American Idol 2012 Finale Recap: A Tearful Winner is Crowned

American Idol 2012 Jessica and Phillip Top 2

American Idol 2012 came to an explosive conclusion tonight after two-hours packed of special guest stars and an emotional crowning.

During the night we saw appearances by John Fogerty, Reba McEntire, Chaka Kahn, Neil Diamond, Rihanna, Jennifer Holliday and Aerosmith.

And while Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez’s spectacular duet of “And I Am Telling You” might have been the highlight of the night, there was one more emotional moment that stood out: The crowning of the American Idol 2012 winner.

Phillip Phillips was named the winner of American Idol 2012, becoming the fifth male in a row to win the Idol title. Jessica finishes the season as runner-up, but we can expect to hear a lot more from both of the Final 2.

Earlier in the night, the Top 12 kicked off the show with  an opening medley. That was followed with a cool duet with Phillip and Creedence Clearwater Revival’s John Fogherty. The duet, which almost felt like father and son, took on CCR hits “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” and “Bad Moon Rising.”

Top 3 finalist Joshua Ledet comes out next with Elton John hit, “Take Me To The Pilot” and I thought for sure we were going to get a surprise appearance by Elton himself, but instead it was Joshua’s idol, Fantasia. They commenced a five-minute SCREECHFEST that ended only when Idol cut to commercial while they were still going at it.

The Top 12 ladies took the stage next for a medley of songs with who was either Chaka Kahn or a dreaming newborn baby. Not sure which. That was only a little bit painful. That was followed by a performance by Rihanna.

And then we got what I’ve been waiting for all season. A duet with Skylar Laine and Reba McIntire. I was hoping for some “Fancy” or “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,” but I had to settle for “On The Radio.” And it was a very fun performance.

Jessica came back out and re-delivered one of her best performance of the season, “I Will Always Love You” just before the guys took the stage for a medley along with Neil Diamond.

Jennifer Lopez performed again. I thought once a season would’ve been her limit. But she couldn’t let Steven Tyler take all the spotlight with his Aerosmith performance.

Hollie Cavanagh got her finale number and they paired her with Jordin Sparks. And they did the whole “Ladies and Gentlemen, Jordin Sparks!” thing. Does she really warrant that? And what an odd pairing. I guess maybe Celine Dion wouldn’t sign on? Because that would have been a proper pairing.

In honor of the late Robin Gibb, the guys take on a medley of Bee Gees hits, ending with one of Joshua’s best songs of the season, “To Love Somebody.”

After that we get what I’m currently calling the best performance of any season on American Idol ever. Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday’s duet of “And I Am Telling You” blew my mind. If this wasn’t a family site, I would have inserted an F word in that last sentence just to stress how much my mind was blown. So anyone who accused me of being a Jessica hater this season, try to make me out to be a hater now. Amazing performance. If that happened last night, she would have won this thing.

Aerosmith finally takes the Idol stage just before Phillip and Jessica take on the 80s duet “Up Where We Belong.” And then Ryan gets right down to business. It’s time for the results.

“The winner of American Idol season 11 is …. Phillip Phillips,” Ryan reveals. Scotty McCreery passes on the Idol trophy and Phillip’s first single “Home” starts. Phillip gets about halfway through before he bursts into tears and if I didn’t know any better, I’d almost think that put a lump in my throat. You know, kind of like when the dog dies in a boy-and-his-dog movie. Yeah, that’s a weird analogy. So what.

So there you have it. Your new American Idol is Phillip Phillips. Are you happy with the outcome? Will you be supporting Phillip after all this?

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      • Now it provided me with reason why Jessica Sanchez didn’t sing either of her 2 best performances in season 11 because “I Will Always Love You” and “And I Am Telling You” are all set to be performed ONLY in the finale result night.

      • I’m not surprised why Phillip won. Like I said before, polls on this site are wrong.

        Still, congratulations to Phillip, even though I’m not a fan.

        Jessica did a great job fighting until the very end despite the odds. She has become an inspiration to millions around the world…

      • well…please DO NOT BE BITTER !  let us join hands to congratulate phillips phillips….he is declared winner of AI 2012…and of course  CONGRATULATIONS TO THE  AMERICAN  IDOL for amazingly slaying the votes for the winner!  good job!…..for those wishing to join American Idol….please be sure that you are an AMERICAN  because the title of the Program  AMERICAN IDOL  is really very specific….so please …it was enough for JS to be able to be the second best. Let us just wish her all the best luck she desires to have!  GOD BLESS and PEACE  to everyone!..

        by the way, i was just wondering last night why there was a newspaper named herald or heritage….i cannot really be sure of the banner name but it bears the front page PHILLIPS PHILLIPS WON AMERICAN IDOL 2012…….about 2-4 people i have seen right after the live show as i was watching the hook up of the channel 4  Fox 31 Albany to their staff sent to AI to cover the last night show……..SO FAST TO PRINT OUT THAT NEWSPAPER with the newly declared AI winner when it was just right after the show…….. one who was holding was in fact the staff correspondent of Channel 4 Fox 31.!  it was just so fast,

      • Don’t be ridiculous! Both were very good in very different ways . Why u gotta make it a race thing?

      • The best performance everrrr… Jessica and Jennifer Holiday, I had watched it so many times on my dvr and at the end I keep on saying” its beautiful”…WOW its Amazing. Grammy should have them sing together in the future. I Love It!

      • good for her!! so what’s your issue with phillip then? stop with the bashing dude! not helping.

    •  I agree, women are more likely to vote than men(I’m a woman). That is why men are usually the winners. Why can’t they vote who they think are the most talented and not who they think are cute.  It’s like that on all the reality shows where the audience gets a vote. I am tired of it too!!

      • You know that is not true, I voted for Carrie Underwood , Katherine McPhee Jordon Sparks, Jennifer Hudson, so you see if they are a good entertainer and you like them, thats how I vote!! So get over the white guy with gutiar, that gotten old!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Why do you assume all women are fatuous and thick? Maybe they do vote for the most talented. You’re demeaning your own sex. Bizarre. . .

      • I voted for Phillip because to me he had the most talent, I don’t like voices that scream. You can ruin your voice by screaming.

      • If you’re truly tired of it, bombard Nigel’s twitter with demands to change the voting policy.  You know that’s the only way things will ever change.

      • That is just wrong!  I have been a Hollie fan from the beginning, when she was voted off  I startewd supporting my 2nd favorite P2.  Music is a matter of taste and I truly enjoy his music and his stage pressence.  He has charisma and is just ok in the looks department.  I would purchase  his music and go see him in concert as I will Hollie and Elise. There is no denying that Jessica is talented but I already have Celine, Whitney and Mariah albums.
        @Branden:  I have to respectfully disagree with you regarding the Jennifer Holiday/Jessica duet.  To me it was no different then the Fantasia/Joshua duet, a lot of screeching and screaming, not my taste in music.  I do agree with you that Jessica will have a huge career ahead of her, particularly internationally.
        To all of the folks that are saying America is prejudice:  The acronym WGWG sounds pretty prejudice too me.  If we were prejudice Jessica, Joshua, Deandre would not have made as far as they did.  They are young people thatare pursuing their  dreams as are all of the folks that tried out and made top 24 and on.   Just be happy for them.

      • I am a woman, and I voted all season for Hollie Cavanagh, because I thought she was the best. Last night I voted for Phillip because I prefer his voice to Jessica’s. I did not vote for him because he’s cute, or because I am secretly a racist (I’m not), or for any other reason that the commenters on this site seem so quick to throw at those who disagree with them. I voted for him because I felt he was the better of the two, and I personally like his style. Obviously other people felt he was the better choice also. What is done cannot be undone, so why worry about it? It doesn’t affect your life personally.

    • No, the viewers eat this stuff up.  They can’t help themselves!   This is a win-win situation for everyone .  Lots of great exposure, and a chance to perform and learn from the very best.  JS is a lucky girl to have had the AI experience.  Winning isn’t everything, a lesson everyone needs to learn early in life.

      • Jessica also tried to win America’s Got Talent when she was nine. Go see you tube videos. They said she would go far then. I think she did her best. PP was amazing and deserved the win.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Jessica’s singing ability is undoubted but her age goes against her – she’s not had enough time to figure our exactly where she want’s to be as an artist. Philip has a few extra years under his belt and know’s exactly where he’s headed and what he wants to be. Saying that, I’m sure both have a great future. Philip’s is almost a given. Jessica, with the right guidance could be on the scene for a long time to come. Congrats to both! 

    • I winner was crowned tonight not a your drama queen that doesn’t even know who she is as a person yet, let alone who she is as a artist!!!!

      • Jessica knows who she is….again prejudice set up about her being too young.  Justin Bieber….was he too young?

      • oh she knows who she is….at 16 she knows what she wants to sing.. get that in your one dimensiona thinking

      •  Could it be “she knows who she is”, but that America didn’t care for that conceited, miss no personality person?

    •  I believe American Idol had one of their best seasons ever…the top 5, no doubt, the best top 5 ever…

      Jessica did not lose this competition…P2 won it with perfect finishes in the final 2 weeks

      I am a fan of Jessica…wish she had won…but props to P2, the guy stepped up his performance to a level I didnt think he had in him


      • Daniel, once again a Jess fan with positive comments for the competition.  I am so impressed with your posts.  You are a positive role model for this site.

      • Yeah, Actually JS got the best out of it (not winning).
        She has all the options she could get. 🙂

        P2 deserves it. If JS won, she deserves it too. 
        They have worked for it. 🙂 With such talent and personality they have, both would go along way.

    •  Last year’s WGWG first album hit gold in weeks after release then plat. within 6mos. FLOP??? LOL

    • I agree with you.  Considering age and experience differences, Jessica held her own in the duet with Jennifer Holiday, that was spectacular and was rendered with passion and conviction.  The way I see it, Philip is the american and Jessica is the Idol.

    • Phillip has 12 songs in the Top 200 on Itunes right now.  Home (1), We’ve Got Tonight (29), Stand by Me (33), Volcano (41), Movin Out (54), Beggin (72), U Got it Bad (108), Disease (116), Have You Seen the Rain (120), Fat Bottomed Girls (159), Time of the Season (182), and Superstition (190).

      Jessica has 1 — The Prayer at 151…..

      Nuff said!

      • You are right…..but Jessica has blown him out of the water with the number of youtube views she has had of her performances . 

        I have not downloaded any songs at this point because I enjoy watching Jessica’s performances on youtube so I can see how amazing she is.

        I think time will tell who has the staying power once the hype is all over.

        Truthfully I hope that that they both have great careers.

      • Youtube is free. Who really cares who has more views.  I just bought Phillp’s Idol journey. It’s wonderful!

      • they’re just trying to build phillip that’s why. but come to think of it, world is much more likely going to buy JS music. keep that into ur mind ok.. accept the real thing..

        Nuff Said! u understand?

      • Let’s see – ITunes you have to BUY a song.  You Tube — is FREE — where do you think the record companies want to invest their cash!

    • Don’t kid yourself. People will still watch. I’m saying this as a Jessica fan.

    • i think one viewer like yourself will not hurt america idol. america picked who they wanted some people have a hard time accepting this so sad. love you phillip phillip. also  jessica is a great little singer she will do fine also.

    • THE white guy won because he was better. it was not country as i would have liked but still the best of the 2….

    •  why can’t you stop with the bashing guys?? the show is over, phillip already won. now deal with it! i’m sure jessica will not be too proud of her fans if ever she have read all your nasty posts against phillip. even she admitted that phillip is a great artist, and so is phillip admitted that she is one of the best he heard. so what exactly is your issue with another ‘WGWG’? you want a girl to win, why, for a change? so lame!! she’s a great singer, and not winning AI will stop her to succeed. that’s a fact. phillip is an AMAZING artist that even he didn’t get the title he will succeed. that’s a fact. can’t you just appreciate him? he’s not doing any harm to you guys, he just wanna share his music. if you don’t wanna support him, that’s fine, he’ll not beg for it anyway, millions of other people will. but PUHLEASE stop with the bashing and move on!!

  1. Congratulations, Phillip. I’m rooting for Jessica but what the heck. You deserve it nonetheless.

  2. In my opinion Jessica deserve to have won that. Her voice stuns me every time sings while mr. Philip bores me to death with his awful voice and awful song choice.

    • But Phillip won. Let’s just all move on. I rooted for Jessica as well but who knows, she might be more successful than P2 outside Idol. Idol is just a beginning.

      •  Agreed with you,  Jess fans just support her after and buy her CD if she ever do a recording.   

    • But Phillip won. What you have to do is buy Jessica’s album when it comes out. And if all jessica fan’s out there and who’ll do the same, she would have won the better price. That’s what i did in season 5 – bought Daughtry’s album once it was out.

    • I voted for Jessica a LOT this season. And yes, I think she is more deserving than Phillip for the top spot. As she has what is perhaps the best voice in terms of vocal range, to ever take the AI stage. But, one thing you will never hear me say is “Phillip bores me to death with his awful voice and song choice”. Good luck to both of them.

    • How cool…..I just think exactly the same…..but the other way around…. 🙂

    • You are absolutely correct! I wouldn’t pay a dime to see him in concert. American Idol is a joke. PP voted in because so many teenage girls have a crush on him. He was at best the third best singer.

      • And I would not pay a dime to see Jessica in concert so it’s awash.  Well not exactly, P2 won!

    •  I think in my opinion Phillip was set up to be the winner.   They were provided with the last song and of course got help on how they will sing as well as the presentation.  There was too much hype on Phillip last song,  presentation was excellent.   For Jessica song it was kind of not exciting and that was not her fault because that was what set up for her.   Do not get me wrong as I like Phillip too but Jess is still young and sometimes runner up comes up on top.   For those Jessica’s supporters just prove your support by buying her record if she ever does.   Good luck to Phillip as he is also a very talented singer. 

    •  OH, guys Jessica will sing National Anthem  on May 27 PBS 8 ET.  Just watch her and just watching her comment on not winning what a girl, she said ” that she expected Phillip to have won and very grateful for the opportunities.”    Come on Jessica haters give this 16 years old credit for her accomplishment and talent. 

  3. Where can we find the video of Jessica and Jennifer Holliday duet?  Upload please. Thanks.

  4.  Congrats to P2! but I’m still so proud of Jessica Sanchez and her duet with Mrs. Jennifer Holliday was indeed the highlight of the night. I’m happy for both P2 and Jessica. I wish great things from both of them. 🙂

    • But since this is AMERICA we are ok with P2 being the AMERICAN Idol because we are proud AMERICANS!!!

      • Art there is no need to be racist. You shouls learn the art of humility not ignorance.

      • …don’t ever ever think or let other people feel racism is at hand on this contest!!!….worst to mention is “we are proud Americans!”….shut-up!!!…as far as History is concern,very few are native Americans…and it’s not you!!!…you are an immigrant from Europe and America is not proud of you as their citizen cuz you’re nothing, useless and not famous…compared to Jessica… and her dad who is serving the country….serve and do something for the US and that’s the time for you to say that you are American!

      • McCracken, I know it is very common to throw out the racist label these days. Epecially here on American Idol. But, since when did it become racist to be a “Proud American”?

      • To alicecora

        Who do you think you are?! Who are you to talk about bloodlines?! To be bitter and criticize JS is one thing and is understandable because you like P2, but to actually insult her “bloodline” & country where her parents came from is pathetic and unforgivable!! Shut your front door!!!

      • To Kateaustin10

        Does it mean you will gladly open your door to people from Iraq?!! If your answer is yes, then you are a traitor. If you say no, then you are just as pathetic as you have just slap yourself in the face. So much for non racist.

        For those who lost their family members to terrorists, I hope the judges will select the contestants more carefully for the next season.

      • @peace:
        So now, are you saying screening process on AI should now include thorough investigation of a contestant’s bloodline or ancestry? Terrorism is everywhere, terrorists are from different countries, not just Iraq! Maybe you just don’t know, one of your ancient ancestor was a terrorist!

      • What the? things are getting out of hand. What in the world does American Idol have to do with terrorists?

      • Oh for goodness sake! This was about a singing competition where there will always be a winner & a loser. How the hell did this become about racism, prejudice and terrorism?!!
        Chill out people!

  5. I am so glad Phillip Phillips won. He is so interesting and different. I will definately be buying his songs. I think Jessica is an amazing singer but just not someone that sounds different from other singers yet. Volcano is absolutely the most tender, sexy, emotional song I have ever heard and Phillip did an incredible job on it.

      • How can you say that when he was the one who always made his songs different and interesting not copycat.

      • I for one will not say Phillip is ordinary. Because he is a unique talent. But, in “my viewpoint” that last performance of his last night … was in fact, ordinary. But even so, I hope Phillip has a successful career ahead of him.

      • Hey looser caboose. Probably, you were referring to yourself. You are ordinary. .. Do you think you are qualified to be in American Idol? Both Phillip and Jessica are extranordinary. YOU are so ordinary. Reality bites.

    • If philip will record an album with let’s say, 10 tracks. i’m sure i’ll be listening to 10 different songs but all sounding the same. all the “yawning” sound at the end of evey phrase. what a bore!!!

      • Then dont listen to him. Nobody’s forcing you to. You listen to your idol I’m sure she will keep you up all day and night too. Her music can serve as your alarm clock too. Probably, you are loud and will never ever learn to enjoy the art of soft music.

    • I so like your comment –>

      I think Jessica is an amazing singer but just not someone that sounds different from other singers yet. ” the fact that you put “YET” on the end.
      Yeah, she’s 16 she has a long way to go to be more of the great artist/singer she could ever be. 🙂

      Cheers for the 2. 🙂

  6. good job moderators for a job well done for this season. I am very happy with the result,…very much expected. JSan had no chance of winning for so many reasons.  I am happy for P2…good luck to him…I hope he will do better than the previous WGWG winners. I hope he will prove the public wrong about the WGWG curse stuff…coz i think he’s great…Jsan will be fine she will have a great time ahead of her.
    The real success is when AI ends…I hope that the voting public won’t just stop then and there but will continue to support for all of them not only the winner to make their big dream to stardom possible.

    please make P2 BIG, buy his album….I am afraid for him…he might end like the previous winners…knock on wood..

    as for Jsan…thou she did not win…hope the hype for her will pushed her through for a great career…

    • I don’t know, the last WGWG went double  platinum on his first album, sounds pretty successful to me.

