American Idol 2013 Has Three More Audition Cities To Visit This Season

American Idol 2013 auditions week 3

Just when you thought American Idol 2013 was getting ready to wrap up its auditions we get surprised by an extra city!

While the past two weeks of auditions have focused on one city at a time we’re about to get a double dose of Idol on Wednesday when the judges head to both San Antonio and Los Angeles in the same episode. Then the next night the judges will head back east to visit Oklahoma for the final stop on their multi-city tour in search of Idol’s latest talent.

Sure, maybe you already knew all that, but I was blissfully oblivious to the fact that there would be three cities this week. So settle in for three more final hours of auditions and then get ready for the American Idol 2013 Golden Ticket holders to gather in Hollywood for the next round of eliminations.

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