American Idol Judges for 2011 Announced Live – Watch It Here

Today at 1PM ET (10AM PT) Ryan Seacrest will announce live who will be our American Idol 2011 judges! You can watch the event right here in the live stream video below with the American Idol “Meet the Judges” press conference.

While we wait for the news, do you think they’ll confirm Randy, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler as the new (and returning in Randy’s case) judges for American Idol? I hope they go back to just the three judges rather than four like last year.

Update @ 1:03PM ET: Randy Jackson confirmed to return.

Update @ 1:05PM ET: Steven Tyler is confirmed with an introduction to the stage by Seacreast after a video montage proclaiming him to be an iconic rockstar.

Update @ 1:10PM ET: Jennifer Lopez is getting her video introduction now, so she’s another definite. Lopez comes out in a cloud of smoke.

So there you have your new American Idol judges: Randy, Steven, and JLo. Ryan groups them and says, “this is American Idol!” What are your thoughts on the new panel of judges?




  1. AI's won't ever be the same without Simon…the ratings will be lower than ever before. Steven Tyler give me a break…that's the best AI can do. Jennifer Lopez OMG are you for real, not very impressive of a judge or a pick from the AI management team. Once the X factor comes to USA and begins to broadcast here in the USA the ratings will be off the wall,,,,most people value Simon's input he knows what he is talking about he has been in the business for years and is successful in the music industry. Thank God Ryan Seacreast and Randy Jackson are still on board the show would really die without them. So to let you know I won't be a great follower of AI as I have been in the past, I probably will watch the last couple of shows before the grand finale but that's it my heart is not in it.

    Even Kathy Lee Gifford would have been a better choice. She is people oriented, funny and can sign and knows music. Even David Hasselhoff would be a great choice.

    Good luck AI so long!!!!

  2. @Stormy: You're a few hours behind. The video up above was from the live streaming when the news was announced at 10AM PT / 1PM ET. The judges were confirmed then and I posted all those details (see above).

  3. I am so excited! I think they did a great job in picking judges that are professional and certainly qualified. I like Ellen D but it was obbious she didn't know what she was doing. Not sure about Steven Taylor but J Lo will bring back some of the "Paula" kick to the show! I'm really looking forward to seeing what they can bring…and I think it's going to be good!

  4. Could this season suck anymore with these new judges? Come on Really Jello and "dude looks like a crypt keeper." I have officially stopped watching.

  5. What this means… American Idol will be cancelled after this next season… Along with that crappy new show on CBS “The Talk”

  6. Tyler has already started with his stupid remarks. "I thought I'd bring some rock to this roller coaster". Calling attention to the ride at Disney World. He's going to make it all about himself. Wait and see.

  7. Anti-climax.Not excited about JL and ST. Good thing Ryan and Randy are still around.Not really looking forward to it as before. I think this will be the last AI.

  8. After watching the video,you know what i think? I think these two new judges will overshadow the contestants with their diva-ness image,already can see JLo with her diva smoke entrance. People will focus more on the diva judges(self-centered) than the contestants,IMO.If I watch, I will only keep a lookout for what these 2 new judges going to dress,going to say,going to behave, and the contestants have to be bigger & better than these 2 divas to catch our attention as they have set a new benchmark level to diva-like contestants, no more ordinary next door homestyle guys. Just throw in some constructive criticisms (no offense).Hope I am wrong,let's see.

  9. This is wonderful news! I already heard the rumors about the male judges and believed it was true. Now after hearing about JLO I am even more estatic!

    Great job AI!

    When it's time to bring on guest performers, please let Prince Poppycock be one of them, he should have won AGT!

  10. I think it will be last year for AI as well. I think Steven Tyler will be okay but that broad? Not so much! BTW sure was great to see Michael Grimm wing AGT.

  11. I think it's a great mix of judges… I was about ready not to watch when Simon departed… but I think w/ a producer, a rock star and a pop icon judging will be fair and very interesting…. way to bring it back oh and by the way… THANKS for getting rid of Kerra or however that biatch spelled her name….

  12. @Angela…..I agree….I love Prince Poppycock too. He is a fun showman…..

    I think we are all going to be pleasantly surprised this upcoming season…..I'm happy about the 3 judges thats for sure……I, for one, am going to give them a fair chance before we all get upset, lets see how they fair…..Should be very interesting to say the least. Of course Simon will be missed but we have to move on…..HE IS GONE!!!!!! and the show is about the IDOLS…….

  13. Not excited AT ALL!!!!!! J-LO!!!! plz!!!! and TYler or whatever his name is? uhh….NO!!!!!! crappy season!!!

  14. Don't know if I can ever watch the show again. I will miss Simon and now Kara gone too. The more I watched her on the show the more I liked her. Too bad.