    • Wow you are forgetting Scotty,he is so sucessful. In fact he won the new country artist award, He went platiumn on his first album. His last song is in the top 10…. HUH,,, I think Phillip will do the same….

    • Hype is when you don’t deliver on promise.  Jessica delivered far more than people older than her did.

    • How can you say P2 might end like previous winners…I think Scotty has done GREAT…. P2 will do great to…Can’t wait for his first single to come out and then more and more to come.  But today they are flying him to New York to have his surgery. So hopefully all will go well for him and he will be better soon.  They had inserted a stint to help him through Idol…but now they will do surgery…Instead of knocking him…pray for him….

    •  I am afraid that your fear of Phillip ending like previous winners who did nothing is quite possible.   He is a very talented singer but honestly when he sings it all sound similar to me.   Do not get me wrong as I like him too.   The last song was great because of the presentation and of course that is all American Idol and not on his own.  Anyway, good luck to Phillip and hope that he does not disappoint all his fans and American Idol producers. 

  7. What happened, happened. I am upset about Jessica “loosing” but in my opinion she still won. So many people love her, shit she was trending on twitter AFTER they announced Phillip as the winner. Goes to show how many people love and support her. Plus, she’s not tied down to the idol record contract, and hopefully she’ll get picked up by someone who actually produces her style of music not the crappy “Change nothing”. Cannot stress how proud I am of Jessica, and also cannot express how excited I am to see what she coming up in the future. Best wishes BB Chez.

  8. Of course Phillip won, and this makes it the last time I will watch American Idol. It’s sad that the minute I saw Phillip audition I said he will be in the Top 2, and have a big possibility to win. The show is now dead to me, because you will not win unless you’re a white cute guy with guitar. I will only come back if they change the voting system.

    If I was a girl I wouldn’t even audition. Seriously don’t even show up!!! Try to get a record deal the old way. Already as a minority I wouldn’t even consider trying out for the show.

    •  Sour grapes; very classy. There have been plenty of girls who have gone on from American Idol to have very successful careers — even if they weren’t the “winners” of American Idol.

    • The voting system for The Voice seems more fair for the contestants. I agree that Jessica has an incredible voice however she needs to discover her niche still…and she’s young so she has lots of time to develop. P2 is deliciously cute and very folkish sounding and talented in  the way he spins his own version of a song. Best wishes to both of them….

    • I don’t know, a lot of minority girls had pretty successful careers because of this show. But, maybe in the future, they should just ake your advice and not try out.

    • Who cares if you don’t watch the show again.   You are probably one of them that said after Scotty wouldn’t watch this year.  Just suck it up and realize every year we all have favorites..Someone has to win and someone has to lose.  Just a show…take up golf.

  9. This man feels the song through his entire body and soul…I sooo enjoyed his journey on idol this year from the very first time his body was filled with electricity when he auditioned! Yeah Jessica is good but her 16 years of life has not allowed her true potential to shine…once she can live through her songs and feel and connect with the audience she will be a golden star with the chops to support her success. So happy that the man who has rocked my world with his guitar and soulful voice became the victor another happy idol viewer here!

    • don’t fault jessica for her youth. if that will be the case, then american idol should change their rules. no auditions for 16 year olds.

      • I don’t think Jessica’s age was the whole issue.  Not that I have anything against home schooling, but that was probably a good bit of the issue.  Allison Iraheta was 16 on her season of Idol and she was much more mature than Jessica.  Jordin Sparks was very young [17] as well.  But, both of those girls went to public schools and were much more socialized.  Jessica has probably never even had a boyfriend.  There isn’t much for her to draw on emotionally in her songs.

    • Yay Philllip! Get over yourselves, people. Jessica is a voice, needs development. Phillip, an artist. Extract him from the white guy, guitar phenomenon. He is different,ark my words…

    • I agree that JS may too young and haven’t had all the emotions she would need but I think it’s right time for her in AI. 🙂 I mean, just her stepping stone to a much bigger part of her career. 🙂 She’ll get there. 🙂

      AI must probably happy to have her on the show. 🙂

  10. If your a good looking white guy who plays guitar , Idol is all yours!! Minorities and females just stay home. Next season there should just be a top 13 guys, may the cutest boy win.

    • When someone wins a competition, the polite thing to do is say congratulations.  P2’s humility was very endearing.   It will take him very far.  It’s disturbing to read all of the “sour grapes” comments out here tonight.  The AI judges gave JS a big gift and a second chance by saving her.   AI also gave her the opportunity to work with some amazing people.  Think about everything AI has given her.  She should be grateful, and I’m sure she is.  This is not the end of the road for JS, believe me.  JS knew before she entered the competition that is was not simply a vocal competition.  It’s called American “Idol” not American “Best Vocalist.”  (And I don’t mean to imply that  if it were called “Best Vocalist”, it wouldn’t have been a slam dunk for her.)  An “Idol” is the complete package – it’s more than a voice.  If JS wants to be judged on vocal ability alone with the best of the best, then she should audition for The Curtis Institute of  Music, not American Idol.  I’m sure she already knows this, but apparently some of her fans do not.  There is a huge difference between being a pop star and getting into Curtis (a school that only takes the cream of the crop).  She is young, and her journey is just beginning.  You all should be encouraging her to be a good sport.  It’s not just whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

      To P2, I say Congratulations, and thank-you for being you.  Your character touched my heart, and you are a great example for young people everywhere.  You’ve earned yourself another fan.  Thank-you for sharing your artistic flair with us throughout the season.  You won fair and square, and you are very deserving of the win.  You are refreshing, original and unique.   I know that you are a laid back guy, but you looked awfully good in that suit tonight.   Didn’t he, ladies?

      To Jessica: You gave some performances to be very proud of tonight and throughout the season.  Keep up the good work.  Remember, this isn’t a horse race, and there is no finish line.  Don’t let other people tell you what to sing.  Take a lesson from P2, and do something you love!

      To Hollie, I have to say that your duet was great tonight, and for me, it was a major highlight of the show.   I would’ve loved to have seen what you would’ve done in the finale, but I know that we’ll be hearing more from you, too!  You’re a beautiful girl — and not just on the outside!

      • Need to correct typo:

        “(And I don’t mean to imply that  if it were called “Best Vocalist”, it wouldn’t have been a slam dunk for her.)”

        Should read:

        (And I don’t mean to imply that  if it were called “Best Vocalist”, it would’ve been a slam dunk for her.)

      • I completely agree with you. I also think the AI judges should’ve supported Hollie a bit more. It felt a little like they kept pushing for JS. I mean, JS is a great singer, but I think Hollie was just as fantastic and could’ve made it if she had more support. 🙂

      • i dont think people are sour-graping. its just that, they (we) feel tired seeing the same thing, the same trend, happening year after year. 5 years of that will surely make you say “whats the point?”

        phil is really good, i agree. but personally THE SHOW (and not the contestants) is getting too predictable. and yeah, nice insight OnlyTheTruth

      • Hollie’s duet was set up in very last minute.. It should have been with Miley but they cancel it for some reason.

    • I think we all have our own opinions and all but should just be happy that we had two top winners with good morals and not just good looks.  Phillip would be the first to say it is wrong to put anybody else down and I think we should show him the same courtesy.  How sad that all this criticism is coming on a day when we should be proud of both of them and not blaming people and race and companys.  Whether it was the white guy(as you put it) or Jessica I think they were great choices.  I hope nobody stays home because of the derogatory remarks.  There have been girls chosen in the past and other races chosen.  Just because we don’t all agree who should win does not make us all wrong.  I hope Phillips surgery goes well so he can participate and I hope Jessica has a great career as well.  Rolson

  11. Jessica Sanchez was the best thing that happened this season. A plain Jane with a superb voice and lots of potentials. She will surely go a long, long, way.

    •  It’s not “America’s Best Singer”, it’s American Idol. There’s a lot more to that than how technically good their singing voice is. Think Lady Gaga – not the best singer in the world but hugely entertaining and talented.

      • There are a lot of successful guy singers who have scratchy voices like Phil. Such as Steven Tyler, Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers……These guys don’t hav a great range either, but they know how to entertain.  And that’s what we want: to be entertained….

  12. Yes…yes… congratulation to PP…I couldnt sleep last night just for wishing PP as the winner…the best of all is worth to be the winner…if u choose Jessica, probably she will release her first album and take a long break for waiting for  someone writes to her a new song…PP, doesnt need to take a long time for that…cos i’m sure that the one who is able to play an instrument while singing will be able to release his own songs, like Taylor Swift…The best singer ever…

    • Taylor Swift the best singer, i dont know how do you define it but she’s only a pretty face with i dunno….

  13. I was brought to tears. I am so happy for you Phillip Phillips. I love you music style and can’t wait to hear your first record. Good luck and may God bless you. Jodilynn mcbroom. Phoenix, az

  14. All I have to say is, if you think Phillip should have won, watch Jessica and Jennifer’s duet. And tell me straight to my face she didn’t deserve to win. Or better yet, watch her whole journey over again since millions of ppl(teen horny girls) are tone deaf.

    • I thought everyone knew that pubescent female hormones can temporarily render a young girl deaf. 

      They also giggle a lot at that stage. Go figure.

    • Jennifer…I’ll scream (with a wierd look on my face) Jessica… I’ll scream louder (and make another wierd face)Joshua… I’ll scream even louder Fantasia…I’m going to scream the loudest!!!
      Both songs SUCKED!

      • You are really a P2 fan in the truest sense of the word. If you’re a fan, your sense of judgement is clouded. No one else is better or greater than your idol. To you, everyone else sucks. Feels so sorry for you. Not just deaf but also blinded. What a pity.

      • Poor Josh & Jess. Didn’t recognize Fantasia OR her voice  OR What’s her name. J & J should have done another duet together…THEY ARE the TRUE CELBS. The entire 2 HOURS was  too frantic & overkill. Just give up the winner in maybe ONE hr next time??? Hollie was super as were the rest of the gang.  DWTS puts a limit on votes. 132 MILLION
        is ridiculous….. Can’t wait to see SYTYCD tonite. Hope Jimmy takes care of my Joshua. O&OUT Lindacat48-get well PP

    • i agree 100% with u horny teen girl don’t know good talent they only like whats in his pants lol Idol should change the voting rules like u have to be 18 to vote thanks for your comment Jessica has a amazibg voice she can keep a note not Phillip i’m not watching Idol next season that show suck big time  take care 

      • That may be the most inane suggestion yet.  Exactly how do you suppose they would enforce a rule that states you must be 18 to vote?   Phone police?  LOL  What needs to happen is they limit voting to 10 votes per device [cell phone, landline, computer etc.].

    • I was rooting for P2, but I like Jessica a lot also. However, that duet with Jennifer Holliday was a real turnoff for me.  Jess was better than Jennifer.  I would have chosen a different duet partner for Jess…..

  15. This show has lost my support and the support of many others, due to the unfairness of the judges comments and the lack of minority contestants and winners.

    • i’m with u 100%  i aint watching the show  any more next season idole SUCKS  all the little horny teens with wet panties  got him to win lol they should chande the rule that u have to be 18 to vote tgats the only way i will watch the show again voters don’t know good talent Jessice has a AMAZING voice she can keep a note not Phillip i think idol is fix look last yr the girl had a better voice an who won another guy where is the justice IDOL

      • you a bitter monkey…..funny that Jess was trying to push sex like crazy, but she just a bony ugly asian…lol. She has wet panties too, from peeing them…lol.

    • Oh…I thought you were going to say that the show lost your support and that of many others due to an unfairness caused by the illegal casting of international votes.

      • Oh, so you’re saying that there is an illegal casting of international votes? If that was indeed true and if they actually counted those so-called illegal international votes casted, Jessica should have won landslide.

      • @zelmiranda  I don’t know that they were actually counted, but I do know that they were certainly cast by many, many fans overseas.  Anyone who doubts this should simply turn to Google for evidence of online posts openly admitting to such practice.  The absence of a landslide win by JS does not dispel the fact that many fans engaged in not only an unfair but blatantly dishonest act of unauthorized voting.  Thanks for the post!

       Agree with you on this and I do not think that I will follow American Idol next year.  It is getting to be predictable.   Phillip is a talented singer but from watching the show,  producers of that show was gearing Phillip to win.   Too predictable as I think Jessica was torpedoed and that statement came from the mentor (he stated that why are they torpedoing this girl ) as I can remember in watching the show.   I am OK for Phillip he won but it is the producer of this show that needs to be fair and I think that is why the show has lost a lot of viewers and my prediction is that next year it will loose more and more.   There are so many singing reality shows that are coming out and variety is always good and a show gets to be monotonous seeing it the same all the time.   This is just my opinion and I could be wrong. 

      •  This is reply to UNKNOWN.  You are a real cruel person to state this
        .”.funny that Jess was trying to push sex like crazy, but she just a bony
        ugly asian…lol. She has wet panties too, from peeing them…lol. “.  Hoping that you do not have a young daughter of your own.   You are disgusting to personally attack this young girl who you do not even know.   Your comments shows how immature and cruel you are. 

      •   This is reply to MEAN  NOT UNKNOWN SORRY MEAN.  You are a real cruel person to state this. “.funny that Jess was trying to push sex like crazy, but she just a bonyugly asian…lol. She has wet panties too, from peeing them…lol. “.   
        Hoping that you do not have a young daughter of your own.   You are
        disgusting to personally attack this young girl who you do not even
        know.   Your comments shows how immature and cruel you are. 

    • Spoken like a true lamebrain.  The population of the USA is 75% white, about 13% African/American and the remainder various other ethnic groups.  The viewers of American Idol in the USA are predominantly white.  Yet, there have been 27% African/American winners on Idol and many minority runners up.   IMO the outrageous behavior by Jessica’s filipino fans on these sites cost her the title.  I think she will do well globally, but not very well in the USA.  I personally am not a fan of Phil, but after being insulted and browbeaten by Pinoys on this and other sites, I voted 1100 times for him.

      • oh really?!!! you really did that?!!! voted 1100 times for philip and you’re not even a fan?!!!  i don’t think so. i don’t think you are allowed to do that- vote 1100 times. you cheated!!!  but on second thought, it only proves that philip didn’t win by majority of people who voted for him but by a number of people who voted like you did, 1100 times. maybe even more than you did.

      • Oh stop. There were people on here yesterday bragging that they voted for Jessica over 1000 times also.

  16. Happy? I’m ECSTATIC!!!

    BTW Branden, I posted under Matt’s article a BIG Thank You to the two of you for the great job you have done this season.

    I picked Phil to win early on when Ed challenged me and I’m glad that I was right! Sorry Ed.

    My favorite was DeAndre for real. IDK why. I guess it was the way he reacted to the wild card pick. It was like desperation meets determination and he held strong and delivered a great performance IMO so I guess determination won. I have a son his age and the world is a tough place anymore. It’s a real struggle and I just connected with that. Things were a whole lot simpler when I was that age. It’s a lot different now. A lot different!

    But with all that said I really do appreciate all you and Matt do here. I know the two of you have to sometimes wish that some of the readers would just go away….LOL

    I had a lot of fun this season on here. I actually enjoyed the JSan pushers. They were a real hoot!

    After DeAndre left I knew how my season was gonna go. It’s kinda like when you are playing poker. You know when things start off bad and they just start to snowball down hill. At that point you got to be able to bluff your way through.

    Well I decided to praise anybody but Phillip because, well, he was the one I picked to win. I did insert a “vote Phillip” post here and there but I think that went unnoticed. Nobody ever mentioned that my posts were rather schizo so I just kept going with it. Well, it turned out that Phillip did win so mission accomplished I guess. As if I had anything to do with it. LOL 

    I do appreciate your reviews in the fact that they are always concise and to the point without having to write a book as I always do.

    So all I have to say is GREAT JOB!!! and keep up the good work! Don’t change a thing! Thank You!! Especially for not banning me when I became a little impassioned and went off the deep end….whew! 

    • I also really appreciate all that you do, Matt and Branden. You guys have added so many new features to the site this year. I can’t wait to read you posts each day. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Taymaro,

      I did remember the challenge, Congratulations.  Once again I lost but
      that’s me,  always a softie for the underdog, or rather the one who I think has the voice and singing style that I like (Elise) .

      Aye ,aye, captain Branden and Captain Matthew, great job this blog is most enjoyable, many times I was tempted to really stir up the pot but
      way too many hostile, so I decided to lay low since my favourite went home too early.  Just the same I agree with our friend Taymaro.

      Tonight’s show was excellent !

      Just saying one more time…………….Congrats to Philip and Jessica.

  17. Would have preferred a Hollie/Phillip or Hollie/Joshua final, but given the pairing that we had tonight, yes, I am happy with the outcome.

  18. There is no way in hell Phillip Phillips should have won. If America can’t get this right I am afraid of the presidential vote. America is stupid!

  19. I’m happy Phillip won, but I agree the Jessica, Jennifer Holliday duet may just be the best performance I’ve ever seen on idol. Wow.

    • Was that when they were screaming you can ruin your voice doing that and if you strain it to hard you might not get it back.

  20. Philip have won the title. hopefully he wont be like the past winners that had been forgotten after the season… just now people are talkin more bout the DUET that may have come down as the best AI have had which just proved what talent does Jessica has .. which i think made  those who have voted for Philip feel sorry they didnt vote for Jessica.. in anyway.. it’s the life after AI that will show who the true winner was.. and im afraid America never learned.. the runner ups normally have a better career than the winners.. voting should really change.. such a shame for d program, d more for the proclaimed winners but getting beaten up at d real race after their respective seasons!!!

