American Idol 2013 Finale Date Announced

American Idol 2013 judges & host

When is the American Idol 2013 finale? FOX has announced that our Top 20 singers, set to quickly become the Top 10 this week, now have a set date in the future when one of them will be crowned this year’s American Idol winner.

Coming in a little early this year the American Idol schedule, updated recently by FOX, now shows the Season 12 finale is planned for May 15th and 16th when the last two singers face off before the confetti falls on one of them.

We know the judges and production desperately hope for a girl to finally take home the prize, but we’re still months away from finding out what happens once the power shifts to the viewers’ hands starting this week.

Are you ready to get down to the nitty-gritty and start voting for your favorite from American Idol 2013? We can’t wait to see what happens next!




  1. Not watching this year. Idol doesn’t care what we think. Nicki is still there. First year we haven’t watched.

  2. I’m watching but my heart isn’t in it like in the past. I’m hoping the live shows are better than these audition rounds, Hollywood and Vegas were.
    I’m still wondering why we’re not getting the comments emailed to us like in the past….. Whats up with that Matt???

  3. I’m just glad I have these taped on the PVR. I find I am fast forwarding through most if them…. Other than Angela Miller, nobody interests me this year at all….

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