American Idol Goodbye From President Barack Obama! [VIDEO]

If anything should show how huge American Idol has been over the years, and how it has impacted our culture, it’s having President Barack Obama himself send out a farewell video to the show! That’s right, the actual leader of the United States of America took time out of his insane schedule to bid goodbye to American Idol tonight.

President Barack Obama bids farewell to American Idol (Twitter)
President Barack Obama bids farewell to American Idol (Twitter)

Yes, American Idol has made such a big impact during it’s time on the air, that even the leader of the free world can’t pass up the chance to bid it adieu. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that President Barack Obama could also use the opportunity to appeal to all those American Idol voters out there to actually show up at the polls this November as well!

So listen to the man in the White House and be sure to make your votes heard this November as much as you have during the last season of American Idol!