American Idol 2013 Screamer Stephanie Sanson Is A Repeat Offender

Stephanie Sanson on American Idol 2013

If last night’s Stephanie Sanson, the “Screamer,” on American Idol 2013 seemed familiar that’s because she’s done this before. A lot. tracked down a compilation of her, ahem, “performances” and she’s a one-trick pony that keeps getting air time across the board. Clearly this was a plant by production but it wasn’t even an original one.

Stephanie was also spotted on the X Factor back when Cheryl Cole was still there in season 1. Around the same time she pulled this gag on America’s Got Talent as well.

I guess we’re due for some junk performances from time to time on American Idol, but there was nothing redeeming about Sanson’s scream-job and retreading of other show’s trash is disappointing.

In case you’re looking to punish your eardrums a little this morning then we’ve got Stephanie Sanson’s performance from last night’s American Idol 2013 audition episode right here.