American Idol 2013 Judges Made Official


It’s official. The American Idol 2013 judging panel is Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban.

I am thrilled about this year’s judges’ panel!” said Mike Darnell, president of alternative entertainment for Fox. “We’ve got global icon Mariah Carey and Idol’s heart and soul Randy Jackson, who will be joined by Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban.”

“Nicki’s an unbelievably captivating international phenomenon who has made an indelible mark on rap and pop,” he continued. “And Keith is another great addition to Idol – he’s one of the biggest stars in country music and I know that our fans and contestants will fall in love with him. With an unparalleled star like Mariah, fan-favorite Randy, chart-toppers like Nicki and Keith and our incomparable host Ryan, we’ve put together one of the most exciting judging panels around.”

It’s going to be an interesting season come January with this interesting mixture of judges. And they’ve gone back to four. Which seems to be the popular format among the other singing competition shows.

How do you feel about the official four judges for American Idol 2013?




  1. I think this is the strangest combination of judges I have ever heard of. I predict this is the end of American Idol, and they have no one to blame but themselves.

  2. I think this makes it blatantly obvious that its time for AI to hang up the hats…I used to be a die hard fan, but unfortunately it is getting painful to watch.

  3. I dont get Nikki Minaj. I’m fine with the other 3, but I just dont see what she can add. She’s just too weird.

  4. will not be watching American Idol anymore since J LO and Steven Tyler are gone,sick of Randy Jackson and his YO ,i believe this will be the last year for idol with a panel so mixed up as this years .!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Disappointment! Spiraling downward and gaining momentum. Having been a huge fan over the past number of years I am not even sure I will return. I believe Steven Tyler was the best thing that ever happened to the show along with Ryan Seacrest. The one positive is that the talent will be there as the young people bring their energy. All the best to those auditioning and moving on.

  6. A 3-judge panel works SO much better than a 4-judge. I thought they learned that. I don’t see this working. Maria and Randy (YO, the dawg) will be all buddy, Keith or any good country singer is a good additioin since there are more and more country singers going on, and the last judge niki …. they should have saved their money on that one. Thank goodness Ryan is still there or the show would probably fail midseason

  7. This show has become about celebrity judges to the determent of the folks trying to compete. Mariah is no doubt a great singer, but if her embarrassing display on a shopping network is any indication, she should prove to be a total embarrassment. But her cleavage maybe can compete with xtina. The choice of Minaj is just nuts. It’s all about her, and what she can do for her career. The other two are fine. Keith is a reasonable intelligent guy who has experience, and whatever else you say about RJ, he does know music in all its genres. Personally, I’m not watching. Had enough.

  8. I really don’t know how to feel about this…..I will watch AI because I love the young talent on the show. To me, after Paula & Simon left, the judges were downhill…JMHO……4 Judges to me are just one too many….It didn’t work that well the first time they tried it.

  9. Everytime they change anything on Ai everybody goes crazy and then watch anyway because, in the end, like it or not…….IT`S NOT ABOUT THE JUDGES!!! If the contestants are no good then nobody will watch , but judging by last season, there`s every reason to believe that it`ll be as good as usual………if not better.

  10. I’m glad they kept Randy Jackson, I know some people get tired of YO, But think about some words you say, and I sure people are tired of that to. ex. (umh, uknow, and saying and a thousand times in Sentences. Randy knows his music and artist. Randy glad your there. Keith Urban what can I say but, You know your country music and that may help these young country artist. Will be watching, And it was Jlo who decided to quit along with Steven Tyler

  11. Kinda disappointed no Adam! I will save my judgement on these Judges till the live shows! Just please don’t make this ABOUT YOU JUDGES AND MORE ABOUT THE CONTESTANTS!!!!!

  12. First off, I’m 74 years old. I’ve enjoyed American Idol for every season it’s been on. But I can’t do this any more. My turnoff…sorry…is Nicki Minaj. She’s not of my generation and in my opinion is grotesque to see and hear. I really enjoyed Jennifer Lopez and will miss her. Steven Tyler also was great in his own way. But Nicki Minaj is the worst choice anyone could have made to be a judge on this show. I’ll miss the new talent of contestants next season, and I believe the show will have lower ratings consistent with less viewers. Too bad, It was nice when it was nice…but it won’t be nice any more,

    • Rick from Germany, I totally agree with you about Niki Minaj. I love Keith Urban! But he is so nice and so sweet. I cannot even imagine him setting between two Divas! It does’t matter if you are 74 years old. It’s great that you love music. I love Steven Tyler. I am a hugh fan of Steven. I have been to one of his concerts. It was Great!! And I read his book ” Can you hear the noise in my head”. From watching him on AI and listening to his comments too. He is a funny guy. Steven Tyler.. I liked Jennifer Lopez too.I would like to hope it would still be nice because Keith Urban is on there. But I don’t think it will be! Have a nice day.. Sherry K

  13. Ah geez…why this Nicki Minaj?! Nicki is an embarassment…just look at her performances where she flipped her finger? Is she really good for family television? Come on, the other three are wonderful! And, why 4 judges? Last time it didn’t work, and Idol kept running or rushing thru their comments.

