American Idol 2013: Ryan Seacrest Defends Nicki Minaj As Judge

Ryan Seacrest on American Idol

It’s no secret that many American Idol 2013 fans are not happy with new judge Nicki Minaj. We’re constantly getting negative comments on the judge right here and on our Facebook page, even.

And I’m not going to say I don’t get it, because I do. But American Idol host Ryan Seacrest offers some insight on Nicki. He says she has the contestants’ best interests at heart.

“She’s very good at speaking her mind and being honest, and I think her heart is in the right place,” Ryan said during a press conference. “She’s trying to tell them what she thinks will help them get better or make it through because she takes it seriously. I’ve known her for a long time so I wasn’t so surprised that she was good at judging.”

Fan criticism doesn’t stop with Nicki. A lot of people  are really unhappy with the panel’s decisions in general this year.

“When you are in that theater, it can sound a little different,” Ryan says. “I do think the judges are doing their best to pick a full-rounded contestant that’s got the best voice and that can make a connection, and that they think or deem as memorable.”

How do you think the American Idol judges are doing this season?





  1. I think this is the best judging panel ever. Keith and Mariah are great, but Nicki is a breath of fresh air and I will keep watching as long as she is involved.

    • I only think Nicki and Keith r great but Mariah is dull and just agrees.with another judge. Randy is ok but hes getting annoying this year. But i love nicki ppl just need to get over he fact that she likes to actuallyhave a personality

  2. Its like a three ring circus. Not profesional in any way. Minaj roles her eyes makes stupid comments with stupid accents. Try helping them a bit instead of being a complete bitch. She keeps saying she wants a girl to win, how bout the person with the best voice. This season is showing that AI is desperate for ratings from judges instead of talent. Remember American Idol did help to make Kelly and Carrie, but it is Kelly and Carrie that have made American Idol. Find a real star!!!!!

  3. Personally I think Ryan has lost it… I don’t care how long he has known NM, she has to be the worst judge ever to set foot on the Idol stage. I for one can’t stand her. And their picks this year suck

  4. I call shenanigans! The judges suck. They’ve made the wrong picks. Ryan knows it. Case in point: Johnny Keyser.

  5. If Nicki comes back next year i refuse to watch it, she is horrible and sounds so ignorant. thank god for a DVR so i dont have to listen to her.

    • no one cares if you don’t watch it next season…it’s still gonna continue. NIcki Minaj is a good judge and as I stated before, individuality is what makes a person great. She is her own person, not the standards and likes of the “typical” .

  6. I personally believe the talent shows are chasing thier own tails. AGT has the summer locked up and doessmall tweaks. Nick Cannon grows on you s a host. Easy to find actsto root for at home.
    The surprise is the Voice. Better ratings than X Factorand in a few weeks will be up again for a spring season. Demi Lovotto( appology on the spelling) was basically aweful and AI’s solution was to chase thier tail with NM! She is clearly brutal IMHO.
    Cowell was disliked for his hard commentary but he had the credentials to back up his opinions. NM is an entertainer that does not garuntee you can judge talent,
    I think AI may be done after this season. Shame as I have watchd every season. I do differ on comments regaurding the talent though. I think the girls in general ar much more prepared and talented. I see atleast a final 11 next week with atleast 6 girls. Just a gut feeling.

  7. I hate Nicki as a judge. Bye bye Nicki. it ever there are judges to be eliminate 1st its Nicki Minaj.

  8. I like Nicki better than I thought I would. The only thing I don’t like about her is that ” Do you have a girl friend?”. Like she is looking for a man. Other wise she is nice to the contestants. And she does have some good comments. Mariah comes across as being dumb! My husband says she wants to be nice to all of them?? Tough. She is paid to judge them! Keith Urban is nice. He talks to them about their vibrato and other things about voices. I think he knows what he is doing. And he sure as heck is nice to look at. Randy is not good at all this year! All that laughing he doe’s is boring and sounds stupid. This of course. all of it is just my opinion. I personally like the voice better.