  21. Why can’t most of you just be happy for who won and the journey that they all took to get here.  There was no race issues going on here no conspiracy—just a vote.  I was completely impressed with how Jessica took the news–she seemed truly happy for him–Jessica earned a new fan tonight–she is an amazing talent–but tonight I finally made a connection with her at the end.  The girl has class.  And in regard to Phillip–he too is talented and should be congratulated on his win and not run down by haters.  I will buy his music–already have and I am not a teen or cougar swoooning over him.  I am a 45 year old dad who is proud of his own kids and sees a lot of the same characteristics in Phillip that I see in my own kids–he loves his family–works hard and doesn’t show boat.  Congrats Phillip–there are many people that are thrilled that you won, but more importantly are proud of you.  Maybe all of the haters out there should take a lesson from these two young finalist–you lose with classs and win with humility.  Great job to both of them.

      • …and, of course, one just has to find a way to undermine an otherwise affable comment.

        Newsflash:  Jessica is also American.  Give up the asininity and grow up.

    • Yeah, I mean they just deserve to win this thing, It’s just that there could only be one winner. Agree with you, JS and PP just so great person I think. I don’t wonder why they have the most no. of votes ever. 🙂

  22. Phillip Phillips is so unique from the last WGWG we hear so much about. He won’t fade into the background. Amazing talent. Yay. Hoo.

  23. I was wrong…I thought from the beginning of the season Jessica would win it all…BUT YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!  Phillip won, my votes paid off!!! Team Phillip all the way, cant wait to buy his album!!!

  24. What the heck, AI is really a maffia, 2 country combined in votes, voice is way much better than the guy, but yet he won. This sucks American idol knows that Filipino and Mexican are very supported in all ways. Next time American idol try to put in finals some Chinese who knows maybe they will support there candidate and they are much more and bigger country, lots also in US. I’m sure you will gain million on votes on text and everything but in the end they will be end up second.

    • thank you for supporting jess but i cant also help but say….there’s been several Filipinos who has gotten to AI top 10 but this is the very first time we Filipinos became so hyped and so supportive, cause Jessica has the talent. We are not  just some people who will idolize every Filipino who we think will make it big, Jessica deserved all the support she can get from us……simply because she is a great singer…… we are also thinking people who just happen to have great ears for music….

      • She may have deserved your support, but the other contestants’ fans didn’t deserve to be insulted by her supporters.  Those aggressive and vulgar Jessica supporters did her more harm than good.

    • The day a chinaman wins AI, will be the end of AI…Americans would never stand for it and producers know it!

  25. Not happy with the outcome and I won’t be supporting Phillip. As an irate blogger succinctly put it … you see PP all over the country in bars and cafes. They’re a dime a dozen. He’s good, but only that.

    Once again … america got it wrong. Consistent performance guys !!!

  26. Scotty’s passing of guitar is so symbolic…. its like saying that next year, PP will have to pass it to the next WGWG….

    • Blame the rabid filipino posters who didn’t know where to draw the line in pushing her.  Rude Pinoys cost her millions of votes.  You guys shot yourselves in the foot and lost the contest for her.

      •  You watch, they will have a Pinoy horse in the race next year and do the same thing all over again. Those people are super obcessive on diva power ballad singers. 

  27. HAHA. Branden! :))) You make me laugh a bit. HAHA. Calm down.~ :))

    I’ll support both of them. They deserve it. We’ll wait for their album. 

  28. You blew it. One of the purest voices we have heard. Can he sing as great as her, not even close. I have no intension of ever watching the show again. Really. When is the last time anyone has ever sang as good as Whitney It’s not American Idle. read practically every comment below. American Idiots!!!!

    • Votes have spoken. Let’s just respect that. We can support Jess outside Idol. This is not the end for her. If you wish not to watch the following season, it’s all up to you. Let those who like Phillip enjoy. Life is full of choices and don’t be stressed by their choice.

  29. There’s a lot of young girls voters than boys so, that’s it, boys are out numbered anyway, they want only the quantity not the quality but nevermind congratulations! to Phillip Phillips, take care of yourself because Health is Wealth.

  30. Branden … it took you all this time to see Jessica for what she was (kinda slow, actually). Compare PP2 with Jessica again please and tell us how they measure up?

  31. Jessica is a very good singer but so are countless others. Philip is also a very good singer but he is also very unique and that makes him stand out from the crowd. He has been my favorite since his audition.

  32. i knew since yesterday that philip would win,he is an american period!he is a cutee with a very ordinary voice,while jess is not!i love jess’s voice at 16??darn very talented lad!the win didnt surprise me at all!all the best for the both of them,may they have their own album and prosper!

  33. This is why I stopped watching AI, always a dissapointment!!!!!!!!!!! Or shall i say always a non understanding Vote. Congrats to Phillips for his unusal voice with a guitar. Whoop pee doo………..Like we need another different voice over a guitar. Jessica, so young with such a powerful voice………………..I guess it was just too powerful and drowned out peoples decission to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or maybe just too many female Idols!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. OMG, another WGWG won! Another Alfred Neumann hehehehe. Never doubted the poor taste of AI followers. Can you guys be more original?

    • Phillip does not look like Afred Newmann, he looks more like Elvis Presley and I’m not kidding besides that Phillip can sing the guys from the south can sing

      • jimmy is just so stupidddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddto give a song that no one knows. He could have given her the song of Etta James I’d rather go Blind and she would have killed it. Randy Jackass needs to canned and J-LO.

  35. I am not surprise that P2 wins.  I am telling you this is how this AI works.  I am just glad that there are a lot of people here still recognized how talented Jessica is.  For those who voted for P2, buy the tickets tour now.  Hope you can see him there because he will be gone most of the tour due to his surgery.  Wish him the best.  For Jessica no doubt she will be succesful from here on.  

    Next year, all handsome guys that can sing and knows how to play a guitar, you will be in Top3 or may be like P2.  I betcha!!!!!!   I still think that Xfactor still the best….

    Why do you think Mathew Boyer knos whos gonna win?   He knows because he has been doing this and AI is popularity contest not talent show.   Oh by the way Nigel said its voting, same thing as always in UK.   Am i right Nigel? 

    Next season, I am voting the name to be MIss or MisteR American Idol 2013. lol

  36. Omg. I hate people that think just because he is white and plays the guitar, that’s why he won. And they say racism is gone. What about Ruben Studdard? Oh yeah his career went no where fast. Jordan Sparks won idol and she is black. So shut up about a white person winning.

  37. errr i hate to think that americans just want to show the world that they are the only people who has got talent…yeah ok keep telling that to your self!there are other people in the world other than you guys!smarter,better and not stupid!LMFAO

      • You’re right. Technically she is. Well, people have creative minds. They would come up with stories just to appease themselves.  I would still go for Jessica but I have moved on. They are not my world anyway. Idol is done and so should our bashing and hatred. Live life stress free.

  38. AMERICANS as usual lacks the taste and do not know what TALENT means…undeniably, the winner cried because he too does not believe that he is the winner…give the trophy to all his back-up singers and stage supporters…DISGUSTING!

  39. I think you are GREAT…I am hsppy for you..Congrads…You are a special young man..

  40. I thought it was a good season.  It tapered off some the past 3 weeks though. For awhile it was on pace for the best season ever.  Since top 4 no one could put together more than 1 good song per night though.

    I’m fine with either of them winning.  I would have been fine with any of the top 7 winning though.   So in regards to that, I don’t feel ripped off like some of these people do. 

    Human nature is to gripe about what ya don’t like over being happy with what ya like, so there’ll be more rants from Jessica’s side griping about it than happiness from Phillip’s side.

    All in all happy with the season.  2nd best season behind Season 8.  While I was fine with the results, I think this show is going to continue to lose viewers for a few reasons.  

    A lot of people are tired of guys winning.  Fans of women are going to think they have no chance.  I can almost promise a woman will win next year though.   The producers have to realize they’re playing with fire by always having a guy win.  The judges are brutal.  A lot of people think the voting is rigged.  There’s too many audition shows and not enough of Hollywood shows.  People are watching less tv overall.  Other networks are no longer afraid to put their higher rated shows up against American Idol.

    I’ll probably watch AI until either I die or the show is off the air.  I don’t think others feel the same though.  

    • Everyone has that choice.  I was a Hollie fan and  when she was voted off I went to my second fav, P2.  I could have ranted and raved when she was voted off, complained about the judges,  etc.,but why.  America voted and that is that.  I guess I could have stopped watching but would AI care, I don’t think so.  It is what it is and I love the show.  Like you, I will probably watch until I die or they cancel.

    • Luckily for you the show will be off before you die, unless you are 90 LOL

    •  or what about WGWT, white guy who carries a huge trombone…haha that would be fun… #wgwg is on top of the trends, AI has become a laughing-stock right now….

  41. I’m pretty sure Phillip Phillips will not gonna be successful in hi singing career. Runner-up like Adam Lambert and the previous runner-ups will be the one to succeed. 

  42. I’m pretty sure Phillip Phillips will not gonna be successful in his singing career. Runner-up like Adam Lambert and the previous runner-ups will be the one to succeed. 

  43. This season’s best were Jessica and Joshua! That would have been a super final.

  44. You know who wins has nothing major to do with vocal ability. Some amazing voices don’t go very far because of one thing….charisma!  You can have the most amazing voice out, like Jessica, but it DOES NOT come across on the TV which is where the huge majority are watching and therefore voting.  People want to see something that they haven’t seen before and Jessica is someone who we have all seen before….that is not to say that she won’t have a great career, I don’t think it will be specatcular, but it will be great.  On the other hand Phillip, Joshua and Skylar for that matter will have massive careers both in the US and overseas.  Why?  Because Phillip is someone we have not seen for a while, Joshua because the way he transforms a song is incredible and Skylar because she is a country rock chick with so much on stage presence. 

    I will buy those 3 albums, not the others….as they do nothing for me…my opinion…jus sayin… 

    • I agree with you except I would change Skylar for Hollie.  If you cannot relate to the audience it is not going to work.

  45. I’m done with AI. This show is dead. No wonder the ratings are really crashing. Well all reality shows for that matter. Too predictable. Goodbye amigos. 

  46. AI has been steadily losing credibility, but now it has none; it’s a complete joke.  Randy and Jennifer provide no insights, not like Christina and Adam on The Voice.

    • The talent really wasn’t that great on the Voice this year though.

  47. i’m kind of glad she didn’t win, after all the winners never s for the succed (except for the obvious succes of kelly clarkson and fantasia) I mena just look at jennifer hudson, she wasn’t even top 3 or something important, and she’s got an academy award. So much for winning

    • Actually, Carrie Underwood – a country singer – is the top selling AI winner, top selling AI alum.  I think Kelly is in second place.  Jennifer Hudson is going great guns, and Katharine McPhee got a starring role in a TV show.  Win or lose, the ladies of AI are cleaning up!

    • it’s academy award. meaning it’s for acting. besides, Kelly and Carrie, both are AI winners and got Grammy’s that is for singing

  48. Elise should have sang a duet with stevie nicks :/ so dissapointed with the finale

  49. What happened tonight is popularity over talent!!! This has been going on for at least two to three years. If this continues, I will not waste my time anymore. There are other shows that at least the judges are being honest about. No more for me. Phillip is a folk singer at best. Too bad about his illness but that should not have interferred with the show nor the pity factor.

  50. Too bad tonight, popularity over true talent! Phillip is a folk singer at best. The judges need to be more truthful! I will stop watching as a result of all of the above. Sad tohear about Phillip’s illness,but that has nothing to do with an all out win! The pity vote should not be a factor!

  51. Now that it is all over congrats to the winner. Sorry to say that in 2 weeks it will all be forgotten and most people will not remember or care who won.

  52. Okay people get over it, clearly Phillip Phillips won because he has talent, not just because of his looks. I can’t deny that he his pretty cute but he also so has an amazing voice and he is very passionate over music.. which makes him the WINNER of American Idol !
    Wish him luck on his future career 🙂

    • Ummm, clearly? Really? You can say he has talent and a good, but limited voice and I’ll buy that. However, his looks had just as much to do with it as his talent.

      He does seem like a good guy and he was fighting through kidney problems, so I am happy for him.

  53. I was going to comment, but Idol wouldn’t like what I had to say…..  I’m going to miss seeing Jess every week.  

  54. america got this one  right  phillip true artist and style that people connect  too.  tks   e1 for  the   vote  HE truly is  a  artist

    • Hopefully he can write some decent songs……….and have someone else sing them.  Tonight was one huge spotlight on his main weekness…..singing.

  55. Jennifer holiday and Jessica duet really really superb……strong…..etc. but sad to say my girl didnt make 8….hmmmmmppp

  56. Awww im so disappointed, Jessica is the best…i dont want to watch American Idol anymore..Goodbye..

  57. Now that it’s over. Let’s all move on. Congratulations to both of them. P2 and Jessica are happy for each other, why can’t we?

  58. what if Idol producers make a boy(guitar) band out of:

    David Cook,
    Kris Allen,
    Lee DeWyze,
    Scotty Mcreery, and
    Phillip Phillips…

    that would be hell of an idea…
    what would be their band name? suggestions?

  59. next season should be an exclusive male with guitars…let’s see if who is he cutest 

    •  that would be a good idea, it’ll be cost efficient…and they’ll just have to make that guitar passed on.

      • Actually, I’d forgotten how much I liked Deandre until I saw him last night.  I hope he has a successful career.

  60. why would anyone want someone who has anything to do with or sounds ‘urban’?  Urban is for sad lazy crime people 

  61. Congratulations to American Idol 2012 Final episode today. It is the best American Idol Final Presentation.  Kudos to directors and producers of American Idol. Especially to the two finalist Jessica nd Phillip. They are both winners. They made the American Idol alive again.

    Keep it up. see you again to next american idol 12.

    Rene galano

  62. Jessica Sanchez stole the show with her all best amazing performances. Jessica and Jeniffer Holidays duet was probable the best ever in the shows history. And i am telling you blew everyone away. It was just breath taken, she really showed america what a true performer she really is.

    • Just watched that again. Jennifer Holiday looks like an absolute crazy woman, but that was definitely the best performance of the night, with “I Will Always Love You” a close second.
      Other than winning, Jess was def the star of the show. She definitely stood out as the best singer that took the stage.

      Congrats to Phillip!

    • All you Jessica lovers are such sore loosers…even though P2 was not my favorite – he won square and fare.

  63. Give me a break! Philip is ok but he can’t hold a candle to Jessica!! I am sick of the guys winning just because girls think they are cute! 

    • If they don’t change the voting system, this is how it will always be.  Don’t you think the producers just loved hearing Ryan talk about 132,000,000 votes????

    • Then why don’t you get the guys to vote more if you think it is all the girls voting instead of just complaining.  After all, guys can use a phone and computer as well or even better than girls.  i believe Jessica has a beautiful voice, but I also know that many singers have made it without being the one to hit the highest note.  The diversity in America, helps to make it great.  Phillip has his own charisma as does jessica.  I think they will both do well, so can’t we just be happy for both of them?  Rolson

  64. Well, the result was really a disappointment. But congratz P2. And is it true that Jessica already got a sure record deal?

  65. You know, I AM going to comment….  Idol, if you don’t change the way the voting is done on this show, you are going to be gone sooner than later.  Look at your ratings the last few weeks….  Last night (TUES) they were terrible.  There are a lot of new, fresh shows out there that are taking away the glitter you MAY have had.  I’m not wishing for that, but the same thing has happened again this year that happened the past few.  It’s a glaring fact, and everyone is getting on to it.  

  66. On the WC P2 just announced thewinner, wht a touching performance…he is truly humble, is crying…so humble.  And went right over to his parents…what an amazing you man.  Yes, the right person won. 

    Thanks again Matt & Branden, it has been quite a ride.  Talk to you next season!

  67. Vote For The Worst !!!!!!!!!!!

    Rules !!!!!!!!!!!

    The !!!!!!!!!!!!

    World  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We outdid ourselves this time.  P2 is the worst of the last 5 WGWG’s that we helped to win.  Adam and Jessica were pretty good, but they were no match for our army.

    Congrates to all the Worsters out there (and all you that thought PP was the best……….LOL)

    •  congratulations Vote For The Worst! you won again…..sigh!

       i hope to be your member next season…lets help make AI axed!

    • Why do you watch the show and why do you feel compelled to write on this blog? Are you the sort of person that just whinges and complains about everything in your life. You’re very jaded. Go away and find something that makes you happy and don’t come back.

  68. The polls here and the results show that the one who won is always not the best one. So the judges can shut their mouths about trying to be good. You be good, you can’t win. If you got your genes right, you probably can win. So even if Jessica has done well, or how good, the best you get is runner-up. And runner-up… usually is the best.

  69. It is a sure fixed result.  With that frustration that majority voters have experienced, American Idol show will continue to go down…down… down…

    • Well for a show that is STILL the biggest money maker in TV history … American Idol is doing quite well. In it’s 12 season no less. But, even the best shows on television seldom last much past 10 seasons. But, I have a funny feeling American Idol will still be around a few more years. Hopefully with a judge transplant.

  70. Congratulations Phillip! You will inspire millions! Jessica Sanchez, God has blessed you with a voice like the angels ….. Your star will shine for many, many years to come. God bless you both!!!!

    • Well said! I love Philip’s style of music and singing with John Fogarty was a highlight for me but Jessica is a beautiful girl with a fantastic voice. I so admire both of them…and Joshua and Elise and Holly 🙂

  71. Jessica fans, lower your arms. You fell for the trap. America isn’t racist, but the producers used you like pieces in chess. They brought down Jessica, once to test the amount of votes that she’ll get at next week’s performance… And seemingly drag along the same number of HUGE amount of votes until the finale until, she gets voted off. Which coincidental, the same time as the finale.  She should have win, true, but would you want her to win in a competition like this? All of these music competitions are rigid, corrupt and greedy. They drag votes, and make people run for their dreams. And crush those dreams  into tiny bits and pieces, to give the producers and judges their weekly pay checks. Its’ a show people. A show, is just to get money. And you Jessica Sanchez fans, well American Idol’s money, and were used a pawns. This works for all the contestants as well too.  And by the way, isn’t that TOO much of a coincidence my fellow voters as well?  