  14. Well here’s my take. I’ll probably watch, but I might tune out.

    Randy Jackson- While I would have preferred to see him go, I understand why he is back on the panel it’s because Enrique Iglesis said no. I just hope he stays away from the stupid catchphrases, and “dawg” comments.

    Keith Urban- I don’t know much about him other than that he’s a country singer and he’s married to Nicole Kidman. I heard he was a coach on the Australian version of the Voice, so he’s got experience in that kind of capacity, so he’ll probably do alright.

    Mariah Carey- I don’t have much to say about her. I’m sure that unlike JHo she will know what she’s talking about while critiquing when it comes to singing. I think she’s be alright as a judge.

    Nicki Minaji- Ughh!!! If I stop watching this coming season she might be the reason why. She like many other current celebrities have no taste and no class. She’s consistently rude to people and is vulgar. Though she could surprise us and become the best judge ever, but that’s a bit of a stretch. I doubt she will last one season.

    I am going to reserve judgement once the season starts, but I doubt the ratings are going to get better with Minaji on the panel.

  15. Keith will probably be good. Mariah’s a maybe. Randy we already know about & I doubt that Nikki Minaj will add anything to the show. So overall, I think AI struck out w/ this panel.

  16. For what it’s worth, I guess Mariah & Nikki are alredy fighting. MC isn’t one bit pleased about having NM on the show. I don’t have exact details, so I’m not gonna post em. They’re already starting to pop up on the web though.

  17. I have been a huge fan since the beginning, even going to the road shows. But I am sorry to say that since the addition of Nicki Minaj ,my wife and I will no longer be watching. Sheis in the middle of her 15 minutes of fame what makes her an authority to judge a wide variety of talent. It would have been the same if you had picked the rumored Adam Lambert. why!

    John Philadelphia , Pa.

  18. Thanks, but NO THANKS. Y’all blew it big time with these choices. And having Randy back instead of …….. well, you blew it! Randy seems like a nice enough guy, but you saw that video you put together last year. It was supposed to be for laughs, but it showed how useless and repetitive he is. I stuck by you for a long time, even through tear-filled JLo and the lecherous Steven, but all mediocre things must come to an end. Thanks for the memories and for Adam, Kelly, Daughtry, and Hailey.

  19. It’s almost ingenius. I can’t stand Nick Minaj but I love Keith Urban. It’s almost like they kept the old audience by picking up Keith and got the younger generation by going with (barf) Nicki Minaj.

    • That’s the spirit! It’s not all bad. You gotta accept the negative and accentuate the positive. I think you are so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. American Idol with the addition of Nicki I will not tune in again.I couldn’t stand her performance on Idol before & now for the entire season. Goodbye American Idol, very, very bad choice.

  21. Soooo glad there is no Adam Lambert!!!! Not crazy about NM as a choice but they may be ready to incorporate hip hop into American Idol. I don’t think that would be all bad if they did. Not saying they will but it wouldn’t surprise me.
    KU and MC are good and as for Randy. I hope he has a whole new dictionary of new material. Personally I think he should have taken on the mentoring role. Does this mean a return of Jimmy Iovine this season? I have heard no mention of him. I hope he’s done!

  22. I do not like Nicki Minaj and I know several people who say they will not watch Idol if she is going to be on there. I really think this is a BAD choice. She is really grotesque and not as well liked as many other pop singers!

  23. If she can keep her breasts clothed and not the center of attention, we might be able to watch the show. Her wardrobe will decide if I watch or not. Or maybe her language, which is about as bad as they come, do you see her saying anything ‘judge-like’. I don’t know, guess we’ll see, can’t wait to check it out at least.

  24. I’ve been a fan since the beginning and so has my parents who are now in their 70’s. We will NOT watch new season because you’ve selected Nikki Manaj who we find offensive. I predict many will follow

  25. Does anyone know why I’m not getting the comments sent to my email any longer? It’s ever since they went to this new format. Is there something I need to do?

  26. I don’t see why you guys don’t like Nikki, she’s nice and American Idol made a good decision for putting her as a judge, it adds some cuteness and comedy on the panel, since there is a lot of young viewers Nikki is a great choice for me. Mariah should joined even last 2 years she’s waaaaay better than J.Lo

  27. I will really miss Steven and J lo !!! Glad to see Keith join-been a few great country artists born of AI. The two divas will make it interesting for sure! Mariah is a great talent.

  28. I like nicki every time I listen to her songs her voice makes me laugh not to offened nicki but I like your songs. Keith urban I’m a big fan I’m a country guy and when I listen to your songs I sing along to them Im a biggggg fan

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