  9. I stopped watching american idol because of nicki. She is very childish and maybe when she grows up and stop wanting all the attention. She could only hope to be as good as a singer as mariah. I just idol has stepped to a new low having nicki as a judge. Maybe next year she won’t be on the show. I can only hope. Thank you

  10. ~ In Nicki’s words…I’m obsessed with her and want to skin her and wear her! Yes she needs to tone down the facials and accent a lil but she is a straight shooter and says it as it is. She is def a Mega Superstar! I LUV her fashion sense 2 – worth watching just becos of it! Am surprised how Randy seems to parrot most of wot Nicki says. She’s def in charge! ~

  11. this is the worst judges ever. I have not watched Idol all season and i have been an Idol fan from the very beginning. I think it is Nicki that needs to go..i wont watch idol till she is gone.

    • I had personally never heard of her, so I did a search. I agree with you. She is no artist. Her appeal is obviously to the gutter instincts of a lot of people, and she has no place judging these talented contestants who more than likely also possess some sense of morality.

  12. What did Nicki say tonight – I like your boobs??
    Really dumb – she’s gotta go!

  13. We are so tired of watching Nicki play with her hair, listening to that squeaky voice give the most ridiculous comments, and if she comes back next year, we won’t be watching!!!!

  14. I have been a devoted fan since the beginning, but this year is terrible. Nikki is the worst judge ever. Who can decipher what she says. It’s so stupid. It should be the last year for the show. It is regressing.

  15. I have watched and enjoyed the many seasons of American Idol. This season however borders on a joke. Nicky is a mess! Get rid of the self promoting bullshit and focus on nurturing young talent!

  16. OMG. Get her off my TV. Nicki is Disgusting. We have not missed a season yet, but we wont be back next year if she is. What is wrong with you Ryan?

  17. I can’t stand nikki. She is too rude and its obvious that she doesn’t like Mariah. Plus she is very nasally sounding

  18. I have always enjoyed watching AI, even voting for some of the contestants; however, this has been the most annoying season ever. The main reason — Nicki Minaj!!!! How could anyone have ever have thought this empty-headed, useless, unintelligent, rude, ignorant and arrogant woman would make for a good judge. I mute my TV every time that fool starts to talk. If she comes back next season, I’ll be watching something else. There are too many other great “talent” shows to be stuck watching this one. Too bad AI, you’ve really sunk to a new low!

  19. Nicki Minaj offends me every time she comments on the contestants. I wonder if other over 50 people like me feel the same way

  20. Nicki’s got balls. Instead of classroom comments from Mariah Scary, at least she speaks the truth.

  21. I love Nicki and Keith. I have always liked Randy. Mariah comes off as vacant and dumb, like I wanna slap her face every time she opens her mouth.

  22. I think that these four judges are great! Nicki is great, funny and really adds some spice to the show. Nobody likes boring…

  23. Tiffany said it best, I agree whole heartedly. Nick adds absolutely zilch to the show, I feel she wants the show to be about her.

  24. All these people are hating on nicki minaj….there is nothing wrong with her speaking her mind and being real. I HOPE THEY BRING HER BACK….YAY for real diversity!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I was very impressed with Ryan Seacrest and his ability to empathize with the contestants. Tonight was so impressive with how he was able to support the contestants during emotional moments and highly stressful moments! I think Ryan’s skills really stood out the most in my mind tonight!

  26. I think what Nicki did to Charley was horrible. She shamed that poor kid and F’d with his mind.

  27. I think the judges are getting paid to sink the show this season. I think American Idol needs to say bye-bye already. I am so disappointed in the four judges and who they have put through…letting go the great ones. I don’t know how they out who they put through. BORING show!! And…Mariah first looking into the camera or looking at who knows what. She looks awkward and seems to have a problem with eye contact with the contestants. Randy…he needs to go!
    What a boring and horrible season from day one!

  28. I like Nikki, she is funny and Honest. Mariah is a long winded ditz. She thinks she is a queen but she packs it all into to tight of cloths and that dress tonight is totally inapropriate. this is a family show.

  29. Lucretia
    What are you talking about Nicki MInaj is amazing. She is so real and gives really good critiques, all wrapped up in her unique personality. She celebrates the contestants individuality and makes it fun for the audience. I’m obsessed! I love Keith too and Mariah is so sweet. I like how positive all the judges are.

  30. I really like nicki surprisingly she’s sentertaining and honest and well the show would be kinda boring without her I reckon. I do think Mariah is a bit too ‘nice’ though she should stop trying to soften the judges comments cos she’s the last to speak and don’t worry about what the audience thinks lol

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