  15. I am very disapointed that Steven Tyler will be one of the new judges. I strongly believe this is a hugh mistake. I have been a very loyal fan of AI. I have never missed a single show from the very beginning. However, I very sadly & regretfully will no longer watch AI, with Steven Tyler as a judge. Harry Conick, Jr. would of been the perfect choice-I cannot believe the show picked Steven Tyler over him. I sadly say good-by to AI. It is with regret that I know many people who share my same feelings!

  16. All 3 are good. Although, I would have preferred one of the Bee Gees guys or Shania Twain in place of J Lo. Perhaps J Lo looks great in the middle. Cheers Matt

  17. Are you sure Maildaho? Without Ryan Seacrest, the AI show would not have lasted 10 seasons! He was the very reason and the man that kept the show together and going. I don't miss Simon as I think his blunt remarks had become stale and getting into one's nerves. It good AI had a makeover now. Hope for the best. Hope they bring in other artists and still hoping for ex Idols to fill in as guest judges.Pleeese… Nigel.Miss them v much esp Kelly,Clay,Carrie,JSpark,D.Cook,K. Allen,A.Lambert?

  18. Ryan Seacrest is by far one of the best host in the business. Also Randy (Dawg)definitely knows the music industry. For the ones that don't like Steve Tyler apparently are either to young to remember all of the decades that Aerosmith has been one kick butt rock group or they just don't like the group. As far as Jennifer Lopez is concerned I like her acting more than her singing. However I don't feel she could do no worse job than Paula. Paula sugar coated everything. Also most nights she appeared to be medicated (if you know what I mean.) I agree with everyone that says Simon will be missed. I feel at times that he carried things a little bit to far. But I feel most contestants needed that straight forward, hold nothing back approach in order to hopefully learn and grow from their mistakes. I most definitely will still be watching the show. Like someone else posted it's about the contestants not the judges.

  19. I think it's time to end a great era. The new judges are just the beginning of the end. It's great and all but American Idol is Randy, Paula, and Simon. To do it with anyone else just doesn't feel right.

  20. Soooooooooooooo VERY disappointed. NO one can replace Simon or Paula. Especially Simon! Won't be the same. I've been a die hard fan but, seriously don't know if I'll watch again. VERY sad.

  21. i can't wait for the new season of AI, i think the judges will do great. i watch it every year and i will watch it this year.people are all ready condeming the new judges and the show hasn't even started yet . i love this show. i look forward to it every year.good luck to the new judges, i'm behind you all 100%.

  22. Honestly I think Justint Timberlake should be a judge he would be amazing on American Idol and if he was a judge i would watch everyday but since hes not i guess i wont ps i hardly ever watch in the first place and just putting justin in as a judge would change that.

  23. Honestly, I think American Idol is on its way out, the past couple years the talent doesn't have talent enough to be there, and Adam Lambert lost because of his gay lifestyle, when he was the best contestant the show had ever seen. teens vote for the short cutsie 99# cutsies who cant even sing, what a waste of time.

  24. Who's Jennifer Lopez?

    Is she some singer Central or South America?

    I have not heard of her.

    It's obvious from the video she is quite vain.

    She doesn't seem like a good choice for a judge.

  25. OMG really idolfan? I really hope you were being sarcastic….. if not then you have got to be kidding me……First off JLO is a very repected woman more so than Paula what Paula had 2 great hits in her whole career and JLO well is probably one of the top 10 women in America who has been more sucessful than anyone else…. And Steven Tyler well he is absolutely a huge deal the man I believe is the Rock KING of all time in his genre…. what are all you people thinking this year is going to be Great with great and wonderful and experenced judges I think it was a perfect pick…. and if it doesn't work out well then we will move on.. but it is about the contestants not the Judges …. the good thing here is that with the Judges experences in life and this industry will only improve the talent… Great Picks AI!!!!!!!! can't wait to see the out come hoping the best!

  26. Last season was a disaster because the judges did not take the selection of the original contestants seriously. They picked many people just to make them feel good. Most of the final 25 were pathetic when you look at the fact they had hundreds of thousands to choose from. That is why viewership was down by millions. Kara was meaningless to the show with all of her “you need to become the song” drivel, flirting with contestants, and playing around with Simon. Ellen contributed nothing to the show. Randy is Randy – he is the foundation and I’m thankful he’s still with them. Simon was the star, but stars move on.