      • On a more positive note, many runners up have done very well post Idol.  The national exposure gave their careers a much needed boost.  After Idol, support the contestants you enjoyed that didn’t win.  I’ve seen Clay and Adam numerous times, got to meet Scotty  and have CDs of 9 different former Idol contestants.  The show itself is a joke in many ways, and all about the money, but it does bring fresh talent into the forefront.

    • Nobody wants to listen to a bunch of sour grapes.  People like you, sadly, make JS look bad.  Show people that JS has a decent fan base.  Congratulate the winner.  Wish all the contestants well.  Move on.

      • I agree. All is done. I’ll buy both their album. Why prefer one for the other if you can like them both.

  72.  I am so happy Phillip won. He has the best voice….He is so sincere I think he is the best American Idol yet…

    • Phillip is a good guy and good performer … I can see that. But, “best voice” ? Are you sure you want to stand by the comment? As a lot of people may start to think you might be a bit looney, if you do.

      • The “best voice”  is decided upon by the individual listener.  Just because you consider Jessica’s voice to be the best does not mean that everyone must agree with your preference.  Since I willingly spend my own money to purchase music from the weekly performances, I have the absolute say on who, for me, has the best voice.

  73. No. I’m not gonna support him. He’s just another ordinary WGWG. Lots of people out there can do what he can.

    • Lee DeWyze was much better than PP, and where is he now??????  Is he still in the record business?

      I guess that PP is the 5th WGWG in a row to win.  Allen, DeWyze, Cook, Scotty and now PP.  PP has to be 5th place in this group as far as singing ability. 

  74. Blah, I still think Joshua should’ve won. Despised Phillip after he train crashed one of my favorite Phil Collins songs, don’t think he can sing worth anything (sorry Phillip’s fans). On the other hand I found Jessica too powerful, always trying to ousting everyone else and be best. She always (in my opinion) seemed to act very cocky and arrogant. Again, I really thought Joshua Ledet should’ve won. Every one of his performances were captivating. Oh well, that’s just my opinion. 🙂

    • Why do girls seem to bash on girls for being “cocky and arrogant”? And saying Jessica is that way is flat out, knee slapping hilarious. As that girl is one of the most humble top 3 performers to ever take the AI stage.

      • Offstage she has the same reputation that Haley had last year.  Last year it leaked that Haley was a spoiled princess and she wasn’t well liked by the others.  This year that same thing leaked about JSan.  The friendships were apparent even on stage.  P2 and Heeejun, Hollie/Joshua/Skylar, Colton/Elise.  But no one was bonded with JSan.  I don’t know about the early eliminated singers, because they weren’t there long enough to form bonds.

  75. what a joke? define ‘american idol’ please…seriously…very bad result! so dissappointed with this show…

  76. Jessica & Jennifer Holliday’s scream–fest!
    Why didn’t they put Joshua in with them, but hand out the earplugs first!
    Had to turn them off for all the screaming.
    Who can stand more than a minute of it? ?

  77. its so sad,,,jessica not won the title….but at least she showed the world..that she can sing…its so sad also that the voters look also for the cuteness of their idol..i hope P2.can make an for jesan…i know she will,she’s still young…to much oppurtunity  will come for her… JESSICA SANCHEZ….your my american idol!!!!!!

  78. Jessica SHOULD have WON the WHOLE comptetition, you know? Philipi Phillips is simply BORING. Just the usual cowboy singing his songs with his guitar. Grr. What the **** is happening with AI?!

  79. love the duets by j sanchez and j holliday…so thrill and magnificent!!! Although she got the 2nd place, …still she’s the best ever and she’s 16 yrs!!
    I watch this season because of her, nothing else.

    • For a while, I though Jennifer will devour Jessica to her last piece. The whole Nokia theater could fit in there. Of course, this is an exaggeration. LOL.

      That performance was awesome.

    • I watched just because of her too. I DVR’D the season but wasn’t watching it. Then, I saw one of Jess’ perfomances and that made me watch the whole season. I was not going to watch until I saw her.

    • I may be in the minority here, but I HATED this duet.  A catfight? Which one could outscream the other? Even JLo looked like she thought it was horrible (until the end when she realized she was on camera)–she had a look on her face that said “what IS this???”  It was plain unpleasant.  The looks on the performers’ faces were so scary I wanted to get away from the tv.  I thought the best performance of the night was Aerosmith.  Amazing.  

    • the duet of jessica and holiday is the best duet ive ever seen in my whole life of existence. this only shows that jessica can prove how talented she is and not intimidated by anyone else even the veteran. i love you more jessica, you are my idol.

  80. I agree with Laudemhir Jan Maisog Parel and Kderhas. People who  voted for Phillip judged by his look not the performance.  Gemini

    •  If true, then why didn’t Hollie win or at least beat out Jess, cause she’s HOT! Your logic doesn’t proof out.

  81. Party over at the VOTE FOR THE WORST website.  I think they’ve been voting like crazy for PP for more than 6 weeks now.

  82. Hmmm. Lot of emotion over who won and who didn’t. Does it matter that much. I think the top three all showcased their skills very well and I bet Jimmy signs them all. I bet Skylar gets a country contract and Coulton can certainly easily be a Christian music star after this. The only one in the top ten I can’t see getting a music contract is maybe HeeJun, but he should have his own tv show. Lighten up dudes, they are all winners.

  83. Philip cried not because he’s overwhelmed of winning this thing, but rather he knew from himself that the title of AI is not for him but for Jessica. He cannot do anything about it, because the people voted for him. so all he has to do is to accept the trophy and smile

  84. It doesn’t matter who gets the crowd in the end all the good ones gets to record someway 😉 I didn’t root for anyone but I had in mind that josh or P2 would win from the begin… it wasn’t a good year in my opinion, just comparing to last year: Pia, Durbin, Alana and Paul (I’m not mentioning the winner but don’t hate me, for me he just wasn’t the best) It’s just a opinion though… Good luck for all the great voices this year… carisma isn’t everything!

  85. Okay, this season of AI is over.

    Next up: SYTYCD, Masterchef US Season 3 and Hell’s Kitchen.

    See ya all at Season 12!

  86. I’m glad Phillip won – Jessica would have been “off” the show a few
    weeks ago if the judges had not been given “extra power” to cancel
    the audience vote………..
    If there is a drop in viewers next season, it will be because Jennifer
    is more concerned with promoting herself – I can’t blame Steven for
    wanting “equal time”. 

  87. I cannot believe this.  What the hell is happening to AI???????????

    Phillips is another WGWG with no talent.  can’t sing.  he even sucks at the guitar.  I guess there are way more girls with hearing problems these days.  Must be those Ear Buds destroying their ear drums.

  88. The judges milked Phillip by giving him the ONLY STANDING OVATION lat night. If she had a better song or sang her duet last night, she ABSOLUTELY would have won!

  89. I like PP since audition and his singing style suited me so I’m glad he got the title.

    Congratulations to them both. PP may be the one who’s crowned as American Idol but they both won. Both will get recording contracts (eg Adam, Archie). They’ll also have a concert coming up in a few months. So this is just the beginning for them.

  90. America is not ready for an Asian idol.  I totally lost my interest in this show. 

    •  You obviously have an inferiority complex, like some other people on here.  Race has nothing to do with it and if anyone is prejudiced it is you people who only liked Jessica.  Why didn’t you like the white people?  Are you a racist?

      • and you obviously have a superiority complex. Are you american by any chance?

  91. It was pretty obvious. The title of the show is AMERICAN Idol. What is the definition of an American? You have to be either white or black. Im sorry to say but thats reality folks.

    They should just say in the auditions “no minorities allowed”.

    •  Well, you are full of it Slick.  Black folks are considered a minority.  You didn’t know that??  Besides that J.S. made it all the way to #2 which is pretty darned good dude.  You don’t know much about Idol either do you?
      A male has won Idol for the last 5 years, which means a lot of girls and women are voting.  You are obviously not an American so keep your bigoted BS to yourself and quit making accusations about something you know nothing about.

    • Well whites are the minority in Manila, so start your own show and leave our show to us.

  92. I’m sooooooo happy for him. He deserved it!!!
    Jessica will anyway be singed with somebody like Toni – Sony  who will know exactly what to do with her, which is even better for her considering her age and  lack of experience.
    In my opinion – best outcome for both of them.
    Finally public got it right.

  93. Jessica is an,amazing singer! powerhouse! But PP sings with heart and soul! He is different! I could hear Jessica on the radio, but not Phillip, Phillip is someone you need to listen on a rainy day… Lounging smoking a joint…having your own private intimate moment…because that is the kind of music that MOVES you!

  94. well america!!! YOU voted despite of the fact that “o jessica is so good, she should have won, shes the best bla bla bla”” HE WON SO GET OVER IT!!!!!

    • yeah Jessica is so good that’s why everyone is talking about her right now and hey P2 is the winner right? so why is it that Jessica is the one who’s trending worldwide right now hahaha

  95. he can only hold his guitar & strum strum strum… that’s all he can do. To say he can really sing… urgh.. so-so only.  Jessica should win this!

  96. What happened?  A lot of people got sick and tired of having Jessica shoved down their throats by the judges (earlier on) and by the crazed, unreasonable and ridiculous Jessica fans on blogs like this.  (Not your fault Branden.)  I know I did.  So thousands of AI viewers voted for ANYONE BUT JESSICA.  And that is one of the reasons she lost.  Another thing that happened is that there were other worthy singers on the show!!  Jessica fanatics think that she is the only one who can sing and are SHOCKED she lost.  People have different tastes in music J.S. fans. 

  97. Congratulations PP for the win. It has been another interesting WGWG’s year. We will have similar situation next year, so enjoy……

  98. I do not dislike P2, so this is not a bash on him. But for all of those who would constantly say that P2 puts on the better show and that Jessica is a pageant-bot, all I have to say is look at what she did tonight. P2 has never been able to do anything like that. To go from that incredibly powerful and soulful duet of “And I Am Telling You” (probably the best musical performance I have ever seen on TV) to that soft duet with P2 (with which she had to carry the whole song)…that should cast away any doubt that anyone has as to what kind of performer Jessica is.

  99. American idol is predjudice towards Asians they can’t handle a powerful. Asian voice like Jessica Sanchez you guys should go off the air

  100. It’s over but the shouting. At any rate nobody without a guitar will win AI anymore. Not even the likes of Joshua, Jessica, Colton, Holly and Skylar.

  101. Im not happy with the result. Jessica should have won!!! All this time we should know by now that the voting was rigged! No offense to Phillip but AI crowned him because they knew that Jessica will surpassed him with record sales and a lasting carreer compared to PP who will vanished after a month or so like the WMWG winners on AI.

  102. Phillip totally deserving of his title. Great fresh and original sound. And totally great to watch, he is a captivating singer with a great future. Congrats….

  103. typical winner.stupid america.cant see the true talent.whatever it is I still love jessica.u r my best idol ever 

  104. What a hoax!  Congrats to American Idol, you proved me wrong…you picked a guy, who is charming and attracts 13 year olds.  I would never buy Phillips music.  Jessica you are a winner and beautiful.  Good luck Phillip cause you only stayed focus with a sympathy card with kidney stones.  You wouldn’t have made it all these weeks with such pain….total lie, shame on you American Idol.  And yes we will hear he went to the hospital…but kidney stones, crucial pain – no, AI – judges – Jimmy; total disappointment.

  105. Philip or Jessica. I am happy with any of them.
    Jessica is happy that Philip won. I am sure philip will also be should jessica had it.

    I rooted for Jessica, but I was happy with the result.

  106. Let me reiterate, Phillip you were good only within your genre and all the set up from the judges/Jimmy.  As for Joshua and Holly they also could have given you a run for the money.

  107. I dont think that the real results were revealed…
    there must be skeletons on their closets which they are trying to hide. 😉

  108. The reason why P2 won, is because he is unique and he is talented. He can play instrument and I bet he can write songs too. JS has a good voice no doubt, buttt…she just copies artist like Whitney, Beyonce etc…to make it short no originality.  So if you wanna listen to  JS style of music  just listen to a Beyonce’s cd. P2 congratulations!!! you deserve to win.

    • Gerbear — he is unique? he’s the fourth “white guy plus guitar” to win
      His talent is reasonably good, but he is like plenty of other guys with acoustic guitars – check out the previous FOUR winners of AI for a start.
      JS has a brilliant voice and is only 16 years old. If she “just copies Whitney” etc, then even you must appreciate how good she really is. Lets see how they fare on the world stage in the future.  P2 will fade away because he has nothing more to offer, unlike JS

    • come on, copy? You mean P2 did not copy Kris Allen? or David Cook? How can you be so blunt

    • im sorry? P2 is unique? then who’s that Dave Matthews? he is also a copycat gerbear!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Colton should have won this… it’s all BS… in 2 weeks nobody will remember the name of the 2012 winner… end of (a sad) story


  110.  What a surprise to come here and find lots of sour grapes (note sarcasm). I voted for Phillip and I’m a 57 year old white guy (why do I feel like I should apologize for that? So much hate on this site). Bottom line for me is that I would be much more likely to pay to attend a Phillip concert than Jessica. Had Joshua been in the finale I might well have voted for him; and two of my favorites, Erika and Elise were eliminated a while ago.

    To those who proclaim, “I’m never watching American Idol again” blah blah blah. Good riddance and I hope the door does hit you in the butt on the way out.

    I would like to see some changes in American Idol. The voting system needs to change; seriously, 130 some million votes? Ridiculous. My guess is that most people who watch AI do not vote. So that means that a relatively few – probably mostly teen and pre-teen girls with too much time on their hands are each voting hundreds of times. Each computer and each phone should be limited to like 20 votes. That way if they use every computer and every phone in the household they might be able to vote 100 times. Also, I’d like to see the judges choose which of the bottom two or bottom three is eliminated. Their one save per season could be to not eliminate any of the bottom three or two.

    Anyway, congrats to both Phillip and Jessica; they’re both amazing talents.

    • Nobody at my house is under 22 and we all voted for Phillip. I think people of all ages love Phillip and it’s his day to shine, We chose to give our time to vote for Phillip because we wanted him to win

  111. ……jessica sanchez must be the winner of american idol……she deserves more.

  112. …this is not a contest for the best but for the most votes!….who really gains!?

  113. congratz to phillip phillips..american idol 2012!!…wohooooo!!….to all jessica’s fans,..dont be sad, ..i think jessica will be like adam lambert or david archuleta…she’s talented….16 years old…still young,…..she will be a successful singer!!!….

    • I’m sure she will. She’s famous worldwide and has millions of fans. She’ll  sell more than P2. 

      • You are right.  Jessica has the world in her
        hands.  PP has America in his. I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but
        Jessica’s music can cross over on the charts. Jessica can take the world by
        storm. The furthest PP will see from the continental
        USA is Hawaii (if he is lucky).

    • actually most of us jessica fans are happy that she didn’t win because she deserves more and i’m excited that she will work with tommy mottola

      • well, that’s what im talking about…in the end…everybody are the winner…goodluck for jessica….!!!!!….

    • i’m gonna miss this site,i’m gonna miss ‘Team CD(nowp2 , jessica,joelando208,the freaken head james,sorry james,sailor moon,ferjp_88.and all the people who supported jessica sanchez,although she din’t take the title ,you’re still ba the best of all.good luck .from your fans  in middle east.

  114. This is stupic….I dissapointed
    Im not watch american idol next year

  115. i want colton’s album right now…damn!!!…i miss colton!!!…cant wait for his album

  116. I was so ticked off when i found out that jessica didnt win I was like noooooo! I dont think little girls should be aloud to vote.

    • alot is on the line for her but right now she will be making her first album and concert with Tommy Motttola..the man behind..donna summers, shakira, jlo, mariah..desitny’s Child etc..

  117. I wish one vietnam will go american iol next year not phillippinAn go winner….I am viet nam and I love it  ^^ Hope girl vietnamese on american idol  next year and help girls winer hihi….

  118. so sad american idol 2012 is over….i will going to college this monday….starting a new life…i miss this site..T___T

  119. whatever !  i’ll take a leave.  bye guys.  i hope not to see the 3 stooges judges next season.

  120. i dont know this is true or not,,i get this from twitter….     
     PHILLIP PHILLIPS – 50.03% RUNNER- UP JESSICA SANCHEZ – 49.97%– PP was ahead by 6.5M votes

  121. Congratulations to Phillip Philips for winning this season. It has been such a great honor to watch the idols’ journey in AI. The votes were cast already and the winner had been announced so there’s really no point of sour-graping guys. Both of them deserved the title. This season is now over. I hope that everything will change next year. 

    TO JESSICA: You may have not taken home the crown, dear, but you won the world’s heart. I congratulate you for letting us see your talent. You won my heart since the day I heard your angelic voice. Now that this season is over, you can go and sell your songs anywhere you want—worldwide. This is your one-step-of-the-ladder and you’re gonna be a legend. It’s okay if you placed 2nd. There are so many music prods who are dying to sign you in and there are a lot of singers who are dying to have a duet with you or make you sing their songs. Kudos Jessica! A true singing Idol!

  122. To me, who is the winner does not matter so much with me. The importance is I find one Idol from this season and I will follow that singer from now on.

  123. they knew jessica has a great career ahead of her anyway, so better to let philip win because if he didnt win we would never hear from him again.

  124. Yesterday, I guess P2 is th winner when Randy Jackson jump over the moon with his praises!!! Really, it shows that whatever the judges feel it spread out to the world….. Poor Jessica I wanted her so much to win just to prove that American is not racist…..well it’s over… wishing Jessica all the luck, she will be great even by not winning he crown, because asian will support her.

  125. I’m a Jessica fan and I was dismayed when she lost even with her arsenal of talent.  But judgment has been handed out, and whether America is racist or not, the fact still remains that Phillip won.

