American Idol Exec Producer Details Changes For 2011

It won’t be just the judges changing for American Idol 2011, says Nigel Lythgoe, the returning Executive Producer for Idol. Lythgoe detailed the addition of a music industry giant, Jimmy Iovine, and something I’m very excited about, the end of jamming the square peg through the round hole theme weeks.

Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, will be a regular presence on the show, helping to coach the Idol hopefuls throughout the competition. To aid him, Iovine will also recruit high-profile music producers, including Timbaland and Polow Da Don, to work behind the scenes with the contestants.

Theme weeks will focus less on specific artists and niche genres. “We are no longer going to get the country singer to sing rock, or the rock singer to sing country,” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said. “The styles of music will be more about decades, rather than an individual artist’s music.”

The push to have improved singer performance every week screams of preemptive strikes against the upcoming premiere of X Factor where the judges will spend the season actually trying to help the contestants and not just give them sound bits of advice. I can’t wait to see the positive impact this will have on American Idol.

Source: TV Guide




  1. Hi Matt, Thanks for the good news. We should see a great show this season. Now I will be looking to be entertained.

  2. Sounds good! Can't wait to watch!

    Congratulations to the judges, and looking forward to a great season of comments!

  3. As a fan of AI,don't mind if chip in my idea.Hope this season, Randy will be the last to comment and judge as last year, it was observed that Randy was always the 1st to judge making Simon's job very easy.This time hope to see Tyler start with his judging as he is a seasoned singer and Randy be the last to judge after JLo,that would make it exciting to watch to see how good & confident these two are without getting a clue from Randy.How's that for a change?

  4. That's all well and good, but when are they going to do something about the unlimited text voting by teens? Those votes are not a fair assessment of America's opinion and they don't translate into sale for their advertisers or music and concert ticket sales. Kris Allen vs Adam Lambert is proof that with unlimited texts, every future winner will be a cute guy whether or not he can sing.

  5. Kris Allen can sing…are we still not over that whole Kris vs Adam thing? Different styles..both talented people…Kris has more appeal to the masses but Adam is equally appealing…let it go already….The winner this year…Lee can sing also and I think he'll go very far. It's not their fault they also happen to be nice looking.

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