American Idol 2013 Auditions Continue In Chicago

American Idol 2013 judges

With the New York callbacks out of the way the new judges panel for American Idol 2013 headed out to Chicago for the next round of talent.

There will be seven total stops on the judges’ tour of the country’s callbacks and this visit to Chicago was the second on their list. There were more than a 100 Idol Hopefuls there to perform for the newly minted Season 12 judges. They found more than just singing though as emotions appeared to run high, according to the Chicago Sun-Times reporter on the scene:

“I was literally in tears today,” said Carey, a rookie judge who joined the panel after Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler announced their exits in July. “It’s been an emotional couple of days. The [contestants’] stories are beyond belief, and there are some amazing voices. It wasn’t the norm, I imagine.”

Carey wasn’t the only judge brought to tears. Urban said he got choked up by a man in his 20s who brought his parents with him to the tryouts. Mom and Dad had never watched their son perform before, and he did them proud.

“It was just beautiful to see his parents watching him sing,” Urban said. “I was really touched by that.”

Ah yes, the emotional tugging of heart-strings that we’ve come to expect from our American Idol and fellow competitor shows. As long as they can sing, or at least entertain, then put them on and let them do their thing.

There are already some American Idol spoilers cropping up so we’ll keep an eye out for details on who is making the cut and who you can hope to see later when the 2013 season premieres.




    • @Namesake….You are so right,,,,I know I will watch Idol but I think I’ll wait for the Spoilers list and than just wait for the live shows to start…..Enough is enough especially with 4 judges….too much BS for me…

    • I’d put up with the sob stories if they would announce an end to the unlimited voting. If I don’t read that announcement before the show airs, I won’t be watching at all.

      • @Templar…..I hate to see you stop watching Idol but I doubt very much if there are going to change the voting….UNFORTUNATELY!!!! I really enjoy the
        young talent and thats the reason I watch it…I stopped voting after Adam’s season, too much of a waste of my time….to no avail……

  1. I’ve been watching AI since it began, when it was fun to watch. I am saddened that it has become all about the judges and their “appearances” to sing and less about the talent that is trying to break into the industry. As the years have gone on it has gotten worse. I don’ tune in to watch the judges,only the contestants.
    So now to enjoy the show, I record first then fast forward through all the nonsense of the judges (too busy sparring between themselves) who are really not giving constructive criticism (except Jimmy, of course). And I can’t really call it constructive criticism when everyone keeps saying how good they are; Ha! some of those runs are not in tune…I can hear it through my TV. There is always room for improvement.
    Honestly, I hope that when the show debuts again, they don’t go through all the “drama” with the judges. None of us need to see that garbage. It’s not good television. It’s down right mean spirited. Let’s just get on with the show.

  2. I have watched AI from the beginning and now I am afraid it is becoming a copycat of X Factor. I hate that show!!! I am not in the least interested in all the staged drama and worthless BS. If this is the course AI is taking, I am predicting it will lose that faithful audience to The Voice (which I love) and will fall to the dismal ratings of X Factor. I am sorry AI was unable to secure Brad Paisley who would be lighthearted and entertaining as Blake Shelton is on the Voice, but I am looking forward to see what Keith Urban has to offer. I think he will be a straight shooter as well as M Carey. I am afraid NM will only be a distraction. I hope I am wrong. Anyway, I will not be watching another freak show that is X Factor! As far as the voting is concerned, I like that America gets to choose their idol but would not be disappointed if number of votes were limited.

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