    “Everything happens for reason and nothing happens by chance.” And this was meant to be. Perhaps, so Jessica could strike a more rewarding deal with another record company. Perhaps, Jessica has a brighter future away from American Idol.

    Jessica’s millions of fans around the world, like me, couldn’t wait for her first single to be released. I’ll surely buy every song that comes out.

    Congratulations Phil Phillips, and go, Jessica, conquer more frontiers in the entertainment world.

  126. Congratulations AI 11 P2, runner-up JS and the rest of the Top 12! Hoping this will be the start of your respective illustrious career!

    I’ve thought about listing a compilation of memorable and not-so-memorable phrases from this season’s judges. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts:

    From the Judges:

    – Gives me goosies
    – Yo, Yo Man, Yo Dude, Dude
    – Yo Ryan, you know what? I think this girl/guy gotta have it
    – Beauuutiful!
    – Over the top!
    – Best performance of the night!
    – Best performance of any AI show evaaah!
    – Best performance evaaah!
    – You nailed it!
    –    (Artist)___ has been a great friend of mine
    – It just didn’t work for me . . . sorry
    – You took a great song and made it your own . . .
    – At first you sounded pitchy, but when you got to the chorus . . .

    For those who swore they’ll never gonna watch AI again, you’ll be back next time!

    Now let’s all get back to LIFE. . .



  127. The question is really about new music and old. And how to sing it. Both Joshua an Philip sang with their hole being, from the toes and all the way up to their faces and throats. They were feeling the words, the emotions. Yes, even if this is a sajt for Jessica fans – I wanted to say this. And I am thankful for the new kind of music Philip brought to me! I think it is the future kind of music!

  128. Yes you are right! Wgwgwf! Just like what happened with Adam Lambert. They know that jessica and josh will make it without the title,so they have to give pp the title. American idols sucks!

  129. May God Bless Phillip Phillips and the entire American Idol Tour contestants as they. Travel this summer!

  130. After watching last night’s finale, my vote is for Joshua!  He did an awesome job last night!

  131. Amazing…….JLo has the stones to tell these contestants that their song choice was no good…..but cannot even sing her own song…she has to “Lip-Sync”……at least Aerosmith sang the 2 songs……

    Time to replace the judges……Bring Simon back…….

    An America……for next year………please try and vote for the talent…the voice instead of the face that makes everyone all soak and wet…….

    • simon will not be the american idol 12 judge…he was too busy with x factor!!…its impossible..

    •  Yeah and her lip sync got out of sync more than once, awful performance by her, but Aerosmith…still got it, Steven, that was just beautiful.

  132. Come What May.. But The Best Will Take Away.. Love Phillip Phillips Anyway,, He Was Born For This Day.. 

  133. dont you allready understand sanzhez is biggesst flop ever phillip is new scotty watch the i tunes and you realise the truth.

  134. congrats philip, but jessica and jennifer holliday stole the Show!   that mind-blowing performance is way beyond intergalactic comprehension,  jennifer almost devoured jessica like a lion hehe!   Jessica definitely stepped up her game and was at her best!   This performance alone will show who really is the BEST american idol EVER!   this will be talked about days, months, years, decades!  It was a hair raising performance! we can’t stop watching the video!  

    • Jennifer carried Jessica through that song.  I felt sorry for Jessica when they were singing their duet.  She just faded into the background behind Jennifer’s powerhouse voice.

      • That’s because she is respecting the diva @32509c98b44a50bb91e8e96cb36f5087:disqus . That’s what every idol does during the Finale. Check out the past finale duets. Why bring on some issues. Hahaha

    • Jessica’s voice may never be the same, she should never risk harming her voice screaming that way and as young as she is her is gonna change some more. It was not a good thing to do

    • I agree that it probably will never be forgotten and people will talk about it for a very longtime.  It was definately hair raising, Jennifer was down right scary.

  135. discrimination that’s why jessica didn’t win even she has the talent still her being asian become the issue sorry philip but jessica deserved to win if they will vote for talent. we all witness that.

  136. We in New Zealand do not see the final till tomorrow night but WELL DONE PHILLIP PHILLIPS. You came thru on many of the the nights. Look forward to your first record 🙂 You have a unique sound – do what you do best. Be yourself.

  137. I’m just really laughing right now! LOL! Because of 4 important reasons:

    1. After the Finale Result show, who came in 2nd? Jessica but who’s trending worldwide after that with 4 topics about her? Jessica. So where’s Phillip? LOL

    2. Mr. Mottola (who started the career of JLo, Mariah, Destiny’s Child etc.) is now working for Jessica’s debut album.

    3. who got the best performance on the finale show? Jessica and Ms. Jennifer Holiday.

    and 4th, on all of the performance uploaded in Youtube and other video streaming sites especially by American Idol, who has the most viewed videos? Jessica, go and check it. They said that those people were settled on watching her vids on sites bec they can’t vote? Maybe yes but after unleashing on the American Idol bubble, the WORLD is so ready to embrace Jessica.

    Now after their respective performances on the Finale Result show, who do you think you should be watching on concerts?

    A. Phillip who can just serve you guitar, some singing, and a not so cute face that you have to bear for almost two hours?


    B. Jessica, who could offer you varietiy of genres. Name it, RnB, Blues, Power Ballads, Pop…

    • God blessed Phillip with  talent and He knew Phillip would win. Phillip is a rare one, he’s awesome but yet never let’s it go to his head, he didn’t let them change him, he sang in his Phillip style way and took our hearts.

    • Well after watching Jennifer/Jessica and Fantasia/Joshua I certainly know whose concerts I will NOT  be attending.  And quite frankly I only care  about  what  is  trending in America and that seems to be P2.

  138. Congratulations Phillip Phillips….and to the rest of the contestants.  They were ALL great this year.  Best wishes…

  139. I’m watching the show right now in Australia and I must admit to being disappointed. I found it disturbing to listen to Phillip sing only to suddenly realise that I actually knew the song.
    It was a very close vote… P2 won by 0.03% but that was almost 40,000 votes. America has had elections decided by fewer votes.
    Good luck to both performers.

    • i dont know this is true or not,,i get this from twitter….     
       PHILLIP PHILLIPS – 50.03% RUNNER- UP JESSICA SANCHEZ – 49.97%– PP was ahead by 6.5M votes

  140. By the judges comments of Jessica in her third performance of the night they in effect gave the title to Philip. So sad

    •  don’t worry, its just a title…what matters is what the whole world would have to say who really won…and me myself would say it’s jessica, a 16 year old dreamer who battled almost a million hopefuls to become the runner up of AI season 12…she will do great i tell you…

  141. Thank you AmericanIdolNet people for accepting me on this site. I don’t really like using the internet. I just tune in to my TV.  I did not even have twitter and other social networking sites because I just want to focus on the basic stuff  like Sports, Musical Instruments, Career, Family and Friends. I do have mobile phones, though so I can check my email. I have a Facebook  but I rarely use it. I surf the web for musical pieces and those band things and this season came. I saw Jessica and Elise’s Audition. Then, I saw Deandre and Phillip. Hell yeah! My No-to-Web days are over! Then I discovered this site. –(That’s what they always say about s*x and dr*gs: Once tasted, always wanted. **Don’t worry, I neither do drugs nor smoke. Drinking and etc. are always present whether we like or not guys—-the power when you’re young and wild. What am I talking???? LOL )–

    Anyway, I’ve been expressing that my ultimate American Idol—“Idol?” are Kelly C. Daughtry and Adam L.. JESSICA is so in in my list already! Well, I still have that alternative taste so I’m not worried about it. 🙂 

    I thank @James:disqus , @Pally45:disqus  , @Taymaro:disqus  , @Mary:disqus ,  @16eaac23a2364122fbd2e6457ab93f0c:disqus, @twitter-583414316:disqus , @5b391f4c300dce19005d505db1684c8e:disqus , @yahoo-FUW6HIH5WWUZPITDSPS2CL75GU:disqus , @IzeIzeBaby:disqus ,  @ITS_STILL_KC:disqus , @72a1570e5e545106e5a69e48432ca222:disqus  and many others that I failed to mention. I fancy the likes and the hates you’ve given me.

    Thank you Branden and Matthew for still keeping me here even though I sort of made myself a jerk to you. I just can’t help it when I get peeved. 

    This season is very catchy than most of of the past AI season. And because American Idol made me addicted to the web this year, EXPECT ME TO BE HERE GUYS NEXT YEAR!

    Another info, by the way. I also work with computers. Isn’t it weird that I hate surfing net? ROFL I’m a little nuts, am I not? See you soon guys!

    THAT’S LONG! I’m sorry if you got tired reading this. 🙂 Cheers to the winner and to the runner up! And now I’ll sleep again. It’s time to rest this hang-over. 🙂

    • ‘This season is very catchy than most of of the past AI season. And because American Idol made me addicted to the web this year,’.. we’re
      FYI….BEFORE I REALIZE HOW WORTHLESS BASHING JESSICA,..i always mad at u,…..BUT NOW…i think u r kinda nice people…i will remember u joelando…thank u so much joelando…..i really appreciate this….. (I HATE GOODBYE!!..WHY!!..WHY!!)…

      • I’ll have that as a complement. I never intended to break people’s heart–but I always like the sound of it. XD I always laughed at you Asian-man because of your hates. You’re kinda cool, though.

        We will all bid goodbye for a while because the season is over dude. Do you want to surf this blog even if it’s gonna rest for quite some time??? LOL You-are-really-a-funny-man. 

        By the way, you can delete that “zero” in my name. 🙂


      •  “Do you want to surf this blog even if it’s gonna rest for quite some time?? ” i know this is sound funny, but i wish..hahaha…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……GOODBYE AND THANKS JoeLand!!!

      • @16eaac23a2364122fbd2e6457ab93f0c:disqus and Joeando208:  Great posts, both of you.  A little friendly competition is good for everyone.

  142. Horrible long long show, but a wonderful result!  P2 the new American Idol.   So awesome.   Hope he gets healthy quick and enjoys his new found fame.  In Jessica’s defense, she is so young, it must be hard emotionally to go through the process.  At least Ryan announced it quick for the first time I can remember.   YAY PHILLIP!

    • Long process??? Hey there, babe (well, if you really are a hot babe). Jessica has been smiling the whole time. She’s already assured with her future in the music industry.

      What a WGWG (Ooops, I’m being rude again..) LOL

      • jessica looks more happy when P2 won haha because Jessica knows what will happen to her if she’s the winner ^_^ wise girl that’s why i love her 

      •  You are right. Usually the ones who come in second place are more successful. But P2 will be there as well I think he is special that is why i really didn’t mind him winning.

      • I asked this question yesterday. When you said usually the ones who come in second are more successful..who are you talking about? I could name 2. Adam Lambert and I guess, Clay Aiken (ew) That doesn’t sound like “usually” to me.

      • I should have been more politically correct. It  actually worked out better for CA and AL. When I made that statement I was a little disappointed she didn’t win. Though I think Jessica will be added to that short list. Thanks for correcting me Pally45. Stay cool! Though I will add that P2 may surprise a lot of peeps. I mean Scotty God bless him he represented like a true champ.

    • I know that it was a long 2 hour show but wasn’t it worth it to see Fantasia’s outfit!?!  LOL.  I really thought that she looked like a seal in it.  By the time she finished singing I was a nervous wreck from all of that screaming!

  143. Phillip is a true artist! This is the first year the person I thought should win won. He’s not just a karaoke star! He made his songs his own and won the night with “home”! Jessica’s single was terrible. Can she sing? God yes! But Phillip showed America who he was and they liked it. Personally, I wouldn’t want my 16 year old to dress like or act like or sing the songs she did… It made me uncomfortable some times. Perhaps that’s just the mother in me. Colton and Phillip made this season for me and I couldn’t be happier that a real Artist finally won Idol!

    • from the beginning – I chose Phillip and Americans help me to prove that I am right – thank you America & Americans – I like his music and his singing – will surely buy his cd

  144. Unforgettable and forgettable comments from this forum:

    – (AI contestant) FTW!
    – Should have been P2 and Joshua
    – Should have been Joshua and Jessica
    – Should have been _____ and ______
    – Racist!
    – read your comments again and tell me who’s racist!
    – If _____ gets voted off, I’m not watching AI ever again . . .
    – _____ can’t sing . . . .
    – what were the judges thinking?
    – it’s not fair!!!!!
    – I miss Simon . . . (on being an AI judge)
    – blah blah blah . . .
    –                           (comment flagged and removed)
    – are you deaf!
    – (female AI) was way better than (another female AI)
    – hater!
    – America got it wrong! (on voting off a fan favorite)
    – I hate ____ , she’s so ugly . . .
    – Everytime _____ sings, he looks constipated . . .
    – He/she can’t carry a note
    – Don’t forget they already saved her once
    – They shouldn’t have used the “save” on her . . .
    – why do you have to bring up the race card?
    – WGWG
    – it’s a singing competition . . .
    – I can’t stand his screaming . . .
    – Why do they have to give him a SO everytime?
    – he’s just a Dave Matthews wannabe
    – Diva wannabe
    – she has no connection
    – it’s because of fans like you that made me wanna vote for _____ more
    – (AI contestant)’s fans are so rude . . .
    – it’s quite obvious Branden is a JS hater!
    – vote, vote, vote for your favorite!
    – the Philippines loves you!
    – she’s Filipina-American, Mexican-American, etc.
    – America, you just voted off the best singer in this competition!
    – I just power voted 897,xxx times for ____
    – teen girls and cougars

    . . .  In the end, admit it, winners or losers alike, AI Season 11 gave the fans and followers quite a rush. It brought us all together to share our thoughts and root for our favorite . . . that’s entertainment!


    • u miss this…–” i dont want to watch american idol again! becoz ___ was voted off”…”american idol is rigged”…..”its garbage”……”whatever”…and….”LAUGH OUT LOUD (LOL)”…

      • yep, there’s just so many of them. Just been lurking on this site most of the time but do enjoy reading the posts (positive or negative). Enjoyed your post too Team CD, who used to be a JS hater 🙂 and the rest of the regulars here. Same time next year?

      • Same time next year?–hmm., i dont know,..i will going to college … BTW, thanks AU..i appreciate that!!..

  145. The White Guy With Guitar strikes again! Looks like that stereotypical streak on “American Idol” isn’t being broken any time soon. My family, friends and I were really involved this year. Voting, voting and more voting. Won’t be doing that next year. It really isn’t who is the best talent, but who the little girls like. Was our last season to watch. We will be buying any CD Jessica comes out with.

    • White guy????  Maybe “American” would be a better word.  After all, it is American Idol.  I did take offense to the sign that read….Jessica is my Mexican Idol.  Huh? That is ridiculous!

  146. Geez, I was asking permission to sleep but I just can’t stop right now. At least, I can rest this web-addiction for some time. 🙂

  147. When Jessica sang with Jennifer H. I had to fast forward it. I couldnt take the open mouths and screeching. I Like Jessica. She is a sweet 16 year old girl who needs some more time to get her voice on.  She is never consistent. She can either sing it or fails it. Where as Phillip, who I dont like to watch sing because of the way he moves his whole mouth is talented. He is always good. He has a wonderful voice and his song at the end Home was absolutely amazing  He deserved to win. He’s not only talented with his voice, but musicly too. What an amazing season. Cant wait till next year

  148. I’ve loved the whole series I have to say you have so much more talent across the pond than we in the UK have at the moment. I believe any one of the finalists would have won Voice UK which is embarrassingly lacking in talent. I wanted Phillip to win, I’m delighted he has, a birthday present in a way as it’s my birthday today. I love his laid back soulful voice., it touches my soul. Although Jessica has a good voice I am not overkeen on her type of vocalising too screechy for me. I’m not interested in how many octaves she can mange and possibly she needs more life experience to really feel what she is singing, she is very young. Not that Phillip is old but somehow his voice projects feelings of someone who has ‘lived’ I think America chose wisely but also wish people could keep the race card out of it, it’s pathetic and says more about the person posting that the programme.

  149. the title has been crowned to P2 and yet my winner and many of the fans is still a young girl, only 16 year old who struggled and fought to make her dreams a reality…with your bravery and courage, you will always be our idol because you touched and inspired us that no matter who you are, a dream will come to reality if we don’t give our hopes up…congratulations my true winner…

  150. Personally, I couldn’t careless who wins, as no contestant of this season attracts my attention! But IMO, I found the majority of Jessica’s fans are so biased & rude after few weeks of observation in this blog!

  151. the big question is, where will they be ten years from now??  do they have the staying power to last in the music biz??  winning idol really means nothing unless you have the talent (and luck and a good agent) to keep you in the industry.  both jessica and p2 will be making records.  but for how long is anyone’s guess.  good luck to them, and hollie and skylar, who really shone this season

    • It’s a hit and miss ballgame. Who knows what’s the catchy type of music 10 years from now? If they’re really good and properly managed, they will evolve and adapt to the new genre at that time. Worst case, they’ll just flame out in a few years. For now, let’s just all savor the moment (or sulk for those who did not like the result) and wish these guys and gals all the best.

    •  The cool thing we can count on…Phillip will be Phillip, no one going to change him. Life my season him some, but he the real thing today and tomorrow!

