Final Auditions for American Idol 2011 Begin Wednesday in LA

The broadcast premiere of American Idol 2011 might still be almost four months away, but to get there we’ll need to wrap up the auditions first. Today was the registration event for the Los Angeles’ auditions for American Idol which makes Wednesday the launch of the final chance for Idol hopefuls.

For the milestone 10th season of American Idol, we just couldn’t stay away from Idol’s hometown, Los Angeles, CA. In fact, this is the show’s sixth time holding hometown auditions in L.A. The goal during hometown auditions is to get a ticket Hollywood, and successful singers in L.A. won’t have to travel very far for the final round of auditions.

Katharine McPhee, Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, and Andrew Garcia are among the talented Idol stars from the City of Angels. L.A. is where the Idol finalists reside while competing for the prize, and it’s the place many Idol alumni settle to pursue their music career.

Along with tomorrow’s big audition events Ryan Seacrest will be announcing the American Idol judges for 2011 so it’ll be a big day for news! Be sure to sign-up for our free email notifications to get the latest Idol news sent to your inbox.




  1. I'm so excited…..I can't wait for the new season of Idol to start…….I just want to take the time now to Thank You Matt for all your updates during the off season , as well as during the Season…..

  2. Does anyone know where I can find the date for the final round of auditions in San Francisco?

  3. Hi my names Jade Torres and i want to be on American Idol so bad. my dream is to be a singer. I have been singing sence i was 8 years old. my goal in life is to become a singer. i hope i can make it to LA.

  4. hey there my name is jeremy gibson and i plan on auditioning i love to sing but i need to know is it just a walk in audition or do you have to pre sign up and how can i do so?

  5. My name is Tara and i just want to share my talent with the world and i just want the chance to do so! I'd just like to know when is the next time i could do auditions beside wed in LA because i just got up the nerve and had a son!! Please Please send me something to let me know how and when thank you so much.


    Tara Westmoreland

  6. I'm wanting to be on American idol, but i live in Portage. Any places close to here were audtition will take place?

  7. I'm from Dallas,Texas any places close by hear I can go to tryout for and how do I get started do I need to sign anything?

  8. To whom it may concern my name is Raickiel Allen I go by Twin.Im from Houston Texas.Im just sending this to find out how when where and who may I talk to about signing up with American Idol not sure how far this may take me but it's a try.Any questions and or concerns you can reach me at the email address or contact me at
    Sincerely R.Allen

  9. @Raickiel: The auditions for this season were completed several months ago.

    Auditions for next year will be announced later this summer.

  10. I'm watching American Idol's season opening; it's simply awesome and so much better without Simon (don't misunderstand, I'm fan; but I'm loving the show without him. I'm a satisfied viewer and will enjoy watching the show to the end =:-D

  11. I have here in michigan what you been looking for the voice that the AMERICA IDOL being waiting for she here don,t mist the oppotunety

  12. I want to be on this show so bad but nobodies commin to michigan. I guess I'll have next year.

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