American Idol Judges for 2011 Announced Live – Watch It Here

Today at 1PM ET (10AM PT) Ryan Seacrest will announce live who will be our American Idol 2011 judges! You can watch the event right here in the live stream video below with the American Idol “Meet the Judges” press conference.

While we wait for the news, do you think they’ll confirm Randy, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler as the new (and returning in Randy’s case) judges for American Idol? I hope they go back to just the three judges rather than four like last year.

Update @ 1:03PM ET: Randy Jackson confirmed to return.

Update @ 1:05PM ET: Steven Tyler is confirmed with an introduction to the stage by Seacreast after a video montage proclaiming him to be an iconic rockstar.

Update @ 1:10PM ET: Jennifer Lopez is getting her video introduction now, so she’s another definite. Lopez comes out in a cloud of smoke.

So there you have your new American Idol judges: Randy, Steven, and JLo. Ryan groups them and says, “this is American Idol!” What are your thoughts on the new panel of judges?