    I believe Jennifer Lopez will contribute more than Paula, Kara, and Ellen combined, but that is yet to seen. Steven Tyler has VERY SUCCESSFULLY run an enterprise (Aerosmith) for THIRTY YEARS!!! He has been in charge of everything from song selections for albums and concerts to the finances. He is a seasoned, wise, talented, and humorous individual. I guarantee you, without Steven there would be no Aerosmith. I believe he is an intelligent selection for the panel and a smart replacement for Simon.

    One more thing, it is shallow-minded to be upset that “your favorite” was not selected. My favorite has been selected about 35 – 40 % of the time and I’m surprised it’s that high. Think of all of the different tastes people have in music, not to mention how much the contestant’s personalities play a part. With the exception of last year, my wife and I have looked forward to every show. It’s generally entertaining from the first to the last show. It’s real simple… stop whining or stop watching.

  27. I like american idol but didn't watch the whole season last year. The contestants weren't that good and the votes seemed to eliminate some more talented than those kept. Also why bother with those you know can't sing a lick? I loved Simon and Paula and I love J lo. I will watch the beginning to see how the new season is developing and hopefully want to watch the whole season.

    PS: I love Ryan and Randy also.

  28. i was 3 years old when american idol came out and watching it through out the years i have seen how much it changed. now being 12 i do miss paula and simon. i have no idea why kara left! i wont be the same without them. Im a big Jlo fan i have no ideo who steven tyler is though. lets just pray randy will still be there with ryan!

  29. I was so happy with your choices they all will be great.And three judges are always better than four.

  30. Steven Tyler is so distracting in the judge panel. He constantly uses a flick of hand motions that distract and annoy even Lopez who unfortunatley must sit beside him. The first episode, and already Lopez wants to quit? I will say what can never be done. Noone can replace Simon Cowe, nor the previous trio of comical judges in the first seasons. R.i.p.

  31. Love Steven Tyler, he is great as a judge, he's sensitive, funny, and a colorful character, a great addition to the judges panel. Love Randy as always and so fun to see the beautiful Jennifer Lopez.

  32. We have watched AI as long as its been on the air, but if Steven Tyler keeps swearing then we will not finish watching this seaon. This is a family show and swearing is not needed at any time.

  33. I used to watch American idol from Europe where you had the highest rating thru the trio of Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul. As Simon is gone, feel not worth burning my bum for it. What's the story Ryan Seacrest?

  34. I think the new judges panel is great.

    as someone mentioned before we have :

    1-Steven Taylor :very very famous, and a talented rock star that made AeroSmith one of the best bands in the world.

    2-Jennifer Lopez : although I don't really like her but she is famous in Pop industry

    3-Randy Jackson : no need to define ,he is just great.

    So we got a rock ,pop compination judges who know mostly everything about their geners ,so it's very good for the contesters.

  35. Just wanted to salute and support the judges choice. Not only it needed fresh ones but current active and professionals. Randy is sharp and difined, Steven is a mith rockstar and provides the sparkle in the panel and last but not least, JLo is adorable, honest, direct but caring, non makes a joke out of any of the contestants who deserve the judges respect. Eventhough some are really weired. Congratulations and the best of lucks on such a difficult job…announce the new American Idol.

  36. The panel of judges was really amazing! we have Steven Tyler, a great man, he is a rocker( well, he is greater than greater).. Jennifer Lopez, she"s a beautiful woman, sort of funny, and she is versatile: a singer, dancer, and an entrepreneur.. Randy Jackson- you knew him, right? They"re all NICE!

  37. Today the 7th of April when the female contestant did not get to say on and then sang the song Stand By You,

    you judges were probably right that it wasn't fair and that she was one of the best but your show of disappointment and almost outrage wasn't fair to the singer left standing. He's the one that needs consoling.

  38. Hello America, Judges, Contesters,and Fan's! I can't believe Pia has gone! She has amazing vocal control, in upper and low key, and when she sings in her soft sweet tone she could fit in amongst a choir of Angels! Although she has left, it now proves no one is safe,I know Pia will make it in the music industry, she's just to good to be lost with that voice of hers, best wishes, from Tracy in England! However, I personally am rooting for Jacob Lusk, and close to him Stefano, or Casey! It's been a long time since anyone had the raw and passionate amazing talent to that of Jacob Lusk! I love to hear him and to watch him sing, he commands my attention to everything he sings!I even call out to my husband to hear Jacob sing, and if my hubby is at work I mobile him to listen, and my hubby is a Nurse at the best Hospital around! Jacob is great so much so, that I just can't wait for the next show and if I could vote here in England it would be for him every time! I can picture him singing your American Anthum, and it would be just beautiful, beautiful, like his baby face, you know? The kind you could pinch his cheeks! Seriously now, I think Pia had to go just to ensure Jacob leaves with the crown, (the trophy)! Bye bye from Tracy in England, but wish I was there!!

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