American Idol Goodbye From President Barack Obama! [VIDEO]

If anything should show how huge American Idol has been over the years, and how it has impacted our culture, it’s having President Barack Obama himself send out a farewell video to the show! That’s right, the actual leader of the United States of America took time out of his insane schedule to bid goodbye to American Idol tonight.

President Barack Obama bids farewell to American Idol (Twitter)
President Barack Obama bids farewell to American Idol (Twitter)

Yes, American Idol has made such a big impact during it’s time on the air, that even the leader of the free world can’t pass up the chance to bid it adieu. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that President Barack Obama could also use the opportunity to appeal to all those American Idol voters out there to actually show up at the polls this November as well!

So listen to the man in the White House and be sure to make your votes heard this November as much as you have during the last season of American Idol!



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  1. For all the new young voters, listen to me. There is a reason you are being asked to vote. The Zionist, Luciferian and Jesuit shadow government powers that have literally hijacked the United States government many decades ago, know that Americans will vote for popularity rather than being smart and voting for the person who will keep Americans free and sovereign. They have reached the final phase of their Luciferian New World Order Agenda. They have also done everything in their power to control the media and keep society under mind-control through the entertainment industry and by using their wealth and power as a sinister means of unethically and illegally controlling every single industry in the world, but remember those two words, “Freedom and Sovereignty”. People are very set in their ways and have their principles, which are largely impacted by the Zionist owned and controlled news media industry. From California to New York, every single news station will say the same exact thing or withhold the same information from the public, as instructed by their Zionist masters. If you vote wrong during this election, the most important election in America’s fight for survival, literally, then you will be sitting alone, under tyrannical rule, with your principles and America will be gone. People who are too proud to admit they are under the mind-control of these evil demonic Luciferians who have specifically injected their symbolism and designed the entire city of Washington D.C.around Luciferianism, must examine themselves and their vote with extreme caution, if our votes even matter, and something tells me they don’t. There is no denying this. There is only one person who is NOT connected to the evil globalists and Illuminati who use their Luciferian symbolism to manipulate and control others to accomplish their evil agendas and most importantly, their evil Luciferian New World Order agenda. When I hear people talk down about Donald Trump while a massive amount of people support his heroic actions to become president during such a terrible time for humanity, I literally want to slap the “stupid” out of these idiots. Donald Trump is an American hero and despite what people may say about him based on a small possibility that he might be a little cocky, well who cares! He is a very confident good person with strong moral and family values, that is confident he can defeat these evil bastards. He’s even a good Christian. Being a good Christian should not be measured on how often a man or woman attends a service inside a building called church. More on that later. Every single candidate has close ties to the globalist new world order agenda, except Donald Trump. These evil bastards have spent hundreds of years planning this global takeover and by the power of the Holy Spirit and the help of healthy minded American citizens, we are not going to let that happen. Vote for Donald Trump and you will literally be saving millions of American lives from a terrible persecution that is only seconds away. The FEMA deathcamps, the guillotines, Walmarts, tunnels, guard towers, Blue bell ice cream trucks, UN troops, UN combat vehicles, and JADE HELM sabotage of the American people are all the things that are in place. Please vote for Donald Trump if you love American, are a patriot, a supporter of the Constitution and oppose tyranny.

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