  152. An analysis of American Idol Voter Turnouts…The viewer base are clearly dominated by a conservative white American audience (meaning, Republican). If we see the voting as a political spectrum, Jessica would have easily won if you have votes from Latino, Asian, and Black voters, the same voters who usually vote Democrat. I would not think that this competition would be a competition of song choice but a competition of identities.As the impressive 132 million votes cast, the circumstantial evidence clearly suggests the spectra of the voting population.This can be largely verified by the kinds of singers who have won in American Idol. They are consistently Country Singers or Pop Country Singers since Kelly Clarkson won the competition. The largest fan base of these singers based on album sales are usually found in Republican States such as Texas, Georgia (where Phillips comes from), Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, among others.If you try to look at the patterns of singers who won AI:Based on Genre…a.) Kelly Clarkson — Pop Countryb.) Ruben Studdard — Soul and Gospelc.) Fantasia Barrino — Jazz and Sould.) Carrie Underwood — Pop Countrye.) Taylor Hicks — Countryf.) Jordin Sparks — Popg.) David Cook — Country Rockh.) Kris Allen — Duane Pop, Soft Rocki.) Lee DeWyze — Pop, Country Rockj.) Scotty McCreery — CountryBased on State Origin and Political Lenience:a.) Clarkson — Burleson, Texas (strong Republican state)b.) Studdard — Birminghan, Alabama (strong Republican state)c.) Barrino — High Point, North Carolina (voted Republican for four straight elections before 2008)d.) Underwood — Checotah, Oklahoma (strong Republican state)e.) Hicks — Birminghan, Alabama (strong Republican state)f.) Sparks — Glendale, Arizona (voted Republican in the past four of five presidential elections)g.) Cook — Blue Springs, Missouri (strong Republican state)h.) Allen — Conway, Arkansas (strong Republican state, the only time it turned Democrat was when Bill Clinton, hailing from Arkansas, ran for President)i.) DeWyze — Mount Prospect, Illinois (strong Democrat state)j.) McCreery — Garner, North Carolina (voted Republican for four straight elections before 2008)Now, with Phillips, whose genre is Country Rock and hails from Sasser and Leesburg, Georgia (also a strong Republican state), the verdict is already determined at the beginning of the competition. On the other hand, Sanchez who comes from California could not have a strong fan base given the kind of audience at Idol.Given the patterns it turns out with 10 out of 11 AI winners coming from Republican States, that clearly is an indication of who is really watching the show.Furthermore, the consistent pattern of preferring Conservative-preferred singers rather than Liberal-preferred singers will actually explain the continuously drop in viewers to an average 19.2 million viewers this Season (as opposed to more than 25 million viewers in Season 10).So where are the Liberal-preferred voters going? Look to the other show, The Voice, and you will see how different the pool of singers are with American Idol. I predict that these two shows will slowly create two polarizing shows that will cater to different political orientations.

    • Interesting analysis, Dodong.

      But with all due respect, who cares about demographics? Music transcends politics, race and gender.

      Shows over. Congratulations Phillip! Congratulations Jessica! Thank you AI . . .

    • Sorry..but this is just so stupid…first its about race, then nationality, then sex…you people are nutz. Its about what sells in the American Music market. For the last 5+ year Americans have had hip hop/rap and diva power ballads shoved down are throats. For 5 years straight we have delivered the message to the biz and they aren’t listening. No more hip hop/rap and diva power ballads.
      Americans want cool, laid back, non-drama music to drink beer by. That equals WGWG. I think you will find, that is probably one area that Democrats and Republicans have a high level of agreement with. Just maybe the music biz will start listening to us again and if they did, they would start selling music again.

      • well even me in Malaysia I got tired of the norms – Phillip is the guy and  that is more than enough – old people (I do respect them) – they want something conventional and the young generation want something like Phillip yes!!!

    • huhu just AI who need the analyzing babe! just accept Phillip won as I predicted – political? come on!!!

    • Wow…sure hope the Republicans are as successful in the next election. Maybe we should have the Idol fans vote in the next president!  LOL

    • so the republicans are voting in the AI but not during presidential elections?

  153. Excellent choice for winner.  Yes it would have been great to see a female win this season– but to be honest – Phillip was the better candidate– truly unique– style of his own.  Jessica has a great voice but she sounds like the artist she is covering — Philip will be an exciting artist to watch

    • I didn’t. My husband and I were dying lauging watching Jennifer Holliday. The whole thing was WAY over the top.

    •  No second thoughts at all…NONE. Joshua/Fantasia, second thoughts…why didn’t someone put that wreck down before it got up, had to be the worst performance in TV history. Oh they did change her name now…she will go by “Whaletasia”

    • God awful are the only words that come to mind. Actually had to turn the mute button on around half way through as it went from the comical to the absurd. Same with the Joshua (who I like) with Fantasia.

  154. LOL these comments against Phillip makes me laugh.. :))) you guys hate AI for having WGWG but think before u say anything… you guys are the ones voting for Phillip.. =))

  155. Jessica has the world in her hands.  PP has America in his. I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but Jessica’s music can cross over on the charts. Jessica can take the world by storm. The furthest PP will see from the continental USA is Hawaii (if he is lucky).

    • What does R&B power ballads cross-over? Maybe once in a blue moon to pop, that about it and it has to be really good.

    • Who really cares if the people in Mexico and Manilla buy your music??!!  I’m sure Phillip could care less.  They can have Jessica and I hope she does do well with them.  America voted Phillip in and I’m sure he will make plenty of money right here in the Good Ol’ USA!

    • America voted and P2 won.  I do not think I have read anything on this site that even remotely hinted at Jessica  not having a great career.   Just accept that she was the runner-up on Idol and move on.  They will both do well, P2 is a true artist and the total package, Jessica a better vocalist.    Two totally different entertainers!  

    • remains to be seen….. i for one is a Filipina and i’m looking forward to Phillip’s album. I won’t be buying Jessica’s for the same reason that i have not bought any whitney houston, celine dion , etc records…. it has a lot to do with taste in music you know.

  156. My top 5 moment on finale:
    1. When Ryan announces  P2 as winner (of course.. it’s all what we were waiting anyway)
    2. Jennifer Holiday and Jessica Sanchez “And I Am Telling You” (Jennifer’s facial expression was superrrbbb.. people criticizing P2 just because he looks constipated while singing? see this lady!)
    3. When Ace proposed to Dianna DeGarmo (I felt old just because I knew them! oh, how time flies..)
    4. The “Phone Book” song (honestly, I’d rather listen to this than seeing Jlo  lip-synch-ing her two songs)
    5. Joshua and Fantasia (Fantasia’s outfit is nightmare! not mention the awful rug on top of her head. I mean, this season we saw comments like “Hollie dressed up like she was 50” or “Jessica dress is too sexy” and BAM! you got this almost a decade Idol winner still need to correct her way of dressing)

    Over all it was a great show and I enjoyed it! Let’s see what’s coming next season… TTFN 🙂

  157. I could not believe the American Idol and some of their singers, that was the worst show I have seen on American Idol, other than Phillip winning It  was sickning no wonder Your ratings were down this year.

  158. Wish the girls could have sung more.  Why all the Top 12 guy group singoffs?  Wanted to see more of Elise singing.  She was one of the most exciting and amazing singers this season.

  159. as the saying goes, number 2 is always better than number 1 lol.

    good reality show though… see you next year.

  160. Jessica has a BEAUTIFUL voice. Phillip has a great voice to, but he is also everything else…he seems to be an artist who will be make the songs his own if he is singing someone else’s music. I don’t think either will flop!  I will probably buy music from both.  My IPod if full of American Idol people.

    •  What I don’t get is that people are saying P2 is an original artist because he makes or changes the song and makes it as his own. Jessica and the others are also real and true artists because they sing their sings according to THEIR talent. Jessica’s, although she has been trained to sing that way, will not be as great if she did not have it in her in the first place and everytime she sings on stage, it’s not as if she sounds like the original artist, rather, she sounds like Jessica. To probing ears, P2 sounds more like someone from Maroon where is the originality and truth in that? Maybe nowadays, the only true and original artist is someone who is an alien because they don’t adhere to the same standards as we do. Everyone else sound pretty much the same already, like been-there, done-that kind of thing. P2 is no exception.

  161. Im not very happy with the results, I think Jessica won, but the producers cheated, its always the same crap, anyhow Jessica will surely have a good career with her talent, no doubt!!!

    • If you remember, Jessica was saved in week 7. The save was gone, It was up to her to save herself at the end. You just can’t “give’ the title away. Someone has to earn it and Phillip did.

  162. A couple of thoughts…
    1) You missed the best performance (though canned) of the eliminated idols signing the phone book and giving Joshua the stink-eye when he started going “to church” on them.
    2) I know Joshua loves Fantasia but that was painful to watch and hear.  And I have been a Joshua fan all season.  He needs the restraint with sprinkles of shriek.
    3) What is it with larger black women and skin-tight body suits?  Just sayin’.
    4) I counted five past idols in the house…Carrie, Jordin, Fantasia, Scotty and Taylor.  Guess it would be nice if once a year they could get all of them to come back but it may be painful for some.
    5) You forgot the engagement.
    6) I thought Hollie outperformed Jordin Sparks.  I thought Joshua was better than Fantasia.  That might say something about the quality of these singers.
    7) Did Rihanna really add anything to the show, other than how to lip-sync and dance?  Same for Jennifer.
    8) I wasn’t sure that Jennifer Holliday had a stroke or something.  While the vocals were great the facial expressions drove me nuts.
    9) It seemed like Jessica was truly happy for Phillip.  That is great to see.

    • You are right. I loved the phone book song! I loved the Hollie and Jordin Sparks duet. Rihanna sucks.

    • Great post, only thing Iwould  changewould  be the vocals regarding Jennifer?Jess.  I thought they were comparable to Fantasia/Josh…Horrible.
      Yes, Hollie did out perform Jordin.  The proposal, puleeeeze!!!!

  163. America have made their decision. I am hurting with the result because the one more deserving did not make it. For P2 welcome to WGWG. To JS a more brighter future awaits you. We will support you all the way…

    • White guys with guitars have been making a pretty good living for years. You say it like it’s a bad thing.

    • The last WGWG that won (Scotty) went double Platinum with his first album.  He also won best new artist at the country music awards, besides that he is enrolled in college…wow, sounds pretty successful to me.

  164. Congrats Phillip Phillips, You are the new Taylor Hicks.. Hope you get the level of success Kelly and Carrie have.. Unlike all WGWG winner 😛

      •  I have to agree even though I am not a huge fan of Phillip.  I really did like “Volcano” and “We Got Tonight”, but that is really it.

        Taylor Hick and his ridiculous “Soul Patrol” annoyed the sh*t out of me. Hoe did that guy win?  Terrible.

  165. ….oh well… happens everytime!…..but i guess….AI..expect a great decrease of no. of viewers in the next season..bye AI!!! :)))

  166. Phillip is unique, just like everyone else! kidding, I love them both, good luck on ur new career

  167. I just wanted to say congrats to the phillip fans. Although i am disappointed that Jessica did not win, i am really proud on how far she went and know she will be very successful. I too have watched this show from the beginning and have to say this will be my last. I am tired of how this has become a tweening voting fest for the sexiest guy. I really think american idol is on its last leg

    • got a great title for a new show:  america’s dancing idol chef survives an amazing race into hell’s kitchen.  are we tired of reality tv yet??

  168.  The duet between Jennifer H and Jessica was indeed awesome!!! It was mind blowing! It was really the highlight of the show, 2nd to the announcing of the winner of course.  Whew!!!!!

  169. where’s james and pally45???,… i wanna say thank u to them!

      • i wanna say thank u becoz, u r the one who always back up me, when jessica’s fans bashing me and i appreciate that, ….. and for me, we are already like a team, supporting p2,…i will remember u after this…..thank u so much pally45…….

    • Aw..shucks. You are more than welcome. We had to have each other’s backs! It could get a little rough out here this year! So..thanks to you also!

  170. Jessica can sing Phillip Phillips songs but Phillip cannot sing Jessica’s songs, and no wonder the American Idol finale is Jessica’s  night ….. great job Jessica we are proud of you…..

    •  I beg to differ I really can’t see Jessica singing anything that isn’t a power ballad.  Can you really see Jessica singing “Bad Moon Rising” or “Stand By Me”?  Yeah me neither.  She can sing ballads really well but cannot sing rock. 

      • Actually, a lot of the other girls were more diversified then Jessica.  Jessica is an awesome ballad singer.  When it was time to hit a low range though, she was lost.

      •  Can Celine Dion sing rock or Mariah? Because her level is on that edge already and these girls can sing the crass out of anyone. But then maybe they don’t deserve that honor because they can’t sing rock…..

  171. After watching it for 11 years I have now reached a definite conclusion, that the judges already decide whom they want to win out of the remaining two. I think their final comments heavily sway American voters. We all know that Jessica should have won!!!!

    • Jessica had a bad last song while Phillip owned it. JLo definitely wanted Jessica to win and I believe that Steven and Randy were on the Jessica wagon the entire time.  Heck, they did use the save on her so she must have meant something to them.  I think the judges had no alternative but to call it like it was on Jessica’s final performance and I believe that hurt her.  Did anyone see how close it was on Dial Idol? It could have easily gone either way.

    • But she didn’t and America voted.  I cannot stand the judges and I thought the bias toward Joshua and Jessica was so blatant.  They are probably partially responsible for the 2 J’s not winning.  Fact is I likeP2 better and that is how I voted.

  172. Yay for Phillip!!! I wanted to give him a big hug when he started crying. Jessica took this like a true pro. I have to say..Jennifer Holliday is going to give me nightmares for weeks! Those facial expressions! I thought either the wig was coming off or the girls were coming out to play.  Good Lord. Oh..and Fantasia and James..What in God’s name was THAT? And what’s with the large black women and the skintight pantsuits?

    •  You got that right, Jennifer Holliday looked possessed and Jessica just flat ticked off.  Didn’t care for it at all.

      • I thought they were going to start “duking it out” at any moment! LOL. That screaming and screeching was horrible! Jessica is much better then that!  I was disappointed that Jordan Sparks didn’t sing with Jessica although she sounded awesome with Hollie. 

    • I did not see  or hear much difference between Fantasia/Josh or Jennifer/Jess.   Jennifer is just scary looking!

  173. Type your cI’m s-o-o-o happy that Phillip Phillips won because he is a unique talent. He sounds like no one else. In my opinion the two finalist should have been Phillip & Joshua. They were both two of the reasons I watched to entire season for the for the 1st time ever. Jessica CAN sing NO DOUBT about that BUT for me she attempts to sound like other artists; whereas Phillip & Joshua are like no other artists. Listening time for me is like listeing to great talent like Aretha, Whitney, or Maria, etc.
    omment here.

  174. I’m s-o-o-o happy that Phillip Phillips won because he is a unique talent. He sounds like no one else. In my opinion the two finalist should have been Phillip & Joshua. They were both two of the reasons I watched to entire season for the for the 1st time ever. Jessica CAN sing NO DOUBT about that BUT for me she attempts to sound like other artists; whereas Phillip & Joshua are like no other artists. Listening time for me is like listening to great talent like Aretha, Whitney, or Maria, etc.

  175. Okay..what did you guys think of Aerosmith and Steven Tyler tapping his crotch when he sang  just give me a little kiss..uh like this? I was like..OMG..those are little girls in front of you. I can’t believe they sang Walk This Way on American Idol anyway. The lyrics…wow.

    • Not a Steven Tyler fan, I thought his behavior with the little girls was inappropriate all season.  Looks like an old stoner that has botox in his  lips.

      •  Get over it we can’t all be Jessica Sanchez, nor will she ever achieve what Aerosmith has done.  They are legends and they are above Idol. 

      • @John…you get over it, I am a P2 fan, not Jessica. And I do not like Steven Tyler…..his behavior is disgusting!  I believe I have that right.

  176. I’m s-o-o-o happy that Phillip Phillips won because he is a unique talent. He sounds like no one else. In my opinion the two finalist should have been Phillip & Joshua. They were both two of the reasons I watched to entire season for the for the 1st time ever. Jessica CAN sing NO DOUBT about that BUT for me she attempts to sound like other artists; whereas Phillip & Joshua are like no other artists. Listening to them for me is like listening to great talent like Aretha, Whitney, or Maria, etc.

  177. american got it right!  loved phillip from the auditions.  burned a cd of his song list last night and anxious to buy his first release.  also plan to catch him in concert but not idol on tour!

  178. I’m s-o-o-o happy that Phillip Phillips won because he is a unique talent. He sounds like no one else. In my opinion the two finalist should have been Phillip & Joshua. They were both two of the reasons I watched to entire season for the for the 1st time ever. Jessica CAN sing NO DOUBT about that BUT for me she attempts to sound like other artists; whereas Phillip & Joshua are like no other artists. Listening to them for me is like listening to great talent like Aretha, Whitney, or Mariah, etc.

    • Agree and since I already have Whitney, Celine, Mariah albums whywould I purchase something recorded by Jessica.  I think she will do very well in the international market.

    • i love dave matthews because he’s unique and original, get it? P2 is a DM wannabe or maybe you’re not a fan of DM that’s why you think P2 is  original

  179. the show for the most part was HORRID!  all the screaming going on was absurd.  the joshua and fantasia, the girls with chaka, jessica with jennifer – all very bizarre and only a contest to see who could screech the loudest and longest.  loved phillip and fogerty.  enjoyed the phonebook skit as well as the other segments.  aerosmith-classic steven tyler as always.  best crowning EVER!! 

  180. We all know who the real winner is and it’s not the title that makes them a winner.Jessica will 100% do way better than Phillip.she is a real STAR.we love you Jessica.I’ll be the first one to buy your CD.And may Phillip go deal with his kidney stones!

      • Of course she didn’t lose.We’ll see who the real winner is when their album comes out…& when that happens I’ll be expecting to see you around…

      •  Well, she lost the  AI crown but gained a much better title and yes, we’re moving on to being the World Idol because that is now what they are calling her and I agree. I congratulate P2 for being who he is and his winning of the contest. He deserved it in his own light. As for Jessica, she will move on towards the future laid upon her feet and that  is something bigger than what she had signed up in the first place. They will both go places in different directions, so no, we’re not sore losers but hopeful and dedicated fans who will support her around the world. I hope Philip’s fans will do the same because it will be a shame if he fades into the shadows again like the past AI winners…

      • yeah she lost but hey why is it that everyone is talking about her performance with jennifer holiday? P2 is the winner right? hahaha

  181. Seeing Fantasia perform made me remember why I voted for Jennifer Hudson when they were on Idol together. Fantasia has wasted so many opportunities.She missed more shows than anyone ever has when Oprah gave her a staring role on Broadway.  Her crappy reality show is what is making her millions.

