American Idol 2013: Ryan Seacrest Defends Nicki Minaj As Judge

Ryan Seacrest on American Idol

It’s no secret that many American Idol 2013 fans are not happy with new judge Nicki Minaj. We’re constantly getting negative comments on the judge right here and on our Facebook page, even.

And I’m not going to say I don’t get it, because I do. But American Idol host Ryan Seacrest offers some insight on Nicki. He says she has the contestants’ best interests at heart.

“She’s very good at speaking her mind and being honest, and I think her heart is in the right place,” Ryan said during a press conference. “She’s trying to tell them what she thinks will help them get better or make it through because she takes it seriously. I’ve known her for a long time so I wasn’t so surprised that she was good at judging.”

Fan criticism doesn’t stop with Nicki. A lot of people  are really unhappy with the panel’s decisions in general this year.

“When you are in that theater, it can sound a little different,” Ryan says. “I do think the judges are doing their best to pick a full-rounded contestant that’s got the best voice and that can make a connection, and that they think or deem as memorable.”

How do you think the American Idol judges are doing this season?