American Idol 2013 Auditions Continue In Chicago

American Idol 2013 judges

With the New York callbacks out of the way the new judges panel for American Idol 2013 headed out to Chicago for the next round of talent.

There will be seven total stops on the judges’ tour of the country’s callbacks and this visit to Chicago was the second on their list. There were more than a 100 Idol Hopefuls there to perform for the newly minted Season 12 judges. They found more than just singing though as emotions appeared to run high, according to the Chicago Sun-Times reporter on the scene:

“I was literally in tears today,” said Carey, a rookie judge who joined the panel after Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler announced their exits in July. “It’s been an emotional couple of days. The [contestants’] stories are beyond belief, and there are some amazing voices. It wasn’t the norm, I imagine.”

Carey wasn’t the only judge brought to tears. Urban said he got choked up by a man in his 20s who brought his parents with him to the tryouts. Mom and Dad had never watched their son perform before, and he did them proud.

“It was just beautiful to see his parents watching him sing,” Urban said. “I was really touched by that.”

Ah yes, the emotional tugging of heart-strings that we’ve come to expect from our American Idol and fellow competitor shows. As long as they can sing, or at least entertain, then put them on and let them do their thing.

There are already some American Idol spoilers cropping up so we’ll keep an eye out for details on who is making the cut and who you can hope to see later when the 2013 season premieres.