  182. I’m a South African watching your idols show, we only get to view on Saturday and Sunday evenings, but boy your show up to now was fantastic.  I’m on the net today as i  could’nt wait to see who  won.   Congrats to PP but i also feel that JS should have won.
    I must say that i have always felt that the judges in these competitions should vote for the winner and not the public.  At least it will be a true win, and not for looks or race. 

  183. Gonna Miss this site~ :)))) but at least would see this sometimes. 🙂 Thanks to Matthew & Branden for all the updates/recap/reviews.
    I’ll miss AI finalist this season, can’t wait to see them in concert and to buy their album. 
    God bless to all. 🙂

    • You know,it’s just like AI people keep commenting about their favorites.And it(x factor season 1) was actually the first Competition on TV EVER that my favorite,Melanie Amaro won!

      • Owh~ See. See. I mean I think in any other competition there would always be an issue of did people get it right? particularly in a competition run by votes. We really don’t know, but I guess it’s the norm and I got used to it. Simply, People vote for their favorite. It’s just that, I never been so attached into my favorite/s that much as much as this season. There’s just much of a talent in a season, this season. So it did affect me. :)))

  184. I’m so happy that Phillip won!  He deserves to win.  He has raw talent; is genuine and is a singer/songwriter.  Jessica, although talented is still very young and not polished.  She has been molded from a very young age (similar to toddlers & tiaras) and I truly wonder if she has her own passion to do this and not her families.  I don’t think she will have a long string of hits…..I may be wrong.   I, as well as many in my office really hated the screeming that Joshua did with Fantasia.  I muted my TV because I couldn’t listen to it any more and what was Fantasia wearing?  Yikes…not flatering…someone should have told her that it didn’t suit her at all.  Joshua has a nice voice when he controls his singing/shouting……..   I thought that Elise Testone should have sang with Aerosmith….but I guess Steven Tyler did not want to share the stage with anyone……  It’s a shame, because it could have helped him with the younger audience prior to going on tour.  Steven is in his 60’s you know….  It was nice to see Reba with Skyler.  I also would have liked to see more of the IDOL 10 sing a duet with a star/mentor.  Instead they filled the show with stupid clips of the auditions, etc…..   Good Luck Philip and all the IDOL finalist.  I have bought tickets to see you this summer on your tour!

  185. Both Jessica and Phillips are winners, they’ve got cash, car, and recording contracts, Now whoever is your favorite then buy all his/her records and bring it to the billboard. Okay!

  186. im done with american idol as of last night i will never watch it again jessica should have won american idol sicks

  187. Well, everyone knows that this country focuses way too much on appearance, and this is the classic case.  Not to say that Phillip is not talented, but I think his talent and his looks are equally contributed to him winning AI.

  188. Congratz Philips!!! But if Deandre had played his guitar(ukulele) and used his regular voice more often he would be a better contender for you coz it seems like the cute guy with the guitar who sings simple songs are winning the crown. 
    Congratulations once again you derserve it.. But my heart is still with Deandre!

  189. Both Jessica and Phillip were very talented. She was the better vocalist, but he was much more soulful. It totally depends on what style of music you prefer, and obviously the voters preferred the soulful over the higher range with the continual vocal “runs”. Joshua was also extremely talented, but with the vocal runs and the more screaming sounds, and he was also eliminated. I preferred Elise, as that’s my genre of music, but I’m not throwing stones at the winner or his fans.  

  190. This is to Derrick via Drudge:
    Article was nicely written until you came to the race part. My heart sank.
    Leave it to a liberal to make it about race first and not about American, which is the TV shows name.

  191. Jessica should of won… Votes?? I’m looking at you tube hits and Jessica has way more than Philip. Hard to believe votes would have been different.

      •  Then it is but rightful to bid them as this:

        Let’s hear it for our American Idol, Philip


        Our World Idol, Jessica Sanchez!

        Good Job! =)

  192. Ok here are my final thoughts on AI 2012. I’ll try to make it quick and painful. First of all congratulations to Phillip Phillips and his fans i think you guys deserved the crown of AI. He is truly a great Artist that had great moments on the show, my favorite in particular was when he sang “Volcano”  and there were others. He never wavered from who he was and I respected that as an artist myself (Drummer) so I know where he is coming from. I wish I could sing like him, that would be cool. Anyway i was hoping Jessica Sanchez would win cause in my opinion she had the best voice of the group and she would make history as the first Asian woman to win the crown ever. And that would have been nice if she had the right mentoring. But before I get to that. Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez’s spectacular duet of “And I Am Telling You” was our little victory, right JS fan’s! Man I wanted to cry. American Idol Producers were lucky to have that presentation to boost there ratings huh? Which leads me to this, and I take nothing away from P2 and his fans. How in the world can the producer’s let Jennifer Lopez pick a song about a woman wanting to feel the body of another man touching hers like in MC’s “My All” for a sixteen year old girl? Or let the mentor’s allow her to pick and go on to sing the AI original “Change Nothing?”  I remember Jimmy promising that if JS would get through to the next rounds he would pick more age appropriate songs for her. He lied… wait he actually didn’t, he pick the Jackson Fives “I’ll Be There” in which he forgets that she only has two minutes to sing the darn song at a very important moment and there are different singers who sing different parts to the song so how is she going to wow the audience with the most climatic part of the song. Jimmy apologizes and says he missed that? What the heck do you get paid for, if you get paid I don’t know. Why are you in that business in the first place? They trust you to mentor them the right way. And then you say the dumbest things sometimes. Nigel if your smart don’t bring him back. And Jessica being saved was because of Nigel if you really care to know the truth. The judges couldn’t care less. Nigel there “Boss” is watching there every move. And Jessica being voted off that night, you know there was something not right about it so Nigel being a smart man gave the judges the green light to save her, absolutely! Cause they would have saved it for Joshua. I told you I’d keep it quick and painless. Nigel, can I be a guest Judge or at least audition to be? Maybe even a mentor? Anyway love your show and I can’t for American Idol 2013.

    Peace Out!

    Corey “Power” Getzel

    • You said you would make your post “quick and painful”. I’m sure you met quick and painless. But, it was niether.

      • You got I did mean to say “Quick And Painless” but I was kind of be being sarcastic as well sorry. As “I’m sure you met” (meant) right in your reply to me?. I mean no disrespect Foxstar42 sometimes when we write we are not always literal. Hope we are cool 🙂

      • Hey Corey, nobody makes more typo’s than me. I think I always have at least one typo everytime I write something. As proofreading was never a aquired skill of mine. As you can see in my last post.  Anyway, I was mostly joking about the promise to be”quick”  in your very long post. No, disrespect intended. LOL

      • First and for most in all respect to you, you are very beautiful. Thank you for your kind words. I try to be as honest and direct as possible. Would you mind if I asked you where your from? I know that’s personal and you can Facebook or Twit me with your answer if you wish. Or you don’t have to tell me at all. Just hope we can be friends and continue to chat. I’m Married and Have two beautiful Children. My wife is from China and we will be married 13 years this August. Anyway thank you again. And I like your User Name “Sailor Moon” it is perfect for your beauty. Everyone reading this is probably saying get me some Maple Syrup to put my French Toast. Or get me a Barf bag. What can I sat I’m old fashioned. And like I said honest and direct.

      • I made some typing errors. Everyone reading this is probably saying get me some Maple Syrup to put on my French Toast. Or get me a Barf bag. What can I say I’m old fashioned. And like I said, honest and direct.

  193. i love jessica! but i also cannot deny that phillip is really good. they are both very talented and of different genre. the show is american idol — the people choose who they believe in… it just so happens that a lot of those who believe in phillip came out to vote but that doesn’t mean that jessica did not get her share of votes. they had an enormous amount of support — both of them! jessica’s performances were stellar but phillip also delivered very well with his own flavor or kind of music. i agree that the last song is always very crucial but as an artist, whenever you take a song, you own it… that is what i see the winners had an edge in the past… even when it was kris allen’s season… yes, he did struggle with the high notes but he didn’t buckle and worked his way and range around the song — owning it. i bought his version then than that of adam lambert’s but i have been an adam lambert fan from the start. that is the same thing i saw this year. there is no doubt in my mind that these 2 finalists will make it big. geese! i am paying for their songs now and i will definitely but their records when they release theirs in the time to come. 

  194. This is the best thing that could happen to Jessica.  Now she knows the feeling of bitter disappointment  and can use that to better convey connections with the songs she sings.  Phillips is the only WGWG that was my favorite over the last five seasons.  I didn’t believe he could win this.  He won not because of his looks  or race.  He won because of his love for music and his humility which shows through every time he is on camera.  Hand that trophy to his parents. 

    • Where do you get that Jessica has suffered “bitter disappointment??”  My gosh…the girl is 16 years old and was the runner up!!  I sure don’t think that disappointed her.  I think age and experience will help her to better connect with her songs.  She is going to be successful and make lots of money. 

    • jessica is disappointed? didn’t you see the way she smiled when P2 won? haha she’s happy that she didn’t win because……..

    • Yes I am Canadian and proud of it………and yes, you must be American…considering, 3 out of 10 Americans still think we live in igloos………..go figure….

    • @e2dc8e4eacc97634381d281a0181b906:disqus :   Been to Canada numerous times, I am not 1 of those 3,  Yes, I am very proud to be an AMERICAN!

  195. Jessica is very talented, but Phillip has his own style and
    is very talented.  I did not even vote,
    but I would have voted for him if I had the chance. 
    Congrats Phillip

  196. I love love Phillip. He is original…that’s always what I loolk for in my votee. Alot of people on and off of Idol have great voices but that doesn’t make them an artist. It does however make them great at Kareoke. Not saying that Jessica didn’t deserve to be there. Anybody who can pull off Moriah definately desrves to be there, that is more than good vocals. Now again, exstatic Phillip won but I was deflated when he just gave up and walked off stage. He choked, thats cool I get that. However it is now his job to perform. I really wanted to see him pull it together and finish. Giving up didn’t seem very “American Idol” to me. That being said, can’t wait to hear what he does now!! Rock on Philip.

    • I was so touched when P2 became emotional and went to his family, his priorities are right on.  I believe he was truly surprised when his name was announced.  Until their final performance night, Jessica was the favorite.  This young man is so humble, I so admire him.  His parents raised a terrific young man.  I appreciate him as an artist and look forward to seeing him in concert (not Idol tour) and purchasing his albums.  He  endured much pain and discomfort to follow his dream…congratulations to Phillip Phillips.

    • Until someone can figure out how to keep score like in football…it is both.  That is the difference between sports and art.  Its supposed to be subjective

      • if it was more popularity — adam would have won… i was and still is a fan of adam lambert but the last song on the finale in season 8 i have to admit he slayed the song that was written for the season’s finalists but there was no denying that kris allen owned it by working around the song’s high notes to curve it to his range — that i think was what made him won the contest.

      • to weng, adam lost because he wasn’t “safe” and kris allen was.  some people didn’t know how to deal with adam, if you catch my drift.

      • What made Phillip more popular than Jessica or anyone else during the competition? Well, let’s see…..maybe his ability to smile which shows personality. A great personality is contagious and America loved that.  He is also a cute kid but I don’t believe that he won Idol because of his cuteness.  I would like to ask those that are stating that “American Idol is a popularity contest” what they base that on? 

  197. Philip didn’t grab us. He sounded off key to my ears most of the time. Just not my cup of tea. I’m done with AI. It is just the same ole Guy With Guitar! Looks like that stereotypical streak on “American Idol” isn’t being broken any time soon. It has nothing to do with talent. The Judges and Jimmy made it clear who they wanted to win.

    • The Judges and Jimmy made it clear who they wanted to win.

      Did you forget who they saved?????  I recall that it was Jessica and she didn’t even have to finish her song for the save. JLO stormed up on the stage along with Steven and Randy to let America know that this is ridiculous!  I think that showed just a “Little” partiality in my opinion!

    • Are you kidding, the judges showed so much partiality toward both Jessica and Joshua this season.  America did not agree!

    • The “judges” ran onto the stage to stop her singing her “save” song before she got her second line out and Randy Jackson lectured us at the top of his voice to “vote for the best.”

      Steven Tyler said three times that Jessica would win it all. Jimmy Iovine raved about her over and over and talked about what type of songs he would want for her album.

      You have a very selective memory.  

  198. Phillip had a very different sound and made songs his own. Jessica although she can sing sounded the same in every song and the songs were not her own. They didn’t change. Great job Phillip!

  199. During the duet with Jessica & Jennifer Holiday, I couldn’t pay attention to the singing because of the faces that Jennifer Holiday was making. Go back on your DVR, and watch closely.

    • They were not singing, they were  screaming and yes, Jennifer Holiday was scary looking!

  200. Yes, Jessica has a powerful voice and has definitely mastered the grunt after watching countless videos Mariah, Whitney, etc. throughout her childhood. But having powerhouse vocals is not the only thing that makes a lasting star… originality and a true passion for making the arts your own is what sells best. Say what you want about Phillip being “just another WGWG”, but there is no denying that he is one of the best original ARTISTS that AI has ever seen. 

      •  Whoever said that Jessica only had power vocals? And originality, well, let’s see….she re-did a Billy Joel song that sounded new according to her style, she sang a motown hit like she was just taking a shower and best of all, she sang at par with a Grammy winner. Her art of singing IS her passion and thus she is able to deliver and make her music her own. She can change her voice into different styles depending on the song choices, from angelic to downright kickass heluva! Isn’t that also a mark of an artist? I have nothing against Philip winning. The fact that they have made it this far is already commendable. They both have their passions and interpretations for their art. Music IS both their craft and depending on the type of listener, I’d say they both deserve to be acknowledged as true and original in the field.

    • if you are saying that P2 is the best original artist then why is it that a lot of people here even me thinks he’s copying dave matthews? you’re not a producer and you’re not a singer to say something like “true passion” and Jessica has been singing since she was a little kid then she joined american idol because singing is her passion and P2 maybe the winner but everyone is talking about Jessica’s performance because for them jessica is the real winner

    • I will agree that a top selling recording artist takes more than just a powerful voice like Jessica has, to win. I am not really a big fan of pop music, like Jessica sings. That said, I am open minded enough to see that she proabley has vocal ability than ANYONE to step on the American Idol stage … Ever. Carrie Underwood is a amazing talent and performer. But, as good a pure vocalist as jessica … Now way. Now imagine what I think if you ask me to compare the vocal abilities between Jessica and Phillip.

  201. I accept that Philip Phillips win in a Popularitycontest………but in a history of american idol always the runner up who become FAMOUS.Only few winner makes it like Kelly Clarkson,Fantasia and Carrie Underwood.While Jessica before the Finale,there’s a lot of projects waiting for her like making an album,concert produce by Tommy Motola ,and next week she’s invited ti sing at the PBS at Washington D.C………..very hectic schedule.

  202. I love Phillips! He did a spectacular job. I think he sounds like a younger version of Sting! He is going to be huge! For all you disbelievers wait and see… Only time will tell!

  203. Phillip Phillips will prove you all wrong. He is an original and very talented!!!! He doesn’t have to rely on singing other artists’ songs to impress judges, etc. Even though he is a white guy!!! It is a shame others posting have to pull the racial card because they can’t rely on anything else to voice their ignorant statements. GO PHILLIP!!!

  204. Congratulations to Phil Phillips.  Personally I think he deserved it.  He was very unique and talented.  No drama, just music, no screaming, just singing.
    Jessica is an awesome singer and I hope someone takes her under their wings and mentors her.  She will be awesome in her genre. 

    Hope everyones has an awesome summer.  To my special friends on this site…see you next season….its been fun.  PR63….keep the faith, I’m still rooting for your Rangers!!!!!

    Thank you GPT, Matt and Branden.   Your comments, updates and reviews are awesome.  I just love this site and will follow it as usual.  Have a great summer.

    • Hi, Phyllis–I’m sure you’ve been following how Adam’s latest CD is topping the Billboard charts. Whenever I hear good things about him, I think of your support for him. I liked his performance on Idol this year. Will be looking for you on SYTYCD.

      • Hi Legion…..I have not stopped listening to Adam’s new CD…..I love it more and more each time…..He will always be my favorite Idol!!!
        You will definitely see me on SYTYCD site……Have an awesome summer.

    • thanks zillions for the rangers, namesake.  they never make it easy.  i assume you’ve played “trespassing” countless times already!!  i keep looking for info on a tour but so far, nothing.  have an incredible (and profitable) summer.  we’re planning on hitting the wsop in 2013.  let’s see if we can meet for a drink or twelve!!  and always remember, i know it’s only rock and roll but i like it, like it, yes i do!!

      • Namesake……At least a trillion times…..He is my favorite of all times.  Here is my email if you should hear about Adam’s tour please let me know…  We will definitely have that or those drinks when you come to LV for the WSOP…..My son works in Race & Sports, we are both rooting for The Rangers……Hey…thats a NY team!!!!!!

  205. Both very talented with totally different styles. Phillip deserves to win based on his unique and one of a kind style. Unlike Jessica where there must be at least a dozen girls/women in the industry that sound just like her.

    • I agree that there are about half a dozen professional singer that sound a lot like Jessica today. I know you did not mean your condescending statement as a compliment for jessica … But, it kind of was. So, if you are saying jessica sounds as good as some of the best professional singers today … I agree with you 100%. Not sure if it means anything to you, but I do not hear anyone comparing Phillip to the best of any musical performer, in any musical category these days. Why? Simple, because he’s not.

  206. Jessica had the better voice but I can see why Phillip won.  He connects with the audience & he sings with a smile on his face & a smile in his eyes.  Jessica sang to herself mostly but her voice….her voice is breathtaking.  Again, Idol went over their time slot & I didn’t get it recorded.  I wish they’d stop that but then I haven’t been that invested in Idol since Adam lost to…Chris Allen…who?  I will likely find something else to watch next season.  I wish Jessica & Phillip all the best as well as the other phenomenally talented contestants who appeared on the show this season.  Before I bid Idol farewell, I will say that I still love Randy,  Jennifer was a good choice for a judge but they need to find another judge for Steven’s chair.   He just doesn’t have much to offer that’s fresh & relevant.   

    • Ryan Seacrest did warn us last week and again on Tuesday that the show would likely run over so set your DVR accordingly or record the news show that immediately follows it.   

    • They are both Americans who were both born, raised and educated in the USA. Just in case you have forgotten, Jessica’s father was also born in the USA. 

      The winner this year is Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez was #2, Joshua Ledet #3, Hollie Cavanagh #4 and Skylar Laine #5.

      There were a lot of great contestants this year and, as far as I am concerned, there were a lot of winners, including the viewers who were privy to hearing and enjoying a top class bunch of great contestants.


    • Unfortunately…that is not what the “American’s” thought!  Jessica is very good but she lost.  I have said it before and will say it again, she should have been gone in week 7 and was only there because of the save.  If she was so much better then Phillip, why was he never in the bottom 3 and he sure wasn’t voted off only to be saved.  This back and forth could go on forever but it is what it is.  No matter who voted, what the contestants looked like, who the judges favored, etc. All of that is in the past. Season 12 is in the books and your winner is Phillip Phillips! 

      • JS is miles miles better than PP, everybody knew that, don’t closed your ears, it’s just that… this is a popularity contest and not a singing contest…and that’s exactly why PP WON….we all knew that….COME ON….

    • quit making it a race against race. if that was the case, she would have never gone this far. or so did the other asians in the past season — they are americans that is why they qualified to the contest. she is magnificent but phillip is also great in his own genre. it is just that it is a voting show and phillip’s followers outvoted jessica’s, as simple as that.

    • Jessica is an American, born, raised and educated in the USA with an American-Mexican father who was also born in the USA. The only Asian part of her life is that her mother was born in the Philippines but she is now an American citizen as well and her grandfather was in the US Navy.

      Let’s get off the race issue because America is a potpourri of ethnic backgrounds and cultures and we celebrate that diversity. 

  207. I’m probably in the minority here, but I think Hollie did a really good job with “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”  Her voice was powerful, but not screechy. It was my favorite performance of the evening because it did not go as “over the top” as some of the others. As far as I know, Celine Dion is on voice rest from entertaining. I do wish somewhere along the mentoring procedure, the contestants are told how to finish a duet with the person he/she sang with.  After the song, out of courtesy, each performer acknowledges the other. Often the musicians are included in the acknowledment. This is not done on Idol when contestants perform with each other, but it should have been done on a night like last night when some really big names came to perform.

    • i love it as well… hollie stood her ground and delivered a wonderful performance. she has really found her confidence in the spot light 🙂

    • I thought Hollie did great also.  She was really the “underdog” in this competition and the judges were horrible to her. I think that once she gains confidence and experience, there will be no stopping her!

    • As one originally from Liverpool and, like Hollie, a staunch Liverpool FC supporter, it brought  a lump to my throat because, apart from being a great song (from Carousel), she sang it with power and grace.

      It has been the theme song of Liverpool FC since the early 60’s when Gerry & The Pacemakers recorded it so I’m sure Hollie had Liverpool and her football (soccer) team in mind when she chose to sing it.

      Hollie is going to have a great future in the industry and will only get better as she learns more stage craft.

      She is tiny but, with that powerful voice, she is the modern day “Little Miss Dynamite.”   

  208. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PHIL WINS! (IM A FAN) TOLD YOU JESSICA FANS THAT PHIL WOULD WIN!  Sorry for caps… I have a Tv close to my bed and so when i heard Ryan Say that Phil was the winner I first: SCREAMED AND IT WAS LIKE YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY PHIL WINS!!!! Next what i did i started JUMPING on the bed And saying: WOOOOHHHOOOOOOOO FINNALY SOMEONE IM A FAN OF WINS!!!! So yeah you know that im a girl already 🙂

  209. I believe there are some JS fans on this site that owe Branden an apology. Your smug comments were insulting and tackless. Your arrogance was rude.  Your self-righteousness was appalling. You wanted an apology from Branden, whom was correct…now you need to apologize for your smug, arrogant, self-righteous, rude, insulting, tackless comments and behaviour.

    And…i would also like to add, even with all the judges pimping and bias, and all the illegal voting that went on, JS still did not win. She was a very respectful second, but majority preferred PP. Do not assume to tell the majority they are wrong, and you are right. I believe in a few years JS will become a great star.

  210. Jessica can be free to sign now. It’s better to go out in second place anyway. Idol owns the winner for a year , so that means Phillip will now be able to sign on with anyone. Start making your millions girlie! 

    • nope… the studio has its bind on all the selected contestants who made it to hollywood.

    • The top 10 are under contract with 19 Productions and Interscope for 3-5 years, depending on where they finished and can only be released if 19 and/or Interscope don’t want them as happened with James Durbin last year.

      If you check you will find that Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Katherine McPhee, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta, Lee DeWyze and Casey James are still under contract to 19 as are others including the following from last year’s top 10.

      Scotty McCreery
      Lauren Alaina
      Haley Reinhart
      Casey Abrams
      Stefano Langone
      Pia Toscano

      So Jessica is not free to do what she wants to do as she is under a very restrictive contract with 19 Productions and Interscope for at least 3 years and more likely 5 years, or until they release her.

      • I heard yesterday that Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood both bought themselves out of that contract.

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus – Just done some further research and Carrie Underwood and David Cook signed with Simon Fullers new XIX Entertainment last November. Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina are also with XIX so I think this may be the new Fuller production company for AI winners.

        I’ll check to see who Phillip and Jessica sign with and, as I mentioned in another response to you, it has become very convoluted with Fuller selling 19 Productions and then forming XIX Entertainment. 

      • I read that the winner of last season, Scotty McCreery, recently terminated his contract with 19 productions and decided to go to college. If true, I suspect this is because he did not want to be tied down to the low wages 19 productions was offering Scotty … Considering the huge amount of money he was bringing them. Anyone else read this?

      • Just curious…do you know whether the contracts are as awful as people say? I mean..Carrie is still with them and she could easily go somewhere else. It can’t be all that bad.

    • i just couldn’t remember the name, but there was this hopeful who was living in his car to chase his dream and made it to hollywood week but didn’t make the cut. he guested on the ellen degeneres’ show and was offered a contract but 
      19 Productions and Interscope  didn’t let him sign with the label because he was bound to them.

    • doubt it… the same was said when kris allen won instead of adam lambert but the years that followed just kept topping the previous ones. the same was also said when lee won over crystal.

      • oh and by the way, when simon left, the same statement was made but it didn’t hold roots 🙂

    • Yup, just as it has since Season 1 and yet it remains the #1 talent show on TV.

      We hear the “I’n  m not watching again” or “American Idol is finished” but it is still here and Ryan Seacrest has just signed a 2-year contract extension so it will be here for Season 12 and 13 – at least.

      What I would like to see is a completely new panel. Sorry but I cannot call these three “judges” and think we need younger blood who are current with the modern music scene.


      • Last I heard, Ryan was not coming back next season. I did not know that Ryan Seacrest, signed a new contract extension. That is fantastic news. If you ask me, American Idol should give Jimmy Iovine and Ryan Seacrest a big bucks raise, then replace the 3 current judges who would do a much better job, for a fraction of the money.


      • @96eee719adfc8164fce6b15a272c7609:disqus  – Ryan signed a 2-year $30 mil contract extension so he is being paid $15 mil a year for the next 2-years.

  211. Congrats to Phillip Phillips, and congrats to Jessica, she will go far she has a great voice.  As for the top 5 they will all do good.  the best performance last night for me was Reba and Sklyer both of them sounded so good together…..As for last years winner Scotty, he is great love listening to his songs everyday…. Thank you AI for giving us another great season, cant wait for next year…I was not a fan of AI for the first 6 seasons and then I watched it and I have really enjoyed it and I will be there to support you again next year….

  212. Note to Branden: 

    Jordin Sparks has over 10 million tracks downloaded making her one of the top selling American Idol alumni of all time. She is the only American Idol contestant who had her first 5 singles reach the top 20 on the Billboard top 100 and “No Air” is the biggest selling single by an AI contestant with over 3 million sales.

    She also starred in a Tony winning Broadway musical. So, yes, I would say that she deserved a respectful introduction, just as much as any other successful AI Alumni.

    The song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is from Carousel (1945) and was recorded by Gerry & The Pacemakers in the early 60’s. 

    It became the theme song sung by the Kop fans at Liverpool FC home games and became such a phenomena that documentaries were made about it.  Now it is sung at other grounds but its’ origin was Liverpool and was their signature song for many years and still is to this day, some 50 years later.

    As Hollie is originally from Liverpool and supports Liverpool FC, I thought it was her way of singing a great song and honoring her roots and the football (soccer) team she supports.

    Hollie, as she has done, stayed modest and low key but, once again, shone on American Idol. She is a tiny gal with a big voice and sweet personality.    

      • Obviously, you are rude and ignorant and have no idea how to research data. The figures you quote are her album sales in the USA only and – whoever you are – I don’t lie.

        Her debut album sold more than 2 million worldwide and everything else I said is TRUE. 

        From her bio:

        She followed her American Idol victory with the release of her “Jordin Sparks” album in 2007, which went Platinum in the U.S. and sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

        Her single, “No Air” is the highest-selling single by ANY American Idol contestant, selling over 3 million digital copies in the U.S. and Canada.

        Her single “Battlefield” from her second album of the same name, peaked in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it her third top 10 single and fifth consecutive top 20 single. Sparks is the ONLY Idol contestant to have their first five singles reach the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Battlefield” sold almost 2 million copies worldwide.

        According to, Sparks has sold 1,300,000 albums and 9,883,000 tracks in the United States and that was as of February 2012, which is 3 months ago. It makes her one of the most successful idol winners. NOTE this is in the USA only.

        Sparks followed her recording successes in 2010 by making her debut on Broadway. She starred as Nina Rosario in the Tony Award winning Broadway musical, “In The Heights.” 

        This year, she will make her film debut in the remake of “Sparkle” which will co-star the late Grammy/Emmy Award winner Whitney Houston, Derek Luke, Carmen Ejogo and Tika Sumpter. 

        Do a little research Calvin. It is very easy because, for example, if you want to fact check my statement on “No Air” all you have to do is Google Jordin Sparks No Air and here is what you will find.

        Facts really beat specious accusations every time.

      • Nope – all true and if the moderator allows my response to go through, you will see for yourself. As it has a link, they have to moderate it first.

        You may want to do some research instead of making specious comments about someone without foundation. The 1,222,000 figure is for album sales ONLY in the USA.

        She has the #1 selling single of any American Idol alumni and, as I said, is the only one to have 5 successive singles reach the top 20.

        If you don’t know how to research such matters, try to Google “Jordin Sparks No Air sales.”

        Ciao Calvin and – by the way – you are WRONG!    

  213. congratulations to JESSICA!, your duet with Jennifer H., was the best, and nobody can duplicate that easily….Everybody knew who the real winner in this contest, everybody we talked to agreed with our choice…we are not deaf…we knew how to distinguished the best from the worst, we just regret that many of them are deaf and blind 

    • ya we are not deaf. i do not fancy Jessica singing. Screaming voice is nothing to be talent.

      •  Screaming has no melody or tune. It breaks when you reach certain notes. Jessica sings with powerful vocals that can produce wonderful rhythms and melodies and can produce an angelic voice if the song needs it.

  214. I have watched American Idol since season 1 and have heard the same “I’ll never watch it again” comments said after the finale of every show but the show goes on and the blogs continue to be filled with arguments about who should have won and who was best.

    All I know is that American Idol has given a lot of young artists great opportunities and many have gone on to have great careers. The one exception is Season 9, which was a bomb for all the finalists. 

    That being said, this season will produce a lot of stars; of that I am certain just based on what we saw this year.

    Contestants like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, Adam Lambert (currently #1 on Billboard 200 with sophomore album) and David Cook have had recording successes as well as touring successes and last years winner, Scotty McCreery, just received a Platinum Disc for his debut album.

    Others like Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson, Diana DeGarmo and Jordin Sparks have enjoyed great success on Broadway, Musical Theater and in Movies, winning many awards, including Oscars, Tony Awards and Emmy’s.

    Jordin Sparks has nearly 10 million downloads of her singles, easily the best of all the AI Alumni and her “No Air” sold over 3 million, making it the top selling single by an American Idol alumni.

    Katherine McPhee has had a career in acting as well as music and is currently starring in the hit series “Smash” on TV. 

    Currently 5 of American Idol alumni are in the top 20 album charts, including the #1 spot held by Adam Lambert who took it over from Carrie Underwood and Haley Reinhart’s debut, which was released this week, is on the climb as is Kris Allen’s sophomore album, which is much better than his debut. 

    Both finalists this year have had a “American Idol Journey” CD’s released
    today and Phillip Phillips is at #3 on the iTunes chart with Jessica Sanchez at #38.

    As it stands, that tells me that more people are buying Phillip’s music than they are Jessica’s. Since many posters on this site have said that she would outsell Phillip, the early evidence is not backing that up.

    I really enjoyed this season and many of the excellent contestants and, as I mentioned above, I believe this season will produce a high number of successes. 

    What I did not like was the so called “judging” and the recent overexposure (in more than one way) of Jennifer Lopez on the show and I thought Aerosmith was a noisy mess last night. 

    I would love to see a new panel next year that is younger and more in tune with today’s music. Randy Jackson, his outfits and worn out catch phrases need to be retired to the Clowns Hall of Fame. 

    Almost every contestant this year, including Jessica, took their eliminations and losses with a lot of class and we saw some great farewell performances. 

    I have enjoyed the back and forth on this blog – the good, the bad and the downright insulting :):) 

    As a music and contest junkie, I am looking forward to seeing what Duets is like and it starts tonight. 

    So, goodbye American Idol Season 11; Ciao for now to all the bloggers and here’s hoping Duets, the X-factor and the Voice keep our appetites whetted until Season 12 hits our TV screens early next year.

  215. i am a jessica fan and am disappointed she didn’t win because she does deserves it but phillip deserves it too — we were outvoted. there is no point of saying that the others made a mistake for supporting phillip —  they like his style, charisma and everything about him. gee! i cannot deny that he did great with his performance for his genre. it may not be for everyone but it still holds appeal to others — who happen to outvote us who voted and rooted for jessica. she was happy with the entire experience and was even happy for phillip when he was announced the winner. the contest is over, now we can all just follow our own favorite’s career and support her or him.

  216. this is what happens: *fangirls* OMG Phillip Phillips has a guitar and has a like, totally unique voice!  happens every season…  if this is going to continue, girls should just stop trying to get on American Idol…

  217. I have no idea if this is the “real” Jessica. But, I would not be surprised if it was. As I have been saying for many weeks now that she seems like one of the most down to earth, warm hearted performers that ever performed on the AI stage. And this only confirms it … If true.

    But, I do have to ask the female Phillip fan who yesturday said that “Jessica is cocky and full of herself” what the heck she based that on. As I for one NEVER saw that in Jessica. In fact, just the oppisite. Shame on you.

  218. yes gail you can ruin your voice from screaming i did but phillip won because he was a true musician and jessica wasn,t  ready

    • jessica is ready, america is not, you still want a WGWG, five in a row… uh hu! musician because he can play an instrument???

  219. I think even if JS didn’t pick a snoozer for her final song P2 would still have won. Don’t get me wrong – I even wanted JS to win, I am a huge fan. She’s awesome! But P2 just had too many “AI Variables” checked off on his list. Me and my wife predicted a P2/JS/JL top three with rankings in that order back when it was top five. It was obvious if you ask me.

    • You know why JS did’nt win.  All it takes are 300,000 teen girls
      to vote 300 times and P2 already has 90 million votes .  I voted
      300 times in 3 hours but my granddaughter and her mom voted
      for P2  600 times each in 4 hours.  How can you beat that?  They
      are fast and determined.

  220. Why didn’t Phillip Phillips sang with any celebrity? Also, he didn’t perform as much during the finale? Was he not feeling well?

    • Uh..he sang with John Fogerty…you know of CCR? Credence Clearwater Revival? One of the best bands EVER?, he wasn’t feeling well. He will be having surgery pretty quickly on his kidneys.

  221. i like phillip’s music. jessica’s style has always been there. ive heard it from celine, whitney, jennifer hudson, mariah, and lots of singers from my country Philippines. (you should take time to listen to our singers back home. really amazing!). both of them deserved to win but im happy phillip did because of his originality and artistry. nobody sounds like phillip phillips. 

  222. I can not wait to get the release of Phillips first Album. I pulled for this guy before he made the top 48.   He has such a wonderful Artist Presentation, as Randy said.  How impressing it was for him to continue being so ill during the competition.  GREAT JOB Philipp!!!!!
    JS will do well, if she can keep the followers, yes she can sing, however that is about all.  She is young and will get eat up living her sheltered life.

    On another note:  The finale with all that Screaming – Ugh.  That is not singing.

  223. one year from now…. or  after both P2 and JS release their albums… we will know who really won.. then let’s go read back to read all the posts here…

    •  HaHa…one year from now….How about now

      iTunes – Top Singles Chart
      P2-#1 single – Home
      P2-10 Songs, 6 in top 100, his lowest #151
      Joshua-1 song, #177
      JS-1 Song, #194

      iTunes – Top Albums Chart
      P2-Journey -#2, soon to be #1
      JS-Journey -#8, maybe she can ride P2’s coat tails and move up to #7

      Where is all the support for the great and wonderful Jess now???

      P2 is topping them all:
      Blake Shelton
      Maroon 5
      Who won the voice? He’s not on the charts


      Phillip is KING OF SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      TIME TO GET IN LINE JESS FANS….step up and get your nice warm crow to eat!!!!

      • oh yeah? try to open US itunes to the world without difficulty of buying, lets see who will win.. you re lucky you’re in US.

      • You are thinking SHORT-TERM. Myopic view but alright buddy it’s your own take and I respect that and I hope you’d appreciate those views of others as well who think LONG-TERM.

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