American Idol 2013 Screamer Stephanie Sanson Is A Repeat Offender

Stephanie Sanson on American Idol 2013

If last night’s Stephanie Sanson, the “Screamer,” on American Idol 2013 seemed familiar that’s because she’s done this before. A lot. tracked down a compilation of her, ahem, “performances” and she’s a one-trick pony that keeps getting air time across the board. Clearly this was a plant by production but it wasn’t even an original one.

Stephanie was also spotted on the X Factor back when Cheryl Cole was still there in season 1. Around the same time she pulled this gag on America’s Got Talent as well.

I guess we’re due for some junk performances from time to time on American Idol, but there was nothing redeeming about Sanson’s scream-job and retreading of other show’s trash is disappointing.

In case you’re looking to punish your eardrums a little this morning then we’ve got Stephanie Sanson’s performance from last night’s American Idol 2013 audition episode right here.




    • Yeah I don’t know why they show that crap. There are the auditions where people are bad singers, but they’re trying, then there are bad singers who are doing it on purpose. Definitely a waste.

      • Lot’s of excellent singers never even make it to the judges simply because they don’t have the marketable background story. Part of the shows appeal though are the crap singers. These guys go through several rounds before hitting the judges. Some know they are crap and some are just deluded. The ones that know they are crap want to be as outrageous as possible in order to get a chance to get televised. At the end of the day one can never forget that this is just reality TV, and creating drama is their job.

  1. I actually think that was rather good. Then again I’m a metal fan and not as close minded as everyone else who watches these shows. “Unclean vocals” like that are actually quite hard to do and takes quite a bit of talent.

  2. You people are ignorant. Just because it is not your style of music does not mean her parents failed or she was a waste of time. At least she brought some flavor to the show. Its so boring and full of people who sing the same crap over and over.

  3. She brought some punk rock to the show and if you people are not aware is a style of music and a way of life. Just because you do not like it, does not mean it is wrong.

  4. It might be a style of music but it’s obviously not the one to audition for in american idol. That was just disrispectful. Plus, she flipped everyone off. Obviously she just wants attention. And her parents did fail.

  5. I love her That is a real genre she is pretty fucking good at the scream. He band rocks. Good ad tecniques obviously not appropiate for american idol

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