will finish his media tour and then take time off for surgery and healing.

Phillip says he learned that the whole process “you can be yourself throughout this Hollywood stuff and TV shows. You can still be yourself and not change for anybody. You can do some good things for people, you know?”

After being prompted to look in to the camera and state “I’m the new American Idol” Phillips commented it was “very weird” to hear himself say that. I’m sure his fans are glad to hear it though. They can look forward to many more opportunities to hear from Phillip Phillips as he moves forward with his music career.

Watch the full interview with Phillip Phillips, the new American Idol winner: